Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 34

Chapter 34

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Zhuo Wan’s guess was right, Fan Yuan and Gu Yang didn’t come to class until the afternoon.

The two of them had just walked in the door of the class and before they entered the classroom, Zhuo Wan, who had been guarding all morning, took them to the office, reprimanded them for nearly a lesson, and only let them go after they admitted their mistakes. Only then did she let them leave.

Gu Yang knocked on his brain, which was a little dazed by Zhuo Wan’s yelling. He grabbed Fan Yuan’s clothes corner with one hand and followed Fan Yuan to the classroom, yawning a little while walking, obviously he hadn’t slept enough.

To be able to sleep in a cage with Fan Yuan and huddle on a swing, no matter how long it was, it would not be enough for Gu Yang.

As soon as the two entered the classroom, Li Ziyan rushed over to tease Fan Yuan.

Meng Zhan followed closely, afraid that Li Ziyan’s thick mouth would say something that shouldn’t be said.

After a few words, Gu Yang went back to his seat. Last night, he had the most comfortable long sleep in recent times. Now lying on the table, he felt very lazy.

As soon as Gu Yang entered, Pan Fei noticed the new earrings on both ears.

And Gu Yang’s earlobe was still a little red and swollen at this time, obviously the piercing had just been done.

Pan Fei turned around and spoke to Gu Yang:

“Pierced ears? The studs are beautiful!”

Hearing Pan Fei praise him, Gu Yang happily raised his head and turned around to show Pan Fei his new earrings.

“Really? I think it looks good too!”

Pan Fei nodded again and again, blowing a lot of rainbow farts on Gu Yang, a variety of exaggerations. After making Gu Yang be high-spirited, she then changed the subject:

“Gu Yang, can I take a photo of you? You look so pretty with these earrings on, can I take a photo as a souvenir, and I’ll send you a copy after I take the photo?”

Gu Yang nodded happily: “Okay, come on.”

As he spoke, he pinned his long hair behind his ears because he hadn’t trimmed it recently, revealing the delicate earrings on both sides.

He propped his chin with one hand, and looked at the camera from the bottom up. The whole person looked lazy, an inexplicable aggressive beauty.

Pan Fei changed several angles and took several photos in a row, then picked out the best one and sent it to Gu Yang, then turned around and sent the photo to their little sister group.

“Important announcement! Gu Yang is wearing ear studs! Come and see if there are any new discoveries!”

“Here I come! Let me see, this is Freesia! But why is the edge of the petals a little red, as if stained with blood!”

“It’s still surrounded by thorns, hey, why does it have an inexplicable stimulating and forbidden smell!”

“Are the sisters in front blind! These are two English letters! FY! It’s so obvious yet you didn’t see it!”

“FY? What do you mean?”

“Fan Yuan??? Sh*t!!!”

The following string of exclamation marks followed closely, words can no longer express the excitement in their hearts.

Gu Yang didn’t know about this, he was still playing with the photos sent by Pan Fei, looking at himself with earrings. He was a little narcissistic for a while, thinking that he looked good no matter what.

Fan Yuan finally returned to his seat, Gu Yang immediately handed the photo to Fan Yuan to see. Fan Yuan looked at it, but didn’t say it was good-looking, but only used Gu Yang’s mobile phone to send him another copy of the photo.

The corners of Gu Yang’s mouth turned up slightly, and he looked at Fan Yuan with a smile in his eyes.

Fan Yuan turned around and took out a box of alcohol swabs from his backpack, and waved to Gu Yang.

“Come here, it was blown outside by the wind and needs to be disinfected.”

Gu Yang was a little timid when he saw the alcohol swab. His ears were just pierced, and his earlobe was still red and swollen. He had to apply alcohol several times a day to disinfect it.

Although Fan Yuan’s technique was fast and accurate, and there was no bleeding, the pain still hurts, especially when rubbing with alcohol swabs.

Seeing Gu Yang’s hesitation, Fan Yuan directly reached out to hook the necklace around Gu Yang’s neck, and pulled him forward.

Gu Yang flinched a bit, but still tilted his head to show Fan Yuan his ears, obediently allowing Fan Yuan to take off the earrings.

He frowned as if he was waiting to die, and his whole body was tense, waiting for the cotton swab to drop.

Fan Yuan didn’t wipe it immediately, but blew into Gu Yang’s ear first.

“Relax, don’t be nervous, bear with it, it will be fine in a few days.”

Gu Yang let out a dejected “Mmm”, the swelling and pain in his ears seemed to be less painful after being blown by Fan Yuan, it was refreshing.

Fan Yuan carefully pressed the alcohol cotton swab to the side of the ear hole, and wiped it gently.

Gu Yang thought about using his own saliva to smear it when he grew wings, but he was afraid that if he smeared it on, the pierced ears would grow back. Wouldn’t those two pricks be for nothing?

So he had no choice but to give up, and Fan Yuan helped him apply alcohol for disinfection several times a day.

Fan Yuan applied it very carefully. Every time he applied it, he had to blow on his earlobes, making Gu Yang’s ears more and more red.

After disinfecting Gu Yang, Fan Yuan wiped the earrings again before putting them back on for him.

Gu Yang raised his hand to touch the cold earrings, and thinking of that beautiful photo, he felt that this little pain was not unbearable.

Fan Yuan put away the alcohol swab, changed hands and put a few test papers in front of Gu Yang.

“I went to understand the progress of the lecture in the morning. Since you didn’t hear it in the morning, don’t be idle between classes and catch up.”

Gu Yang pawed at the test paper twice in disgust, his emotions of not wanting to write was all shown on his face.

He pushed the test paper away, and Fan Yuan pushed the test paper back.

“Gu Yang.”

Gu Yang stretched out his hand and grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve, and when Fan Yuan looked over, he shook it flatteringly.

“Can I not write so much?”

Fan Yuan was stern: “No.”

Looking at those test papers, Gu Yang felt his head start to hurt.

Seeing Gu Yang like this, Fan Yuan suddenly said:

“How about this, every time you complete a test paper, you can extend the time you stay in the cage by one hour.”

Gu Yang’s eyes lit up: “Really?”

Fan Yuan nodded: “But first you have to repay the dozen or so hours spent sleeping in the cage last night.”

Gu Yang exclaimed: “That also needs to be calculated?”

Fan Yuan asked back, “Why doesn’t it?”

Gu Yang picked up the pen, gritted his teeth and started to work on the questions.

“Okay! Forget it!”

This afternoon, Gu Yang didn’t lose his mind, he listened carefully in class, and worked hard to solve the problems between classes.

Gu Yang’s hard work made Zhuo Wan, who secretly hid in the back door and window to peek many times because of worry, feel relieved a lot.

She felt that Gu Yang really wanted to work hard and reform himself. Maybe they didn’t come to class this morning because the two children had something that cannot be shared.

Since then, in order to increase the time spent in the cage, Gu Yang studied hard. In the next few small tests, his grades had significantly improved, and the teachers for class one were very pleased. 

No one would have guessed that the purpose of Gu Yang’s study was to put himself in a cage.

Towards the end of mid-November, the weather also cooled down.

The golden finger time of “Nightingale” had finally come to an end.

One day, Gu Yang was walking towards the cage room at the end of the corridor, when his heart skipped a beat, he immediately looked at the palm of his left hand.

A line of words emerged from the small book in the palm of the left hand:

“The 30-day countdown to your cheat “Nightingale” is over, and the next cheat will be randomly selected for you, so stay tuned.”

After this line of words, the familiar flickering frame appeared, and the names of one fairy tale story after another kept sliding in the frame. Gu Yang was nervous and apprehensive, and stood stiffly looking at the palm of his left hand.

In the end, the continuously sliding characters slowed down and finally stopped at four characters.

“Congratulations, you have obtained a random cheat related to “Little Red Riding Hood”. The countdown to the cheat will start immediately, and the countdown will be 30 days. I wish you happy use.”

“Little Red Riding Hood”?

Before Gu Yang could think about what kind of golden finger “Little Red Riding Hood” would be, Fan Yuan had already come out of the bedroom, saw Gu Yang standing stiffly in the middle of the corridor, and walked towards him.

As Fan Yuan approached, Gu Yang smelled a very sweet and seductive smell emanating from Fan Yuan’s body, and as Fan Yuan approached, the smell gradually became stronger.

At the same time, Gu Yang’s head and tailbone also began to feel hot.

Gu Yang couldn’t help taking a step back, stretched out his hand to block him, and shout: “Don’t come over!”

Fan Yuan was stunned for a moment, then his face darkened, he kept walking towards Gu Yang.

“Gu Yang? What’s wrong with you?”

As Fan Yuan approached, Gu Yang kept backing away, then finally his legs became weak, and he knelt on the ground.

Fan Yuan, who kept approaching, looked so sweet and delicious, which made him really want to pounce on him and take a bite.

Gu Yang vaguely guessed something, grabbed the carpet with both hands, looked up at Fan Yuan tremblingly and said:

“Fan Yuan, do you like wolves?”

As soon as the words fell, a pair of fluffy gray ears stood up from the top of Gu Yang’s head, and as soon as the ears came out, they immediately shook happily.

Afterwards, a gray tail with thick fur also grew out from Gu Yang’s tailbone, and the tail wrapped around his body in a circle, gently rubbing against the carpet again and again.

Once the hairy ears and big tail grew out, Gu Yang felt that his sense of hearing and smell became very sensitive.

He could hear the slight sound of Fan Yuan’s feet stepping on the thick carpet when he was walking, he could smell the aroma of the food cooked by the aunt downstairs, and he could even hear the rustling of the leaves in the garden outside when the wind blew on them.

But none of these can compare to the strong fragrance that emanated from Fan Yuan’s body that made him dizzy.

Seeing that Gu Yang suddenly grew ears and tail, Fan Yuan paused, slowed down his steps, and walked slowly to stand in front of Gu Yang.

Gu Yang lowered his head, the ears on the top of his head trembled nervously, and the tail behind him rubbed against the carpet.

After a while, he raised his head cautiously, and looked at Fan Yuan nervously and apprehensively.

Fan Yuan squatted down in front of Gu Yang, stared at Gu Yang’s ears and tail, then raised his hand to grab Gu Yang’s two hairy ears, and held Gu Yang’s big tail with the other hand.

Gu Yang’s ears were touched, and he couldn’t help trembling. He raised his head and sniffed lightly in front of Fan Yuan. After sniffing his cheek, he lowered his head to sniff Fan Yuan’s neck.

“Fan Yuan, you smell so sweet.”

Fan Yuan ignored him, and was still studying Gu Yang’s ears and tail. His fingertips reached the base of the tail, and groped around there.

As soon as the fingertips touched there, Gu Yang’s ear and tail hairs exploded.

His back was arched, the end of his eyes were red and wet, he sniffed, stretched out his hand to grab Fan Yuan’s wrist, and begged pitifully.

“Fan Yuan, don’t touch there, please.”

Fan Yuan touched around it again, and when Gu Yang was about to cry, he withdrew his hand mercifully, and pinched Gu Yang’s chin to look around.

“Gu Yang, do you want me to open a zoo?”

As the distance got closer, Gu Yang felt that Fan Yuan’s body smelled even more fragrant.

He didn’t pay attention to what Fan Yuan said at all. He just shook his head meaninglessly, held Fan Yuan’s wrist that was pinching his chin, lowered his head, and the tip of his nose touched Fan Yuan’s wrist.

Gu Yang lightly sniffed Fan Yuan’s wrist, rubbed the tip of his nose against the artery on the wrist, and pressed his lips against it.

He pressed his lips against Fan Yuan’s wrist, raised his eyes to observe Fan Yuan’s expression, saw that Fan Yuan just narrowed his eyes and didn’t stop him, so he opened his mouth slightly, and bit down on Fan Yuan’s wrist.

From Gu Yang’s open mouth, one can see his sharp canine teeth.

Fan Yuan’s pupils shrank suddenly, his arm muscles tensed, and his instinct of self-preservation made him almost punch Gu Yang.

Gu Yang didn’t know anything about this, if it wasn’t for Fan Yuan’s amazing self-control, he would have been beaten just now.

At this moment, he was gnawing on Fan Yuan’s wrist, carefully grinding it with his pointed canine teeth.

In fact, he wanted to bite down hard, but he felt distressed, so he could only gently grind it with the tip of his teeth, as if scratching an itch.

Fan Yuan pushed Gu Yang’s forehead away, pinched Gu Yang’s chin, and forced him to open his mouth.

The other hand reached into Gu Yang’s mouth to touch his fangs, pressed his fingertips to the tips, and found that the teeth were quite sharp.

Gu Yang honestly opened his mouth and let Fan Yuan touch his teeth, the tips of his teeth were itchy, and there was a vague whining sound from his throat.

Fan Yuan didn’t let go until he had observed enough, his wrist and fingertips were all wet.

He raised his hand and patted the top of Gu Yang’s head: “What is with the dog barking?”

Gu Yang knelt on the ground and crawled in front of Fan Yuan. He raised his head and rubbed Fan Yuan’s chin with his soft, fluffy ears to defend himself.

“There was no dog barking, but a ferocious wolf howling.”

Fan Yuan seemed to have heard some joke: “Ferocious?”

Gu Yang nodded seriously, and went to sniff Fan Yuan’s neck again, the tip of his nose brushed gently against Fan Yuan’s skin, and his hot breath sprayed there.

“Fan Yuan, you smell so good…it makes me want to eat you.”

Fan Yuan pushed Gu Yang’s forehead away again and stood up.

“If you’re hungry, go eat dinner. Gu Yang, you don’t want to eat people, do you?”

Gu Yang was still kneeling on the ground and shook his head vigorously. He reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s trouser legs, and looked at him from bottom to top, the leather necklace was very conspicuous on his raised neck.

At this time, Gu Yang was not like the wolf he himself mentioned, he was obviously a domestic dog that had been domesticated by his master, obedient and cuddly, the kind that would whine and act coquettishly if he doesn’t pet him or play with him.

Fan Yuan stretched out his hand to Gu Yang, wanting to pull Gu Yang up.

“Stand up and talk.”

However, Gu Yang was still grabbing Fan Yuan’s trouser leg. Staring at Fan Yuan’s outstretched palm, his tail was wiping the carpet behind him, his ears were shaking, and after looking up at Fan Yuan’s expression, he carefully straightened his back and put his chin on Fan Yuan’s palm. He immediately shook his fluffy pointed ears contentedly as soon as it touched the palm of his hand.

Fan Yuan didn’t respond for a while, looked at Gu Yang who looked up eagerly at him, and after a while, he scratched Gu Yang’s chin with his fingertips.

Gu Yang immediately squinted his eyes, his ears trembled even more happily, and his tail almost generated static electricity.

Fan Yuan sighed, bent down and carried Gu Yang.

Gu Yang put his hands on Fan Yuan’s shoulders, rubbed his nose against Fan Yuan’s neck and sniffed non-stop. His ears brushed Fan Yuan’s hair and his tail hung behind him, brushing against Fan Yuan’s calf once in a while, not honest at all.

Fan Yuan carried Gu Yang back to the bedroom, and wanted to put him on the bed, but Gu Yang’s hands and feet were wrapped around him, unwilling to come down.

“Fan Yuan, I’m hungry.”

“Come down, I’ll go downstairs and get you something to eat.”

Gu Yang came down reluctantly. He didn’t want to sit properly, he wanted to sit on his knees, watching Fan Yuan go out.

After Fan Yuan went out, Gu Yang turned around and studied his newly grown wolf tail and the pair of fluffy pointed ears on top of his head.

Gu Yang did not expect that the golden finger of “Little Red Riding Hood” would directly make him grow ears and a tail, not only that, but also make him very sensitive to the smell of Fan Yuan, who smelled better than all the food Gu Yang liked.

Gu Yang was sure that although he had grown ears and a tail, he didn’t want to eat people like the wolf in “Little Red Riding Hood”. He just had an abnormal desire for Fan Yuan.

The golden finger of “Little Red Riding Hood” allowed him to play the role of the big bad wolf, so influenced by Fan Yuan’s identity as the hero, does Fan Yuan represent the existence of Little Red Riding Hood to him?

That must be why Fan Yuan exuded such an alluring smell, after all, the big bad wolf wanted to eat Little Red Riding Hood.

Before Gu Yang could think carefully, Fan Yuan had already entered with a steaming dinner.

They were all Gu Yang’s favorite food, there was more meat less vegetables.

Fan Yuan put the food on the bedside table and called Gu Yang over to eat.

Gu Yang sniffed the smell of food in the air, and sat there without moving.

“I don’t want to eat this.”

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang, Gu Yang’s two hairy ears were flattened to the sides to become airplane ears, and his tail was also obediently attached to the side of his body, obviously he was afraid that Fan Yuan would get angry, but he really didn’t want to eat.

Gu Yang explained: “It doesn’t smell good…”

As he spoke, he moved towards the center of the bed, showing his resistance to these foods.

Looking at Gu Yang’s airplane ears, Fan Yuan was unexpectedly good-tempered, and asked Gu Yang, “What do you want to eat?”

Gu Yang licked his lips, and his eyes fell on Fan Yuan.

“I want….”

Fan Yuan interrupted him: “Talk after you think about it carefully.”

Gu Yang lowered his head in disappointment, and changed it to an item: “Then a small cake.”

Fan Yuan went downstairs again and brought up a plate of small cakes with different flavors. Gu Yang finally got closer this time, picked up a piece of small cake, brought it to his mouth, took a bite, and immediately put it back on the plate in distaste.

“It’s disgusting.”

Obviously it was his favorite little cake in the past, but now it tasted like tasteless cotton.

Fan Yuan thought the cake was spoiled, so he picked up the piece that Gu Yang threw back and tasted it. The taste was sweet and soft, very fresh, not spoiled.

Gu Yang stared at the cream on Fan Yuan’s fingertips. He didn’t want to eat this little cake, but now he suddenly wanted to eat it again.

He stretched out his hand to hold Fan Yuan’s wrist, and carefully approached the small cake in Fan Yuan’s hand.

Fan Yuan thought that Gu Yang wanted to eat again, so he didn’t stop him.

But Gu Yang didn’t bite the small cake, but bit Fan Yuan’s fingertips that was covered with cream.

He swallowed the little bit of cream into his mouth, his eyes squinted with satisfaction, his tail followed and rubbed the bed sheet, the ears on top of his head stood up again and shook happily, indicating the mood of it’s master.

Fan Yuan put down the small cake and looked at the small teeth marks on his fingertips.

“Gu Yang, what exactly do you want?”

Gu Yang shook his head blankly, then leaned closer to Fan Yuan, sniffing his neck with the tip of his nose: “You smell delicious, better than any food.”

Fan Yuan put down his fingertips and looked at Gu Yang thoughtfully.

At this time, Gu Yang was like a patient suffering from skin hunger and thirst, sticking close to Fan Yuan. The tip of his nose rubbed against Fan Yuan’s neck, sniffing back and forth, and whispering the entire time:

“Fan Yuan, I’m so hungry.”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak for a long time. Gu Yang sniffed , felt aggrieved by his hunger, and his eyes gradually blurred.

Immediately afterwards, a finger covered in cream was stretched out in front of Gu Yang.

Gu Yang stared at his finger then raised his head to look at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan moved his fingertips forward: “Eat.”

Gu Yang’s ears that had just drooped, stood up again, and his tail circled around from behind, gently touching Fan Yuan’s leg.

He poked his head out, opened his mouth and bit the cream covered fingertip carefully, not daring to use force. He took advantage of the smell from Fan Yuan’s body, and ate it up.

But this bit of cream was not enough to fill his hungry stomach. After eating clean the cream, Gu Yang pushed back Fan Yuan’s wet fingers with small teeth marks, and looked at him expectantly.

Fan Yuan simply dug a large piece of cream from the cake, and handed it to Gu Yang again.

Gu Yang immediately leaned over to eat, but he didn’t know whether to eat more cream or bite Fan Yuan more.

Seeing Gu Yang’s cheerful appearance, Fan Yuan tried to pick up a piece of sweet and sour pork ribs and hand it to Gu Yang.

This time Gu Yang didn’t reject it any more, he sniffed with the tip of his nose coming closer, bit the rib into his mouth with a groan, moved his mouth, and spit out a piece of bone very quickly.

Gu Yang’s appetite became very large, and under Fan Yuan’s feeding, he ate up all the small cakes and the meal that Fan Yuan brought.

Until the stomach was full, Gu Yang rubbed his stomach contentedly, spread out on the bed, his tail resting on Fan Yuan’s lap. His ears trembled, and he rubbed his head against Fan Yuan’s leg. His pointed ears scratched Fan Yuan’s trouser legs, with a “come and play with me” expression on his face.

Fan Yuan took out a wet towel to wipe his hands clean, and then, under Gu Yang’s expectant gaze, touched the tips of his ears.

The fur was smooth, the pointed ears were thin and soft, and the large thick tail also felt great to the touch.

Gu Yang couldn’t help but open his mouth and let out a few “oooooooooo” from his mouth.

He looked up at Fan Yuan’s face, and felt that Fan Yuan was getting better and better, but the color of the clothes he was wearing was a bit dull.

“Fan Yuan, I think red clothes are more suitable for you.”

Fan Yuan’s fingertips followed the tip of Gu Yang’s tail upwards and ran against the fur. He touched the base of the tail and made a circle, then moved away calmly after Gu Yang shook it a few times.


Gu Yang nodded vigorously: “Do you have red clothes?”

Fan Yuan’s attention was all on Gu Yang’s ears and tail. Gu Yang can always give him unexpected surprises and freshness. He answered casually:


Gu Yang was a little disappointed, he put his tail on Fan Yuan’s wrist, and rubbed it flatteringly.

“Then I will give you a red outfit, will you wear it?”

Fan Yuan didn’t immediately agree to him: “It depends on the mood.”

Gu Yang felt that this was good, and he felt more hopeful in his heart.

In the evening, he took advantage of Fan Yuan taking a shower, and placed a lot of shopping lists for couriers in the same city.

Early the next morning, Fan Yuan signed for several couriers in succession.

Open one, the red coat.

Open another one, a red scarf.

He took apart several of them one after another, and all he saw was a dazzling red.

Until the last box, Fan Yuan opened it under Gu Yang’s expectant and shy gaze, and saw that it was stuffed full of red underwear.

Fan Yuan picked up the red briefs with his fingertips and shook them: “Are you wearing them yourself?”

Gu Yang shook his head, lowered his head to show Fan Yuan his two hairy ears that were trembling non-stop.

“I’m giving it to you.”

Fan Yuan snorted lightly: “Such a small size, you can wear it yourself.”

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, then raised his head abruptly, his face still blushing.

He looked at the box of underwear thrown by Fan Yuan in disbelief, it was already a size larger than normal in the store!

Is this still small?

The author has something to say: Gu Yang: This Fan Yuan is so d*mn sweet!

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