Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 16

Chapter 16

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Fan Yuan with a score of 10 seemed to have little change in his attitude towards Gu Yang, but in the small details, Gu Yang could clearly feel the difference.

For example, Fan Yuan began to intervene in his life, controlling him in some trivial matters.

He will tell him not to stay up late, not to miss classes, and not to be picky when eating…

On the third day after the monthly exam, the teachers sent out the results very efficiently.

The number one in the school was without a doubt Fan Yuan. Everyone was used to Fan Yuan’s grades, but what was surprising was Gu Yang’s grades.

Gu Yang got into the top 200 in the entire school. One must know that the original Gu Yang’s previous grades were always at the bottom of the school, but this was not the most surprising thing.

The most surprising thing was Gu Yang’s math score was 148 points, he ranked second in the whole school in mathematics alone, and the one above him was Fan Yuan’s 150, a perfect score.

After Zhuo Wan read the grades, the whole class was in an uproar.

Not only the students, but even the teacher who graded the papers was very surprised.

Gu Yang was not surprised, his own math grades were not bad, but the original Gu Yang’s grades were too rubbish, which made his progress so conspicuous.

Zhuo Wan nodded to Gu Yang in satisfaction, and then announced the second heavyweight bomb.

The two spots for the national middle school mathematics competition held in the neighboring city on Saturday have been decided, and Shangshu High School will be represented by Fan Yuan and Gu Yang.

“This quota was decided after I discussed it with your math teacher. I hope that those students who aren’t attending will not be discouraged. There will be opportunities in the future.” Zhuo Wan said.

When Zhuo Wan said this, the students were secretly observing Gu Yang and their math class representative Jiang Yan. In previous years, Fan Yuan and Jiang Yan participated in this kind of competition together. Who knew that Gu Yang would suddenly soar this year?

Jiang Yan, who was sitting in the front row, stood up suddenly: “I don’t agree!”

Zhuo Wan frowned: “Tell me the reason.”

Jiang Yan turned back and stared at Gu Yang: “He got so close to Fan Yuan every day, who knows if it’s cheating! I heard that during the monthly exam, Fan Yuan handed in the papers early and stood next to Gu Yang in the exam room to tell him the answer.”

Zhuo Wan had a clear understanding of the whole incident on the day of the month’s exam, and understood that such a thing as cheating could not have happened, but Zhuo Wan did not immediately dismiss Jiang Yan’s words.

“I see. I will discuss this matter with your math teacher. After the math class in the afternoon, your math teacher will decide the final result.”

Jiang Yan was quite satisfied with what he heard, and sat down triumphantly after staring at Gu Yang.

Because Jiang Yan glared at Gu Yang suddenly, Zhuo Wan followed to look at Gu Yang.

Gu Yang sat upright, put his hands under the table, expressionless, and nodded solemnly when he saw Zhuo Wan looking at him.

It wasn’t until Zhuo Wan stopped looking at him that Fan Yuan whispered, “Let go!”

Gu Yang held Fan Yuan’s right hand tightly with both hands under the table, but he didn’t let go.

Self-studying this morning, Gu Yang accidentally discovered that Fan Yuan was not doing a quiz, but was looking at his mobile phone. He glanced curiously and found that Fan Yuan was watching a movie about mermaids.

Gu Yang was curious and wanted to watch it together, but Fan Yuan turned the phone upside down and refused to show it to Gu Yang.

The more Fan Yuan was like this, the more curious Gu Yang became, the two started arguing under the table, neither of them cared about Zhuo Wan’s words, until Jiang Yan glared over and attracted Zhuo Wan’s attention, then did the two stop.

Gu Yang scratched Fan Yuan’s palm with his fingertips in a tricky manner: “Just show me, isn’t it just a mermaid movie, why don’t you watch it with me!”

Fan Yuan’s palms were itchy: “Do you really want to see it?”

Gu Yang nodded sincerely: “Male God Fan, please.”

He was so soft when he was begging that Fan Yuan turned over the phone that was turned upside down.

Gu Yang couldn’t wait to get closer. The phone was on silent, so there was only the screen and no sound. Gu Yang watched it for a while, turned his head and almost vomited.

This was no normal mermaid movie, it’s obviously a horror movie, and it was so disgusting!

Gu Yang pulled the chair back a little, looking at Fan Yuan with disgust and disbelief!

Fan Yuan was stimulated by Gu Yang’s eyes, put down his phone and dragged Gu Yang to his side, raised his hand to pinch the back of his neck.

“Didn’t you want to see? Why are you hiding?”

Gu Yang found that Fan Yuan especially liked to pinch the back of his neck, like pinching a puppy.

He reached out and pushed Fan Yuan: “Who knew you watched such a disgusting movie! You are perverted!”

The expression on Fan Yuan’s face disappeared suddenly, and he looked at Gu Yang expressionlessly: “I’m perverted?”

Gu Yang nodded hesitantly, he felt that Fan Yuan was going to get angry.

The next moment, the corners of Fan Yuan’s mouth slowly curled up, revealing a scary smile.

“Do you know what a pervert is? Since you said I’m a pervert, wouldn’t it be a disadvantage if I don’t show it to you?”

Fan Yuan pressed Gu Yang close to him, leaned into his ear and said slowly, “Why don’t I kidnap you and lock you up in my house like in this movie, and only let you stay in the small fish tank. You can’t see anyone, you can only eat the food I give you, you can only talk to me…or like how Pan Fei wrote it, I won’t let you wear clothes.”

Fan Yuan’s lips were close to Gu Yang’s ear, and when he said each word, Gu Yang trembled. His head hung down, the scattered hair on his forehead blocked his eyes, his expression could not be seen clearly, as if he was extremely scared.

Gu Yang kept silent, Fan Yuan thought he was afraid, so he let go of his hand and backed away a little.

“But I was just saying it, why are you so afraid? And you even called me a pervert?”

Gu Yang still lowered his head and did not speak.

Fan Yuan pursed his lower lip, sat up straight, and wanted to distance himself from Gu Yang.

His sleeves were suddenly grabbed by Gu Yang again. Gu Yang finally raised his head, revealing a pair of bright eyes.

His eyes were shining brightly, his slightly shallow pupils were facing the sunlight outside the window, and he didn’t look a little scared.

He pulled Fan Yuan’s sleeve to prevent him from retreating, and dragged the chair to get closer to Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang stuck close to Fan Yuan, expectant: “Really? You want to raise me?”

Fan Yuan couldn’t believe it: “Who will raise you? I said I would lock you up.”

Gu Yang shook Fan Yuan’s sleeves happily: “Isn’t that just to raise me? Anyway, I’m quite homely, and I don’t like going out very much.”

Fan Yuan’s pupils dilated slightly, and Gu Yang’s smiling face was reflected in his pupils, stained with thick black.

He pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck with his hand, and squeezed slightly with his fingertips: “Really?”

Gu Yang nodded vigorously: “Yes!”

Fan Yuan nodded, didn’t say anything, and just pushed Gu Yang away.

“Let’s do the problems, Jiang Yan won’t let it go, let’s see what the math teacher does in the afternoon.”

Gu Yang nodded indifferently, took out the exercise booklet with Fan Yuan, wrote a few questions and then pushed it over to ask Fan Yuan to give him a lecture.

Compared with Jiang Yan, Gu Yang cared more about Fan Yuan’s favorability.

The little book in his left palm clearly showed Fan Yuan’s favorability: 11 points.

Another point.

However, the favorability score of 11 points had already given Fan Yuan the seed of wanting to possess him.

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan’s hand holding a pen to write quickly, and touched the pen in Fan Yuan’s hand with his own pen.

Fan Yuan was not angry either, and allowed Gu Yang to bump his handwriting into a crooked stroke.

“Don’t make trouble, listen carefully.”

Gu Yang grinned: “Understood, Teacher Fan.”

In the afternoon math class, the math teacher came in with a serious face.

He put down the lesson plan in his hand, and instead of starting the lecture immediately, he wrote two identical questions on both sides of the blackboard.

After writing the question and throwing down the chalk, he turned around and looked at Jiang Yan first.

“I heard from your teacher Zhuo that you don’t agree with Gu Yang participating in the competition?”

Jiang Yan stood up: “Teacher, Gu Yang has a problem with his grades, sending him to participate in the competition will only embarrass the school!”

The math teacher took two test papers and projected them on the screen for everyone to see.

“You said that Gu Yang cheated, I checked the surveillance and made sure that there was no such thing, now I will show you his test paper and your test paper.”

Comparing the test papers of the two on the big screen, Gu Yang’s paper was clean and tidy, and his answers to the questions were clear. Most of the questions even had two or more solutions!

Although Jiang Yan’s answers to the questions were all correct, compared with Gu Yang, they only seemed to be mediocre.

“If this still doesn’t convince you, you two will come up and solve the two questions behind me, I will give you 20 minutes each.”

Jiang Yan gritted his teeth and was the first to go up.

Gu Yang was still sitting there blinking his eyes with an innocent face.

Math teacher: “Gu Yang, aren’t you coming up?”

Gu Yang turned to look at Fan Yuan: “Are you going to the math competition?”

Fan Yuan nodded: “Of course.”

Gu Yang stood up: “Okay.”

Gu Yang walked to the blackboard and took a look at the question on the chalkboard. They were two math questions that obviously belonged to the difficulty of the competition.

Jiang Yan had already begun to write vigorously, but Gu Yang was still watching.

Jiang Yan peeked at Gu Yang, feeling complacent, thinking that Gu Yang would not know it at all.

It wasn’t until the last ten minutes that Gu Yang started to write. Once he started to write, he didn’t stop, writing directly to the final answer very smoothly.

The two threw down the chalk at the same time, and the math teacher began to give a lecture.

Gu Yang threw down the chalk, went back to his seat, and immediately stretched out his hands in front of Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan raised his eyebrows, but did not move.

Gu Yang moved forward again, trying to wipe it on Fan Yuan’s clothes.

Only then did Fan Yuan take out a tissue, held Gu Yang’s wrist and wiped it for him.

“You don’t have hands?”

Gu Yang laughed, obediently and softly, and triumphantly bumped Fan Yuan’s leg with his knee.

He was currently proud of Fan Yuan’s 11-point favorability, so he will definitely take advantage of this moment to test Fan Yuan’s bottom line.

Both Gu Yang and Jiang Yan answered correctly on the two questions on the blackboard, but there was still a difference. Gu Yang’s way of solving the questions was faster and more concise, while Jiang Yan’s answer was lengthy and complicated, with many scratches in the middle. The comparison was clear at a glance.

Jiang Yan sat on the seat with his head down, then he suddenly pushed the table away and shouted.

“Who knows if Gu Yang bribed Fan Yuan to tell him the answer? He and Fan Yuan are are getting along so well now!”

Gu Yang was grinding Fan Yuan there, and he was quite happy to hear this suddenly.

“You also think I have a good relationship with Fan Yuan? Thank you, we are indeed getting along well.”

The math teacher tapped on the blackboard to signal for silence.

“Jiang Yan, I know you are good at mathematics, but you have to learn to be humble and progressive. Confidence is a good thing, but not conceit.”

Jiang Yan sat there, didn’t speak any more, and didn’t raise his head during the class.

Gu Yang was not affected at all, he was happy to be next to Fan Yuan.

“Let’s go to the neighboring city to compete together, where will we live?”

Fan Yuan had a deep meaning: “In the past years, we lived together in the hotel provided by the school.”

Gu Yang cocked the corners of his mouth, wanted to laugh and then took it back.

“Live together?”

Fan Yuan: “Live together.”

Gu Yang took a foot when given an inch: “Same bed?”

The next moment there was a loud noise in the class, and the classmates and teachers turned their heads one after another, only to see Gu Yang holding on to the table, almost slipping off.

He was too smug just now, and was pushed away by Fan Yuan along with the table and chair.

Difficult to do.

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