Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 10

Chapter 10

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Meng Junxian stuttered and left a word before running off.

“The Teacher won’t agree! You have no right to make a decision for this matter!”

Fan Yuan took the glass bottle and put it on his desk consciously.

Gu Yang muttered in a low voice: “If someone touches it again, I won’t give it to you.”

Fan Yuan stretched out his finger and poked the tender yellow heart of the Freesia, and hooked the corners of his lips imperceptibly.

After school at night, Gu Yang stepped forward and grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve.

“When will you teach me to play the piano?”

Fan Yuan glanced at the time, school was over at nine o’clock, these three days were school days, and there was hardly any time to teach Gu Yang.

Gu Yang was afraid that Fan Yuan would go back on his word, so he immediately said: “I’ll go to your house, at worst you can ask the driver to take me back later.”

Seeing Gu Yang looking at him expectantly, Fan Yuan finally nodded.

It turns out that Gu Yang didn’t know how to play the piano, but Gu Yang learned it for a year when he was a child. Although it was abandoned later, he still understood some basics.

Fan Yuan put away the scores and began to teach from the most basic.

Gu Yang was very smart, he absorbed everything quickly, he could play simply on the piano with Fan Yuan in an hour, but it was not smooth.

Fortunately, Fan Yuan chose a piano piece that was not too difficult, and the two of them practiced together, and the progress was fast.

In the middle, Fan Yuan went to the bathroom. Gu Yang sat on the piano bench and stretched his legs.

His legs felt a little dry, usually at this time he would turn into a mermaid in the bathtub at home and soak for a while.

Gu Yang unconsciously looked at the big fish tank next to the wall, where the palm-sized fish was swimming around.

So envious.

Gu Yang pursed his lips and came to the fish tank.

This fish tank was very deep, he can’t swim, but he could just hang on the edge, it should be fine, right?

Just try it out, try it out right away.

Gu Yang laid on the side of the fish tank, took off his pants, and stretched out his hand to check the water temperature in the fish tank, it was neither lukewarm nor hot, just right.

At this time, the water was the biggest temptation for him.

He climbed in, holding the edge of the fish tank with both hands, soaked, and his legs quickly merged into a fish’s tail.

As soon as the bright blue fish tail appeared, he swung happily in the water twice. At the same time, Gu Yang felt dizzy in his brain, and his hands began to feel weak while holding the fish tank.

His body sank slowly, and one hand let go of the edge of the fish tank.

As soon as Fan Yuan entered the room, he saw a beautiful mermaid slowly wagging its tail in the huge fish tank.

Gu Yang lowered his eyes in the water, with one hand resting on the edge of the fish tank, while the other hand was swinging weakly in the water.

The jet-black hair covered Gu Yang’s eyebrows and eyes, revealing a small and pale chin, but his lips were bright red.

Gu Yang felt dizzy in his brain, he was not stifled when he sank, but the fear of drowning was still there.

He raised his head sensitively, and looked at Fan Yuan in the water.

Fan Yuan stood in front of the fish tank, looking at him expressionlessly.

Gu Yang had an illusion for a moment, as if he was really a fish raised by Fan Yuan in the fish tank, and the freedom of life and death was in Fan Yuan’s hands.

When he was about to sink to the bottom of the fish tank, Fan Yuan grabbed Gu Yang’s wrist and dragged him out of the water.

Gu Yang was dragged out of the water, his hair was sticking wet to his face, he laid down beside the fish tank and coughed twice, his drowsy brain immediately woke up a lot after getting out of the water.

Fan Yuan’s fingertips were pressed against Gu Yang’s wrist, and the skin-to-skin contact was very effective in relieving Gu Yang’s groggy side effect of the golden finger.

Like a traveler thirsty for water in the desert, Gu Yang held Fan Yuan’s wrist with his hand, reached up with his fingertips, and groped all the way up to Fan Yuan’s arm.

Fan Yuan felt the wet and cold touch on his arm, and he didn’t stop it.

He forcefully lifted Gu Yang from the fish tank, carried him on his shoulders, and threw him into the bathtub.

The side effects faded, and Gu Yang’s face was immediately stained with a thin layer of red.

It’s really embarrassing to recall that he had jumped into someone’s fish tank while the owner was going to the bathroom.

Fan Yuan poured water into the bathtub: “Wash, the fish tank is very dirty.” His tone seemed a bit disgusted.

Gu Yang’s body froze, and he suddenly thought of the large string of white that trailed behind the buttocks of that palm-sized fish swimming.

It seemed to be quite dirty.

After Fan Yuan finished filling the tub, he went to the other bathroom to take a bath.

In the end, Gu Yang was carried back to the piano bench by Fan Yuan. His legs were still fish tails and he had no ability to move.

Gu Yang was a little embarrassed, cocked the tip of his tail, pretended to be calm and continued to play the piano with Fan Yuan, but made frequent mistakes, and the abrupt scales were interspersed in the piece of music.

Fan Yuan stopped and looked at him with a slight frown.

Gu Yang’s nervous tail straightened, and his fingertips curled up on the black and white piano keys.

“My tail is really dry which affects my thinking.”

Fan Yuan went to look at his fish tail: “Go soak in the bathtub?”

Gu Yang shook his head: “No, I still have to learn the piano.”

Fan Yuan: “Then bear with it.”

Gu Yang endured it for ten minutes, wagging his tail uncomfortably, leaning on the stool, his beautiful tail fin resting on Fan Yuan’s thigh.

He could feel the moisture drying off the tail and it should be turning back into legs soon.

At this moment, Fan Yuan pushed Gu Yang’s tail fin away, got up and left.

Gu Yang blinked, looking at Fan Yuan’s leaving back, feeling nervous.

Fan Yuan didn’t think he was annoying, did he?

After a while Fan Yuan came back with a wet towel, pulled the piano stool back, squatted on the ground and wrapped Gu Yang’s tail with the wet towel.

Gu Yang couldn’t hold back, he snorted comfortably, and reached out to grab Fan Yuan’s hair.

Fan Yuan raised his head and glanced at him, Gu Yang immediately let go in embarrassment.

With a wet towel wrapped around his tail, Gu Yang rarely made mistakes in playing the piano and made rapid progress. It wasn’t until he withdrew his hand and he still couldn’t get enough of it that he realized that it was already midnight.

He stood up in shock: “It’s so late!”

Fan Yuan seemed to have noticed the time, got up and closed the piano cover.

“A guest room was prepared for you, sleep here.”

When the words fell, Fan Yuan looked back at him, and walked out of the study first.

Gu Yang noticed that Fan Yuan had looked down at him just now, so he followed suit, and saw that his lower body had changed back to his legs, and a bath towel was hanging loosely, revealing a meager hip bone and half a butt.

Gu Yang’s cheeks immediately became hot, not only the cheeks, but even the toes that stepped on the carpet turned red.

The students of Shangshu High School discovered that Gu Yang and Fan Yuan came to school together, not for one day, but for three consecutive days.

This incident quickly aroused heated discussions in the whole school. Apart from those who were purely for gossip, there were also those who were worried like Meng Junxian.

Sure enough, on the afternoon before the school celebration, Meng Junxian was called to the office by the teacher, informing her that the ensemble with Fan Yuan was canceled, but they could add a solo for her.

Meng Junxian’s eyes were red, she refused the solo performance and ran out of the office.

She just wanted to play together with Fan Yuan, just to hear everyone’s envy and brag about her close relationship with Fan Yuan. Fan Yuan didn’t want to play with her anymore, so what’s the point of her playing solo?

Perform for those idiot classmates? She was not willing!

As soon as she went down the stairs, she was stopped by a girl.

Meng Junxian’s complexion was not good: “Who are you?”

Xu Tian leaned into Meng Junxian’s ear: “I know Gu Yang’s secret…”

Jealousy born of liking can breed malice that grows wildly.

When Gu Yang knew that the ensemble between him and Fan Yuan had been decided, he couldn’t help but excitedly grab Fan Yuan’s fingers. Fan Yuan’s fingertips moved, and after a while, he slowly pulled out his hand.

“You learn quickly.” Fan Yuan said.

Gu Yang’s eyes were bright, this was the first time Fan Yuan praised him, and he happily grabbed Fan Yuan’s finger again.

This time Fan Yuan did not withdraw his hand.

Soon it was the day of the school celebration, and Gu Yang was standing in the background wearing a neat little suit, a little nervous.

Because of Fan Yuan, their ensemble was ranked last, appearing as the most important ending program.

Fan Yuan was wearing the exact same suit as Gu Yang, standing beside him.

“Are you nervous?” Fan Yuan asked.

Gu Yang bit his lip: “Of course! I only practiced for five days!”

Fan Yuan looked sideways at Gu Yang’s tense body, and raised his hand to insert something into Gu Yang’s chest pocket.

Gu Yang lowered his head and saw a delicate freesia blooming towards him on his chest.

“This is……”

At this time, the previous hosts have already started reporting their programs.

Fan Yuan walked forward, brushed his shoulder and said softly: “It can make you not nervous.”

Gu Yang’s heart was pounding, looking at the freesia in front of his chest, the tension really receded slowly.

Fan Yuan had already walked to the side of the stage, he turned around and reached out to him.

“Why aren’t you coming here quickly?”


In the original book, this school celebration performance left a very deep impression on the teachers and students of the school.

Fan Yuan and Meng Junxian became the story of Shangshu High School for a while, until the two graduated from Shangshu High School, this performance video was still widely circulated.

Gu Yang and Fan Yuan sat on the piano bench together, put their hands on the black and white keys, pressed the first note together, and the melodious music slowly flowed out.

Starting today, the names of this story were no longer Fan Yuan and Meng Junxian, but Fan Yuan and Gu Yang.

The joyful notes were beating in his ears, and when the applause sounded, Gu Yang stood up in a daze, looking at the darkness under the stage, all the tension returned.

Fortunately, the performance was over, and the two walked to the stage to thank the teachers and students in the audience.

At this moment, there was a slight sound above Gu Yang’s head, and a bucket of water poured down without warning.

There was an uproar in the audience, Gu Yang had a bad thought, but it was too late to escape.

However, the bucket of water did not pour on Gu Yang’s body.

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang in his arms, arched his back slightly, blocking most of the cold water, only allowing Gu Yang’s shoulders to be slightly wet.

The bucket of water came so suddenly that the audience was in a panic, and a teacher came up to check it.

The teacher in charge of the school celebration was very angry and shouted at the stage: “Who! Who did it!”

No student dared to speak out.

The tenth anniversary celebration, which was supposed to end perfectly, was completely ruined because of this bucket of water.

Fan Yuan turned his head, and his eyes pierced through the crowd to Xu Tian who was in the seating area of ​​the first class.

Xu Tian trembled when Fan Yuan looked at her, and avoided his gaze.

Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s shirt and looked at his drenched back, his voice a little flustered.

“Are you okay? This is not some unknown liquid, is it?”

Fan Yuan led Gu Yang back backstage, took off his suit jacket and threw it away.

“Just water.”

Gu Yang breathed a sigh of relief, and quickly realized that the bucket of water should be aimed at him, with the purpose of turning him into a mermaid in public!

He spread out his left palm to check the countdown on the Goldfinger: 19 days.

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