Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 56

Chapter 56

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At this moment, time seemed to stretch out infinitely, every minute and every second becoming unbearably long.

The cold porcelain tiles were against Gu Yang’s back, while the warmth belonged to Fan Yuan in front of him. His gaze fell on his own hand, which was resting at his side, where the number 35 was flashing. His heart was beating so fast that it was almost at its limit.

Suddenly, his good impression score, which had not increased for a while, rose by five points. This had never happened before.

After finishing the 18 strokes, Fan Yuan looked up and saw Gu Yang’s vacant expression. 

It was the moment when Gu Yang was most moved. Unable to resist, he leaned in and his gaze fell gently on Fan Yuan’s lips.

He approached Fan Yuan slowly, and due to his excessive nervousness, his lips were trembling slightly. They were about to kiss when Fan Yuan suddenly turned around, released Gu Yang from his embrace, and locked the bathroom door behind him.

Gu Yang’s legs went weak, and he almost lost his balance. He leaned against the wall, trying to turn the doorknob, but found that the door was already locked.

“Fan Yuan?” Gu Yang knocked on the door, but there was no response. Instead, he heard the sound of running water from inside.

After a while, the bathroom door opened a crack, and Fan Yuan’s wet hand reached out, offering a small mirror that Gu Yang had forgotten inside.

Gu Yang took the mirror in a daze, and Fan Yuan pulled his hand back before closing the door. He said before he did so, “You go to bed first.”

Gu Yang took the magic mirror, and his fingertips touched Fan Yuan’s fingertips, which were cool as ice. Fan Yuan had taken a cold shower!

He took the magic mirror and crawled back into bed. The feeling of Fan Yuan still lingered in his heart.

Gu Yang stared foolishly at the affection level on his left palm and touched his lips with a hint of regret.

“Magic mirror, oh magic mirror, why is Fan Yuan’s mouth so stubborn? Why can he write it out in this way… yet he doesn’t even want to say the word ‘like’ himself…”

The sound of water seemed to come from the magic mirror, but it disappeared in an instant.

Gu Yang leaned closer to listen and thought he had misheard.

He bent his finger and tapped the black misty surface of the magic mirror, murmuring to himself and asking repeatedly.

“Magic mirror, oh magic mirror, I think Fan Yuan’s mouth is stubborn, the kind of person who is tough on the outside but soft on the inside, what do you think?”

The magic mirror seemed impatient, and a black light flashed across the surface of the mirror. Finally, it answered Gu Yang, but its voice had become somewhat hollow, and there was no sound of water.

“Isn’t it clear to you whether Fan Yuan’s mouth is stubborn or not?”

Gu Yang stopped breathing for a moment. He looked at himself in the mirror, surrounded by black mist, and blinked slowly. He suddenly turned the magic mirror upside down and stuffed it into the blanket.

“What kind of unscrupulous magic mirror are you! What, what are you talking about! Fan Yuan’s mouth is stubborn or not… how would I know…”

The muffled voice of the magic mirror came from under the blanket:

“Don’t you know better than anyone else?”

Gu Yang lifted the blanket and took out the magic mirror, knocking on the surface of the mirror several times.

“How could I know! We haven’t really… You’re such a strange magic mirror! How could you say such things!”

The magic mirror remained silent as Gu Yang hit it. It hesitated for a long time before finally speaking with a slightly hesitant tone:

“…Do you really want it? Do you want Fan Yuan to kiss you?”

Gu Yang pursed his lips and didn’t want to answer the question.

He stuffed the magic mirror into the blanket again and laid curled up in bed, holding his left palm against his heart. His rapidly beating heart gradually calmed down, but he still felt numb and weak all over.

Fan Yuan took a long time to come out of the bathroom, with a body covered in chilly water vapor.

He sat on the edge of the bed and found that Gu Yang had already fallen asleep. He held his left hand nestled on the side that belonged to Fan Yuan, his long hair scattered behind him, and the quilt thrown at the foot of the bed, without covering himself.

Fan Yuan walked to the other side of the bed and laid down. As soon as he laid down, Gu Yang seemed to have installed some kind of Fan Yuan monitoring radar on his body, he immediately closed his eyes and rubbed towards Fan Yuan, his fingertips randomly touching the bed, grabbing the corner of Fan Yuan’s clothes, then slowly moving closer, his curled-up hands and feet stretching out and entangling with Fan Yuan.

Only when Fan Yuan was around, could Gu Yang sleep so casually, feeling safe and at ease.

Fan Yuan spread his arms and let Gu Yang snuggle in. Gu Yang leaned his forehead upward and touched Fan Yuan’s hair with the chilly water vapor, wrinkling his nose, and then snuggled into Fan Yuan’s arms. His eyes were half-closed, seeming to be somewhat awake, but also seeming not to be.

“Fan Yuan, you finally came out.”

Fan Yuan pulled the quilt over the two of them. The mirror that Gu Yang had stuffed in the quilt fell on the ground, hitting the thick carpet without making any sound.

The bedside lamp was on Gu Yang’s side, and Fan Yuan didn’t turn it off, just holding Gu Yang tightly in the dim light.

Gu Yang raised his hand to hug Fan Yuan’s neck and touched his wet hair, becoming more awake.

He pressed his head against Fan Yuan’s chin, and the two snuggled together in the warm quilt without feeling crowded.

Suddenly, Gu Yang said, “Fan Yuan, let’s go out to play tomorrow?”

In fact, Gu Yang didn’t expect Fan Yuan to agree, after all, Fan Yuan would become a fourteen or fifteen-year-old during the day.

Unexpectedly, Fan Yuan easily agreed to Gu Yang’s proposal:


After this “okay,” Gu Yang immediately became completely awake. He crawled out of Fan Yuan’s arms and laid on the bed, lifting his hand to flick the hair on Fan Yuan’s forehead.

Fan Yuan’s self-cut “dog-eaten” bangs had grown longer, while Gu Yang’s bangs had returned to normal as his hair grew longer due to the influence of the “Snow White” golden finger.

“Let’s go to the hair salon first, fix your hair, and then go see a movie, okay?”

Gu Yang had already cut his own long hair before, but no matter how much he cut, it would immediately return to its original state, so going to the hair salon meant fixing Fan Yuan’s hairstyle.

Fan Yuan still agreed quickly: “As you wish.”

Fan Yuan’s sudden agreeableness made Gu Yang particularly happy. He took advantage of this and leaned towards the reclining Fan Yuan, raised his face, and gestured towards his own mouth.

“Then…can you kiss me, please?”

Gu Yang was already prepared to be rejected by Fan Yuan when he asked, but he did not expect Fan Yuan to suddenly move closer.

The blanket was pulled over their heads by Fan Yuan, and the two were completely shrouded in darkness.

Gu Yang couldn’t see anything, and could only feel the breath belonging to the other person.

Nervously, he reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s collar.

“Fan, Fan Yuan?”

Warm lips suddenly touched Gu Yang’s forehead, swept over his nose, and then brushed against his cheek before leaving.

Gu Yang’s breath almost stopped, and he could no longer say anything.

As soon as Fan Yuan’s lips touched and left, he pressed the blanket tightly over Gu Yang and whispered in his ear, “Go to sleep.”

Gu Yang lightly placed his hand on Fan Yuan’s back, raised his other hand and touched his forehead.

On one hand, he kept cursing himself in his heart for being satisfied with just a kiss on the forehead, on the other hand, he closed his eyes contentedly and fell asleep.

With Fan Yuan by his side, Gu Yang fell asleep quickly, but Fan Yuan couldn’t sleep.

Fan Yuan turned over and laid back beside Gu Yang, pulling down the blanket to reveal Gu Yang’s flushed little face.

His slender fingertips gradually approached Gu Yang’s lips and finally landed on them.

The indescribable softness made Fan Yuan retract his hand instantly. He flipped over and laid with his back facing Gu Yang, pressing the fingertips that had touched Gu Yang’s lips against his own.

The dim light of the bedside lamp on Gu Yang’s side could not reach Fan Yuan’s back. His black eyes were immersed in the same darkness, with waves surging inside, gradually calming down and hiding all his thoughts in the deepest corner.

Some vicious beasts, once the door is opened, cannot be closed again.

All Fan Yuan could do was try his best to restrain the time the vicious beasts were released.

Even so, he seemed unable to hold on for long.

He was afraid of scaring Gu Yang, afraid of Gu Yang leaving.

When Gu Yang woke up in the morning, he was surprised to find Fan Yuan still in bed.

At this moment, the young Fan Yuan, who was only fourteen or fifteen years old, had his head on Gu Yang’s body. As his body shrank, his hair seemed to have become much softer, and he slept in a mess, still holding Gu Yang’s waist with one hand.

Looking at the little Fan Yuan nestled on him, Gu Yang suddenly felt a sense of responsibility as an older brother.

He wanted to quietly move Fan Yuan to the bed, go downstairs to make breakfast for him, but as soon as his hand touched Fan Yuan’s shoulder, Fan Yuan had already opened his eyes, with no trace of the haze of just waking up in his eyes, obviously he had been awake for a while.

Fan Yuan sat up, rubbed his hair, making his already messy hair even messier.

He got out of bed, almost tripping over his long pants. Gu Yang was so scared, he stood up to help, but missed him.

Fan Yuan stood up by himself, took out his well-fitting old clothes from the closet, and walked into the bathroom.

The sense of responsibility as an older brother that Gu Yang had felt in the early morning had disappeared by now.

Even though Fan Yuan had shrunk, he was still Fan Yuan, with super-strong self-care abilities and did not need anyone to take care of him.

After they finished breakfast, they spent some time together before heading to the barbershop.

The barbershop was not crowded, and the barber in charge of cutting Fan Yuan’s hair talked a lot.

As the barber put on a smock to prevent stray hair, he looked at Gu Yang sitting behind Fan Yuan in the mirror.

At this moment, although Gu Yang was wearing a skirt, he was wearing Fan Yuan’s coat on the outside and a hat on his head. No one could tell that he was different. The hairdresser kept staring at Gu Yang and it made him uncomfortable, so he turned his head away.

“Is this your younger brother?” Suddenly, the hairdresser struck up a conversation with Gu Yang.

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan who was waiting to have his hair cut and shook his head.

“No, he’s not.”

“He’s not your younger brother, then he must be your boyfriend?”

The hairdresser suddenly asked again, which surprised Gu Yang. His first thought was that the hairdresser saw the skirt he was wearing inside?

He lowered his head and looked at his coat, realizing that it was buttoned up properly and the skirt was not exposed.

The hairdresser said again, “Don’t be nervous. I’m like you, so I can tell.”

Gu Yang still didn’t understand what the hairdresser meant. He frowned and asked, “Tell what?”

The hairdresser grinned, making Gu Yang uncomfortable. He didn’t answer Gu Yang’s question but said, “Why don’t you try it with me? I’m pretty good at that.”

Gu Yang finally realized that the hairdresser was probably gay and wanted to hook up with him!

Suddenly, Fan Yuan waved his hand and hit away the hairdresser’s hand with great force, making a loud “pop” sound. He tore off his robe and stood up, his dark eyes scanning the hairdresser, causing him to retreat a few steps.

“I won’t get my hair cut.” Fan Yuan said.

Gu Yang was also uncomfortable, he walked over and stood next to Fan Yuan, and his hand was immediately tightly held by Fan Yuan.

The hairdresser looked at them strangely, and Gu Yang took off his hat, and his long hair fell down.

Gu Yang tilted his head and approached Fan Yuan, softening his voice.

“Sorry to disappoint you, this is not my boyfriend, he is my family’s adopted son-in-law, and he will marry me when he grows up.”

The hairdresser was stunned when he looked at Gu Yang’s long hair. “You’re a girl? How is that possible?”

Gu Yang just smiled and didn’t say anything. Fan Yuan threw money on the front desk and dragged Gu Yang out.

Outside, standing in front of the glass door of the hair salon, Fan Yuan took the hat, stood on tiptoe, and put the hat back on Gu Yang’s head. After putting it on, he turned his head and gave a cold look at the hair salon.

Gu Yang obediently lowered his head and let Fan Yuan put the hat back on for him.

“Shall we go to another hair salon?”

Fan Yuan nodded and reached out his hand to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang immediately placed his hand on top of Fan Yuan’s, and they walked away holding hands, one tall and one short.

The hairdresser watched their interaction clearly through the glass door and rubbed his chin.

“Am I blind? How is it possible for that to be a girl?”

Fan Yuan led Gu Yang to another street and suddenly asked, “Adopted son-in-law?”

Gu Yang stiffened and lightly scratched Fan Yuan’s palm with his fingertips to beg for mercy.

“You heard wrong!”

Fan Yuan glanced at Gu Yang from the side.

“I will remember this for now, I will punish you tonight.”

Gu Yang felt relieved but also a little puzzled.

At night?

Why at night?

Author’s note: Because he will grow big at night.

It’s only 35, please don’t be rushed. I’m afraid that if I make them too intimate too soon, you won’t want to read it anymore.

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