Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 53

Chapter 53

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The thick curtains blocked the inside of the cage room, and Fan Yuan was no longer inside when Gu Yang woke up.

He sat up and rubbed his drowsy head. He saw that the door of the cage room and the iron gate outside were both open, probably left by Fan Yuan on purpose for him.

Gu Yang looked at the door that was deliberately left for him, but did not go out. Instead, he sat obediently on the swing, with his legs hanging over the armrests, and began to play with his phone, swaying back and forth.

After a while, Fan Yuan came in with breakfast. Gu Yang turned his head to see that Fan Yuan had not only brought breakfast but also a pile of exercise books.

Fan Yuan put everything on the small table inside the cage and walked over to help Gu Yang tidy up his messy hair.

Gu Yang enjoyed it very much and lifted his face, letting Fan Yuan straighten his hair for him.

Seeing Gu Yang’s smug look, Fan Yuan lifted his hand and pinched Gu Yang’s cheek hard. 

Gu Yang howled in pain and was pushed off the swing by Fan Yuan.

“Go wash up, come back and eat after you’re done.”

Gu Yang could only walk out with his aching cheek, muttering to himself, “I’ve been so honest and stayed inside. Can’t you give me some praise for not running away after you opened the door?”

Fan Yuan seemed to have not heard him and picked up the blanket that fell from the swing and put it away. After Gu Yang left, he turned his head and slightly curled his lips.

Gu Yang quickly returned after washing up, eating breakfast with Fan Yuan and rubbing against him.

When dawn came, Fan Yuan turned back into his thirteen or fourteen-year-old appearance. The necklace and ring on his hand were already too big and kept slipping down. He had to reach up to adjust them from time to time.

Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s hand, took off the necklace and ring on his hand, and put the ring on his finger.

“What are you doing?”

Gu Yang slowly straightened Fan Yuan’s fingers, took off the ring, and hung it together with the small orchid pendant on his own neck.

“Leave it with me for now, I’ll give it back to you when you completely recover.”

Fan Yuan glanced at Gu Yang’s small blue orchid pendant and chain hanging from his neck, then withdrew his hand without saying a word.

When he went to wash up in the morning, Gu Yang changed his skirt again.

He found that he couldn’t stand wearing the same skirt for two days in a row, which seemed to be influenced by “Snow White.”

After breakfast, Fan Yuan pointed to the exercise book on the table, the meaning was self-evident.

Gu Yang sat down with a bitter face, suddenly thought of something, and stood up to run outside.

Fan Yuan watched Gu Yang rush out of the open cage and leave the cage room, squinting his eyes.

However, Gu Yang came back in just ten minutes, holding a bunch of snacks and fruits in his arms and throwing them near the table.

“Let’s eat while doing the questions?”

Gu Yang was very happy and opened several bags of snacks and placed them on the table.

He placed one bag, Fan Yuan took away one bag, and in the end, the table was still empty, except for a pile of exercise books.

Gu Yang stretched his legs and gently kicked Fan Yuan’s foot under the table.

“What are you doing?”

Fan Yuan remained unmoved, and after Gu Yang kicked him several times, he lifted his leg and pressed Gu Yang’s foot, making Gu Yang unable to move.

“Finish four pages of questions, and I’ll give you food, but for every wrong question, you’ll eat one less thing.”

Gu Yang looked at the strawberries, mangoes, blueberries, and other fruits held by Fan Yuan on his side and swallowed his saliva. He buried his head and started to write the questions.

He was no longer the little chicken who knew nothing, plus he was in a hurry, so he wrote very fast.

But because he wrote too fast, he was very sloppy, and when he handed in the four-page questions for Fan Yuan to correct, there were always various small mistakes, either wrong calculations or extra strokes, etc.

Gu Yang could only be anxious as he watched Fan Yuan take away a fruit every time he found a wrong answer.

In the end, all the fruits on the table were taken away by Fan Yuan. Gu Yang collapsed on the table, staring at the snacks and fruits piled on Fan Yuan’s side with a helpless expression.

After correcting the four pages of questions, Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang’s listless appearance and took out a red apple from the fruit pile in front of him.

“Here, take it as your hard work fee.”

Gu Yang thought he had nothing to eat, but he suddenly got an apple, and immediately raised his head and took a big bite from Fan Yuan’s hand.

Fan Yuan slightly pulled back his arm, and Gu Yang leaned forward and followed the apple in Fan Yuan’s hand, taking a bite.

At this moment, Gu Yang’s eyes were fixed only on the big red apple. As he watched the apple leave the table, getting higher and higher, he stretched his neck and got up from the table, grabbing Fan Yuan’s arm and leaning in to bite the apple.

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang, who was almost lying on top of him, and finally stopped teasing him, letting Gu Yang hold onto his arm to eat the apple in his hand.

Soon, Gu Yang had nibbled away at the apple’s perimeter, leaving only the part that Fan Yuan was holding. Gu Yang turned his head, unable to decide where to bite next.

Fan Yuan was busy writing the correct answers beside the problems Gu Yang had gotten wrong. Holding the apple in his left hand, he didn’t pay attention to what Gu Yang was doing.

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan and carefully moved closer to Fan Yuan’s left hand, adjusting his position. He opened his mouth and took a bite.

With this bite, not only did Gu Yang take a big chunk out of the apple, but he also bit Fan Yuan’s finger.

Fan Yuan paused in his writing, put down his pen and looked over, only to see Gu Yang chewing a mouthful of apple and then spitting out Fan Yuan’s finger while mumbling:

“Why did you hold the apple so tightly? I couldn’t help it.”

Fan Yuan placed the messy apple that Gu Yang had bitten on the table, withdrew his hand, and saw that his hand was covered in apple juice. He looked around the room and found that there were no tissues.

Gu Yang had already picked up the apple from the table and was munching on it with his little white teeth, eating it up quickly. In no time, only a thin apple core was left.

Seeing Fan Yuan raise his left hand and scanning around, Gu Yang knew he was looking for tissues.

Gu Yang put the apple core in a corner of the table and walked over, then tore out a page from the exercise book from the back and crumpled it up before handing it to Fan Yuan.

“Here, use this to wipe your hands.”

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang’s crumpled homework in his hand and frowned, which was a rare sight.

“Gu Yang, who allowed you to tear up the homework?”

Gu Yang shrugged his shoulders and saw that Fan Yuan was about to get angry, so he quickly threw away the paper ball, sat obediently next to Fan Yuan, and reached out to wipe the apple juice off of Fan Yuan’s hand.

“Okay, okay, I won’t use that anymore.”

After wiping the apple juice off of Fan Yuan’s hand, he instinctively brought his fingertips to his lips and licked them. The apple juice had already dried up by now and it was sticky on Fan Yuan’s hand and couldn’t be wiped off.

Fan Yuan watched as Gu Yang licked his fingers clean and slowly reached out his hand, extending his own left hand covered in apple juice to Gu Yang’s lips, pressing his fingertips against Gu Yang’s lower lip.

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, looking down at the hand on his lip, his heart beating faster, and his cheeks slowly turning red.

His gaze wandered around, seeming hesitant, but in the end, he slightly parted his lips and obediently sucked on Fan Yuan’s fingertips.

As soon as his fingertips entered Gu Yang’s mouth, Fan Yuan suddenly withdrew his hand and stood up.

“You continue with your homework, I’ll go wash my hands.”

Gu Yang wiped his mouth and watched as Fan Yuan walked out quickly, placing his hand over his racing heart.

This time, Fan Yuan didn’t forget to lock the cage door and the iron gate when he left, but Gu Yang didn’t plan to run out anyway. He just knew he wouldn’t study well without Fan Yuan watching him.

As soon as Fan Yuan left, he immediately took out his phone, opened the game, and prepared to play a few rounds first.

But before he could even finish one round, Gu Yang began to feel feverish and dizzy all over. He threw his phone to the side and laid down on the fluffy blanket, closing his eyes, feeling completely lethargic.

After washing his hands, Fan Yuan returned to see Gu Yang lying on a fluffy blanket, looking drowsy with flushed cheeks and sweat pouring down his forehead, brows furrowed in pain.

Gu Yang seemed to hear Fan Yuan’s footsteps and opened his eyes dazedly. He saw Fan Yuan standing at the door of the cage and immediately reached out a hand.

“Fan Yuan?”

Fan Yuan walked over and held Gu Yang’s hand, feeling its high temperature. He lowered his head and pressed his forehead against Gu Yang’s, not caring about the sweat on Gu Yang’s forehead.

With his eyes half-open, Gu Yang raised his hands and hugged Fan Yuan’s neck, unconsciously wanting to rely on him tightly due to his discomfort.

“Fan Yuan, I feel so dizzy.”

Fan Yuan pressed his forehead against Gu Yang’s for a while before stepping back and picking up Gu Yang’s phone, which was thrown aside. He called for a taxi.

“Why did you suddenly get a fever, Gu Yang?”

Gu Yang leaned on Fan Yuan’s chest, his forehead against Fan Yuan’s shoulder, and gently shook his head.

Although Fan Yuan was shorter than him at this moment, Gu Yang felt very safe leaning against him. Fan Yuan bent down, carried Gu Yang, who was much taller than him, with great force, seeming effortless.

“We’ll go to the nearest clinic. I’m not in a position to call a family doctor now.”

Gu Yang nodded and buried his face in Fan Yuan’s embrace, allowing Fan Yuan to carry him away.

Fan Yuan carried Gu Yang all the way back to the lobby on the first floor, put on his own coat for Gu Yang, covered his skirt, and carefully tucked Gu Yang’s long hair into the hat before carrying him out.

Outside the door, the taxi was already waiting there.

When the driver saw Fan Yuan, who was only thirteen or fourteen years old, carrying someone much older than him, he immediately got out of the car to help. However, as he reached out to take Gu Yang, Fan Yuan avoided him.

“No need, thank you.”

The driver withdrew his hand, shook his head strangely, and then returned to the driver’s seat, driving the two to the nearest clinic.

Winter is the peak season for colds and fever, and there were many children getting shots in the clinic.

As soon as the two entered, the children looked over with curiosity.

Fan Yuan found a comfortable sofa, put Gu Yang down, and immediately went to call a doctor.

The doctor came over to check on Gu Yang, took his temperature, and determined that it was just a common cold and fever. He said that a shot and some medicine would be enough to cure him.

Gu Yang, in a daze, thought to himself that he did not have a cold, so why did he suddenly develop a fever? He did not eat anything unusual, except for breakfast and a large apple.


Gu Yang’s eyes widened slightly as he suddenly thought of a possibility. Maybe he got a fever because of eating this one apple. In the fairy tale “Snow White,” Snow White fell into a deep sleep after eating a poisoned apple given by her stepmother. So maybe Gu Yang got a fever because he ate an apple.

After the doctor finished his examination, he quickly prescribed medication, and a nurse came to give Gu Yang an injection.

Gu Yang wasn’t afraid of injections, but Fan Yuan next to him had been staring at the needle in the nurse’s hand with a serious expression. Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan and suddenly leaned his head on Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

Now Fan Yuan was much shorter than him, and Gu Yang’s head leaning on Fan Yuan’s shoulder was not very comfortable, but he still held onto Fan Yuan tightly.

Fan Yuan immediately embraced Gu Yang’s waist and, after the nurse gave him the injection, gently pressed his hand on Gu Yang’s hand.

“Does it hurt a lot?”

Gu Yang buried his face in Fan Yuan’s neck and laughed softly, nodding his head vigorously when Fan Yuan asked him.

“Yes, it hurts a lot.”

Fan Yuan frowned slightly, looking at the needle in Gu Yang’s hand as if it was an enemy, and held Gu Yang’s waist tighter.

“Hold on, once this shot is over, you won’t have to get another one. Just take your medicine on time when you get home.”

Gu Yang nodded, still pretending to be in a lot of pain and whimpering a bit.

Several children who were also getting their drips on the opposite side seemed to be curious about Gu Yang and Fan Yuan. They stared at them with their little eyes, unblinkingly.

Fan Yuan had been gently covering Gu Yang’s hand, which was cold due to the infusion, to keep it warm. The medicine took effect quickly, and Gu Yang started to sweat soon after. As he started to sweat, his long hair hidden under his hat became very uncomfortable.

When Gu Yang turned his head again, Fan Yuan stood up and helped him take off his hat. His long hair immediately cascaded down, hanging in front of him.

Gu Yang was stunned. “Fan Yuan?”

Fan Yuan put down the hat and helped Gu Yang tidy up his hair on both sides.

“There aren’t many people here. You don’t have to…”

Gu Yang looked at the small children sitting across from him with surprised looks on their faces, and chuckled.

Indeed, there was no problem with just a few children.

When it was almost time for the IV drip to finish, Fan Yuan went to get medicine for Gu Yang.

Gu Yang sat alone on the sofa while the small children across from him had already finished their IV drips and were waiting for their parents to pick them up.

They were all children who lived nearby. Their parents were busy working and were familiar with the doctor and nurse at this clinic. They would send their children over every day to get their shots and then pick them up.

As Fan Yuan left, the small children slowly approached Gu Yang.

Gu Yang watched as they slowly approached, seeming to want to get closer but feeling shy. It wasn’t until a little boy placed a hand on Gu Yang’s knee that he spoke up.

“So, you’re a big sister!” the little boy said in a childish voice.

Gu Yang was momentarily stunned. Children were always so innocent and tended to judge gender based on hair length.

He shook his head and reached out to pat the little boy’s head. “Who said that? I’m a big brother!”

But the little boy didn’t believe him and stubbornly continued to call him “big sister”.

After the little boy approached, the other children who had been watching also approached one by one, calling him “big sister”. Gu Yang was at a loss and didn’t know why these children suddenly liked him so much. In no time at all, they had surrounded him and were all eagerly looking up at him. If he patted one of their heads, they would immediately jump up in joy.

Gu Yang looked at the little beans that surrounded him and thought to himself, were children always such cute creatures?

When Fan Yuan returned, he saw that Gu Yang was completely surrounded by the children, and there wasn’t even a place for him to step in.

But Gu Yang was the first to notice Fan Yuan’s return and quickly coaxed the children around him to make way.

However, the group of children suddenly became disobedient and stubbornly clung to Gu Yang, not giving Fan Yuan any space to step in.

Especially the little boy who was closest to Gu Yang, he hugged Gu Yang’s hand and turned to glare at Fan Yuan with an especially fierce expression.

“Big sister is mine! I absolutely won’t let you have her!”

Fan Yuan glanced at the little boy and the words “Big Sister” in his mouth. Gu Yang blushed slightly and patted the boy’s head.

“Behave, I’m about to have the needle pulled out, step aside.”

The little boy reluctantly stepped back to let the nurse come and remove Gu Yang’s needle.

Fan Yuan followed the nurse over and immediately helped Gu Yang press on the needle hole after the needle was removed.

After the nurse left, several children immediately gathered around again and stared at Fan Yuan aggressively.

Fan Yuan remained unmoved, sat next to Gu Yang, and pressed on the needle hole for a while before letting go. He stood up, took off his hat, and helped Gu Yang tidy his hair.

His movements were slow, and he used his fingertips to comb a strand of Gu Yang’s long hair from the roots to the tips, then repeated the same for another strand.

The little boy behind him was angry and pushed Fan Yuan with all his might.

“Get away from here! You can’t touch Big Sister!”

Fan Yuan let the little boy push him and continued to tidy Gu Yang’s hair. He put Gu Yang’s hair back into his hat and helped him put it on again. Gu Yang was about to stand up, but Fan Yuan pressed him back onto the couch.

“Fan Yuan?” Gu Yang was surprised.

Fan Yuan bent down and slowly leaned towards Gu Yang, and their faces were almost touching. Fan Yuan’s nose almost brushed Gu Yang’s chin.

He helped Gu Yang fasten the buttons on his coat one by one, and finally used his fingertips to caress Gu Yang’s cheek. His temperature had returned to normal.

“The fever has gone down.”

Fan Yuan stepped back and pulled Gu Yang up.

Although Gu Yang’s fever had gone down, his cheeks had turned slightly red again due to Fan Yuan’s actions.

As the two stood up, the height difference between them became apparent.

The little boy pointed at Fan Yuan and mocked, “Hahaha, you’re so short! How can Big Sister have such a short boyfriend like you! You can’t be Big Sister’s boyfriend!”

It was just a child’s momentary rashness, and Gu Yang thought Fan Yuan would ignore it. But Fan Yuan actually looked down at the little boy, who was not even up to his waist, and retorted coldly,

“You’re even shorter.”

The little boy was so angry that he jumped up and tried to hug Gu Yang.

“I’m not short! I haven’t grown up yet! When I grow up…”

Gu Yang blinked his eyes and found it surprisingly cute that Fan Yuan was arguing with the little boy.

He quickly approached and put his hand into Fan Yuan’s hand, “Fan Yuan, let’s go home.”

Fan Yuan then stopped looking at the little boy, took hold of Gu Yang’s hand and walked out. 

Just as they were about to leave the door, Fan Yuan suddenly stopped, and Gu Yang stopped with him, wondering why.

He saw Fan Yuan suddenly tip-toe and gently kissed Gu Yang’s chin. The slight touch on his chin made Gu Yang stunned and he covered his chin, feeling a bit absent-minded.

“Why did you suddenly…” Gu Yang’s words were interrupted by Fan Yuan’s finger on his lips. He couldn’t speak and watched as Fan Yuan turned back and seemed to say something silently to the angry little boy inside.

The precocious little boy watched as the short guy kissed his big sister, even turning back to simulate him with his mouth, “Big sister is mine.”

As the two walked away, the little boy rushed forward to chase them, but was stopped by a nurse who saw him.

Poor little boy, his first love experience was ruined.

At this time, Fan Yuan and Gu Yang had already taken a taxi home. Gu Yang’s fever had subsided and he no longer felt uncomfortable. Nevertheless, he still leaned on Fan Yuan’s neck with his head tilted, closed his eyes, and enjoyed the moment of intimacy.

But he couldn’t resist the urge to speak his mind. Gu Yang closed his eyes and suddenly said, “Fan Yuan, you are really childish. You even got jealous of a little boy.”

Fan Yuan’s gaze remained forward and he ignored Gu Yang.

Gu Yang rubbed his forehead against Fan Yuan’s neck and continued, “And he was right. You are indeed much shorter than me now, haha…”

Fan Yuan still ignored Gu Yang. The more he ignored him, the more Gu Yang pushed his luck. The laughter never stopped on the way home.

As soon as they arrived home, Fan Yuan took out Gu Yang’s medicine and put it away silently, then went back to the bedroom without a word.

Gu Yang guessed that he had teased Fan Yuan a little too much and quickly followed him. However, when he reached the bedroom door, Fan Yuan blocked him and locked him out, ignoring his knocking.

With no other options, Gu Yang could only go to the cage room and lie on the swing, holding a magic mirror in his hand and looking at himself with a frown.

“Magic mirror, magic mirror! Do you think Fan Yuan is childish?” he asked.

The magic mirror flashed, but didn’t answer.

Not getting an answer, Gu Yang asked again, “Magic mirror, magic mirror! Tell me, is Fan Yuan jealous of children?”

This time, the magic mirror finally spoke, its voice sounding a bit cold.


Gu Yang looked at the magic mirror with some confusion, “Why do I feel like you’re not very happy?”

But the magic mirror didn’t answer that question.

Gu Yang stayed in the cage room, and as the sky gradually darkened, he turned on a lamp and played games on the swing. But halfway through the game, the lamp in the cage room suddenly turned off.

It was pitch black inside.

Gu Yang was startled, and he flipped his phone to use the screen’s faint light to look outside.

“What’s going on? Fan Yuan? Is that you?”

Familiar footsteps echoed in the darkness, and Gu Yang stood up with his phone, shining its light on a chest, but it was immediately snatched away.

Fan Yuan threw Gu Yang’s phone aside, and it landed on the thick carpet without making a sound. In no time, the screen’s light turned off, and the cage room was plunged into complete darkness.

Fan Yuan picked Gu Yang up and put him back on the swing. As Gu Yang tried to get up with his arm on the swing, he heard a clicking sound. Fan Yuan had taken out a chain and locked it around Gu Yang’s neck.

“Fan Yuan? What are you doing?” Gu Yang asked.

He wasn’t really scared, just curious about what Fan Yuan wanted to do.

However, no matter what Gu Yang asked, Fan Yuan remained silent.

After locking the chain around Gu Yang’s neck, Fan Yuan locked his hands and feet to the swing.

Gu Yang moved his limbs, which were now chained, and realized there wasn’t just one chain on the floor under the swing.

Soft feathers brushed against Gu Yang’s cheek, and he opened his eyes slightly, thinking to himself, “Uh oh. Fan Yuan is going to tickle him again!”

As expected, the next moment feathers kept caressing Gu Yang’s neck. Gu Yang couldn’t help but burst out laughing. He wanted to get up and avoid it, but because he couldn’t move his limbs, he could only keep shaking his head and doing useless movements.

The swing began to sway under the movements of the two, making a slight creaking sound.

Gu Yang laughed until his stomach hurt and he was covered in sweat, before Fan Yuan finally let him go.

The lights came back on, and Gu Yang squinted his eyes, looking at Fan Yuan who had returned to his normal size under the light.

He didn’t dare to show off his quick wit anymore, and could only beg pitifully to Fan Yuan:

“Fan Yuan? Father Fan? Please let me go, I won’t do it again…”

Fan Yuan held a feather between his fingertips and stood in front of the swing, looking down at Gu Yang who was locked onto it.

At this moment, Gu Yang’s long hair was disheveled, and his skirt had slid up to his knees due to struggling. The two chains on his ankles were flashing under the light.

Gu Yang tried to lift his head to make Fan Yuan see his sincere pleading.

Fan Yuan’s gaze finally fell on Gu Yang’s face. He squatted in front of Gu Yang, and gently wiped away the sweat on Gu Yang’s neck with his fingertips.

“Gu Yang, do you really want me to punish you?”

Gu Yang was stunned and shook his head vigorously, “No! How could that be?”

Fan Yuan reached out his finger and caressed Gu Yang’s hair, slowly pushing the hair in front of Gu Yang’s forehead back to reveal his blushing face.

He leaned in close to Gu Yang, and their breaths intertwined as he spoke.

“Then why do you keep testing me again and again?”

Gu Yang innocently pursed his lips and smiled at Fan Yuan.

Even at this moment, there was not a trace of fear in Gu Yang’s eyes when he looked at Fan Yuan. He had never been afraid of him.

Gu Yang shook his head again and put on a sincere expression, “No! Fan Yuan, don’t you believe me? I really didn’t mean it!”

Fan Yuan stared at Gu Yang for a while, then reached out and unlocked the chains on Gu Yang’s body. As soon as Gu Yang was freed, he immediately got up and reached out to hug Fan Yuan, looking like he was in need of comfort after being punished just moments ago by Fan Yuan.

Clearly, it was Fan Yuan who had punished Gu Yang.

Fan Yuan bent down and hugged Gu Yang tightly, lifting him up like a child and dragging him outside with his arms.

Gu Yang buried his face in Fan Yuan’s neck and also grinned.

That night, while Fan Yuan went to take a shower, Gu Yang snuck under the covers and secretly asked the magic mirror, “Magic mirror, tell me the truth, is Fan Yuan jealous of that little boy?”

The magic mirror flashed a faint light in the covers and finally answered Gu Yang, “Yes.”

Gu Yang smiled triumphantly and suddenly bent and twisted the surface of the mirror with his finger.

“Magic mirror, why do I feel like your voice sounds a bit happy?”

This time, the magic mirror didn’t react at all, as if it were an ordinary mirror being held in Gu Yang’s hand.

After a while, Fan Yuan finished his shower and urged Gu Yang to go take his turn. Gu Yang immediately got up from the bed, passing Fan Yuan cheerfully and even flashing him a cute smile.

Watching the bathroom door close, Fan Yuan pinched the small black mirror around his neck and took a look. Did Gu Yang not notice this small mirror hanging around his neck?

Author’s Note: Gu Yang: Hurry! Hurry up and punish me! I’m eager to try it out.jpg

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