Not Obedient Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Praising the Accomplishments of a Zuojing’s Behaviour 

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Lian Yin lapped around a few times in the area, the pain in his stomach turned up again. Adding on to the reunion with Zhou Xu just now, it made him exhausted, he was not ready to continue to accompany guests. 

He returned to the place where the staff rested at the back of the bar. Lin Jiayu, who had just finished touring the venue, was sitting on a bench smoking a cigarette.

Lin Jiayu saw Lian Yin and waved to him: “Come on, sit down.” 

Lian Yin sat down beside her and let out a tired breath. 

“Tired?” Lin Jiayu put out her cigarette. She knew that Lian Yin was not used to the smell of cigarettes and it made him uncomfortable to be in a place with a strong smell of tobacco and alcohol every day. 

“A little bit.” Lian Yin leaned back in the chair and said, “Sister Jiayu, I should have listened to you in the first place and not fall in love with the guests.” 

Lin Jiayu smiled proudly: “These are all the experiences accumulated over the years, little brother. Learn more while you’re young.” 

Lian Yin followed her and laughed at herself, and suddenly thought of something: “By the way, Sister Jiayu, I want to ask you a question.” 

Lin Jiayu raised her chin: “Speak.” 

“What kind of women do men hate? Haven’t I been helping Sister Tong recently, please teach me.” Lian Yin bumped Lin Jiayu lightly with his shoulder. 

“Well…” Lin Jiayu raised her head and thought, “Probably a troublesome woman. One that regards herself as the center of everything, thinks that the world revolves around her, and seeks emotional value without any psychological burden.” 

Having said this, Lin Jiayu smiled. Looking at Lian Yin, she said, “I think you can really try to learn from such a person.” 

“What do you mean?” Lian Yin was at a loss.

“Ask for more without being psychologically burdened. Many times people around you are willing to ask you for it. If you learn from this kind of taker, maybe you can live a little easier.” Lin Jiayu said half-jokingly. 

Lian Yin lowered his head to look at his hand and whispered, “You guys have helped me a lot. Sister Jiayu, you have been taking care of me, Sister Tong… also introduced me to such a good part-time job.” 

Lin Jiayu shook her head : “You’re always like this.” 

“If you want to learn to be a Zuojing, you can go to Miaopu and see.” Lin Jiayu said. 


“An app that gathers straight men, you can go to see how men complain about their girlfriends and learn.” 

There is such a good thing? After gaining knowledge, he immediately took out his mobile phone and downloaded it. 

“You should go back today. Anyway, you’ve already helped me sell a lot of wine tonight. If you’re tired, take a rest early.” Lin Jiayu patted Lian Yin’s shoulder and walked out of the lounge. 

Lian Yin got up to say goodbye, “Thank you, Sister Jiayu.” 

Today was considered to be leaving work very early. When Lian Yin came home, the old couple neighbor was still watching an anti-Japanese drama. 

On his way home, he had been learning the behavior of a Zuojing on Miaopu. After taking off his makeup, he laid down and watched it for an hour. He faintly felt that he had accomplished a lot. Finally, he had the confidence to take out his WeChat and reply to the message from Lang Zhuoyu tonight.

——The message that made Lian Yin almost confused.

A Gentleman like Jade’s note had been already changed to his name by Lian Yin, and the dialog box that followed the retro avatar still had the sentence: Does your stomach still hurt? 

After mobilizing his Zuojing knowledge reserve, Lian Yin replied confidently: It hurts, my stomach has been hurting for a day and it’s still not good. Woo woo, brother, what should I do… 

There was no immediate reply over there, maybe he was busy with other things and hadn’t looked at his phone. Lian Yin was not in a hurry, so he went to do his nightly skin care. 

When the mask was applied to his face, Lang Zhuoyu’s reply arrived just in time. 

Lang Zhuoyu: Was the medicine useless? 

Lillian Lian: Yes, I feel so lonely now… 

When a girl sends this sentence, she definitely wants the other party to accompany her. Even if she doesn’t, it is normal to want someone to accompany her when she is sick. But of course Lian Yin didn’t mean it. He just wanted to show that he was arrogant and difficult to serve. If Lang Zhuoyu really wanted to come, he wouldn’t even bother to put on makeup! 

After sending the message, Lian Yin held the phone and frantically switched between the desktop, WeChat, desktop, WeChat… 

Two minutes later, Lang Zhuoyu replied: Drink more hot water to warm the stomach. 

“Drink more hot water!?” Lian Yin read out the message from Lang Zhuoyu in disbelief, threw the phone away with a tap, and rolled around on the bed with the quilt. 

Does this guy really have no intention of visiting him at all? 

Although he won’t really ask him to come to his house, at least show concern! 

Lian Yin was indignant, and very naturally replied to the other party with an indifferent: Oh. 

Then he turned the phone to the resting screen, turned over, changed from lying on his stomach to lying on bed, and stared at the ceiling for a long time. 

The “oh” just now was a well-studied quotation. One can never say it outright when they were angry. They can only say “oh” and let the other party experience it for themselves. It was definitely not his real subconscious reaction. 

Just, even if it was a subconscious reaction, it can only be said that it was from his own intensive study has been studied thoroughly. 

Thinking like this, Lian Yin was relieved. After 30 seconds, he couldn’t hold back. He reached out and picked up the phone, unlocked it, and clicked in to read WeChat. 

No news.

“Crawl for this uncle! Do you think I was waiting for a message from you? I don’t care if you reply, hmph!” Lian Yin didn’t know who he was yelling at.

Lang Zhuoyu had just finished a day’s work at this time. He would usually go to the studio during the day to take guard, and come back to write scripts at night. 

He was more casual when writing manuscripts. When he had an inspiration, it was common to stay overnight. Without inspiration, he would not force himself. 

He didn’t have a lot of inspiration tonight. After he finished writing a part, following his routine, he was ready to rest. 

He chatted with his blind date just now, but he was not used to deserting frequently when he was working, which would disrupt his thinking. So after casually caring about it, he went back to work, and only now did he have the opportunity to pick up the phone again. 

Then he saw the last sentence Lian Yin sent, “Oh.” 

At first Lang Zhuoyu thought it was nothing, after reading it, he swiped it away. After washing his face and rinsing his mouth, he remembered something when he was flipping a book on bed. 

He seemed to have seen similar complaints in the posts of women complaining about straight men. 

A woman posted a post complaining that her boyfriend was too straight, and she even sent “Oh”, but the other party didn’t realize that she was angry, and said in a normal way: “Goodbye baby, I’m going to play games first.” Then he went offline and left! 

Leaving herself trembling with anger behind her phone, she had a big fight with her boyfriend. 

Lang Zhuoyu was keenly aware that Lian Yin’s “oh” might be the same “oh” as the “oh” of the woman who quarreled with her boyfriend. 

This… how can this be good?

Lang Zhuoyu looked at the “Oh” on the WeChat interface and fell into deep thought. He flipped through today’s chat records and found only a few words. Where did he say something wrong? 

He was so puzzled that he even wanted to ask Lian Yin bluntly if he did something wrong that made her unhappy, but on second thought, he was in contact with the other party for the purpose of persuading her to quit. 

So the other party’s anger was actually a good thing for him. 

Thinking of this, Lang Zhuoyu took back the phone with peace of mind and laid down in the bed. 

The time quietly came to two o’clock in the morning. At this time, most people were already asleep, but Lian Yin was still awake. 

He couldn’t sleep, he was too angry today. When he woke up in the morning, he had a stomachache. He was then taught a lesson by Tong Tong at noon. In the evening, he was drunk and met his ex-boyfriend. He chatted on WeChat before going to bed, and he got an answer that made his blood pressure rise. 

Lian Yin, who can’t sleep, was frantically compensating with “Zuojing refined knowledge”. All the recent bad luck have happened after the blind date with Lang Zhuoyu, and he wanted to persuade the person to leave as soon as possible to get rid of this bad water. 

Just now, he turned to a very good post. A man posted the whole process of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend from dating to breaking up and his ex-girlfriend was 100% a zuojing, a value seeker Lin Jiayu had mentioned. 

Lian Yin thinks that if he can learn it, it is ensured that the medicine will cure the disease. 

The poster said that the most unbearable thing for him was that his ex-girlfriend’s temper where she would even come to his work place, making him embarrassed in front of his colleagues and delaying his work. 

After reading the post, Lian Yin first sighed. It turns out that there are really people in the world who can so brazenly ask for love and indulgence from another person, then decided at once – 

I want to do the same! 

Lang Zhuoyu was a person who takes his work very seriously. It can be seen from his attitude when he was a teacher. Every day, he was the first to arrive at school and the latest to leave. If he wasn’t self studying in the office, he would be supervising students and answering questions at any time.

If he could find out where he was working now, and use this unpleasant excuse tonight to make a fuss at the place where he works, he would definitely not be able to stand himself and say goodbye. 

Then he can get the liberation plus three thousand dollars! 

After making the decision, Lian Yin went to sleep peacefully and waited for the next day to go to Tong Tong and ask where Lang Zhuoyu worked. 

Early the next morning, Lang Zhuoyu came to the studio and greeted everyone he met. 

He Yanfei also just arrived. She came in a hurry, without makeup, wearing sunglasses and a mask, greeting Lang Zhuoyu. Lang Zhuoyu almost didn’t recognize her. 

“Writer Lang, how is the straight man in your book?” He Yanfei asked casually. 

Lang Zhuoyu was stunned for a while, and it took a long time to remember what he had said in front of He Yanfei in order to deal with his blind date. He nodded without any flaws: “Thank you for your help, the creation went well.” 

“Hey, that’s good.” He Yanfei replied, then waved to him and went to put on make up. 

Later, Lang Zhuoyu met the star of this film again, seeing Wen Ting’s back. This was not the first time she had made a movie, but she was still a newcomer to films. 

Wen Ting smiled politely at Lang Zhuoyu: “Writer Lang.” 

“Mr. Wen is early.” 

The two greeted each other and Lang Zhuoyu returned to his lounge, just sat down and took a sip of water, when he heard a knock on the door. 

Opening the door, it was the makeup artist of the crew, a young girl. She smiled heartily, her cosmetic bag was still in her hand, and at first glance, she must have just arrived. 

She said to Lang Zhuoyu with a face of gossip: “Writer Lang, when I just came in, I saw your girlfriend looking for you.” 

The author has something to say: 

Lang Zhuoyu: How can I have a girlfriend? !

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