Not Obedient Chapter 59

Chapter 59 [Extra] Society Creature Lian Yin

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This day Lang Zhuoyu returned from errands, opened the house with the key, and as expected, saw a cold pot and stove at home with no one there.

Only Mianmian was at the door and meowed, indicating there was at least one living creature at home.

Lang Zhuoyu put the bag on the cabinet, bent down and hugged Mianmian, and said to it, “Don’t call, the person didn’t come back with me, and he probably will arrive home very late tonight.”

Lang Zhuoyu brushed Mianmian’s hair, and Mianmian seemed to understand what he meant, so he obediently let him touch.

Lian Yin had been working overtime for a week this month. It is said that their team was planning a special report and it was unclear when he would be busy until? 

It had been almost half a year since Lian Yin graduated, and he successfully joined the company where he interned and became a full-time employee.

Regular employees were much busier than interns, and they needed to be able to take charge of themselves.

Lang Zhuoyu had not seen Lian Yin go home on time from work for a week. Usually, he would be busy until it was dark, around eight or nine o’clock.

Mianmian was hugged for a while and then began to arch. Lang Zhuoyu had to put it back on the ground, take off his coat, and go into the kitchen to start cooking.

Unexpectedly, when Lang Zhuoyu was cooking today, there was a sound of unlocking at the door.

Mianmian ran to the door and sat obediently waiting for it’s master to come home, and he saw the person he was expecting.

Lian Yin put the key in the basket, squatted down, rubbed Mianmian’s head, and briefly played with him for a while. Then he got up and went to the kitchen to find Lang Zhuoyu.

“Teacher Lang, I’m back!”

Lian Yin’s voice was filled with happiness. While shouting, he trotted over, wrapped himself around Lang Zhuoyu’s neck, and hung his whole person on his body.

Lang Zhuoyu put the lid on the pot, turned around, and gave him a hug: “Welcome back, it must have been hard work.”

“Teacher Lang, are you angry when I work overtime for so long?” Lian Yin was like a koala, sticking on Lang Zhuoyu’s back as he asked excitedly.

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know what he meant, and answered honestly, “I’m not angry, it’s inevitable.”

Lian Yin’s eyes widened. He hugged Lang Zhuoyu tightly, and then asked, “Are you really not angry? “

Not angry.” Lang Zhuoyu replied firmly.

“Really really not angry?” Lian Yin seemed to not want to give up without getting a satisfactory answer.

Lang Zhuoyu could also tell, this kid just wanted to hear himself say he was angry, so he asked: “If I say I’m angry, what will you do?”

Lian Yin smiled and said, “I’ll compensate you.”

“How will you compensate me? “Lang Zhuoyu asked indifferently, adding some seasoning to the soup along the way.

Lian Yin’s body was clinging to Lang Zhuoyu and his hands were restlessly lowered: “Like this.”

Lang Zhuoyu grabbed Lian Yin’s wrist, put it back on his stomach, and said lightly, “I’m still cooking. “

Lian Yin hadn’t done such a thing very much, his face was burning hot, he leaned against Lang Zhuoyu’s back, and stopped talking.

Twenty minutes later, Lian Yin helped Lang Zhuoyu bring dinner to the table, then ran to Mianmian and unpacked a bag of snacks to feed it.

Mianmian ate with relish, and was walked out of the kitchen by Lang Zhuoyu.

“I only fed it a bag when I came back today.” Lang Zhuoyu said.

It was too late to take it back. He compared the empty snack bag to Lang Zhuoyu: “Aiya, I am happy today, so I fed it a little more.”

Lang Zhuoyu shook his head and said nothing. 

Lian Yin sat back at the table and had dinner with Lang Zhuoyu. During the meal, he kept talking about the recent planning project.

Lang Zhuoyu occasionally responded with a few words, being a competent tree hole.

The two of them had basically finished. Lang Zhuoyu put the chopsticks on the bowl, and suddenly asked, “Has it not been even once this week?”

Lian Yin was talking about how his colleagues could solve a technical problem, when he heard Lang Zhuoyu Yu ask this question. Sluggish for a moment, he reflected on the meaning of his words.

Then he bowed his head in embarrassment and replied, “En.”

Lang Zhuoyu, who received the response, pulled out his chair and got up, came to Lian Yin’s side, and asked, “Have you eaten enough yet?”

There was nothing in Lian Yin’s bowl. Putting down his chopsticks, he turned around and looked up at Lang Zhuoyu.


As soon as he finished speaking, Lian Yin felt the world was upside down for a while, and his feet were in the air, and he was actually carried by Lang Zhuoyu and placed on his shoulders.

“You have indeed gained a bit of weight.” Lang Zhuoyu commented with a little difficulty.

Lian Yin was afraid of falling and didn’t dare to struggle. He thought that Lang Zhuoyu was so busy at work, but sometimes when he was not at home, he must have secretly gone to exercise. 

Hearing Lang Zhuoyu saying that he had gained weight, Lian Yin replied unwillingly: “Why can’t it be you being older?”

Lang Zhuoyu smiled: “Really?”

In a panic, he patted Lang Zhuoyu on the back and said, “Aren’t you washing the dishes today?”

Lang Zhuoyu put him on the bed, kissed his lips, and replied, “Mianmian ate an extra bag of snacks today, let him wash it.”

For the next while, Lian Yin was paying the price for saying Lang Zhuoyu was old. This statement paid a heavy price.

He didn’t know how long it took, Lian Yin felt that the world was spinning and his eyelids were extremely heavy, then someone patted his cheek and called his name.

“Lian Yin? Lian Yin?” Lang Zhuoyu’s voice was low, “Are you so tired you’re going to fall asleep or are you going to faint?”

Lian Yin barely understood what Lang Zhuoyu was talking about, but he didn’t have the strength to answer. 

Lang Zhuoyu kissed his forehead and said, “If you’re too tired, don’t continue, you can go to sleep.” 

However, this sentence touched a certain nerve in Lian Yin. He quickly opened his eyes and wrapped his arm around Lang Zhuoyu’s shoulders, holding back: “No, I’m not tired, continue.”

Lang Zhuoyu smiled helplessly and touched his face: “Go to sleep.” 

Lian Yin said vaguely, “I said I wanted to compensate you….” 

His voice was getting smaller and smaller. It was estimated that he was really tired, and he started to doze off as soon as his spirit relaxed.

Lang Zhuoyu helped him cover himself with a quilt, got out of bed by himself, and walked into the bathroom.

The next morning, Lian Yin opened his particularly heavy eyelids, and found that his entire body seemed to have been disassembled and re-assembled, unable to move.

He barely sat up, leaned against the bed, and rubbed his head.

When he woke up, he was still too sleepy to open his eyes. He worked overtime for a whole week, which was indeed a huge drain on a person.

Lang Zhuoyu had already woken up and Lian Yin could feel that his body was simply wiped, so why not take a shower to wake up, so he got out of bed.

After taking a shower, Lian Yin walked out of the room to find Lang Zhuoyu. When he passed the kitchen, he saw the breakfast left for him on the table.

That’s when he thought, I don’t know what time it is now.

He took out his phone and looked at the time, and it was almost noon.

Lian Yin sighed, walked into the studio, and saw Lang Zhuoyu sitting behind the computer.

Lian Yin walked over, leaned beside him, and asked, “How do you know that I’m off today?”

Today was neither a weekend nor a holiday, yet Lang Zhuoyu didn’t ask himself to get up and go to work.

Speaking of this, Lang Zhuoyu thought of what happened in the morning, and it seems that Lian Yin had no memory.

He smiled and said, “You told me yourself.”

It turned out that Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know that Lian Yin was on vacation this morning and he was still preparing to wake him up on time. He called him a few times, but Lian Yin didn’t answer. He was even hit by Lian Yin’s pillow he was grasping.

Seeing that he was so sleepy, Lang Zhuoyu wanted to take a leave of absence for him, so he said to Lian Yin, “Go to sleep, I will help you take a leave today.”

As a result, Lian Yin heard this and was dazed in his sleep, saying: “No! I am on vacation, don’t use my days off…”

Lang Zhuoyu thought Lian Yin had woken up, but after waiting for a while, Lian Yin began to snore softly again.

It turned out to be a dream…

It seems that this kid had evolved into a qualified society creature.

Hearing Lang Zhuoyu’s description of his stupidity, he blushed in shame and snorted, staying far away from Lang Zhuoyu.

After a while, Lian Yin came over again and said to Lang Zhuoyu with a look of anticipation: “Teacher Lang, I can rest for five days next month.”

Lang Zhuoyu raised his eyebrows: “Really? That’s a good thing.

Lian Yin hurriedly squeezed Lang Zhuoyu’s shoulder: “You free up five days too, let’s go out to play.” “

Okay.” Lang Zhuoyu agreed readily.

Lian Yin almost jumped up with excitement: “Okay!”

“Where do you want to go to play?” Lang Zhuoyu asked with a smile when he saw that Lian Yin was happy.

Lian Yin felt that it didn’t matter as long as he went out with Lang Zhuoyu, so he said, “We can go anywhere.”

Lang Zhuoyu smiled at him and said, “Come back to Xicheng with me.”

Lian Yin almost immediately understood what Lang Zhuoyu meant.

He was going to take himself to see his family.

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