Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 21

Chapter 21

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After Gu Yang became a mermaid, he was clingy and coquettish, Fan Yuan seemed to not take this act anymore. He grabbed Gu Yang’s neck and pushed him back into the bathtub.

“Eat the porridge first.”

Gu Yang still resisted. Seeing Fan Yuan’s face darken, he could only take the bowl and drink in small sips.

Fan Yuan set up a small table by the bathtub and placed some exercise books.

“After eating, complete today’s homework.”

Gu Yang felt unbelievable: “I still have to do homework?”

Fan Yuan opened the exercise booklet and put it in front of Gu Yang: “Although I asked for leave, Teacher Zhuo discussed with the teachers of each subject and left some homework for us. She said that in our last year, we can’t relax.”

Looking at the blank pages of exercises, Gu Yang felt dizzy.

He was clutching his forehead, and was about to fall into the bathtub and pretend to faint, but Fan Yuan grabbed his wrist to stabilize his body.

“I only took three days off, when will you change back?”

Fan Yuan’s icy fingers pressed against Gu Yang’s skin, Gu Yang’s thoughts were a little confused, he stared at Fan Yuan’s fingers for a long time, and then said slowly, “Maybe six days.”

Fan Yuan let go of his hand and handed Gu Yang a pen.

“I’ll stay with you for three days, and you can stay here by yourself for the remaining three days, is that okay?”

Gu Yang panicked, took Fan Yuan’s hand and shook his head vigorously.

“No, you can’t leave me, take me with you if you want to go.”

Fan Yuan was helpless: “I need to go back to class.”

Gu Yang didn’t speak, and looked at Fan Yuan beggingly, seeing that little pearls were about to fall down again.

The two looked at each other silently, and finally Fan Yuan backed down.

“Okay, I’ll stay with you for six days.”

Gu Yang immediately smiled, and obediently picked up the pen and started to do the problem.

He soaked in the bathtub for a day, and the edge of the bathtub was hard, and his back felt uncomfortable after staying for a long time.

While Gu Yang was doing the question, he had to pinch his waist from time to time, and the shirt he was wearing was also soaked, and the wet clothes were exposed to the air against his skin, so Gu Yang couldn’t help but sneeze a little.

Fan Yuan suddenly took away the exercise book from Gu Yang’s hand, turned around and carried him out of the bathtub, and walked outside.

Gu Yang suddenly soared into the air, his tail drooped limply, and the tip of his tail swept Fan Yuan’s feet. Holding a pen in his hand, he was a little dazed.

“Where are you going?”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, and put Gu Yang on the bed in the guest room in silence, then wrapped Gu Yang’s tail with a wet towel like he did in the small hotel before.

He took the pen from Gu Yang’s hand and threw it aside, turned off the headlights, and only turned on the bedside lamp.

“You should rest today. I’ll call Teacher Zhuo tomorrow to ask for three more days. What about your family? Don’t you need to notify them?”

Gu Yang touched the wet towel wrapped around his tail and shook his head.

“I live by myself.”

Fan Yuan nodded, closed the door for him and went out.

Gu Yang took off his soaked shirt and threw it on the ground, pulled the quilt to cover his upper body, wrapped his tail in a wet towel, closed his eyes and fell asleep.

But after lying down for a while, his whole body was hot and uncomfortable, and his tail was aching as if it was about to burn.

Gu Yang sat up and touched the bath towel, it was still wet, but he still felt uncomfortable.

“Fan Yuan?” Gu Yang sat on the bed and called Fan Yuan again and again.

However, the door of the guest bedroom was closed, and the sound insulation of Fan Yuan’s house was so good that Fan Yuan couldn’t hear it at all.

Gu Yang crawled to the edge of the bed dragging his tail, poked forward, and wanted to slide off the edge of the bed, but because he couldn’t control his tail, he fell off the edge of the bed.

Fortunately, the ground was covered with thick carpets, so Gu Yang didn’t feel any pain from falling.

He sat on the ground and crawled forward little by little, and the wet towel wrapped around the tail was also rubbed off, revealing the blue tail rubbing against the carpet, every rub was uncomfortable.

But Gu Yang only had Fan Yuan in his head, and he crawled outside while calling Fan Yuan’s name.

Finally, he opened the door of the guest bedroom and shouted into the corridor, “Fan Yuan?”

The door of the opposite room was opened. Fan Yuan came out wearing a nightgown, and saw Gu Yang dragging his tail leaning against the door. The moment he saw him, he seemed to see light.

“How did you get down?”

Gu Yang raised his arms to Fan Yuan, and Fan Yuan bent down to hug Gu Yang.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Gu Yang touched Fan Yuan’s arms, he started to rub, rubbing vigorously, crying while rubbing, the little pearls slid into the neckline of Fan Yuan’s nightgown.

“What’s wrong?”

Gu Yang moved too much, Fan Yuan almost couldn’t hold him properly, took a step back, and bumped his back against the door.

Gu Yang didn’t speak, and flicked his tail to rub against Fan Yuan’s body. After a few rubs, he started to mutter.

“I feel uncomfortable all over… Fan Yuan, you can’t stay too far away from me…”

Fan Yuan didn’t expect that Gu Yang’s reaction during the breeding season would be so severe this time, so he could only carry Gu Yang back to his bedroom.

Gu Yang’s closeness to Fan Yuan finally calmed down, the skin of both of them was rubbed red by him, he pitifully grabbed Fan Yuan’s lapel with both hands, opened the lapel wide, pressed his cheek against it, and began to complain again .

“The tail is so dry…”

Fan Yuan seemed to have infinite patience with Gu Yang.

Hearing that Gu Yang said his tail was dry, he went to give him a wet towel to wrap his tail.

But Gu Yang didn’t even want Fan Yuan to leave for such a short time. Lying on the bedside and looking at Fan Yuan resentfully, the little pearls fell crazily.

Fan Yuan stood at the door of the bathroom, frowned, turned around and walked in, and just as he entered, he heard the sound of a heavy object falling to the ground. He poked his head out, and saw Gu Yang fall off the bed again, his tail hitting the foot of the bed, knocking a small piece of scale off, a small bloody piece, it hurt even to look at it.

Now Fan Yuan did not dare to leave Gu Yang’s sight anymore, hugged the crying Gu Yang, and patted him on the back lightly.

Gu Yang’s injury really hurt, his tail stiffened, his back straightened, and there was a fine bead of sweat on the back of his neck, all from the pain.

But now he didn’t cry out in pain, just stared at Fan Yuan with a pair of wet, red eyes. Fan Yuan couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to cover Gu Yang’s eyes.

“Gu Yang, don’t look.”

Only then did Gu Yang speak, in a low voice with an airy tone: “Fan Yuan, I’m in pain.”

His eyelashes trembled slightly, scratching Fan Yuan’s palm again and again. Fan Yuan looked down at him, saw his sweaty hair, small nose tip, and bright red lips.

After watching for a long time, he unconsciously lowered his head and slowly approached Gu Yang, the distance between the two was infinitely close.

When his lips were about to touch, Fan Yuan suddenly let go of his hands and backed away.

Gu Yang blinked his eyes, not understanding why Fan Yuan suddenly covered his eyes and then left suddenly.

Fan Yuan put Gu Yang back on the bed and went to the bathroom. No matter how Gu Yang called him this time, he didn’t look back.

Gu Yang’s tail was injured, and he knew it hurt, so he didn’t dare to jump on the ground casually, so he could only stay on the bed honestly and wait for Fan Yuan to come back.

Fan Yuan came back with a wet bath towel, treated the wound on his tail, wiped his tail, and after a long time, he hugged Gu Yang and laid back on the bed together.

Gu Yang clung to Fan Yuan’s body, put the tip of his tail on Fan Yuan’s calf, and patted it time after time. It was past midnight.

He secretly checked the little book in his left hand, the golden finger counted down for 5 days, and Fan Yuan’s favorability score was 12 points.


Finally up!

Gu Yang closed his eyes happily, shrank back into Fan Yuan’s arms, and gradually fell asleep.

Fan Yuan kept his eyes open, and only after Gu Yang fell asleep, he slowly turned his back to Gu Yang.

The changes that Gu Yang brought to Fan Yuan were huge, if he didn’t restrain himself, everything would be out of control.

That night, Gu Yang slept soundly, while Fan Yuan stayed up all night.

Gu Yang spent the last five days at Fan Yuan’s house.

On the last night, Gu Yang curled up in Fan Yuan’s arms, watching the countdown on the gold finger on his left hand go to zero.

At the moment when the countdown reached zero, the fish tail he had kept for seven days completely disappeared and turned back into his legs.

“Your “Mermaid” cheat has ended, and this cheat will become one of your freely available cheats after you successfully conquer the target.”

Gu Yang was a little surprised when he saw the sentence that appeared in the small book.

That was to say, this golden finger was not a one-off, but after he had successfully conquered Fan Yuan, it becomes a golden finger that he can use at will!

Before Gu Yang could be happy, the little book had already started randomly picking a cheat.

He saw all kinds of fairy tales that were familiar or unfamiliar flashing in the middle of an ever-changing frame. He nervously grabbed the corner of the quilt and saw the golden finger slowly stop on “Nightingale”.


“Your Goldfinger’s Nightingale countdown: 30 days.”

Gu Yang sat up quietly. Fan Yuan’s arm was still hanging around his waist, he took Fan Yuan’s arm off, walked to the bathroom mirror, and carefully looked at himself in the mirror.

Nothing changed.

He really couldn’t think of what kind of gold finger the fairy tale “Nightingale” could bring him. When Gu Yang was seriously looking in the mirror, Fan Yuan’s voice suddenly came from behind.

“Changed back?”

Gu Yang was startled, turned his head and saw Fan Yuan leaning against the door of the bathroom, standing there for an unknown time.

Fan Yuan looked down at Gu Yang’s legs carefully, then turned his back suddenly.

“Put on your pants.”

Gu Yang looked down and immediately pulled down the hem of his shirt.

He had been in the state of a mermaid these days, causing him to almost forget to wear pants. At this time, he was not wearing anything except Fan Yuan’s shirt.

Wait! When he stuck out his butt and looked in the mirror just now, did Fan Yuan see it?

Gu Yang grabbed his clothes, passed by Fan Yuan, bowed his head and ran away.

Early the next morning, Fan Yuan and Gu Yang walked into the classroom together, and they were immediately greeted with cheers from the students.

Students from Class 1 of Grade Three rushed forward and surrounded Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, looking at them as if they were looking at rare animals, talking non-stop.

They couldn’t help it, the two of them were so weird, they asked for leave together when they came back from the math competition, and it was six days.

They were all in the third year of high school, who would dare not go to class for such a long time? Besides, it would be too coincidental to catch a cold all of a sudden.

So as soon as the two came to the classroom, they were immediately surrounded by enthusiastic classmates.

Pan Fei also wanted to squeeze in, but she was not tall and was blocked by several male classmates, but this did not prevent her from discovering the beauty in her small eyes.

She found that there was a strange aura between Fan Yuan and Gu Yang. The two obviously didn’t look at each other or speak, but they were different from the students around them.

Gu Yang put his hands in his pockets, leaning his shoulders against Fan Yuan’s.

Fan Yuan was holding a bottle of water, and happened to change places with Gu Yang when a male classmate was about to pat Gu Yang on the shoulder, causing the male classmate’s hand to pat on Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

Pan Fei noticed that Gu Yang’s school uniform was too big, she squeezed to the other side, bent slightly to look at the name on the pocket of Gu Yang’s school trousers.

“Fan Yuan…”

Pan Fei read these two words in a low voice, then stood up suddenly, grinning and squeezed out of the crowd, returned to her seat, took out her mobile phone, and typed with excitement.

“Wearing boyfriend’s clothes or something, it’s too hot, these two people can’t have lived together for that long!”

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