Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 65

Chapter 65

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They were a group of six people, divided into two taxis, heading to the KTV owned by Meng Zhan’s brother. 

Meng Zhan accompanied the two girls in one car, while Li Ziyan, Fan Yuan, and Gu Yang sat in the other car. Li Ziyan usually sat in the back seat and also since Fan Yuan was their class leader, he instinctively wanted to give the front seat to Fan Yuan. However, as he held the handle of the rear door, he suddenly let go and turned to get into the front passenger seat.

After getting in, he turned to see Fan Yuan helping Gu Yang open the door and holding it to let Gu Yang get in, before walking to the other side to open the door and get in himself. When Gu Yang sat in the car, Fan Yuan moved to the middle and leaned his shoulder against Gu Yang’s.

The KTV owned by Meng Zhan’s brother was a bit far from the amusement park, so the car was quiet for a while. Li Ziyan couldn’t help but secretly observe Fan Yuan and Gu Yang sitting in the back through the rearview mirror. They occasionally exchanged glances and said a few meaningless words, but mostly remained silent.

Although the two of them did not hold hands or make any intimate gestures, sitting shoulder to shoulder, they emitted an intimate atmosphere that no one else could interfere with.

Li Ziyan was no longer the same person he used to be, who couldn’t understand anything. Under the guidance of Meng Zhan, he had a vague understanding of the relationship between the two.

Suddenly, Fan Yuan’s black eyes met Li Ziyan’s through the rearview mirror. Only Fan Yuan’s eyes could be seen in the mirror, calm and deep, but it startled Li Ziyan, who quickly looked away and avoided looking back at the mirror.

The journey was long, and Gu Yang was a little bored. He slowly leaned his head on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, and his hand that was placed on his lap also slowly slipped into Fan Yuan’s hand. His fingers curled up in Fan Yuan’s palm, and one by one, they lifted up and grazed against Fan Yuan’s palm, teasing him.

Fan Yuan looked down at Gu Yang’s hand and simply opened his five fingers, interlocking them with Gu Yang’s five fingers and holding them tightly.

Gu Yang’s lips curled up, and the rabbit tail behind him swayed, lifting up his coat and making a special friction sound against the leather seat.

Fan Yuan tightened his grip on Gu Yang’s hand and warned him softly, “Don’t move.”

Gu Yang simply rubbed his head against Fan Yuan’s chin, lifted his head and whispered in Fan Yuan’s ear, “It’s all your fault. My back is still a little damp.”

Fan Yuan’s lips also curled up a bit, and he continued to close the distance between him and Gu Yang, whispering like Gu Yang did, “Do you need me to wipe it off for you when we get there?”

Gu Yang’s eyes lit up, nodding vigorously. “You said it! You can’t go back on your word!”

Looking at Gu Yang’s unreservedly triumphant expression, Fan Yuan couldn’t help but reach out and tap Gu Yang’s nose.

This intimate gesture seemed to be more provocative than kissing directly. Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, and his nose followed Fan Yuan’s hand as it moved away, rubbing against it with his eyes narrowed, like a little rabbit begging for his master’s affection.

As the scenery outside the car window kept passing by, Gu Yang continued speaking.

“In fact, the Ferris wheel is not that high. When I grow wings in the future, I’ll take you to even higher places,” said Gu Yang.

Fan Yuan slowly reached his fingertips into the edge of Gu Yang’s hat and touched the warm rabbit ears that had been pressed inside the hat.

“Why do we need to fly so high?” asked Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang’s rabbit ears moved closer to Fan Yuan as he took advantage of the situation.

“Just scratch me. I’ve been itching from being pressed inside the hat for so long.”

Fan Yuan took the opportunity to scratch Gu Yang’s rabbit ears hidden in the hat. Gu Yang closed one eye comfortably and said, “I want…to kiss you at the place closest to the sky.”

Fan Yuan’s fingertips, which were scratching Gu Yang’s rabbit ears, stopped for a moment, then he slowly withdrew his hand and helped Gu Yang adjust his hat.

Gu Yang looked up at Fan Yuan seriously and said, “I mean it!”

Fan Yuan couldn’t help but lower his head and kiss Gu Yang on the corner of his mouth. Gu Yang grinned and returned the kiss with a loud smack.

Li Ziyan, who was in the passenger seat, felt like he was sitting on pins and needles. Although he didn’t dare look back, the space in the taxi was so small that he could still hear some sounds. As he listened, his ears turned red.

After nearly an hour’s drive, they finally arrived at their destination. Meng Zhan’s car had been driving in front of them and arrived a little earlier. They were waiting for them at the entrance of the KTV.

As soon as they arrived, Li Ziyan got out of the car as if his pants were on fire. Gu Yang was a bit slow and swayed his hand that was holding Fan Yuan’s hand before slowly letting go and getting out of the car.

Meng Zhan greeted them, “Follow me. I had my brother reserve a big room, let’s order takeout tonight. Since it’s our own store, there’s no need to worry about bringing outside food, and…”

Meng Zhan turned around, covered his mouth with his hand and whispered, “My brother said that this is our last long holiday before the college entrance examination. He allowed us to indulge a little and drink alcohol!”

At the mention of drinking, the two girls cheered happily. They were both around 18 years old, a youthful age full of longing for college, the future, and the world of adults, including alcoholic beverages.

As for Gu Yang, he actually preferred soft drinks to alcohol.

Meng Zhan’s brother reserved a large private room. It was almost dinner time and they ordered a variety of food for delivery, ranging from all sorts of dishes.

Thinking about Gu Yang’s appetite at noon, his dish was ordered by Fan Yuan, some tasty but not too greasy food. Gu Yang was hungry and kindly begged Fan Yuan to order a few pounds of crayfish.

Before the food delivery arrived, Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan went to get a bunch of alcohol, various kinds of beer and liquor. Since they didn’t know each other very well, they just grabbed whatever they saw while Meng Zhan’s brother was busy.

Gu Yang wasn’t interested in beer but was curious about a pink drink. He opened it and took a sip, finding it sweet and sour. He immediately drank several big mouthfuls and turned to Fan Yuan, exhaling in satisfaction.

“Fan Yuan, smell this drink. It’s sweet and sour.”

Although this was an unappealing move, Fan Yuan didn’t show any disgust. He leaned closer to Gu Yang’s mouth and sniffed lightly, then glanced at the bottle in Gu Yang’s hand. He wanted to say something but seeing Gu Yang’s happy face, he didn’t stop him. He just reminded him, “Don’t drink too much.”

Gu Yang nodded and took another sip of his drink while holding the bottle. After finishing, he smiled at Fan Yuan and hugged the bottle. Fan Yuan gently pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck, but didn’t really bother with him.

Pan Fei noticed Gu Yang’s drinking and wanted to remind him, but seeing Fan Yuan sitting next to him and watching, she didn’t need to interfere. She ended up whispering to her friend Chai Jingqiu.

No one in the private room was singing at the moment, only random songs were playing in the background while they waited for their dinner. These people had played a bit crazily at the amusement park in the afternoon and were now waiting for dinner to restore their energy.

As soon as the takeout arrived, Li Ziyan rushed out first. Gu Yang was the second one out, carrying a large amount of food and filling the tables in the private room.

Smelling the food in the air, Fan Yuan asked Gu Yang, “How do you feel? Nauseous?”

Gu Yang sniffed and shook his head. It seemed that his previous loss of appetite was just a passing thing.

He was eagerly looking at the large box of crayfish. When his other classmates had started eating, he immediately opened the lid of the box and was about to grab one when Fan Yuan grabbed his wrist.

“Be careful, it’s hot.”

Fan Yuan didn’t let Gu Yang use his hands to grab the crayfish. He put on a disposable glove from the bottom of the box and peeled the crayfish for Gu Yang.

Gu Yang squinted and immediately opened a box of claypot rice, mixing the vegetables and rice with a spoon and scooping a spoonful to Fan Yuan’s lips.

When Fan Yuan opened his mouth and swallowed, Gu Yang immediately scooped up another spoonful and passed it over.

After Fan Yuan peeled the crayfish and carefully cleaned the crayfish, he passed it to Gu Yang’s lips.

Gu Yang couldn’t wait any longer and immediately bit it. He couldn’t resist and even sucked the sauce off Fan Yuan’s fingers.

Through a thin layer of disposable plastic gloves, the soft and chewy feeling in Gu Yang’s mouth was transmitted to Fan Yuan’s fingertips.

Fan Yuan stared at Gu Yang’s lips that were stained with sauce, then immediately looked away and lowered his head to continue peeling the crayfish.

The two of them were close together, one focused on peeling the crayfish, the other on feeding. It was as if there was a natural energy field around them that automatically blocked others out.

Pan Fei and Chai Jingqiu were bowing their heads to eat, but their eyes would occasionally sneak a glance over, and the corners of their mouths behind the food box were up.

Li Ziyan looked at them a few times, feeling goosebumps all over his body. He moved his position to turn around and face away from Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, who were eating.

Meng Zhan, in order to tease Li Ziyan, deliberately took a small crayfish, peeled it and handed it to Li Ziyan’s mouth.

Li Ziyan was a little stunned, and didn’t pay attention before eating it. After eating, he froze, looking like a statue.

Meng Zhan laughed out loud, but saw Li Ziyan looking very serious.

“Meng Zhan, you’re not… I’m telling you, I’m not!”

Meng Zhan was stunned, then laughed even more exaggeratedly, slapping the sofa hard and making everyone else look over.

After Meng Zhan finally finished laughing, he sat down and whispered to Li Ziyan about the main topic:

“But, Li Ziyan, have you noticed that Fan Yuan has changed a lot since Gu Yang started sticking to him? We’ve known him since freshman year, and we’ve never seen him smile so happily before.”

Li Ziyan looked over and saw Fan Yuan curling up his lips and picking up a tissue to wipe the sauce from Gu Yang’s mouth.

“Yes, he has changed a lot.”

On the other side, Gu Yang was focused on eating the crayfish and feeding Fan Yuan, completely unaware of the covert observation by the other four people. Fan Yuan noticed, but he didn’t care.

Gu Yang, not satisfied with Fan Yuan peeling for him, leaned over to remind him in his ear:

“You promised to help me wipe my back, don’t forget.”

Fan Yuan took off the disposable gloves, lifted his hand and pressed it on Gu Yang’s back, sliding over his spine and quickly withdrawing his hand. Then he calmly put on his gloves again to continue peeling crayfish.

“Done, no need to wipe anymore.”

Gu Yang was touched by Fan Yuan’s touch, and his spine straightened unconsciously. His cheeks immediately turned slightly red, with a little crayfish sauce at the corner of his mouth, and his eyes widened, seemingly stimulated by this touch on his back.

“You… don’t suddenly touch my back!”

Fan Yuan ignored him and directly peeled a crayfish and handed it to Gu Yang’s mouth. Gu Yang, who was interrupted in his speech, had a crayfish stuffed into his mouth. He chewed a few times and immediately forgot his complaint from earlier, continuing to feed Fan Yuan and even pouring him water to drink.

When Fan Yuan handed over a crayfish with clean meat again, Gu Yang only took a bite, leaving the other half of the crayfish meat pinched by Fan Yuan’s fingertips.

“You…you also eat…”

Gu Yang said, tilting his head as if embarrassed. He was a bit selfish, and he liked to watch Fan Yuan eat what he had bitten. This kind of behavior represented unparalleled intimacy, but he was also afraid that Fan Yuan would see through his thoughts.

How could Fan Yuan not know? His black pupils were even deeper under the dim light of the KTV room, with no light passing through them. He watched Gu Yang turn his head and show his reddened ears, then threw the remaining crayfish meat into his mouth, staring at Gu Yang as he slowly chewed it and finally gave his verdict.

“Too greasy.”

Gu Yang turned his head, still with dark sauce at the corners of his mouth, and defended his beloved crayfish.

“It’s so delicious. It’s just that the sauce is thick, which makes it taste better!”

Fan Yuan responded softly, “Does it?”

As he spoke, he slowly leaned in towards Gu Yang, causing him to bend his waist backwards in a large arc.

Fan Yuan had a disposable glove on his hand, stained with sauce, and he stopped getting closer. His black eyes fixed on Gu Yang.

“Are you really going to keep avoiding me?”

Music was still playing in the KTV room, and occasionally, there were sounds of other people eating and making noise. In fact, the other people had already noticed Fan Yuan and Gu Yang’s movements, but they pretended to make more noise deliberately, fearing that it would make them feel embarrassed.

Gu Yang didn’t back away anymore, so Fan Yuan continued to approach him.

Until Gu Yang gradually became familiar with the touch of the sauce on his lips, he ate it little by little. Gu Yang’s breath slowed down, and his hands slowly lifted up, wanting to hug Fan Yuan’s neck.

Before his hands could hug him, Fan Yuan had already stepped back, looking as if nothing had happened, and continued to pick up a crayfish to peel.

Gu Yang’s hands were still raised, and he looked incredulously at Fan Yuan and asked, “Is that it?”

Fan Yuan replied, “What else?”

Finally, as if thinking of something, he pointed his finger at the corner of Gu Yang’s mouth, where the sauce had already been swallowed by Fan Yuan.

“The taste here is just right.”

Gu Yang immediately put his hands down and looked around, only then realizing that he had neglected the others.

Pan Fei and Chai Jingqiu suddenly lowered their heads and continued to eat. Meng Zhan patted Li Ziyan’s thigh hard, making a lot of noise.

Gu Yang, however, nervously breathed a sigh of relief and continued to eat calmly, while also drinking the sour and sweet wine. The wine had almost no alcohol taste, like a soft beverage, and Gu Yang quickly drank the whole bottle with the crayfish.

Li Ziyan and Meng Zhan had finished eating and started singing. Gu Yang was still eating, his appetite had continued from noon until evening, and he was still the person who ate the most in the room.

When he finally finished eating, he slumped on the sofa, took a deep breath, and rubbed his round belly, feeling a little confused.

“It seems a bit bloated now/”

“He’s sitting now, and you can see a slight bulge on his sweater.

Pan Fei also noticed Gu Yang’s belly and teased him:

“Gu Yang, look at your belly, it looks like a pregnant woman!”

Fan Yuan also looked at Gu Yang’s small bulging belly and even reached out to touch it.

Gu Yang felt a bit embarrassed, took a deep breath, and sucked in his stomach.

“Don’t touch it, it’ll be gone after digestion. I’m not fat, really!”

Fan Yuan withdrew his hand and didn’t laugh at Gu Yang.

After finishing the meal, everyone regained their energy and soon started playing around. Chai Jingqiu, who was quiet at first, turned out to be a karaoke enthusiast and had a great voice. Pan Fei, who wore glasses, looked quiet but became particularly bold after drinking, and didn’t show any signs of getting tipsy after a few bottles of beer.

Gu Yang opened another bottle of sweet and sour wine and joined in the fun, but he didn’t push his way through and stayed close to Fan Yuan, occasionally checking on him.

Fan Yuan leaned against the sofa and quietly watched Gu Yang, occasionally helping to straighten his crooked hat or pull down his rising sweater.

After drinking too much of the sweet wine, Gu Yang wanted to go to the bathroom. As he stood up, his head spun and he fell back down, clutching his head. The after-effects of the sweet wine slowly kicked in.

Pan Fei pointed at Gu Yang and laughed:

“Gu Yang, you’re done for. Don’t you see how strong that wine is? You’ve had almost two bottles. You’re impressive too.”

Gu Yang felt his head spinning and his vision began to blur. He tightly held onto Fan Yuan’s sleeve, rubbing his head against him in distress.

“Fan Yuan, I’m dizzy. I want to go to the bathroom.”

Fan Yuan helped Gu Yang up and walked him outside. Gu Yang was swaying and didn’t use his legs at all, relying on Fan Yuan to drag him along.

Meng Zhan stood up and pointed them in the direction of the bathroom. As he watched Fan Yuan almost carry Gu Yang there, he chuckled to himself and muttered:

“So one person can change so much.”

They arrived early, before the peak hours of the KTV. The restroom was empty as Fan Yuan helped Gu Yang walk to the door of a private room and asked him, “Are you okay by yourself?”

Gu Yang slowly raised his hand and made an okay gesture before pushing the door open and going inside.

Fan Yuan was still worried and held onto the door handle until he heard the sound of water before letting go.

Gu Yang was completely drunk, like a soft and fuzzy drunk bunny, unaware of anything except for Fan Yuan. He held onto Fan Yuan tightly, opening and closing his mouth and calling out Fan Yuan’s name.

“Gu Yang is too drunk, I’ll take him home first.”

Fan Yuan led Gu Yang back to the private room and had him stand by the door while he gathered their things.

Gu Yang leaned against the door, the lights in the room were too dazzling and after a glance, he felt dizzy and could no longer see Fan Yuan’s figure clearly.

“Fan Yuan?”

Gu Yang let go of the door and waved his hands forward. Just as he took a step, he stumbled and fell onto the threshold. The impact of the fall was hard, and his tailbone hit the hard brick floor of the KTV, causing his bunny tail to twitch in pain.

If Fan Yuan were there, Gu Yang would definitely cry out in pain immediately, but Fan Yuan was not by his side. Gu Yang opened his hazy red eyes, his gaze wandering aimlessly. Meng Zhan was startled and reached out to help him, but Gu Yang dodged.

Gu Yang propped himself up against the door and stood up, biting his lips tightly due to the severe pain behind him, but he didn’t make a sound.

Hearing the commotion, Fan Yuan walked over and wrapped his coat around Gu Yang, bending down to lift him up like a child. He held Gu Yang with one arm and gently stroked his back with the other.

Gu Yang’s hands rested on Fan Yuan’s shoulders, and his gaze suddenly rose. He leaned close to Fan Yuan, squinting his eyes to observe him carefully, and even lightly sniffing him to confirm that it was the familiar Fan Yuan. Tears immediately fell from his eyes.

“Fan Yuan, it hurts so much…”

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang as they walked outside, gently kissing Gu Yang’s cheeks as they went.

“Listen to me, I’ll take you home.”

Gu Yang nodded, arching his back and burying his face in Fan Yuan’s neck, softly requesting:

“Fan Yuan, can you give me a massage?”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, but moved his fingers over Gu Yang’s hand, gently relieving the pain around his tailbone.

In the taxi on the way home, Gu Yang was too sore to sit down, so he laid on Fan Yuan’s lap, while Fan Yuan comforted him with light pats on his back. Gu Yang blushed, his eyes filled with confusion and desire.

“Fan Yuan, I like it when you pat my back.”

Gu Yang’s right hand slowly moved down, covering his slightly bulging belly. His mind was a jumble of thoughts that quickly disappeared.

He closed his eyes and fell asleep on Fan Yuan’s lap.

When they arrived home, Fan Yuan carried Gu Yang to the bedroom. Just as he was about to let go of him, Gu Yang woke up.

As soon as he woke up, he clung to Fan Yuan. His hat was off, and his two rabbit ears hung down softly, with the fur on top all messed up from wearing the hat all day.

“Fan Yuan, I want… I want that thing…”

Fan Yuan gently smoothed the fur on Gu Yang’s rabbit ears and softly asked him:

“What thing?”

Gu Yang looked around with red eyes, as if afraid of being discovered. When he was drunk, he looked particularly childish when he laughed. He leaned close to Fan Yuan’s ear and whispered:

“I want… to pee, can you take me there?”

As he spoke, he raised his legs, like a rabbit, with great strength, wrapping himself tightly around Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan could only embrace Gu Yang’s back with his hands and take him to the bathroom.

When they got to the bathroom, Gu Yang didn’t want to get down. He continued to cling to Fan Yuan, his eyes clear, waiting for something.

Fan Yuan let go of Gu Yang, but Gu Yang refused to be put down.

“I don’t want to go down.”

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s ankle, trying to make him relax his leg, but Gu Yang curled up even harder.

“Don’t you want to go pee?”

Gu Yang nodded, his face pink with drunkenness. The flush extended from his cheeks into his clothes, and the loose collar was also dazzling with flowers of red.

He leaned into Fan Yuan’s ear, lightly biting his earlobe, acting coquettish: “Help me, please.”

The stimulation of the bite was huge, and Fan Yuan suddenly turned his head, holding Gu Yang tighter. He looked into Gu Yang’s eyes with confusion, then slowly let go, sighing.

“Gu Yang, oh Gu Yang–“

There was a crisp sound of a belt being undone, followed by the sound of water trickling in the empty bathroom.

The sound of water stopped, and Fan Yuan carried Gu Yang out of the bathroom in a strange posture, holding him from behind. Gu Yang’s legs were hanging in Fan Yuan’s arms, and his belt was loose.

At this point, Gu Yang had fallen asleep again, his head tilted, and his little rabbit ears pressed against his cheek, with a hint of pink inside that matched the color of his cheeks.

Fan Yuan put Gu Yang back on the bed, looking at his sleeping face. The scene in the bathroom just now flashed through his mind, and a faint redness appeared on his face, which quietly floated on the edge of his cheek and was covered by Fan Yuan’s hand.

Gu Yang, who was drunk, didn’t sleep soundly. His hands were moving around, patting his own stomach. Suddenly, he opened his eyes again and turned his head to look at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan hesitated, and his slender fingers covered his cheek more tightly.

Gu Yang’s gaze was still a bit vacant, apparently unable to see clearly. He just stared in Fan Yuan’s direction, one hand holding his bulging belly, the other waving in the air.

“Fan Yuan?”

Fan Yuan raised his hand and let Gu Yang grab it. Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s hand and pressed it to his own belly.

He rubbed his belly with Fan Yuan’s hand in a daze and spoke in a soft and coquettish voice: “Fan Yuan, am I pregnant?”

Fan Yuan found it funny and wanted to explain it to Gu Yang, but Gu Yang nodded to himself, turned over and leaned towards Fan Yuan on the bed, half of his cheeks hidden in the quilt, looking at Fan Yuan expectantly.

“Fan Yuan, can I give birth to a little rabbit for you?”

“Do you want a little rabbit?”

As Gu Yang turned over, their hands were pressed together under Gu Yang’s belly.

Upon hearing Gu Yang’s words, Fan Yuan’s dark pupils contracted slightly.

He lowered his head, leaned into Gu Yang’s soft and fluffy rabbit ears, and lightly kissed them: “I want it, as long as you give birth to it, I want it all.”

Author’s note: Fan Yuan: “Give birth, I can afford it.”

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