Not Obedient Chapter 9

   Chapter 9 The woman who most cannot be seen as a tear-stained beauty

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“I’m really his girlfriend, I came to visit him!” Lian Yin was stopped by the security uncle outside the set, and he argued with the uncle. 

The uncle security guard was short and chubby, not taller than Lian Yin, but very responsible. He told Lian Yin righteously: “No! Unless you ask your boyfriend to pick you up, you can’t go in.” 

Lian Yin sighed and continued to explain : “I’ll tell you, this is a surprise, there’s no surprise if he comes to pick me up.” 

Uncle security was unmoved: “I’ll tell you too, this is the rule. If he doesn’t come to pick you up, please go back. 

At this time, the makeup girl rushed to the set with her bag. She said hello to the security uncle: “Uncle Zhang!” 

The security uncle nodded to her steadily, then the makeup girl saw the big beauty in front of the uncle and was curious. “Who is this?” 

“She said she was Writer Lang’s girlfriend.” The security uncle replied. 

The makeup girl was surprised. She didn’t expect Writer Lang, someone who could be unsympathetic to the opposite sex, who could be so ruthless that he could even slap the face of a beauty of He Yanfei’s level, to have such a beautiful girlfriend. 

On second thought, perhaps it was because the person already had someone already beautiful enough at home that they were ruthless to the flowers and plants outside.

When Lian Yin saw the makeup girl, he guessed that the girl would be more soft, so she walked up to her and begged: “I really came to find Lang Zhuoyu. Sister, would you take me in?” 

The makeup girl smiled straightforwardly: “No, I don’t know you, that’s the rule. You’d better say hello to Writer Lang honestly – Uncle Zhang, I’ll go first.” 

“Eh-” Lian Yin couldn’t hold her back, so he could only watch the makeup little sister leave relentlessly. 

Lian Yin reluctantly put his eyes back on the security guard, looked at his eyes full of professional ethics, gritted his teeth, took out his mobile phone, opened Lang Zhuoyu’s chat box, and hesitantly gave him a call. 

The reasons for not calling were, first, he was not Lang Zhuoyu’s “girlfriend” and was afraid of being exposed in person; second, he was afraid that Lang Zhuoyu would tell him to get lost right away. 

How embarrassing! 

Lian Yin just stood in front of the security uncle, opened WeChat, closed it, opened it, closed it again, and hesitated for almost ten minutes. 

“Uncle Zhang.” Suddenly a warm and low voice came from the studio. 

Lian Yin and Uncle Zhang turned to look together, and saw Lang Zhuoyu hurrying over. 

Uncle Zhang re-examined Lian Yin a little unexpectedly, and assessed in his heart, hm, these two are indeed a good match, a young couple. 

Lian Yin was full of panic, he was afraid that Lang Zhuoyu would tell him to get lost in front of him. Wasn’t this more embarrassing? 

Fortunately, Lang Zhuoyu was not as perversed as Lian Yin imagined. He greeted Uncle Zhang and said, “I’ll bring her in.” 

Then he waved to Lian Yin and motioned him to hurry over. 

Lian Yin was overjoyed, and before entering, he didn’t forget to turn his head and snort at Uncle Zhang arrogantly.

Walking into the set, Lian Yin followed Lang Zhuoyu by half a step. People from the crew around him would come and go, and they would greet Lang Zhuoyu when they saw him. It seems that his status in the crew was not low. 

An assistant director who was more familiar with Lang Zhuoyu asked another question, who was the beautiful woman following him. 

Lian Yin didn’t have time to claim his “girlfriend” status when he heard Lang Zhuoyu answer very earnestly: “It’s just a friend, bringing her to the studio to play.” 

The assistant director nodded and left with a smile. Lian Yin rolled his eyes and found a reason to be angry later. 

Lang Zhuoyu brought Lian Yin to his resting lounge, and after leading the person in, he was stunned as soon as he turned around. 

Because he saw that Lian Yin was drooping his head, twitching from time to time, and there was a sobbing cry in his throat.

 “What’s wrong with you?” Lang Zhuoyu felt at a loss. 

Lian Yin didn’t dare to look up – because he hadn’t cried yet. He lowered his head and said in a very sad tone, “Why, why do you tell others that we are just friends?” 

Hearing this, Lang Zhuoyu was so perplexed that he almost asked back, why not? 

But Lang Zhuoyu still couldn’t bear it and explained patiently: “We’ve only met once, and this time is only the second meeting, of course it’s a friendship.” 

As a result, Lian Yin was even more sad. He raised his hand to cover his eyes, sobbing: “Do you not like me, do you hate me?” 

“This…” Lang Zhuoyu didn’t know how to deal with it. 

Lian Yin finally raised his head-because the tears came out. He was wearing high-heeled shoes, a little shorter than Lang Zhuoyu. He raised his head slightly, and asked, “We are blind dates. The purpose of the blind date is to get married. If you don’t hate me after the blind date, shouldn’t we just get married? Haven’t you started interacting with me for that purpose?” 

Seeing Lian Yin’s red eyes and the tears flowing, Lang Zhuoyu was really confused. 

He took Lian Yin’s arm, led him to sit on the sofa, took out a few pieces of paper and handed it to Lian Yin. He helplessly said: “You may have misunderstood, I don’t hate you…”

 “Then you are my boyfriend.” Lian Yin immediately hit the snake with a stick. 

Lang Zhuoyu was stunned, pinched the bridge of his nose with a headache, and denied: “No, I’m not your boyfriend. We shouldn’t have that kind of relationship…” 

“You are so strange, you like me, why don’t you want to be my boyfriend?” Lian Yin held the tissue in his hand, not daring to wipe the tears, because he was afraid that he wouldn’t be able to squeeze anymore out. 

Lang Zhuoyu was not very good at dealing with this kind of harassment, he can only say very directly: “I don’t like you.” 

Pa Da. 

A tear fell, and following Lang Zhuoyu’s voice, it smashed heavily on the back of Lian Yin’s hand. 

Both of them saw the tear and had to admit that the timing of the tear was so good that even the most demanding director would be full of praise for the dramatic tension of this tear. 

So Lang Zhuoyu became stupid on the spot, even Lian Yin was a little dazed. His thoughts could not help drifting away: So I have a talent for acting! 

“You wipe away your tears first.” Lang Zhuoyu looked away, unable to bear to look again. 

The emotional atmosphere was rendered and Lian Yin had to wipe away the tears reluctantly, then continued to say his prepared lines: “Last night as well, I was obviously uncomfortable and you didn’t care about me. My stomach hurts so much and I was alone. At home, no one could cook something hot for me.” 

Sure enough, the “oh” last night meant anger. Lang Zhuoyu sighed in his heart. 

“Miss Tong.” Lang Zhuoyu pondered and chose a polite but unfamiliar title to express his rejection. 

Lian Yin raised his head pitifully, as if surprised and chilled by what he called himself.

Those eyes reminded Lang Zhuoyu of a person who used to look at him silently with similar eyes. He suddenly felt a tug in his heart, and the words of refusal stuck at his lips, and his appearance changed. 

“Give me a little more time to think about our relationship.” 

This time it was Lian Yin’s turn to be caught off guard. 

Originally, from entering the room, all the plots were within his calculations. This trick of his was called persecution. When he came to his workplace, he forced the man who he had only met once to admit his relationship with him. As long as this man did not have a crush on him for many years, he will definitely be annoyed and anxious, then deny it. 

The best outcome was to just throw himself out. 

Before Lian Yin felt embarrassed to be sent out, because he was standing at the entrance, but now that there were only the two of them here, it was best for Lang Zhuoyu to get angry and kick him out, so that the others don’t know about him being kicked out. He can also get rid of this lousy part-time job. 

Originally, Lang Zhuoyu’s denial was a good start and Lian Yin only needed to continue to be a little more annoying, then he can be driven away. 

What does Lang Zhuoyu mean now? 

What does it mean to “think about the relationship between us”!? 

What is there to consider in their relationship? He had chased him to his work place to make trouble unreasonably, don’t you hate it? Don’t you want to kick me out? 

Lian Yin was in a complicated mood and really couldn’t understand Lang Zhuoyu’s brain circuit, so he forgot to speak for a while. 

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t want to deal with the troublesome Lian Yin anymore, he stood up and said to Lian Yin, “I’ll go out for a while, you sit here and calm down.” 

After speaking, he pushed open the door and left. 

Lian Yin was left alone in the room, he immediately put on a confused expression, held his face and said to himself, “What’s going on?” 

Could it be because they were alone? 

Did he have to roll around in front of everyone to have the best effect, so that Lang Zhuoyu can directly kick himself out? 

Lian Yin was entangled and he couldn’t hold his face down. But he didn’t want to drag it on any longer. 

Lang Zhuoyu leaned on the window sill in the corridor and let out a long breath. 

He didn’t expect that Lian Yin would come to the studio to find him. Now he had no doubts about what his mother said when he introduced him. The other party really liked him very, very much, so much that she didn’t even care about if it was appropriate. 

Lang Zhuoyu was not a soft-hearted person. Since Lian Yin’s existence had begun to affect his work and life, he can no longer consider taking care of the other party’s mood and face. After all, Lang Zhuoyu always put himself first. But now, as long as he saw that face, he couldn’t say anything hurtful. 

He didn’t expect that a student who he hadn’t seen in nearly four years would have such a great influence on him, that even a person who looked similar to him would make him unwilling to make the person sad. 

In fact, speaking of that student, Lang Zhuoyu almost didn’t remember him. Although he had only led one class of students, he had taught at least hundreds of students. He had been away from school these recent years, and he had never thought about the time when he was teaching. 

If he hadn’t met such a similar person again now, Lang Zhuoyu might not be able to remember that there was a boy named Lian Yin in his class of students when he was old, a boy with good grades that made him sigh. 

Lang Zhuoyu saw Lian Yin sitting on the sofa through the half-open door. This was the first time he had observed Lian Yin’s appearance so calmly. 

Then, he frowned tightly. 

No, these two people are too similar, even as a cousin, it is too similar. 

The author has something to say: 

To state formally, the relationship between Mr. Lang and Lian Lian in high school was limited to teachers and students. Lian Lian didn’t like Mr. Lang, and Mr. Lang didn’t have any feelings for Lian Lian. 

Mr. Lang feels guilty about Lian Lian for other reasons, not emotional, which will be explained later.

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