Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 57

Chapter 57

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The two of them went to another hair salon, and this time there were no accidents. Fan Yuan’s hair was cut smoothly, just as he always liked it, short and neat.

Afterwards, they still had time for dinner and a movie in the evening. When they entered the cinema, Gu Yang quickly forgot about the punishment that Fan Yuan had mentioned earlier and eagerly chose the latest popular horror movie.

This horror movie was said to be particularly scary, and many horror fans who had come to watch it said they were frightened.

When they were selecting seats, Gu Yang, with a proud and confident look, faced the strange eyes of the ticket seller and chose the back row couple seats. He took Fan Yuan’s hand and explained, “The back seats are higher, with a better view, and quieter.”

Fan Yuan picked up two large cups of coke and popcorn that Gu Yang had ordered, but he just looked at him without saying a word.

Gu Yang immediately took some of the popcorn and proudly followed Fan Yuan to their seats, squeezing himself tightly beside Fan Yuan on the large red seats with no armrest in the middle. He put the coke on the armrests on both sides, and then took the popcorn from Fan Yuan’s lap.

Fan Yuan was not interested in sweet things, so he just stuffed the other bag of popcorn into Gu Yang’s lap.

Gu Yang held two large bags of popcorn, took off his hat, and unbuttoned his coat after the lights were turned off. He then leaned comfortably against Fan Yuan, eating popcorn and watching the movie.

The beginning atmosphere of a horror movie was very oppressive, with eerie music and gloomy atmosphere. At this moment, Gu Yang didn’t feel scared yet. He took a bite of popcorn and handed a few pieces to Fan Yuan’s mouth. Fan Yuan dodged a few times, but ultimately Gu Yang managed to stuff some popcorn into his mouth.

When Fan Yuan started eating, Gu Yang squinted his eyes and started eating popcorn one piece at a time. As the movie’s plot became more intense, Gu Yang became completely absorbed in it. His movements with the popcorn slowed down, and he occasionally reached into the bag out of nervousness, even though he didn’t actually grab anything. Unaware of this, he still reached over to Fan Yuan’s mouth.

After the third time that Gu Yang tried to put his fingers into Fan Yuan’s mouth, Fan Yuan grabbed his hand and told him to stop moving around. At this moment, the movie was playing the scene where the female protagonist was sleeping and her hand was grabbed by a ghostly hand that suddenly appeared in the middle of the night. Fan Yuan grabbed Gu Yang’s hand just as this scene played out.

Gu Yang was so scared that he almost jumped up, causing the popcorn bag to tilt. Fan Yuan caught it just in time, and Gu Yang turned around to hug him tightly. He pressed his chin against Fan Yuan’s head and hugged him tightly, squishing the popcorn bag between them.

Fan Yuan’s face was pressed against Gu Yang’s chest. He tried to move but could only take a deep breath and turn his head to the side. Gu Yang was completely absorbed in the movie, and holding Fan Yuan in his arms made him feel less scared.

Fan Yuan originally wanted to break free from Gu Yang’s embrace, but after feeling Gu Yang’s slight trembling, he lifted his hand and patted Gu Yang’s back instead. As the movie progressed into the second half, Gu Yang was clearly terrified but curious about how the movie would end. He hid his face in Fan Yuan’s shoulder and occasionally lifted his head to take a peek.

At this moment, Gu Yang couldn’t help but take a few sips of the Coke beside him until the end of the movie when the female lead finally defeated the ghosts and looked contentedly out the window. Gu Yang finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He let go of Fan Yuan, who had been hugged in his arms all this time, and even felt a little embarrassed as he smoothed out the messy hair on Fan Yuan’s head.

After watching the horror movie, Gu Yang felt relaxed and his gaze drifted past the big screen. Suddenly, a ghostly figure jumped out from behind the female lead, who had just looked content while gazing outside.

Disgusting chewing sounds were heard, and soon after, the female lead stood up with a creepy smile on her face, still looking outside.

The camera pulled back and the female lead suddenly turned around, her gaze directly fixed on the audience as if she could see everyone watching the movie through the screen.

They thought it was a happy ending, but in the end, no one survived.

Gu Yang choked on his Coke and spilled most of it on himself and even on Fan Yuan next to him.

Fan Yuan had it worse because he was shorter, the Coke spilled all over his chest, making it sticky and messy.

Gu Yang quickly took out tissues to help Fan Yuan clean up. Fan Yuan looked much slimmer now, and even a few drops of Coke had settled in the hollow of his collarbone, sliding slightly with his movements but not falling off.

After wiping off the cola on Fan Yuan’s clothing, Gu Yang absentmindedly raised his hand to wipe off a few drops of cola from Fan Yuan’s collarbone. He then lifted his hand to his lips and took a lick.

Fan Yuan immediately reached out and grabbed Gu Yang’s wrist, pulling it away and using a tissue to wipe his fingers clean. After cleaning his fingers, Fan Yuan leaned in close to Gu Yang’s ear and blew hot air onto his earlobe, saying:

“Gu Yang, be careful, don’t lick things randomly outside.”

Gu Yang was momentarily stunned and quickly withdrew his hand, putting it in his pocket and whispering in defense:

“I wasn’t licking just anything…”

After watching a movie for more than two hours, the sky outside had already darkened. Gu Yang had originally planned to eat out, but upon seeing that it was getting late, he decided to go home quickly to prevent Fan Yuan from suddenly returning to his normal size.

He had originally looked forward to going out to have fun, but he found that watching a movie at home with Fan Yuan was more enjoyable than going out.

Shortly after arriving home, Fan Yuan returned to his normal size. He changed back into his usual clothes and slowly walked down the stairs, his gaze lightly passing over Gu Yang who was sprawled on the couch playing on his phone.

Gu Yang stiffened all over as the forgotten threat from earlier resurfaced in his mind.

“I’ll remember this for now and punish you tonight.”

“I’ll remember this for now and punish you tonight.”

Fan Yuan’s words from earlier in the day repeated in Gu Yang’s mind over and over again. He anxiously got up from the couch, unable to focus on his phone, and listened carefully to the sounds coming from the kitchen.

Every clink of the dishes made Gu Yang jump in fear, his heart beating erratically as he thought about Fan Yuan’s punishment.

It wasn’t until Fan Yuan brought out a steaming hot meal, not mentioning anything about the punishment he had threatened earlier, that Gu Yang belatedly wondered if Fan Yuan had already forgotten about it.

Looking at Fan Yuan’s face that remained unchanged, Gu Yang became more certain of his guess.

After Fan Yuan finished setting up all the dishes, Gu Yang sat down at his seat very conscientiously, and even kindly served Fan Yuan a bowl of rice.

Fan Yuan glanced at Gu Yang but didn’t say anything.

The two of them ate their meal quietly. As soon as they put down their chopsticks, Fan Yuan wiped his mouth and spoke.

Gu Yang’s hand holding the chopsticks trembled slightly, thinking, “Here it comes!”

Sure enough, Fan Yuan’s gaze swept over and said, “Gu Yang, you wash the dishes tonight.”

Gu Yang nodded vigorously and immediately agreed, thinking that it was just washing dishes, no big deal!

Then Fan Yuan said again, “After washing the dishes, go upstairs and do two sets of comprehensive test papers. For every wrong answer, you’ll get a hit.”

Gu Yang’s head, which was still bobbing like a chick pecking, stiffened, hesitated then asked, “Where will I get hit?”

Fan Yuan looked down and said, “You tell me, where do you want to get hit?”

Gu Yang stood up, clutching his buttocks, and ran to the kitchen. He grumbled while washing the dishes, and then immediately went to the study to do the questions.

Before going upstairs, he didn’t forget to bring a bunch of snacks with him.

Fan Yuan watched as Gu Yang carried a bunch of snacks upstairs, but didn’t stop him.

Gu Yang opened a few bags of snacks and ate while doing the questions.

Thinking about Fan Yuan’s punishment, his face slowly turned red.

Actually, he wasn’t afraid of Fan Yuan hitting him, and even had a faint expectation. With this thought, Gu Yang intentionally answered a question wrong, then shook his head disdainfully and corrected the wrong answer.

When Gu Yang really focused on learning, his attention was very concentrated. He didn’t eat many snacks, and only sucked on a few lollipops that he had brought up, which he crushed in his mouth in no time.

It wasn’t until his whole body became hot, and his hand holding the pen started shaking, that Gu Yang finally put down his pen and touched his forehead belatedly.

With one touch, he felt the sweat in his palm. It wasn’t just his forehead, but Gu Yang’s whole body was burning hot, and the taste of pineapple-flavored lollipops filled his mouth.

Gu Yang immediately thought of something and went to search through the discarded packaging of lollipops on the table. He found two apple-flavored ones.

He was so focused that he didn’t even notice when he tore open the packaging and chewed them up. It wasn’t until he started feeling feverish that he realized.

Gu Yang propped himself up on the table and stood up, but his legs were weak and he stumbled as he leaned against the wall and tried to move out.

Fan Yuan was watching TV on the first floor when he saw Gu Yang holding onto the railing and kneeling on the ground. Fan Yuan immediately noticed something was wrong and went over to support Gu Yang’s arm. The temperature of his hand was very high.

“Are you running a fever?” Fan Yuan asked.

Gu Yang lifted his hand drowsily and was pulled up by Fan Yuan. He fell into Fan Yuan’s arms and his burning forehead pressed against Fan Yuan’s neck as he lightly rubbed it.

He felt weak all over, his hands hanging limply on Fan Yuan’s shoulders. He quietly expressed his grievances:

“Fan Yuan, I feel so uncomfortable.”

Fan Yuan bent over and picked up Gu Yang, taking him to sit on the sofa, then called their family doctor.

Their family had always employed their own family doctor, who was paid a very high salary. Even if they called in the middle of the night, the doctor would come.

Gu Yang’s consciousness had already started to blur. He never thought that a few apple-flavored lollipops could cause such a strong reaction. This “Snow White” golden finger was really not to be taken lightly.

After the family doctor arrived, he took Gu Yang’s temperature and immediately wanted to administer a fever-reducing injection, not through an IV but through a muscle injection in the buttocks.

Gu Yang heard this and was unwilling in every possible way, using his last bit of strength to hide in Fan Yuan’s arms, his hot forehead rubbing against Fan Yuan’s palm. He looked up pitifully at Fan Yuan.

“I don’t want to do that…it’s too painful…”

Fan Yuan frowned and ultimately did not let Gu Yang get the muscle injection. Instead, he carried Gu Yang back to the bedroom and had the family doctor administer the fever-reducing drip as planned.

The family doctor left behind some commonly used medications and gave a few instructions before leaving.

Although Gu Yang was running a fever, the temperature wasn’t too alarming, so there was no need to worry too much.

Lying on the big bed in the bedroom, Fan Yuan sat next to Gu Yang and warmed up his cold hand that had become cold due to the drip, then raised his hand to touch Gu Yang’s dry lips. He got up and placed his forehead against Gu Yang’s.

The temperature dropped quickly, and Fan Yuan covered Gu Yang’s hand with a blanket before turning around and leaving the room.

Not long after Fan Yuan left, Gu Yang’s temperature, which had already started to go down, rose again.

He opened his eyes groggily and called out Fan Yuan’s name.

“Fan Yuan?”

The bedroom was quiet, with only a bedside lamp illuminating the room, and Fan Yuan was not there.

Gu Yang struggled to sit up, then reached up and removed the drip needle from his hand.

He slid down the bed and knelt on the ground, his legs weak. He held his heavy head for a while without recovering.

Gu Yang had a vague feeling in his heart that this fever would not subside due to medication this time. After all, this negative reaction was caused by the “golden finger” of “Snow White,” and this type of reaction could not be resisted by external factors.

Apart from Fan Yuan, who is the male protagonist of “Fan Yuan” in the book.

Gu Yang sat on the ground for a while before leaning against the bedside and standing up with the help of it. He took out a mask from the bedside table and shook as he walked towards the wall, sweating profusely after only a few steps.

Fan Yuan was in the kitchen on the first floor, making snow pear soup for Gu Yang. He was watching the fire when a pair of soft hands hugged him from behind.

This was a rare occurrence for Fan Yuan, who was usually cautious and careful. He was so familiar with Gu Yang that his body subconsciously relaxed, allowing Gu Yang to approach him silently.

Gu Yang hugged Fan Yuan’s waist and pressed his hot forehead against Fan Yuan’s back.

“Fan Yuan…”

Fan Yuan lowered his head and grabbed Gu Yang’s left hand. He saw the hardened blood drops from the forcibly removed needle and spoke with a slightly annoyed tone:

“Why didn’t you keep the drip? What are you doing down here?”

Gu Yang still leaned against Fan Yuan, rubbing his forehead against Fan Yuan’s back as he spoke softly.

“It’s no use, getting the needle won’t bring down my fever.”

Fan Yuan turned around and supported Gu Yang, who was about to fall backwards.

Gu Yang leaned against Fan Yuan, and his gaze fell on Fan Yuan’s pale lips.

“Fan Yuan, I suddenly realized that getting the needle or taking medicine is useless. You are my medicine.”

As he spoke, Gu Yang’s legs went weak, and he and Fan Yuan both sat down on the ground.

He raised his hand and opened the mask that had been clenched in his hand, putting it on Fan Yuan’s face.

“Just in case, in case I’m wrong, so as not to infect you…”

Fan Yuan didn’t understand why, but he didn’t stop Gu Yang and let him put the mask on him.

Because of his fever, Gu Yang’s fingertips were burning hot as he hooked the sides of the mask onto Fan Yuan’s ears and gently slid them over his earlobes. Finally, Gu Yang pressed his hands on Fan Yuan’s shoulders.

“Fan Yuan, you are my special medicine…”

The last words disappeared at the corner of Gu Yang’s lips as he leaned forward and pressed his crimson lips onto the mask that Fan Yuan was wearing.

The scorching heat was unstoppable even through the mask.

Fan Yuan supported Gu Yang’s waist and his black pupils showed a rare hint of surprise.

He didn’t expect Gu Yang to be able to kiss him in such a dazed state, so he didn’t avoid it either.

Through the mask, all sensations became blurry and hazy, but the temperature was real.

Gu Yang’s lips rubbed against the rough mask material, and as soon as he touched it, he collapsed back onto the ground like a limp noodle. He wobbled and almost fell, but Fan Yuan held him.

Before losing consciousness, Gu Yang still wondered if he had guessed wrong.

Does this not reduce fever?

Fan Yuan lowered his head and found that Gu Yang had already passed out, his slender neck resting on Fan Yuan’s arm, with many beads of sweat hanging on his neck.

“I am your special medicine…”

Fan Yuan repeated Gu Yang’s ambiguous words in a low voice, slowly taking off his mask and throwing it aside.

The pot of snow pear soup with rock sugar was still stewing on the kitchen stove. At this time, the soup had boiled and was bubbling with steam, and the sweet aroma of snow pear filled the kitchen.

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang tightly as he fainted, and supported the back of Gu Yang’s neck with one hand.

Gu Yang’s face was flushed abnormally, and his breathing was hotter than usual.

Fan Yuan slowly lowered his head and approached Gu Yang’s lips.

Until their breaths were almost intertwined, Fan Yuan closed his eyes.

“Gu Yang, this won’t happen again.”

The snow pear soup with rock sugar on the stove was still bubbling with steam. Because no one had managed it for too long, the soup boiled out of the pot and leaked out along the clear and bright edge of the pot, dropping onto the flames with a sizzle and evaporating clean, leaving only a sweet and greasy aroma in the air.

Accompanied by the sweet aroma of the snow pear juice bubbling out, there were occasional faint moans mixed in. When listening carefully, it seemed like an illusion.

The snow outside the window was getting heavier and the winter temperature was even colder.

However, the temperature inside gradually rose, and on the kitchen floor, the black-haired and disheveled Fan Yuan held Gu Yang tightly, who was wearing a long dress and had his hair loose, they hadn’t separated for a long time.

Gu Yang was immersed in a dreamland, feeling like he was floating on soft clouds, and those clouds were entwined with his lips and never separated. It was like biting into a cotton candy with filling, and the sweet juice overflowed in his mouth.

Suddenly, the encircling clouds disappeared, and in a blink of an eye, Gu Yang was entangled by even tighter vines.

A river seemed to surge in his mouth, then recede, and the clear sweetness of snow pear rushed in.

Gu Yang opened his eyes and saw Fan Yuan’s face slightly backing away.

Fan Yuan wiped off the snow pear juice from the corners of Gu Yang’s mouth and helped him clean up the spilled juice on his face.

“Are you awake?”

Gu Yang nodded in a daze, then shook his head. He didn’t even know if he was awake or still dreaming.

Fan Yuan picked up Gu Yang and walked towards the bedroom. The snow pear juice on the stove was already taken down and placed aside, with a bowl of almost empty snow pear juice next to it.

Fan Yuan fed Gu Yang a whole bowl of snow pear juice, feeding him with his own mouth.

Gu Yang was being held by Fan Yuan, and there was a slight swaying as they walked. He pursed his lips and whispered, “It’s so sweet in my mouth.”

Fan Yuan’s black eyes narrowed as he stared at Gu Yang’s moist lips, then quickly looked away. “Your fever has subsided, I fed you some snow pear juice.”

Gu Yang nodded, his hands clinging to Fan Yuan’s clothes, and his cheek rubbing against his.

Fan Yuan put Gu Yang back on the bed and laid down next to him. The bedside lamp was turned off, and Gu Yang was hugged by Fan Yuan and soon fell asleep again.

In the darkness, Fan Yuan’s fingertips slowly followed Gu Yang’s hair, and then pressed on his neck. Gu Yang was having a good dream, biting a piece of delicious meat and eating it happily. But suddenly, the meat bounced back and stuck to his mouth, unable to be removed.

In a daze, Gu Yang’s breathing became uneven, and he began to wake up.

Fan Yuan turned over, raised his hand to cover Gu Yang’s eyes, and gently coaxed him, “Sleep, I’m here.”

Gu Yang’s eyelashes brushed slowly against Fan Yuan’s palm, half-opening and then quickly closing.

Fan Yuan lowered his head again and continued to attack the place where the snow pear juice overflowed.

The drip next to the bed was ignored, and the needle was left on the carpet, with the medicine dripping out and wetting the carpet.

Some things, once started, cannot be stopped.

The next day, near noon, Gu Yang woke up. When he woke up, Fan Yuan was no longer by his side.

Gu Yang laid in bed, and his gaze fell on the empty drip bottle hanging by the bed.

His brain was throbbing, and his memories of last night were hazy and incomplete.

Gu Yang sat up from bed, his feet touching the ground. He immediately looked down and found that the carpet next to the bed was missing.

He walked to the bathroom, turned on the tap, and splashed cold water onto his face. His palm touched his lips, causing him to immediately gasp in pain.

Looking up, Gu Yang saw himself in the mirror. His lips were inexplicably swollen and red, even redder than usual, like the deep red of a ripe fruit.

He cautiously raised his hand to touch his mouth, but quickly pulled it back after just one touch.

His mouth was burning, so he splashed a few more handfuls of cold water onto his face before heading downstairs.

Fan Yuan had already prepared the meal and seemed to have been waiting for Gu Yang. As soon as Gu Yang came down, Fan Yuan stood up to heat up the dishes.

Rubbing his still throbbing forehead, Gu Yang collapsed onto the sofa and complained, “I don’t know why, but my mouth swelled up and hurt so much after I woke up from a nap.”

Fan Yuan paused in his movement of carrying the dishes to the kitchen, turned around to look at Gu Yang, and asked coldly, “Did you forget?”

Gu Yang was momentarily stunned and looked at Fan Yuan in confusion, “Forget what?”

Fan Yuan lowered his eyes and no longer looked at Gu Yang. He turned and walked into the kitchen, leaving behind a plain sentence, “Oh, it’s nothing. You didn’t listen and fell off the bed after the injection last night, hitting your mouth on the bedside table.”

Gu Yang suddenly realized what had happened. No wonder his mouth was so swollen and painful today!

Fan Yuan took the vegetables and went to the kitchen, poured them back into the pot, added a lot of chili, and then brought it out.

Gu Yang sat at the table, looking at the table full of red dishes, and touched his swollen and painful mouth, feeling distressed.

With so much chili, how could he eat with his mouth so swollen!

Fan Yuan suddenly smiled at Gu Yang and picked up a piece of red meat and put it in Gu Yang’s bowl.

“Don’t you like spicy food? Come on, eat it.”

Gu Yang looked at the meat in his bowl, then at Fan Yuan. Why did he feel like Fan Yuan’s smile was so creepy, making him feel chilly?

Thinking like this, Gu Yang glanced at the favorability points in his left palm.

Fan Yuan’s favorability points: 37 points.

Gu Yang widened his eyes in surprise. What’s going on?

He just had a fever and slept for a while. How did Fan Yuan’s favorability points increase by 2 points when he woke up?

Where did these 2 points come from?

As Gu Yang turned his head, he saw Fan Yuan putting another piece of meat in his bowl, one piece after another, quickly filling up his bowl.

Until a piece of meat rolled down the edge of the bowl, Gu Yang shrugged.

Never mind where these two points came from, Fan Yuan is definitely angry right now.

Gu Yang reluctantly picked up his chopsticks, picked up a piece of meat, and brought it to his lips. He pitifully said, “Father Fan, don’t be angry, I’ll eat it now!”

Just as he was about to put the meat in his mouth, Fan Yuan suddenly grabbed Gu Yang’s wrist.

As Fan Yuan pulled Gu Yang’s wrist towards him, Gu Yang thought he was going to eat it, but unexpectedly, Fan Yuan lowered his head and bit Gu Yang’s wrist in one bite.

Fan Yuan bit hard, causing Gu Yang to drop the chopsticks and the piece of meat on the table.

Gu Yang stared at Fan Yuan in a daze. During the day, Fan Yuan looked like a fourteen or fifteen-year-old, with his mouth tightly biting Gu Yang’s wrist, and his black eyes staring at Gu Yang tightly.

The sharp pain on his wrist lasted only a moment, followed by an itchy numbness.

Gu Yang’s heart trembled, then Fan Yuan finally let go.

Under Gu Yang’s wrist was a clear circle of teeth marks, beneath which was a deep red color.

Fan Yuan let go and turned around, then brought a plate of light stir-fried vegetables to Gu Yang’s side.

Gu Yang watched as Fan Yuan placed several dishes of bright red vegetables in front of himself, and lowered his head to eat, ignoring him.

Touching his numb and painful wrist, Gu Yang moved his chair closer to Fan Yuan and asked carefully, “Fan Yuan, did I do something last night?”

Gu Yang now suspected that he had done something terribly wrong to Fan Yuan last night and had forgotten about it himself.

Fan Yuan held his bowl and turned his chair around, facing away from Gu Yang.

Just like when Gu Yang turned smaller before, Gu Yang suppressed his laughter and patted Fan Yuan’s shoulder, saying, “It’s okay, don’t be angry. If I did something to you, I’ll make it up to you.”

Only then did Fan Yuan turn back to look at Gu Yang, still with a cold gaze, but at least he didn’t move his chair away from him anymore.

Gu Yang thought the matter was over and happily picked up a chopstick of his least favorite stir-fried greens and put it in his mouth.

Unexpectedly, Fan Yuan suddenly reached out and pressed Gu Yang’s lip with his fingertip.

Gu Yang didn’t react in time, and the pain caused the chopsticks to fall from his hand. He covered his mouth, tears in his eyes as he looked at Fan Yuan and complained incoherently, “What are you doing?”

Fan Yuan smiled at Gu Yang and said, “Does it hurt? Good, it hurts so you can remember.”

Gu Yang was confused. What did he do to Fan Yuan last night?

Author’s note: Gu Yang: I finally got to kiss you, and I forgot. When’s the next time?

Fan Yuan: It depends on my mood :)

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