Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 45

Chapter 45

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Gu Yang was stripped clean by Fan Yuan again and thrown into the bed. He just did something bad, so he didn’t dare to say that he didn’t have any clothes on. His two short legs were tightly clamped, and he was quite shy next to Fan Yuan’s neck, his two hands hugging one of his fingers.

Fan Yuan would occasionally move his fingertips to rub Gu Yang’s cheeks, or rub Gu Yang’s head, telling him to sleep quickly.

Gu Yang was indeed exhausted, and fell asleep together with Fan Yuan in the light fragrance of flowers in the room.

After falling asleep, Gu Yang had a very bold dream.

In the dream, he controlled countless green flower stems and tied Fan Yuan up, doing whatever he wanted, Fan Yuan couldn’t break free at all, he could only beg him for mercy with flushed cheeks.

In the early morning, Gu Yang turned over comfortably, slowly opened his eyes, looked at the roof covered with flowers, and was not completely awake for a while.

Fan Yuan’s voice came from the side:


Gu Yang nodded, turned over again, rubbed his warm cheeks vigorously on the quilt, and stretched comfortably.

“Untie me since you’re awake.”

Gu Yang stopped rubbing the quilt, and sat up with his messy hair, feeling a little dazed.


Untie what?

He turned his head to look to the side, and immediately backed away uncontrollably.

He saw that half of the quilt on Fan Yuan’s body had been lifted and fell to the ground. Not only his limbs, but several green flower stalks were climbing up his whole body.

Some flower stems even climbed into Fan Yuan’s clothes too much. This scene was similar to the picture in Gu Yang’s dream.

Gu Yang opened his mouth slightly in surprise, could it be that he unconsciously controlled these flower stems to wrap around Fan Yuan in his sleep?

Fan Yuan tilted his head slightly, looked at Gu Yang with black eyes, and raised his eyebrows seeing that Gu Yang was just surprised but didn’t move.

“Not untying me yet?”

Gu Yang quickly waved his hand, and the flower stalks retreated one after another, revealing Fan Yuan’s slightly flushed skin wrapped around the flower stalks.

This scene was so similar to the one in the dream, the only difference was that Fan Yuan’s face was still calm, not as red as in Gu Yang’s dream.

Fan Yuan sat up, turned his wrist and neck, and then grabbed the stiff Gu Yang and held him in his hand.

Gu Yang shifted uncomfortably, moving his two short legs and tightly hugging himself. He placed his hands on the edge of Fan Yuan’s fingers, letting himself be pulled closer to him.

“Dream?” Fan Yuan asked him.

Gu Yang lowered his head, only showing his messy head and red little ears to Fan Yuan, and nodding his head gently only after half a second.

Fan Yuan moved Gu Yang closer, and blew on Gu Yang’s messy little head, and Gu Yang immediately raised his hand to stroke his blown hair.

“What did you dream about?” Fan Yuan asked again.

Gu Yang’s little hand froze. He slowly put it down, covering his face, refusing to speak.

Fan Yuan didn’t intend to let him go. He let go of his hand and let Gu Yang sit in his palm.

Gu Yang immediately put his legs together and curled them up into a white and tender ball, with his face buried on his knees.

“Dreamt about me?”

Gu Yang didn’t speak or nod, but the redness on his ears slowly spread to his whole body along the thin ear, and after a while he turned into a small ball of pink.

Seeing the changes in Gu Yang, Fan Yuan moved closer, his lips just above Gu Yang’s head, and his tone was light and slow.

“Dreaming about tying me up? With those weird flower stems of yours?”

The warm breath blew across Gu Yang’s whole body, his small body trembled, and then he raised his head cautiously and looked at Fan Yuan.

“Gu Yang, what then? After you tied me up, what else did you do?”

Gu Yang immediately hid his little head that had just been raised, and refused to speak out.

Fan Yuan gently rubbed Gu Yang’s small back with his fingertips, as if to encourage him.

“Speak up, Gu Yang, if you speak up, maybe I will agree.”

Gu Yang peeked out one eye, and asked cautiously, “Really?”

Fan Yuan nodded.

Gu Yang then raised his head and looked at Fan Yuan, a little embarrassed and looking forward to it:

“I dreamed that you begged me to kiss you.”


Saying this, Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang in the palm of his hand, and lightly parted his thin lips:

“Gu Yang, I beg you, kiss me.”

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, he didn’t expect Fan Yuan to really say that, he immediately stood up and rushed towards him happily.

He fell halfway, knocked down by Fan Yuan’s fingertips. Gu Yang was a little dumbfounded, he laid in Fan Yuan’s palm and kicked his legs.

“What are you doing? Let me go!”

Fan Yuan lowered his eyes and glanced between Gu Yang’s short legs, and the light glance immediately reminded Gu Yang of the fact that he was not wearing any clothes, and he immediately clamped the two short legs tightly.

“The premise is that you can be bigger than me.”

Gu Yang blinked his eyes, obviously he didn’t expect that he would be played by Fan Yuan again.

After Fan Yuan took his finger away, he didn’t get up either, but turned around and curled up into a small ball, facing Fan Yuan with his butt.

This time Gu Yang really felt aggrieved, and started crying after a while, crying so hard that he wiped the tears on the back of his hands without turning his head to look at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan was always like this, he always wanted to tease Gu Yang, teasing too much then coaxing himself.

He lowered his head, kissed Gu Yang’s small back lightly, and rubbed the back of Gu Yang’s head.

“Gu Yang, grow up quickly, I’m waiting for you to come and make me beg you.”

Gu Yang sniffed with his red nose from crying, his voice still crying. He secretly turned his head to look at Fan Yuan, choked up and said:

“Are you joking with me again?”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, but just kissed Gu Yang’s back again.

“If you can do it, I will beg you.”

Gu Yang pushed Fan Yuan’s chin, pushed him away, and ran to get dressed by himself, without Fan Yuan’s help.

The two of them tossed for a while in the morning, and they were almost late when they arrived at the classroom.

Zhuo Wan glanced at Fan Yuan who entered the classroom alone, and thought of Gu Yang who was on vacation, frowned and couldn’t help but sigh.

Little did he know that Gu Yang was curled up in Fan Yuan’s neck, dozing off by the high coat collar.

In the morning, Gu Yang was teased by Fan Yuan and felt very aggrieved. He refused to crawl into Fan Yuan’s pocket no matter what. Finally, Fan Yuan placed him next to his neck, where he could comfortably snuggle against Fan Yuan’s skin, and then Gu Yang stopped resisting.

As he returned to his seat, Fan Yuan neatly arranged the books piled up high around him, blocking the view of other classmates, before reaching out his hand to Gu Yang. 

Gu Yang first kicked Fan Yuan’s fingers before crawling onto his palm and being placed on the table by Fan Yuan. 

As soon as he stood on the table, Gu Yang took the initiative to flip over Fan Yuan’s left wrist, unfastened the slender chain from the bracelet on Fan Yuan’s left wrist, and hung the other end of the chain on his own neck collar. 

Fan Yuan couldn’t help but rub Gu Yang’s little head with his fingertips as he watched him hanging the chain on his collar with a puffed-up face. 

However, he applied too much force and ended up rubbing Gu Yang’s head until he wobbled from side to side.

Gu Yang raised his head and pushed away Fan Yuan’s fingertips, and gave Fan Yuan a stare.

“Wearing this just in case, I’m so small, what if you go and forget about me?”

As he looked at Gu Yang, who was clearly angry but still very reliant on him, Fan Yuan also leaned over the edge of the table, his figure blocked by the high stacks of books around them.

He looked at Gu Yang standing in front of him, and whispered his promise:

“Don’t worry, I will never forget you.”

Gu Yang shook the chain with his little hand, sat down cross-legged, saw that Fan Yuan seemed to be very talkative at the moment, so he prepared to use the lever to climb up and negotiate terms with Fan Yuan.

“I’m very angry that you treated me like that this morning.”

Fan Yuan gave a soft “Mmm”.

Gu Yang continued: “So I don’t want to study today, I don’t want to attend classes, I want to sleep, I want to play with my phone.”

Fan Yuan gave another soft “Mmm”, and then said, “No.”

Gu Yang thought that Fan Yuan agreed, and just stood up to cheer, but was hit back by Fan Yuan’s next words.

He sat back on the table again, his whole body was a little listless.

However, although Fan Yuan said he would have Gu Yang study, he still let him go when Gu Yang secretly slept.

After the first period, Pan Fei and Chai Jingqiu stood in front of Fan Yuan again.

Fan Yuan clasped his left wrist, grabbed Gu Yang and stuffed him into his pocket.

Pan Fei looked a little apprehensive, holding the phone in his hand, and asked Fan Yuan:

“Squad leader, what’s wrong with Gu Yang? Why didn’t he answer the phone or reply to WeChat?”

Gu Yang who was suddenly picked up by Fan Yuan and stuffed into his pocket, woke up immediately, rubbed Fan Yuan’s fingers in his pocket, yawned a little, and heard Pan Fei come to ask about him again.

Fan Yuan looked at Pan Fei with a polite smile on his face:

“Don’t worry, Gu Yang is recuperating at my house. I confiscated his mobile phone because it affected his rest, so he couldn’t reply to your message in time.”

“So that’s the case.” Pan Fei breathed a sigh of relief, said something casually to Fan Yuan, and then took Chai Jingqiu away.

The two little sisters returned to their seats and began to discuss secretly.

Chai Jingqiu looked back at Fan Yuan, and whispered to Pan Fei:

“Wow, the Class Monitor confiscated Gu Yang’s cell phone, why does this sound like prison play!”

Pan Fei didn’t think of this at first, but when she heard what Chai Jingqiu said, her eyes lit up immediately:

“Sister, wow, you are so talented! I didn’t even think of it, the theme of the next chapter is here! The male god of the school uses the excuse of taking care of the sick classmate to lock the classmate at home, cut off his contact with the outside world, and wantonly do this and that to explore the other side of the perfect school tyrant that was unknown…”

The two little sisters looked at each other and laughed “hehehe” together.

Li Ziyan was going to throw garbage in the trash can at the back of the classroom. When he passed by Pan Fei and Chai Jingqiu, he heard Gu Yang’s name, so he couldn’t help listening to it secretly, enough for him to make up a big drama.

Li Ziyan’s complexion changed drastically, and he quickly returned to his seat, grabbing Meng Zhan’s arm with a look of astonishment.

Meng Zhan didn’t understand, so Li Ziyan leaned into his ear and said this and that, and the two immediately turned their heads to look at Fan Yuan who was sitting at the back of the classroom.

In the past, when Gu Yang was here, he liked to stack the books very high to block the teacher’s sight. Now that Gu Yang didn’t come to the school, Fan Yuan also stacked the books very high, even more, not only in front, but also on both sides, blocked.

They saw Fan Yuan looking down at something, his lips moving from time to time, as if he was talking.

“Who is he talking to?” Meng Zhan asked.

Li Ziyan took another look, couldn’t bear it anymore, stood up and approached Fan Yuan who was in the last row from the other side of the classroom.

When he finally quietly stood behind Fan Yuan, he found a mobile phone with a blacked-out screen in front of Fan Yuan.

Li Ziyan’s figure was displayed on the mobile phone. Li Ziyan froze, and saw Fan Yuan turn around and look at him indifferently.

“What’s up?”

Li Ziyan wanted to retreat a little bit, but what Pan Fei and Chai Jingqiu said kept flashing through his mind.

“The male god of the school uses the excuse of taking care of the sick classmate to lock the classmate at home, cut off his contact with the outside world, and wantonly do this and that to explore the other side of the perfect school tyrant that was unknown…”

So he suppressed his fear and questioned Fan Yuan:

“Fan Yuan, who were you talking to just now?”

Fan Yuan glanced at the phone and thought Li Ziyan’s question was unnecessary: “Video call, what’s wrong?”

Li Ziyan choked for a moment, looked around, and suddenly whispered to Fan Yuan:

“Fan Yuan, did you lock Gu Yang up?”

Fan Yuan was stunned for a moment, he didn’t expect Li Ziyan to ask such a question.

Gu Yang, who was stuffed in the pocket by Fan Yuan, couldn’t help but almost laugh out loud when he heard this, but his mouth was covered by Fan Yuan’s fingertip.

Gu Yang struggled away, pushed Fan Yuan’s fingertips away, opened his mouth to bite on it, and ground his teeth vigorously.

Fan Yuan allowed Gu Yang to grind his teeth with his fingertips and looked at Li Ziyuan, with something in his eyes that Li Ziyuan couldn’t quite understand.

“Why do you ask?”

Li Ziyan was in a mess. Recently, he always felt that Fan Yuan was a bit scary, and thought that he was saving his good friend who had gone astray, so he forced himself to straighten his back and asked Fan Yuan:

“Gu Yang was so healthy, no matter how you look at it, he doesn’t look like he will suddenly fall ill and need to take a long vacation. I saw you guys doing that before…”

Li Ziyan paused at this point, he couldn’t say that he had followed them, so he could only say euphemistically:

“I know that your relationship is unusual, but Fan Yuan, stop now. It’s illegal to restrict other people’s personal freedom without permission. You can’t do that!”

Gu Yang was about to burst into laughter in Fan Yuan’s pocket, he kicked his legs up in laughter with his belly up, and Fan Yuan gently rubbed his belly with his fingertips.

Fan Yuan didn’t explain Li Ziyan’s “I saw you doing that”, but his next sentence made both Li Ziyan and Gu Yang stunned.

“What if I say no?”

Li Ziyan asked in a daze: “No to what?”

Fan Yuan chuckled lightly, there was no warmth in his eyes.

“Li Ziyan, I don’t need you to care about Gu Yang. I will decide what to do about Gu Yang. Whether to lock him up so that he will never see anyone else and live under my control, or let him out, it’s all up to me.”

Li Ziyan took a step back. He had known Fan Yuan for almost three years, and it was the first time he saw Fan Yuan so unabashedly cold.

Meng Zhan rushed over from the front row and interrupted their conversation:

“Haha, Li Ziyan, what are you doing, come back and play a game with me.”

After saying that, he dragged Li Ziyan away.

Only then did Fan Yuan look away, and took Gu Yang out of his pocket.

Gu Yang stretched out his short limbs and laid in Fan Yuan’s palm, with an uncontrollable smile hanging from the corner of his mouth.

“Fan Yuan, that Li Ziyan is so funny.”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, but slowly tightened his hand, holding the little Gu Yang in his hand.

Li Ziyan was a straightforward and single-minded person. He has a simple mind and thinks whatever he thinks. However, because he is such a simple person, he can see more clearly the selfish desires hidden by Fan Yuan’s perfect personality.

As Fan Yuan remained silent, Gu Yang didn’t pay attention to the tightening grip by Fan Yuan. Gu Yang took his hands out of Fan Yuan’s grip, leaned over to the side of Fan Yuan’s finger, and rested his head there, letting out a lazy yawn.

He was so small, Fan Yuan could strangle him to death as long as he worked harder.

But under Fan Yuan’s constant tightening force, Gu Yang was still slack, without a trace of fear.

Fan Yuan clenched Gu Yang tightly in his hand, and precisely controlled his strength within a range where he could neither hurt Gu Yang nor let him escape.

He looked at the lazy and unsuspecting Gu Yang, and suddenly sighed.

Gu Yang rubbed the tears that came out from yawning, and patted Fan Yuan’s hand.

“Fan Yuan, do you really want to lock me up like Li Ziyan said? Restrict my personal freedom?”

Fan Yuan’s face had returned to his usual appearance, cold and calm.


Gu Yang pouted, and was held in the palm of Fan Yuan’s hand, with his arms resting on Fan Yuan’s fingers. He held his own chin, winking and blowing a kiss to Fan Yuan.

“You want to, you must want to in your heart. Lock me up, I let you lock me up, I took the initiative! It’s not breaking the law! Fan Yuan, lock me up quickly!”

Gu Yang was a little excited as he spoke, looking at Fan Yuan with sparkling eyes, showing a look of anticipation.

Fan Yuan suddenly let go of his hand, and put Gu Yang back on the table.

“Gu Yang, I think you really don’t want to go to school.”

Gu Yang was exposed, so he didn’t hide it anymore. He got up and put the chain connecting his neck in Fan Yuan’s palm, and looked up at Fan Yuan.

“Look, as long as you hold on to this chain, I can’t run away.”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, just looked at Gu Yang.

Gu Yang took the chain and wrapped it around Fan Yuan’s ring finger again, and continued:

“As long as you tighten it, I can only stay by your side.”

After finishing all this, Gu Yang took the initiative to climb into Fan Yuan’s palm, sat cross-legged, looked up at Fan Yuan with his little head raised.

“Fan Yuan, as long as you lock me up, I will only belong to you.”

Fan Yuan glanced at the chain on the ring finger that was wrapped around by Gu Yang. He suddenly stretched out his other hand, and gently pushed Gu Yang down from his palm.

Gu Yang was pushed and rolled backwards, lying on the table.

Fan Yuan untied the chain around his ring finger, then pressed Gu Yang to undo the collar around his neck, and threw it aside.

“I won’t.”

Gu Yang got up angrily, ran over to pick up the collar, and put it back around his neck.

“No, Fan Yuan, you want to!”

Gu Yang put the collar on for himself, and Fan Yuan pressed him to untie it, back and forth a few times, Gu Yang was so tired that he spread out on the table and stopped moving.

He kicked Fan Yuan’s fingers beside his legs, and cursed in a childish voice:

“Fan Yuan! Do you have a problem! Ah? You must have a problem! I even offered to let you lock me up! Yet you don’t want to! It was the same before! It’s the same now!”

Fan Yuan saw that little Gu Yang was starting to act violently, and finally took the initiative to pick up the small collar and put it on for Gu Yang, put Gu Yang back in his palm, held him in both hands, bowed his head and kissed Gu Yang’s panting little chest.

“Gu Yang, I’m giving you a chance.”

Gu Yang stretched out his hand and pushed the tip of Fan Yuan’s nose, not knowing why: “What chance?”

Gu Yang’s red face was reflected in Fan Yuan’s black eyes, he didn’t speak any more, he put Gu Yang in the palm of his hand, hid him in his cuff, and let Gu Yang lie in his cuff to rest.

Gu Yang had had enough trouble, his body was too small, his physical strength was exhausted too fast, and he fell asleep after a while.

Fan Yuan put his left hand on the table without moving, and took the book with his right hand and opened it very lightly.

He picked up the pen to write the question, wrote a few words but began to lose his focus, and unconsciously wrote a sentence with the pen in his hand.

It was very rare for Fan Yuan to be distracted while studying.

He lowered his head, looked at the words written unconsciously, and picked up a pen to smudge it into an indelible black.

The words covered under the smudged pen and ink were:

Give you a chance to escape from me.

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