Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 46

Chapter 46

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After Gu Yang woke up, Fan Yuan did not make Gu Yang study, but put Gu Yang into the desk, and let him hide in the desk and play with his mobile phone.

Although Gu Yang was small, it did not prevent him from playing with his mobile phone. He pressed his two small hands quickly, tried to play a few rhythm masters, and found that no matter how fast his movement was, it cannot compare to the fact that the screen of the mobile phone was too wide for him now. After stumbling and playing a few rounds, he was exhausted, so he could only close the game honestly, open the webpage and surf the Internet.

Gu Yang flipped through the recent popular events, and saw the photos of Fan Yuan’s house within a few swipes.

At first glance, the photo was taken outside the fence. Although it was a bit far away, it can still be seen that the flowers from different seasons and different flowering periods in the yard were blooming incomparably beautiful in winter.

The person who took the photo should be someone who live near Fan Yuan’s home. As soon as his photo was uploaded on the Internet, it immediately attracted the attention of the local media. Soon someone found Fan Yuan’s house and wanted to interview the owner, but because there was no one in Fan Yuan’s house, they could only give up.

Gu Yang looked at the number of views and attention on the photos, and the more he looked at them, the more frightened he became, and he whispered Fan Yuan in the table with a guilty conscience.

“Fan Yuan… look at this.”

Fan Yuan lowered his head and saw Gu Yang carefully pushing the phone to the side of the table, motioning him to look at it.

The photo of Fan Yuan’s house was displayed on the screen of the phone. Fan Yuan took the phone, swiped up and down with his fingertips at will, glanced at it twice, said nothing, and put the phone back in front of Gu Yang.

Gu Yang was a little apprehensive: “What if they don’t plan to give up and still go to take pictures?”

Fan Yuan reached into the table and rubbed Gu Yang’s little head with his fingertips, causing Gu Yang to stagger. Gu Yang didn’t dare to stop him. He was so guilty now that he felt that he had caused trouble, so he didn’t dare talk more.

Seeing that Fan Yuan had been silent and just rubbing his head, Gu Yang raised his two small hands to hold Fan Yuan’s fingertips against his chest, and began to turn his head to try to think of some crooked ideas.

“If someone really comes to ask, you just say…you bought it.”

Taking advantage of the situation, Fan Yuan tapped Gu Yang’s belly with the fingertip that Gu Yang was holding. He looked down at the nervous little Gu Yang in the table, and looked at him quietly with black eyes, waiting for Gu Yang to continue talking. 

Gu Yang avoided Fan Yuan’s sight with guilt, clasped Fan Yuan’s fingertip tightly with both hands and continued:

“The noble son of a wealthy family, he flew in countless flowers from all over the world with a lot of money, and filled his yard in winter, just for the beauty to smile… You see, I have thought of the header for you.”

After hearing this, Fan Yuan pulled out the fingertip that was being held by Gu Yang, held Gu Yang in the palm of his hand with his backhand, and held him in front of him.


Gu Yang’s face slowly turned red, he lowered his head and changed his address in a low voice:

“Beautiful boy?”

After finishing speaking, Gu Yang secretly glanced at Fan Yuan’s expression. Seeing that Fan Yuan was unmoved, he could only change his words again.

“Then, classmate…”

Fan Yuan suddenly nodded to Gu Yang’s little head, and messed up Gu Yang’s hair:

“Good idea.”

Gu Yang smoothed his hair, and let out a silly “ah”.

He just said it casually, why does Fan Yuan act like he really intends to do this?

He won’t right?

Gu Yang raised his head to observe Fan Yuan carefully, but Fan Yuan had already put Gu Yang back on the table and started writing the question again.

Since Fan Yuan didn’t bring up the matter again, Gu Yang, who had a carefree personality, quickly forgot about it. He happily stayed in the study for almost half a day, playing and napping. Occasionally, Fan Yuan would catch him and make him sit through a couple of classes at the table. The day passed quickly.

After school in the evening, Fan Yuan put Gu Yang in his neck, took him into the family car, and lowered the partition in the car.

The driver of Fan family watched the partition being lowered and shrugged his shoulders.

Their young master was getting more and more weird. He used to like to lower the partition to do some weird things when he went to and after school with that little classmate. Now he was sitting in the car alone and had to put down the partition. 

Gu Yang held onto Fan Yuan’s neck, and whispered to Fan Yuan’s ear, chatting with him in a low voice.

Fan Yuan rarely talked, but he would say a few words when Gu Yang needed an answer.

They had already started to discuss the whereabouts of the three little milk dogs. The puppies have been raised by them and are now chubby, healthy, and ready to be adopted by someone who loves animals

Speaking of this, Gu Yang was still a little bit reluctant.

He looked out the car window, the speed of the car was not fast, and they were slowly driving past a construction site.

This was a building that had only recently started construction. Those who can buy this location and start construction were either rich or noble.

Gu Yang didn’t care at first, but when the car passed by, a huge dead tree flashed by, Gu Yang’s heart skipped a beat, and he couldn’t help shouting:

“Stop! Stop!”

Seeing Gu Yang’s anxious appearance, Fan Yuan immediately asked the driver to find a place to pull over and took Gu Yang out of the car.

Gu Yang instructed Fan Yuan to lead him outside the construction site. It was dark at this time, and several lights were still on in the construction site for overnight construction.

At this time, several workers were chatting around the huge dead tree.

The trunk of the withered tree was thick, about the size of three adult’s embrace, but it was completely black and the branches were bare, indicating that it had been dead for many years

A few workers chatting around the dead tree held a chainsaw in their hands, and seemed to be discussing how to saw off the tree.

Gu Yang hid behind Fan Yuan’s neck and whispered into Fan Yuan’s ear:

“Fan Yuan, take me there, I want to see that tree.”

At this time, the workers on the construction site were busy, and no one had extra time to look around.

Fan Yuan quietly walked around the crowded place and walked around to the back of the big tree.

The voices of several workers talking in front of the big tree could already be heard clearly, Fan Yuan stretched his hand to the crest of his neck. Gu Yang climbed into Fan Yuan’s palm, and Fan Yuan held him close to the dead tree.

The first few workers were talking:

“Is this tree decades old?”

“It’s more than a few decades, it’s so big, it must be hundreds of years?”

“Unfortunately, it is still dead.”

“It’s fine if it’s dead, otherwise I can’t bear to saw it off.”

Gu Yang stood in Fan Yuan’s palm, pressed a pair of small hands on the thick, withered tree trunk, and closed his eyes.

In a daze, he seemed to hear the rustling sound of the wind blowing through the dense canopy, and saw the flapping of cicadas’ wings in summer, the green grass that spread to the distance bowed with the wind, and there was a boy standing in front of the verdant tree. 

Fan Yuan quietly looked at Gu Yang, who had his eyes closed tightly. The little Gu Yang stood in his palm, with a pair of small hands pressed against the dark and dry tree trunk, and countless green lights slowly drifted from Gu Yang’s body, penetrating into the dry trunk.

The long-dead tree suddenly burst into infinite vitality. Young branches emerged from the blackened dead branches, and green leaves grew, spreading all over the crown in an instant.

The voices of several workers talking gradually disappeared, and they stared dumbfounded at the big tree that suddenly sprouted and grew again in front of them, it was instantly green in winter.


It was the sound of the chainsaw in the worker’s hand falling to the ground.

Countless workers stopped their work and looked at this miraculous tree.

The wind in winter was cold and biting, blowing through the lush tree crown. The leaves collided and rubbed against each other, and the sound was like human language.

The workers gradually gathered under the big tree, and Fan Yuan had already brought Gu Yang back into the car.

The car restarted and drove towards home.

Gu Yang seemed to have exhausted all his strength, and he collapsed in Fan Yuan’s palm, panting lightly.

Fan Yuan rubbed Gu Yang’s back slowly, and didn’t ask what Gu Yang did or what Gu Yang knew.

Gu Yang laid in Fan Yuan’s warm palm, turned his head and buried his face in Fan Yuan’s palm, his small mouth gently kissed the skin of Fan Yuan’s palm, and he didn’t speak for a while.

Just like the cat abuser who once scolded him as a monster at the junk collection station, Gu Yang, with his behavior, is considered a monster-like existence that is unacceptable and unbelievable to ordinary people.

But Fan Yuan was different, Fan Yuan had always tolerated him, understood him, and believed in him.

Without Fan Yuan asking, Gu Yang told everything by himself.

“That tree was waiting for someone, I just lent it a little strength. It made such a big movement, if it can’t wait for the person it wanted to wait for, there’s nothing I can do.”

After Gu Yang finished speaking, he panted lightly, he became smaller, and his way of breathing became like a child’s, his belly was bulging, and the gaze on Fan Yuan was full of dependence, and trust.

Fan Yuan lowered his head, gently rubbed Gu Yang’s tender cheek with the tip of his nose, and didn’t ask much.

“I see.”

Gu Yang exhausted too much energy this time, and was listless when eating at night, sitting on the dining table, leaning on Fan Yuan’s arms, and letting Fan Yuan feed him.

Fan Yuan cut the food into small pieces, put a toothpick in it and handed it to Gu Yang’s mouth. Gu Yang opened his mouth to eat, wiped his mouth after two bites, narrowed his eyes, and almost fell asleep while eating .

After dinner, Fan Yuan stuffed Gu Yang into the bed in the bedroom:

“You don’t have to study tonight.”

Gu Yang laid on the comfortable quilt, half-opened his eyes in a daze, seeing Fan Yuan turn around to go out, he suddenly struggled to sit up again.

“Fan Yuan!”

Fan Yuan turned his head and saw Gu Yang sitting up on his knees, crawling slowly to the side of the bed, standing up tremblingly, and stretching out two small hands to him.

“Fan Yuan, take me to study together, I want to accompany you.”

Normally, Fan Yuan asked Gu Yang to study, but Gu Yang was unwilling in every possible way, but now he really allowed him to sleep and rest in the bedroom, yet instead, he pestered Fan Yuan and kept saying that he wanted to stay with Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan’s footsteps paused slightly, then he immediately turned around and picked up the little Gu Yang, and walked towards the study together.

Gu Yang was in a daze because of exhaustion. When he arrived in the study, he was lying in Fan Yuan’s arms, holding Fan Yuan’s sleeves with his small hands. He was obviously very sleepy. He closed his eyes for a while, and then opened them again. Only when Fan Yuan was by his side would he heave a sigh of relief, and then continue to squint his eyes in a daze.

Fan Yuan stopped writing, and gently rubbed Gu Yang’s back with his fingertips.

“Gu Yang, what are you afraid of?”

Gu Yang leaned softly against Fan Yuan’s hand, snugly pressed and squeezed against it. When he heard Fan Yuan’s question, he shook his head.

Fan Yuan turned his wrist, fastened the chain on Gu Yang’s neck that he had loosened earlier to let Gu Yang sleep, pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck with his fingertips and pressed gently.

“Gu Yang, I will not abandon you, don’t be afraid.”

Gu Yang held the cold chain with his small hand, and touched his empty earlobe.

“Fan Yuan, when will you give me new earrings?”

Fan Yuan leaned closer to Gu Yang and carefully looked at his little ears.

Gu Yang was small, and his ears were also small. The small piercings in his ears can’t be seen unless he looked carefully. For such a small Gu Yang, Fan Yuan was suddenly afraid that putting ear studs on him would hurt him.

After not hearing Fan Yuan’s answer for a long time, Gu Yang stretched out his hand and pushed Fan Yuan’s chin.

“Fan Yuan?”

Fan Yuan backed away a little, turned around and took a pen.

Under Gu Yang’s sight, he raised one of Gu Yang’s small hands, opened the cap of the pen, and gently wrote a capital English letter on the palm of Gu Yang’s left hand.

Gu Yang withdrew his hand and glanced at it. It was a capital “F”. He immediately understood something, and quickly spread his right hand and handed it over.

Fan Yuan looked at the little hand that was offered, paused the tip of the pen, and continued to write a capital “Y” on it.

“Gu Yang, you are too small now, you can wear earrings later.”

Gu Yang pursed his lips, he was a little wronged at first, but when he saw the two letters in his palm, he felt slightly sour and sweet in his heart.

“I’m not afraid, I’m not small either.”

Fan Yuan put down his pen, carefully cupped Gu Yang’s two small hands, lowered his head and pressed his forehead to it.

“Gu Yang, if the price of you helping out is exhausting yourself, I don’t want to see a next time.”

Fan Yuan lowered his head, Gu Yang could not see Fan Yuan’s expression.

Obviously Fan Yuan’s voice was always cold and shallow when he spoke, but Gu Yang’s heart was warm.

The attachment to the earrings was instantly forgotten by Gu Yang. He sat up slightly, and touched Fan Yuan’s forehead with two small hands.

“I won’t do it in the future.”

Although Gu Yang didn’t get to wear the new earrings as he wished, he clenched the two uppercase English letters in his palm tightly against Fan Yuan, and finally fell asleep with peace of mind.

Fan Yuan put down his pen, laid down on the table, held the little Gu Yang in his arms, and looked at him quietly with his black eyes for a long, long time.

The news that the dead tree sprouted instantly and was covered with green leaves quickly attracted follow-up reports of the major media. The faces of those workers appeared in the reports one after another, telling the miracles they saw.

Photos of the big tree were also spread all over the Internet. Some nearby residents feel that the big tree had a spirit and cannot be cut down.

Although the construction period of the construction site had not been suspended because of this, they heard that the developer thought this was a business opportunity and intended to keep the tree and develop it into a scenic spot for the commercial street they were about to build.

The overdraft power had a huge impact on Gu Yang, until the next day, he was still drowsy.

Fan Yuan hid him in a special pocket on the inner side of his chest. Except for asking Gu Yang to eat, he didn’t bother Gu Yang resting all day long.

At night, Fan Yuan led Gu Yang to stand behind the big tree again.

It was already night at this time, and the media who came to interview and take pictures had already dispersed. Because of the strangeness of the big tree, the workers avoided the big tree at night and did not approach it.

Fan Yuan leaned against the other side of the big tree, held Gu Yang in his hands, and looked at the green tree crown covering the sky and the sun together.

The large tree, which had sprouted anew and grown lush, seemed to be only able to sustain this day of prosperity. Countless green leaves were falling with the wind at this moment, constantly consuming its remaining vitality

Standing in the palm of Fan Yuan’s hand, Gu Yang raised his hands to catch a falling green leaf and held it in his arms.

“In a few hours, it will be completely dead. Maybe in the end, it still won’t be able to wait for the person it wants to wait for.”

Fan Yuan looked at the little Gu Yang who was holding the leaf, took the leaf in Gu Yang’s hand, brought it to his lips and blew gently.


Gu Yang immediately laughed and fell into Fan Yuan’s palm: “You still don’t know how to blow leaves!”

Seeing Gu Yang’s brows and eyes crooked with a smile, Fan Yuan moved his lips to the edge of the green leaves and blew hard.


Gu Yang held his stomach and laughed non-stop, while patting Fan Yuan’s palm with his small hands.

At this time, rustling footsteps came from the other side of the tree.

Gu Yang immediately covered his mouth, stopped laughing, and looked at Fan Yuan.

Standing behind the big tree, Fan Yuan turned his body slightly, and saw a man in a suit and leather shoes walking in front of the big tree.

The man was about thirty years old, with black hair combed back, his face was numb and tired after being baptized by society.

He walked in front of the big tree and looked up at the big tree that had overdrawn its vitality and regrown lushly.

“Sorry, I forgot about you.”

“Sorry it took so long to see you.”

The man pressed his hand on the trunk of the big tree. In an instant, countless green leaves fell wildly from the branches of the big tree. After a while, the tree returned to its withered and blackened appearance.

After the green leaves fell off, the thick trunk split from the center, and a huge gap opened, revealing the empty heart inside.

It turned out that the inside of this tree had been corroded long ago. The man stared at all this in a daze. Through the cracked trunk, a touch of emerald green emerged from it.

The man knelt on the ground, reached out and broke open the broken tree trunk, and saw a small sapling that was only an inch tall and had just sprouted inside.

Fan Yuan led Gu Yang back, quietly away from the big tree, watching the man carefully dig out a small sapling from the center of the corroded tree and hold it in his arms, the numbness and burnout on his face were swept away, and he showed a happy smile like a child .

The man left with the sapling in his hands. After the man walked away, the dead tree with only an empty shell collapsed.

“That tree was a miracle.”

Fan Yuan took Gu Yang and turned around to leave. Gu Yang sat in Fan Yuan’s palm and couldn’t help saying this.

After Gu Yang finished speaking, Fan Yuan stopped in his tracks.

He didn’t turn around to look at the dead tree behind him, he wasn’t even interested in the man who left with the sapling.

If it wasn’t for Gu Yang, Fan Yuan probably wouldn’t have taken a second look at these people and things.

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang in front of him, lowered his head, and pressed his forehead against Gu Yang’s.

The distance was too close, so that the two people only had each other in their sight.

Fan Yuan said softly:

“Gu Yang, you are the miracle.”

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, stood up and raised his head, closed his eyes and gently kissed Fan Yuan’s nose.

His voice was so small, yet so firm.

“I’m not a miracle, I’m just Gu Yang…”

What hasn’t been said was that I’m just Gu Yang, Fan Yuan’s Gu Yang.

Fan Yuan didn’t speak any more, he just held Gu Yang in his arms, stuffed him into the inner pocket of his clothes, and hid him in his chest.

In the evening, Gu Yang took a comfortable soak in the hot water in the small bathtub specially customized for him by Fan Yuan. His exhausted body finally recovered.

When Fan Yuan saw that Gu Yang had regained his vitality, he pressed him and took him to study.

Gu Yang was held in the palm of Fan Yuan’s hands, and he waved his hands and kicked his legs just because he didn’t want to study.

Fan Yuan didn’t listen at all, and directly pressed Gu Yang to give him a lecture.

But after two questions, Gu Yang started to lose his mind. He spread out his palms, and looked at his empty palms.

The two letters written by Fan Yuan yesterday have been washed away. Looking at the empty palm at this moment, Gu Yang felt a little uncomfortable.

Fan Yuan rubbed Gu Yang’s little head, drew back his attention, and told him a few more questions, then let Gu Yang rest for a while, and started to work on the questions by himself.

Gu Yang sat next to Fan Yuan and played with his mobile phone. News about the big tree spread all over the Internet. People were full of interest in this big tree that suddenly grew lush and withered.

Among the countless hot discussions about the big tree, there was another topic, which was called “Why does the rich and noble spend a lot of money recklessly?” This topic immediately attracted Gu Yang’s attention.

Gu Yang clicked in and was immediately stunned by the above content.

On the topic, there was a photo of flowers of various varieties and different flowering periods crowded together, and some white snow can be seen on the edge of the photo.

This was the courtyard of Fan Yuan’s house, and this photo was accompanied by a report.

The reporter said that he was fortunate enough to contact the owner of the house, and learned that the owner spent a lot of money to please a beauty in the family. He airlifted the freshest flowers from all over the world and put them together, just to make the beauty smile.

It can be said that just as in ancient times, there were plays of war between lords, nowadays the wealthy sons of prominent families spend money recklessly just to win a smile from a beauty. It is unknown just how beautiful this beauty is.

Gu Yang opened his mouth slightly, and read this report back and forth. When he was taking a bath at night, he seemed to hear Fan Yuan on the phone, so he was doing this!

In such a short period of time, this report has become popular, and he believed it will keep pace with the big tree’s hot discussion in a short while.

Gu Yang put down his phone, covered his beating heart, and quietly glanced at Fan Yuan who was still working hard on the problem.

He didn’t expect that he just said it casually as a joke, and Fan Yuan would really do this.

Gu Yang took a deep breath, closed his eyes tightly, and spread out the palm of his left hand. After a long time, he slowly opened his eyes and looked down.

Fan Yuan’s favorability score: 27 points.

It went up again.

Gu Yang clenched his palms tightly and looked up at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan seemed to feel Gu Yang’s gaze, he stopped writing and looked at him sideways.

With jet-black scattered hair, perfect facial features, and deep black eyes, this was the Fan Yuan that he could only like in books.

Now he was standing in front of Fan Yuan, such a good, good Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan put down his pen, caught little Gu Yang who suddenly stood up, flying towards him, and rubbed his back.

“What’s wrong?”

Gu Yang rubbed his tender cheek against Fan Yuan’s palm vigorously, making his own cheek feel hot. Fan Yuan’s palm was also scorching hot.

“Fan Yuan.”

Gu Yang kept calling Fan Yuan’s name. Fan Yuan gently pushed Gu Yang’s small head away with his fingertips, and touched Gu Yang’s warm cheek.

“What are you being coquettish about?”

Gu Yang immediately held Fan Yuan’s fingertips, pressed his cheek gently against it, and yelled again.

“Fan Yuan.”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak any more, he picked up Gu Yang and put him in front of him, picked up the pen and continued to work on the questions.

Gu Yang leaned obediently on Fan Yuan’s arms, and settled down to study with him.

Fan Yuan’s hand kept writing the question, but his eyes turned and fell on the mobile phone whose screen had been darkened, and then he looked away again, and started to study again with little Gu Yang at his hand.

This world is interconnected, with endless outlets. 

The true cage is the one forged by our own hearts. 

Author’s note: I have a feeling that they live in a parallel world, and I just happened to hear their story and told it to you.

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