Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Fan Yuan thought he heard it wrong: “What did you say?”

Only then did Gu Yang come to his senses, he turned around and pressed his butt against the cold glass of the fish tank, twitching the corner of his mouth in embarrassment: “No, I didn’t say anything.”

Fan Yuan’s gaze moved down slightly, and landed on Gu Yang’s buttocks.

Gu Yang put his hands behind his back to cover his buttocks, trying to change the subject: “I don’t know how to do some questions, can you teach me?”

Fan Yuan withdrew his gaze: “Come.”

The desk in the study room was wide and big, Gu Yang sat opposite Fan Yuan and poured out all the exercise books in his backpack, and brought out a few paper balls.

When Gu Yang took out the pen, he saw Fan Yuan unfolding one of the paper balls and looking at it.

Gu Yang immediately threw himself on the table and knocked down a few books, just to grab the ball of paper in Fan Yuan’s hand.

Fan Yuan didn’t stop him either, allowing Gu Yang to snatch the ball of paper away.

He took out a file folder from his backpack, pulled out a few neat papers, and inserted them into the bookshelf beside him.

Gu Yang stared at those blank sheets of paper: “What is that?”

Fan Yuan glanced at him: “What else can it be?”

Gu Yang’s cheeks turned red, and there was some disbelief in his eyes: “Why are you keeping this?”

Fan Yuan sat down calmly and flipped through an exercise book: “Isn’t it well written, as a souvenir.”

Gu Yang almost thought that Fan Yuan’s favorability towards him was already perfect, otherwise why would he keep this kind of yellow text?

He immediately checked the favorability of his left hand, and found that it was still 3 points.

He was a little dazed, only 3 points of favorability can make Fan Yuan keep the shameful little yellow text of the two of them as a souvenir? If the favorability was perfect, how passionate would Fan Yuan be?

He won’t really lock him up like the yellow text, would he?

Thinking about it, he was a little…excited.

Gu Yang laid on the table with a red face, and leaned over to look at the exercise book spread out in front of Fan Yuan.

“Chemistry? That’s okay, I don’t know how to do it anyway.”

Fan Yuan pulled a piece of white paper to give him a lecture, Gu Yang stopped making trouble, and listened very carefully while lying on the table.

He still wanted to catch up with his grades and go to the same university as Fan Yuan, but if it really didn’t work, the same city would do.

Besides, he was hospitalized in the second year of high school in his last life, and he never passed the college entrance examination. This was also a great regret in his life.

Gu Yang had a serious attitude and absorbed knowledge quickly. He was staring at the chemical formula written by Fan Yuan, and found that Fan Yuan’s speech speed slowed down several times, and his writing also paused from time to time.

Gu Yang looked up suspiciously, and found Fan Yuan staring at him.

“What’s wrong?” Gu Yang touched his face, “Is there something on my face?”

The tip of the pen in Fan Yuan’s hand lifted up, caught Gu Yang’s collar, and lifted it up.

“Do you usually like to wear such low-necked clothes?”

“What?” Gu Yang looked down, only to find that because he was lying on the table, his neckline was wide open, his chest was unobstructed, and the marble tabletop was cold, so there was inevitably a bit of physiological reaction there.

Gu Yang stood up abruptly, grabbed his collar, and felt that he was doing it too deliberately, so he put his hands down and grabbed his pants, feeling a little helpless.

Fan Yuan put down his pen, stood up and pulled Gu Yang to sit beside him.

“Don’t have your body so low in this kind of clothes.”

When the words fell, Fan Yuan had already picked up the pen and began to explain again, as if nothing had happened, but Gu Yang’s originally calm mood was completely messed up.

He was also frightened by himself. He hadn’t noticed it before. He just discovered that a man can become like that when stimulated by the cold.

He didn’t know how long Fan Yuan looked at it, but it’s fine if he sees it, he had to remind him.

Fan Yuan spoke a few more questions, and found that Gu Yang had been distracted, so he stopped altogether.

“Don’t want to hear it anymore?”

Gu Yang closed the exercises and smiled far-fetchedly: “Shall we take a break? Chat?”

Gu Yang was just talking casually, he was a little restless, but Fan Yuan actually sat up straight after hearing this, and put on a posture of chatting.

“What do you want to talk about?”

Gu Yang’s eyes drifted wildly, he had nothing to say: “Well… it’s almost National Day! Where are you going to go for the holidays?”

Fan Yuan turned the pen briskly in one hand, and the slender body of the pen twirled deftly at his fingertips.

“National Day? The 10th anniversary joint performance, there is no holiday, you forgot?”

Gu Yang slapped his head, if Fan Yuan did not say it, he would have really forgotten!

Speaking of school celebrations, they would have to talk about the confidante who performed with Fan Yuan at the school celebration in the original book!

While reading the book, Gu Yang thought several times that this confidante might be the female lead of the book, but he did not expect that this confidante was really just a passerby. By the end of the book, Fan Yuan was still single.

It’s just that this confidante’s behavior was a bit annoying, not only using this ensemble performance to promote how close she and Fan Yuan were, but also pestering Fan Yuan to practice in the name of a teacher, and telling others how close the two of them were , How unusual, but Fan Yuan never responded to this girl’s attitude from the beginning to the end.

“Are you going to perform on stage for the school celebration?” Gu Yang asked.

Fan Yuan kept turning his pen: “Wasn’t it settled a long time ago? The piano ensemble.”

The plot had not changed!

Because this confidante played four hands with Fan Yuan at the school celebration, the two were rumored for a year, plus the confidante’s tacit appearance, everyone thought that this confidante was Fan Yuan’s girlfriend.

How can this be!

Gu Yang became anxious, and grabbed Fan Yuan’s wrist, causing the pen spinning at Fan Yuan’s fingertips to fall to the table with a clatter.


Fan Yuan didn’t understand, so he asked, “What can’t be done?”

Gu Yang stood up anxiously from the chair, and approached Fan Yuan half-bent.

“Isn’t it okay to play alone? Do you have to play in an ensemble?”

Fan Yuan withdrew his hand: “I can’t, it’s been decided long ago, why change it?”

Gu Yang was anxious, although Fan Yuan and his confidante did not develop anything in the original book, but what if?

He must stop it!

Gu Yang put his hands on Fan Yuan’s shoulders, lowered his head and looked seriously into Fan Yuan’s eyes.

“Can’t I play with you?”

Fan Yuan turned his head sideways: “Can you play the piano?”

Gu Yang pursed his lips: “No…but I can learn it! If I only learn one song, I should be able to!”

Fan Yuan suddenly raised his hand and lifted Gu Yang’s collar: “There are only five days until the school celebration, can you do it?”

Gu Yang subconsciously held Fan Yuan’s hand holding his collar, and nodded firmly: “I can do it! You teach me! I can definitely do it!”

Fan Yuan raised his hand to push Gu Yang away, and the chair slid back, widening the distance between them.

“Gu Yang, didn’t I say it before, don’t lower your body so low.”

Gu Yang immediately stood up straight, and looked forward to it: “You promise to teach me?”

Fan Yuan turned his chair and turned his back to Gu Yang: “Three days, I will only teach you for three days, if you can learn it, I will deal with it with the teacher.”

Gu Yang let out a breath, a relieved look on his face.

However, Fan Yuan started to chase the person away after saying that: “It’s getting late, I’ll ask the driver to take you home.”

Gu Yang achieved his goal, so he didn’t stay any longer, he packed up his things and left.

After waiting for Gu Yang to leave, Fan Yuan took out a thick notebook from the bookshelf and spread it out. On one of the pages, Gu Yang’s name was written.

At this time, Fan Yuan added two words after Gu Yang’s name: mermaid.

Gu Yang, what are you doing approaching me?

On the way back, Gu Yang spread out his palms and found that Fan Yuan’s favorability had increased by one point, and now it was 4 points.

Gu Yang endured it, still lying in the car with a smile.

Maybe Fan Yuan was not as ruthless as the book said?

Gu Yang went to school the next day, and specially bought the freshest freesia from a flower shop to take to school.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he entered the classroom, he saw a girl sitting in Fan Yuan’s seat, looking at the bottle of pearls, and Fan Yuan hadn’t arrived yet.

Gu Yang’s face was a little cold, he walked over and asked, “Who are you? What are you doing?”

The girl was taken aback by Gu Yang, she was still holding the bottle of small pearls in her hand, she raised her head and smiled embarrassedly at Gu Yang.

The original Gu Yang was known as the arrogant second generation ancestor, obviously this girl also knew him.

“You’re Gu Yang? Hello, I’m Meng Junxian from Class Two. I have something to do with Fan Yuan.”

Meng Junxian?

He talked about her and now she has arrived, isn’t this the confidante in the original book?

Gu Yang snatched the bottle of little pearls from Meng Junxian’s hand, threw away the wilted little wild flowers inside, and put the freesia in it.

It’s just that he didn’t put the glass bottle back on Fan Yuan’s desk after putting it in, but put it on his own desk.

Meng Junxian was a little embarrassed, seeing Gu Yang put something back on his desk, she thought it was Gu Yang’s stuff. Why put Gu Yang’s stuff on Fan Yuan’s desk?

So she spoke in a weird tone: “Ah, I’m sorry, was that your thing? I thought it was Fan Yuan’s.”

After hearing this, Gu Yang felt even more unhappy, turned his head and glanced at her coldly: “Can you touch Fan Yuan’s things?”

Although Meng Junxian was in the second class, the second class was also a key class. She was versatile and had outstanding looks. When had she been insulted like this before? Her face was embarrassed and angry. She bit her lip and didn’t know what to say, then saw Fan Yuan enter the classroom.

She immediately stood up to greet Fan Yuan, her eyes were red, and she looked like she had been greatly wronged.

Gu Yang also saw it, and immediately turned his eyes away and brought the glass bottle in front of him, deliberately ignoring Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan walked to his seat, glanced at Meng Junxian, and then at Gu Yang who was lying on the table with his back facing him.

In the glass bottle held by his chest, there was a fresh and clean freesia.

Meng Junxian whispered, “Fan Yuan…you are finally here.”

Fan Yuan put down his backpack and didn’t look at her: “Is there something wrong?”

Meng Junxian wrung her hands shyly in front of her: “Isn’t the school celebration coming soon? The teacher asked me to practice more with you, for fear that something will go wrong during the school celebration.”

After tidying the books, Fan Yuan looked at Meng Junxian with a polite smile.

“I can’t make mistakes, there’s no need to practice anymore.”

Meng Junxian was taken aback, her expression was a little bad, Fan Yuan was the male god of the whole school, he was excellent in everything, and his personality was gentle and polite, she often used this to express to others that the relationship between the two was not normal, anyway, Fan Yuan was like a gentleman, was personable and would not expose her lies.

But when did Fan Yuan speak so unceremoniously?

Even though the words were said with a smile, Meng Junxian still felt her cheeks hot, as if she had been slapped.

As the time approached, more and more people in the classroom arrived, and many students were watching the excitement.

Meng Junxian bit her lip, and smiled nicely at Fan Yuan: “I know Fan Yuan is very good, so just take it as a practice with me.”

He didn’t look at the two of them the entire time, but Gu Yang, who was listening, couldn’t help but “tch” when he heard the words.

The voice was not loud, but Fan Yuan heard it.

Fan Yuan walked to Gu Yang’s table, leaned against Gu Yang’s table, picked up the glass bottle in Gu Yang’s arm, and looked at the small and fresh freesia in front of him.

His tone was a little casual, as if his attention was all on that inconspicuous little flower.

“I forgot to tell you, the original ensemble has been canceled.”

Meng Junxian was very surprised: “Huh? Student Fan Yuan, don’t you want to play?”

Fan Yuan stared at Meng Junxian coldly through the small fresh freesia: “It’s not that I won’t play, it’s that you won’t.”

Gu Yang buried his face in his arms, his heart was beating violently.

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