Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 68

Chapter 68

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“The snow is getting heavier and heavier.”

Fan Yuan said they would take a car home soon, but he kept walking with Gu Yang for a long time, carrying him on his back.

When the two came out of the internet cafe, it was already late and the winter sky was dark. Now the street lights on both sides of the road had lit up one by one.

Gu Yang’s ear was pressed against Fan Yuan’s ear, their ears were tightly pressed together, warm and hot. Gu Yang’s other hand was always covering Fan Yuan’s other ear, keeping him warm.

Fan Yuan’s two hands were hooked on Gu Yang’s thighs, which were just blocking him and keeping him from feeling cold.

Whether it was summer or winter, nightlife was always rich for young people.

As the street lights lit up, the surrounding shops’ lights also became dazzling. Even during the New Year, it was still bustling.

Groups of young people gradually gathered on the roadside, discussing their plans for the night. They all had youthful faces like Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, full of vigor and vitality, and passed by the two of them lively and noisily.

The hustle and bustle passed, and Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were surrounded by silence.

Gu Yang lifted his hand to brush away the light snow on Fan Yuan’s black hair and whispered, “Fan Yuan, let’s take a car back. You’ll catch a cold if we keep walking.”

Fan Yuan finally stopped, hailed a car, and the two of them leaned against the back seat and quickly drove towards home.

The car was also quiet. Fan Yuan suddenly asked,

“Do you like to play with them?” the question was asked.

Gu Yang nodded honestly and said, “I do, but I prefer to be with you.”

Gu Yang could live his youth without Fan Yuan, living passionately and laughing loudly, living up to the expectations of some people for a so-called normal youth. He could approach the scorching sun, enjoy the warm sun, and be self-satisfied.

But no matter how far Gu Yang went, he longed to come back, back to Fan Yuan’s side.

He himself was the scorching sun, no need to approach, he would bloom the warm sun in the world named Fan Yuan.

The car drove through the snow and soon arrived at Fan Yuan’s small villa. The footprints of the two when they went out at noon had already been covered by snow, but now that they walked back in, they left new footprints. Only the two of them came and went here.

As soon as they entered the villa, Gu Yang immediately took off his woolen hat and vigorously shook the two rabbit ears that had been itching from being covered, and then grabbed Fan Yuan’s coat, which was all chilled from the outside.

The first thing Fan Yuan did when he entered the house was to take off Gu Yang’s coat. The two looked at each other, both unbuttoning the other’s coat and looking away.

Gu Yang suddenly felt a little embarrassed, with the rabbit ears tightly attached to his cheeks, he turned around and ran upstairs with a clatter.

In the bedroom, the bed was neat, the bedside table was spotless, but the space next to the bed was messy, with Fan Yuan’s clothes thrown everywhere. Now there were several small rabbit clothes on Fan Yuan’s clothes.

Gu Yang nestled into his messy rabbit hole again, holding the little rabbit’s clothes in his arms and staring at the 45 score absent-mindedly. His fondness for Fan Yuan was increasing more and more frequently and to a greater extent.

Even though it was only 45 points and not even half way, Gu Yang seemed to have already seen a future full score of 100.

Unable to contain his joy, Gu Yang hugged the little rabbit’s clothes and rolled around in the rabbit hole twice. His legs also kicked up twice like a rabbit, expressing his happiness.

Gu Yang’s emotions were in a state of heightened joy and excitement, and soon, it seemed that these emotions had led to some other special circumstances.

His legs, which were kicking in the air, gradually softened and fell into the rabbit hole before curling up.

Turning over, Gu Yang hugged his shoulders, feeling that tingling sensation again. It crawled up his spine like a tail and invaded his limbs and bones.

He opened his mouth and bit his own hu kou, his small white teeth exerting force but still unable to suppress the slight tremble in his body.

After forcibly enduring it for a while, Gu Yang was already sweating profusely, as if he had just been pulled out of the water.

He released his mouth and, ignoring the bite mark he had left on his own hu kou, knelt up with his soft arms and swayed as he stood up, propping himself up on the bed.

“Fan Yuan…”

Gu Yang unconsciously called out Fan Yuan’s name, and the sound that came out frightened even himself. The voice was small and even carried a tone that made him feel embarrassed.

He could only support himself along the wall and slowly walk out of the bedroom, heading towards the study with the door open and the lights on.

Gu Yang now firmly believes that he is pregnant with a little bunny, so Fan Yuan doesn’t want to keep forcing Gu Yang to do exams, so he has relaxed his control over Gu Yang’s studies.

He can only help Gu Yang catch up on his progress after this matter settles down.

However, despite the short distance, Gu Yang walked for a long time. When he finally reached the door of the study, he couldn’t support his weak legs anymore and fell directly to the ground. Fortunately, the carpet on the ground was thick enough, and Gu Yang didn’t feel any pain.

Fan Yuan sat behind the desk and looked up at Gu Yang sitting at the door. His black pupils narrowed slightly, but he didn’t move.

Gu Yang couldn’t see his current appearance, so he didn’t know what his current situation was like.

At this moment, he was like a flower bud in spring waiting to bloom, slowly unfolding its petals in the warm sunset, and even hiding morning dew in its petals.

Gu Yang only knew that he was sweating continuously. He raised his hand and wiped the sweat from his forehead, then reached out his arm to Fan Yuan.

He didn’t even have the strength to lift both arms, just weakly lifted one arm with his palm facing down and fingertips slightly extended, tapping Fan Yuan’s mouth.

“Fan Yuan… help me…”

The special period that had been suppressed by the false pregnancy phenomenon for a few days finally came, and it came even more vigorously and irresistibly because of the suppression in the past few days.

Fan Yuan still sat behind the desk, the pen in his hand slowly tightening, he didn’t immediately go to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang’s raised hand couldn’t hold on and fell down. He leaned against the door frame, barefoot with a white shirt, curled up on the dark carpet, creating a strong and striking contrast.

“Fan Yuan?”

Without a response from Fan Yuan, a thin layer of mist slowly covered the redness in his eyes.


Fan Yuan slapped his pen on the table, with considerable force. It was like a signal, indicating the loss of some broken rationality.

The chair was pushed slightly, and Fan Yuan walked step by step towards the leaning Gu Yang by the door.

Gu Yang leaned against the door frame, murmuring Fan Yuan’s name continuously as he watched him approach.

Until Fan Yuan finally came to Gu Yang’s side, Gu Yang raised his arm again with all his strength, reaching towards Fan Yuan, who caught and held his hand.


This time it was the sound of the study’s light being turned off. Before Fan Yuan bent down, he turned off the study’s light, and the room suddenly went dark.

“Gu Yang, how can I help you?”

The darkness didn’t affect Gu Yang too much. He reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s clothes, raised his head, and gently kissed Fan Yuan’s chin with his bunny ears hanging behind his head.

“You clearly know…”

Before Gu Yang could finish his accusation, he was interrupted by Fan Yuan’s own words.

Fan Yuan could be quite childish at times, enjoying exerting his control in inexplicable situations.

Gu Yang had long become familiar with this aspect of Fan Yuan and learned how to deal with it.

Although the lights in the study were turned off, there were still motion-sensor lights in the hallway.

Occasionally, a sudden sound would trigger the lights to turn on, fully exposing Gu Yang’s reddened face and Fan Yuan’s unrestrained madness.

Gradually, the space between their lips became a small battlefield.

The motion-sensor light turned on again, but this time, it didn’t go out for a long time.

After a prolonged period of hypoxia, Gu Yang finally surrendered. One of his rabbit ears was being held in Fan Yuan’s palm, while his rabbit tail was under Fan Yuan’s control. His forehead was pressed against Fan Yuan’s chin, and his brain felt like it was on a non-stop roller coaster ride, with ups and downs providing exciting stimuli.

The tingling sensation that spread throughout his body was slowly fading away, and Gu Yang finally had the time to ponder a question.

Hadn’t he and Fan Yuan already done something at the KTV that night? Why was Fan Yuan still only kissing him now and not doing anything else?

The burning desire had not completely dissipated, and Gu Yang’s mind was feverish. He leaned in and whispered the question to Fan Yuan’s ear. At first, Fan Yuan thought he had misheard, so he pressed Gu Yang’s neck and made him repeat it again.

The enthusiasm finally faded away, and Gu Yang’s brain gradually became clear. Only then did he begin to feel embarrassed, his gaze dodging a bit. But he still endured the shyness, leaned on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, and opened his lips, asking softly again.

Finally, Gu Yang added, as if accusing Fan Yuan of not being good enough in his technique:

“When I woke up that day, it hurt so much there!”

Fan Yuan raised his eyebrows and examined Gu Yang up and down with his black eyes.

Gu Yang felt uncomfortable being stared at, so he got off Fan Yuan’s body and took a step back.

But unexpectedly, Fan Yuan grabbed Gu Yang’s wrist and pulled him back, letting Gu Yang fall onto his body again.

Fan Yuan stared at Gu Yang’s red pupils and carefully examined them. In those red pupils, he saw only innocence, which deepened his own guess.

“You think that you and I have already…”

Gu Yang lowered his head and only showed Fan Yuan his black head and the two small drooping rabbit ears on top of it. The outer part of the rabbit ears was covered in fur, while the inside was pink.

“Fan Yuan, you, you don’t plan on taking responsibility after finishing, do you? There’s even a little bunny! The little bunny is evidence!”

Fan Yuan finally realized that he had underestimated Gu Yang, who knew some common sense and understood that a necessary process was needed to conceive offspring.

At first, Fan Yuan thought that Gu Yang had some kind of secret or special constitution that made him so convinced that he was pregnant. He didn’t expect that there was this reason in between.

Immediately, Fan Yuan buried his face in Gu Yang’s shoulder and remained silent for a long time.

Gu Yang was a bit nervous and really didn’t understand Fan Yuan’s reaction. Nowadays, he was sensitive and delicate, and his heart was unsettled.

Unexpectedly, Fan Yuan suddenly laughed. At first, it was a light laugh, but slowly it turned into a hearty laughter.

It was the first time Gu Yang had seen Fan Yuan laugh so freely, so uninhibited, and so carefree.

For a while, Gu Yang was also a bit dumbfounded, feeling Fan Yuan’s warm breath and humid air spraying on his shoulder as he laughed, and didn’t dare to move at all.

As Fan Yuan laughed, he hugged Gu Yang’s back with both hands and pressed down heavily, without any restraint.

“Gu Yang, you really are my treasure.”

As he spoke, Fan Yuan lifted his head, still smiling, and leaned over to kiss Gu Yang’s neck, pecking lightly again and again. After a few pecks, he was about to burst out laughing. Gu Yang was left confused and pushed Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

“Don’t laugh anymore.”

Fan Yuan knew that too much was too much, and stopped teasing his big silly rabbit. He bent down and lifted Gu Yang up, holding his legs with both hands, and carried him back to the bedroom.

At this point, Gu Yang’s numbness caused by the special period had completely faded away. He thought their intimate activity had ended, but Fan Yuan carried him to the bed and started kissing him again.

Since Fan Yuan’s kissing skills have improved by leaps and bounds, Gu Yang hasn’t had a swollen mouth for a long time. But today, Fan Yuan was not as restrained, and Gu Yang clearly felt that his mouth was already a bit hot after just a while.

Gu Yang touched his slightly bulging belly. He was a little distracted when he was being kissed and reached for his phone at the bedside to check the time.

It was already past dinner time, and Gu Yang’s stomach was growling.

In the gap when Fan Yuan looked up, Gu Yang immediately covered his mouth and said incoherently, “Fan Yuan, we can’t kiss anymore. I’m hungry, I want to eat, and Little Bunny wants to eat too.”

As soon as he mentioned Little Bunny, Fan Yuan’s eagerness suddenly cooled down. He regained his composure, wiped the wet marks at the corners of Gu Yang’s mouth with his hand, and pulled Gu Yang up.

“I’ll prepare dinner for you.”

As he spoke, he got up again and took out a lip balm from the bedside cabinet, opened the lid, and pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck to get him closer, ordering him, “Open your mouth.”

Gu Yang slightly opened his mouth, his lips were reddish, and even the corners of his mouth were the same red, which looked a bit pitiful.

Fan Yuan gently applied the lip balm on Gu Yang’s lips and couldn’t help but laugh a few times.

Gu Yang was chilled by Fan Yuan’s laughter and snatched the lip balm to apply it himself, using a strange look to stare at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan laughed too much today. He almost suspected that Fan Yuan had been possessed by an alien.

The lip balm in his hand was snatched away, but Fan Yuan didn’t get angry. Although he said he was going to make dinner, he propped himself up on the bed again and leaned closer to Gu Yang.

He leaned in to Gu Yang’s ear and asked softly, “Do you think it will hurt there when we do it?”

Gu Yang paused in his lip balm application, avoiding eye contact with Fan Yuan. “N-no, but my, my down there did hurt a lot that night…”

Fan Yuan gently bit Gu Yang’s earlobe. “I won’t let you hurt in the future.”

With those words, Fan Yuan finally got up and left the bedside, walking downstairs to prepare dinner for Gu Yang.

Gu Yang’s stomach growled again, clearly indicating his hunger, but his attention was no longer on that. He couldn’t stop thinking about Fan Yuan’s words before leaving.

“I won’t let you hurt in the future.”

“I won’t let you hurt in the future.”

Gu Yang suddenly stuffed his head into the quilt and stuck out a short bunny tail, which kept flicking up and down, displaying the owner’s emotions without reservation.

After a while, there came a muffled complaint from inside the quilt. Although it sounded like a complaint, the tone was soft.

“Fan Yuan suddenly became so…that…”

After hiding in the quilt for a while, Gu Yang couldn’t resist going downstairs.

Fan Yuan was busy in the kitchen. Gu Yang secretly took a glance and then sat in the living room to watch TV. He said he was watching TV, but in fact, he was just stealing glances at Fan Yuan.

Suddenly, Fan Yuan, with his back to Gu Yang, spoke up, “Still watching?”

Gu Yang immediately withdrew his gaze and dared not look anymore, but he couldn’t sit still either. He took out his phone and sent a WeChat message to Fan Yuan.

Although they were only separated by a living room and kitchen, they communicated through their phones.

“What are you doing? It smells so good!”

“It’s almost done. You’ll know in a while.”

Gu Yang wrinkled his nose and sniffed the air carefully, sending a series of WeChat messages to urge Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan was busy cooking and didn’t have time to reply to Gu Yang all the time. His phone in his pocket kept vibrating and buzzing, indicating its presence.

Gu Yang laid on the sofa waiting for Fan Yuan to reply to his message. If Fan Yuan didn’t reply, Gu Yang would keep bombarding him with emoji packs. The emoji pack featured a little rabbit with a big hammer, holding the hammer high and banging it loudly.

Finally, during a break from cooking, Fan Yuan replied to Gu Yang’s message: “Be good.”

After reading the message, Gu Yang waited for a while, but Fan Yuan didn’t reply again. He sneaked a peek into the kitchen and saw Fan Yuan cutting vegetables.

Excited but unable to stay honest, Gu Yang continued to bombard Fan Yuan’s phone with messages while secretly observing him in the kitchen.

Fan Yuan finally put down the kitchen knife, took out his phone from his pocket, and quickly typed a few words in reply: “Be good or else.”

Gu Yang was stunned when he saw the message pop up on his phone screen. Fan Yuan rarely used such vulgar and unprofessional language. Gu Yang put his hand over his heart, feeling his blood rushing through his veins.

Suddenly, one of the lines on the phone screen disappeared, and the three words “or else” disappeared. They were replaced by a system prompt.

“Fan Yuan” withdrew a message.

Gu Yang blinked slowly and tapped on the notification, confirming that Fan Yuan did indeed retract those words.

He found it funny and started teasing Fan Yuan.

“I saw it, your retraction is useless!”

Fan Yuan replied quickly this time. Gu Yang secretly looked towards the kitchen and saw that Fan Yuan had completely stopped cutting vegetables and was fiddling with his phone by the kitchen counter.

“So what?”

Gu Yang quickly tapped on the screen of his phone. He wasn’t hungry anymore, just teasing Fan Yuan was enough to distract him from his hunger.

“So this is what you’re like, Fan Yuan!”

This time Fan Yuan didn’t reply. Gu Yang was still holding his phone up, but suddenly Fan Yuan snatched it away.

He was startled, he didn’t expect Fan Yuan to just walk over like that.

The phone was thrown on the coffee table and Fan Yuan leaned over, pressing down on Gu Yang’s shoulder and kissing him.

His mouth had just been forced open when Gu Yang kicked his legs and tried to push Fan Yuan’s shoulder away.

Surprisingly, there was a piece of ginger in Fan Yuan’s mouth. As soon as he kissed Gu Yang, the ginger broke and the spicy juice flowed into his mouth.

Gu Yang really dislikes ginger. Usually, when Fan Yuan cooks, he would add ginger but cut it into large pieces to prevent him from accidentally eating it. He didn’t expect that this time, Fan Yuan would just directly kiss him while having a piece of ginger in his mouth.

Fan Yuan didn’t allow any resistance from Gu Yang, and forcefully bit the ginger, making Gu Yang swallow it.

Even after Fan Yuan left, Gu Yang’s mouth still felt hot and the taste of ginger was everywhere. Tears streamed down his eyes as he laid on the sofa, looking at Fan Yuan and began to complain:

“Fan Yuan, what the h*ll are you doing!”

Fan Yuan wiped the ginger juice off Gu Yang’s mouth and asked him, sticking his ear to Gu Yang’s:

“Gu Yang, what did you say I recalled?”

Gu Yang shrunk his neck and reluctantly said:

“You didn’t recall anything, I read it wrong.”

Fan Yuan pinched Gu Yang’s earlobe and praised him:

“Good bunny.”

Gu Yang: “…”

Right now, the good bunny wants to beat someone up, the kind of beating that involves kicking and hitting.

Author’s note: Fan Yuan: Want a kiss? The kind with ginger in it.

Gu Yang: :)

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