Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 52

Chapter 52

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So Gu Yang really just wrapped himself in a bedsheet and went downstairs. He wrapped the sheet around his body, creating an Indian style look, and went downstairs with a disheveled appearance and a serious face.

Downstairs, Fan Yuan was making breakfast and had not yet come out.

Gu Yang walked to the kitchen door and saw the now shrunken Fan Yuan reaching up for the cupboard.

Unfortunately, his height had also shrunk quite a bit, and even tiptoeing couldn’t reach it.

Gu Yang’s eyes lit up. Wasn’t this the perfect opportunity to show off his manliness?

He immediately walked in, imitating the look from a TV drama, and pressed his hand on the table next to Fan Yuan, trapping Fan Yuan between him and the table with a “wall slam”.

Fan Yuan turned his head and saw Gu Yang standing behind him wrapped in a messy bed sheet. Thinking he looked handsome, he reached up to open the cabinet.

“What do you want? Do you want this older brother to get it for you?”

Fan Yuan looked away and ignored Gu Yang’s banter, “Grab the Sugar.”

Gu Yang handed the sugar to Fan Yuan and said, “Here you go, no need to thank this older brother.”

Fan Yuan took it and sprinkled sugar on Gu Yang’s fried egg, then sprinkled salt on his own fried egg, and carried both plates of breakfast out.

Watching Fan Yuan’s shrunken back, Gu Yang immediately followed him out.

Fan Yuan placed breakfast in front of Gu Yang and didn’t immediately sit down, instead he lowered his gaze to inspect the bedsheets on Gu Yang’s body. 

Suddenly, he spoke up: “Gu Yang, do you have special hobbies?”

Gu Yang had just picked up a perfectly-shaped fried egg with his fork, but Fan Yuan’s question caught him off guard.

“What special hobbies?”

Fan Yuan lifted his chin, indicating the Indian-style bedsheets wrapped around him.

“For example, not liking to wear clothes?”

Gu Yang put down the fried egg in his hand and pulled the bedsheets on his body, causing his long hair hanging behind him to slide to the front, which looked especially beautiful on his skin. His face slowly turned slightly red as he avoided Fan Yuan’s focused gaze and tried to defend himself:

“Not really, it’s just more convenient like this… Anyway, except for you, no one can see me at home.”

Fan Yuan sat across from Gu Yang and began to eat breakfast as usual.

“Is that so? Not wearing clothes in front of me today doesn’t matter, is that what you mean?”

Gu Yang felt a little danger instinctively from Fan Yuan’s question and immediately shook his head vigorously.

“How could that be! Absolutely not! You are still the most amazing Fan Yuan even if you become smaller!”

“Zila,” the sound of a knife cutting through a plate came as Fan Yuan cut the sausage in the plate in half, picked up one half with his fork and put it into Gu Yang’s plate.

“Eat well.”

Gu Yang trembled all over and looked at Fan Yuan’s childish face. He honestly lowered his head and ate his meal, no longer daring to fool around.

The two of them ate breakfast in silence until Fan Yuan finally spoke up after they finished their meal.

“Gu Yang, I called Teacher Zhuo this morning. She has time today. You should wear a hat and go to school to take the makeup exam yourself. Don’t delay anymore and don’t cause trouble for Teacher Zhuo.”

Gu Yang carefully put down his utensils and secretly glanced at Fan Yuan, whispering: “Can I… not take the makeup exam? It’s just missing one exam, it’s no big deal…”

Before Gu Yang finished speaking, Fan Yuan interrupted him: “No, you must take the makeup exam.”

He stood up and picked up the plate, walking back to the kitchen.

Gu Yang sighed softly in his seat, and slowly made his way back to his bedroom, staring blankly at the clothes strewn all over the floor.

Putting on clothes was now excruciatingly painful for him, so how was he going to go out and take the exam?

But he didn’t know how to explain it to Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang kicked at the shirt on the ground, took a deep breath, and with a look of determination on his face, bent down to pick up a shirt. He untied the bedsheet that was wrapped around him and stood in front of the mirror, putting on the shirt.

As soon as the shirt was on, the sharp pain immediately swept over him and spread throughout his upper body.

Gu Yang gritted his teeth and his fingers trembled as he slowly buttoned the shirt.

From bottom to top, it was just a few buttons, but it seemed to use up all his strength. When he had buttoned up halfway, Gu Yang’s legs gave out, and he knelt down by the mirror, pressing his sweaty forehead against the cold surface, tightly closing his eyes and enduring the pain in his body.

Gu Yang clutched the hem of his shirt tightly with his fingertips and hypnotized himself:

“Hold on, Gu Yang, just hold on. Maybe the pain will go away in a little while…”

Fan Yuan finished cleaning up the kitchen and realized that Gu Yang hadn’t come down yet, so he went upstairs to find him.

As soon as he entered the bedroom, he saw Gu Yang kneeling on the ground, leaning against the mirror with a pale face, drenched in cold sweat, gritting his teeth and tightly closing his eyes.

“Gu Yang?”

Fan Yuan immediately walked over and squatted in front of Gu Yang.

Gu Yang slowly opened his eyes and looked at Fan Yuan, who looked only thirteen or fourteen years old at the moment. He raised the corners of his mouth and forced a smile at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan reached out and felt Gu Yang’s neck, which was cold and damp.

“If you don’t want to smile, then don’t. What’s going on with you?”

As soon as Fan Yuan’s hand touched Gu Yang, the needle-like pain on Gu Yang’s body suddenly eased a bit. He was stunned for a moment and immediately grabbed Fan Yuan’s wrist, not letting him take his hand away.

Gu Yang turned around, slowly approaching Fan Yuan, and carefully rested his forehead on Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

“Fan Yuan, it hurts so much, let me lean on you for a while.”

Fan Yuan looked down at Gu Yang’s tightly clutched clothes and slowly pried open Gu Yang’s pale fingertips. He thought of Gu Yang’s abnormality in the morning and had some guesses in his mind.

“Is it related to your clothes?”

Gu Yang was silent for a moment and rubbed his forehead against Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

“It feels like there are countless needles in my clothes, pricking me.”

As he spoke, Gu Yang leaned forward again, his long hair falling down and the icy strands sliding over Fan Yuan’s hand.

“Hug me, if you hug me, it won’t hurt anymore.”

Fan Yuan hooked Gu Yang’s fallen hair behind his back with his fingertips, and lifted him into his arms. At this moment, Fan Yuan’s arms were not yet strong, and his figure appeared thin. However, when Gu Yang leaned against Fan Yuan’s embrace, he felt a great sense of security, as if he didn’t have to fear anything.

Fan Yuan gently patted Gu Yang’s back and said, “You don’t have to go to the exam, cancel it.”

But Gu Yang shook his head and replied, “I already told Teacher Zhuo that I would be there. She’s still waiting for me at school.”

Fan Yuan’s embrace quickly and effectively eased the pain that was piercing through Gu Yang’s body. He stood up and held Fan Yuan’s shoulders.

“Fan Yuan, turn around.”

Without saying anything, Fan Yuan turned around. Feeling Gu Yang’s back against his own. Gu Yang took a deep breath and slowly fastened the remaining buttons of his shirt, and continued to get dressed.

“Fan Yuan, I might need you to accompany me to the exam.”

Fan Yuan could feel the movement of Gu Yang’s back against his own, the stretching of his shoulder blades when fastening the buttons, and the movement of his waist and limbs when putting on his pants.

Finally, Gu Yang finished getting dressed and let out a sigh of relief. He let go of Fan Yuan’s embrace, but immediately held his hand.

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang’s messy hair and clothes, and his eyes were filled with hidden concern.

“Gu Yang, this time only, I’ll allow you to skip the exam.”

It was Fan Yuan who had forced Gu Yang to take the exam in the morning, but now he was the one who didn’t want Gu Yang to go.

Gu Yang touched his arm and the pain had already disappeared. He looked at Fan Yuan’s hidden concern and felt a warm sensation in his heart.

Gu Yang took out two hats, one for himself and one for Fan Yuan. He put them on, hiding his long hair inside.

“I will say you are my cousin, so you can accompany me. I’ll be fine with you by my side.”

As soon as the pain on his body disappeared, Gu Yang immediately became fearless, pulling Fan Yuan downstairs with some excitement. After all, Fan Yuan was now much shorter than him.

In the end, Fan Yuan followed Gu Yang and went to the wardrobe to find the red scarf that Gu Yang had given him before. He turned around and tiptoed to help Gu Yang wrap it around his neck. Just as he was about to go find his own scarf, Gu Yang pulled his arm back.

Gu Yang unraveled the red scarf from around his own neck, approached Fan Yuan, and wrapped the other end of the scarf around Fan Yuan’s neck.

“Shall we both wear one?”

Fan Yuan raised his hand to touch the scarf around his neck, not saying whether it was good or not, but he didn’t take it off either.

The two of them did not call the driver from Fan’s family, but instead called a taxi to go to school together.

Zhuo Wan had been waiting in the classroom for a long time. At this point, the school had already begun winter vacation and the campus was empty. Gu Yang and Fan Yuan walked shoulder to shoulder, arms close together, towards the teaching building.

Due to Gu Yang’s physical condition, the two of them were very close to each other, and their hands would occasionally touch each other.

As they walked, Gu Yang suddenly extended his little finger and hooked it around one of Fan Yuan’s fingers.

Fan Yuan’s finger moved a little, allowing Gu Yang to hook onto it.

Seeing that Fan Yuan didn’t withdraw his hand, Gu Yang immediately took the opportunity to grab Fan Yuan’s hand.

Before, Fan Yuan’s hands were very large and could always wrap Gu Yang’s hands entirely in his palm.

But now it was different. Fan Yuan’s hands were even smaller than Gu Yang’s. As he was held in Gu Yang’s palm, Gu Yang felt especially proud.

Fan Yuan glanced at the smirking Gu Yang, then looked at the red scarf connecting the two of them, and moved his fingertips slightly, ultimately letting Gu Yang have his way.

Not until the two of them walked into the classroom, hand in hand, did they let go of each other’s hand.

Gu Yang took off his scarf and wrapped it around Fan Yuan’s neck, covering half of his face in the process.

He turned to explain to the puzzled Zhuo Wan, “Teacher Zhuo, this is my distant cousin who is currently living with me. He’s very clingy to me and a bit afraid of people, so I brought him along. Don’t worry, he’s only a middle student and can’t understand high school questions. He definitely can’t help me cheat!”

Zhuo Wan didn’t pay much attention to the cheating issue. After all, for this makeup exam, she was sitting in front of Gu Yang and watching him closely. There was no way he could cheat under her nose.

So Zhuo Wan didn’t pursue the matter and instead asked about Gu Yang’s health, “Are you feeling better?”

Gu Yang felt a little guilty and nodded vaguely.

He immediately led Fan Yuan to his seat. Zhuo Wan gave him the test paper, started the timer, and the makeup exam began.

Fan Yuan stood next to Gu Yang, and Gu Yang started to answer the questions with a pen. After answering a few questions, he felt a sharp pain in his body, like a needle prick, slowly spreading throughout his body.

He immediately reached out his left hand and grabbed Fan Yuan’s arm. Gu Yang didn’t expect that just a short separation from Fan Yuan would bring back the pain.

Fan Yuan seemed to have expected this and held Gu Yang’s hand back. He leaned towards Gu Yang, and Gu Yang felt more comfortable. He continued to answer the questions.

Zhuo Wan watched the intimate scene of the two people holding hands and felt a little puzzled, “You guys…”

Gu Yang appeared a little panicked and immediately started making up all sorts of excuses:

“Teacher Zhuo! Um…he, my cousin has some psychological issues and is afraid of people. He must stay close to me!”

As soon as Gu Yang finished speaking, he felt Fan Yuan squeeze his hand slightly.

Then Fan Yuan let go of Gu Yang’s hand, and Gu Yang felt anxious and immediately lifted his hand to chase after Fan Yuan’s hand.

However, Fan Yuan went directly behind Gu Yang, bending down to wrap his arms around Gu Yang’s shoulders and pressing his chin against them.

With the lower half of his face covered by a scarf, his black eyes looked at Zhuo Wan from under his cap and he spoke softly:

“Yes, teacher, besides Gu Yang, I don’t want anyone else to get close to me.”

Zhuo Wan felt that Gu Yang’s distant cousin, seemed somewhat familiar but couldn’t recall it for a moment. She knew that there were many people in the world with strange psychological issues and didn’t want to ask too much. She just nodded and let it pass.

Fan Yuan straightened up, stood behind Gu Yang, and pressed his hands on Gu Yang’s shoulders. His fingertips lightly rubbed Gu Yang’s neck every now and then.

Gu Yang breathed a sigh of relief and began to focus on the exam.

Since it was a makeup exam, there was no need to be too particular. Gu Yang was in a hurry and didn’t take any breaks, going from one subject to the next without even checking his work.

Usually, Fan Yuan would have criticized Gu Yang for being so anxious, but today, he stood behind Gu Yang, watching him work restlessly. He only reached out to lightly pinch Gu Yang’s earlobe, without saying anything.

The two of them ate a little something for lunch and continued with the makeup exam in the afternoon until the final subject was completed, and Gu Yang finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The two of them bid farewell to Zhuo Wan and walked out of the classroom together.

As soon as they walked out of the teaching building, Fan Yuan suddenly stopped.

Looking down in confusion, Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan loosening the scarf wrapped around his neck and wrapping the other half around Gu Yang’s neck by standing on tiptoes.

The deep red scarf connected the two of them, and Gu Yang buried his face in the scarf that still carried Fan Yuan’s body temperature and rubbed against it, leaning tightly against Fan Yuan’s side as they walked together on campus.

They continued to stroll slowly along the street, not mentioning anything about taking a taxi, only clinging to each other, connected by the same scarf, walking on the winter road.

Occasionally, people passing by would turn their heads to look strangely at the two of them, but Fan Yuan and Gu Yang didn’t care.

There were also girls walking together who would make friendly and playful laughs as they passed Fan Yuan and Gu Yang. The two of them walked slowly, and their hands unknowingly held each other.

Gu Yang secretly glanced at Fan Yuan beside him. Although Fan Yuan was much shorter than him now, Gu Yang still felt happy to be able to walk hand in hand with him at this moment.

His gaze turned to the shop window on the street, where various small lamps decorated the window and mannequins wearing beautiful dresses were displayed.

Gu Yang suddenly froze, and his heart skipped a beat. He stopped his footsteps, staring at the dresses in the window.

Fan Yuan was holding Gu Yang’s hand and stopped too, seeing Gu Yang staring at the dresses in the shop window non-stop.

Gu Yang unconsciously took a step closer to the window and suddenly had a strange thought in his mind.

He was Snow White, and he should be wearing the most beautiful dress.

Until Gu Yang stood at the door of the shop, he came back to his senses, took a step back suddenly, and bumped into Fan Yuan behind him.

Fan Yuan raised his hand to support Gu Yang’s arm and asked him, “What’s wrong with you?”

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan’s deep black eyes, his heart pounding. The thought was like countless invisible hands, constantly scratching in his heart, making him unable to control his thoughts and desires.

In the end, Gu Yang couldn’t resist this thought.

He reached out and held Fan Yuan’s hand again, pulling him into a women’s clothing store. 

Fortunately, he restrained himself and didn’t say much. He just picked out the dresses he liked and had the salesperson find a size that was close to his body shape. He didn’t try them on and just paid with his credit card. Then, with his head down and one hand carrying a bunch of clothing bags and the other holding Fan Yuan’s hand, he walked out of the store.

Fan Yuan witnessed Gu Yang’s crazy buying spree with his own eyes. Even though he was usually calm, he was a little surprised at this moment. He looked at Gu Yang’s flushed face and ultimately didn’t ask much. 

He would do his best to give Gu Yang the utmost respect.

Gu Yang had something on his mind, and it wasn’t suitable for him to walk around with a bunch of stuff in his hands anymore. Fan Yuan raised his hand and called a taxi, and the two of them went home by car.

As soon as they entered the house, Gu Yang kicked off his shoes, took off his scarf, and rushed up the stairs with all the bags.

Fan Yuan slowly took off his scarf, took off his hat, and followed him up the stairs, but instead of going back to the bedroom, he went to the study.

On the edge of the huge bookshelf in the study, there was a thick, black book. This book was originally locked in the bedside table in the bedroom. Since Gu Yang secretly took the USB flash drive from the bedside table last time, but didn’t look at this book, Fan Yuan put it back in the study.

Fan Yuan took out the book, walked to the desk, flipped through one of the pages, picked up a pen, and added a few lines of text to what was already there. 

After “mermaid,” and “demon,”, he added “spirit” and “magic mirror,” and then put a question mark after “mirror.”

Fan Yuan looked at the lines of text in the book and fell into deep thought.

In the bedroom, Gu Yang carried several bags of skirts and hurried back. As soon as he entered the room, he began to undress, throwing clothes everywhere. After taking off all his clothes, Gu Yang casually pulled out a light blue, complex chiffon skirt and stood in front of the mirror, holding it up and comparing it to his body. Suddenly, he calmed down.

He looked at the skirt in his hand and then at the clothes scattered all over the floor, seemingly caught in some kind of dilemma.

Earlier, he had been suddenly attracted to a dress in a shop window, and strange thoughts had arisen in his mind. He realized that the reason why wearing clothes was like being pricked by a needle was because he was wearing men’s clothing.

Snow White was a princess of a kingdom, beautiful in appearance, noble in status, and the most beautiful woman that the stepmother in the fairy tale hated so much. Such a princess could not possibly not love beauty, so how could she tolerate wearing men’s clothing all the time?

Therefore, Gu Yang felt the pricking pain when he wore clothes because he was violating Snow White’s wishes.

Looking at the blue chiffon skirt in his hand, Gu Yang thought to himself: 

If he can’t wear a skirt, he can’t wear clothes. Although there were only him and Fan Yuan at home, it was not appropriate to not wear clothes.

Wearing a skirt…he had been a normal, red-blooded male for more than ten years, suddenly he had to wear a skirt…

However, Gu Yang only hesitated for a moment then immediately put on the skirt.

While wearing the skirt, he hypnotized himself, thinking that it was just a skirt! This was a special situation, what was the big deal!

As soon as he put on the skirt, Gu Yang closed his eyes and waited for a while. The pain that felt like being pricked by needles did not appear again.

Gu Yang opened his eyes and saw himself in the mirror, with black hair flowing to his waist and a long skirt draped over his body. He couldn’t even care about being disgusted with himself, he just turned around and ran out.

At this time, Fan Yuan was putting his notebook back on the shelf. Just as he had put it back, the door to the study was pushed open heavily.

He turned around and saw Gu Yang wearing a light blue chiffon skirt, black hair swaying in a beautiful arc in the air, rushing towards him.

At this moment, Gu Yang was very excited. He had just rushed downstairs but couldn’t find Fan Yuan. So he came to the study and as soon as he saw Fan Yuan, his eyes lit up.

He pounced on Fan Yuan, raised his hand and gave him a “wall slam,” pushing Fan Yuan against the bookshelf. He lowered his head and looked at Fan Yuan, who was only up to his chest at the moment, and said excitedly, “Fan Yuan! I can wear clothes now! It doesn’t hurt to wear clothes!”

Fan Yuan looked up at Gu Yang, whose face was red with excitement, and raised an eyebrow. “Is that so?”

But before Fan Yuan could finish his sentence, Gu Yang suddenly lifted him up by the waist.

Gu Yang held Fan Yuan up against the bookshelf, looked up at him and still had the excitement on his face that had not diminished. “Yes, although it only doesn’t hurt when I wear a skirt, I’m still happy that I can wear clothes now!”

Fan Yuan had been alive for 18 years, but this was the first time he had been lifted up by someone, let alone by Gu Yang.

He lowered his head, his black eyes slightly widened, and he looked at Gu Yang in front of him. For the first time, a very obvious surprise appeared on his face.

However, this surprise lasted only a moment, and Fan Yuan quickly regained his composure. He lowered his eyelashes, and looked at Gu Yang, who was wearing a long dress in the lit study in the dark. Gu Yang was still holding him against the bookshelf, but he didn’t feel tired. He leaned forward a bit more, and his beautiful eyes and eyebrows were right in front of Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan suddenly spoke up, his tone very light:

“Gu Yang, are you happy?”

Gu Yang vigorously nodded his head, not yet realizing the impending crisis.

“Happy! I can wear clothes now!”

Fan Yuan raised his hand and placed it on Gu Yang’s shoulder.

“Is that so, Gu Yang? I’ll give you a chance, put me down now.”

Gu Yang was feeling proud and cocky, and with Fan Yuan now smaller, he finally had the opportunity to bully Fan Yuan. He instead raised his arm and lifted Fan Yuan a little higher.

“No! Don’t you feel that your height, vision, and air quality are all great now?”

Fan Yuan looked down and was able to see Gu Yang’s fair neck and loose collar. He was about to say something when he suddenly felt his body sink, and his feet landed on the ground.

Gu Yang’s hands were still supporting Fan Yuan’s waist as he looked dumbfoundedly at Fan Yuan, who had suddenly returned to his normal size.

“Fan Yuan, how did you suddenly become bigger…”

When he had shrunk before, it wasn’t so easy to recover. How could it be that Fan Yuan had grown and recovered in less than a day?

Fan Yuan’s feet touched the ground, and he looked down at Gu Yang’s surprised expression, twisting his wrist.

“Very good.”

As he spoke, Fan Yuan suddenly reached out with both hands. He grabbed Gu Yang’s waist, turned around, lifted him up and pressed him against the bookshelf.

Gu Yang blinked, momentarily not reacting to the change in their positions.

Fan Yuan lifted Gu Yang up, looking up at his surprised expression, and asked him:

“Gu Yang, is it fun?”

Gu Yang placed his hands on Fan Yuan’s shoulders and kicked his legs.

“Fan Yuan, put me down quickly.”

Fan Yuan ignored him, his gaze falling to Gu Yang’s neck.

“Gu Yang, I haven’t asked for today’s share from you yet right?”

After Fan Yuan finished speaking, Gu Yang immediately understood what he meant. Indeed, in the next moment, Fan Yuan lowered his head, and Gu Yang’s body suddenly tensed up. His eyelashes quivered lightly, and his lips slightly parted.

The sudden sharp pain on his neck made Gu Yang grab onto the collar of Fan Yuan’s clothes tightly. The bite that Fan Yuan made today was clearly forceful.

Gu Yang grunted and was only released by Fan Yuan after a while.

His long hair was disheveled, and the ends even stuck to Fan Yuan’s body.

Gu Yang lifted his head and lightly bumped Fan Yuan’s chin with his forehead. “Fan Yuan, you’re so petty!”

Fan Yuan did not retort and helped Gu Yang tidy his hair before turning around and walking out of the study towards the bedroom to change clothes.

As Fan Yuan walked away, Gu Yang kicked a few times in the air, then followed him out of the study.

Just as they reached the bedroom door, Fan Yuan came out again in clothes that he had yet to button up, holding Gu Yang’s phone in his hand. The phone kept flashing and ringing, displaying Gu Yang’s mother’s incoming call.

Gu Yang looked at the incoming call display and paused for a moment. He then took the phone, turned his back to Fan Yuan, and walked into the corridor to answer the call.

He rarely did anything behind Fan Yuan’s back, let alone answering the phone like this.

Fan Yuan returned to the bedroom and leaned against the bedroom door with half of it closed, listening carefully.

Gu Yang turned his head to look, and seeing that the bedroom door was already closed, he answered the phone.

“Hello? Mom?”

It was already winter vacation, and Gu Yang’s family wanted him to go abroad and spend time with them, celebrating the new year together.

Gu Yang lowered his head and looked at the dark-colored carpet under his feet, politely declining.

“Sorry, Mom, I can’t go back this year.”

“I have someone very important to me, and I want to be with him…”

After hanging up the phone, Gu Yang pushed open the bedroom door, but found that the lights had been turned off, leaving the room pitch-black.

“Fan Yuan?”

Gu Yang shouted, and his wrist was immediately held by someone, and he was pushed to the wall.

In the pitch-black darkness, Gu Yang couldn’t see anything, he could only feel Fan Yuan getting closer to him.

“Gu Yang, it’s okay if you don’t want to wear a skirt.”

Gu Yang was taken aback, what did Fan Yuan mean?

It’s okay not to wear a skirt?

But he couldn’t wear clothes without a skirt, and if he wore clothes, it would hurt.

Was Fan Yuan’s consciousness… that he could not wear clothes in front of him?

As Gu Yang thought about this, his heart jumped heavily, and he immediately expelled the thought from his mind.

Maybe Fan Yuan meant that he could wear normal clothes and Fan Yuan would always accompany him and not let him hurt?

No matter what the meaning was, Gu Yang couldn’t suppress his heart beating faster at this moment.

Fan Yuan suddenly grabbed Gu Yang’s wrist and led him out of the bedroom.

He took Gu Yang all the way to the end of the corridor where a black iron door with eerie carvings appeared faintly in the dimly lit corridor.

Fan Yuan led Gu Yang in front of him, and a cold voice came:

“I want to sleep there tonight…”

The two stood together in front of the iron door, and Fan Yuan used his fingerprint to unlock the lock. The fingerprint lock made a slight sound, and the voice-activated light turned on. The iron door opened with a sound, revealing a crack.

Gu Yang obediently followed Fan Yuan, but Fan Yuan suddenly fell silent. For a moment, no one spoke, and the voice-activated light dimmed again.

In the darkness, Fan Yuan turned around, and Gu Yang couldn’t see his expression clearly, he could only hear his voice:

“Can you accompany me?”

Gu Yang immediately nodded: “Okay.”

As the words fell, the voice-controlled light turned on. Fan Yuan had already turned his head and didn’t look at Gu Yang again.

Gu Yang took the initiative to walk up, pushed open the big iron gate, and took a step forward.

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang, who walked in actively, and followed closely, reaching back to close the iron gate behind him.

The iron gate closed and automatically locked. The silent corridor quickly became dark, and everything returned to silence.

Inside the iron gate, Fan Yuan turned on a dim light.

Gu Yang couldn’t wait to rush to the golden cage and turned his head eagerly, waiting for Fan Yuan to unlock the lock on the cage.

Fan Yuan walked slowly towards Gu Yang, slightly bent over, and approached Gu Yang. He lightly brushed Gu Yang’s ear with his nose tip and unlocked the fingerprint lock on the cage with his finger.

Gu Yang rushed in immediately and threw himself onto the swing, swinging comfortably twice.

He leaned lazily on the swing and patted the empty space next to him.

“Fan Yuan, come over here quickly!”

Fan Yuan closed the lock on the cage and walked slowly towards Gu Yang, sitting next to him and resting his arm on the back of the swing. He looked at Gu Yang who leaned over actively and yawned slightly.

For a while, there was only a slight movement of the swing in the cage.

Gu Yang was a little sleepy, but suddenly thought of something. He bent down and took out a box from under the swing. Opening the lid, it contained the ear studs and necklace that he couldn’t wear because he had become small.

He handed the box to Fan Yuan and lifted his hair to show one ear.

“Fan Yuan, help me put it on.”

Fan Yuan picked up an ear stud representing “f” with his fingertips and approached Gu Yang.


After putting on his long-awaited earring and necklace, Gu Yang stretched lazily, feeling refreshed all over his body.

Fan Yuan turned off the only light in the cage, and in the darkness, the two hugged each other and gradually fell asleep.

After Gu Yang fell asleep, one of his hands rested on the edge of the swing, where only he could see a small book flashing a faint light.

It displayed:

Fan Yuan favorability score: 30 points.

Then Fan Yuan held that hand in his own, pulling it back into his embrace.

Author’s note: How does it feel to be lifted up for the first time?

Fan Yuan: What do you think? :)

[Spoiler: Fan Yuan can only shrink during the day! Wow, the last chapter was really full of troubles! Let’s not have that again in this chapter!]

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