Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 19

Chapter 19

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Fan Yuan fell asleep again, but Gu Yang moved back and forth in the quilt, unable to fall back asleep.

The more lucid he was, the quicker his vague memory of being a mermaid came back.

After remembering all the details, Gu Yang began to rejoice that Fan Yuan was asleep, otherwise he really didn’t know how to face him.

He quietly leaned out of the quilt, propped his arms, and laid beside Fan Yuan to watch him carefully.

Early in the morning, Fan Yuan opened his eyes and met Gu Yang with panda eyes.

Gu Yang smiled happily at Fan Yuan: “Fan Yuan, good morning.”

Fan Yuan raised his hand and rubbed the black spots under Gu Yang’s eyes.

“You didn’t sleep?”

Gu Yang half-closed his eyes after being rubbed by Fan Yuan, shook his head, and did not resist.

The exam time was fixed, even if Gu Yang didn’t sleep, he still had to participate in the competition.

The two got up together, Gu Yang obviously didn’t have a good rest, and his movements were slow.

Fan Yuan saw it and didn’t speak.

The two were in different examination rooms, and when they parted, Gu Yang even patted Fan Yuan on the shoulder.

“Just a few hours, I’ll sleep after the exam.”

Fan Yuan looked at him sideways, his eyes were a little cold. Gu Yang shrank his neck knowing he was wrong.

As the exam start time was approaching, there was a knock on the door of Gu Yang’s exam room.

Fan Yuan came in with a cup of steaming coffee and a pack of chocolates, and put them on Gu Yang’s table. His forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat, obviously he ran out to buy them in a hurry.

Gu Yang was holding a cup of hot coffee, dumbfounded.

Fan Yuan raised his hand and patted Gu Yang’s forehead: “Write a good test.”

The invigilator came over to chase the person away, but before Gu Yang could speak, Fan Yuan had already left.

When the exam started, Gu Yang was a little distracted while holding the coffee.

He looked at the coffee in his hand and the chocolate on the table. Before he ate it, he felt that the sweetness had spread from his mouth to his heart little by little.

Seeing that Gu Yang didn’t eat or drink, just seeing him stare at the things in a daze, the invigilator thought that there must be something to help with cheating on the coffee and chocolate, so he confiscated the coffee and chocolate when he came over.

Gu Yang wanted to resist, but was warned once by the invigilator, so he could only start the exam obediently.

The aftermath of staying up all night began to appear in the second half of the exam. Gu Yang’s eyelids were battling, and he was struggling to write the answers. During this period, he looked sadly at the confiscated coffee and chocolate on the podium several times.

Because Gu Yang’s eyes were too sad, the invigilator looked several times at the coffee cup in his hand, with a suspicious expression.

Gu Yang felt drowsy, fell asleep on the table with a pen in hand after finishing writing, he didn’t even hear the bell when the exam was over, and the invigilator took away the papers.

After Fan Yuan came to look for Gu Yang after the exam, he saw only Gu Yang sleeping soundly on the table in the empty exam room.

He walked up to Gu Yang, stretched out his hand to brush the short hair on Gu Yang’s forehead, and then pushed him.

Gu Yang sat up in a daze, looked up to see Fan Yuan, he wasn’t awake yet. First, he subconsciously smiled at Fan Yuan, then stretched out his hands to hug Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s hands and pulled him up.

“How did you do in the exam?”

Gu Yang half-closed his eyes, apparently still sleepy, and his voice was muffled.


He leaned his head on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, hooked Fan Yuan’s arm and walked out slowly. Halfway through, he suddenly turned around and ran to the podium to take the confiscated coffee and chocolate in his hand.

Fan Yuan asked, “Why are they still here?”

Gu Yang took a sip of the ice-cold coffee and let out a satisfied breath.

“The proctor thought I was going to use it to cheat.”

Without Gu Yang’s elaboration, Fan Yuan could also guess that Gu Yang must have been reluctant to drink the coffee with his hands, playing for too long before being suspected by the invigilator.

Fan Yuan reached out and snatched the cold coffee from Gu Yang’s hand, and threw it into the trash can next to him.

It was too late for Gu Yang to stop him, he felt aggrieved: “What are you doing! I haven’t finished drinking yet.”

Fan Yuan squatted down in front of Gu Yang: “It’s already cold, I’ll buy some for you later, come up, I’ll carry you back.”

Gu Yang rubbed his eyes, immediately forgot about the thrown away coffee, and laid down on Fan Yuan’s back.

He buried his face in Fan Yuan’s neck, closed his eyes, and quickly became dazed again amidst the swaying.

Obviously sleepy, he still wanted to talk to Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan?”


“Fan Yuan…”

“I am here.”

“Fan Yuan, give me a hug…”

Fan Yuan paused, turned his head slightly, and saw that Gu Yang was already fast asleep on his shoulder.

He carefully hooked Gu Yang’s arm, helped him to the front, and carried him to the hotel.

“Okay, I’ll hug you.”

Gu Yang fell asleep on the way back, and when he opened his eyes, it was already past nine o’clock in the evening.

He woke up from being hungry, and when he opened his eyes, he found that his limbs were wrapped around Fan Yuan, sleeping in a shapeless shape. Fan Yuan was leaning against the bedside, playing with his mobile phone.

Gu Yang sat up in embarrassment, before he could speak, his stomach growled first.

Fan Yuan clicked on the food delivery app and handed him the phone.

“Order takeaway, it’s not safe to go out too late.”

Gu Yang took the phone and subconsciously flipped through Fan Yuan’s favorite dishes, and sat up crookedly to lean against Fan Yuan again.

He thought Fan Yuan wasn’t paying attention, and just as he was about to lean his head, Fan Yuan stretched out his hand and pushed it away.

“Don’t make trouble when you wake up.”

Gu Yang’s little thoughts were exposed, so he could only sit up straight, but his legs were still touching Fan Yuan’s, his feet dangling.

When the takeaway arrived, Gu Yang was washing up. Fan Yuan took the takeaway and saw a big note written on the takeout order:

No peanuts!

He reached out and tore off the delivery slip, stuffing it into his pocket.

Gu Yang washed up and came out to eat with Fan Yuan. He was not honest when eating, and always squished towards Fan Yuan. Fan Yuan couldn’t move his right hand because of the squish.

Fan Yuan pushed Gu Yang twice, but Gu Yang would stick to him immediately if he dodged.

Fan Yuan simply put down his chopsticks, pinched Gu Yang’s waist with both hands, lifted him up and put him on his lap.

Gu Yang exclaimed, holding the chopsticks and not daring to move.

Fan Yuan pushed the vegetable box and started teasing him in turn.

“Aren’t you trying to squish me?”

Gu Yang sat on Fan Yuan’s lap and moved uncomfortably.


Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s wrist holding the chopsticks, led him to pick a dish, leaned forward and brought it to his mouth.

“Fine squish me, I won’t move, you feed me.”

Gu Yang watched Fan Yuan take a bite of the dish with his chopsticks, and the blush immediately spread from his ears to his cheeks.

Fan Yuan’s eyes signaled him: “What’s the matter? Don’t want to be squished anymore?”

Gu Yang immediately brought food to Fan Yuan: “Eat quickly!”

He was tired after eating the meal, and he was secretly optimistic about his favorability score, but he was a little disappointed that it didn’t increase.

They will take the return flight back tomorrow. Before going to bed, the two of them took turns to take a bath.

The bathroom in the small hotel was transparent, Gu Yang only remembered this when he was taking a shower, and the more he thought about it, the more nervous he became.

Fan Yuan washed first, and Gu Yang turned his back to the bathroom the whole time, thinking that he was very gentleman-like, until Fan Yuan came out with a whole body of heat, then he regretted it a little.

If he knew earlier, he would have taken a look at it, and there was no harm in taking a look.

When it was Gu Yang’s turn to take a shower, his whole body was hot.

Fan Yuan moved him to a small bench and asked him to sit first, because Gu Yang would definitely turn into a mermaid when taking a shower.

Gu Yang entered the bathroom nervously, closed the door, and kept looking back while undressing.

Fan Yuan turned his back to him the whole time, as if he had no intention of turning around to look at him.

Gu Yang didn’t know whether he was more fortunate or more disappointed. He forgot to sit on the small bench first and turned on the hot water shower.

Within two minutes of being in the shower, his legs turned into a limp fish tail, and he fell to the ground, hitting his head against the glass of the bathroom, making a loud noise.

Sitting on the ground, Gu Yang was dizzy, and the small bench was knocked aside by his tail.

He rubbed his head to relieve the pain, and then he heard Fan Yuan’s voice, and then a pair of hands went under his armpit and lifted him.

“Didn’t I tell you to sit down first and then wash?”

Gu Yang raised his head in a daze, and saw Fan Yuan come in with his clothes on. The shirt he had just changed was drenched by the hot water above his head, sticking to his body wetly.

Fan Yuan picked up the small bench, lifted Gu Yang to sit on it.

He didn’t go out again, reached out to pick up the shower gel, and was about to wipe it on Gu Yang.

Gu Yang was startled, and immediately raised his hand to block it.

“I, I, I can do it myself!”

Fan Yuan frowned slightly, and looked at him seriously, “Are you sure?”

Seeing Fan Yuan’s expression like this, Gu Yang immediately faltered, shrunk his shoulders, put his hands on Fan Yuan’s arms, his fingertips were red, and curled up unconsciously.

“Not sure….”

Fan Yuan squeezed a big lump of shower gel into his hands to create foam, raised his hand and pushed the nozzle aside, and began to rub the foam on Gu Yang’s body.

Gu Yang’s whole body was pink, and the tip of his tail was cocked up and down, clinging to Fan Yuan’s feet in his slippers.

On the face, his lips were tightly pressed, his eyes were slightly closed, and his eyelashes were shaking slightly, as if he was being tortured.

Seeing this, Fan Yuan laughed lightly, and his movements became lighter, like feathers gliding.

“What are you afraid of?”

Gu Yang immediately opened his eyes, and patted Fan Yuan’s feet vigorously with his tail.

“I’m not afraid!”

Immediately afterwards, he let out another cry of pain, his back arched slightly, his tail was raised vigorously, and a few small pearls fell out.

“My tail hurts…”

Fan Yuan bent down to look at Gu Yang’s tail, and found that there was some blood seeping from the edge of the tail, and a scale that was shining with blue light fell off. It should be that Gu Yang knocked against the corner of the bathroom when he fell and rubbed it off.

Gu Yang looked over the bloody scales in a daze, he forgot the pain and just felt strange.

These days becoming a mermaid, this was the first time he lost his scales.

He put the scales under the shower to wash away the blood and looked at the light. The scales were very beautiful, shining brightly.

He turned around and handed the scales in his palm to Fan Yuan.

Seeing Gu Yang’s pious appearance, Fan Yuan was a little taken aback.

Gu Yang cocked his tail happily, and narrowed his eyes because of the pain, but he still did not forget to smile at Fan Yuan.

He pushed the scales on his palm forward, motioning Fan Yuan to look.

“Fan Yuan, look, take a good look, I’ll give it to you.”

Fan Yuan looked at the small, crystal clear scale for a long time before picking it up and putting it in his pocket.

Gu Yang was happy when he saw Fan Yuan bury his head on his shoulder suddenly, before he could ask what was the matter, Fan Yuan bit his shoulder hard.

Gu Yang cried out in pain, he stretched out his hand to pat Fan Yuan’s arm, however, he was now covered in shower gel, so slippery that it didn’t hurt anyone.

“It hurts! Why are you biting me?”

Fan Yuan raised his head and showed a very carefree smile. It was the first time Gu Yang saw such a simple and happy smile on Fan Yuan’s face.

After biting Gu Yang’s shoulder, he touched the red tooth marks with his fingertips.

“You are only allowed to bite me, but I am not allowed to bite back?”

Gu Yang thought for a while, before he remembered that he seemed to have bitten Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

Before he could recover, Fan Yuan grabbed his arm and brought it to his lips, opened his mouth and bit down.

Gu Yang screamed, Fan Yuan hugged him tightly and didn’t look up for a while.

Even if it hurt from being bitten, Gu Yang unconsciously grabbed Fan Yuan’s clothes corner with one hand, with no intention of letting go.

It took a long time for Fan Yuan to raise his head, and begin to seriously help Gu Yang take a shower, the smile on his mouth never disappeared.

“Even now.”

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