Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 66

Chapter 66

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Fan Yuan answered very seriously. Gu Yang, with his soft bunny ears perked up, patted Fan Yuan’s cheek before resting his head on it. He also held onto Fan Yuan’s hand, and then fell asleep again.

Although it was a drunk bunny speaking nonsensically, it still startled Fan Yuan.

He gently moved the hand that was under Gu Yang’s belly and felt his round little belly. When he remembered Gu Yang talking about a baby bunny, he suddenly thought of something.

He looked at Gu Yang’s peaceful sleeping face, withdrew his hand, and carefully flipped him over and covered him with a blanket. Then he sat beside Gu Yang and used his phone to search for information.

Fan Yuan knew some basic rabbit habits, but he wasn’t too sure about their specific characteristics.

There was a lot of information about rabbits on the internet, but Fan Yuan quickly skimmed through it all and put down his phone. He looked back at Gu Yang’s sleeping face and slowly shifted his gaze to his belly.

His belly was covered by the blanket, but there was a clear and round curve underneath it.

While Gu Yang slept, his hands subconsciously covered his own belly.

He probably didn’t even know why he was doing this. It was just an instinctive behavior of a bunny.

Fan Yuan slowly raised his hand and covered Gu Yang’s hands, touching his round little belly together.

Although reason told Fan Yuan that there was nothing special, watching Gu Yang subconsciously touch his belly and thinking about what he said when he was drunk, Fan Yuan got up and bent over, gently rubbing his cheek against Gu Yang’s belly.

He hadn’t figured out how to tell Gu Yang everything and how to make the sensitive bunny accept it smoothly.

Or, why not just keep Gu Yang in the dark from beginning to end?

Gu Yang was hungry and woke up in the middle of the night, only to find the dim bedside lamp still on.

He wanted to sit up, but his hand was pressed against his cheek by Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan sat on the floor, leaning against the bed, with his face resting on Gu Yang’s hand. His eyes were tightly closed, seeming to be sound asleep.

Gu Yang was a bit surprised to see Fan Yuan sleeping like this. At that moment, his stomach growled again very clearly. Gu Yang covered his stomach with the blanket, afraid that the loud noise might wake Fan Yuan up.

Seeing Fan Yuan still motionless, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Gu Yang gently pulled his hand back, covered Fan Yuan with the blanket on the bed, and saw his slippers next to Fan Yuan, but he couldn’t wear them. He got out of bed barefoot and just as his toes touched the ground, he felt intense pain in his tailbone, almost falling on Fan Yuan.

He waved his hands to stabilize himself, held his tailbone and ran out, heading straight for the fridge downstairs.

On the way, Gu Yang held his tailbone in confusion, wondering why it hurt so much around it. The pain was so intense that his muscles tightened along with it.

His stomach was still a bit bloated at this point, clearly hungry. Could it be that the food he ate hadn’t been fully digested yet?

Gu Yang didn’t dare to touch the area around his tailbone again, and awkwardly walked downstairs.

All his doubts disappeared when he opened the fridge and saw a row of small cakes. Gu Yang took one with his left hand and another with his right, knelt on the ground, and ate them while facing the wide-open fridge door.

In the bedroom, after Gu Yang left, Fan Yuan opened his eyes and reached out to pull the blanket that Gu Yang had covered him with back onto the bed. His fingertips hooked Gu Yang’s two slippers and he slowly went downstairs.

Gu Yang, with his sensitive ears, heard the footsteps and turned his head to look at the corner of the stairs while still holding a small cake in his mouth. He saw Fan Yuan slowly walking over with Gu Yang’s slippers in his hand.

As Fan Yuan approached, Gu Yang felt a little guilty. He moved his rabbit tail behind him and, enduring the pain in his tailbone, shifted his weight backward and hid his bare feet under his rabbit tail. His little rabbit ears perked up a bit, as if waiting for Fan Yuan to speak.

Fan Yuan did not criticize Gu Yang for sneaking down to eat small cakes in the middle of the night as he used to do. He just put the slippers next to Gu Yang and sat on the ground behind him, holding Gu Yang’s waist with both hands and lifting him up to sit on his own lap.

Gu Yang was suddenly moved from his spot, and his little rabbit ears drooped tightly against his cheeks. He looked up at Fan Yuan with his translucent red pupils full of doubt, still biting his small cake bite by bite.

Fan Yuan crossed his legs and let Gu Yang sit on his lap, away from the cold ground. He folded his hands in front of him and covered Gu Yang’s slightly bulging stomach, looking at him calmly with his black eyes.


Gu Yang’s eyes widened slightly in surprise when Fan Yuan didn’t criticize him and even let him continue eating.

Fan Yuan also observed Gu Yang and asked him, “Do you remember how you got back?”

Gu Yang tilted his head and thought carefully. His memories of KTV were already very vague, and the later memories were filled with colorful lights. The two bottles of sour and sweet wine made him completely drunk.

Seeing Gu Yang shake his head, Fan Yuan felt relieved.

At least Gu Yang didn’t know his own physical condition, whether he was pregnant or had a false pregnancy.

Gu Yang was getting nervous as Fan Yuan kept looking at him. Moreover, Fan Yuan’s hands were gently stroking his belly.

He slowly put down the small cake in his hand, took a deep breath, and forcefully tightened his stomach. He turned his head to look at Fan Yuan and said, “Fan Yuan, do you think I’ve gotten fat?”

Fan Yuan buried his head in Gu Yang’s neck and gently gnawed on it with his teeth. His black eyes closed, and for the first time, he showed his dependence on Gu Yang.

“It’s good to be a bit fatter. Eat quickly.”

Gu Yang turned his head to the side, giving up his neck that was being nibbled by Fan Yuan. It was a completely unconscious action, he didn’t have any defenses against Fan Yuan at all.

Fan Yuan’s hair brushed against his neck and itched a bit. Gu Yang shrugged and continued to stuff the small cake into his mouth.

With only three days left until the Lunar New Year, Gu Yang looked at the full refrigerator in front of him and suggested, “Fan Yuan, let’s go buy some New Year’s goods together tomorrow.”

This was their first New Year together, and they had to prepare for it properly.

“Okay,” Fan Yuan replied without looking up, still nibbling on Gu Yang’s neck and leaving tooth marks without touching Gu Yang’s back.

Gu Yang couldn’t help but straighten his back, lean forward, and raise his waist. His outfit slid up, revealing two exquisite and beautiful waist curves. His little bunny tail wagged happily, and the soft velvet fur lifted Fan Yuan’s shirt hem.

Gu Yang sensed that Fan Yuan seemed to have something on his mind, but Fan Yuan was the type of person who didn’t like to say much. Gu Yang raised his hand with the small cake in it and approached Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan, do you want to try it? It’s mango-flavored and quite delicious. There’s even mango jam filling inside.”

Fan Yuan raised his head with slightly wet lips and his fingertips still hooked onto Gu Yang’s collar, which was now somewhat loose. He didn’t refuse the small cake that Gu Yang handed over, and instead grabbed Gu Yang’s wrist and took a big bite of the cake.

This was once the sweetest and most nauseating taste that Fan Yuan hated, but since Gu Yang appeared in his life, he seemed to be more accepting of this kind of sweetness.

Gu Yang handed over another small cake to Fan Yuan, who refused to eat it. Gu Yang then put the small cake into his own mouth.

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang in his arms and flicked the pendant on Gu Yang’s necklace with his fingertips.

At times, with his fingertips hooked onto the necklace and pulled to the side, Gu Yang would tilt his head and greedily stare at the small cake in his hand. As soon as Fan Yuan let go, Gu Yang would immediately move closer and stuff the cake into his mouth, cheeks bulging like a greedy little rabbit.

It wasn’t until Fan Yuan felt Gu Yang’s stomach had swollen a bit that he picked him up, kicked the refrigerator door closed, and carried Gu Yang away.

The slippers that Fan Yuan had brought over were not used at all. Gu Yang ran down barefoot and ate a lot of cake before being carried back to the bedroom by Fan Yuan.

His fingers and mouth were smeared with cream, looking dirty like a child.

“Dirty rabbit,” Fan Yuan pinched Gu Yang’s fingertips and brought them to his lips, kissing them lightly. He didn’t let Gu Yang go and carried him straight to the bathroom.

Gu Yang noticed that Fan Yuan’s care for him was becoming more and more meticulous, to the point where he felt like he was really a child who needed to be taken care of by an adult.

When Fan Yuan put him on the washstand, Gu Yang felt a little embarrassed and wanted to get down, but Fan Yuan stopped him and held him in place.

Watching Fan Yuan use a hot towel to wipe his hands and even put toothpaste on his toothbrush for him, Gu Yang mumbled with the toothbrush in his mouth, “Fan Yuan, I can do it myself. If you keep treating me like this…I’m afraid I won’t want to leave you in the future.”

Fan Yuan wiped Gu Yang’s fingers clean, and then used the hot towel to dab at Gu Yang’s nose.

“Isn’t this nice?” Fan Yuan asked.

Gu Yang shook his head, his little rabbit ears wobbling along.

“I’ll become more and more clingy, more and more fond of you, and I’ll want to…keep you locked up.”

Gu Yang lowered his head, toothbrush still in his mouth, his rabbit ears drooping and covering his eyes. He stared at Fan Yuan’s hand, which was gripping his shirt tightly, with a pair of resolute red eyes.

“You are my bride, and you can only be my bride. If I really wanted to keep you locked up, would you be afraid of me?”

Looking at the rabbit sitting on the high sink, Fan Yuan lifted one of Gu Yang’s ears and slowly pulled it down, holding the base of his ear and gently pulling his head up. The force was not strong, and it did not hurt Gu Yang.

Gu Yang looked up, revealing a pair of possessive red eyes.

“Your whole body is soft, how can I be afraid of you?”

After hearing this, the two of them fell silent for a moment and looked at each other. Fan Yuan witnessed Gu Yang’s cheeks gradually turning red, as if witnessing the ripening of a fruit.

Gu Yang slowly lowered his gaze and retorted, “I…I also have hard parts!”

Fan Yuan also followed his gaze, and Gu Yang immediately turned around, hugging his legs and sitting on the sink with his back facing Fan Yuan. His soft black hair nestled in the nape of his neck, his curled tail sticking out of the hole in his pants, and his waist, exposed due to his hugging position, was very attractive.

Gu Yang’s nape was pink, and the color spread from the collar down to a place where Fan Yuan couldn’t see.

Fan Yuan slowly extended his fingertips and tapped them on Gu Yang’s back, watching his back slowly stretch out like a blooming flower.

At this moment, information about rabbits on a webpage floated into his mind.

Fan Yuan suddenly retracted his fingertips and took a step back, saying, “Come out after brushing your teeth.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Fan Yuan had already left the bathroom. Gu Yang didn’t turn around, his toothbrush moving slightly as he slumped into a ball with one hand resting on his shoulder.

He lowered his head, his face turning red, and even the corners of his eyes were a reddish hue.

“Why don’t you touch me more…”

When Gu Yang came out of the bathroom, the bedroom light had already been turned off. Fan Yuan was lying on one side of the bed, his eyes closed, apparently asleep.

But Gu Yang could tell from Fan Yuan’s breathing that he was not actually asleep. He climbed onto the bed from the other side and slowly squeezed next to Fan Yuan, reaching out to hold his arm and hugging him in his arms.

Since Gu Yang moved in with Fan Yuan, except for the beginning, as their fondness for each other continued to grow, they always slept together like conjoined twins.

Gu Yang never felt that there was anything wrong with this, as if they were meant to be this way from the beginning.

However, this time, when Fan Yuan’s arm was held in Gu Yang’s arms, instead of turning around and hugging him as usual, he exerted a bit of force and pulled his arm away from Gu Yang’s embrace.

Gu Yang stared blankly for a moment, looking at his empty arms.

Fan Yuan moved slightly and turned his back to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang was confused. Just a moment ago, Fan Yuan had been taking care of him in every way possible, but now he was suddenly distant.

Because the two of them were now farther apart, there was a gap in the middle of the blanket, and the cold air crept in like a sudden snow mountain.

Gu Yang pressed his fingertip onto the bedsheet and slowly moved it forward, gently pinching the corner of Fan Yuan’s clothes and holding it tightly in his hand.

The sensitive rabbit couldn’t bear Fan Yuan’s distance but dared not approach him, so he could only comfort himself by holding onto the corner of his clothes.

Although Fan Yuan had his back turned to Gu Yang, he did not close his eyes. His eyes were open in the darkness, his brow furrowed, and his face showed an unprecedented restlessness. That restlessness gradually accumulated into some crazy suppression and irritability.

The foolish rabbit loved being close to people and being touched on his back, but the cost was that he could have a false pregnancy.

The blanket behind him moved, and Gu Yang grasped Fan Yuan’s clothes tightly. He cautiously moved closer, not daring to press up against him completely, only coming closer for a moment with a cautious probe and an unabashed attachment, like a little rabbit trying to enter the house through the blocked doorway.

It was pitiful, making it hard for people to not feel soft-hearted.

When Fan Yuan finally felt Gu Yang’s breath gently brushing his back, this cautious little rabbit dared not get closer. He just stayed quietly a few centimeters away from Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan furrowed his brows fiercely, recalling the information on the webpage over and over again.

The way to avoid false pregnancy in rabbits was isolation, keeping a distance, no contact, and no closeness.

He knew there was some kind of pattern to Gu Yang’s changes, about a month’s time. As long as that month passed, everything would be fine.

But Fan Yuan never expected that he wouldn’t even be able to endure half an hour. It was the first time he realized how terrible the changes that Gu Yang brought to him were.

Gu Yang’s breathing was very light. He thought that Fan Yuan wouldn’t talk to him tonight, and the grievances in his heart sprouted like seeds, growing little by little, uncontrollable.

Unexpectedly, Fan Yuan suddenly turned over forcefully, pulling Gu Yang over and pressing his whole body down.

Gu Yang’s breath almost stopped. Just now, Fan Yuan didn’t want to be close to him, but now he was suddenly pressing him tightly.

In the darkness, Fan Yuan approached Gu Yang’s face, feeling annoyed that he couldn’t see the expression on Gu Yang’s face clearly.

He reached up and turned on the bedside lamp, even the movement of turning on the light was a bit rough, and the button of the bedside lamp let out a groan under the weight.

The light came on, and the glare made Gu Yang squint, with a mist still lingering in his bunny eyes, obviously still feeling aggrieved.

Fan Yuan leaned on Gu Yang’s body and blew gently into his eyes.

Gu Yang’s eyelashes trembled, and he squinted again, whispering Fan Yuan’s name softly.

“Fan Yuan?”

Fan Yuan slowly squeezed his fingers into Gu Yang’s back and between the bedding, his black pupils staring at Gu Yang, hiding emotions that were too deep and complex, an expression that Gu Yang could not completely understand even now.

“Gu Yang, can I touch your back?”

Gu Yang lowered his eyelids, tilted his head slightly, and the curve of his nose was very beautiful, with a slightly raised tip and a hint of redness.

He nodded and tightly pursed his lips as his voice spilled out of his mouth.


Fan Yuan also grabbed Gu Yang’s bunny tail with his other hand and asked, “What about here?”

Gu Yang closed his eyes and gently nodded again.

The corner of Fan Yuan’s mouth lifted, revealing a slightly ungentle smile.

“Gu Yang, don’t regret it.”

Gu Yang placed one hand beside his cheek and unconsciously played with the small blue orchid pendant hanging from his necklace, his tone a little tough.

“What’s there to regret…”

That night, not only Gu Yang’s back, but also his bunny tail, bunny ears, and even his fingertips were treated harshly.

Every time Fan Yuan lowered his head, he would ask Gu Yang, “What count is this?”

Gu Yang’s eyelashes were stuck together because of tears, and his slender white fingers twisted the dark sheets into a mess. His mind was dizzy, and he had to distract himself by counting.

“The, the 203rd.”

If he counted wrong, he would be punished. The rabbit tail of Gu Yang was shaking violently, and he heard Fan Yuan correcting him in his ear.

“Wrong, this is the 204th.”

Gu Yang woke up in the middle of the night, feeling a strange pain around his tailbone. Being pinched on the tail made the pain worse, and it seemed that it would not get better for a while.

Although they had planned to go out to buy New Year’s goods the next day, Gu Yang did not wake up until it was almost dark. The trip to buy New Year’s goods was ruined. He sat up with his still bulging stomach, but as soon as he sat up, he fell back on the bed. He turned over and laid on his stomach, cautiously touching his own rabbit tail with his hand, feeling the fur on it was all messed up.

“It hurts so much…”

Enduring the pain, Gu Yang laid on the bed and looked at Fan Yuan’s 42-point goodwill in the palm of his hand, feeling warm and comfortable in his heart.

It was not until now that he had time to carefully recall what had happened to his tailbone after he returned from the KTV…

What exactly happened in the KTV?

Gu Yang was afraid that he had acted drunk and crazy and did not dare to ask Fan Yuan. Moreover, last night he was forced by Fan Yuan to count until more than three hundred times before stopping. By the time they stopped, it was already daylight, and he was too embarrassed to ask.

Gu Yang lounged in bed for a while before finally getting up and wobbling towards the bathroom.

As soon as he woke up, he felt a crazed hunger in his stomach.

He splashed some cool water on his face and looked up at the mirror.

His necklace was askew and there were red marks all around his neck. The top button of his shirt was also undone, leaving only a lone thread. He couldn’t remember where the button had fallen.

He fixed his necklace in front of the mirror and flicked the small orchid pendant with his fingertips, feeling quite pleased with himself.

He lifted his shirt slightly, revealing a slightly bulging belly. It wasn’t too noticeable, but was he gaining weight too quickly?

He patted his belly and didn’t feel anything unusual. His waist was still slim, despite his belly getting bigger.

He turned around and took a quick look, but his heart rate increased rapidly like an unceasing drumbeat.

There were also red marks between the two small dimples on his back, spreading from his waist to the surrounding area.

He let go of his shirt and pulled it down, lowering his head and even avoiding looking at himself in the mirror.

“Have you finished washing up?”

Fan Yuan’s voice suddenly came from behind, startling Gu Yang. He quickly raised his head and met Fan Yuan’s gaze through the mirror.

Gu Yang averted his gaze again and hurriedly grabbed his toothbrush, squeezed toothpaste into his mouth.

“Not yet! Not yet! I haven’t brushed my teeth yet!”

Fan Yuan nodded and leaned against the bathroom door, watching Gu Yang.

In the daytime, Fan Yuan always wore dark clothes, with every button done up meticulously, and his entire outfit was neat and tidy from the sleeves to the trouser legs. Who would have thought that this Fan Yuan would leave such a mark on Gu Yang’s waist?

Gu Yang couldn’t help but secretly observe Fan Yuan through the mirror, and Fan Yuan was also looking at him, but he was looking at Gu Yang’s slightly bulging belly.

A tinge of guilt flashed through his black eyes, but Gu Yang didn’t know.

The schedule for buying New Year goods was pushed back by another day, and Gu Yang was particularly obedient that day. He studied in the study with Fan Yuan, washed up early and crawled into bed, with his head resting on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, thinking about what to buy tomorrow.

Fan Yuan raised his hand and placed it on Gu Yang’s back, his palm stiffening for a moment before gently patting it.

“Gu Yang.”

Gu Yang was counting the vegetables he needed to buy when he was suddenly interrupted by Fan Yuan, looking at him in confusion.

“What’s wrong?”

Fan Yuan didn’t look at him. He kept patting Gu Yang’s back with his eyes closed, using very gentle force. Gu Yang felt a great relief and relaxation throughout his body as he was being patted.

“Go to sleep.”

Gu Yang replied with an “Oh” and obediently closed his eyes without counting anymore.

That night, Gu Yang had a strange dream. It was fragmented and chaotic, like several broken mirrors forcefully put together.

He dreamt of his past, the time when he was still living in the hospital before he came to “Fan Yuan”.

It was the last few months of Gu Yang’s life. He could no longer eat by himself, and a cold tube was directly inserted into his stomach. Every time his parents came to visit, they would sigh and have worried looks on their faces. His mother would often cry uncontrollably by his bedside.

His father would always say to him:

“Gu Yang, be strong.”

“Gu Yang, be strong.”

His father’s face gradually became a broken corner of a mirror and drifted away, and Gu Yang saw himself again, with a strange and arrogant expression on his face, standing in front of a teacher who was scolding him, looking unconcerned.

Gu Yang realized that it was not him, but the original Gu Yang in the book “Fan Yuan”.

Suddenly, the original Gu Yang looked up and stared directly at Gu Yang’s direction.

Gu Yang was taken aback, and the scene in front of him suddenly shrank infinitely. He saw the world where the original Gu Yang was located, which was another strange and bizarre world.

He heard the voice of the original Gu Yang in his ears:

“Get lost, don’t disturb me, I’m doing fine.”

The shrunken world eventually disappeared into the fragments of the mirror, and another fragment floated over.

In the fragment, Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan holding a child with rabbit ears and a rabbit tail beside him. Suddenly, the child turned around and smiled at Gu Yang, shouting repeatedly:

“Daddy! Daddy! Big Daddy is bullying me again!”

Gu Yang suddenly sat up with a start, and by now it was already bright outside. The room was dimly lit, and he turned his head to see Fan Yuan still sleeping next to him.

He placed his hand on his own stomach, and the idea that had flashed through his mind before now appeared clearly.

“How is this possible…”

Gu Yang pressed his stomach in a panic. Even if he was stupid, he knew that there was a necessary prerequisite for this kind of thing to happen. Not to mention that he and Fan Yuan had never had that kind of relationship, but his gender made it impossible!

As he thought about it, Gu Yang suddenly remembered the severe pain around his coccyx in the middle of the night after returning from KTV that day.

His brain was stimulated by the brief memory fragments and slowly recalled the few words of conversation with Fan Yuan before he fell asleep that night when he woke up from the pain.

He said to Fan Yuan:

“Fan Yuan, should I give birth to a little bunny for you?”

“Do you want a little bunny?”

And Fan Yuan’s reply was:

“I do, as long as you give birth to it, I want it.”

Gu Yang jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom, locking the door behind him. He slid down to the ground with his back against the door, the pain around his tailbone still lingering. This kind of pain made him think of a certain possibility.

Gu Yang nervously bit his fingertips, denying himself on one hand, while on the other hand, he began to doubt himself.

“Could it be that night… Fan Yuan and I…”

“It’s impossible, impossible… how could it be…”

“But it did hurt there…”

“And it’s only been a few days, but my stomach is already a little bloated, the timing doesn’t match, it’s too fast, and I’m a man! Could it be the golden finger… the side effect of the golden finger!!!”

The tone of Gu Yang’s last few words suddenly rose, as if he had found a somewhat reasonable explanation. He froze in place, his whole body petrified, holding his slightly swollen belly in his hands, feeling as if his life had been turned upside down.

Did he really…get pregnant?

Pregnant with Fan Yuan’s little bunny?

Gu Yang was in a state of panic, not noticing the sound of the key opening the bathroom door from outside.

Fan Yuan opened the bathroom door with the key, and Gu Yang fell backwards in front of him, looking up at him with his bunny ears flattened against his head, resting on Fan Yuan’s feet.

Gu Yang still held his small belly, pouted at Fan Yuan, and squinted his eyes, pitifully saying:

“Fan, Fan Yuan, I can’t go to school anymore, I’m pregnant, I need to give birth to your little bunny!”

Fan Yuan’s pupils suddenly contracted as he looked at Gu Yang lying on the ground, firmly believing in his misunderstanding, and his heart skipped a beat.

Gu Yang was still mistaken.

Author’s note: Gu Yang: I want to give birth to a little bunny qaq

Fan Yuan: My bad.

[Today’s chapter was difficult to write, took a whole day to complete. There won’t be any pregnancy scenes in the main text, but it might happen in the extra chapters.]

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