Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 38

Chapter 38

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The small sharp teeth of Gu Yang were excitedly exposed, pressing the edge of his lips as he looked at Fan Yuan with great expectation.

“One night is too little, no matter how you say it, it should be every night, every night!”

Fan Yuan let go of the fingers around the tip of Gu Yang’s tail, stretched out his hand to undo the top two buttons of his shirt, and showed an inexplicable smile:

“Is that so?”

Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan unbuttoning his buttons, and immediately nodded vigorously. He obviously grew a wolf’s tail, but he was shaking it happily.

“Yes, yes!”

Fan Yuan bent down and picked up the test paper, and handed it to Gu Yang again.

“I didn’t expect you to love studying so much, every night you want me to accompany you to do the test papers, okay, I promise you.”

Gu Yang squeezed the test paper in his hand, and looked at Fan Yuan in disbelief:

“What do you mean you want to do test papers every night? Didn’t you say you wanted to stay with me all night…”

Fan Yuan motioned to the test paper with his chin: “Yes, I will accompany you to do the test paper overnight.”

Gu Yang stood up excitedly, and with his movements, the chains around his neck rattled.

“I want you to stay with me all night! I don’t want you to accompany me to do test papers!”

“Too late.”

Gu Yang was pressured by Fan Yuan, who pressured him to do the test papers all night until dawn. When both of them were tired and fell asleep on the fluffy blanket beside the swing, there were many test papers scattered around. 

Early in the morning, because her sister’s beloved puppy was found, Pan Fei was in a particularly good mood.

As soon as she was in a good mood, she began to re-observe the small details around her.

For example, the panda eyes of Fan Yuan and Gu Yang who just walked into the classroom can be seen as the kind caused by not sleeping well or the kind of staying up very late.

Pan Fei watched the two people go to their seats, sit down, and immediately turned around to tease:

“Gu Yang, what’s the matter with your dark circles? What did you do with Class Monitor Fan last night?”

Pan Fei thought she would get some blushing and heart beating answers, but Gu Yang turned around and took out a thick stack of test papers from his backpack and slapped them on the table.

“Here, the result of our hard work last night.”

Pan Fei flipped through it twice, feeling incredible. She knew that Gu Yang had been staying at Fan Yuan’s house recently, but she never thought that these two people really loved studying so much that they would spend all night doing test papers.

What a waste of money! This was to be condemned by God!

Gu Yang didn’t notice Pan Fei’s expression of being struck by lightning, he yawned, and laid down on the table with a pile of test papers.

Because of the influence of the full moon last night, he was particularly energetic. Now that the influence had passed, he felt exhausted.

Fan Yuan was not much better than Gu Yang, and he was also very sleepy, but he had always been able to bear it and had strong self-control, except for the slightly dark eyes, there was no other difference.

Gu Yang was lying on the table drowsy, and seemed to remember something. He looked back at the surveillance camera, and found that the camera had a small red light on all the time, but the red light was not on today.

He immediately asked Pan Fei in the front row, Pan Fei looked back and shrugged:

“Don’t you know? I don’t know which class’s boss was so awesome but he hacked our school’s monitoring system. I heard that it hasn’t worked since last night. It’s just that the red light didn’t go off. The lights are off today because the school is rushing to repair it, it will probably take a few days to repair it.”

Gu Yang was stunned when he heard this, and then he couldn’t help showing a smile. The monitoring was broken, so can he sleep as long as he wants?

Ten minutes before the start of class, because the monitor was broken, the class was extremely lively.

Seeing Gu Yang’s smile, Pan Fei knew what Gu Yang was thinking. In fact, it wasn’t just Gu Yang who thought this, many students probably had the same idea as Gu Yang.

Suddenly a male classmate came over with a sack:

“Come, come, come, are there any mineral water bottles? Throw them in, throw them in!”

Gu Yang dug out a bottle from the table and threw it in, and asked what he was doing.

The male classmate pointed to the door of the class, and Gu Yang saw a stooped old lady standing at the door of the class. The old lady was wearing a dirty cotton jacket, standing at the door timidly.

“That’s the grandma who occasionally comes to ask for some scraps. It doesn’t look like she’s faring well, so throw in any empty bottles.”

Gu Yang took another bottle from Fan Yuan and threw it in. The male student carried the sack around the class, took the sack to the door then returned it to the elder.

The elder nodded gratefully, and seemed to take a look at Gu Yang before leaving.

Although Gu Yang had read the novel “Fan Yuan”, most of this novel was about how Fan Yuan achieved amazing results in every exam, and how every competition he participated in made people stunned. No word was mentioned about the old grandmother who collected scraps and other passersbys.

When Fan Yuan finished his homework and returned to his seat, Gu Yang was already fast asleep on the table. He stretched out his hand and gently pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck, and didn’t wake him up.

But Gu Yang didn’t even sleep honestly. He slept through the first class, and in the middle of the second class, he seemed to have dreamed of something, kicked his legs under the table, and kicked Pan Fei’s chair in front of him. His mouth also began to whimper softly, and the whining sound became louder and louder.

Pan Fei was kicked off her stool, her whole body shook, and she turned her head to see that Gu Yang was hiding behind the stacked books, she couldn’t see him.

Fan Yuan nodded to Pan Fei, raised his hand and patted Gu Yang’s back to comfort him.

Gu Yang, who was sleeping soundly, didn’t buy this, he stopped kicking his legs randomly, but he was still making sounds.

Not only Pan Fei, some students who were close to him looked over curiously.

Fan Yuan could only cover Gu Yang’s mouth with his hand, and when he pressed his hand to Gu Yang’s mouth, Gu Yang immediately opened his mouth and bit it.

He bit Fan Yuan’s finger like he was gnawing on a bone, it was delicious, and luckily he didn’t make sounds anymore.

When the class bell rang, Gu Yang smacked his mouth, opened his eyes and sat up.

He just had a sweet dream, dreaming that he became a majestic wolf, leading a group of younger brothers to hunt prey in the grassland, then finally ate his prey sweetly.

Gu Yang sat up and just wanted to wipe his mouth when he found Fan Yuan’s arm in his arms.

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang with his chin resting on his other hand, and asked him softly, “Was it delicious?”

Gu Yang licked his lips, and subconsciously lowered his head to wipe the drool from the corner of his mouth on the sleeve of Fan Yuan’s arm that he was holding. His brain, which had just woken up from sleep, was a little numb for a moment, then he replied blankly: “It was delicious..”

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang’s red lips, and asked him again: “Do you want to eat again?”

Gu Yang nodded very honestly: “Yes.”

Fan Yuan withdrew the hand that was being held by Gu Yang, and Gu Yang saw that Fan Yuan’s right hand was full of saliva and teeth marks.

There were new and old teeth marks, the old ones were bitten by him before, and the new ones were still red, and it looked like they had just been bitten. He suddenly remembered the delicious prey in his sleep.

Fan Yuan took out a paper towel, wiped his hands clean, threw away the paper ball, and slowly approached Gu Yang.

The closer he got, the more Gu Yang retreated, until finally his back was pressed against the wall and there was no way to retreat.

Fan Yuan pressed Gu Yang’s soft lips with his fingertips full of small tooth marks.

“Why are you hiding? You ate so happily but you don’t plan to share it with me?”

Gu Yang unconsciously pursed his lower lip, pressed Fan Yuan’s fingertips inside a little bit and immediately spit it out.

“How, how to share?”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, just looked at Gu Yang.

Gu Yang stretched out his hand to hold Fan Yuan’s wrist, his head twitched, and he pushed Fan Yuan’s hand to his own lips.

“How about you bite yourself too?”

Both of them were stunned by this operation, but Fan Yuan reacted quickly, and immediately changed hands to gather Gu Yang’s fingers in the palm of his hand. He moved them to his lips and took a bite, focusing on the meaty part of the hu kou.

The force he used was not small, it was much more painful than Gu Yang grinding his small fangs a little bit.

Gu Yang yelled in pain. Pan Fei turned her head when she heard the movement, and saw Fan Yuan biting Gu Yang, Pan Fei’s eyes lit up.

Fan Yuan didn’t have the slightest embarrassment of being found out for doing bad things, he let go slowly, and even took out a tissue to wipe off the moisture on Gu Yang’s hu kou.

Gu Yang looked at the freshly made teeth marks on the hu kou, and hummed aggrievedly.

Fan Yuan let go of Gu Yang’s hand, raised his hand to help Gu Yang straighten his crooked hat, turned his head and whispered into Gu Yang’s ear:

“In the future, if you bite me, I will bite you, do you remember?”

Gu Yang nodded.

“Say it.”

Gu Yang said pitifully: “Remember.”

During the lunch break at noon, the two of them went to the storage room for their meal as usual.

Gu Yang was now fed by Fan Yuan when he ate and accompanied by Fan Yuan when he slept. From time to time, he even took two bites of Fan Yuan as a side dish. After the long meal, when the bell rang for class in the afternoon, the two of them came in right at the bell.

As soon as he came in, Gu Yang picked up the glass bottle filled with small pearls on the corner of Fan Yuan’s table and shook it.

The little pearl inside hit the wall of the glass bottle, making a crisp sound, and the little flower in it tilted its body accordingly.

“Not right, there are fewer pearls in it.”

Fan Yuan took the bottle and looked at it: “It is indeed missing some.”

This bottle of small pearls, since Fan Yuan put them there, the two of them never took it home again, and they had never lost a single one till now.

Shangshu High School was a private high school. Although it cannot be said that all the students who study here were from prominent families, at least they were not short of money. Besides, there were surveillance cameras in the classrooms, so no one would make trouble for themselves.

Unexpectedly, the monitoring had just stopped for a long time, and the two of them went to have lunch, and the little pearls were lost.

Gu Yang took out a small pearl from the bottle and twirled it with his fingertips. The small pearl was translucent all over, with a little lustrous powder, very beautiful.

In fact, he was not very clear about the value of this little pearl, so he asked Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang’s fingertips holding the little pearl, the fingertips were also lightly powdered, it appeared prettier than this little pearl.

“About tens of thousands for one.”

Gu Yang was a little surprised, he didn’t imagine that the little pearl he cried out was so valuable. After being surprised, he was a little happy again.

Gu Yang held the bottle full of small pearls into his arms, moved closer to Fan Yuan, and whispered into Fan Yuan’s ear:

“Fan Yuan, I think it doesn’t matter if your family or mine go bankrupt, I’m fully capable of supporting you!”

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang’s blushing little face with excitement, and asked, “Do you want to raise me?”

Gu Yang nodded vigorously: “Can I?”

Fan Yuan pointed at Gu Yang’s forehead and gently pushed him away: “No way.”

Gu Yang “tch” and put the little pearl back on the corner of Fan Yuan’s table.

“What about the man who stole the pearl?”

“There was no monitoring, so you can’t suspect people casually. Take this bottle away at night, and put a fake bottle here tomorrow, and install a pinhole camera.”

At night, Gu Yang stuffed the bottle of little pearls into Fan Yuan’s backpack, and the two of them went home together.

As soon as he entered the house, Gu Yang rushed towards the three little milk dogs.

He felt that these three little milk dogs were like his little brothers now, following him to charge and fight the world.

Seeing that Gu Yang was about to rush out again with the three little milk dogs, Fan Yuan immediately hooked the chain around Gu Yang’s neck and pulled him back. Regardless of Gu Yang’s struggle, he picked up Gu Yang and locked him in the iron gate inside the cage.

Gu Yang watched Fan Yuan hook the chain under the freesia in front of his neck, curled his lips, and waved to the three little milk dogs who were afraid to come in the door.

The three little milk dogs seemed to be very afraid of Fan Yuan, and they were also particularly afraid of this room with a big iron gate. They stood at the door and howled, but they dared not come in.

Fan Yuan tied up Gu Yang, dragged Gu Yang to the front by the iron chain, warned him to be honest, and then went out, taking the three little milk dogs away along the way.

Sitting bored on the blanket, Gu Yang kicked away the backpack that Fan Yuan had deliberately brought in, which was full of exercises, and shook the long iron chain around his neck. Then he took out his phone and laid down on the floor to play games.

When Fan Yuan finished the meal and brought it in, he saw Gu Yang laying there shaking his head and playing Rhythm Master. His music was played so loudly that he didn’t even hear the sound of Fan Yuan opening the iron gate.

A boy with a delicate face was locked in a huge golden birdcage. There was a black leather collar around the boy’s neck, and an iron chain leading to the ground tied to the collar.

The boy was playing games on the ground in a loose shirt, with a leisurely and relaxed expression, as if he was not locked in a closed birdcage, and this birdcage was his kingdom.

It wasn’t until Fan Yuan opened the door of the birdcage that Gu Yang heard the sound, sat up suddenly, and pressed the phone under his buttocks, but he forgot to turn off the game music in the phone, and it was still playing loudly.

Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan bring in a small table that could be used while they sit on the ground, and a steaming meal was placed on the small table.

Fan Yuan put the table in front of Gu Yang: “After eating, we can use this table to study, no need to lie on the ground.”

When Gu Yang heard that the main purpose of Fan Yuan moving this table was to study, he secretly curled his lips.

But he was indeed hungry, and he sat next to Fan Yuan, not looking at the food on the table, but sniffing Fan Yuan’s neck with the tip of his nose.

Fan Yuan didn’t stop him either, and let him sniff around, and started to eat himself.

Gu Yang had enough of sniffing, he opened his mouth and bit towards Fan Yuan’s mouth.

Fan Yuan had been prepared for a long time, raised his hand to push Gu Yang’s mouth, pushing him obediently to his side, and then began to feed Gu Yang.

But this was at home, not at school, and there were no three little milk dogs around to distract him, so how could Gu Yang be satisfied with eating honestly?

After taking two mouthfuls, he started to move closer to Fan Yuan again, and rubbed a mouthful of oil onto Fan Yuan’s shoulder. Watching Fan Yuan take a bite of the vegetable and swallow it, his Adam’s apple rolling, Gu Yang’s Adam’s apple moved accordingly.

He opened his mouth and bit the side of Fan Yuan’s neck violently. He didn’t know how hard he was, biting the side of the neck a little bit, blood seeped out.

When Gu Yang saw the blood-oozing tooth marks, he knew it was going to be bad.

Fan Yuan gently put down his chopsticks, touched the side of his neck, and saw a little blood on his fingertips.

“Do you remember what I said this afternoon?”

Gu Yang’s ears drooped from the top of his head, and he nodded limply:

“Remember, if I bite you, you will bite back.”

After saying that, Gu Yang crawled forward, took the initiative to lie on Fan Yuan’s lap, turned his head to expose his neck, and even pulled down the collar of his shirt.

“Just bite, I’m not afraid.”

Fan Yuan touched Gu Yang’s shoulders and slowly lowered his head, gradually approaching the neck that Gu Yang took the initiative to pull out, then finally stayed a few centimeters away from Gu Yang’s neck.

The warm breath sprayed all over the skin on the side of Gu Yang’s neck, and after a while the skin on that spot turned red.

Gu Yang closed his eyes and waited for the pain in his neck to strike, but he waited and waited and Fan Yuan still did not bite.

He opened his eyes and looked over timidly, his ears trembled, and his tail gently swung over and rubbed against Fan Yuan’s knee.

“You, hurry up and bite, what are you looking at!”

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang who seemed a little expectant, suddenly sat up straight, and let go of Gu Yang’s hand.

“Suddenly I don’t want to bite anymore.”

Gu Yang propped up his body and grabbed the clothes on Fan Yuan’s chest, preventing Fan Yuan from retreating.


Fan Yuan pushed away Gu Yang’s hand, got up and walked out.

“Stay here.”

Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan walk out of the birdcage, open the iron door and left. He was confused and touched his neck which was a bit warm.

After a while, Fan Yuan came in with something, a shiny silver thing, and when Fan Yuan approached, Gu Yang realized that it was an electric shaver.

Gu Yang watched Fan Yuan walk in with this thing, sit down in front of him, and pat his thigh.

“Come over.”

Gu Yang walked over suspiciously, and played with the electric shaver in Fan Yuan’s hand.

“What are you doing with this?”

Fan Yuan didn’t answer, but patted his thigh again.

Gu Yang obediently crawled over, and under Fan Yuan’s gesture, he laid on top of him.

Fan Yuan hooked the tip of Gu Yang’s tail with his fingers, and asked him:

“Can you eat honestly in the future?”

Gu Yang said stubbornly: “I’m quite honest?”

With his fingertips pointing up, Fan Yuan slowly clenched the base of Gu Yang’s tail.


The next moment, the sound of an electric shaver sounded, and the buzzing sound gradually approached the root of Gu Yang’s tail.

Gu Yang seemed to have thought of something, and was about to sit up immediately, but was pushed back by Fan Yuan.

He was forcibly held down by Fan Yuan, the base of his tail was tightly held in his palm, the cold razor stuck to it, and it circled around the base of the tail, the gray hair was shaved with the electric razor. With the rotation of the blade, it fell from around the base of Gu Yang’s tail.

Fan Yuan shaved off the gray hair around the base of Gu Yang’s tail, revealing a circle of red skin.

Gu Yang’s whole body trembled slightly, not only his body, but also his tail and ear tips. He buried his face in Fan Yuan’s lap without raising his head.

Fan Yuan put down the electric razor, looked at the base of Gu Yang’s bald tail, and traced it with his fingertips in satisfaction. When he touched it, Gu Yang trembled even more.

Seemingly satisfied with Gu Yang’s reaction, Fan Yuan asked Gu Yang again:

“Can you eat well and study hard in the future?”

Gu Yang didn’t make a sound, but still buried his face in Fan Yuan’s lap, and after a while, Fan Yuan felt his pants wet.

He paused, grabbed Gu Yang’s shoulders and turned him over.

Gu Yang was forcefully turned around by Fan Yuan. He raised his hand to cover his face, revealing his red and wet eyes, his small fangs pressing down on his lower lip, his ears stretched out like airplane ears, his whole body felt wronged.

Fan Yuan did not expect such a big reaction from Gu Yang, and showed a little nervousness which was rare.

He bent down to pick up Gu Yang, hugged him into his arms, and wiped away the tears on Gu Yang’s face.

Gu Yang’s eyelashes were wet with tears, sticking together wetly, his eyes were also blurred by tears. He raised his hand and pushed Fan Yuan’s shoulder, limp and without any strength.

“Fan Yuan, are you a fool? Who told you to shave my tail.”

Fan Yuan who was called a fool was not angry either, he pressed his forehead to Gu Yang’s,  one hand smoothed his back, the other hand clutched the bare tail root with his hand.

“It will grow again.”

Gu Yang was still angry, and pushed Fan Yuan down again, his tail also moved, not wanting to be touched by Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan didn’t let go, and lifted Gu Yang up, sitting higher. Gu Yang could see the small mottled teeth marks on Fan Yuan’s body as soon as he lowered his head, the one on the side of his neck was still oozing blood.

Seeing this pile of small tooth marks, Gu Yang felt that he was a bit bad.

But he was still venting his anger just now, and he was too embarrassed to stop, so he could only turn his head away from looking at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan deliberately let Gu Yang see his teeth marks, he held Gu Yang’s bald tail in his hand and gently pinched it.

“We’re even, okay?”

Gu Yang waited for a while before slowly nodding his head, his voice was still choked with sobs, he couldn’t help but mutter again.

“But it’s ugly to have a bald tail.”

Fan Yuan looked at the little werewolf sitting on him, and blew at his wet eyes.

“No one can see your tail but me.”

Gu Yang didn’t understand what Fan Yuan meant by saying this, so he tilted his head.

“I don’t think it’s ugly.”

“Gu Yang, you look good.”

Gu Yang’s face was flushed, and he stretched out his hand to press Fan Yuan’s shoulder, trying to push things further:

“Even so, you have to compensate me!”

Fan Yuan did not object: “What kind of compensation would you like?”

Gu Yang untied Fan Yuan’s shirt with shaking fingertips:

“Use this.”

Fan Yuan originally wanted to punish Gu Yang well, so that he could eat honestly in the future and study when it was time to study, but in the end he not only did not get an advantage, but suffered a big loss. The small tooth marks on his body, the old ones have not disappeared, yet the new ones have covered them up.

Afterwards, Gu Yang laid in Fan Yuan’s arms, groaned in satisfaction, and patted Fan Yuan twice with his big tail.

“The service was quite considerate.”

Fan Yuan sat up, picked up the electric shaver that was thrown aside, and turned on the switch, and the shaver immediately made a buzzing sound.

Gu Yang immediately retracted his tail, got up and hid in the corner of the cage.

Fan Yuan stood up holding the buzzing electric shaver, and took a step closer to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang immediately closed his eyes and shouted: “I was wrong! I was wrong! I will no longer take advantage of things and behave like a good boy! I will never take things further when given the opportunity! I will definitely study hard and improve every day in the future! Try to be an excellent student! “


Gu Yang opened his eyes and saw that Fan Yuan had already stood outside the cage and locked the door. He switched off the switch of the electric shaver, took out his mobile phone, and pressed it. Gu Yang’s shouted promise was transmitted from the mobile phone immediately. 

“Gu Yang, you keep your word, start tonight, study hard, see you tomorrow.”

After saying that, Fan Yuan went out and locked the big iron gate.

Looking at the empty room, Gu Yang couldn’t help but swear.


If you want to talk about playing tricks, Fan Yuan still has more.

The author has something to say: Your Papa Fan will always be your Papa Fan.

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