Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 31

Chapter 31

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Saturday night.

Gu Yang and Fan Yuan arrived at the hot pot restaurant they had arranged with Pan Fei as promised, both of them had taken off their school uniforms and were wearing the same casual clothes, even the color was the same.

When they arrived at the door, Gu Yang took out his cell phone and called Pan Fei.

Since Fan Yuan’s mobile phone fell from the roof last time, Fan Yuan had not bought a new mobile phone.

Gu Yang mentioned it, but Fan Yuan showed an indifferent attitude.

Usually, if there was anything that required contacting someone, they always used Gu Yang’s mobile phone.

Gu Yang thought about giving Fan Yuan a mobile phone, but Fan Yuan stopped him in the end. When Gu Yang thought that everyone would call him if they wanted to find Fan Yuan, Gu Yang felt quite happy, so he let Fan Yuan go.

After hanging up the phone, Pan Fei quickly ran out and took the two of them to the private room.

As soon as they entered the private room, Gu Yang was so shocked that he didn’t dare to move.

Around the big roundtable in the private room, a circle of girls looked at them excitedly.

Some were from their class, and some were from other classes, but most of them were unknown to Gu Yang.

Seeing Fan Yuan and Gu Yang come in at this time, they all turned their heads to look at them.

Gu Yang couldn’t help but tighten his grip on Fan Yuan’s sleeves, and hid behind Fan Yuan:

“There are quite a lot of people…”

Pan Fei was a little embarrassed, her cheeks were a little red.

These little sisters were all from her small group. After hearing that Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were coming for Pan Fei’s birthday, those who had time and those who didn’t, frantically squeezed out time to celebrate her birthday with her.

Seeing these little girls, Fan Yuan was still very calm, and first gave out the gifts he and Gu Yang had prepared.

It was a bracelet and a digital screen.

The digital screen was Gu Yang’s idea, he thought that Pan Fei liked to draw.

Pan Fei was even happier when she received the gift, and she kept assuring the two of them that she would make good use of this digital screen for drawing.

That excited gaze made Gu Yang feel a little uncomfortable.

Before starting to eat, Gu Yang went to the back kitchen of the hotpot restaurant, and came back after carefully asking if there were any peanuts in the bottom of the pot.

As soon as he came back, he specially brought a bowl of dipping sauce that he made himself, relatively light, without peanuts, and put it in front of Fan Yuan, while in front of him was a bowl of dipping sauce that couldn’t be redder.

Fan Yuan was severely allergic to peanuts, it didn’t take much, one bite could put him in the hospital.

Gu Yang pushed the dipping material in front of Fan Yuan, with a look of asking for credit.

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, but raised his hand to rest on the back of the chair behind Gu Yang.

Gu Yang leaned back and leaned his head sideways on Fan Yuan’s arm.

The room was quiet for a while, Gu Yang looked at the little girls suspiciously.

Pan Fei immediately stood up to liven up the atmosphere, and patted the shoulders of the two little sisters beside her, signaling them to pay attention, don’t look stupid and forget to speak.

The atmosphere finally became lively, the girls were all very cheerful, but they wanted to ask Gu Yang some weird questions from time to time.

“Gu Yang, when you usually take a shower, which hand do you use to apply the shower gel?”

“Gu Yang, how do you wash your back?”

“Gu Yang, who do you think you have the best relationship with?”

Gu Yang ate until his lips were red, he bit his chopsticks and thought.

“I haven’t paid much attention to it. You must use both hands in the shower. As for the back…”

Gu Yang didn’t say the rest, but his eyes fell on Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan took out a tissue and pressed it to the corner of Gu Yang’s mouth.

“Eat well, let’s talk after eating.”

Gu Yang honestly asked Fan Yuan to wipe his mouth, and after wiping his mouth, he handed over his hand, asking Fan Yuan to wipe his hands.

Fan Yuan directly took out a tissue and stuffed it into his hand, then turned his head and ignored him.

Gu Yang rumpled the tissue in his hand into a ball of regret, then threw it back on the table.

Although Gu Yang didn’t say it clearly, the girls seemed to have gotten the answers they wanted, and looked at each other, all very excited.

“Write it down, write it down, write it all down!”

After the meal, the group went to the nearest ktv. It was obvious that Fan Yuan was the one who was always gentle, polite and smiling, but the girls were a little cowardly against Fan Yuan.

They surrounded Gu Yang and asked him to sing.

Gu Yang was a little crazy when he plays, so he took the microphone and sang several songs in a row, then stopped and sat back beside Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan was leaning on the sofa and watching the screen seriously, but he didn’t look at him when he sat back.

The lights in the ktv were very dim, so Gu Yang squeezed to the side of Fan Yuan.

“Did I sing well?” He leaned into Fan Yuan’s ear and asked.

Fan Yuan turned his face sideways and pushed Gu Yang’s head away.

“Sit properly.”

Gu Yang wanted to squeeze in again, but Fan Yuan stood up and pushed Gu Yang to sit inside, and sat outside by himself.

As a result, Gu Yang sat on the innermost side and stopped squeezing in, and started to squeeze outside.

Anyway, no matter where he sat, he would squeeze against Fan Yuan.

The girls were tired of singing and gathered together and it was unknow what they were muttering about, and soon someone brought in many bottles of beer.

Pan Fei took out a piece of lipstick from her bag and placed it in the middle of the round table, turned down the volume of the music, and called everyone to come and play the game.

“Let’s play truth or dare? See this lipstick? I’ll spin it in a minute, whoever it’s pointed at will have to choose to answer a question or take a dare, and if not, take a drink !”

This was an old party game, but it was very new to Gu Yang, he had never played it.

He poked his head out from the corner, put his hands on Fan Yuan’s legs, leaned forward, and looked at the lipstick in Pan Fei’s hand.

Pan Fei placed the lipstick in the middle of the table: “I’ll turn the first round, and whoever it points to next time will spin it next.”

After the words fell, Pan Fei turned the lipstick vigorously.

The lipstick turned quickly, and finally aimed at one of the girls.

There were a few strange sighs from the group of girls, as if they were very disappointed.

They asked a random question, let the girl go, and started to turn the lipstick next time.

Gu Yang sat in the corner, stretched out a little tired, and finally laid down on Fan Yuan’s lap, holding Fan Yuan’s left hand with the white glove in his hand to play with.

Fan Yuan lowered his eyes, and could see a section of Gu Yang’s slender neck, on which he wore a leather necklace. Under the necklace was a secret that only the two people knew.

Gu Yang saw that the questions asked among the girls were quite casual, so he felt that this game was not difficult, and he was a little eager to try it.

When the lipstick was finally aimed at Gu Yang slowly, the girls cheered a little.

Gu Yang was also very excited. He half propped up his body, and asked them: “What do you want to ask? Quick, ask quickly!”

Pan Fei and several little sisters joined together and gave the response.

“Gu Yang, look how boring it is to ask questions, why don’t you choose a dare, we promise, we will never make things difficult for you.”

Gu Yang thought for a while, then looked up at Fan Yuan. Fan Yuan was expressionless, so Gu Yang nodded.

“Okay, what dare?”

Pan Fei shrank her hands behind her back and made a “yeah” gesture to the other sisters, took out a box of finger biscuits, and handed it to Gu Yang.

“Here, you choose someone to eat a biscuit with you.”

Gu Yang squeezed the biscuit and immediately went to look at Fan Yuan, the meaning was self-evident.

Pan Fei smiled clearly, and asked Gu Yang to open the biscuit box.

Finger biscuits were long biscuits, not too long, but not short.

Pan Fei was obviously looking forward to it but pretended to be calm: “Gu Yang, you and the person you have chosen each bite one side, and eat a biscuit together, if you break the biscuit before finishing eating, you have to drink!”

Gu Yang froze for a moment, his ears turned red quickly.

He took out a biscuit and looked at Fan Yuan with some hesitation.

Fan Yuan seemed to have expected it a long time ago, took it directly, biting one side by himself, and moving closer to Gu Yang.

But when getting close to Gu Yang, Fan Yuan turned around and blocked Gu Yang, Pan Fei and the others couldn’t see the two of them eating the biscuit at all.

Gu Yang looked at the biscuit on Fan Yuan’s mouth, obviously he always squeezed towards Fan Yuan’s side, but now he felt inexplicably nervous.

He was sitting in the corner, blocked by Fan Yuan, and no one could see him except Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang pursed his lips unconsciously, sat forward a little, raised his hands to hold Fan Yuan’s shoulders, slightly lifted his chin and bit the other side of the biscuit.

He took every bite carefully, looking into Fan Yuan’s eyes while biting.

Under the dim light, he couldn’t see anything in Fan Yuan’s black eyes.

As the biscuit got shorter and shorter, the distance between the two of them was infinitely closer, and his familiar breath sprayed gently on the face.

Seeing that Gu Yang was about to touch Fan Yuan’s lips with another bite, Gu Yang was a little nervous, but he was more looking forward to it.

He closed his eyes, opened his mouth and moved forward.

With a “click”, the biscuit was bitten off by Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan turned his head sideways and ate the broken biscuit, avoiding Gu Yang’s approaching lips.

Gu Yang opened his eyes, feeling a little lost.

Pan Fei also felt that it was a pity, but she still pushed the glass of beer that had been filled long ago towards Gu Yang.

“If you lose, you have to drink!”

Gu Yang took a look at Fan Yuan, picked up his alcohol glass angrily and drank it clean.

After drinking, he squeezed into Fan Yuan’s arms again, rubbing his head against Fan Yuan’s neck, pretending to be drunk.

“Fan Yuan, I seem to be drunk.”

The girls obviously didn’t expect Gu Yang to be down after one cup, and looked at Gu Yang who buried his face in Fan Yuan’s arms, they were a little dazed.

“This… are you still playing?” Pan Fei asked.

In fact, she was asking Fan Yuan, but Gu Yang who had been giggling suddenly turned his head to look at her, and said super loudly:

“Play! Of course I want to play! It’s not over yet!”

As Gu Yang spoke, he rubbed against Fan Yuan’s body again. The two of them sat in the corner and stuck close to each other, and the faces of the girls who were close to them blushed.

But Gu Yang didn’t know it, he almost sat on Fan Yuan’s lap.

Fan Yuan tugged at Gu Yang and patted his back like a warning.

“Be honest.”

Pan Fei put the lipstick back on the center of the table: “Then… shall we play again?”

Fan Yuan didn’t object, Pan Fei immediately turned the lipstick.

She originally wanted to end this game quickly, since Gu Yang was already drunk anyway, there was nothing else to play.

Unexpectedly, in the last round, the lid of the lipstick wobbled towards Fan Yuan and stopped.

Pan Fei looked at their Class Monitor Fan, and before she could come up with something to ask, Fan Yuan picked up the alcohol glass that Gu Yang used just now, and took the initiative to fill it up with beer.

“I’ll drink alcohol.”

The meaning was clear, he didn’t want to answer the questions, and he didn’t want to take part in any dares.

Pan Fei didn’t dare to stop him, so she watched Fan Yuan drink up the alcohol in the glass in one go.

Seeing this, the little sisters also stopped their playful thoughts, rushed over to sing again, and handed over the corner to Gu Yang and Fan Yuan.

Midway through, Pan Fei and a little sister went out to the bathroom.

After a while, only the little sister ran back in a panic.

“It’s bad, it’s bad! Someone wants to trouble Pan Fei!”

Before she finished speaking, Gu Yang rushed out first.

In the corridor next to the ktv hall, Pan Fei was harrassed in a corner by a few rascals. Pan Fei was so anxious that she was about to cry.

Gu Yang rushed over and pushed the little b*stard with a fierce tone:

“Go away!”

The hoodlums looked like they had drunk too much alcohol, and they looked at Gu Yang’s face with drunk eyes.

“Hey, there’s another little sister, just in time, let’s play together!”

Gu Yang pursed his lips, then suddenly raised his foot and kicked out.

The hoodlum who spoke rudely was kicked to the ground, and seeing this, the other hoodlums rushed over to beat Gu Yang immediately.

The few girls who rushed over from behind Gu Yang screamed and exclaimed, boldly throwing things around them at those hoodlums.

It turns out that the original Gu Yang was a person who often fought, but Gu Yang was not. All of Gu Yang’s fighting skills came from some simple taekwondo that he had learned before.

But what he learned was just superficial tricks in class, so how could he be the opponent of these little hoodlums?

After a few blows, he was kicked on the lower back by a hoodlum, and he staggered and fell to his knees.

Pan Fei screamed and wanted to rush over, and the girls were in a mess, obviously terrified.

The little b*stard who kicked Gu Yang wasn’t able to feel complacent for a long time as he was hit on the head by an alcohol bottle, and blood was seen instantly.

The little hoodlum crouched down covering his bloody head, revealing Fan Yuan standing behind him holding a broken alcohol bottle.

Fan Yuan still had a polite appearance as he casually threw the blood-stained alcohol bottle aside.

Seeing the blood, the hoodlums’ eyes turned red and they all shifted their target and rushed towards Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan had sharp hands and feet, long hands and long legs, and he beat the people only where it hurts, and he beat the people like he wanted their lives, scaring the little girls who wanted to pounce on the hoodlums to back away a few steps.

They had never seen such a Fan Yuan.

So harsh, crazy, even scary.

Gu Yang stood up from the ground to help, but just when he kicked out, Fan Yuan grabbed his wrist and threw him behind him.

“You wait nicely!”

Gu Yang froze for a moment, then nodded, watching Fan Yuan fight.

Fan Yuan’s beating became more and more fierce, as if he wanted their life. Several hoodlums were knocked to the ground by him, but he didn’t stop, still kicking and stepping on them one by one.

Finally, Pan Fei couldn’t hold back her fright and cried, crying and shouting: “Don’t hit them, don’t hit them, they’re going to die!”

Fan Yuan’s eyes were red, his face was a bit ferocious, but there was still a smile on his mouth.

The girls couldn’t stop backing away, and the security guards who rushed over were a little stunned; there were only the wailing sounds of a few hoodlums around them.

Gu Yang patted one of the girls on the shoulder: “Can you take everyone back to the private room first? I’ll stay here.”

The girl nodded stupidly, and Gu Yang stepped forward to hold Fan Yuan’s hand.

Fan Yuan paused, still kicking and beating the person who fell on the ground.

Gu Yang put his cheek on Fan Yuan’s back, and wrapped his hands around Fan Yuan’s waist from behind.

He tiptoed up to Fan Yuan’s ear and whispered, “Fan Yuan, my wings are going to grow.”

Fan Yuan finally stopped, turned around and raised his hand to pinch Gu Yang’s chin forcefully.

It was unclear whose blood was on his hands, staining his fingertips.

Gu Yang felt a little hurt from being pinched, squinted his eyes slightly, and leaned pitifully on Fan Yuan’s body.

“Fan Yuan, my back hurts.”

Fan Yuan seemed to be observing Gu Yang’s expression, aggrieved, pitiful, dependent, and trusting.

Only there was no fear.

Gu Yang was not afraid of him.

Fan Yuan let go of his hand and suddenly picked up Gu Yang and passed through the crowd and left. No one dared to stop him after seeing his fierce appearance.

He carried Gu Yang to a safe passage where no one looked after, all the way up to the empty top floor.

The slightly cool night wind suddenly wound around his skin and Gu Yang’s body trembled. He rubbed against Fan Yuan’s neck with his ears.

There were surveillance cameras everywhere in the ktv, and the toilets were crowded and messy, so Fan Yuan took Gu Yang to the top floor.

He turned around and locked the door on the top floor. After checking that there was no surveillance, he found a corner to put Gu Yang down.

Fan Yuan took off his coat and put it on the ground, letting Gu Yang sit on it.

Gu Yang sat on the clothes, clasped his hands on the ground, lowered his head, looking very uncomfortable.

Fan Yuan sat next to Gu Yang, and Gu Yang immediately threw himself onto Fan Yuan’s lap.

Gu Yang reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s neck, climbed up little by little, then finally sat with his arms around Fan Yuan’s neck.

In the darkness, Fan Yuan stretched out his hand and unbuttoned Gu Yang’s button slowly.

The buttons were slowly unbuttoned, the clothes on the back slid down, and the jet-black wings stretched out to cover the sky and the sun.

There seemed to be black feathers falling in the air, so beautiful and so different.

The wings stretched out, and the discomfort in the body subsided.

When the night wind blew, Gu Yang’s somewhat chaotic brain became clearer.

There was a moment of silence between the two of them. Gu Yang nestled in Fan Yuan’s arms obediently, watching the tall buildings in the distance and the lights reflected from downstairs.

He hid his warm cheeks into Fan Yuan’s neck, and didn’t say a word about the fight just now.

“Fan Yuan, why did you bite off the biscuit just now?”

Fan Yuan patted Gu Yang’s back with one hand, but said nothing.

Gu Yang couldn’t get an answer, but he was not ready to give up and wanted to make a fuss. He put his hands on Fan Yuan’s waist to tickle him.

However, Fan Yuan didn’t seem to be afraid of tickles, no matter how Gu Yang scratched, Fan Yuan didn’t move; he just patted Gu Yang’s back with his right hand again and again, or touched the base of his wings lightly.

Gu Yang was upset when he touched it, he opened his mouth and bit Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

Fan Yuan suddenly raised his hand, hooked the necklace around Gu Yang’s neck with his fingertips and pulled it down, revealing the two English letters FY.

He thought he would see two letters that would be almost gone, writing blurred, but he didn’t expect that the two English letters were still clear, with slightly messy edges. Obviously Gu Yang himself traced them with a pen later.

Maybe it’s because of today’s turmoil, maybe it’s because of the dark surroundings.

Fan Yuan, who had always been restrained and cautious, suddenly didn’t want to restrain himself so much, he lowered his head to the FY on Gu Yang’s neck.

Gu Yang’s shoulders flinched, and he raised his hands to wrap around Fan Yuan’s neck tightly.

His head was tilted back, actively revealing his white neck. The necklace was pushed aside by Fan Yuan, which hung on his neck a little askew.

Fan Yuan bit down on the two letters FY.

Gu Yang raised his head. Seeing the colorful lights downstairs in front of his eyes, his brain was dizzy, and the side of his neck was as hot as  fire.

Not only the side of his neck, but his heart, his limbs and bones all began to heat up.

Gu Yang raised his hand to grab the black hair on the back of Fan Yuan’s head, inserted his fingertips into the hair, and unconsciously tightened his hand.

He groaned and raised his head, his voice small and dependent.

“Fan Yuan, it hurts a little…”

Fan Yuan was stunned for a moment, and finally raised his head from Gu Yang’s neck.

The jet-black letters of FY were smudged by a deep red trace, and they were very conspicuous with the wet light.

Fan Yuan raised his hand to help Gu Yang put on the necklace, and covered the two letters with the bright red background.


Gu Yang shrank his tingling neck, and squeezed into Fan Yuan’s arms again.

“I’m not squeamish.”

Fan Yuan lifted the black hair on Gu Yang’s forehead with his fingertips, and then let go.

The memories of the past brought up because of the fight before, and the violent emotions surging in his heart slowly dissipated at this moment.

Gu Yang suddenly called Fan Yuan’s name.

“Fan Yuan?”

Fan Yuan lowered his gloved fingers and gently pressed the back of Gu Yang’s neck, even the freesia pendant on the necklace dangled accordingly.


Gu Yang obediently let Fan Yuan pinch the back of his neck, controlling his fate.

“Actually, coming out to play was not as happy as I imagined.”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, but looked down at Gu Yang’s curly eyelashes.

Gu Yang suddenly turned over and laid on Fan Yuan’s lap, facing Fan Yuan above his head.

“Fan Yuan, take me home? I want to go home.”

Fan Yuan paused his fingertips, and lightly agreed.


Pan Fei and the little sisters waited in the box, waiting for someone sent by Fan Yuan to deal with the aftermath and take them home.

And a WeChat message from Gu Yang, but in Fan Yuan’s tone.

“Gu Yang is not feeling well, we are going home first, sorry.”

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