Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 2

Chapter 2

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Fan Yuan’s eyes were pitch black, and when he looked at people with no expression on his face, it made people feel creepy.

But Gu Yang was different, Gu Yang was feeling dry and uncomfortable now, in his eyes Fan Yuan was just a golden life-saving straw, he couldn’t wait to grab this straw and wrap it around his body.

So under Fan Yuan’s warning eyes, Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve with his other hand.

He grasped tightly with both hands, and the original Gu Yang’s arrogance and domineering energy disappeared. Now Gu Yang, who was holding Fan Yuan’s sleeve, opened a pair of slightly round eyes, looking at Fan Yuan pitifully, like an abandoned puppy.

But who was Fan Yuan?

A gentle scum who hated the emotions between people, but had to put on a hypocritical mask for himself.

He looked at the pitiful Gu Yang, stretched out his other hand, and bit by bit pushed away Gu Yang’s hands that were holding onto the sleeves of his school uniform.

“I don’t raise fish, but I love to eat fish,” Fan Yuan said, showing some sharp canine teeth, then with the tip of his tongue on the tip of the canine teeth, he looked at Gu Yang as if he was threatening him, “Gu Yang, don’t mess with me.”

Fan Yuan pushed Gu Yang’s hands away, and pressed both hands on the edge of the table. Seeing Fan Yuan turn his head back to him again, he laid on his stomach.

His head was dizzy, his eyes fell on his half bottle of water, he immediately picked it up and gulped it down.

But after drinking the bottle of water, he still felt dry, so he looked at the half-drunk water on Fan Yuan’s table again.

Gu Yang pressed his fingers against the edge of the table and rubbed each other, then finally slowly reached out his hand to the half bottle of water.

As soon as he held the water bottle, Fan Yuan immediately grabbed his wrist.

Fan Yuan sat up at some point, and looked at him in disbelief.

“This was what I drank.”

Gu Yang was still holding the water bottle in his hand and refused to let go. He was anxious and irritable, and the feeling of dryness all over his body made him almost have the illusion of suffocation.

The side effects of the Goldfinger were so powerful, and he couldn’t hug Fan Yuan to relieve it, so had to drink some water now!

The more Gu Yang thought about it, the more wronged he became, he simply ignored Fan Yuan’s grip on his wrist, quickly unscrewed the bottle cap with the other hand, and moved his mouth to drink the water.

Fan Yuan’s black eyes widened slightly, he was completely surprised by Gu Yang today. He pulled back abruptly, Gu Yang didn’t drink any water, instead, the water in the water bottle spilled out, and Gu Yang got wet. Gu Yang’s chin was also wet and it also got the front open shirt of Fan Yuan’s school uniform.

As soon as the cold water touched the skin, Gu Yang felt so comfortable that he almost sighed, but unfortunately the water in the water bottle was almost empty. He took advantage of Fan Yuan’s astonishment, and hurried up to drink the last bit of water in the water bottle.

Fan Yuan watched Gu Yang’s mouth stick to the water bottle he had drunk, and immediately reached out to open Gu Yang’s hand with the empty water bottle.

Gu Yang wasn’t satisfied yet. He reached out to wipe off the water stain on his chin and pressed it to his lips, his eyes stared straight at Fan Yuan’s wet chest, there was even a puddle of water on the young man’s thin collarbone.

Fan Yuan subconsciously zipped up the zipper of his school uniform jacket, and the wet shirt stuck tightly to his skin.

Gu Yang’s eyes immediately became disappointed, he raised his head, looked at Fan Yuan’s face for a while, and Fan Yuan’s chest tightly wrapped in the school uniform jacket for a while.

So thirsty…

He really wanted to hug Fan Yuan…

Fan Yuan had an insight into Gu Yang’s thoughts, kicked his long legs, and directly kicked the chair Gu Yang was sitting on half a meter away with Gu Yang.

Gu Yang was already dizzy and couldn’t sit still. When Fan Yuan kicked him, he leaned forward and brought the chair down. He also bumped into Fan Yuan’s arms, and his forehead hit Fan Yuan’s chin. It didn’t hurt. As soon as it touched Fan Yuan’s arms, his hands grabbed Fan Yuan’s front.

The ball of pink letter paper that Gu Yang stuffed into his clothes before also fell out of his clothes and rolled to the side.

Fan Yuan immediately went to push him, the more Fan Yuan pushed, the tighter Gu Yang hugged him.

At this time, the door of the classroom was pushed open with a “bang”, and several students came in laughing. As soon as they entered, they saw the chairs lying on the ground, the water bottle thrown aside, and Fan Yuan under the table, tightly pressed down by Gu Yang. 

The boy at the head widened his eyes, turned around and ran out, shouting as he ran, “Teacher Zhuo! Gu Yang beat Fan Yuan!!!”

When Fan Yuan heard the movement, he pushed back even harder. With a twist of his waist, he pressed Gu Yang under him, but Gu Yang buried his face tightly in Fan Yuan’s arms, no matter what Fan Yuan did, he didn’t intend to let go.

The first boy ran away, but the second boy saw it clearly and immediately turned around and ran after him: “Teacher Zhuo! Fan Yuan is beating Gu Yang!!!”

Fan Yuan’s forehead twitched, then he finally pushed Gu Yang’s head away. Looking down, Gu Yang’s eyes were closed, and he passed out at some point. Even if he passed out, his hands were still tightly clutching Fan Yuan’s lapel.

Fan Yuan: “…”

The rest of the students came in in a swarm. Seeing Gu Yang with his eyes closed tightly, and the ball of love letter on the ground, they screamed in unison: “Teacher Zhuo! Fan Yuan beat Gu Yang to death!!!”

Fan Yuan wanted to get up, but because Gu Yang’s grip was too tight, he could only drag Gu Yang up like a child.

Gu Yang’s hands were still tightly gripping Fan Yuan’s lapel, his head naturally dropped to Fan Yuan’s neck, and Fan Yuan felt the overheated temperature on Gu Yang’s forehead.

Zhuo Wan had just finished her lunch and was secretly drinking milk tea in the office, when she was called out by a group of students. She rushed over angrily, and bumped into Fan Yuan who was about to go out with Gu Yang in his arms.

Zhuo Wan glanced at Gu Yang who was obediently lying on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, then glared at Fan Yuan again.

She lowered her voice and asked, “Fan Yuan, what’s going on?”

Fan Yuan had always been her most reassuring student, so even if there was a thorn in the class like Gu Yang, who came in through the teaching building donated by his family, she was not too worried, because she believed that Fan Yuan can handle all this well, but what happened today really caught her by surprise.

Fan Yuan nodded at Zhuo Wan, the perfect mask had been put on again.

“Sorry, Teacher Zhuo, Gu Yang has a fever, I’ll take him to the infirmary.”

Zhuo Wan nodded, then looked at Gu Yang who was holding Fan Yuan tightly, and frowned: “I believe you know your propriety.”

Fan Yuan walked out amidst the crowd of students watching.

As soon as he arrived at the infirmary, Fan Yuan threw Gu Yang onto the bed, unzipped the zipper of the school uniform, and simply took off the school uniform that Gu Yang was clutching tightly.

Gu Yang was lying on the bed, hugging Fan Yuan’s school uniform tightly, his eyes closed, and his lips opening and closing.

Fan Yuan leaned closer to listen, and Gu Yang kept murmuring: “Water, give me water…”

There was no drinking water in the infirmary. At this moment, the school doctor came in and skillfully picked up the thermometer.

“Okay, let me take over here, you go back to the classroom, class is about to begin.”

Fan Yuan glanced at Gu Yang again, but turned around and left.

Gu Yang felt hot all over his body, hot and dry, and the heat didn’t subside until a long time.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the smiling face of the school doctor. He sat up and found that he was covered with a large school uniform.

The school doctor in the book “Fan Yuan” was a young man in his twenties. He usually had unique hobbies and loved gossip. Seeing Gu Yang wake up, he immediately handed him a bottle of water.

Gu Yang unscrewed it, and found that the cap of the mineral water bottle was unscrewed in advance.

He frowned slightly and thanked the school doctor: “Thank you.”

The school doctor stretched out his index finger and dangled it back and forth: “I didn’t buy it, it was sent by Fan Yuan.”

Gu Yang’s eyes lit up instantly, he gulped down half of the bottle, and couldn’t wait to look at the favorability of the little book in his left hand.

Fan Yuan Favorability: -23

Another point deducted!

Gu Yang felt that the water he drank just now became bitter in an instant, he lowered his head dejectedly, grabbed his school uniform and water bottle and got out of bed, said goodbye to the school doctor, and walked to the classroom.

He laid down for an entire afternoon, and at this time evening self-study had already started .

Zhuo Wan was sitting on the podium, she nodded when she saw him knocking on the door, and asked, “How are you?”

Gu Yang shook his head: “I’m fine.”

With Zhuo Wan sitting in charge, the classroom was very quiet, but some students still secretly looked up at Gu Yang.

They were now spreading rumors that Gu Yang did not enter the infirmary with a fever, but was knocked unconscious by Fan Yuan! It may be to compete for girls!

One must know that not long after the first year of senior high school, Gu Yang got into a fight with Fan Yuan, and made trouble for Fan Yuan everywhere, and worked tirelessly until the third year of senior high school.

This meant that Fan Yuan was a good person and had always tolerated him. If it was someone with a bad temper, he would have already fought with Gu Yang.

Now, just beginning the third year of high school, their male god Fan Yuan finally couldn’t bear it, and gave Gu Yang a hard lesson.

The students in Class 1, Grade 3 were all a little eager to investigate, waiting for Gu Yang to walk to his seat to see if Fan Yuan would give him a good lesson.

Many pairs of small eyes quietly looked at Fan Yuan.

Holding the half bottle of water, Gu Yang walked to his seat with Fan Yuan’s school uniform hanging in his arms.

He found that his and Fan Yuan’s desks had been separated,and  the distance was more than it was earlier, which caused his desk to be directly halfway from the students in the front row, which was particularly conspicuous.

Fan Yuan was brushing up the questions, writing non-stop. He solved the questions very quickly, hardly needing to think too much.

Sitting on the seat, Gu Yang was a little frustrated. He underestimated the side effects of this golden finger. When the side effects came up, he felt thirsty, dry and uncomfortable, and wished that his whole body would stick to Fan Yuan’s body.

The tension that the students had expected did not happen, Fan Yuan was still the polite Fan Yuan. Gu Yang handed him his school uniform, Fan Yuan didn’t even look at him, just reached out to take it and threw it into the bottom of the desk as if he thought it was disgusting.

Seeing this, Gu Yang pursed his lips, flipped through the book but couldn’t read it.

Class 1 Grade 3 was a key class for science subjects. Although Gu Yang had always been a good student with good grades, he was hospitalized with gastric cancer in the second year of high school. It just so happenned that he was a liberal arts student, and he only studied science in the first year of high school. That year, the third year of high school was the time when the review was the most intense, and he really might not be able to keep up.

As soon as the class bell rang, Gu Yang was the first to rush out.

Fan Yuan finally put down his pen. The water stains on his chest had long since dried up. It was late at night and the temperature had dropped. He looked down at the bunched school uniform in the table at the bottom. He did not wear it.

After leaving his seat, Fan Yuan saw the half bottle of water on Gu Yang’s table.

At this time, everyone in the class had almost left. Meng Zhan came over and called Fan Yuan.

“Let’s go, come to my house for dinner tonight? My mother said that she hasn’t seen you for a few days and how about helping me solve a few questions? Hehehe…”

Fan Yuan immediately withdrew his gaze, put his bag on his back and walked out, but he paused when he passed by Gu Yang’s desk, picked up the bottle of water behind his back, threw it, and the bottle of water fell into the trash can at the back of the classroom with precision.

Meng Zhan was startled, and immediately looked back: “What’s going on?”

Fan Yuan’s expression was indifferent: “It’s nothing, let’s go.”

Gu Yang rushed home after school, ran all the way into the bathroom, kicked off his pants and laid down in the bathtub before it was full of water. He moved his legs, feeling that the dryness of the day was finally relieved.

He won’t… really become a mermaid right?

Gu Yang splashed himself with the water twice, and began to think about what present he should give Fan Yuan on his birthday.

He didn’t want to count on this weird golden finger anymore, he can only rely on himself to work hard.

Gu Yang would do it if he thought of it, and started searching on his phone:

What is a good birthday gift for a boy?

How to chase someone you like?

Gu Yang looked at the best answer below:

“Not easy to chase people? You just send flowers! Send them every day! It will definitely work!”

Gu Yang watched and nodded seriously.

Send flowers?


The next day Fan Yuan walked to his seat and saw an ugly little wild flower on his desk, and a peppermint candy next to the wild flower.

Gu Yang laid prone on the seat, with the lower half of his face buried in the crook of his arms, only a pair of eyes were exposed looking at Fan Yuan.

The morning sunlight shone into Gu Yang’s eyes through the glass window of the mirror, turning it into an amber halo.

Gu Yang smiled at Fan Yuan and narrowed his eyes: “I gave you candy, shall we make up?”

Gu Yang glanced at the little book in his left palm:

Fan Yuan Favorability -22

Hey, up a point!

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