Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 69

Chapter 69

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Dinner was delayed until very late that day, and Gu Yang was almost starving. He looked weak and was fed by Fan Yuan, who held him in his arms. Only after eating half a bowl of rice did he regain some strength.

Rubbing his slightly bulging belly, Gu Yang criticized Fan Yuan in a righteous tone:

“Fan Yuan, you can’t do this anymore in the future. Little bunny can’t go hungry…and neither can I!”

Whenever Gu Yang mentioned the little bunny in his stomach, Fan Yuan would fall silent for a moment, but Gu Yang, immersed in happiness, did not notice.

After dinner, Gu Yang began to watch documentaries about rabbits in the living room. He wanted to learn more about how to take care of and raise his little bunny correctly from all aspects.

He didn’t want his little bunny to suffer any discomfort or harm. He wanted it to grow up happy and healthy because it was their little bunny.

Fan Yuan came out of the kitchen after cleaning up and found Gu Yang watching documentaries about rabbits. He frowned slightly.

If Gu Yang kept watching like this, he would surely find out that he was not really pregnant. But right now, Gu Yang was clearly not ready to accept this fact.

Fan Yuan walked over, turned off the TV, picked up Gu Yang, and went upstairs.

After eating, Gu Yang’s whole body was soft, and he was not angry about being forcibly fed ginger by Fan Yuan before dinner. Now he just leaned his head on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, obediently allowing himself to be carried away without any resistance.

“What are you doing? I still want to watch it.”

Fan Yuan placed Gu Yang on the handrail at the corner of the stairs, his hands tightly embracing Gu Yang’s waist to keep him steady.

Gu Yang’s gaze was suddenly lifted up, with nothing to support him behind him, he was a little nervous, and he tightly grabbed Fan Yuan’s collar with his hands.

“Watching the documentary can wait, I have something more important to do now,” Fan Yuan whispered in Gu Yang’s ear.

“What… what is it?” Gu Yang didn’t need Fan Yuan to answer, he immediately knew what Fan Yuan’s “more important thing” was.

He was kissed passionately by Fan Yuan, with his back against the precarious handrail on the stairs, the feeling of being suspended in the air made Gu Yang nervous and scared. But the more he felt this way, the tighter and closer he clung to Fan Yuan, his hands tightly embracing Fan Yuan’s neck. The numbness that had faded before dinner was stirred up again.

This time, it was intentional by Fan Yuan.

He didn’t want Gu Yang’s attention to always be on that elusive little rabbit, he wanted Gu Yang to only think of him, to constantly remember him, to have him in his mind.

And Fan Yuan did succeed. Gu Yang was so dizzy from the kiss that he couldn’t think of the documentary about the rabbit for a while.

Now, Gu Yang’s mind was full of Fan Yuan, Fan Yuan, and Fan Yuan.

Under Fan Yuan’s deliberate guidance, the battlefield gradually shifted from the corner of the stairs to the steps.

Gu Yang was pressed against the steps, his back against the uneven edge of the steps, his back a little sore. Unfortunately, his mouth was firmly sealed and he couldn’t say a word, so he could only pat Fan Yuan’s back with his hands.

When Fan Yuan finally took a breath, he mercifully released Gu Yang and brought the battlefield back to the study.

Gu Yang was forced by Fan Yuan to do a long and comprehensive exam, with each question read out loud and the solving method explained before he could write anything down. If he said anything wrong, he had to be prepared to receive a kiss from Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan’s lung capacity was something that Gu Yang couldn’t compare to.

Gu Yang had poor lung capacity, often left with his mouth blocked by Fan Yuan, making his bunny ears stand up in anxiety.

What was once a droopy-eared bunny was now turning into a perky-eared rabbit under the playful antics of Fan Yuan.

With this set of problems, at the slow pace they were going, they would still be working on it until 9 pm and wouldn’t get much done.

At exactly nine o’clock, Gu Yang’s phone rang.

Gu Yang reached out to push Fan Yuan’s mouth away and managed to turn off the phone’s alarm. He leaned his back away, trying to distance himself from Fan Yuan.

“We can’t kiss anymore, really, we can’t kiss anymore. It’s nine o’clock, I have to go to bed early for the sake of the bunny. “

There he goes again with the bunny.

Fan Yuan’s dark eyes dimmed as he said, “Aren’t we studying seriously?”

Gu Yang didn’t want to argue with Fan Yuan anymore. His mouth was hurting, he was constantly lacking oxygen, and he was exhausted all over. He just wanted to crawl into bed and get a good night’s sleep.

He begged softly, “Can’t we just stop studying? I want to sleep, Fan Yuan, please let me sleep!”

Gu Yang then crawled back onto Fan Yuan’s shoulder and rubbed his soft bunny ears against Fan Yuan’s chin.

“Even the little bunny wants to sleep. Don’t you want us to have a comfortable sleep?”

Fan Yuan had no choice but to loosen his embrace. Gu Yang felt the force around him disappear and immediately jumped up, running out of the study as if his hair was on fire.

Although he knew that Gu Yang was just exhausted, Fan Yuan couldn’t help feeling a little annoyed at the sight of Gu Yang’s eagerness to escape.

He lightly tapped his fingertips on the table, thinking about Gu Yang’s chubby little belly, and his dissatisfaction dissipated.

Gu Yang rushed back to the bedroom, quickly took a shower, and crawled into bed, wrapping himself tightly. He closed his eyes and soon fell asleep.

When he had never kissed Fan Yuan before, he always wanted to, always wanted to. At that time, he didn’t know that kissing was so strenuous.

Fan Yuan returned to the bedroom and flicked the still damp hair of Gu Yang, then turned around and went to the bathroom to get two dry towels, carefully wiping Gu Yang’s hair.

As Fan Yuan fiddled with Gu Yang’s hair, although he didn’t completely wake up, he had some awareness and mumbled in protest:

“Don’t kiss, don’t kiss, can’t kiss anymore, really can’t kiss anymore…”

Fan Yuan paused his action of wiping Gu Yang’s hair, lowered his head with a somewhat childish gesture, and bit Gu Yang’s cheek hard, leaving a shallow tooth mark on his fair and tender face before stopping.

After wiping Gu Yang’s hair, Fan Yuan did not lie down in bed to sleep together. Instead, he stood by the bed and watched Gu Yang for a long time before turning and leaving.

Fan Yuan did not return until midnight.

Gu Yang was already used to sleeping in Fan Yuan’s arms, but he could tolerate not feeling Fan Yuan’s presence for a while. However, when he could not sense Fan Yuan’s existence for a long time, he woke up on his own.

It was now midnight, and with his eyes closed, Gu Yang started feeling around the bed for Fan Yuan’s position. The bedsheet was ice-cold, Fan Yuan clearly hadn’t slept there tonight.

Gu Yang was now completely awake. With his swollen mouth still throbbing with heat, he did not complain about Fan Yuan’s excessive kissing today but instead got off the bed to find him.

Fan Yuan was in the living room on the first floor. The TV was off, and he was sitting on the sofa doing something unknown with the light on.

As soon as Fan Yuan heard the sound of footsteps, he immediately stood up and blocked what he was holding behind his back, then walked towards Gu Yang.

“Why are you awake?”

Gu Yang rubbed his eyes, and without much memory, he leaned towards Fan Yuan.

“Because you were not there.”

Fan Yuan bent down and lifted Gu Yang around the waist, carrying him back to the bedroom. Gu Yang grabbed onto Fan Yuan’s clothes and refused to let go.

“Don’t leave, let’s sleep together. What are you busy with?” Gu Yang asked.

Fan Yuan kissed Gu Yang’s forehead and said, “Let’s sleep, I won’t leave.”

He didn’t answer Gu Yang’s question, but Gu Yang didn’t mind and soon fell asleep again.

Fan Yuan stayed and gently patted Gu Yang’s back to help him fall asleep. Gu Yang didn’t expect his words in the snow to come true – the next day, Fan Yuan really caught a cold.

In the morning, Gu Yang woke up to the sound of Fan Yuan’s suppressed coughing. As soon as he woke up, he touched Fan Yuan’s forehead and felt that it was burning up with fever.

Fan Yuan had actually been awake for a while, but didn’t want to disturb Gu Yang’s sleep, so he had been suppressing his cough and lying in bed with him.

Gu Yang felt a bit flustered and got out of bed without even putting on his shoes. He quickly brought back some fever-reducing medicine, cold medicine, and oral solution to the bedside table. Then he ran downstairs and brought up a cup of hot water.

Fan Yuan had already sat up and leaned against the headboard. Although he didn’t show any signs of discomfort on his face, Fan Yuan was always able to endure pain without it showing.

Gu Yang climbed onto the bed and knelt in front of Fan Yuan, helping him open the package of cold medicine and picking out the pills he needed to take. He put them in Fan Yuan’s hand and went to get the water cup. The water was still hot from being just boiled, and Gu Yang carefully blew on it before giving it to Fan Yuan.

The steam drifted between the two of them, misting Gu Yang’s eyebrows and eyes.

Looking at Gu Yang in this way, even though he felt pain in his temples and his throat was uncomfortable from the cold, Fan Yuan suddenly wanted to tease him.

He gave his hand a shake, and all the pills fell into the blankets.

Gu Yang didn’t notice Fan Yuan’s small movements. He carefully blew on the hot water in the cup for a while, then lowered his head and touched the edge of the cup with his lips to make sure the water wasn’t too hot before handing it to Fan Yuan.

“Here you go, take your medicine first. I read the instructions and picked a pill that you can take before meals. After you finish taking the medicine, I’ll cook some porridge for you.”

The big rabbit Gu Yang knelt barefoot by the bed, his loose pajamas hanging off his body. Two soft rabbit ears drooped beside his cheeks, and he looked like he needed someone to take care of him.

But even so, this big rabbit was looking at Fan Yuan with concern, saying that he would take care of Fan Yuan and cook porridge for him.

Fan Yuan put his hand, which no longer had the pill, to his lips and made a swallowing motion before taking a few sips of hot water and handing the cup back to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang was sitting so close to Fan Yuan and he wasn’t blind, so he immediately sensed that something was wrong.

He put the cup back on the bedside table and leaned over to look at Fan Yuan’s hand.

Fan Yuan obediently opened his hand, which was empty.

Gu Yang didn’t believe that Fan Yuan had taken the pill, so he lifted up the bed sheet on Fan Yuan’s side.

As a result, he did find the pills that he had just given Fan Yuan in the blanket, and he held them in his hand and sternly scolded Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan, what’s wrong with you? Why won’t you take your medicine?”

Fan Yuan still had a calm expression but played dumb.

“Don’t want to take it, it’s bitter.”

Gu Yang was a bit dumbfounded. When he didn’t want to take his medicine before, it was Fan Yuan who would feed him…

Back then, Fan Yuan wasn’t afraid of bitterness either!

But now that Fan Yuan was sick, Gu Yang couldn’t bear to say much to him.

“Just take it. This pill has a sugar coating and isn’t bitter.”

Fan Yuan saw Gu Yang’s serious and solemn face as he coaxed him, almost hooking up his lips but holding it back.

He lazily leaned against the headboard, his voice hoarse due to a cold, staring straight at Gu Yang with a dark gaze.

“How about… you feed me? It won’t be so bitter if you feed me.”

Fan Yuan was sick, and Gu Yang didn’t think much about it. He pinched the pill, picked up the water cup, and climbed into the bed again, holding the pill to Fan Yuan’s lips.

“Take it, and drink more water after you finish.”

Watching the pill at his lips, Fan Yuan turned his head to the side, blatantly uncooperative.

He deliberately put on a difficult look, but Gu Yang was not angry at all, just softly urging him to take the medicine.

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s wrist and held it to his own mouth, then deliberately approached Gu Yang’s ear to speak.

At this time, Fan Yuan was feverish, and his breathing was hotter than usual.

“Yesterday, I was so close to you… You might have been infected too. How about we take it together?”

Gu Yang didn’t react for a moment, and nodded seriously.

“You go first. I’ll go downstairs to take mine later.”

Fan Yuan pinched Gu Yang’s chin with one hand and forced him to open his mouth, while holding Gu Yang’s wrist with the other hand and pouring the pills in his own mouth.

Then, Fan Yuan leaned forward and blocked Gu Yang’s mouth.

The sugar coating on the pill was only a thin layer, and quickly melted in the mouths of both of them.

Once the sugar coating was gone, all that remained was an indescribable bitterness.

This bitterness was more stimulating than the spiciness of ginger. Gu Yang couldn’t hold the water cup steady and dropped it onto the quilt, wetting a large area. Luckily, the water was no longer hot.

Gu Yang raised his hand to push Fan Yuan’s shoulder, but felt the higher temperature of Fan Yuan’s mouth than usual. In the end, he just let the pills slowly dissolve in their mouths.

Between the two of them, they have had sweet kisses, sour kisses, spicy kisses, and now bitter kisses.

When the pill had completely dissolved, Fan Yuan backed away a bit and spoke in a very serious tone, imitating Gu Yang:

“Eating the medicine this way makes it work faster.”

Gu Yang didn’t believe Fan Yuan and pushed him off the bed. He stormed out with his little bunny ears twitching in anger.

Just a few seconds after running out, he peeked his head back in through the door, glaring at Fan Yuan with gritted teeth and asking:

“Do you want to eat some preserved egg porridge?”

Fan Yuan nodded, but before he could say anything, Gu Yang had already run off again.

Whether it was Fan Yuan’s unconventional method of feeding medicine or the fact that his cold wasn’t that serious to begin with, by noon that day, Fan Yuan was already feeling much better.

By evening, Fan Yuan was back to his usual self, and they resumed their activities of kissing each other passionately and intimately.

Over the next few days, Gu Yang became increasingly concerned about the little bunny in his stomach, while Fan Yuan became increasingly devoted to Gu Yang. He had already been taking care of Gu Yang with meticulous attention, and over the past few days, Gu Yang’s chin had noticeably become rounder.

Gu Yang saw something somewhere and wanted Fan Yuan to get closer to the little bunny in his stomach. He wanted Fan Yuan to talk to it every night before bed.

Fan Yuan didn’t refuse, and every night he would put his ear to Gu Yang’s slightly protruding belly and tell him a few bone-chilling jokes or some math problems.

The first time Gu Yang heard Fan Yuan’s cold jokes, he laughed so hard he started to hiccup. But Fan Yuan kept a straight face and continued to tell him more jokes.

Every night, Gu Yang fell asleep to the sound of Fan Yuan’s voice.

What Gu Yang didn’t know was that every time he fell asleep, Fan Yuan would leave the bedroom to do something else.

Because Gu Yang seemed to have a Fan Yuan detection radar installed on him, he would wake up easily if Fan Yuan wasn’t around.

So every hour or so, Fan Yuan would come back to give Gu Yang a kiss on the forehead, hug him for a while, and only then would he leave the bedroom again.

Days like this continued for a few days. Gu Yang became more and more eager for the arrival of the little rabbit. He counted the remaining time of the “golden finger” and calculated that the little rabbit would probably be born at the last moment of the “golden finger.”

However, as time passed, Gu Yang’s belly not only did not get bigger but showed a trend of gradually getting smaller.

Gu Yang touched his belly every day, feeling the presence of the little rabbit he thought was there, so he immediately noticed the shrinkage.

At first, Gu Yang didn’t care, thinking it was because he ate too little. So he forced himself to eat more food. Even when he was full, he still wanted to eat more. If it wasn’t for Fan Yuan stopping him, he would have burst his stomach.

But even so, Gu Yang’s belly continued to shrink at a visible speed.

Gu Yang was anxious but did not dare to tell Fan Yuan about his anxiety.

He believed that Fan Yuan was looking forward to the arrival of the little rabbit as much as he was.

But his body was special, and he couldn’t see a doctor, so he could only secretly search for information online.

There was only so much information about rabbits, and no matter how much he counted their habits, he couldn’t find anything useful.

Fan Yuan didn’t want Gu Yang to know about the information regarding a false pregnancy, but Gu Yang still found out.

Gu Yang browsed through the computer data over and over again, and his face became paler and paler.

The rows of black and white characters, neatly arranged on the white background, seemed to be poison, making Gu Yang’s heart beat faster.

His thoughts were chaotic, and for a while, he couldn’t do anything but tremble uncontrollably.

After a while, Gu Yang closed the computer, bit his lip hard, and picked up his phone to send a WeChat message to Pan Fei, asking what had happened after he got drunk at the KTV that day.

Pan Fei was puzzled by Gu Yang’s sudden inquiry about the KTV incident after so long, but she answered in detail.

“After you got drunk, Class Monitro Fan took you back first.”

Gu Yang knew there must be some details in this.

“Can you help me think carefully if anything else happened? Please.”

Pan Fei’s reply came quickly:

“It was just that you stumbled on the threshold that day and fell to the ground pretty hard. Meng Zhan wanted to help you up, but you didn’t let him. You insisted on waiting for Fan Yuan to come and help you up.”

The phone fell from his hand onto the bed, Gu Yang pushed aside the laptop on his lap, curled up on the bed with his legs bent, and buried his face in his arms without moving for a long time.

As soon as Fan Yuan entered the bedroom, he immediately felt the low pressure all over Gu Yang’s body.

He guessed the reason right away. Gu Yang found out.

Gu Yang discovered that he never really had a baby bunny from beginning to end, everything was because of a fake pregnancy.

Fan Yuan stood by the bed and called him softly:

“Gu Yang.”

Gu Yang lifted his head from his arms, revealing a pair of red eyes.

Not only the already reddish pupils, but even the corners of his eyes were also red, but there was not a single tear in his eyes.

“Mm, I’m here.”

Compared with Gu Yang’s strong look of endurance, Fan Yuan would rather see Gu Yang cry.

Fan Yuan sat down by the bed and placed his hand on Gu Yang’s head, gently stroking it.

“You found out?”

Gu Yang lowered his head, his eyes were a bit confused and helpless, and his fingertips unconsciously clasped his own arms.

“Fan Yuan, did you already know?”

Fan Yuan nodded: “Yeah.”

Gu Yang curled up his mouth and pulled out a particularly ugly smile:

“You’ve been accommodating me for so long… Am I particularly stupid? I didn’t even notice such an obvious thing…”

Fan Yuan wanted to hug Gu Yang, but he was stopped by Gu Yang’s hand on his chest, preventing him from getting closer.

“Gu Yang, you’re not stupid at all. I shouldn’t have touched your back.”

Gu Yang hung his head, his fluffy rabbit ears drooping listlessly like his owner’s.

“It’s because I’ve been too clingy to you… it’s not your fault… Fan Yuan, I want to be alone for a while.”

Fan Yuan remained silent for a moment before finally getting up and leaving.

Gu Yang curled up into a ball again, gradually becoming more clear-headed as his thoughts became clearer.

He should have noticed, the fake pregnancy was so obvious, with so many clues. If it were before, he would never have been so foolish as to believe that he was really pregnant with a little rabbit…

“The Rabbit Bride” had really had too much of an impact on him. Thinking this, Gu Yang shook his head.

It wasn’t just the influence of “The Rabbit Bride,” he was just too stupid, so stupid that it was almost ridiculous.

Gu Yang turned his head to look at the messy rabbit nest beside the bed.

There were several neatly folded little rabbit clothes in the nest. Gu Yang choked up for a moment but forced himself to suppress his emotions.

He couldn’t cry, this was all his own fault, he had given himself infinite hope and had even disturbed Fan Yuan’s peace.

Little rabbit…

His little rabbit…

His little rabbit had never existed…

Gu Yang buried his head in his arms again, tightly clasping his hands around his arms. He felt like he was sinking into a soundless deep sea, a deep sea that only he inhabited.

It wasn’t until something was forcibly stuffed into his embrace that Gu Yang lifted his head to see Fan Yuan shoving a knitted rabbit into his arms.

The knitted rabbit was incredibly lifelike and was also a lop-eared rabbit, just like Gu Yang.

Gu Yang held the knitted rabbit that had been forced upon him by Fan Yuan, feeling a bit dazed.

“What is this?”

Fan Yuan was holding a very large suitcase. He opened the suitcase, which was stuffed full of these knitted rabbits.

He took out one rabbit after another, introducing each one to Gu Yang.

The first knitted rabbit that he took out was especially ugly, with its rabbit ears a bit askew. Fan Yuan put it on the bed and patted its head.

“This one is the boss, called Boss Fan. I wasn’t very familiar with knitting when I made it, so it ended up a bit misshapen.”

Then Fan Yuan took out the second one, which was supposed to look a little better but still not particularly attractive.

“This one is the second one, named Gu Second Melon.”

“This is Fan Third Boy.”

“This one is called Gu Four Eyes.”

Gu Yang looked at one knitted rabbit after another being placed around him, gradually surrounding him. From the first one that was hard to look at to the increasingly exquisite ones, he could even imagine the situation when Fan Yuan knitted them.

It turned out that Fan Yuan sneaked out every night after Gu Yang fell asleep just to do these things.

When the bed was full, Fan Yuan started stuffing them into Gu Yang’s arms.

Gu Yang’s arms were filled with knitted rabbits and he could no longer curl up. He opened his arms and hugged the rabbits tightly in his arms, with tears welling up in his eyes.

Finally, Fan Yuan’s large suitcase was empty, and he took out a clean white rabbit ear headband from the bottom of the suitcase. It was one of the colorful rabbit ear headbands that Gu Yang had bought from the maternal and infant shop before.

Fan Yuan raised his hand and put the rabbit ear headband on his head. It was a headband specially designed for children and looked a little small and funny on Fan Yuan’s head.

Fan Yuan didn’t joke at all, he had been serious since he started introducing each knitted rabbit.

Now he had put on the ridiculous rabbit ear headband and walked to Gu Yang’s bedside, kneeling on one knee and resting his cheek on Gu Yang’s leg.

“You asked me to give the little rabbits names. I have given them many names.”

Gu Yang’s voice choked, “What kind of names did you give them? They sound terrible…”

Along with his words were large tears falling down his cheeks.

Hot tears splashed on Fan Yuan’s face, but he didn’t move, allowing the tears to keep falling on his face and sliding down his cheek.

Gu Yang finally couldn’t hold back and hugged the knitted rabbits in his arms, crying loudly.

Fan Yuan did not console him or ask him to stop crying. He just laid on Gu Yang’s leg, silently listening to his crying and feeling his hot tears.

Until Gu Yang’s crying gradually subsided, Fan Yuan sat up and sat on the edge of the bed, reaching out and pinching Gu Yang’s nape of the neck, bringing him closer. The two leaned their foreheads together, sharing each other’s warmth.

“Gu Yang, you’re eighteen this year, and so am I.”

“We will still have the next eighteen years, twenty-eight years, and thirty-eight years. The little rabbits will come sooner or later.”

“Before the little rabbit arrives, let me be your little rabbit.”

With that, Fan Yuan, with a stiff and unskilled posture, imitated Gu Yang and used the two artificial rabbit ears on his head to rub against Gu Yang’s rabbit ears. Before he could rub them a few times, Gu Yang pulled off the rabbit ear headband on Fan Yuan’s head.

Tears still hung in Gu Yang’s eyes, and his face was full of traces of tears and embarrassment.

When he spoke, his breath was still uneven, his tone trembling, and he sounded like he was crying, sometimes having to hiccup.

“Who, who asked you to be my little rabbit? There’s no such big little rabbit!”

Finally, Fan Yuan opened his arms and hugged his silly rabbit tightly.

“Thank you for your praise.”

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, then finally broke down in tears and laughter.

“Who praised you!”

Gu Yang leaned back into Fan Yuan’s arms, placing his hands gently on his own stomach and closing his eyes.

The bedroom was quiet at night.

The bedside lamp worked quietly, emitting a dim halo.

In the center of the big bed, Gu Yang and Fan Yuan snuggled tightly.

Around the two of them were dozens of hand-knitted rabbits, each with different looks and sizes, but all with drooping ears.

Gu Yang didn’t sleep soundly, murmuring a few words in his sleep from time to time.

At this time, Fan Yuan would lower his head and kiss Gu Yang’s forehead over and over again until he fell back asleep.

Time is long.

What is meant to happen will happen eventually.

Author’s note: Fan Yuan: Isn’t it cute that I am your little bunny?

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