Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 55

Chapter 55

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After Little Miao left, life in the small villa returned to normal. During the day, Fan Yuan would appear as a teenager around thirteen or fourteen years old. Gu Yang suggested goingout to play, but Fan Yuan didn’t agree.

In addition, Gu Yang found that Fan Yuan’s favorability towards him had not increased over the past few days. No matter what he did, Fan Yuan’s favorability remained at 30 points. For most people, that score was already enough for a couple to be together.

At night, Gu Yang sat on the edge of the bed, playing with his phone and sighing. Suddenly, the bedside lamp was turned off and Fan Yuan took away his phone.

“Stop playing and go to sleep.”

Even during winter vacation, Fan Yuan’s biological clock was still terrifyingly accurate, and he was very strict with Gu Yang. As long as Fan Yuan was ready to sleep, he would not allow Gu Yang to stay up late and play with his phone.

Gu Yang snuggled up next to Fan Yuan, staring blankly at the favorability points on his left palm. These points not only concerned their relationship, but also his own life.

He turned over and placed his hand into Fan Yuan’s embrace. He had to do something and not just wait for death like before!

The next day, Gu Yang woke up early with something on his mind. He wanted to get up early, but didn’t want to disturb Fan Yuan. He had not slept well all night and opened his eyes as soon as the sun rose.

Gu Yang carefully slid out of bed and walked out, quietly closing the door behind him. As soon as he left the room, his steps became brisk. He went to the guest bathroom to wash up, then ran downstairs to make breakfast for Fan Yuan.

Usually, Fan Yuan would make their meals, with the occasional takeout. Gu Yang would help out with washing dishes, but had never made breakfast by himself. However, he had seen Fan Yuan make breakfast many times and had some common sense.

He didn’t want to make anything too complicated, just some congee, fried eggs, and toast. He placed the magic mirror on the counter and asked while washing the rice:

“Magic mirror, magic mirror, do you think Fan Yuan will like the breakfast I make?”

The magic mirror didn’t answer, but Gu Yang didn’t pay much attention to it.

He quickly washed the rice and started cooking the porridge. The toasting of the bread slices went smoothly, but he ran into trouble when frying the eggs.

Fan Yuan liked his eggs slightly runny, but Gu Yang ended up frying three eggs either too well-done or accidentally breaking the yolks. Gu Yang ate all the ruined eggs, which made him feel sick.

“Magic mirror, I never want to eat fried eggs again. Will Fan Yuan even like the breakfast I made? If he doesn’t, then I’ve just wasted all these eggs.”

The mirror flashed, and this time it answered Gu Yang’s question:

“He will.”

Gu Yang smiled and put the perfectly cooked egg he had finally managed to fry onto a plate. Checking the time, he saw that there were still a few minutes until Fan Yuan usually woke up, so he quickly ran upstairs.

In the bedroom, Fan Yuan was lying on his side facing away from the door, breathing peacefully.

Gu Yang approached quietly and stuck his icy hand into Fan Yuan’s neck to startle him. But as soon as he did, Fan Yuan grabbed his hand.

Fan Yuan turned around, his black eyes clear and awake for some time already.

Gu Yang tried to pull his hand back, but Fan Yuan held on.

“Fan Yuan, get up quickly. I made you breakfast.”

Gu Yang suddenly felt a bit embarrassed and lowered his head. He had loosely tied his long hair behind his head, and a few strands hung down as he looked down.

Fan Yuan held onto Gu Yang’s hand until it warmed up, then let go and got up to go to the bathroom.

As he passed by Gu Yang, he even tiptoed and lifted his head to tuck some stray hair behind Gu Yang’s ear.

Gu Yang watched as Fan Yuan closed the bathroom door, holding his ear which had been touched by Fan Yuan’s hand. He felt that Fan Yuan was particularly teasy this morning, even though Fan Yuan was only a 13 or 14-year-old little guy now.

At the dining table, Gu Yang sat across from Fan Yuan, observing him while having breakfast. He had already eaten several fried eggs earlier and wasn’t really hungry anymore, just symbolically taking a few bites.

However, Fan Yuan noticed that Gu Yang didn’t have any fried eggs on his plate, so he cut one of his own in half and put it on Gu Yang’s plate.

Gu Yang looked down at the perfectly semi-solidified egg yolk on the cut surface and felt a wave of nausea in his throat. He really didn’t want to eat eggs anymore, but he could only pick up the half egg with his fork and slowly bring it to his mouth, taking a small bite and swallowing it without chewing.

As Gu Yang was about to take a second bite, Fan Yuan suddenly stood up, one hand pressing on the table while the other reached over to hold Gu Yang’s wrist.

Gu Yang was stunned and looked at Fan Yuan, who was standing in front of him, blocking the sunlight from the window behind him with his body. Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s wrist and leaned it towards himself slightly.

“You made it yourself, don’t you like it?” Fan Yuan asked.

“It’s not that…” Gu Yang looked at the egg on his fork with some distress. He had just eaten too much in the morning and felt nauseous.

“I really like it.” Fan Yuan said as he leaned down and took a bite of the egg on Gu Yang’s fork. He continued to hold Gu Yang’s wrist and ate the rest of the egg one bite at a time.

After finishing the egg, Fan Yuan sat back in his seat and continued to eat the other foods slowly.

Gu Yang blinked and covered his pounding chest with his hand. Did Fan Yuan just… flirt with him? Is Fan Yuan really this open?

Gu Yang immediately opened his left palm and looked over, but he was disappointed again.

Fan Yuan’s favorability is at 30 points and it hasn’t increased.

After breakfast, Fan Yuan went to wash dishes while Gu Yang sneaked into the bedroom, with his mind wandering in the wrong direction.

He tugged at his plain white dress and pulled out all the dresses he had bought before, starting to pick one out.

Although it is said that men are visual creatures, Fan Yuan doesn’t seem to have any particular sense of beauty or ugliness, but people always like beautiful things, don’t they?

Gu Yang picked out a particularly complicated court dress, which made his waist look especially slim when he put it on. He turned around in front of the mirror a few times and immediately ran downstairs.

Downstairs, Fan Yuan had already finished washing the dishes and was sitting there watching TV.

It was strange because usually Fan Yuan would go to read a book after breakfast, but today he sat on the first floor watching TV.

Gu Yang walked past Fan Yuan with his waist tightly cinched in his dress, moving slowly.

Fan Yuan still stared at the face of the morning news anchor on the TV, without any reaction.

Gu Yang pursed his lips and walked past Fan Yuan again, even slower this time, but Fan Yuan still didn’t react.

Did he not like this style of dress?

Gu Yang rushed upstairs in frustration and changed into a fairy-like dress, using the same trick again and walking past Fan Yuan’s face slowly.

Fan Yuan was still the same unresponsive Fan Yuan, not even looking at Gu Yang’s dress.

Gu Yang looked at the unchanged favorability score and rushed upstairs in anger, jumping onto the bed.

He held the magic mirror and looked at himself in it, sighing.

“Magic mirror, does Fan Yuan not like me wearing dresses?”

The magic mirror flashed a light but didn’t answer.

Gu Yang buried his face in his arm and sighed again, his voice muffled.

“Magic mirror, oh magic mirror, what should I do so that Fan Yuan will like me more?”

The mirror held in Gu Yang’s hand was pitch black.

“It doesn’t matter what you wear, he likes you anyway.”

Gu Yang didn’t take the mirror’s answer seriously, after all, the mirror was sometimes accurate and sometimes not, not really like a serious magic mirror.

“Thanks, I’ll just take it as your comfort. When I can wear normal clothes again, I will definitely wear a suit and look handsome.”

The mirror didn’t answer, and then, to himself, Gu Yang said:

“Fan Yuan always pressures me to study. If I go do some practice papers, would he be happy to see that I’m so aware?”

Saying that, Gu Yang got up from the bed and went to the study to find some practice papers to do. Gu Yang, who usually only studied when Fan Yuan watched him, was now taking the initiative to practice.

He frowned slightly, with a serious expression. For him, making breakfast, wearing a skirt, and studying were not important. The only thing that mattered was making Fan Yuan happy, making Fan Yuan like him more.

For this, Gu Yang was willing to do anything.

Fan Yuan didn’t come upstairs all morning, which was rare.

At noon, Gu Yang had lunch and then went back to study. It wasn’t until dusk that he happily took a stack of completed practice papers downstairs and handed them to Fan Yuan.

If Gu Yang observed carefully, he would have noticed that the TV in the living room had not been changed all day, and that Fan Yuan had not really been watching it.

Fan Yuan took the practice papers, flipped through them, and saw that Gu Yang had taken it seriously this time, but he still made some common mistakes.

Gu Yang watched with anticipation as Fan Yuan looked through the papers, occasionally lowering his head to steal a few glances at the affection level in his left hand.

However, Fan Yuan did not have an increase in his affection level because Gu Yang had taken the initiative to do so many practice papers. He pointed to a few questions and asked Gu Yang:

“You’ve made these mistakes many times before. Why are you still making them now?”

Gu Yang was stunned, looking down at the affection level in his left hand, which was motionless, and his sense of injustice gradually grew.

He didn’t take the practice papers that Fan Yuan handed back, instead he sulkily threw himself into Fan Yuan’s arms, opened his mouth, and bit hard on Fan Yuan’s neck.

Gu Yang’s bite was particularly hard, and he even tasted a hint of blood.

After biting, Gu Yang immediately got up, turned around, and ran upstairs without looking back. He rushed into the bedroom and locked himself in the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, feeling miserable.

Fan Yuan looked at the scattered test papers on the ground, raised his head and touched the fresh teeth marks on his neck, and lowered his eyelids.

It seemed like he had gone a little overboard.

Gu Yang was shrinking in the bathroom, still holding the magic mirror to talk to him.

He pinched the magic mirror and looked at the slowly reddening corners of his eyes in the mirror, sniffling twice:

“Magic mirror, magic mirror, do you think Fan Yuan doesn’t like me at all?”

The magic mirror did not answer, only reflecting the slowly spreading black aura in Gu Yang’s mirror surface.

Gu Yang raised his hand strangely and wiped the black mirror surface. As he wiped, his tears dripped onto the surface.

However, no matter how he wiped, the mirror surface still became darker and darker, and the black aura in the mirror surrounded him in darkness.

“You useless magic mirror, you can’t even reflect properly now!”

Gu Yang raised his hand, a little angry, wanting to throw the magic mirror away. After thinking for a moment, he brought his hand back and hugged the magic mirror in his arms, feeling depressed.

Suddenly, the quiet magic mirror sounded with a distorted voice:

“He likes you.”

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, immediately picked up the magic mirror, and found that the darkness on the mirror surface remained the same, but it did not completely cover him in the mirror.

“He likes you.”

The distorted voice repeated itself.

Gu Yang sniffed, feeling much better.

“Thank you, for comforting me.”

As soon as he finished speaking, there was a knock on the bathroom door outside, followed by Fan Yuan’s voice.

“Gu Yang? Open the door.”

Gu Yang listened to Fan Yuan’s voice, and several times he almost couldn’t resist standing up to open the door. In the end, he shrunk back onto the toilet, buried his cheeks in his arms, and didn’t answer or open the door.

The knocking only lasted for a while before it quickly stopped.

Gu Yang heard Fan Yuan’s footsteps leaving. He tightened his arms around himself, and felt even more wronged.

After a while, the sound of the key unlocking the bathroom door came from outside.

Fan Yuan came back and used the key to open the bathroom door. He saw Gu Yang curled up on the toilet, with his long skirt spread out on both sides, revealing his fair legs.

Even when Gu Yang heard Fan Yuan coming in, he didn’t look up, still curled up, and even the sound of his sobbing was quieter.

Fan Yuan stood at the door and didn’t come in. He just called out, “Gu Yang?”

Gu Yang turned his head and looked to the other side, with his back facing Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan still stood at the door and reached out to Gu Yang who had his back to him.

“Gu Yang, come here.”

Gu Yang didn’t move, and just slightly turned his face, stealing a glance at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan took a step forward and repeated himself.

“Gu Yang, come here.”

Finally, Gu Yang lifted his head to look at Fan Yuan, revealing a small tear-stained face and a red nose, looking pitiful.

“I don’t want to.”

Fan Yuan’s black eyes narrowed slightly. He turned around and wanted to lock the bathroom door, but Gu Yang thought he was going to leave and couldn’t bear the grievance anymore. He immediately stood up, stepped on his skirt, and stumbled towards Fan Yuan.

He plunged into Fan Yuan’s arms, grabbing the back of his clothes with his hands, and intermittently accused him.

“Fan Yuan, you’re too much! Can’t you take the initiative to hug me? Just because I didn’t answer you, you want to leave! How can you be so excessive!”

When Gu Yang approached, Fan Yuan’s body stiffened. He let go of the bathroom door handle, raised his hand and forcefully hugged Gu Yang, lifting him up like a child.

“I don’t plan on leaving.”

Gu Yang didn’t believe him, his tearful eyes full of skepticism as he looked at Fan Yuan.


Fan Yuan stepped back and leaned against the cool porcelain tiles of the bathroom, his hands tightly embracing Gu Yang who was clinging to him like an octopus.


Gu Yang finally breathed a sigh of relief, but still felt wronged. He buried his head in Fan Yuan’s neck and rambled on about his grievances:

“Fan Yuan, do you think I’m becoming a nuisance? Do you hate me now? But I told you a long time ago, I’m a troublesome spirit. But I can’t live without you. I’ll really die if I leave you…”

Fan Yuan let Gu Yang ramble on about his grievances, holding him with one hand while slowly pressing on the back of his neck with the other, soothing him.

As he pressed down, the small blue orchid pendant and the shrunken version of the necklace ring on Gu Yang’s neck collided, making a particularly pleasant sound.

Gu Yang repeated his grievances several times, taking a deep breath at the end, and carefully asked Fan Yuan:

“Fan Yuan, do you like me?”

Fan Yuan still pressed the back of Gu Yang’s neck slowly, not speaking for a long time.

Gu Yang waited and waited, but still couldn’t get an answer from Fan Yuan. The hope in his eyes gradually disappeared, and he lowered his head, pressing his forehead against Fan Yuan’s shoulder and saying softly:

“It’s okay, I can wait.”

Fan Yuan’s hand, which had been pinching the back of Gu Yang’s neck, suddenly slid down slowly. His fingertips lightly fell on Gu Yang’s back, drawing a horizontal line, followed by a slightly shorter one.

Gu Yang unconsciously arched his back, pressing himself closer to Fan Yuan’s hand. His ears turned red, and the warmth spread from his earlobes to his cheeks and limbs. He felt Fan Yuan writing two words on his back.

Two words, only eighteen strokes.

It seemed to take a century to write them, even though it was just two words.

After writing these two characters, Fan Yuan’s fingertips returned to lightly press on Gu Yang’s neck.

Gu Yang raised his head and took a step back, creating some distance.

He reached back and voluntarily pulled down the zipper on the back of his dress. As the zipper was pulled down, the collar of the dress in front became looser.

Gu Yang reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s hand, pressing his fingertips against his own heart.

He looked up, his watery eyes earnestly gazing into Fan Yuan’s eyes.

“Fan Yuan, I want you to write it again, on my heart.”

Fan Yuan’s fingertips felt the warmth from Gu Yang’s body, but remained still.

He looked at Gu Yang, as if time had frozen.

After a while, Fan Yuan spoke. His voice was cold and carried a slight uncertainty that had never been seen on Fan Yuan before.

“Gu Yang, I once almost killed someone.”

Gu Yang lowered his head, getting closer to Fan Yuan. Their breaths brushed against each other. He seemed to not understand why Fan Yuan suddenly said these things.

“Although they didn’t die, I took all of their eyes and crushed them in my hand.”

Fan Yuan slowly spoke every word, his black eyes staring intently at Gu Yang.

As long as there was even the slightest hint of fear on Gu Yang’s face, he would immediately let go.

Upon hearing this, Gu Yang first had a look of realization, then a look of heartache.

He knew everything about Fan Yuan, all from the books, he knew everything from the very beginning. However, Fan Yuan didn’t know. He only knew of Gu Yang’s vague complaints about his mother, but didn’t know that Gu Yang knew everything about him.

Fan Yuan was afraid that Gu Yang would be scared or regretful, so he was cautious and careful, taking every step carefully. This was why his favorability towards Gu Yang had remained at 30 points without any progress.

Gu Yang let out a sigh of relief and then hugged Fan Yuan tightly again, pressing Fan Yuan’s head against his own heart.

His heartbeat was fast, transmitting from his chest to Fan Yuan’s ear.

“Fan Yuan, can you hear it? The sound of my heartbeat.”

Fan Yuan listened to the rapid heartbeat in his ear and softly replied with a sound of agreement.

Gu Yang’s clean fingertips brushed through Fan Yuan’s hair, gently running through his black locks.

“Whether this heart beats fast or slow is all up to you.”

“Fan Yuan, I am not afraid of anything you’ve done.”

Fan Yuan’s breath stopped for a moment. He listened to Gu Yang’s rapid heartbeat beside his ear, and his long-immersed heart also slowly began to beat faster.

Faster and faster, gradually synchronizing with Gu Yang’s heartbeat.

Fan Yuan turned around and pressed Gu Yang against the cold porcelain wall.

Gu Yang still held Fan Yuan’s fingertips, but he saw Fan Yuan lower his head and lightly sketched the eighteen strokes at the position of his heart.

Eighteen strokes, just two simple characters.

Written on Gu Yang’s chest.

With warm lips.

“I like you.”

Gu Yang’s soft left hand was placed on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, and the palm was shining.

Fan Yuan’s favorability: 35 points.

Author’s note: How do you write with your mouth?

Fan Yuan: Guess :)

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