Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 3

Chapter 3

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Fan Yuan picked up the ugly little flower and looked at it. There was still dew on the petals. It should have been picked by Gu Yang casually on the way to school. He raised his hand and inserted the little flower in Gu Yang’s hair.

Gu Yang’s hair was a little longer. When Fan Yuan suddenly inserted a small wild flower beside his ear, he blinked his eyes blankly, and sat up straight.

Fan Yuan put the candy back on Gu Yang’s table, bent over to get close to Gu Yang, his eyes were emotionless, but there was still a proper smile on the corner of his mouth.

“Okay, Gu Yang, after two years of high school, you’ve finally started to understand things. If you didn’t understand things, you wouldn’t be able to stay in Shangshu High School.”

Gu Yang’s cheeks were flushed because of Fan Yuan’s approach, and then he was startled by Fan Yuan’s words.

He clearly remembered that in the novel, Fan Yuan got rid of Gu Yang from Shangshu High School in the second semester of his third year of high school. Could it be that Fan Yuan actually had this idea long ago?

Seeing that Gu Yang was a little dazed, Fan Yuan stood up in satisfaction, but Gu Yang grabbed his sleeve again.

Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve with one hand, and when he looked down again, he brought the peppermint candy to his mouth and tore open the package, pinching the transparent candy ball with his fingertips. Ignoring Fan Yuan’s icy gaze, he directly slammed into it into his mouth.

Gu Yang let go, and put his hands flat on the table obediently, like a primary school student waiting for the teacher to criticize, but his mouth was stubborn.

“What was given to you was given to you, and you must eat it.”

With a piece of chilly mint in his mouth, Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang, who had a flower beside his ear and his face flushed, yet his back was straight and fierce. He clicked his tongue and sat back down on his seat.

Zhuo Wan was in charge of the morning self-study, and not long after the bell rang, Gu Yang moved his back next to Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan was writing an English question, raised his eyelids, and ignored him.

Gu Yang still had a fierce face, his face was not red, but his ears were still. When the bell rang in the first period, he accurately placed the English book between the two of them.

The first period was English class.

Fan Yuan put away the English exercises, propped his chin with one hand, and his eyes fell on Gu Yang’s ear facing him.

The little wild flower beside his ear had been picked off, and it was these ears that were redder than the flower.

Fan Yuan suddenly felt a little itchy in his fingertips, and pointed to Gu Yang’s English book with his slender fingers, and opened it.

“There’s nothing scolding me in this book, right?”

Gu Yang shook his head, thinking of the original Gu Yang’s character, the movement of shaking his head froze, and he secretly glanced at Fan Yuan.

He was not too sure…

The head teacher Zhuo Wan had already left, and the English teacher had written a lot of writing on the blackboard as soon as she came in.

Gu Yang took the opportunity to secretly ask Fan Yuan: “What birthday present would you like?”

Fan Yuan looked at the blackboard intently: “I’d like you to be quiet.”

Gu Yang stopped talking, looked left and right, and began to listen to the class seriously.

Shangshu High School was one of the best private high schools in the country. Its teaching staff was very strong, far beyond the comparison of the high schools that Gu Yang studied in the past. It turns out that Gu Yang’s family background was good, but his parents were busy, and were hardly at home, but incomparable to Fan Yuan, the protagonist of the novel.

Gu Yang felt that he reconciled with Fan Yuan today. Although it was superficial, it was considered a big improvement. He was very quiet this day and didn’t talk to Fan Yuan much.

Soon, it was the day of Fan Yuan’s birthday party.

Fan Yuan was very popular, almost all the classmates he knew from school came, and they gathered at Fan Yuan’s house in a lively manner.

The students piled up the presents for Fan Yuan on the long table on the first floor, but Gu Yang carried a huge black bag and didn’t put it on top.

He wanted to give this gift to Fan Yuan himself, but Fan Yuan was very popular. From the birthday party to now, more than an hour had passed, yet there were still many people around Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang stood in the corner, waited and waited, finally glared at Fan Yuan in the crowd, and walked away angrily.

Fan Yuan’s house was very big, and there was an open-air swimming pool outside. The weather in September was not too cold, so Gu Yang took his things out of the black plastic bag and put them on the water.

He bought it specially, the latest fireworks, shaped like a nine-petaled lotus that can float on water, and can sing the birthday song when lit.

He bought two and wanted to show them to Fan Yuan alone, but Fan Yuan was never free.

Gu Yang was also a little angry, he thought that there were two anyway, why not light one first and see for himself.

Unexpectedly, the fireworks seemed to be a bit inferior, and there was no response after lighting it for a long time.

He leaned forward, knelt by the swimming pool and tried to light the fireworks. The unburned fireworks suddenly shot a puff of smoke at Gu Yang, which made Gu Yang jump, his body tilted, and he fell into the swimming pool.

The swimming pool in Fan Yuan’s house was big and deep. Gu Yang was a landlubber, the kind who can’t learn how to swim no matter how he tried. He sank in the water, gulped and drank the pool water, fearful and desperate.

Fan Yuan, at the birthday party at that time, had already noticed Gu Yang’s gaze from time to time. From the corner of his eyes, he saw Gu Yang walking out alone carrying a big black and ugly bag, so he followed.

Unexpectedly, when he arrived, he saw Gu Yang fall into the swimming pool.

Gu Yang slowly sank to the bottom of the pool, the expected suffocation only lasted for a short while, but because he was too scared, he held his breath physiologically.

His legs were swinging in the water, then gradually joined together, blue light flashed, and the trouser legs broke, turning into a bright fish tail.

But Gu Yang closed his eyes tightly and didn’t notice anything.

He had the experience of drowning before, and now he closed his eyes and waved his hands wildly. Tears welled up from the corners of his eyes. As soon as they appeared, they turned into round pearls and slowly sank to the bottom of the water.

Fan Yuan, who threw himself into the water, saw this scene.

His always calm black eyes widened slightly, he swam over and reached out to grab Gu Yang.

As soon as Gu Yang touched Fan Yuan, it was as if he had caught a life-saving driftwood, his whole body was entangled to it, his blue fish tail was tightly attached to Fan Yuan’s leg, even the tail fin trembled in fear.

Fan Yuan brought him to the surface of the water. At this moment the inferior firework that Gu Yang bought finally exploded, launching gorgeous fireworks into the air, illuminating the sky above the swimming pool.

In the swimming pool, two teenagers embraced each other tightly, one closed his eyes tightly, and smashed pearls down from the corner of his eyes, and one looked at the other deeply, without discerning emotion.

Fan Yuan dragged Gu Yang ashore, Gu Yang was still hugging Fan Yuan’s waist tightly, and was just taken up by Fan Yuan.

As soon as they went ashore, the bright fish tail immediately had nowhere to hide.

Gu Yang felt his lower body was chilly, and finally slowly opened his eyes.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Fan Yuan’s black eyes. Fan Yuan was looking at him seriously, with a slight frown.

“You are not human?”

Gu Yang’s tears still didn’t stop, he was smashing down the little pearls, but he didn’t forget to be stubborn: “You are not human!”

With his raised tone, the tail under him also slapped the ground angrily.

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, then lowered his head slowly, and saw that his legs were gone, replaced by a beautiful fish tail with blue light.

He widened his eyes, raised the tip of his tail and flicked it in disbelief, immediately sending water droplets to the two people’s heads and faces.

Gu Yang was stunned, he didn’t expect to really turn into a mermaid.

He immediately went to look at Fan Yuan. Fan Yuan wiped off the water droplets on his face with a cold face, and put him back in the swimming pool, and allowed him to hold the pool edge to stop from sinking.

“You can’t swim even with a long tail?”

Gu Yang didn’t speak, and watched Fan Yuan get up as if he was going to leave.

He was anxious, he didn’t know where Fan Yuan was going, he wouldn’t be going to call the police, would he? Grab him to slice him up for research?

Gu Yang was terrified, seeing that Fan Yuan was about to leave, he flicked his tail vigorously, jumped out of the water, threw himself on Fan Yuan and pushed him down.

Fan Yuan didn’t check for a moment and was pressed to the ground by Gu Yang. He saw Gu Yang’s fierce face, his eyes raining little pearls.

Gu Yang patted Fan Yuan’s leg with his fish tail, and pressed Fan Yuan’s shoulder with his hands, threatening and fiercely.

“You want to go? No!”

He realized that Fan Yuan was about to sit up, and became even more fierce. He lowered his body and approached Fan Yuan baring his teeth: “Don’t talk! Don’t move! Don’t resist!”

Fan Yuan wanted to say that he was just going to get a bath towel, but before he could say anything, he heard a few shouts not far away.

“Fan Yuan? Fan Yuan, are you here?”

It was Meng Zhan who usually played with Fan Yuan. Seeing that Fan Yuan hadn’t returned for a long time, he came out to look for him.

Gu Yang stopped slapping Fan Yuan with his tail, his hands were still tightly grasping Fan Yuan’s shoulders, his face flustered.

He cannot be discovered!

With a sudden force, Fan Yuan turned over and sat up, hugged Gu Yang in his arms, hooked Gu Yang’s fish tail with his arms, took off the suit jacket he wore for the birthday party today, and covered Gu Yang’s tail.

Gu Yang was so frightened that he was dumbfounded. He tightly grabbed Fan Yuan’s shirt, and looked behind Fan Yuan with half of his face exposed from his shoulder.

Meng Zhan had already approached, and saw Fan Yuan holding someone in his arms with his back to him, his whole body wet.

Before he could ask who it was, he saw Gu Yang showing half of his face from Fan Yuan’s shoulder, the two of them looked at each other. Gu Yang immediately retracted his head into Fan Yuan’s arms as if he had seen a ghost.

Meng Zhan’s eyes widened and he froze in place.

He looked at Fan Yuan with his back to him, and Gu Yang who buried his head in Fan Yuan’s arms and covered his body with Fan Yuan’s coat. There was even a pair of wet jeans thrown on the ground next to the two of them.

The jeans were already tattered, he remembered that they were the jeans Gu Yang wore when he came here today.

Meng Zhan felt that something was broken.

How… intense was it? The pants were all shredded like that!

Fan Yuan turned his head slightly and looked at Meng Zhan: “You go back first, I have something to do.”

Meng Zhan’s face turned red all of a sudden, he was thick-skinned, and he had never felt so shy.

He seemed to be oiling the soles of his feet, and what he said was upside down.

“Well, you’re busy, you’re busy…I’m going first…”

Before the words fell, the man turned around and ran away, as if there was a monster chasing behind him.

Fan Yuan frowned slightly, and when he lowered his head, he met Gu Yang’s wet eyes.

Gu Yang was really frightened, he was drowning and turned into a mermaid, and now he was nestling in Fan Yuan’s arms, extremely obedient.

Seeing Fan Yuan looking at him, Gu Yang blinked his eyes, and a few more small pearls fell down.

He seemed to have remembered something, turned his head to look at the fireworks that had been set off, pulled down Fan Yuan’s sleeve, pointed at the nine-petal lotus floating above the swimming pool, and spoke in a soft and obedient voice.

“Happy birthday…”

Fan Yuan was stunned, then followed Gu Yang’s fingertips to look at the nine-petal lotus floating on the water.


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