Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 13

Chapter 13

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Fan Yuan’s words scared Gu Yang back home, and he tossed and turned all night.

On the second day of school, Gu Yang went to Zhuo Wan to explain about skipping class yesterday, but was told that Fan Yuan had already called to ask for leave.

Zhuo Wan looked at Gu Yang earnestly: “I know you don’t like studying, but we have to fight, don’t we? Don’t bother Fan Yuan if you have nothing to do. You see, when you got sick, Fan Yuan didn’t stay in class and sent you off but how did you repay his kindness? With grievances?”

Gu Yang nodded, fully agreeing, and murmured in his heart.

He doesn’t want to repay kindness with grievances, he wants to repay it with his body.

Zhuo Wan saw that Gu Yang was obedient, so she was afraid of hurting his self-esteem, and was about to comfort him, when there was an exclamation from the door.

Fan Yuan came to the office to deliver homework, but the rash Meng Junxian knocked into him and knocked down several exercise books.

At this moment, Fan Yuan was bending over to pick it up, and Meng Junxian also knelt down to help.

She picked up a book of homework and raised her head to pass it to Fan Yuan, when she saw a bright red and purple tooth mark near the collarbone exposed by Fan Yuan bending over.

The movement of handing over the homework froze. Fan Yuan raised his eyes and glanced at her lightly, took the homework and went into the office.

Several teachers in Class 1 of Grade Three were in the same office, which was convenient for them to communicate.

Fan Yuan handed the homework to the physics teacher, and stood in front of Zhuo Wan, next to Gu Yang.

Zhuo Wan was stunned for a moment, looked at her monitor, a little dazed: “What’s the matter? is there something wrong?”

Fan Yuan raised his hand and patted Gu Yang’s shoulder: “Teacher, I’ll wait for him to go back together.”

Gu Yang’s long eyelashes fell down, and he felt a little embarrassed in front of Zhuo Wan.

Zhuo Wan smiled heartily, and waved her hand: “Okay, you guys go back to class, you are already in the third year of high school, take good care of your body, only when you are healthy can you study hard.”

When the two left the office, Zhuo Wan sighed in relief, and found Meng Junxian still standing at the door in a daze.

Zhuo Wan was not only the head teacher of Class One, she also taught Chinese in Class Two. Seeing that Meng Junxian was not moving, she called her.

Meng Junxian was startled, said hello in a panic, and left.

On the way back to class two, Meng Junxian passed by the door of class one and quietly looked inside.

In the back row of the classroom, Gu Yang and Fan Yuan’s desks were pushed together. The two of them were shoulder to shoulder and head to head very close. It was unclear what they were doing, but they were very close.

The purple tooth marks on Fan Yuan’s collarbone flashed through Meng Junxian’s mind again, she bit her lip and left quickly.

Xu Tian once stopped what she was saying, but now it kept repeating in her ears.

“Gu Yang is not a human, he is a mermaid, I saw it! He likes Fan Yuan, he is a disgusting homosexual.”

Meng Junxian didn’t believe it at the time, so when Xu Tian asked her for help, she didn’t help, but just now, Meng Junxian felt that although the mermaid thing was too much of a fantasy, it might be true that Gu Yang liked Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang was holding his mobile phone and asked Fan Yuan to help him pass the level for Rhythm Master. A knee hit Fan Yuan’s leg.

“What are you looking at! My highest score is gone!”

Fan Yuan simply put down his phone, put his arms on the table, and tapped Gu Yang’s forehead with his index finger.

“Is this the attitude of someone begging for help?”

Gu Yang’s forehead was pushed back, and only later did he realize that he had been fierce to Fan Yuan just now!

He immediately held Fan Yuan’s finger on his forehead with both hands, held it to his chest and shook it.

“Male God Fan, Class Monitor Fan, Older Brother Fan, please help me, be magnanimous and don’t remember the faults of a small person!”

The pen of the classmate in the front row was frightened and fell to the ground. He turned his head and took a quick look, bent down to pick up the pen, and saw that Gu Yang’s knee was bumping against Fan Yuan’s leg back and forth, and Fan Yuan had no intention of dodging at all.

This was too…too that.

The student in the front row picked up the pen, couldn’t help pressing their back against the chair, and pricked up their ear to eavesdrop.

Gu Yang’s request was of no use to Fan Yuan, Fan Yuan let Gu Yang drag his finger, but he was ummoved like a mountain.

The classmate in the front seat pushed his glasses and tilted his head back slightly.

Gu Yang took the chair under him and shifted it forward. He was already close to Fan Yuan, but at this time, Fan Yuan’s two long legs could only be separated.

Fan Yuan let Gu Yang squeeze between his legs, he just wanted to see what Gu Yang was going to do.

Gu Yang was still holding onto one of Fan Yuan’s fingers with both hands, and he shook Fan Yuan’s arm again, with pleading eyes.

“Male God Fan, I want the highest score, so can you help me score one! After the beating, I can do whatever you want, and you can do whatever you want!”

Fan Yuan raised his eyebrows, and before he could speak, he saw Gu Yang pulling Fan Yuan’s fingers to his lips, and all the heat from his breath sprayed onto his fingertips.

“I beg of you.”

Gu Yang bowed his head and kissed Fan Yuan’s fingertips, very sincerely.

The next moment Gu Yang was pushed away by Fan Yuan with the chair. Fan Yuan withdrew his finger and threw the phone to Gu Yang.

Holding the phone in his hands, Gu Yang saw that Fan Yuan had already sat upright and started flipping through his book.

The chair rubbed against the ground, Gu Yang wanted to go over, but was blocked by Fan Yuan’s long legs.

“It’s time for class, go back to your seat.”

Gu Yang was angry, but there was nothing he could do. He turned his head and saw the students in the front row who had turned around. His heart became even more angry, and he raised his hand and pushed the heads of the students in the front row back.

“What are you doing! Eavesdropping! Your head is almost stuck to the table!”

The students in the front row had lost track of their whereabouts, pushed their glasses pretending to be calm, and flipped through the books with their heads down.

Gu Yang dragged his desk back to the original place with all his might, deliberately making a loud noise. Fan Yuan didn’t even look at him.

The class bell rang at this moment, Zhuo Wan walked in to watch the morning self-study. After watching for five minutes, she saw Gu Yang sneaking up to Fan Yuan’s side, grabbing Fan Yuan’s arm, lowering his head and biting it.

The veins on Zhuo Wan’s forehead were throbbing: “… Gu Yang! What are you doing! Go stand behind me!”

Gu Yang let go of his mouth, glanced at Fan Yuan triumphantly, and leisurely stood behind.

Fortunately, Zhuo Wan showed her kindness this time, and she let Gu Yang go back after the first class.

Just as Gu Yang sat on his seat, Fan Yuan threw a paper ball over.

He froze for a moment, opened it and looked:

Give me the phone.

He immediately sat up straight, glanced at the teacher who had already started giving lectures on the stage, and quietly handed the phone to Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan took the phone, turned it on silent, lowered his head and started playing games for Gu Yang, very blatantly.

Gu Yang saw sharply that the teacher on the podium broke a piece of chalk, but he ignored Fan Yuan.

That’s right, Fan Yuan was the male lead, he’s excellent everywhere, and when he occasionally missed out, most of the teachers chose to turn a blind eye.

Fan Yuan played the rhythm master for a class, broke through dozens of levels, and got the highest score in every level.

During class break, Gu Yang held his mobile phone to look at the score leaderboard, and curved his eyes into a happy smile.

Fan Yuan stretched out his hand and grabbed the back of Gu Yang’s chair, pulled him with the chair to his side, stretched out his long hand, and put it on the back of Gu Yang’s chair. With his other hand, he pulled his neckline, motioning Gu Yang to look.

Gu Yang put down his mobile phone with a lot of enthusiasm, and saw the purple tooth marks on Fan Yuan’s collarbone at a glance.

After Fan Yuan showed the teeth marks on his collarbone, he rolled up one of his sleeves to show him what Gu Yang had bitten just now. Even through the clothes, there were still light red marks, which showed that Gu Yang had used his strength.

Gu Yang’s face turned red a little bit, he didn’t feel it when he bit down, but he felt a little embarrassed when he was publicly executed by Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan lowered his head, and his tone was unexpectedly a little bad: “Gu Yang, aren’t you a fish? Why do you always bite people?”

Gu Yang glanced randomly, looking at the table, chairs, and windows, but he didn’t look at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan brushed Gu Yang’s forehead hair with his finger: “Gu Yang, I have scored so many highest scores for you, how are you going to thank me?”

After hearing this, Gu Yang’s eyes lit up, he raised his head abruptly, and with a flushed face, he said expectantly, “How about I….”

He wanted to say give his body in return, but suddenly remembered that Fan Yuan had only 5 points of affection for him. If this promise with his body was spoken out, what should he do if Fan Yuan hated him instead?

Fan Yuan saw that Gu Yang was stuck in the middle of what he was saying, so he didn’t ask any more questions, instead he brushed Gu Yang’s hair with his fingers.

Gu Yang’s hair was not hard, it was as soft as his person, and when you lifted it, it would rest on your fingertips obediently, very obedient.

Gu Yang thought for a while, then looked up at Fan Yuan firmly.

“Fan Yuan, in order to repay you, I can be your best, best friend!”

Soft hair slipped from his fingertips. Fan Yuan withdrew his hand, gathered his collar, covered the purple tooth marks, and pushed Gu Yang’s chair away.

“How good of a friend?”

Gu Yang tilted his head: “The kind that is good enough to wear one pair of pants together?”

Fan Yuan laid on the table and hooked his fingers at Gu Yang.

Gu Yang leaned over slowly, but Fan Yuan grabbed his ears.

“My good friend who wears one pair of pants, you can help buy lunch for me.”

Gu Yang covered his ears that had been pulled, looked at Fan Yuan’s long and dense eyelashes from a close distance, and nodded in a daze.

Who said that only the female sex can mislead people, the male sex can also mislead people.

In the corner on the other side of the classroom, Pan Fei covered her mouth and let out a silent groundhog scream.

Xu Tian’s inexplicable transfer to another school allowed her small text of truth, kindness and beauty to continue to flourish.

A few new sisters came to their small group of friends, and Pan Fei’s rainbow farts were almost blown out, and everyone was screaming and urging Pan Fei to produce food.

Pan Fei was so excited that she tapped the keyboard of her phone with her fingers and sent the latest fat text to their small group.

Meng Junxian went in with a trumpet. Followed by blowing a few words of Pan Fei’s rainbow fart, she successfully gained trust, and downloaded a few fresh small files.

She took a deep breath, opened the small file and read them one by one.

Pan Fei said in the group that she didn’t just make up these things, some of the plots were based on evidence, and the basis was to secretly observe the interaction between Fan Yuan and Gu Yang.

That night, Meng Junxian suffered from insomnia, whether she opened her eyes or closed her eyes, the profligate words written by Pan Fei filled her mind.

In the early morning, Meng Junxian got up from bed, logged into the campus forum, registered a small account, changed the names of Fan Yuan and Gu Yang in Pan Fei’s small file to a and b, edited and copied it, and posted it.

In the morning, a new post on the campus forum became a hot topic, and the title was also very eye-catching.

Shocking: Mysterious creature appeared on campus, seducing male students without shame.

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