Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 12

Chapter 12

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It was only then that Gu Yang noticed that Fan Yuan had been squeezed to the table of his classmates in the back row, so he immediately stepped back to make room for Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan lazily took a step towards the middle, Gu Yang didn’t cram him in, and stood where he was, very restrained.

Because Zhuo Wan glared at him again.

Just standing there until the third class, Gu Yang was struggling to write on the notebook with a pen, when the words in front of him suddenly blurred.

He rubbed his eyes, the black font distorted and spread, not only the font, but even the book in his hand began to shake.

The feeling of dryness in both legs surged wildly. Gu Yang leaned against the wall behind him, the textbook fell from his hands, and he was about to fall along with it.

Fan Yuan quickly came to help him. Gu Yang’s forehead rested on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, his forehead hair was soaked with sweat.

“Take me away, quick.”

Fan Yuan directly threw the book in his hand, picked up Gu Yang and rushed out.

The physics teacher on the podium was taken aback. Before he could ask questions, the door was already closed.

Fan Yuan carried Gu Yang all the way to the infirmary. Gu Yang’s face turned pale, his breathing became rapid, and his hands tightly grasped Fan Yuan’s shoulders.

He could feel that his legs were about to change, and if he didn’t hurry up, he would be discovered.

The school doctor was drinking coffee leisurely, when the door of the infirmary was pushed open vigorously, and he was so scared that the freshly brewed coffee spilled all over his body.

Fan Yuan put Gu Yang on the bed, closed the curtain, turned around and pushed the school doctor who was covered in coffee stains out.

“Teacher, I’m very sorry, please leave for a while.”

Before the school doctor could speak, the door was already closed in front of him, and there was even the sound of a lock being used inside.

The school doctor turned around angrily and took two steps, then backed away with a look of hesitation.

He pressed his ear to the door, and could hear faint voices coming from inside.

“Fan Yuan, I feel uncomfortable.”

“What’s going on? Why did you suddenly…”

“I don’t know, I need to…”

The school doctor suddenly stood up straight, coughed twice, and wobbled around in circles.

Today’s young people, really, tsk.

In the infirmary, Gu Yang quickly took off his pants, avoiding the disaster of his pants being torn.

He spread out on the bed, cocked the tip of his tail, and patted on the bed.

“I want water! It’s too dry!”

Fan Yuan stretched out his hand to touch Gu Yang’s tail, the scales were dry without any moisture.

“The last time you turned into a mermaid, there was no warning. What happened to you?”

Gu Yang covered his flushed cheeks with his hands, shook his head, his black hair stuck to his forehead, his collar was unbuttoned by himself, revealing his sweaty neck.

His tail was suddenly touched by Fan Yuan and the tail fin seemed to be stretched out comfortably. Gu Yang bit his lip and turned his face away.

Normally, Gu Yang would turn into a mermaid only after being soaked in water, and when the water on his tail dried up, he would turn back into a mermaid.

But both times he turned without warning.

He didn’t feel uncomfortable in the locker room last time. This time, he was dizzy at first, and now the dizziness had eased, but the heat in his body was rising.

Gu Yang half sat up on the bed, breathing heavily. His eyes narrowed slightly, as if he was about to pass out at any moment.

Fan Yuan sat by the bed and reached out to touch Gu Yang’s forehead. The temperature was a little high, but he didn’t have a fever.

“Is this the first time this has happened?”

Gu Yang nodded, couldn’t help but grab Fan Yuan’s palm when Fan Yuan pulled his hand, and pressed his cheek against it.

“Lend it to me for a while, just for a while… Your hands are so cold and comfortable.”

Fan Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly when he heard this, and was held by Gu Yang with one hand, pressed against his soft cheek. With the other hand he took out his mobile phone and began to check the information.

Mermaids were illusory creatures, but there was no information on the Internet. Although it was specious, it was better than being confused.

Fan Yuan entered keywords: mermaid, fever, greedy for cold.

Search Results: Entered the breeding season.

Gu Yang next to him was already dissatisfied with the hand that was warmed by him, he turned his eyes sideways, looked at Fan Yuan blankly, raised his tail, and rubbed it against Fan Yuan’s leg.

Fan Yuan was silent for a moment, then stood up suddenly. He pressed Gu Yang’s shoulders with both hands, pressed him onto the hospital bed in the infirmary, stretched out his hand and pulled the white sheets on both sides, wrapped Gu Yang into a roll, leaving his head exposed, and his whole body couldn’t even move.

Gu Yang blinked his eyes and found that he couldn’t move anymore, so he wanted to cry.

Fan Yuan pulled the sheet to cover Gu Yang’s head, but he still remembered to leave a place for him to breathe with his nose and mouth exposed.

Gu Yang felt aggrieved, flicked his tightly wrapped tail, and rubbed back and forth on the bed.

Fan Yuan breathed out, bent over and picked up Gu Yang and walked out.

As soon as he opened the door, he saw a gossiping school doctor. The school doctor opened his mouth wide when he saw Gu Yang wrapped in a cocoon.

Playing this big?

Fan Yuan still didn’t forget to put on his polite mask, he carried Gu Yang who was wriggling in his arms, and nodded calmly at the school doctor.

“Teacher, I will return you a new set of bed sheets later.”

Gu Yang was brought home by Fan Yuan. Lying in Fan Yuan’s arms along the way, with his mouth pressed against Fan Yuan’s neck, he kept mumbling all the time.

Fan Yuan didn’t hear clearly at first, it wasn’t until Gu Yang bit his neck dissatisfied, that Fan Yuan noticed what Gu Yang had been talking about.

“I want to give birth… I want to give birth to a little mermaid… I want a little mermaid…”

Fan Yuan’s hands supporting Gu Yang’s waist were a little stiff, and a strange feeling came over his heart.

“Gu Yang, can you give birth to a little mermaid?”

Gu Yang finally raised his head, revealing a face covered with thin red, and his eyes were a little scattered.

He looked at Fan Yuan for a long time, then slowly moved closer to Fan Yuan’s cheek and sniffed, then shook his head.

“I won’t give birth, you give birth for me.”

In the next second, Gu Yang was re-wrapped by Fan Yuan and thrown aside with only his mouth exposed. Gu Yang laid on the back seat of the car and rubbed back and forth, feeling angry and wronged.

Why did Fan Yuan throw him away instead of giving birth to a little mermaid?

Fan Yuan took Gu Yang back to his home, and when he got home, he put Gu Yang and his bed sheets into the bathtub, and poured cold water into the bathtub.

Gu Yang was soaked in cold water, his body temperature slowly dropped, his head became a little clear, and he began to slowly untie the sheets on his body.

But his hands were weak, and he couldn’t move after pulling a few times. Then he raised his head pitifully to look at Fan Yuan who was leaning against the door.

Fan Yuan looked at him expressionlessly, and didn’t move when he saw him asking for help.

Gu Yang’s brain was not fully awake yet, he felt aggrieved first, stretched out his hand and pulled it twice, but he couldn’t pull it apart, so he just laid down on the side of the bathtub, clapped his hands limply, and began to drop pearls .

The pearls fell on the tiles in the bathroom with a crisp sound, but Gu Yang couldn’t bear it anymore, so he reached out to pick them up.

The bathtub in Fan Yuan’s house was big and tall. Gu Yang picked up two of them with his butt protruding up, and directly smashed his head to the ground.

He thought he was going to be stupid now, but Fan Yuan grabbed the sheet wrapped around his butt and lifted him up.

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang in one hand and moved closer to him. Seeing Gu Yang being stupid and missing strings, he felt agitated for a moment, then blew hard at Gu Yang’s wet eyes.

Gu Yang squinted his eyes due to the blow, and still held a few small pearls in his hands, but luckily he didn’t cry anymore.

Fan Yuan put him back into the bathtub, raised his hand and splashed cold water on Gu Yang’s face.

“Wake up.”

Gu Yang raised his hand to block it, stared blankly at Fan Yuan, and handed over the little pearl he was holding in his hand.

“Here’s your little pearl.”

Fan Yuan stared at the two shiny pearls in Gu Yang’s palm, and the gloom in his heart disappeared instantly.

He finally stepped forward, tore off the wet sheet wrapped around Gu Yang’s body and threw it on the ground, then raised his hand and began to pour warm water into the bathtub.

“It’s just the breeding season, is your head also stupid?”

Gu Yang laid softly on the side of the bathtub, grabbed Fan Yuan’s clothes with one hand, and kept shaking his head, clearly showing he heard it but didn’t understand.

The heat on his body had subsided, and he was drowsy after soaking in warm water.

Before his consciousness fell asleep, he vaguely heard a word from Fan Yuan.

“If you don’t stay away from me…”

Gu Yang fell asleep and subconsciously retorted:

I want to capture you, so I won’t stay away from you.

When Gu Yang woke up, it was already dark.

He stretched himself under the quilt, and belatedly realized that this was Fan Yuan’s guest room.

In order to learn to play the piano, he was lucky to live here for a few days.

Why was he here?

Gu Yang’s last vague consciousness only stayed until Fan Yuan taking him to the infirmary, after that, his memories were scattered and incomplete.

Gu Yang lifted the quilt, and then covered it up again.

He was naked, not even a shirt!

Gu Yang huddled under the quilt and whispered, “Fan Yuan?”

No one paid attention to him, so Gu Yang could only stand up and walk outside wrapped in a quilt.

Fan Yuan was in the study room, when he saw Gu Yang coming in wrapped in a quilt, he ignored him.

Gu Yang was a little embarrassed, he stood at the door and asked softly, “Fan Yuan, where are my clothes?”

Fan Yuan turned a page of the book: “It’s wet.”

Gu Yang stepped on the carpet and stood at the door feeling at a loss.

Fan Yuan put down the book, and stared at him for a while with his chin resting on his hands, his eyes were dark, making Gu Yang uncomfortable.

Gu Yang tilted his cheeks: “What are you looking at?”

Only then did Fan Yuan get up and throw a set of clean clothes to Gu Yang.

“Put it on, I’ll take you somewhere.”

“Where are we going?” Gu Yang asked.

Fan Yuan ignored him again.

The clothes were still Fan Yuan’s. It was still a bit big, but it didn’t matter, he was already able to roll up the sleeves and trouser legs proficiently.

After getting dressed, Gu Yang was taken to the indoor gym by Fan Yuan.

“What are we doing here?” Gu Yang followed Fan Yuan closely.

Fan Yuan’s home had a lot of fitness equipment, and at a glance, there was almost everything.

Gu Yang picked up a dumbbell then tried two, then put it back immediately.

No, no, no, I will break my wrist if I lift it twice.

Fan Yuan picked up the dumbbell that Gu Yang put down, and lifted it a dozen times in front of him.

Gu Yang blinked, what does Fan Yuan intend to do?

Fan Yuan put down the dumbbells, went to do push-ups, pulled the barbell, and did sit-ups. Finally, he walked to the treadmill and started running at a fast speed.

Gu Yang was dumbfounded, and walked to Fan Yuan’s side in a daze, and ran along with him.

He said he was running, but Fan Yuan was running, at best he was walking slowly.

After walking for 10 minutes, Gu Yang came down, while Fan Yuan was still running.

It wasn’t until Fan Yuan’s back was wet with sweat that he got off the treadmill, took two bottles of water, threw a bottle to Gu Yang, and said the first sentence since he came in.

“Want me to give birth to a little mermaid for you? Can you do it?”

The water in Gu Yang’s hand fell on the ground and scattered all over the place.

There was a flash of light in his mind, and he remembered what happened during the day.

He actually wanted Fan Yuan to give birth to a little mermaid for him.

Oh my god.

Just kill him.

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