Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 7

Chapter 7

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Gu Yang smirked all morning. When he came, he found that the table had been separated again, this time he didn’t push it over again.

He waited for Fan Yuan to push the table over by himself.

After waiting all morning, Fan Yuan didn’t come. He couldn’t help but turn around and find brand new textbooks on Fan Yuan’s desk.

Oh, his book had arrived.


Waiting for nothing.

Gu Yang’s face turned red again, and he felt that he had been sentimental all morning, so he quickly sat up straight, and couldn’t help but look at the glass bottle and small wild flower on Fan Yuan’s table, feeling a little happy in his heart.

Xu Tian had been observing Gu Yang and Fan Yuan, and couldn’t help but mutter to the female classmate on her right.

“Feifei, don’t you think the two of them are a bit too close? They were not like this before.”

Pan Fei pushed her glasses, did not speak, and followed Xu Tian to look at Fan Yuan and Gu Yang.

She happened to see Gu Yang peeking at Fan Yuan, his ears were red, his lips were tightly pressed, and his hands were pressed against the edge of the table and rubbed against each other.

Pan Fei took out her mobile phone, opened the memo, and wrote down a sentence: “Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, can give it a try.”

Xu Tian didn’t pay attention to what Pan Fei was doing, she muttered to herself, then finally turned her head to look at Pan Fei with a nervous expression.

“Feifei, do you think there are mermaids in the world?”

Pan Fei turned the phone upside down, looked up, the lens seemed to be shining a little.

“Mermaid? I don’t know.”

Xu Tian whispered, “Do you think… Gu Yang looks like a fish?”

Pan Fei immediately shook her head: “How is that possible, those two long legs are not fake.”

Xu Tian sighed.

Instead, Pan Fei turned on the phone again, and wrote down the second sentence in the memo: “Male God Gong, Mermaid Shou, possible.”

As soon as it was lunch break, Fan Yuan went out to eat with Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan.

Gu Yang listlessly went to look for Wang Hang, this former good friend of Gu Yang. Besides being a scumbag, he had a personality like a husky, not perverted at all.

Wang Hang was so happy, Gu Yang had ignored him for several days, he was bored to death.

As soon as he saw Gu Yang, he began to come up with bad ideas: “Gu Yang, shall we skip class in the afternoon? Go online or play ball?”

Gu Yang raised his hand, hit Wang Hang on the head, and angrily said: “What class are you skipping! What kind of balls are you playing! You don’t know how to study hard after you entered the third year of high school! How can you get into a good university in the future!”

Wang Hang’s eyes widened in surprise, and a sneer suddenly came from behind Gu Yang.

Fan Yuan, Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan were standing behind them with their meal plates, they should have been passing by, but by chance they heard everything Gu Yang had to say.

Li Ziyan stepped forward and put his arm on Gu Yang’s shoulder: “Brother, I didn’t expect you to be quite enlightened. Why didn’t I notice it before? I’m sorry to have scared you yesterday. I didn’t know you were so afraid of water. How about this, whatever you want to eat this afternoon, this older brother will treat you.”

Gu Yang pushed Li Ziyan’s arm away expressionlessly, went to the restaurant and ordered the most luxurious barbecue and bibimbap set, and asked Li Ziyan to pay.

Li Ziyan was also perfunctory, not to mention paying directly, he also paid Wang Hang’s share.

Wang Hang and Gu Yang sat at the table next to Fan Yuan. Gu Yang took a spoon to eat after sitting down, the red sauce of the bibimbap stained the corner of his mouth, Gu Yang asked Wang Hang: “Is there any paper?”

Wang Hang took out his pocket and shook his head.

Gu Yang could only wipe the sauce from the corner of his mouth with his fingertips, and just as he was about to touch it, a pack of tissues was placed on the corner of the table.

Fan Yuan withdrew his hand and continued to talk to Meng Zhan, without looking at Gu Yang from beginning to end, as if he wasn’t the one who placed down the paper.

Didn’t look at him, but gave him paper.


Gu Yang unwrapped the tissue to wipe his hands, and took a look at the favorability level along the way.

Favorability: 1 point.

Gu Yang couldn’t help but cock his lips, he hadn’t done anything yet, but Fan Yuan himself had given him a point.

He deliberately put the opened tissues back to Fan Yuan’s hand, and touched his arm.

“Thank you, Fan Yuan.”

Fan Yuan stopped eating, picked up the tissue and put it back in his pocket, without looking at Gu Yang, he just said indifferently: “You’re welcome.”

Gu Yang didn’t care, and continued to eat while waving the spoon.

After the lunch episode, Gu Yang was very energetic in the afternoon class, and listened carefully to the lectures. He sat upright like a young green pine, but he just didn’t look at Fan Yuan.

Although he didn’t look at him, he was sensitive.

He noticed that Fan Yuan had peeked at him several times.

Gu Yang sat upright.

At the beginning of the second class in the afternoon, several female students in the back row suddenly started whispering, and they would glance over at Gu Yang and Fan Yuan from time to time during the conversation.

This kind of whispering going on until the class break before evening self-study, the scope had expanded to half of the girls in the class.

Several girls surrounded Pan Fei, all looking a little excited.

A few words slipped out faintly during the conversation, but Gu Yang only heard it brokenly.

“Feifei, you are amazing!”

“You wrote so much in one afternoon!”

“Why didn’t I think of these two before?”

Gu Yang didn’t care what he heard, his attention was all on Fan Yuan.

In the evening study, Zhuo Wan had something to do, so she was not there.

Fan Yuan lowered his head to play a game with his earphones on, and pressed his fingertips on the phone quickly. Gu Yang leaned over and took a look, he was a master of rhythm.

Fan Yuan clearly peeped at him several times this afternoon, but didn’t talk to him.

Gu Yang couldn’t bear it anymore, he pulled his chair over and sat down.

Fan Yuan didn’t stop his fingertips, quickly pressing the notes that dazzled Gu Yang, the speed was so fast that there were afterimages of his fingers.

Gu Yang waited until the round was over before reaching out and grabbing Fan Yuan’s sleeve.

Fan Yuan took off one earphone, raised his eyes slightly to look at him, and seemed to ask: What’s the matter?

What could be wrong with Gu Yang, but he couldn’t say nothing was the matter.

He asked, “What game are you playing? Teach me.”

Fan Yuan didn’t refuse, and handed him the phone directly, and also gave him an earphone.

Gu Yang put the earphone on his left ear, but found that he couldn’t hear Fan Yuan clearly, so he put the earphone on his right ear.

The headphone cable was only so long so the shoulders of the two people were almost touching together.

Fan Yuan pressed the next level for Gu Yang.

Gu Yang was caught off guard and hurriedly pressed, but his fingers were stiff, and he pressed wrongly continuously, losing soon.

As soon as the game was lost, Gu Yang immediately went to look at Fan Yuan, looking pitiful, as if he had made some serious mistake.

Fan Yuan’s corner of his left lip hooked upwards at an angle where Gu Yang couldn’t see,  and he clicked to do it again.

Less than half a minute after the start, Gu Yang lost again.

There was only so much stamina, and Gu Yang quickly lost the last two stamina left.

Gu Yang felt a little wronged: “I can’t make it through.”

Fan Yuan put the mobile phone on the legs where the two were already leaning together, and stretched out his right hand to rest it on the left side of the mobile phone.

“You press the right button, and I will press the others.”

Gu Yang nodded solemnly, and put his left hand on the phone as if facing an enemy.

As soon as the music played in the earphones, Fan Yuan was infected by Gu Yang and felt a little nervous.

But Fan Yuan usually played by himself, he pressed the left with his left hand, and the right with his right hand, now he pressed the left with his right hand. Because he had cleared a lot of levels and this level was difficult, Gu Yang didn’t make too many mistakes. He only made several and the game ended directly.

Gu Yang looked at him suspiciously.

Fan Yuan was stimulated by Gu Yang’s questioning eyes.

Gu Yang’s eyes seemed to be filled with: You can’t do it.

How can a man not do it?

Fan Yuan simply raised his right arm and wrapped it around Gu Yang’s shoulders. His fingers relaxed and hung beside Gu Yang’s face. The distance was very close. It seemed that with a random movement, the fingertips could rub against Gu Yang’s cheek.

Gu Yang blushed. He was playing the game too seriously before and didn’t pay attention. Now that he suddenly realized, the blush on his face couldn’t be stopped, it went from his cheeks to his neck.

On the other side of the classroom, there was a sudden commotion.

As the class monitor, Fan Yuan glanced over, and the girls immediately fell silent.

There was a reason for Fan Yuan’s popularity. As long as the self-study without the teacher was not too noisy, he would never be too strict.

He held Gu Yang’s shoulder with his right hand. Gu Yang kept his left hand on the phone, but Fan Yuan changed his hand this time, and he put his left hand on the phone.

The two were close to each other, and when the music started, Gu Yang pressed the wrong button because he was too nervous.

Fan Yuan held his right arm tightly, as if telling Gu Yang to be serious.

Gu Yang blushed, and Fan Yuan’s fingertips rubbed against his face.

He forced himself to play the game seriously.

Fortunately, this time they finally passed the round, and both of them breathed a sigh of relief.

After passing the game, Fan Yuan realized that his right finger was rubbing against something soft and greasy, and subconsciously stretched out his hand to pinch it.

Gu Yang whimpered, then turned his head to look pitifully at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan was stunned, let go of his fingers, and saw that Gu Yang’s right cheek was a little red from being pinched. Not only was that spot red, Gu Yang’s exposed skin was all red, and the faint redness stretched all the way to his neck. When it came to the clothes, maybe it was more red underneath the clothes.

Gu Yang touched his cheek, a little wronged: “Why are you pinching me?”

Fan Yuan suddenly withdrew the arm that was still on Gu Yang’s shoulder, pulled the earphone back, threw the mobile phone into the desk, spread out a book of exercises, and started to do it with a pen.

Gu Yang curled his lips and whispered, “Let’s play again.”

Fan Yuan wrote vigorously, then with a flat tone: “I’m exhausted, let’s do questions.”

Gu Yang could only dawdle back to his seat and take out his physics problem to do.

He did a few questions, and he was really serious, but his level was not good enough.

He was actually good at mathematics, but he was not good at science and comprehensive studies, who made him a liberal arts student before.

The two of them had just separated their chairs for less than ten minutes, and then they got together again.

Fan Yuan looked at the almost blank exercise book that Gu Yang put in front of him, and declined.

Gu Yang propped his chin and yawned a little, the corners of his eyes gleamed a little.

Seeing Fan Yuan looking at him, he still did not forget to say: “Don’t worry, I haven’t turned into a fish, tears won’t turn into pearls.”

After the words fell, he pushed the exercise book forward again: “Class Monitor, teach me.”

Fan Yuan picked up the pen, and his eyes fell on the small wild flower in the glass bottle.

In one day, the little wild flower had withered long ago, and stayed there pitifully with its petals bent.

When Gu Yang saw it, he poked the petal with his finger and smiled lightly: “What kind of flower do you like?”

Fan Yuan’s gaze fell on Gu Yang’s wrist unconsciously. Gu Yang’s wrist was slender, with clear and beautiful bone lines.

He withdrew his gaze and put the exercise book in front of him: “Which part?”

Gu Yang laid on the table, lazily: “All.”

On the other side, Xu Tian stared at the two for a whole day. Seeing Fan Yuan and Gu Yang being intimate, she felt an unspeakable sour feeling in her heart.

Pan Fei was also very strange in the afternoon. She kept holding her mobile phone and it was unknown what she was busy with, but she didn’t pay much attention to her.

How could she know that Pan Fei was busy sharing her new little yellow essay with a group of fellow friends.

Their Class One Grade Three, was the best class in the whole school. All the students in it had some special skills, and Pan Fei had outstanding writing ability.

In addition to serious composition, she also had some other hobbies.

Taking advantage of the evening self-study at this time, Pan Fei saw the interaction between Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, and excitedly filled up a few hundred words, integrating them with the 3,000 words written in the afternoon, and was about to send them to her sister group.

It was at this moment that Xu Tian bumped into Pan Fei’s arm.

“What are you busy with to ignore me.”

Pan Fei was startled, looked up at Xu Tian, ​​said a few perfunctory words, and looked down to see that the file had been sent successfully.

She put down her phone happily, and waited for the little sisters to scream with her after.

She didn’t know that Xu Tian’s collision caused her to send the file to the class.

At this time, many students who were playing with mobile phones noticed the small file sent by Pan Fei.

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