Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 30

Chapter 30

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When Fan Yuan took a step forward, Gu Yang took a step back.

He shook his hand and glanced at the palm of his left hand, thinking that he was wrong.

Fan Yuan’s favorability: 16 points.

Obviously it was another point, but Fan Yuan’s expression at this time was as if he was about to eat him.

Gu Yang also folded his wings behind his back, like a frightened little quail.

Suddenly footsteps came from the corridor, Fan Yuan stopped walking forward.

Hearing the sound of other people’s footsteps, Gu Yang panicked and got under the big desk.

In the small villa where Fan Yuan lived, there was usually only the one auntie, and the cleaning was done by hourly workers.

Usually, the aunt would never go upstairs if no one called, and Fan Yuan’s parents didn’t live here.

At this time, if Auntie came up, it must be to call Fan Yuan.

But Gu Yang was afraid that people would see the pair of big wings behind him, so he hid himself.

Fan Yuan walked to the door and blocked Auntie.

The aunt held a box of alcohol pads in her hand, handed it to Fan Yuan, said a few words to Fan Yuan, and left.

Fan Yuan walked into the study with the alcohol pad. At this time, Gu Yang was about to crawl out from under the table, but Fan Yuan, who was sitting back on the chair, pushed him in again.

Gu Yang shrank under the table. Seeing Fan Yuan’s long legs blocking his exit, he wanted to push him, but thought of Fan Yuan’s gloomy eyes just now. He didn’t dare, so he could only pull Fan Yuan’s trouser legs cautiously.

“Fan Yuan… let me come out?”

A small voice came from under the table. Fan Yuan took out the alcohol swab as if he couldn’t hear it, and wiped the four black words on the Hu Kou on his left hand.

As a result, after several alcohol swabs, the handwriting became a little lighter, but it was still very clear.

It can only be said that this brand of markers was not only waterproof, but also alcohol-resistant.

Gu Yang smelled alcohol under the table, carefully pressed his hand on Fan Yuan’s knee, poked his head out to look at Fan Yuan, but he could only see Fan Yuan’s chin.

“Fan Yuan…”

Gu Yang yelled again and again.

Fan Yuan finally looked down at him, and separated his legs slightly so that Gu Yang could get out a little bit. He kneeled in front of him, but couldn’t come out completely.

Gu Yang stretched out his hand to Fan Yuan: “Give me a few pieces of cotton with alcohol?”

The shirt on his body was still tattered, and the word “Fan Yuan” was very conspicuous on his white chest.

Fan Yuan held a piece of cotton with alcohol between his fingertips and handed it to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang stretched out his hand immediately, and Fan Yuan quickly retracted his hand.

He put the cotton with alcohol back on the table, and lifted Gu Yang’s chin with his index finger.

“Want to wipe?”

Gu Yang hesitated for a moment, but still nodded.

He felt that something bad would happen after he confessed.

Sure enough, Fan Yuan pressed Gu Yang’s head and pushed him in again.

“There is always punishment for doing bad things, don’t wipe it, keep it.”

Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s trouser legs and was squeezed between the table and him, neither sitting nor kneeling, he was wronged and didn’t know what to do.

Fortunately, within five minutes of blocking him, Fan Yuan took the chair back and opened the gap.

Gu Yang knelt on the ground, looking at Fan Yuan who retreated, feeling a little dazed.

Fan Yuan stretched out his hand to him: “Still coming out? Are you addicted?”

Gu Yang finally came to his senses, immediately put his hand on Fan Yuan’s palm, and crawled out.

As soon as he climbed out, he knelt on the chair and wanted to climb onto Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang was always like this, always trying to play tricks, always overturning him, not knowing how to run when he was being bullied, and only hid in the arms of the perpetrator while being wronged.

Fan Yuan stroked Gu Yang’s big wings soothingly, then pinched the back of his neck to let him down, and put his blank homework in front of him.

“You’ve played and made trouble, so it’s time to learn.”

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan’s left hand who handed over the homework with the words “Gu Yang’s Exclusive Property” written on the Hu Kou. Then he became honest and studied hard.

On the second day, Fan Yuan and Gu Yang walked into the classroom of Class 1, Grade 3.

The black masks of the same style on the two faces finally disappeared, but Fan Yuan wore a white glove on his left hand, while Gu Yang, who usually wore loose clothes, buttoned his shirt tightly to the top, and his school uniform was always on, pulled under the chin and wrapped tightly.

As soon as Fan Yuan, who was popular with everyone, came in, many students immediately asked him what happened to his left hand.

Fan Yuan replied: “Bitten by a pet at home, the wound cannot be exposed to the wind.”

Then a group of classmates comforted him: “What’s the matter? Don’t let the little pet get too used to things too much. It should be punished. Otherwise, it won’t have a long memory, and it will bite again next time.”

Fan Yuan smiled and replied: “The punishment had already been passed, and now it’s very good.”

Gu Yang leaned back against Fan Yuan, listening to Fan Yuan lying to his classmates without changing his face. His ears were slightly red, and he went back to his seat first.

But not all the students believed Fan Yuan’s words. For example, Pan Fei and the little sisters, or Li Ziyan, did not believe it.

Li Ziyan rubbed his chin, thinking that their Male God Fan had been too strange recently. There must be a monster since he didn’t remember when Fan Yuan’s family had a pet.

At this time, Meng Zhan hadn’t come yet, and no one stopped him. The reckless Li Ziyan took a bottle of water and walked over carelessly.

He passed through his classmates, unscrewed the bottle cap, and made a pose to drink water. His shoulder hit a certain classmate’s shoulder, his hand tilted, and half of the bottle of water spilled on Fan Yuan’s left hand.

The white gloves were soaked immediately, Li Ziyan said “I’m sorry” heartlessly, but his eyes were fixed on Fan Yuan, wanting to see him take off the gloves and take a good look at what’s wrong with his left hand.

Who knew that Fan Yuan didn’t take off his gloves even though they were wet, but just patted Li Ziyan’s shoulder with his wet left hand.

The tone was still gentle, but it made Li Ziyan shudder.

“It’s okay, Classmate Li.”

Gu Yang saw it, and immediately sat up straight. When Fan Yuan came over, he got out of the seat inside and sat outside on his own initiative.

“You sit inside.”

Fan Yuan didn’t know what Gu Yang wanted to do, so he didn’t refuse, and took advantage of the opportunity to sit in the back seat.

Gu Yang held Fan Yuan’s wet gloved left hand in his bosom, took off the glove and threw it onto the table. He dried his hands with his school uniform coat, put Fan Yuan’s left hand in his bosom to the table, and pressed it with his chin.

With his face resting on Fan Yuan’s left hand, he looked sideways at Fan Yuan with an expression of wanting to be praised.

“Look, I’ll cover it for you, no one can see it.”

Fan Yuan touched Gu Yang’s neck with his fingertips, and gently hooked it, causing Gu Yang to squint his eyes and rub against Fan Yuan’s palm.

“Don’t move around, it’s very itchy.”

Fan Yuan originally wanted to say that Gu Yang was stupid, but he didn’t say it, and let Gu Yang hold his hand like holding a baby.

There was a “click”.

Pan Fei in the front seat suddenly looked back at Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, then bent down:

“Hey, I dropped my pen.”

Fan Yuan and Gu Yang didn’t pay much attention to her. The morning self-study was very quiet, and the students in Class 1, Grade 3 were all studying hard.

Gu Yang pressed his cheek against Fan Yuan’s palm, and laid down on the table, writing the question again and again. In fact, his attention was all on Fan Yuan.

He seemed determined to hold Fan Yuan’s left hand the entire time. After Fan Yuan finished writing a page of questions, he immediately went to help Fan Yuan turn the page. Fan Yuan wanted to drink water, so he immediately helped Fan Yuan unscrew the bottle cap and hand it over.

Anyway, no matter what Fan Yuan did, Gu Yang would intervene and try to take care of Fan Yuan as a disabled person without a left hand.

Fan Yuan didn’t stop it and he seemed to be enjoying it. The left hand that was pressed by Gu Yang scratched Gu Yang’s chin from time to time, or drew circles on Gu Yang’s small Adam’s apple as if he had found a new toy.

Gu Yang had reversed his day and night recently, so the morning was when he felt sleepy. His eyes were half-closed, and he was listless.

Fan Yuan looked at him a few times, then reached out to Gu Yang’s earlobe with his slender fingertips and pinched it twice.

“Go to sleep. The dean has something to do these days. He’s not at school. No one will watch the surveillance.”

As soon as Gu Yang heard this, he immediately fell down. As soon as he went down on the zipper of the collar of the school uniform, he felt uncomfortable.

He looked around cautiously, and saw that no one was looking back, so he unzipped the top zipper and undid two buttons of the shirt that had been around his neck, and then sighed comfortably, then laid back on Fan Yuan’s left hand.

Fan Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly. When Gu Yang unbuttoned his shirt just now, he could see a corner of the dark strokes around the collarbone from the open neckline.

At this time, his left hand was pressed by Gu Yang, and his fingertips moved, sliding along Gu Yang’s collarbone twice.

Gu Yang rubbed Fan Yuan’s hand in a daze, and muttered: “Don’t move around, let me sleep for a while.”

Pan Fei in the front row didn’t know how many times this morning she dropped her pen and turned around to pick it up, then she would turn around to pass a note to the little sister beside him.

“See anything?”

“No, Gu Yang blocked it too tightly, I can’t see what is on Fan Yuan’s left hand at all.”

“Look again.”

Without the risk factor of the dean who would watch the monitor at any time, Gu Yang slept soundly during this class. As if dreaming of something delicious, he moved his lips, and bit Fan Yuan’s pinky into his mouth. His teeth were sharp. Biting his finger, he grinded back and forth, and occasionally pushed it with the tip of his tongue.

Fan Yuan’s writing hand paused, he put down the pen and moved closer to Gu Yang. He saw that Gu Yang’s eyes were closed tightly, brows and eyes relaxed, he was sleeping peacefully and comfortably with Fan Yuan’s pinky in his mouth; grinding his teeth, he couldn’t be more comfortable.

He bit down hard, it was unclear if he was gnawing on a bone in his dream or what, but he almost broke Fan Yuan’s pinky.

Fan Yuan “hissed”, immediately stretched out his hand to grab Gu Yang’s chin, lifted his chin and shook it.

Gu Yang slowly opened his eyes. With Fan Yuan’s pinky still in his mouth, his voice was vague: “What are you doing?”


Pan Fei dropped her pen again.

Fan Yuan pinched Gu Yang’s chin with his right hand and shook his left pinky against Gu Yang’s tongue.

“Open your mouth.”

Gu Yang was not conscious, but his body was obedient, and he opened his mouth immediately.

Fan Yuan withdrew his hand, the first two knuckles of his pinky were bitten and were full of tooth marks, red and congested.

Pan Fei picked up the pen and stood up, just in time to see the words “Gu Yang’s Exclusive Property” on Fan Yuan’s left hand, and the two half-covered handwriting on Gu Yang’s half-open neckline.

Pan Fei picked up the pen with a blank expression, turned around with a blank expression, and passed a note to her table mate with a blank expression.

“I saw it, I saw it!!! On the Hu Kou were the four characters Gu Yang’s exclusive property!!! And on Gu Yang’s chest, it seems to be the word Fan Yuan!!”

The little sister also replied blankly, but she used more and more exclamation marks.

“D*mn it!!! Did these two people get tattoos!!! It’s FANTASTIC!!!”

On the other side, Gu Yang’s brain was still dazed. Looking at Fan Yuan’s bitten red pinky, he stretched out his hand, pinched it, then subconsciously pulled it towards his chest. He pressed his arms up, his chin down, and rubbed Fan Yuan’s palm. He turned his head to look at Fan Yuan, the corners of his mouth curled up, and he smiled obediently and flatteringly.

“Let me sleep a little longer.”

Fan Yuan let out a breath, and hooked his fingertips on Gu Yang’s chin again and again, like soothing a small animal.

Gu Yang quickly fell asleep again, and once he fell asleep, he clicked his mouth twice and bit Fan Yuan’s finger again.

Fan Yuan moved his fingertips, and he followed him.

During the lunch break, Gu Yang buttoned up his shirt, zipped up his school uniform jacket, and prepared to have food with Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan picked up the crumpled glove from the table to put on, but Gu Yang snatched it away and threw it into the trash can.

Gu Yang pulled down his overly long sleeves, tucked his hands in the sleeves, reached out to Fan Yuan, shaking the long sleeves.

“Come on, give me your hand.”

Fan Yuan stared at Gu Yang’s hand tucked into his sleeve for a long time, until Gu Yang thought he was unwilling, then slowly stretched out his hand and put it into Gu Yang’s school uniform sleeve.

Gu Yang immediately held Fan Yuan’s hand, and the two of them hid their hands in their sleeves together and walked towards the cafeteria.

Along the way, many students looked at them from time to time. Gu Yang shrank away from Fan Yuan’s side, and the palms of Fan Yuan’s hands were sweating a little.

Gu Yang didn’t think much about it at first, but being seen by his classmates at this time, he realized that holding hands with Fan Yuan in public was a bit prominent.

Fan Yuan’s expression was calm, he lifted the hands that the two held together hidden in his sleeves and shook them.

“What are you afraid of?”

Gu Yang’s face slowly turned red, and he stammered: “I, I’m not afraid.”

As he said that, his body also leaned tightly to Fan Yuan’s side, proving that he was not afraid.

The two didn’t eat in the cafeteria, but bought something to go back to class.

The main reason was that there were too many classmates peeking at them.

In the afternoon, Gu Yang still held Fan Yuan’s left hand.

Fan Yuan still flipped through the book and did the questions without any delay. The left hand that was pressed by Gu Yang tickled Gu Yang’s chin from time to time, and pinched Gu Yang’s neck, as if he was having fun.

After school, Fan Yuan packed up his things, put his left hand back in his pocket and walked out.

Seeing Fan Yuan put his hand in his pocket, Gu Yang was a little dumbfounded.

Obviously it was such a simple thing to put your hands in your pockets, but he turned it into holding hands and went to the cafeteria so high-profile and conspicuous.

But when Gu Yang thought of Fan Yuan’s cooperation with him in silence, he felt a little proud.

He followed Fan Yuan out of the school gate, and was about to follow Fan Yuan into his car as usual when Fan Yuan blocked him.

“Not today.”

Gu Yang still wanted to squeeze in: “Why not?”

Fan Yuan got into the car, holding the car door to block Gu Yang out.

“I have something to do, you go home tonight.”

Gu Yang didn’t want to, so he buried his head and wanted to squeeze in.

However, when Fan Yuan got serious, Gu Yang was not Fan Yuan’s opponent at all, he could only watch the car door close, driving Fan Yuan away.

Gu Yang angrily kicked away a stone, then returned to the home he hadn’t returned to for a long time.

Originally, because of “Nightingale”, he wasn’t sleepy at night. Since he was very energetic all night, he wanted to get up to study, but he unconsciously wrote the word “Fan Yuan” in the exercise book.

The next morning, Gu Yang went to school early and stood at the school gate waiting for Fan Yuan.

As soon as the Fan family car arrived, he rushed over immediately.

Fan Yuan got out of the car, wearing a new white glove on his left hand. He was a little surprised to see Gu Yang.

“Why are you…” Before he finished speaking, Gu Yang rushed into his arms, wrapped his hands around his neck, and wrapped his legs around him too.

There were people coming and going at the gate of the school, and it was the peak time of going to school in the morning, full of students.

The movement of Fan Yuan and Gu Yang immediately attracted the attention of the students passing by, and they all peeked over.

Gu Yang hung onto Fan Yuan and refused to go down no matter what.

Fan Yuan patted Gu Yang’s back with his white gloved left hand: “Come down first.”

Gu Yang rubbed his forehead against Fan Yuan’s neck and shook his head vigorously: “No, I won’t come down. Fan Yuan, you won’t let me go to your house and you left me at school. How can you do that? Treat me well sometimes, then after a while, you distance yourself from me, you are really bad, no one can be worse than you.”

He expressed his grievance, his voice was choked with sobs. He buried his face in Fan Yuan’s neck, Fan Yuan didn’t know if he was crying or not.

Not only the students but also the teachers came and went around, the familiar teachers were already looking over.

Fan Yuan could only hug Gu Yang and sit back in the car.

He asked the driver to drive the car into the alley and sent the driver away first.

Gu Yang was still curled up on Fan Yuan’s body, nestled in his arms, quietly like a big baby.

Fan Yuan raised his hand to comfort Gu Yang’s thin back: “Raise your head, let me see.”

Only then did Gu Yang slowly raise his head. He was sitting on Fan Yuan’s body, a little taller than Fan Yuan, with his head lowered, revealing a pair of red eyes, apparently he had been holding back so as not to cry.

Fan Yuan laughed at him: “Why were you wronged?”

Gu Yang shook his head: “There is no grievance.”

Having said that, his mouth couldn’t help but twitch.

“Just because I didn’t take you home last night?”

As Fan Yuan said this, he searched for something from the backpack on one side.

Gu Yang didn’t nod when he heard this, he just put his head back into Fan Yuan’s neck again.

Fan Yuan took out a small box from his backpack, and touched Gu Yang’s ear with the cold edge of the box.

Gu Yang dodged for a while, raised his head, and looked at the small box in Fan Yuan’s hand.

“What’s this?”

Fan Yuan handed the box over: “Didn’t you want a collar?”

Gu Yang’s heart skipped a beat, his back started to feel hot, and his wings almost grew out.

He took the small box and slowly opened it under Fan Yuan’s sight.

Inside the box laid a necklace, a leather loop with comfortable velvet inside. A freesia studded with diamonds hung on the front, and two English letters-“GY” were engraved on the inside.

Gu Yang liked it very much, touched the two letters “GY” with his fingertips, then raised his head and asked Fan Yuan:

“Why not FY?”

Fan Yuan froze for a moment, looked at Gu Yang quietly with black eyes, and remained silent for a while.

The car was parked in the alley, the light was dim, and the surroundings were quiet.

Seeing that Fan Yuan didn’t speak, Gu Yang turned around and took out a pen and handed it to Fan Yuan.

He turned his body sideways, opened the zipper, exposed his slender neck, and tapped the side of his neck with his fingertips.

“Write it for me, write FY here.”

Fan Yuan didn’t move the pen in his hand.

Gu Yang urged his wrist and pushed his neck forward again.

“Write it.”

Fan Yuan’s Adam’s apple moved slightly, and he slowly opened the cap of the pen. The slight noise seemed to be a switch.

The tip of the carbon pen was thin, not as rough as a marker pen, and it was slightly itchy when touching the skin.

Gu Yang squinted his eyes, and shrank his shoulders, but he didn’t dodge.

Fan Yuan slowly and neatly wrote down the two English letters “FY” on the side of Gu Yang’s neck, and at the end he traced it again and bolded it.

Seeing that he finished writing, Gu Yang handed the necklace to Fan Yuan again, and motioned Fan Yuan to put it on for him.

The pitch-black necklace was stuck on the neck, covering the two letters “FY”, and the freesia pendant on the front swayed slightly with Gu Yang’s movements.

Fan Yuan raised his fingertips and lightly touched the place blocked by the necklace where the letters FY were written.

No one but the two of them knew what was hidden under the necklace.

Gu Yang touched the necklace on his neck, he had long forgotten the previous grievances, and touched the freesia pendant fondly.

He had seen this kind of necklace on some girls’ necks. It comes in various colors, lace or leather. This thing had been very popular for a while.

Satisfied, Gu Yang put down his hand and grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve.

“Let’s go, it’s time for class.”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, just stared at him.

After watching for a long time, Gu Yang tilted his head in suspicion, before Fan Yuan took Gu Yang out of the car.

The diamonds on the freesia were shining brightly in the sunlight, Fan Yuan stretched out his left hand with a snow-white glove to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang immediately put his right hand in it, and the two walked towards the school together.

Pan Fei, who was anxiously waiting at the door of the classroom, saw Fan Yuan and Gu Yang walking over holding hands, and immediately noticed the necklace on Gu Yang’s neck.

She didn’t react for a while and blocked the door.

Gu Yang and Fan Yuan came over, Gu Yang smiled at Pan Fei.

“Student Pan, why are you in a daze?”

Pan Fei let out an “ah”, and immediately reacted and stepped back a few steps to make way for the door.

Seeing Fan Yuan and Gu Yang walk in, she slapped her forehead again and chased after them.

“Gu Yang!”

Gu Yang looked back at Pan Fei: “What’s wrong?”

Pan Fei was a little nervous: “Just, that’s right, my birthday is on Saturday night, will you come to play?”

Gu Yang nodded cheerfully: “Okay, can I bring someone with me?”

Pan Fei was so excited that she wanted to cover her mouth, held back, and nodded vigorously: “Of course, who do you want to take?”

Gu Yang pulled Fan Yuan towards him: “Just him.”

Standing behind Gu Yang, Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s right hand with his left hand wearing a white glove, glanced at Pan Fei faintly from the side, and immediately turned his gaze back to Gu Yang.

The two returned to their seats. Fan Yuan let go of his hand, and went to pinch the back of Gu Yang’s neck instead.

Gu Yang squinted his eyes and looked at him innocently.

The gloved fingertips left a rough touch on Gu Yang’s skin, Fan Yuan said softly:

“Okay, Gu Yang, are you starting to make decisions for me?”

Gu Yang tilted his head back and rubbed his ear against Fan Yuan’s wrist flatteringly.

“It’s a combination of work and rest, you can’t just keep studying.”

Fan Yuan withdrew his hand, his fingers slid across the place where the two letters “FY” were hidden.

“This is not to be repeated.”

The author has something to say: Marker pen: What are you excited about? Sit down, sit down!

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