Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 15

Chapter 15

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Gu Yang touched his hot cheeks, calmed down, found the phone number of the original Gu Yang’s parents, and dialed it.

The original Gu Yang’s parents doted on him very much. Originally, for high school, they planned to take the original Gu Yang to live abroad, but the original Gu Yang didn’t want to go. The parents agreed, and they only invited an aunt to cook and clean up regularly and thus a troublesome high school student was left alone in the country.

After Gu Yang came here, he answered several calls from the original Gu Yang’s parents, and was deeply shocked by how much the parents doted on their child.

This was the first time he took the initiative to call them.

When the phone was connected, Gu Yang’s mother’s energetic voice came over immediately.

Gu Yang was a little embarrassed, and told her about the post on the school forum in a roundabout way.

The lively mother was very angry and promised to support Gu Yang immediately, so Gu Yang hung up the phone with confidence.

Although Fan Yuan would not ignore this matter, occasionally he would also like to resolve this matter in front of Fan Yuan.

It can be regarded as a little self-esteem of a man, right?

Unexpectedly, he was still one step too late.

Before going to school the next day, Gu Yang’s mother called and told him that the matter had already been resolved, and they did not have to intervene.

Gu Yang hung up the phone, looked at the picture of two people on the screen of the phone, and raised the corners of his mouth.

Meng Junxian asked for leave suddenly, and her return date was uncertain.

The school did not mention the punishment for the malicious posting incident on campus, but after this incident, Meng Junxian suddenly asked for leave, and some astute students had already guessed the reason.

But no one was stupid enough to talk about it, except Li Ziyan.

Li Ziyan wanted to tease Fan Yuan, but Meng Zhan was always in charge of him.

Gu Yang also wanted to ask Fan Yuan about this, but he couldn’t ask during the class break. He pulled a chair and sat next to Fan Yuan, just watched him and didn’t speak.

Fan Yuan was stared at by Gu Yang, and he continued to read and do questions without any delay.

Gu Yang smiled contentedly. When he first came, Fan Yuan pinched his chin and turned his head. Now Fan Yuan let him watch.

So he had no choice but to hand over his mobile phone, laid his hands on his chin on the table, and began to pretend to be pitiful.

“Master Fan, pass two levels for me?”

Fan Yuan played with his mobile phone, his eyes rather deep.

“I play for you more than I play for myself, aren’t you embarrassed?”

Gu Yang showed his white teeth with a smile, his eyes were full of anticipation, obedient and soft.

He found that as long as he was like this, Fan Yuan could do nothing to him.

Sure enough, Fan Yuan unlocked Gu Yang’s phone and wanted to pass the round for him.

Unexpectedly, Fan Yuan turned on the phone and he stopped moving. He squinted his eyes while staring at the screen of the phone.

Gu Yang thought of something bad, he was too complacent, he forgot the phone wallpaper he just changed last night.

Fan Yuan stared at the phone screen for a long time, then turned on Gu Yang’s Rhythm Master as if nothing had happened, and started to help him clear the level.

Gu Yang was a little surprised, Fan Yuan isn’t angry?

Last night, Fan Yuan lost a favorability point because of this painting!

Fan Yuan did look normal, he passed two levels for Gu Yang during the break, and returned the phone to him when the bell rang, smiling politely, without any flaws.

When Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan smiling like this, his heart skipped a beat.

He immediately checked the favorability score, and the 5 points remained unchanged.

It didn’t change now, but it doesn’t mean it won’t change in a while.

Gu Yang quietly pushed the table over and was pulling the chair when he heard Fan Yuan say:

“Teacher, Gu Yang is affecting my study.”

Gu Yang: “…”

The physics teacher on the podium turned back angrily and scolded Gu Yang back to his original place.

This was just the beginning. Every class after that, as long as Gu Yang wanted to push the table over, Fan Yuan would definitely tell the teacher immediately, saying that it would affect his study.

Gu Yang wanted to cry but had no tears, so Fan Yuan left him alone until evening self-study.

Evening self-study, Zhuo Wan brought a big news, the monthly exam will be the day after tomorrow.

The whole class wailed, but Gu Yang’s attention was not here, he quietly passed a note to Fan Yuan.

“Master Fan, you won’t remember the faults of a small person right? Please forgive me? I’ve already changed the wallpaper.”

Fan Yuan received the note, opened it to look at it, threw the note into the glass bottle filled with pearls, and did not reply to him.

Gu Yang threw another one over.

“Brother Fan, I beg you, you just got pressed down in the painting, at worst you can push back.”

This time after Fan Yuan finished reading, he finally didn’t leave Gu Yang alone, but turned his head and hooked his fingers at Gu Yang.

Gu Yang, like a little milk dog waiting for his master’s favor, immediately pulled over his table and chair and leaned over.

Fan Yuan put down his pen, pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck and pulled him in front of him, whispering, “You want to push me down?”

The moist breath sprayed on Gu Yang’s face, Gu Yang blinked his eyes, his heart beated fast.

“The pressing down you mentioned, which press down is it?”

Fan Yuan moved a little closer, and looked seriously at Gu Yang’s face, making Gu Yang’s hair stand on end.

Fan Yuan asked: “Which press down do you think it is?”

Gu Yang pretended to be stupid: “I don’t know.”

For a moment, he felt that Fan Yuan had read all his thoughts.

Fan Yuan let go suddenly. Gu Yang thought it might have been too much, then was pushed down onto the chair by Fan Yuan the next moment.

Gu Yang’s upper body was a little suspended in the air, and was dragged down by Fan Yuan again.

Then Fan Yuan just pressed on Gu Yang’s body, resting his head on Gu Yang’s chest, raised his phone, and took a photo of the two of them.

In the photo, Gu Yang’s hair was disheveled, his face was thin red, and he looked at the camera blankly.

Fan Yuan pressed his back against him, pressed his forehead against Gu Yang’s chin, and looked at the camera with his lips slightly curled up.

Fan Yuan sent this photo to Gu Yang and said, “Don’t you like pressing down? Here, your new wallpaper.”

Gu Yang watched with his own eyes that Fan Yuan set this photo as the mobile phone wallpaper of the two of them.

He silently took back his phone, laid down on the table expressionlessly, and buried his face in his arms.

After a while, the table began to shake violently.

The students in the front row turned their heads and looked at Gu Yang helplessly: “Gu Yang, what are you doing?”

Gu Yang raised his head, showing a smile that he hadn’t had time to take back:

“It’s okay, I’m fine.”

Fan Yuan’s cold hand suddenly pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck, and a sinister voice came from beside his ears.

“Is it funny?”

Gu Yang immediately sat up straight and shook his head vigorously.

“I’m not laughing, really.”

Fan Yuan: “Did you laugh?”

Gu Yang looked at him and nodded with a particularly sincere expression.

Fan Yuan snorted coldly and withdrew his hand.

Gu Yang immediately turned his head and looked away, the corners of his mouth still couldn’t help but curl up again.

It turns out that Fan Yuan’s hidden attribute was childishness!

Soon the monthly exam came. As grade three students, Shang Shu High School had given them an easy course different from other schools, but the monthly exam was still unavoidable.

Gu Yang was afraid of accidents during the exam, so he specially brought a big water bottle.

Ever since he was able to become a mermaid, he drank a lot of water every day. He usually drank his own in class and Fan Yuan also had some for him. However, it would not be so comfortable during the exam.

Because it was just a monthly exam in the school, and they didn’t want to take up too much time, all of them were scheduled for one day. Although the time was a bit tight, it was also necessary to avoid procrastination.

Gu Yang and Fan Yuan were in the same examination room, but they were located a little far apart, in the two corners of the classroom.

Gu Yang was not afraid of this exam. During this period of time, he listened carefully in class, and he could ask Fan Yuan if he didn’t know the answer. Although he couldn’t improve by leaps and bounds, it was more than enough to surpass the original Gu Yang.

What’s more, Gu Yang’s language skills were not bad, what was bad was just his comprehension, and he still suffered from being too behind in progress.

After successfully completing the first three subjects there was only one last one left.

Gu Yang shook the water in the jug, feeling a little worried.

The exam began.

The first hour passed without a hitch.

As soon as the second hour started, the pen in Gu Yang’s hand became unstable.

He pinched his arm, drank the last sip of water in the bottle, forced himself to ignore the dry feeling all over his body, and took the exam seriously.

But this feeling became more and more intense, and soon it made Gu Yang dizzy.

His hands became limp, and the pen in his hand fell to the ground.

Fan Yuan paused his pen when he heard the movement, and looked sideways.

Gu Yang picked up the pen slowly, and leaned on the table to write; he couldn’t see his face clearly.

Fan Yuan withdrew his gaze and accelerated the speed of writing.

When Gu Yang dropped his pen for the third time, Fan Yuan suddenly raised his hand: “Teacher, Gu Yang is not feeling well, can I go and see him?”

Only then did the invigilator notice Gu Yang, and went over to ask.

Gu Yang’s consciousness was a little fuzzy at this time, but when the invigilator asked him if he could persist in the exam, he nodded.

The invigilator refused Fan Yuan: “No, the exam is still going on, so you can’t come over.”

Fan Yuan stood up suddenly, handed the test paper to the podium, and asked the invigilator again.

“Teacher, can I go over now? I won’t speak, you can watch me, I’ll just stay with him.”

The invigilator frowned and hesitated.

However, Fan Yuan had already walked over, he walked up to Gu Yang and stood beside him, stretching out his hand to hold Gu Yang’s left hand.

Gu Yang raised his head blankly and looked at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan gently squeezed Gu Yang’s fingertips: “I handed in the paper, I’ll accompany you.”

Gu Yang’s eyes turned red, and the warmth of Fan Yuan’s palm reassured him.

He was held in the palm of Fan Yuan’s hand with one hand, and he was writing with a pen in the other.

The invigilator stood beside him. Fan Yuan didn’t look at Gu Yang, but looked straight ahead, but held Gu Yang’s left hand tightly with his right hand.

Gu Yang’s golden finger was deeply influenced by the protagonist Fan Yuan in the book “Fan Yuan”. At this time, Fan Yuan was standing beside him holding his hand to accompany him, which really relieved his physical discomfort to a great extent and made him feel better. He rushed to the last moment and finished the last question.

As soon as Gu Yang put down his pen, Fan Yuan bent down, carried him, and walked out of the examination room.

The invigilator who was confused and the students who had already started a lively discussion were left behind.

Gu Yang was carried obediently by Fan Yuan, and his fingers weakly tugged on Fan Yuan’s collar.

“Fan Yuan, I want to drink water.”

The performance of the dehydrated body was infinitely magnified on Gu Yang’s body. It was only more than two hours of exam time, and Gu Yang’s lips were already a little dry and peeling.

Holding him in his arms, Fan Yuan quickly went to the canteen to buy two bottles of water, took him to sit by the flower bed, unscrewed a bottle and handed it to him.

Gu Yang drank from the water bottle in embarrassment, his small Adam’s apple rolled quickly, water spilled out from his chin, slid down his neck, and soon wet his clothes.

When the bottle of water bottomed out, Fan Yuan immediately handed him the second bottle.

After drinking the second bottle, Gu Yang’s speed slowed down and he became sober, so he stopped drinking halfway through.

He didn’t wipe the water off his body, and first smiled at Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan, thank you, it’s good to have you.”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, but his eyes still fell on him.

The afternoon sun fell on the shoulders of the two of them, giving them a faint golden halo.

The golden color stained Gu Yang’s pupils, but not Fan Yuan’s black pupils.

Fan Yuan’s black eyes reflected Gu Yang’s face. He slowly stretched out his hand, his fingertips fell on Gu Yang’s neck, and he helped him wipe off the water stains.

The wet fingertips moved up slowly, slid over his Adam’s apple, passed by the small chin, and finally touched the corner of Gu Yang’s moist lips.

The atmosphere between the two suddenly became strange, and the hustle and bustle of the campus receded.

Gu Yang couldn’t hear anything at this moment, he could only see Fan Yuan in his eyes.

Just as Fan Yuan’s wet fingertip touched the corner of Gu Yang’s lips, he immediately retracted it like an electric shock.

He stood up as if nothing had happened.

“Let’s go, I’ll take you home.”

Gu Yang was a little disappointed for a moment, but he didn’t know what he was disappointed about.

Looking back, Fan Yuan happened to see Gu Yang’s disappointment.

His eyes were dark and deep, and his thick eyelashes drooped, blocking all the thoughts in his eyes.

Gu Yang followed behind Fan Yuan, glanced at the little book in his left hand, and stopped immediately.

Fan Yuan’s favorability: 10 points

The instant increase of 5 points made Gu Yang shocked and in disbelief, followed by infinite joy.

Fan Yuan didn’t see Gu Yang following up, turned around, and was hugged by Gu Yang.

Gu Yang threw himself into Fan Yuan’s arms, wrapped his arms around his neck, overjoyed, and wrapped his legs around Fan Yuan’s waist.

Fan Yuan was almost thrown to the ground by Gu Yang. He took two steps back, supported Gu Yang’s buttocks with both hands to stand firm, his voice a little angry.

“What are you doing? What if you fall down?”

Gu Yang smiled very happily, hanging onto Fan Yuan’s body, he was not afraid of Fan Yuan’s superficial anger.

He pushed his face into Fan Yuan’s neck and uttered these four words for the second time.

“It’s really great having you.”

The anger on Fan Yuan’s face dissipated, he stopped pulling Gu Yang to get him down, put his palm on Gu Yang’s back, and patted it lightly.

For Fan Yuan, for a person who was abandoned during his rescue when he was kidnapped five years ago, these four words were undoubtedly unforgettable.

It’s really great having you.

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