Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 20

Chapter 20

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Gu Yang’s tail only lost a small scale, but the pain was severe. He raised his tail as much as possible to prevent the water from touching the wound.

Fan Yuan simply hugged Gu Yang and changed his position so that his tail was completely off the ground.

Gu Yang grabbed the corners of Fan Yuan’s clothes with both hands and lowered his head, his whole body was covered with fine foam. Occasionally there were places that were not covered by foam and the exposed skin was also pink, he wanted to hide himself in embarrassment .

Fan Yuan finished lathering him, and then washed his hair. With light fingertips, he washed carefully and earnestly. Seeing that Gu Yang had been arching his back, he easily supported him.

“What are you afraid of? Look at your tail, it looks the same from the front to the back. There is nothing that can’t be seen.”

After hearing this, Gu Yang stroked his own tail a little foolishly, it was indeed the same.

“It seems to be the same.”

Fan Yuan covered Gu Yang’s eyes and took him to rinse.

“Silly cutie.”

Gu Yang’s eyes were covered, and he couldn’t see anything. The hot water stayed on the top of his head, and it seemed that even his hearing was blocked. In the dense heat, he couldn’t hear Fan Yuan’s words clearly.

“Fan Yuan, what did you say?”

Fan Yuan washed his hair clean, pushed it back to the back of his head, revealing his full forehead. He moved away the shower, washed the foam on his body, and covered the wound on Gu Yang’s tail with his hand.

Gu Yang was finally able to open his eyes. He looked at Fan Yuan who was also drenched in water, blinked, the water droplets hanging from his eyelashes fell down and hit his eyes, the pain caused him to immediately squint his eyes.

Fan Yuan raised his hand to help him wipe his eyes, and said it again.

“I said you were stupid.”

Gu Yang patted Fan Yuan’s hand away, rubbed his eyes vigorously, and patted his tail in protest while rubbing.

“I’m not stupid, no fool can participate in a math competition!”

Fan Yuan didn’t quarrel with him, washed the blue fish clean, carried him out of the bathroom, wrapped him in a towel and put him on the bed.

Wrapped in a dry bath towel, Gu Yang quietly breathed a sigh of relief, and his tense body also relaxed, it was over.

Fan Yuan suddenly lifted the hem of his clothes in front of Gu Yang, and began to take off his clothes.

Gu Yang immediately covered his eyes with his hands, spread his fingers wide open, and peeked at Fan Yuan.

“What are you doing!”

Fan Yuan bent over to find clothes from the suitcase, turned around and sewed Gu Yang’s stretched fingers together.

“Changing clothes, what else can I do?”

Gu Yang had his fingers closed, turned his body sideways, and quietly opened a gap to look.

Seeing that Fan Yuan was about to take off his pants, he immediately closed his eyes and didn’t dare to look.

After Fan Yuan changed his clothes, he bent down and took the towel off Gu Yang’s body, and touched his tail that had started to dry.

“Changing soon?”

Gu Yang’s face was blushing, he lifted the tip of his tail and shook it, and nodded hesitantly: “It seems the case.”

Fan Yuan was sitting by the bed with the medicine and a Band-Aid waiting. Gu Yang stared at the purple medicine, his eyes were very resistant.

“No need?”

Fan Yuan was very serious: “The medicine must be applied.”

The tail lost its moisture, dried quickly, and quickly turned back into two thin white legs.

Gu Yang immediately grabbed the quilt to block the important parts. Fan Yuan reached out and grabbed Gu Yang’s ankle, dragging him forward.

Fan Yuan had great strength, Gu Yang was pulled far away with one leg resting on Fan Yuan’s body.

The wound was on the side of the thigh. Gu Yang pressed the quilt tightly between both hands, fine beads of sweat oozed from the corner of his forehead.

Fan Yuan carefully helped Gu Yang clean up the wound and apply medicine.

Gu Yang hissed in pain, squeezed the quilt with one hand, and pushed Fan Yuan’s hand with the other.

Fan Yuan thought he was being dishonest, so he directly grabbed his wrist to prevent him from moving, and forcefully applied purple medicine on it.

“You’re this delicate?” Fan Yuan said casually.

Gu Yang was not happy anymore, he kicked Fan Yuan’s shoulder, and was about to retract after kicking, but Fan Yuan quickly grabbed his ankle and lifted it up.

Gu Yang couldn’t sit still, he was thrown onto the bed all of a sudden, and he exclaimed.

“My quilt! Quilt!” He was not a mermaid tail now, the front and back were the same!

Fan Yuan took a band-aid and stuck it on him, then let go of his hand and tightened the lid of the medicine.

“What are you hiding? I have what you have.”

Gu Yang rolled himself up under the quilt, and stared at Fan Yuan, glaring at Fan Yuan angrily, his eyes very bright.

Fan Yuan ignored him, turned off the light and went to bed to prepare for sleep.

There were two people lying on a small single bed, and the quilt was swept away by Gu Yang, but Fan Yuan didn’t snatch it, he just laid quietly, breathing steadily soon.

Gu Yang was a little nervous wrapped in the quilt, he hadn’t put on any clothes yet!

The clothes were on the other side, he had to cross Fan Yuan if he wanted to look through the clothes.

Gu Yang touched the side in the dark, and when he touched Fan Yuan’s arm, he quickly withdrew his hand, gathered the quilt and laid down.

He comforted himself that if he slept more securely, the quilt would not fall off!

In the middle of the night, there was only the breathing of two people in the room.

The quilt huddled in the corner suddenly groaned twice, got out of the quilt, stretched out his hands to fumble, and when he touched Fan Yuan beside him, he immediately entangled their hands and feet together.

Fan Yuan took a breath, raised his hand to rub Gu Yang’s soft hair, stretched out his hand and pulled the quilt, covering both of them.

Early in the morning, there was a scream in the room, and Fan Yuan was kicked out of bed by Gu Yang.

Fan Yuan fell to the ground, raised his hand and rubbed his hair, narrowing his eyes slightly, and looking at Gu Yang with a little oppression.

Gu Yang blushed and wrapped the quilt tightly, pressed his back against the wall, looking like a pitiful little girl being persecuted.

“You, you, why did you hug me to sleep!”

Fan Yuan stared at Gu Yang for a while, and Gu Yang who was being looked at directly hid his face under the quilt, revealing a pair of eyes, but all ten toes were exposed, stepping on each other, showing its master’s nervousness.

Fan Yuan stood up from the ground, stroked his hair back, and clicked his tongue.

He walked to the bed, knelt on one knee on the bed, and stretched out his hand to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang raised his foot in fright and kicked it, but Fan Yuan grabbed his ankle and pulled it under his body.

Now Gu Yang couldn’t run away, he could only grab the quilt and stare wide-eyed.

Fan Yuan seemed a little angry, his black eyes looked up and down at Gu Yang, and then he smiled at Gu Yang.

With a ferocious and scary smile, he said, “Gu Yang, do you know that you cried and begged me to hug you to sleep last night?”

Gu Yang loosened his grip on the quilt, and opened his mouth in a daze: “Ah?”

Fan Yuan stretched out his fingers and hooked Gu Yang’s short hair around his ear again and again, his voice low and threatening.

“I pushed you away, but you just wanted to squeeze me to hug you. I hugged you, and you treat me like this? Kick me out of bed early in the morning?”

Gu Yang was a little skeptical: “Really?”

Fan Yuan narrowed his eyes: “Every time you transform into a mermaid, you have to be hugged by me, don’t you remember?”

Gu Yang tilted his head. If there was such a thing, then he was really wrong to do this!

Fan Yuan wrapped around Gu Yang’s short-hair then pinched his ears instead.

“You remember?”

Gu Yang nodded.

Only then did Fan Yuan stand up slightly, leaning on the bed with his arms, and asked Gu Yang in a persuasive way.

“Then what should you tell me?”

Gu Yang pursed his lips and whispered, “Thank you.”

Fan Yuan tilted his ear: “What?”

Gu Yang said loudly: “Thank you! Thank you… for hugging me.”

Fan Yuan smiled and let go of Gu Yang completely.


Gu Yang watched Fan Yuan turn around to wash up, and scratched his head in a daze.

He felt that something was wrong, but there seems to be nothing wrong?

He glanced at the favorability score of his left hand, and it was still 11 points, not one point higher.

Is it because he was too clingy?

So Fan Yuan felt impatient?

Gu Yang was a little flustered, and while Fan Yuan was washing with his back facing him, he crawled out of the quilt to get dressed.

Fan Yuan brushed his teeth in front of the mirror, saw Gu Yang slipping out of the quilt in the mirror, and raised his eyebrows.

They were going back today. On the plane, Gu Yang sat in his seat obediently, and did not talk to Fan Yuan the whole time.

He felt that he was too clingy and needed to restrain himself, otherwise Fan Yuan’s favorability would not increase.

Gu Yang didn’t talk to Fan Yuan, and Fan Yuan didn’t take the initiative to talk to Gu Yang.

The two of them remained silent for the whole time, until they got out of the airport, Gu Yang’s heart suddenly trembled violently, a strong sense of crisis flooded into his heart. He raised his hand to see the countdown on the golden finger, there were still seven days left.

In the next seven days, something bad seems to be coming.

Gu Yang immediately stretched out his hand and tugged Fan Yuan’s clothes corner. Fan Yuan turned his head, halfway through speaking, Gu Yang fell into his arms.

“What’s wrong? I thought you didn’t want to talk to me… Gu Yang?!”

Gu Yang passed out, immediately after leaving the airport, he lost consciousness. Fortunately, Fan Yuan was prepared, and immediately took off his clothes to wrap Gu Yang’s legs, so that he didn’t turn into a mermaid in the street and was posted on the news.

Gu Yang was dizzy and didn’t wake up until late at night. Although he woke up, he didn’t feel well.

His whole body was hot and scalding, his body was in slight pain, and the fish tail slapped the bathtub uncomfortablely, slapping all the water out of the bathtub.

Gu Yang frowned and looked at the empty bathroom. The water in the bathtub was warm, but there was no one in the bathroom.

“Fan Yuan? Fan Yuan?” Gu Yang yelled one after another, his voice was small and weak.

Fan Yuan came in quickly, holding warm porridge in his hand.

“Gu Yang, you finally woke up, what happened to you?”

Fan Yuan sat on the small bench next to the bathtub, and handed the porridge bowl to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang pushed away the porridge bowl in disgust, and turned to grab Fan Yuan’s hand. He rubbed his cheek against Fan Yuan’s palm back and forth, and closed his eyes comfortably.

Fan Yuan withdrew his hand, scooped up a spoonful of porridge and lifted it to Gu Yang’s mouth.

“Eat something first, you’ve been lying down all day.”

Gu Yang shut his mouth tightly and refused to eat, staring at Fan Yuan with wet eyes, pitifully.

“Fan Yuan, I feel bad.”

Fan Yuan could only put the porridge bowl aside, and let Gu Yang grab his hand and press it to his hot cheek.

“Gu Yang, why are you uncomfortable? Why did you suddenly become a mermaid? Is it because of the breeding season? How long is your breeding season?”

Fan Yuan’s question after question made Gu Yang’s head hurt, his mind was chaotic, he just felt that he couldn’t do without water, and he couldn’t do without Fan Yuan.

He had a vague guess that this situation might be caused by a large wave of side effects due to the fact that the golden finger was about to end.

Gu Yang spread out his left palm, showing the remaining time of the golden finger: six days.

Six days?

Gu Yang shook Fan Yuan’s hand: “Didn’t we go to class?”

Fan Yuan shook his head: “How can you go to class like this? I asked for leave.”

Gu Yang curled up the corner of his mouth, lowered his head and touched Fan Yuan’s palm with his lips, very happy.

“You didn’t go to class either.”

Fan Yuan felt as if his palm was scalded, and immediately withdrew his hand and put it behind his back.

“You seemed like you couldn’t leave me, and you would feel uncomfortable when I go far away.”

Fan Yuan stated his guess, and carefully observed Gu Yang’s reaction with his black eyes.

Unexpectedly, Gu Yang nodded very honestly. He leaned on the side of the bathtub, reached out and hooked Fan Yuan’s neck, and pressed his wet cheek against Fan Yuan’s cheek, rubbing against it relyingly.

“En, I can’t live without you.”

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