Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 32

Chapter 32

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The anticipated birthday party entertainment ended early, but Gu Yang was not unhappy.

He thought that when he got home, he could have an in-depth discussion with Fan Yuan, but as soon as he entered the house, he was ordered by Fan Yuan to study.

Before studying, Gu Yang was pressed onto the bed by Fan Yuan, and a bruise on his lower back was rubbed away with medicinal alcohol.

In fact, Fan Yuan originally planned to have Gu Yang use his own saliva on himself, but Gu Yang felt it was too disgusting, and refused to do so.

In the end, Fan Yuan could only do it himself, rubbing Gu Yang’s wounds back and forth, until Gu Yang almost cried from the pain.

After Fan Yuan rubbed Gu Yang’s wounds, he didn’t give him time to rest and pushed Gu Yang, who smelled like medicinal liquor, against the desk in the study room, and spread out one after another exercise questions in front of him.

“The monthly exam is coming, so learn as much as you can.”

Gu Yang touched the tingling spot on his neck, and touched the scalded wound on his lower back. He felt that Fan Yuan was a ruthless person who would throw away something after using it.

After the protest was to no avail, Gu Yang picked up a pen and started to calculate the problem aggrievedly, but Fan Yuan left the study, unclear what he was doing.

This monthly exam was very important to Gu Yang, after all, it was related to his reward, so Gu Yang quickly settled down to study, and after completing a set of exam papers, he put down his pen and ran out to find Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang thought Fan Yuan was doing something serious, who knew that Fan Yuan was sleeping in the bedroom.

The bedroom was pitch black, the curtains were drawn tightly, and there was no light in the room.

Fan Yuan was lying on the bed, breathing lightly.

Gu Yang walked in quietly and sat by the bed.

“Fan Yuan?”

Fan Yuan immediately opened his eyes, turned on the bedside lamp and sat up.

“Finished the questions?”

Gu Yang nodded: “You didn’t sleep?”

Fan Yuan’s eyes were clear, but he told a lie with his eyes open: “I slept.”

Seeing that Fan Yuan seemed to have something on his mind, Gu Yang didn’t bother him, climbed onto the bed from the other side, squeezed into Fan Yuan’s quilt, laid quietly and honestly, and accompanied Fan Yuan.

Normally, Fan Yuan would have pushed Gu Yang to prevent him from clinging too tightly, but today he just put his arm on Gu Yang’s back without moving.

The bedside lamp was turned off again, and the room fell into darkness again, and no one spoke.

However, Gu Yang was very energetic. Listening to Fan Yuan’s breathing, his heart was calm.

Lying down, his stomach growled twice.

This night was full of fun and fighting, which exhausted a lot of energy, and the hot pot he consumed was all digested.

Now in the middle of the night, Gu Yang started to feel hungry.

He listened carefully. Fan Yuan’s breathing was steady and long, and he should have fallen asleep.

Gu Yang laid down for a while, but still couldn’t resist, so he climbed down carefully from the bed, opened the bedroom door and got out.

In the dead of night.

Fan Yuan fell into a nightmare. What happened that night still inevitably reminded him of his previous torture.

In the dream, Fan Yuan returned to that deserted high-rise.

He experienced endless abuse and beatings there, and witnessed countless times of disgusting entanglements between kidnappers and prostitutes. In the end, everything sank into blood, as if he had never escaped and as if time had gone backwards. He was still the child who was helpless, struggling, looking forward to being rescued, but was abandoned by his family.

Fan Yuan struggled and resisted, then finally opened his eyes.

The room was dark and the surroundings were silent.

He stretched out his hand to the side, he knew that Gu Yang would definitely be lying next to him, he wanted to touch Gu Yang, to confirm his existence. For no reason, he just wanted to know that there was someone by his side.

But Fan Yuan’s hand was empty, the place next to him was empty, the bed was cold, and Gu Yang was not there.

In the darkness, Fan Yuan sat up.

Without turning on the light, he walked out of the bedroom slowly.

The study room, the guest bedroom, and the bathroom, Gu Yang was nowhere to be seen.

Fan Yuan stood in the corridor, facing the endless darkness in front of him, and the abyss behind him.

Sure enough, Gu Yang also ran away.

There was a sneer in the silence, and the expressions of his parents who kept retreating and full of horror played back in his mind over and over again.


Suddenly there was a loud noise in the night. Fan Yuan woke up from the memory, turned around and walked downstairs quickly.

The kitchen on the first floor.

The door of the refrigerator was wide open, and the contents inside had been turned over in a mess, only the light inside the refrigerator illuminated the surroundings.

Gu Yang carefully lifted up the stool that he had knocked down, and put it far away, only then he heaved a sigh of relief.

Just now he was eating too seriously, and knocked over the stool without paying attention, and the loud noise startled himself.

Gu Yang looked around and saw that the aunt living on the first floor didn’t seem to have woken up, so he ate the small cake in his hand with peace of mind.

Fan Yuan didn’t like sweets very much, but Gu Yang loved to eat them.

Ever since Gu Yang lived frequently at Fan Yuan’s house, the refrigerator in Fan Yuan’s house was always filled with all kinds of small cakes.

But Fan Yuan didn’t let Gu Yang eat too much, so Gu Yang always looked at the colorful little cakes and sighed.

He was really hungry tonight, and all kinds of delicacies kept flashing through his head, and finally he couldn’t help it, so he sneaked down and rummaged through the refrigerator to eat something.

Gu Yang ate happily, with a milk-flavored one in his left hand and a strawberry-flavored one in his right hand, the corners of his mouth, chin, and hands were covered with cream.

He swallowed the last bite of the strawberry-flavored cake in one gulp, and went to look for the blueberry-flavored cake in the refrigerator. Just as he took it out and wanted to bite it, the cake fell to the ground from his fright.

Fan Yuan at some unknown time had stood behind Gu Yang, but now he came out from the shadows and asked him softly:

“Is it tasty?”

Gu Yang turned his head stiffly. He saw Fan Yuan standing behind him with a gloomy face, his black eyes quietly looking at him in the middle of the night, Gu Yang couldn’t help trembling.

He took a step back and leaned his back against the open refrigerator door, and the cold air immediately swept up his back.

Gu Yang wanted to speak, but he hiccupped first.

He quickly covered his mouth, and stared at Fan Yuan with wide eyes.

Fan Yuan never let him eat too much sweets. Gu Yang looked at the small cake wrappers here and felt that his life was about to end.

Without getting an answer, Fan Yuan took another step forward, stood in front of Gu Yang, looked down at him, and asked again:

“Is it tasty?”

Gu Yang nodded cautiously. He immediately took out a piece of strawberry-flavored cake from the refrigerator, and handed it to Fan Yuan.

“Here! You eat too!”

He didn’t expect Fan Yuan to eat it, the main reason he did this was that he was just too frightened. Besides wanting Fan Yuan to eat cakes, and inviting him to join the team of stealing food late at night, Gu Yang didn’t know what else to do.

In the end, Fan Yuan squatted down unexpectedly, leaned forward slightly, leaned his head over to Gu Yang’s hand, and took a bite.

Fan Yuan picked the place where there was less cream to bite, which distorted the small cake crookedly, and a big strawberry on it slid down, and was about to fall.

Gu Yang exclaimed: “The strawberry is about to fall!”

Then he stuffed the rest of the small cake into his mouth in one gulp, gobbled it up and realized that it was for Fan Yuan. He immediately turned around and took another piece and handed it to Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan turned his head in distaste: “It’s too sweet.”

Gu Yang immediately put the small cake into his mouth, his mouth was stuffed, and his voice was ambiguous: “No, it’s delicious.”

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang who was squatting in front of him eating with cream all over his mouth and fingertips, the shadow in his black eyes gradually faded away.

He stretched out his fingertips, scraped a little cream from Gu Yang’s lips, and put it into his own mouth in front of Gu Yang.

Looking at the stupid Gu Yang, Fan Yuan chuckled lightly: “This sweetness is just right.”

After saying that, he stretched out his hand to Gu Yang again, grabbed all the cream from his lips, and swallowed it into his own mouth.

Gu Yang licked the corner of his mouth involuntarily, and the small cake in his hand fell to the ground again.

Fan Yuan picked up the two small cakes that fell on the ground and threw them into the trash can, dragged Gu Yang up, closed the refrigerator door, and turned on a small light.

“Don’t eat it. It’s not good to eat so much at night. It will be dawn in a few hours. We will have breakfast then.”

He pulled Gu Yang to the faucet of the cooking table, but first lowered his head slightly, sucked the cream from Gu Yang’s fingertips into his mouth, and then took Gu Yang’s hand and put it under the open water.

Gu Yang opened his mouth slightly, staring at Fan Yuan in a daze.

The light of the small lamp was very dim. Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan’s slightly soft profile in the dim light, and felt as if a small person was beating a drum crazily in his heart.

He immediately turned his eyes to the side and looked at the two people with entangled hands in the flowing water.

Fan Yuan’s fingertips were interspersed with Gu Yang’s fingertips, helping him to wash off the greasy cream.

Gu Yang looked at the small book in his left hand, the words on it were blurred and flickering under the impact of the water.

Fan Yuan’s favorability score was 18 points.

Gu Yang was a little dazed, his mind was confused.

Fan Yuan’s favorability for him suddenly increased by 2 points, which was simply unbelievable.

After washing off the cream on his hands, Fan Yuan turned off the faucet, took out a paper towel and wiped Gu Yang’s hand, one finger at a time.

In the end, he held Gu Yang’s fingertips, brought them to his lips, and kissed them lightly.

In an instant, a pair of pitch-black wings stretched out from Gu Yang’s back.

Fan Yuan seemed to be very satisfied with seeing the wings behind Gu Yang. He pulled Gu Yang hard, pulled him to his body, then reached behind Gu Yang, and touched the joint between Gu Yang’s back and wings with his fingertips. This seemed to tickle Gu Yang’s heart.

Gu Yang unconsciously grasped the front of Fan Yuan’s shirt, and let Fan Yuan bow his head to his ear.

It was obviously a familiar voice and aura, but at this moment it brought a new throbbing to Gu Yang.

Fan Yuan spoke into Gu Yang’s ear, and when he opened and closed his lips, he would occasionally touch Gu Yang’s thin ear.

“I don’t let you eat it, but you ate it. You should be punished later, right?”

Gu Yang’s heart was pounding, and he didn’t pay attention to what Fan Yuan said. When he turned his head to the side, his eyes were a little watery.


Fan Yuan pursed his lips. Without saying it a second time, he directly proved his determination to punish Gu Yang with his actions.

The aunt living on the first floor was not awakened by the sound of Gu Yang knocking down the chair, but was awakened by Gu Yang’s screams.

The Auntie ran out with her coat on, and saw their young master hugging his little classmate who had been living here recently, with his back to her.

The little student was hidden in the darkness, and she couldn’t see clearly. The auntie rubbed her eyes, as if she was a little dazzled, she felt that something moved in the darkness behind the little student.

Before the Auntie could take a closer look, Fan Yuan had already sent her away.

Gu Yang buried his face in Fan Yuan’s chest and rubbed the cream that hadn’t been wiped on Fan Yuan’s clothes. His shoulders were shaking, but this time it was because of pain.

That night, Gu Yang had the rare chance to fall asleep in the second half of the night, but he slept on his stomach.

The next day.

It was a busy time at school early in the morning.

Gu Yang got out of the car of Fan Yuan’s family, and without waiting for Fan Yuan, he rushed forward in three steps. After a few steps, he slowed down awkwardly. Although he tried to walk normally, it still looked a little awkward.

Fan Yuan got out of the car carrying two big bags, and followed Gu Yang slowly, and was not annoyed at being left behind by Gu Yang.

After entering the classroom, Gu Yang snatched the two big bags from Fan Yuan and put them on Pan Fei’s desk.

The two big bags were full of snacks, and they had everything.

Gu Yang put his things away and smiled at Pan Fei.

“Did you get scared last night? I saw that your friends were also scared, so I brought you some snacks. I didn’t have time to buy too many in the morning. I’ll bring you some more tomorrow.”

Only then did Pan Fei understand, and immediately waved her hand.

“Oh, you came to help me yesterday, why would be scared…”

In the end, Pan Fei secretly looked back at Fan Yuan, approached Gu Yang carefully, and said softly:

“Also, Class Monitor Fan was so fierce, you must usually be exhausted…”

Gu Yang waved his hand and was honored: “He is quite fierce…why would I be so tired?”

It wasn’t until Gu Yang returned to his seat, took off his school uniform and padded it on the seat to sit down, and Pan Fei looked back meaningfully, did he realize what Pan Fei said “you must usually be exhausted” meant.

Early in the morning, Gu Yang’s face turned red.

When Fan Yuan came back from delivering his homework, he saw Gu Yang sitting there with a big red face.

He stretched out his hand to check the temperature of Gu Yang’s cheek, but Gu Yang dodged it.

However, after Gu Yang dodged, he wanted to sneak a look at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan no longer wore a white glove on his left hand, and the four characters were now very blurred, it was impossible to tell what they were unless you look carefully. Similarly, the word “Fan Yuan” on Gu Yang’s chest was almost gone.

But under the necklace on Gu Yang’s neck, the two letters FY hidden were still clear, and there was also the bright red background under the letter FY that was also clear.

Fan Yuan graciously allowed Gu Yang to peek at it. It was not until the early self-study and the first class that Fan Yuan reached out and pinched Gu Yang’s earlobe.

“Are you addicted to looking? Stop looking and study hard.”

Only then did Gu Yang realize that he thought he was hiding it well, but Fan Yuan just didn’t want to deal with him.

After Pan Fei’s birthday, the monthly exam soon ushered in chaos.

This time, Gu Yang and Fan Yuan were not in the same examination room.

The two arrived at the entrance of Fan Yuan’s examination room first, and Fan Yuan put a bar of chocolate into Gu Yang’s pocket.

Although Gu Yang had a good breakfast in the morning, Fan Yuan still prepared chocolate for him.

Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve, a bit reluctant.

He looked around, then quietly leaned into Fan Yuan’s ear and said:

“Fan Yuan, why don’t you kiss me? If you kiss me, I will do very well in the exam.”

Gu Yang knew that there were students rushing around, it was impossible for Fan Yuan to kiss him, the biggest possibility was to ignore him and go directly into the examination room, he was just teasing Fan Yuan.

Unexpectedly, Fan Yuan raised his hand and rubbed Gu Yang’s hair.

“Take a good exam.”

Gu Yang stood at the entrance of Fan Yuan’s examination room, and when he saw Fan Yuan walk in, he raised his hand and rubbed his head that was touched by Fan Yuan, then waved at Fan Yuan inside, and then went to his own examination room.

Walking around the corner, he passed Zhuo Wan and the new director who seemed to be standing together and talking.

Gu Yang was still very afraid of the new director, he greeted the two of them in a low voice, and immediately ran away.

“Hello, Teacher Zhuo, and hello director!”

The new director Xia Jianmin frowned, and said to Zhuo Wan: “Teacher Zhuo, the relationship between these two male students in your class isn’t too good?”

Zhuo Wan’s heart skipped a beat, and she immediately smiled perfunctorily: “Little boys, they fight each other all the time, as long as they don’t delay their studies, then it’s fine. With Fan Yuan leading him, Gu Yang’s grades are getting better and better, before he was just a headache.”

Xia Jianmin clicked his tongue: “I heard that he donated the teaching building to enter the first class.”

Zhuo Wan smiled awkwardly, but said nothing.

It was said that Xia Jianmin, the new teaching director, was expelled from the previous school because he was too rigid and overcorrected everything. He offended many teachers in the school, so he was fired.

It had not been long since he came to Shangshu High School. Many teachers have already reported that the new director was managing too many things, intervening in more things than the principal.

After Xia Jianmin left, Zhuo Wan looked at the direction Gu Yang left and sighed.

Shangshu High School was not that strict with senior high school students usually. It can be said to be one of the most lenient schools for senior high school students among many high schools.

It is only during exams, one would have a very crowded schedule and results will be delivered very quickly.

But even so, Gu Yang’s birthday would have passed by the time the monthly exam results come out.

So Gu Yang did some research after the exam, and after confirming that it was impossible for the results of the monthly exam to come out before November 11th anyway, he was not happy.

He began to tease Fan Yuan, wanting to ask for his birthday present in advance.

Fan Yuan was as steady as Mount Tai, unmoved. No matter how soft and stubborn Gu Yang was, he was stubborn in only talking about it after the results came out.

The anxious Gu Yang was on the verge of getting angry, but there was nothing he could do.

Until November 11th, Gu Yang’s birthday.

This day, Gu Yang was so angry that he didn’t talk to Fan Yuan.

Although angry, he still took the initiative to get into Fan Yuan’s car after school.

As soon as he got in the car, he saw Fan Yuan take out his mobile phone and get out of the car to answer a call.

Sitting in the car, Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan who was standing outside the car holding a new mobile phone, and became even angrier.

He was wondering why no one called him for Fan Yuan these days. It turned out that Fan Yuan had already bought a new mobile phone, and he didn’t even know about it!

Fan Yuan deliberately hid it from him, Gu Yang realized this. The emotions these days gradually accumulated, and he felt more and more wronged.

He turned his gaze to the other side and looked out the window, but Fan Yuan ignored him when he got in the car.

Gu Yang thought, he doesn’t want to go to Fan Yuan’s house today, he wants to go home.

But since he came here, he hadn’t lived in that house for long, and he didn’t have any sense of belonging.

Gu Yang struggled all the way, got out of the car and left Fan Yuan behind, walking very fast.

Fan Yuan didn’t call him even when he entered the house, so Gu Yang made up his mind to go home tonight.

He ran upstairs, intending to go to the bedroom to tidy up, but just as he stepped on the carpet upstairs, he noticed a brand new door at the end of the corridor.

Different from the series of sandalwood doors in Fan Yuan’s house, the door in the innermost middle of the corridor was a huge, pitch-black iron door carved with intricate patterns.

The door looked so mysterious, tall and attractive.

Gu Yang was sure that this door didn’t exist when he went out in the morning, it must be Fan Yuan who found someone to install it while they were in school.

There was an extra door in the depth of the corridor, but the innermost two sandalwood doors facing each other disappeared. Fan Yuan merged the two rooms inside.

Gu Yang unconsciously walked to the iron door, stretched out his hand and turned the handle, the door was locked.

Fan Yuan had been following behind Gu Yang, quietly not speaking.

Seeing that it couldn’t be opened, Gu Yang immediately turned to look at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan raised his hand to touch the complicated and rare lines on the door, and blocked Gu Yang between him and the door.

Even so, Fan Yuan didn’t look at Gu Yang, he was carefully tracing the patterns on the door.

“Like it?”

Gu Yang also raised his hand to touch those complicated patterns, and his fingertips touched Fan Yuan’s.

He turned his head to look at Fan Yuan behind him, and Fan Yuan also lowered his head and looked at him.

Gu Yang had a strong intuition in his heart telling him that there was something he wanted inside the door.

Fan Yuan lowered his head and asked again with his voice close to the back of Gu Yang’s neck.

“Like it?”

Gu Yang turned his head, carefully observed the huge, deep black mysterious iron door, and nodded.

Fan Yuan’s lips lightly pressed against the leather necklace on the back of Gu Yang’s neck, and then left immediately.

Gu Yang didn’t know what Fan Yuan did just now, so he turned around in suspicion.

Fan Yuan took a step back and opened the distance between the two of them.

In the long corridor, there were closed sandalwood doors on both sides, and a mysterious and tall iron door deeper in.

Standing in front of the iron gate was a confused and youthful young man with black hair and fair skin with a dark leather decoration around his neck.

He stood in front of the iron gate, his not-so-short figure was made small by comparison.

Gu Yang watched Fan Yuan back up and back up again, until he was three meters away from him, then he suddenly said to him:

“Happy birthday, my…”

The voice of the last words were vague, then finally disappeared between his lips, but Gu Yang didn’t hear it.

It was enough for him to hear the words “Happy Birthday”, and he ran forward suddenly, towards Fan Yuan.

The black wings behind him opened and waved, leading him to fly towards Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan opened his arms and stood three meters away from Gu Yang, motionless, watching Gu Yang take the initiative and throw himself into his embrace.

He tightened his arms, hugged Gu Yang to his chest, lowered his head, and said it again in Gu Yang’s ear.

“Happy birthday.”

Gu Yang’s heart was burning hot. Going home and packing up, he had long forgotten about it.

He rubbed his forehead against Fan Yuan’s collarbone back and forth, wishing he could attach onto Fan Yuan’s body.

However, Fan Yuan only let him rub for two minutes, then immediately pushed Gu Yang’s shoulders to push him out of his embrace.

“Still studying?”

Gu Yang choked for a moment, shrugged his shoulders, and walked obediently to the study.

It’s just that when Fan Yuan turned around, he quietly took out his mobile phone and took a photo of the pattern on the iron door.

In the study room, while Fan Yuan was concentrating on the questions, Gu Yang quietly took out his mobile phone and uploaded the pictures to the Internet to check the patterns on them.

After a lot of tossing, he finally found an unexpected answer on the Internet.

The pattern on the iron gate was not a simple decoration, it was a formation used to keep demons in captivity in ancient western mythology.

However, Fan Yuan, who Gu Yang thought was studying seriously, filled in the unfinished words in a thick notebook.

That line read:

Gu Yang, the mermaid, the crossed-out birdman, the evil demon, and the newly written word behind the demon—mine.

The author has something to say: Gu Yang: I want that nutritious liquid, can I qaq

[Spoiler: Fan Yuan’s favorability will not increase by leaps and bounds, it will only increase bit by bit. He is a person who is fake gentle, ruthless, and very cautious. His experience determines everything about him. Regardless of how he is now, if Gu Yang dares to take a step back, Fan Yuan will definitely take a hundred steps back immediately. It’s just that Gu Yang didn’t give Fan Yuan a chance to retreat, I didn’t really want to explain it, but I still couldn’t hold back ——Finally, I would like to thank all the little angels who have supported me until now~ Bow~ I love you so much~]

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