Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 37

Chapter 37

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Fan Yuan saw the corners of Gu Yang’s mouth curl up, before Gu Yang could speak, he stretched out his hand to cover Gu Yang’s mouth.

“Forget it, you just go to school nicely, let’s talk about the chains another time.”

Clear disappointment appeared in Gu Yang’s eyes, he curled his lips and leaned back on Fan Yuan’s body.

“Stingy ghost, king of changing your mind.”

Fan Yuan wrapped his fingertips around the tip of Gu Yang’s tail and the two of them gradually stopped talking. The atmosphere was peaceful and the surroundings were silent, and the two of them fell asleep together.

When going to school the next day, Fan Yuan called someone to come to the house to take care of the three little milk dogs.

They had to go to school. It was inconvenient to keep these three little milk dogs all the time. They can only be raised for a period of time. When they grow up, they will be given to kind people for adoption.

As soon as he entered class, Gu Yang received strange gazes from both Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan.

Gu Yang was stared at by Li Ziyan all afternoon yesterday, he only thought that Li Ziyan had a strange brain circuit, but what happened to Meng Zhan? Why was he going crazy with Li Ziyan?

Meng Zhan didn’t want to either. However, Li Ziyan talked to him in a mess in the morning, and not only Li Ziyan’s own three views were shattered, but Meng Zhan was also greatly stimulated.

After all, Fan Yuan and Gu Yang’s usual way of getting along, the differences in height and body shape were all there, it was really clear.

Hearing what Li Ziyan said, Meng Zhan was really shocked by Gu Yang’s words such as “I used too much strength”, “I will not use so much force in the future”, “I was wrong”.

As soon as he saw two people coming in, Meng Zhan couldn’t help but look over.

He looked at Gu Yang’s small body, he didn’t expect that Gu Yang was a hidden player. He always thought that Fan Yuan must be the one at the top, but he didn’t expect that Gu Yang was the one at the top!

Thinking of this, Meng Zhan couldn’t hold back, and gave Gu Yang a thumbs up, and Li Ziyan, who was next to him, gave a thumbs up along with him.

Seeing this, Gu Yang thought that the two of them were playing some kind of game to make a secret signal, so he blankly gave the two of them a thumbs up as a return.

This time, Meng Zhan was even more shocked. He felt that Gu Yang was showing off to them, showing off Fan Yuan was just a piece of cake for Gu Yang.

Li Ziyan was also very surprised, he thought Gu Yang meant that he found out about him following them yesterday!

Fan Yuan watched everything from the sidelines, raised his hand and pressed down Gu Yang’s thumb, held it in his hand and squeezed it.

“Don’t be silly with the two of them.”

Gu Yang smiled at Fan Yuan and showed his white teeth: “Your friends are so funny.”

Pan Fei in the front row witnessed this strange whole process, but today she was not as excited as usual.

She was annoyed now that her sister’s beloved puppy was lost. In the past few days, she had followed her sister’s family to look for it after school. The more she looked for it, the more she felt that the dog may never be found again. 

In the afternoon, there was light snow fluttering outside, which was the first snow this year.

Many students in the class were a little distracted and looked out of the window from time to time, even Gu Yang.

During the class break before evening self-study, Gu Yang pushed Fan Yuan:

“Shall we build a snowman tonight?”

Fan Yuan glanced out of the window, and said in an unpleasant way: “With such thin snow, we can’t build a snowman.”

But Gu Yang didn’t believe it, he still looked out of the window.

Not only was it snowing today, but even the moon was rounder than usual.

Gu Yang stared at the round moon in a daze, and he didn’t come back to his senses until the bell for evening self-study rang.

After the class bell rang for a while, the small sound similar to yesterday came into Gu Yang’s ears again.

Gu Yang thought that the incident of the abandoned puppy yesterday was just a coincidence, but he didn’t expect to hear such a sound again today.

He was a little anxious, and listened carefully with his ears. Today’s sound was louder than yesterday, and it seemed that he could vaguely hear some pitiful whimpering.

Fan Yuan noticed that Gu Yang was distracted, slightly lowered his head and approached Gu Yang, and asked him:

“What’s wrong?”

Gu Yang stared straight at the direction of the waste collection station, and said with uncertainty: “There… seems to be another puppy that was left behind.”

Fan Yuan couldn’t hear any strange sounds from the waste collection station far away, but he believed in Gu Yang.

“Let’s go take a look after school.”

Gu Yang glanced at Zhuo Wan on the podium, feeling anxious, and knew that it was not feasible to skip class directly, so he could only wait until the bell rang to get out of school.

As soon as the bell rang, Gu Yang rushed and barely had time to get his backpack, running outside immediately.

Fan Yuan followed closely behind with their backpacks, and the two quickly rushed to the gate of the abandoned waste collection station.

Yesterday, the iron gate that they didn’t close when they left was now tightly shut.

Obviously no one would come here, but the door was closed, which means that there may be someone inside at this time!

Fan Yuan pulled Gu Yang, who was about to rush forward, behind him, then carefully and slowly pushed open the iron door, trying to minimize the excessive movement of the rusty wheels, and the two of them slipped in through the gap opened by the iron door.

As soon as one gets close, one can see the half-open warehouse door and the faint light from inside, and even the sound of kicking, cursing, and unknown whimpering.

Fan Yuan pressed Gu Yang’s shoulders to keep him from moving, and the two approached the warehouse together.

Looking in from the half-open door of the warehouse, one can see a somewhat hunched man holding a flashlight, kicking and beating the puppy on the ground whose limbs and mouth were tightly bound by tape, cursing excitedly while kicking. 

After seeing it clearly, Gu Yang immediately took the backpacks of the two from Fan Yuan’s hand and threw them over.

He couldn’t bear it anymore, he shook off Fan Yuan’s hand, ran in, and kicked the man on the back with his foot.

That person obviously didn’t expect someone sneaking up behind him, he was kicked by Gu Yang and staggered a few steps forward. He turned around in panic, revealing his face covered tightly by several layers of masks, he pushed Gu Yang away and was about to run out.

Gu Yang immediately chased him out. On a snowy night, the outside was extraordinarily bright, and the moon above his head was a bit round. Gu Yang’s eyes were shining brightly in the dark night. He kicked the man to the ground and threw himself on him to beat him up.

The man was not tall, and he was skinny all over. He kept raising his hands to cover his face, cursing and screaming, while avoiding Gu Yang’s fist.

From the gap between Gu Yang’s punches, he saw Gu Yang’s eyes shining in the darkness.

Overwhelmed with panic, it caused the man to push Gu Yang away, get up and run out, shouting: “Monster! Monster!!”

Gu Yang was thrown away by the man, and he heard the man yelling “monster” again and again, his expression was a little dazed. He didn’t react for a moment, fell into the snow, and pressed his palms on the cold snow.

Fan Yuan quickly caught up, kicked the man on the back, stepped on his back and pulled off the mask on the man’s face, took out his mobile phone and took a few high-definition mugshots of the man’s face.

“If you dare to do this kind of thing again, I will expose you and make you a real street rat.”

Apparently the man was very afraid of this, and he himself knew that what he had done was not a good thing, so he kept begging for mercy, only then did Fan Yuan let him go. He ran away scrambling.

Gu Yang was still kneeling on the ground, his hat was crooked, and his coat became messy due to the kick.

Fan Yuan came over and stretched out his hand to Gu Yang, trying to pull him up, but Gu Yang didn’t move.

He was still kneeling in the snow, then he slowly raised his head to look at Fan Yuan, his eyes glowing in the dark night.

As he raised his head, the crooked hat fell off, and his fluffy pointed ears stood up.

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan’s hand stretched out in front of him, and then at the slightly round moon behind Fan Yuan.

After a while, he slowly put his chin on Fan Yuan’s warm palm and rubbed it, his tone a little aggrieved:

“Fan Yuan, I’m not a monster.”

Fan Yuan scratched Gu Yang’s chin, and softly agreed:

“En, you’re not a monster.”

The pointed ears on both sides of Gu Yang drooped listlessly, he lowered his head and buried his cheeks in Fan Yuan’s palm.

Fan Yuan lowered his head to look at the hair swirl that Gu Yang showed to him, slowly squatted down and pulled Gu Yang into his arms.

He stretched out his hand to pat Gu Yang’s back, again and again, slowly and firmly.

Gu Yang immediately leaned into his familiar embrace with attachment, and buried his cheek into Fan Yuan’s neck, pressing against it warmly, his breath was full of Fan Yuan’s unique smell.

Fan Yuan kept patting Gu Yang’s back lightly, and whispered in Gu Yang’s ear:

“You are not a monster, you are my puppy.”

Gu Yang’s ears on the top of his head finally regained some energy, stood up and shook, and did not forget to refute:

“I’m not a puppy, I’m a wolf, a big bad wolf, very very fierce”

Fan Yuan did not refute him, and changed his words in a polite manner:

“En, the big bad wolf that I domesticated.”

Only then did Gu Yang rub Fan Yuan’s neck in satisfaction, his whole body was enveloped in Fan Yuan’s body temperature.

Surrounded by the pitch-black night, light snow was floating freely, and above their heads was a slightly round bright moon.

It seemed that except for the sound of the wind, there was only the sound of breathing between the two people.

Within the sound of breathing, some other sounds were gradually mixed in.

Gu Yang pressed his small fangs on Fan Yuan’s collarbone, grinding them, making a comfortable whining sound from his throat.

Fan Yuan pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck and forced Gu Yang to raise his head. He saw that Gu Yang’s lips and chin were wet. There was no grievance on his face, but a little excitement.

Being picked up by Fan Yuan, Gu Yang was a little embarrassed, he wanted to use Fan Yuan’s rare gentleness to grind his teeth for a while longer.

Fan Yuan laughed angrily at Gu Yang, put the hat back on Gu Yang, and pulled Gu Yang to stand up.

When Gu Yang stood up, he finally remembered what he had forgotten, turned around and ran into the warehouse.

In the warehouse, a little white dog was lying on the ground, looking at the two of them pitifully, with accusations in its round eyes.

Gu Yang hurriedly ran over to cut off the adhesive tape on the little white dog’s body. The adhesive tape was stuck to the dog’s fur, so it couldn’t be torn off forcefully and could only be cut temporarily.

Now that they were closer, if one took a closer look, one would find that the little white dog looked familiar.

Fan Yuan took out his mobile phone, flipped to the Moments that Pan Fei had forwarded before, and handed it to Gu Yang.

“It seems to be this dog?”

Gu Yang took the photos for comparison, except that it was a little dirty and a little thinner, they were indeed very similar!

This is an unexpected gain, and the two of them immediately contacted Pan Fei. They originally wanted to take the little white dog home first, and wait until tomorrow.

After all, Pan Fei is a girl, so it’s not safe to come out so late, but they didn’t expect Pan Fei and her sister’s family to be nearby, so they rushed over immediately.

When Pan Fei’s elder sister saw the little white dog, she rushed over excitedly, crying and cursing, obviously distressed. Pan Fei’s brother-in-law came over and thanked Gu Yang and Fan Yuan non-stop.

Gu Yang waved his hand, looked at the moon above his head, and pulled Fan Yuan’s arm. He wanted to go home.

After saying goodbye to Pan Fei and their party, Fan Yuan took Gu Yang home.

On the way back, Fan Yuan noticed something was wrong with Gu Yang.

Gu Yang kept staring at the moon outside the car window, watching very intently, then finally started howling softly, causing their driver to peek from the rearview mirror from time to time.

Fan Yuan had no choice but to take Gu Yang into his arms and press Gu Yang’s head against his chest to prevent Gu Yang from screaming.

However, Gu Yang was being dishonest at the moment, he seemed to find the bare moon extremely attractive, and struggled to get off Fan Yuan’s body.

The more Gu Yang struggled, the harder Fan Yuan exerted himself. After the tossing, both of them were out of breath.

In the end, it was Fan Yuan who put his hand into the coat behind Gu Yang, pinched it around the base of Gu Yang’s tail a few times, until the hair on Gu Yang’s ears and tail exploded, only then did he calm down and whimper. He pressed his forehead on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, rubbed his ears tremblingly against Fan Yuan’s chin. With the root of his tail stimulated, he couldn’t bear it for a while, and he was in a daze.

Even so, Gu Yang was only honest for a while, then immediately started to toss again.

The difference was that this time he finally stopped howling at the moon wolf, and tossed Fan Yuan instead.

Fan Yuan hugged Gu Yang, and felt two hands slip into his coat quietly.

He looked in the rearview mirror, and happened to meet the driver’s eye, who was secretly looking behind him, and the driver immediately looked away in fright.

Fan Yuan simply lowered the partition of the back seat of the car, and the back seat of the car became a small airtight space.

No one else was watching, so Fan Yuan took off Gu Yang’s hat, took off Gu Yang’s coat, grabbed Gu Yang’s big tail with one hand, and squeezed Gu Yang’s hands and wrists into the palms of his hands with the other. He rolled over and pressed Gu Yang to stop him from moving around.

“Gu Yang, you’re not finished, right?”

Gu Yang was pressed down, and his gaze was still focused on Fan Yuan, looking at Fan Yuan’s eyes for a while, then looking at Fan Yuan’s neck for a while. Having his tail grabbed for being dishonest, the pointed tail turned around and rested on Fan Yuan’s  back of the hand.

“Fan Yuan, the moon is so round, I feel so uncomfortable.”

Fan Yuan looked up at the moon outside the car window, and frowned slightly: “You are not a werewolf, yet you are still affected by the moon…”

In the middle of speaking, Fan Yuan stopped talking.

Gu Yang now had a wolf tail and ears, he really was a little werewolf.

The little werewolf Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan pitifully, his hands were restrained, and his legs wrapped around Fan Yuan’s body.

“Fan Yuan, I want to run and howl at the moon. If you don’t want me to do this, at least let me bite you.”

Fan Yuan looked Gu Yang up and down with his dark eyes, then finally let go of Gu Yang’s wrist slowly, which was considered a compromise.

As soon as Gu Yang was free, he immediately threw himself on Fan Yuan, like a wolf cub who saw flesh. He opened his mouth and bit Fan Yuan’s neck, his small fangs were grinding back and forth, even the clothes on Fan Yuan’s shoulders were slowly drenched.

However, Gu Yang didn’t know the severity of his strength, and Fan Yuan pinched the back of his neck, warning him from time to time because of his heavy mouth.

Although the partitions on the car blocked the view, they can’t completely isolate the sound.

The driver driving in front rubbed his ears, warning himself to drive seriously.

The car carrying Fan Yuan and Gu Yang slowly drove into the courtyard of Fan’s house. The driver waited and found that the young master and his little classmate in the back seat did not intend to get out of the car, so he got out of the car and left.

In the closed back seat of the car, the temperature seemed to be much higher than that in the front seat.

Gu Yang was lying in Fan Yuan’s arms, moaning and chirping, the base of his tail was held in the palm of Fan Yuan’s palm, while the tip of his tail was wrapped around Fan Yuan’s wrist. His pair of fluffy pointed ears were shaking happily, and the tips of his ears were fluttering, rubbing against Fan Yuan’s chin.

Fan Yuan’s chin was rubbed so uncomfortably, he turned his head sideways, pushed Gu Yang away, and withdrew his hand.

“Okay, we’re home, get out of the car quickly.”

Gu Yang was pushed away by Fan Yuan. Leaning on the other side of the car, he watched Fan Yuan slowly button up his shirt that had small tooth marks worn out by him. He followed Fan Yuan’s movements to the last one, until everything was fully covered.

He pressed the edge of his lips with his small sharp teeth, and seemed to be a little unfulfilled.

Fan Yuan fastened the buttons that Gu Yang had ripped open, put on his coat, and opened the car door.

As soon as the car door opened, cold air came in immediately, making Gu Yang, who was only wearing a shirt, shiver.

Fan Yuan immediately closed the car door again, and threw the overcoat pushed to the corner to Gu Yang.

“Put on your coat.”

Gu Yang took the coat, still looking at Fan Yuan, then unconsciously grabbed the sleeve of the coat, threw the coat aside, and rushed towards Fan Yuan again.

Fan Yuan was used as a toothbrush to grind his teeth all the way and there were many teeth marks on his body, some places still quite painful, so at this time, he was not going to go along with Gu Yang’s fooling around.

He raised his hand and pushed back Gu Yang who pounced on him, grabbed the crumpled red scarf that was also squeezed in the corner, tied Gu Yang up in two to three strokes, pulled his coat to wrap Gu Yang, and carried him on his shoulders then walked into the house.

Gu Yang was tied up by the red scarf, his stomach on Fan Yuan’s shoulders while he was carrying him. His stomach felt a little uncomfortable, so he couldn’t help kicking his legs.

As soon as he kicked his legs, Fan Yuan immediately pinched the base of his tail.

Now that Fan Yuan had discovered a new trick, he didn’t pinch Gu Yang’s butt anymore, he just pinched the base of his tail, one pinch was enough. Gu Yang’s big tail straightened, his hairy ears were stiff, and his body was also honest.

Gu Yang was thrown onto the sofa by Fan Yuan, Fan Yuan didn’t untie the red scarf on his body, directly changed his clothes and walked into the kitchen.

Seeing Fan Yuan enter the kitchen, Gu Yang bent back and forth on the sofa.

Seeing Gu Yang’s return, the three little puppies all leaned together in front of the sofa and raised their heads towards him, barking.

Gu Yang ate Fan Yuan in the car all the way to his satisfaction, and now he was really not very hungry.

He rolled off the sofa, sat on the carpet, and greeted the three little milk dogs.

“Come, come, help me bite off this scarf.”

The three little milk dogs circled around Gu Yang twice, as if they could understand Gu Yang’s words and they really bit the buckle on Gu Yang’s hand.

A big bad wolf tossed and turned with three little milk dogs, but it really made them untie the scarf.

When Fan Yuan came out with the food, he saw that Gu Yang was no longer in the living room.

The red scarf was covered with puppy saliva, and it was thrown on the ground in a mess.

Not only Gu Yang, but the three little milk dogs also disappeared.

Fan Yuan put down his food, frowned and wanted to go upstairs to look for him. Halfway there, he came down again and opened the door to look outside.

Sure enough, in the dimly lit courtyard, Gu Yang was running wildly on the thin snow with only a thin shirt and the three little milk dogs. He would stop from time to time and squat on the ground, teaching the three little milk dogs to howl at the moon.

Fan Yuan watched Gu Yang howl loudly at the moon, and then the three little puppies also howled in a milky way, intermittently, one after another without stopping.

The doorknob was held by Fan Yuan in his hand, and it made a “click” sound, and was almost broken by Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan stood at the door and called Gu Yang:

“Gu Yang, come back.”

Gu Yang, who was having fun with the three little milk dogs, froze, turned his head cautiously, pulled down a pair of fur ears at Fan Yuan, and walked back with the three little milk dogs slowly.

Fan Yuan pulled Gu Yang’s arm and patted the snow on Gu Yang’s body.

“It’s time to eat, don’t go out and run around in the cold weather.”

Seeing that Fan Yuan didn’t intend to reprimand him, Gu Yang immediately nodded obediently, ran over to wash his hands, sat down at the dining table, and waited for Fan Yuan to feed him. The three little milk dogs also happily ran towards their food bowl.

Fan Yuan didn’t tease Gu Yang this time, he directly fed Gu Yang one bite at a time, looking at Gu Yang’s energetic appearance, thoughtful.

It’s just that the moon was slightly round, it was not a full moon night, yet Gu Yang was already so rambunctious, he loved to play crazily and loved to bite people, but biting people hurts; when the night of the full moon comes, what kind of crazy will Gu Yang become?

Gu Yang ate happily, how could he know what Fan Yuan was thinking?

Now his head was full of either going out to play or biting Fan Yuan. Anyway, there were two things that he must keep doing, otherwise he will feel uncomfortable all over.

After eating, Gu Yang immediately forgot Fan Yuan’s advice, and wanted to rush out with the three little milk dogs, but Fan Yuan pushed him into the study when he was halfway out.

Fan Yuan shut the three little milk dogs outside the study, no matter how much they scratched the door, he would not open it, he made up his mind to have Gu Yang complete a set of mock test papers first.

Gu Yang felt as if grass had grown in his heart. How could he focus on the test paper, so after writing a few words, he had to look at the door, or look out the window.

Seeing him looking out, Fan Yuan drew the curtains directly so that he couldn’t see out of the window, so Gu Yang started to look at Fan Yuan.

In the middle, Fan Yuan went to the bathroom, so Gu Yang slipped out immediately.

Just when he brought the three little milk dogs downstairs, Fan Yuan caught him by the collar.

Gu Yang turned his head pitifully, held Fan Yuan’s arm and swung his tail, begging:

“Father Fan, I beg you, just let me go out to play, just today, really!”

Fan Yuan narrowed his black eyes slightly: “Want to go out to play?”

Gu Yang nodded vigorously, and the three little milk dogs also circled around Gu Yang’s feet and howled anxiously.

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, then suddenly grabbed Gu Yang’s wrist and walked in. Gu Yang was dragged by Fan Yuan and he was so anxious that he staggered a few times before following.

The two walked all the way to the end of the corridor, and came to the big black iron door.

Since Gu Yang’s “Nightingale” golden finger expired, he hasn’t been here.

Fan Yuan opened the iron gate, pulled Gu Yang inside, and locked the three little milk dogs outside.

Gu Yang was dragged into the cage by Fan Yuan, and his desire to go out and have fun suddenly faded away.

He watched Fan Yuan close the cage door, feeling a little excited and expectant in his heart, these expectations could not help showing on his face, he looked at Fan Yuan with a straight face.

Fan Yuan put Gu Yang in the cage without saying a word, and went out by himself.

The cage was pitch-black, Gu Yang found the overhead light under the swing, and as soon as he turned it on, the cage immediately lit up with a dim light.

Fan Yuan quickly went back and forth, turned on the lights, handed a thick stack of mock test papers to Gu Yang, and made his attitude clear.

“Write, if you can’t finish writing, don’t even think about going out today!”

Gu Yang reluctantly took the paper, all the charming thoughts in his heart flew away. He never thought that one day Fan Yuan would take the initiative to lock him in for him to study.

Throwing the mock test paper to Gu Yang, Fan Yuan went out, leaving Gu Yang to write the test paper alone in a cage with no windows.

He wrote very irritably, his handwriting was messy, and the test papers were thrown everywhere. Finally, he couldn’t help but run to the door of the cage and squat there to study the combination lock.

The combination lock was welded to the cage, and it couldn’t be opened with bare hands. Gu Yang tried to open it twice, and the more he tried, the more he got angry, and he opened his mouth and bit the iron bar.

When Fan Yuan walked in from the outside, he saw Gu Yang biting the cage.

He paused and walked towards Gu Yang.

Gu Yang closed his mouth immediately when Fan Yuan came in, feeling that it was a bit embarrassing for Fan Yuan to see him biting the cage.

Fan Yuan asked Gu Yang suddenly, with no emotion in his tone:

“You want to go out that badly? Didn’t you really want to come in before?”

Gu Yang held the iron bars of the cage with both hands, lowered his head, and the tips of his ears trembled.

“I just don’t want to write the test paper.”

Fan Yuan didn’t believe it: “Just because you don’t want to write the test paper?”

Gu Yang glanced wildly, but still told the truth: “Fan Yuan, I want to go out to play…”

Fan Yuan stretched out his fingertips and gently touched Gu Yang’s ears: “What if I don’t let you go out to play?”

Gu Yang hid the tips of his ears, and then took the initiative to lean over to touch Fan Yuan.

“If you don’t let me, don’t let me… Then, then you have to accompany me! You can’t let me write the test paper here by myself!”

Fan Yuan unlocked the fingerprint lock, walked into the cage, and put down the black cloth covering the outside, and the cage became a completely airtight space.

He stretched out his hand to gently hold Gu Yang’s wrist, and pulled Gu Yang to sit by the swing.

“Okay, I’ll be with you.”

The next moment, there was a “click” sound from Gu Yang’s neck.

Fan Yuan pulled out a delicate iron chain from the hidden compartment under the swing, and fastened it to the small iron ring hidden under the freesia pendant on Gu Yang’s neck.

Gu Yang touched the long iron chain, the other end of the chain was embedded in the hidden underground grid. Fan Yuan thought that this was designed by Fan Yuan when he built the cage.

He touched it, pursed the corners of his mouth, and still couldn’t help laughing.

Gu Yang leaned closer to Fan Yuan, smiled and narrowed his eyes at Fan Yuan.

He lightly sniffed Fan Yuan’s neck, his breath was full of his favorite smell.

Gu Yang felt that for a moment, he was able to see through a corner of Fan Yuan’s mind.

Obviously Fan Yuan always showed a look of indifference and refusal to his disrespect, but it still made him grind his teeth.

Facing his madness when he was attracted by the full moon, it would be good to let him go out to play, but he wanted to lock him in the cage with him and chose to accompany him in person instead of letting him go out to play with the three little milk dogs .

Gu Yang stretched out his fingertips and hooked Fan Yuan’s collar, half a circle of red teeth marks appeared on the edge of the collar.

“Fan Yuan, you agreed to stay with me, don’t go back on your word.”

Fan Yuan’s shirt was buttoned up to the top button, but Gu Yang hooked it to the side at this time, revealing the secret hidden under the neat and tight shirt.

A secret belonging to Fan Yuan and Gu Yang.

Fan Yuan also imitated Gu Yang and laughed lightly, circling around Gu Yang’s tail with his fingertips.

“Okay, I’ll stay with you all night, is that enough?”

The author has something to say: How is one night enough, it needs to be every night.

[Actually, Little Fan and Little Gu have already come of age. In the beginning, Little Fan celebrated his birthday and became an adult. Little Gu also celebrated his birthday on November 11. They are not minors! Thank you little angels for your support and comments, your support and comments are the motivation for me, bow~]

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