Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 35

Chapter 35

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Gu Yang decided to find time to return the box of underwear, but he did not give up, he was planning to buy another box. He made up his mind to make Fan Yuan his unique Little Red Riding Hood, from head to toe, red from the outside to the inside!

In the morning, after dilly-dallying and eating breakfast, it was time to go to school. Gu Yang’s hairy ears on the top of his head and the big tail behind him still didn’t retract back like the wings before.

He grabbed the tip of his tail, stood in front of Fan Yuan and lowered his head, making a dejected look:

“Fan Yuan, how about I don’t go to school today?”

Gu Yang’s words were aggrieved, but the two ears on the top of his head were shaking excitedly, revealing his true inner thoughts.

Fan Yuan looked at the two hairy ears, and moved his fingers hanging on both sides of his body, but he still couldn’t hold back and raised his hands to grab them.

“Don’t want to go to school?”

Gu Yang nodded immediately, and did not react until halfway through the nod. He secretly glanced at Fan Yuan, and then began to shake his head vigorously, so that the two ears on the top of his head wiggled back and forth.

“No! I can’t retract my ears and tail back. How can I go to school like this? How troublesome!”

Fan Yuan directly placed a cap down on Gu Yang’s head, pressed his two flexible ears inside, and wrapped the red coat that Gu Yang bought around Gu Yang himself.

This coat was originally bought according to Fan Yuan’s size, a long coat that reached to the knees. When it was worn on Gu Yang’s body, it became longer, reaching directly to the calf, just enough to cover his big tail tightly.

The big tail came out of the hole in the trousers, moved inside the coat, and even the hem of the clothes behind him swayed.

The hole in the back of the trousers was cut by Gu Yang himself in the morning. Although the trousers still had to be torn, it was still better than when the trousers were directly torn when he turned into a mermaid.

Fan Yuan patted Gu Yang’s fluttering tail, and warned him: “Don’t move your tail after you go out.”

Gu Yang immediately became honest, raised his head and touched his ear that was pressed down by the hat.

“It’s very uncomfortable.”

Fan Yuan pulled his hand down, simply held it in his palm and dragged him out.

“Be patient, we can go to the storage room for lunch at noon, and then you can expose your ears to breath.”

Gu Yang curled his lips behind Fan Yuan, Fan Yuan had an unexpected obsession with learning and having him learn.

Before leaving, Gu Yang turned around and grabbed the red scarf in his hand, and hung it around Fan Yuan’s neck.

Fan Yuan stopped and wanted to take off the red scarf, but Gu Yang immediately grabbed Fan Yuan’s hand and refused to let him take it off.

He wrapped the red scarf around Fan Yuan’s neck twice, tied it into a beautiful knot, and raised his head to look at Fan Yuan.

“Take it with you? Look how the red matches you, there is no one more suitable for red than you!”

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang who was wrapped in a mass of red, the bright red color made Gu Yang’s lips redder and his teeth whiter, he felt that Gu Yang’s words were wrong, obviously Gu Yang was more suitable for red.

Fortunately, under Gu Yang’s pleading, Fan Yuan didn’t take off the scarf again.

Two people, one wearing a black hat and a red coat, and the other wearing a black coat and a red scarf, when they walked into the school gate together, they immediately attracted the attention of many people.

The two of them were supposed to be celebrities in the school, but now dressed like a couple, naturally even more people were watching.

The gossip about the two people in the school had long been spread into various magical versions in private.

Li Ziyan and Meng Zhan entered the school after Fan Yuan and Gu Yang. Ever since Gu Yang stopped antagonizing Fan Yuan everywhere and was very attached to Fan Yuan, Fan Yuan hadn’t gone to school with them for a long time.

Looking at the two people walking in front, Li Ziyan was actually a little upset.

“Tch, having new friends and forgetting the old, we old friends have to step aside!”

Meng Zhan knew that there was something unspeakable between Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, so he disliked it when Li Ziyan saidthis.

“Don’t think so much, you will be the same when you fall in love.”

Li Ziyan’s elm head didn’t react at all: “Who is in love, are you in love?”

Since Li Ziyan spoke too loudly, Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, who were walking in front, had already noticed the two of them.

Gu Yang tugged Fan Yuan’s scarf, made Fan Yuan turn his head, leaned over and whispered: “Your friend is so funny.”

Now that the weather was cold, Gu Yang’s hot air was sprayed onto Fan Yuan’s ears, making it even more obvious to sense. After hearing this, Fan Yuan immediately straightened his body and did not express any opinions.

As soon as the two entered the classroom, they immediately received the attention of Pan Fei and the little sister.

Not only Pan Fei and the others, even Zhuo Wan looked over during morning self-study.

Finally, Zhuo Wan couldn’t bear it any longer, walked up to the two of them, and tapped lightly on the table.

“Gu Yang, what’s the matter with you? You’re still wearing a hat in class? Take it off.”

Gu Yang pressed his hat, feeling a little helpless.

Fan Yuan leaned forward, blocking Gu Yang.

“I’m sorry, Teacher Zhuo, Gu Yang fell in the shower last night, his head was smashed, and he got a few stitches. Now it can’t be exposed to the wind.”

Zhuo Wan was a little surprised, and her attitude changed immediately, she felt that Gu Yang was a good boy who persisted in studying despite being injured: “Well, still coming for class, it seems that you really know that it’s time to hurry up and study.”

Gu Yang was a little embarrassed, smiled at Zhuo Wan, and immediately looked away from the exercises in his hands, pretending to be really fascinated by studying.

Zhuo Wan left happily, and along the way, after the morning self-study, she went to inform the director who liked to watch the surveillance.

After Gu Yang finished the first class honestly, he started to be dishonest.

He felt that the hat on his head was very itchy when it was pressing on his ears. Not only was it itchy, but it was also very hot, yet he couldn’t take off his coat. The temperature in the classroom was not low. He was already sweating profusely with his coat on.

Gu Yang pressed his finger on the edge of the table, and rubbed towards Fan Yuan bit by bit. The little finger first touched Fan Yuan’s arm, and then the other four fingers were tentatively placed, one by one, holding Fan Yuan’s arm and shaking it.

When Fan Yuan looked over, Gu Yang immediately pointed to his head.

“Fan Yuan, I’m so hot.”

Fan Yuan glanced at the sweat on Gu Yang’s forehead, dragged the desks of the two people back and moved them tightly against the back wall, then opened the back door to face the two of them. The cool breeze from the corridor blew over, making Gu Yang feel better.

As soon as he breathed a sigh of relief, his stomach growled so loudly that even Pan Fei in the front row looked back.

Gu Yang clutched his stomach, feeling the wailing and emptiness of his stomach, then pulled Fan Yuan’s arm again.

“Fan Yuan, I’m hungry.”

Fan Yuan finally showed a surprised expression this time. Gu Yang almost ate breakfast for two people, how long had it been since then and the first class was not even finished, yet he is hungry?

Afraid that Fan Yuan would not believe it, Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s arm, took his hand and rubbed it on his belly.

The little stomach was flat, and the food inside had been digested.

Fan Yuan pressed Gu Yang’s stomach with his fingertips: “It can eat that well?”

Gu Yang looked away guiltily, and only nodded to Fan Yuan with one red ear.

When he was hungry, the fragrance from Fan Yuan’s body became stronger and stronger.

Gu Yang turned his head away from Fan Yuan, stared at the back door, and the tip of his nose wrinkled, feeling that the scent was too overbearing. It drilled into the tip of his nose, as if it was going to charm his brain.

He couldn’t help turning his head away again, his eyes fixed on Fan Yuan, full of longing and urgency.

Fan Yuan was looking at the hand that touched Gu Yang’s stomach, then he stepped back to create some distance.

When he backed away, Gu Yang moved forward.

The tip of his nose slowly moved to Fan Yuan’s shoulder, sniffing lightly, then moved closer to the neck, then pressed the cold tip of his nose to Fan Yuan’s artery, feeling the flow of blood and the more and more intense radiating fragrance there.

“Fan Yuan, I’m so hungry…”

Fan Yuan glanced at the teacher who was talking on the podium, pushed Gu Yang away, pressed his shoulders and made him lean against the corner of the wall.

Gu Yang was obediently squeezed into a corner by Fan Yuan, with textbooks stacked high in front of him, so now no one could see him except Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan looked back at the surveillance camera above his head again, commanding Gu Yang to bow his head.

Gu Yang lowered his head, put his hands on the table, then turned his head slightly to look at Fan Yuan expectantly; the light in his eyes was very bright, he knew that Fan Yuan would definitely not let him go hungry.

Fan Yuan then took out a bar of chocolate from the table, opened the package, held it with his right hand, and handed it to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang immediately held Fan Yuan’s right hand, opened his mouth and didn’t bite the chocolate, but bit on Fan Yuan’s Hu Kou* first.
* the web between the thumb and forefinger of a hand

He didn’t use much strength, carefully grinding his small fangs until Fan Yuan’s hu kou was wet, and then he went to lick the chocolate.

After eating two mouthfuls of chocolate, he went to gnaw on Fan Yuan’s hand with his teeth, and soon the chocolate melted, dripping the chocolate liquid all over Fan Yuan’s hand.

Gu Yang seemed to have discovered some novel method, and immediately stretched out his hand through the packaging bag to warm up and melt the chocolate, then squeezed all the liquid chocolate onto Fan Yuan’s hand, lips cupped over, eating happily.

Pan Fei in the front row seemed to have heard some strange noise, and looked back, only to see Fan Yuan propping his cheek with his left hand, looking at the podium with an indifferent expression.

Seeing Pan Fei turn his head, Fan Yuan moved his eyes flatly, as if asking: is something the matter?

Pan Fei immediately turned her head away. Class Monitor Fan Yuan, who was always smiling, was quite scary when he wasn’t smiling.

After Pan Fei turned his head away, Fan Yuan’s gaze immediately turned to Gu Yang.

He moved the fingertip that was held in Gu Yang’s mouth, pressed it against Gu Yang’s small fangs in a punitive manner, and warned him:

“Keep it down.”

Gu Yang was not angry when his little fangs were pressed, instead he retracted his teeth, fearing that the little fangs would pierce Fan Yuan’s fingers.

He rubbed the chocolate stains from the corner of his mouth back to Fan Yuan’s hand, raised his head and curled his lips at Fan Yuan, smiling obediently and flatteringly. If his mouth was not full of chocolate, this smile would be more convincing.

Gu Yang was very hungry. The hunger seemed to spread from his empty stomach to his heart, making his whole body full of longing for Fan Yuan. That longing seemed to come from appetite, yet it was not that simple.

He ate the chocolate liquid in small sips, until the bell rang for the end of class, yet Gu Yang still hadn’t raised his head.

Fan Yuan withdrew his hand, and took out a wet tissue from the desk to wipe his right hand covered with small teeth marks and liquid chocolate.

“Okay, it’s too much.”

Gu Yang didn’t listen to what Fan Yuan said, his gaze followed Fan Yuan’s hand, and he was still staring at Fan Yuan’s right hand.

Fan Yuan didn’t stop him, if Gu Yang wanted to look, he would let Gu Yang look. Holding a wet wipe in his hand, he slowly wiped off the chocolate liquid on his fingertips, the back of his hand, and hu kou, until finally only some small teeth were imprinted on his hands.

Gu Yang didn’t even look at the wipes thrown away by Fan Yuan. His eyes fell on Fan Yuan’s hand. Seeing the slender fingers covered with small tooth marks, he felt a strange sense of satisfaction in his heart. He felt that Fan Yuan’s hand should always have these small tooth marks, they were Gu Yang’s marks, and it shouldn’t be just his hands…

He looked up and landed on Fan Yuan’s neck.

Fan Yuan sat with one arm on the table, sitting in a wide open posture. Seeing Gu Yang’s eyes fall on the side of his neck again, he tilted his head slightly, revealing a large piece of skin between his neck as if inadvertently.

Gu Yang licked his lips, pressed the edge of the stool with both hands, leaned forward, approached Fan Yuan cautiously, and asked softly:

“Fan Yuan, can you give me a bite?”

Fan Yuan also imitated Gu Yang, slightly lowered his head and approached him, the distance between the two was very close, and their breaths were entangled with each other.

Gu Yang sniffed lightly, then licked his lips.

Fan Yuan’s eyelashes dropped slightly, looking at Gu Yang’s lips, which were still stained with chocolate liquid.

“Where do you want to bite? How will you bite?”

Gu Yang felt that his question made it seem feasible, so he stretched out his fingertips and tapped Fan Yuan’s neck.

“Here…is it okay?”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, just looked into Gu Yang’s eyes.

Gu Yang pursed his lips. Thinking that Fan Yuan was unwilling, he pointed his fingertips down, and tapped Fan Yuan’s hand again.

“Or, here again?”

“Here?” Fan Yuan raised his hand and drew a circle with his fingertips in the air.

Gu Yang nodded, his eyes immediately followed Fan Yuan’s fingertips, like a little milk dog being teased by his human master.

Fan Yuan suddenly put his hands behind his back and rejected Gu Yang.


Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, then stared at Fan Yuan with wide eyes, his eyes were full of disbelief. He thought Fan Yuan would agree, but he didn’t expect Fan Yuan to just tease him!

Fan Yuan put his hands behind his back. His body also moved back, then he even deliberately moved the chair aside to create some distance from Gu Yang.

Gu Yang was aggrieved and tears began to well up in his eyes, and his eyelashes became wet and stuck together in the blink of an eye.

Gu Yang bared his small fangs at Fan Yuan, gritted his teeth and said, “Fan Yuan, you are too bad! You are so bad! No one is worse than you!”

Fan Yuan, who was constantly being scolded as “bad”, seemed quite happy, stretched out his fingertips to brush Gu Yang’s wet eyelashes, and smiled at Gu Yang:

“Since I’m so bad, of course it’s impossible to have lunch with you.”

Gu Yang sobbed, and immediately went to grab Fan Yuan’s clothes.

“Fan Yuan, I was wrong! You are not bad! There is no one better than you! Fan Yuan! Father Fan! Please, you can’t let me eat by myself!”

For the current Gu Yang, without Fan Yuan feeding him, without his Little Red Riding Hood as a side dish, how would he be able to eat?

The big villain Fan Yuan didn’t immediately agree to Gu Yang, but used this point to force Gu Yang to do a lot of exercises.

Gu Yang was afraid that Fan Yuan wouldn’t accompany him for lunch, so he was obedient. Fan Yuan told him to do the questions and he did whatever he asked him to do.

At noon, when everyone in the classroom had left in a swarm, Fan Yuan still sat in his seat without moving.

Gu Yang leaned over slowly, pressed his chin into Fan Yuan’s arm, squinted his eyes and rubbed against Fan Yuan’s arm.

“Father Fan, shall we go eat? I’m really hungry.”

Only then did Fan Yuan take out the two large boxes of insulated food boxes prepared in the morning. He put on his coat and scarf and walked out slowly.

Gu Yang followed immediately, looking at the food box in Fan Yuan’s hand for a while, then at the tail of the scarf dangling behind Fan Yuan for a while.

In the end, he still couldn’t hold back, grabbed the tail of the scarf, tugging it happily twice, then he obediently pulled the tail of the scarf, and followed Fan Yuan to the storage room.

Fan Yuan turned his head and glanced at Gu Yang, Gu Yang was holding his scarf tail like a puppy grabbing his own chain,  not even looking at the road, following its master with peace of mind and happiness.

As soon as he entered the storage room, Gu Yang immediately took off his hat and coat and threw it aside, revealing the hairy ears that had been pressed all morning and the big tail that was blocked by the coat and could not move around.

Fan Yuan locked the door behind Gu Yang, drew the curtains, then pulled a sports mat out sat on it, and opened the food box to arrange the meal.

Gu Yang was really looking forward to lunch time. He was hungry all morning, and a piece of chocolate didn’t help at all. Now when he saw the food boxes being put out, he sniffed them, but he was not so interested.

Compared with these meals, he felt that Fan Yuan was more like food that could fill his stomach.

After Fan Yuan set out the food, he didn’t call Gu Yang, and started to eat with his chopsticks.

Gu Yang squatted at the side, slowly dawdling over. His eyes fell on the still warm food, and then moved away with a bit of disgust, looking at Fan Yuan’s mouth.

Fan Yuan was just putting a mouthful of food into his mouth, chewing slowly. Even in this messy storage room, Fan Yuan’s elegance and upbringing were melted into his bones and remained undiminished.

Gu Yang pushed his small fangs with the tip of his tongue, thinking that the food in Fan Yuan’s mouth must be delicious.

But obviously the same dishes were placed in front of him, but none of them were as attractive as Fan Yuan’s.

Gu Yang couldn’t help but open his mouth, two small fangs loomed from the cracks in his lips.

Fan Yuan had been secretly observing Gu Yang, seeing Gu Yang approaching him instead of eating and staring at him instead, he had some guesses in his heart.

Sure enough, the next moment, Gu Yang suddenly rushed towards Fan Yuan, opened his mouth to bite Fan Yuan’s lips.

The chopsticks in Fan Yuan’s hand dropped to the ground, immediately covered with dust.

He had been prepared to move sideways, which resulted in Gu Yang not biting Fan Yuan’s lip, but on the side of Fan Yuan’s face.

Immediately a circle of small teeth marks appeared on the cheek. Gu Yang was still pressing down on Fan Yuan. Looking at the crooked circle of small teeth marks, he sighed regretfully.

Fan Yuan raised his eyelids, his black eyes fixedly looked at Gu Yang, his tone low:

“Gu Yang, are you being too much?”

The two pointed ears on the top of Gu Yang’s head trembled, and immediately stretched to the sides to become airplane ears, and his tail hung stiffly behind him. He wanted to get up immediately, but was pushed down by Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan didn’t care about the chopsticks that fell, instead he pressed one hand on Gu Yang’s back to prevent him from getting up, and slowly moved his other hand down from his back.

Gu Yang’s ears twitched twice. He thought that his butt was about to suffer again, but Fan Yuan didn’t pinch him, but wrapped his fingers around the base of his tail.

A stranger and stronger feeling than ever before swept across his whole body in an instant. The hairs on Gu Yang’s ears and tail exploded, and the end of his eyes began to turn red. He pressed his hands on Fan Yuan’s shoulders, raised his eyes slightly, and begged for mercy:

“Father Fan, I was wrong, don’t pinch my tail, please, don’t pinch there.”

Fan Yuan was unmoved, he was lying on the ground, his black hair spread back, and there was no hair to cover his forehead, which made Fan Yuan full of aggression that could not be ignored.

“Don’t pinch where?”

Gu Yang sobbed, and stammered, “Tail, tail, the root of the tail!”

Fan Yuan had seen enough of Gu Yang’s aggrieved appearance, so he let go and sat up with Gu Yang.

Sitting next to Fan Yuan, Gu Yang flicked his tail aggrievedly, then slowly moved it to his side, putting the tip of his tail on Fan Yuan’s calf.

After putting the tip of the tail there, he had to sneak a look at Fan Yuan. Seeing that he had no objection, the tip of the tail immediately rubbed him cheerfully.

He was typically like this, once the scars healed, he would forget the pain. His ears stood up and trembled, and he rubbed the tips of his ears against Fan Yuan’s ears flatteringly.

“Fan Yuan, I’m hungry, I’m so hungry.”

There were only two pairs of chopsticks in the food box, one pair fell to the ground and became unusable, so Fan Yuan simply picked up the other pair of chopsticks.

He picked up a dish and handed it to Gu Yang’s mouth. Gu Yang sniffed the smell wafting from the food, and turned his head a little disgusted.

Fan Yuan put the food into his mouth and swallowed it in front of Gu Yang.

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan’s Adam’s apple rolling up and down, licked the corner of his mouth and didn’t dare to mess around.

Fan Yuan ate a few bites in a row, then took another piece of meat and handed it to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang still smelled it, then turned his head again.

Fan Yuan laughed angrily: “You keep yelling that you are hungry, but you won’t eat anything.”

Gu Yang lowered his head, drooped his ears, and grabbed Fan Yuan’s clothes with both hands, not knowing how to explain.

He was indeed hungry,  but when the food came to his mouth, the taste became greasy and disgusting.

He wanted to eat what was on Fan Yuan’s lips, but he didn’t dare to rush forward, and he was embarrassed to say it so bluntly, so he could only watch pitifully.

Seeing Gu Yang like this, Fan Yuan didn’t say anything, but took another piece of meat, this time he didn’t pass it directly to Gu Yang’s lips, but took a bite himself, and passed the remaining half to Gu Yang.

This time Gu Yang sniffed wth the tip of his nose, chewed it in his mouth, and then his eyes lit up.

He leaned forward, looked at Fan Yuan expectantly, and urged him: “Fan Yuan, I want more, hurry up!”

A strange feeling rose in Fan Yuan’s heart, Gu Yang can’t eat or drink without him now, in other words, he can’t live without him.

This feeling was surprisingly nice.

Fan Yuan took another piece of cauliflower, put it in his mouth and ate half of it first, and then handed it to Gu Yang. Gu Yang immediately bit into it and ate happily.

This was obviously the vegetable he hated the most in the past, but now Fan Yuan took a bite, and he could eat it happily.

With Fan Yuan feeding him, Gu Yang was finally able to eat normally. He was happy and satisfied after eating a meal. In the end, he was almost clinging to Fan Yuan’s body. When he ate happily, he would howl twice and Fan Yuan had to pull him by the tail so he would stop shouting.

After lunch, Li Ziyan hid in a place where no one was around and smoked secretly. He was puffing away happily when he heard a series of strange barks, “Aooooooooow”, like a little milk dog.

He walked in the direction where the sound came from, and before he got close, he saw the door of the storage room in front open, he was so scared that he unconsciously hid back around the corner, and secretly looked at the door.

There he saw their male god Fan coming out from inside, and then Gu Yang following behind.

Before Li Ziyan wondered why Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were doing in the storage room where no one was at, he was stunned by the two hairy ears on top of Gu Yang’s head.

Gu Yang followed Fan Yuan closely, holding the corner of Fan Yuan’s scarf with one hand, like a puppy with its chain in its mouth.

Fan Yuan turned around and put the hat on for Gu Yang, covering his ears.

“Put on your hat before coming out.”

Gu Yang smiled at Fan Yuan, squeezed himself into Fan Yuan’s arms, put his hands into Fan Yuan’s open coat, and wrapped his arms around his waist.

He looked up at Fan Yuan, with the corners of his mouth curled up, smiling cutely and well-behaved.

“Fan Yuan, I still want to bite you, so why don’t you let me have a bite?”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak for a while, there was silence between the two of them.

Suddenly Fan Yuan stepped forward and pressed Gu Yang against the closed door of the storage room with his body.

Fan Yuan’s chin pressed against the top of Gu Yang’s head, revealing the skin of his neck and his beautiful collarbone to Gu Yang.

Fan Yuan’s voice came from above Gu Yang’s head, it was obviously cold and emotionless, but Gu Yang felt warm in his heart when he heard it.

“Only this time, no next time.”

Gu Yang immediately buried his head into Fan Yuan’s neck, the tip of his nose was full of his favorite smell, which almost made his head dizzy and his limbs go weak.

Fan Yuan raised his hand to grab Gu Yang’s back, preventing him from falling.

Gu Yang opened his mouth, leaving a wet, tingling and bright red mark on Fan Yuan’s neck.

Li Ziyan was far away, so he couldn’t hear what the two of them said. He could only see Fan Yuan pushing Gu Yang against the wall, seeming like Fan Yuan was forcing Gu Yang to do something.

Doing what?

Li Ziyan snuffed out the cigarette butt that almost burned his hand, and ran away in a hurry, his mind was in a mess.

He felt that he was re-acquainted with Fan Yuan today. He had always thought that Gu Yang was pestering Fan Yuan. Now, it seemed that Fan Yuan was forcing Gu Yang to do something. When he thought about Gu Yang’s confrontation with Fan Yuan every day, how could it be possible to get better with Fan Yuan all of a sudden? Fan Yuan must have bullied him.

The more Li Ziyan thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case, so he went to find Meng Zhan.

“Meng Zhan! Let me tell you! I saw Fan Yuan forcing Gu Yang to wear dog ears at noon! He was pushed against the wall and I don’t know what he did! This is too much! We have to help Gu Yang. Even if Gu Yang always opposed him in the past, he can’t treat Gu Yang like this.”

Meng Zhan’s face gradually turned red when he heard the words “dog ears” and “press against the wall”.

He was a simple young man, and he swears that he did not think about anything.

Meng Zhan persuaded Li Ziyan with a few words: “Oh, how do you know it’s forced? What if they are happy with each other and are willing?”

Li Ziyan’s brain was in a rut, and he immediately retorted: “What are you talking about, Meng Zhan! Fan Yuan was obviously insulting Gu Yang! He also wore dog ears! Isn’t this bullying him!”

The corner of Meng Zhan’s mouth twitched. He never expected Li Ziyan to be so innocent. He retracted his previous thoughts. Li Ziyan was the one who was really innocent. Meng Zhan was ashamed of himself!

So, Meng Zhan said a few more words to Li Ziyan, seeing that Li Ziyan stopped talking, he thought it was over.

Who knew that when the first class in the afternoon was over, Li Ziyan rushed to the back row, stood in front of the desks of Gu Yang and Fan Yuan, and knocked on the desks.

Fan Yuan found a black mask from somewhere and put it on his face. In Li Ziyan’s eyes, he felt that Fan Yuan had done some bullying and was ashamed, so he put on the mask.

Li Ziyan was over his head and stimulated, he made up too much in his brain, so that he forgot the tooth marks on Fan Yuan’s chin when he pulled off his mask before.

Li Ziyan said with a cold face: “Gu Yang, come out with me for a while, I have something to tell you.”

Gu Yang quietly let go of his hand holding Fan Yuan’s fingertips under the table, stood up in a daze, and followed Li Ziyan out.

The two stood at the door of the class, and Li Ziyan looked at Gu Yang very seriously.

“Gu Yang, tell me, did Fan Yuan force you to do something? Did he bully you?”

Gu Yang didn’t react, he let out a bewildered “ah”.

Hearing this, Li Ziyan felt that Gu Yang was too distressed to speak out, and he said again: “Gu Yang, are you afraid to speak up? It’s okay, if you are threatened, just blink your eyes, and I will definitely help you! “

Fan Yuan suddenly came out of the classroom, stood behind Gu Yang, embraced Gu Yang’s shoulder with one hand from behind, and pulled Gu Yang back to lean against his chest.

Gu Yang habitually held Fan Yuan’s arm in front of him, and blinked.

Standing behind Gu Yang, Fan Yuan turned his head slightly and only showed Li Ziyan half of his expressionless face. The remaining half of his face was buried in the shadows, making it difficult to see clearly, but also made it appear gloomy and terrifying.

Li Ziyan took half a step back in fright, and said in a panic: “Gu, Gu Yang, don’t worry! I will definitely help you escape from the clutches of the devil!”

As he said that, he rushed into the classroom quickly, and ran to ask Meng Zhan for comfort.

Gu Yang tilted his head in wonder, and looked at Fan Yuan behind him.

“What’s the matter with him?”

Fan Yuan twitched the corner of his lower lip: “It’s okay, he has too much imagination and scared himself.”

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