Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 8

Chapter 8

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Li Ziyan, who had been chatting with others, was the first to download it.

The first sentence of the entry was very exciting:

In order to monopolize Gu Yang, Fan Yuan built a super-sized fish tank with a panoramic view at home, to have Gu Yang live in it, and forbade him to wear clothes.

After reading the first sentence, Li Ziyan didn’t even have time to think about it when his phone was snatched away by Meng Zhan.

Meng Zhan looked like he was going to be scared to death, and quickly deleted the files.

When deleting, he glanced at the number of downloads 2, indicating that besides Li Ziyan, someone else downloaded it.

He immediately glanced at Zhuo Wan, the head teacher, who was not online, so it was okay.

After Meng Zhan deleted the files, he immediately went to see Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan was talking with Gu Yang together, their heads were very close to each other, their chairs were close together, they were close not like deadly rivals.

Cold sweat broke out on Meng Zhan’s forehead, and he was debating whether to tell Fan Yuan about it.

Li Ziyan kept asking Meng Zhan, but he ignored it.

Meng Zhan didn’t say anything until after school.

He went to find Pan Fei privately after school, and Pan Fei was frightened to death, and kept apologizing.

At night, Meng Zhan stayed awake all night, thinking that he should tell Fan Yuan about it when he went to school tomorrow. After all, the other downloader was a hidden danger.

When Meng Zhan arrived in class the next day, he found that it was too late. Fan Yuan and Gu Yang each had a few blank sheets of paper to read, and the printed paper was the little yellow text that Meng Zhan deleted yesterday.

As soon as Gu Yang entered the classroom in the morning, he found Fan Yuan frowning while holding some papers. Just as he was about to ask, he found an identical document in his desk.

After Gu Yang took a few glances, his sense of shame immediately exploded, and when the sense of shame faded, he felt scared.

Someone knew that he could become a mermaid, and even wrote about him and Fan Yuan’s hot little yellow text and printed it out for them? What does this mean?

Gu Yang crumpled up a few pieces of paper and threw them into the table, then turned his head to see Fan Yuan’s reaction.

Fan Yuan had already put down the paper to wipe the blackboard, his tall and straight figure turned his back to Gu Yang. His height advantage allowed him to wipe the blackboard without even raising his arms too high.

Fan Yuan also read it.

It was still a little yellow text where Fan Yuan forcefully imprisoned him.

What was Fan Yuan thinking?

Gu Yang was entangled, shy for a while, scared for a while, and his heart was beating fast.

There was a sudden quarrel in the classroom, and someone started arguing.

It was Pan Fei and Xu Tian.

As soon as Pan Fei came to the classroom, she complained to Xu Tian, a few words. Xu Tian was not happy to hear it, so she refuted a few words, and the two of them quarreled.

Last night, Meng Zhan went to find Pan Fei in private, and Pan Fei kept apologizing, but at the same time, she was glad that Meng Zhan’s hand was quick and had deleted it. If Zhuo Wan saw this, she would be finished.

When she came to find Xu Tian in the morning, she just complained, and didn’t say much, but Xu Tian seemed to have taken a drug, and one set off, the two girls immediately quarreled.

Xu Tian shouted in a sharp voice: “Isn’t it because you’re disgusting! Why do you blame me for you writing such disgusting things? If you didn’t write it, you would be fine!”

Pan Fei was aggrieved, she had this hobby, but she usually just gathered together with others to scream underground, and it never affected her!

“You say I’m disgusting? Didn’t you say that you think Gu Yang is a mermaid? Didn’t you say I can write about it? Why are mermaids disgusting?”

Xu Tian had something on her mind, and the depression she had felt in the past few days since she failed to confess to Fan Yuan broke out at this moment.

She slammed the schoolbag in her hand and pushed Pan Fei: “Mermaids are disgusting, fish are disgusting, they are fishy smelly scales full of bacteria! Mermaids are monsters!”

Seeing that the two girls were about to fight, some classmates immediately went to intervene.

Gu Yang looked at the two girls who were arguing, his face turned pale, and his lips were tightly pursed.

He felt that Xu Tian was criticizing him!

Xu Tian knew that he could become a mermaid!

Gu Yang felt a little cold all over, and pressed his palms on the table, tightly squeezing the corners of the table.

Suddenly there was a loud noise on the podium.

The two people in the quarrel stopped, and looked at the podium in astonishment.

Fan Yuan dropped the blackboard eraser in his hand on the podium, and the blackboard eraser let out a cloud of white ash, which splattered everywhere like blood.

He was wiping his hands with a tissue, his eyes downcast, and his usual smile unchanged.

But at this moment in the classroom, no one dared to speak anymore.

Fan Yuan wiped the ashes off his hands, threw away the tissue, walked back to his seat and sat down, but didn’t say anything.

Xu Tian’s hands trembled a little, but she was not convinced. She secretly glanced at Gu Yang, then looked at Fan Yuan, thinking that Fan Yuan would never do anything to a girl like her, so she stuttered and asked.

“Fan Yuan, don’t you think mermaids are disgusting? They’re dirty, smelly, and deformed.”

Gu Yang also looked at Fan Yuan. At this moment, like Xu Tian, ​​he was looking forward to Fan Yuan’s answer.

Fan Yuan was flipping through those little yellow texts in his hand again.

When Xu Tian saw this, ​​she felt a little happy in her heart.

Yesterday she clicked on this file out of curiosity in the group. She didn’t expect it to be such a disgusting thing, but for some reason, she subconsciously saved it.

She put the printed documents in Gu Yang and Fan Yuan’s desk.

She didn’t know whether Gu Yang liked Fan Yuan, but she knew that normal people would definitely hate homosexuality, homosexuality was disgusting, it was sick.

Fan Yuan must not be gay, if Fan Yuan saw it, he would definitely hate Gu Yang.

Fan Yuan read it very quickly. He had read these few papers several times in the morning, and now he flipped through them again. Instead of throwing them away, he put a few papers into the folder where he usually put test papers.

“I like to eat fish.” Fan Yuan finally spoke, his tone was still flat, but he got up from the chair, walked to Gu Yang’s side, pressed his shoulders, and pushed him to sit on the seat.

Fan Yuan rested his hand lightly on Gu Yang’s shoulder, looked at Xu Tian coldly, and spoke calmly and clearly.

“I like to eat fish, and I plan to raise one.”

While talking, Fan Yuan suddenly looked directly into Xu Tian’s eyes, the corners of his mouth slowly flattened, and the smile disappeared.

He added: “Raising a big one.”

Xu Tian took a step back and squatted down in a panic. She picked up the schoolbag that she dropped on the ground, sat back on her seat and kept flipping through her school bag, her movements flustered and eager.

Seeing that Xu Tian had stopped arguing with her, Pan Fei also sat down angrily, not forgetting to mutter.


Xu Tian heard it, but she didn’t dare to quarrel with Pan Fei anymore.

She felt that Fan Yuan was threatening her just now.

Such cold, gloomy eyes seemed to say: If you dare to speak out, you will die.

She had been secretly in love with Fan Yuan for nearly three years and was on the verge of collapse at this moment, Xu Tian’s heart was beating fast, but it was not because of love.

How could she fall in love with such a terrible person?

Was Fan Yuan actually this scary?

After Gu Yang heard Fan Yuan’s answer, the smile on the corner of his mouth could not be stopped.

Fan Yuan had already sat back on his seat. Gu Yang pulled his chair, leaned over, took out a fresh small wild flower from his bosom, put it into the glass bottle, took out the old one and threw it away.

Fan Yuan didn’t stop him, but just stepped on the railing of Gu Yang’s chair, preventing him from approaching any further.

“Go back, the bell is about to ring.”

How can Gu Yang be obedient? He was very happy now. Holding Fan Yuan’s table with both hands, he asked cheekily: “Hey, Fan Yuan, you saw those… how do you feel?”

Fan Yuan asked calmly, “Which one?”

Gu Yang grinned: “What else could it be, just that one, the one you locked me up!”

Fan Yuan’s hand flipping through the book paused: “I don’t feel anything.”

“Tch,” Gu Yang was a little disappointed, but also a little excited: “You said you want to raise a fish, is it true? You also want to raise a big one, how big are they?”

Fan Yuan finally turned his head to look at Gu Yang, Gu Yang’s eyes were bright, and his whole body seemed to be saying: Is my size big enough?

But Fan Yuan didn’t make Gu Yang happy, he stretched out his hand to break away Gu Yang’s fingers that were holding onto his table, and kicked Gu Yang and his chair back to his position with his long legs, making it clear that he didn’t want to talk to him.

Gu Yang felt as if a little paw was scratching his heart, itchy and numb. He pestered Fan Yuan for a whole day without getting an answer.

Going home at night, Gu Yang looked at the 3-point favorability score on the little book in his left hand. No matter how he thought about it, he felt that the big fish Fan Yuan was talking about was him.

Otherwise, how could he explain Fan Yuan’s inexplicable increase of 2 points of favorability?

It couldn’t be from reading the small yellow text, right?

Thinking of this, Gu Yang pulled the quilt over his face.

The next day Gu Yang came to the classroom in good spirits. He came early today, and when Fan Yuan arrived, he immediately sat over there.

Fan Yuan took off his earphones and put down his backpack, as if he couldn’t see him.

Gu Yang took Fan Yuan’s arms, leaned over and asked in a low voice: “Fan Yuan, what are you doing tonight? I want to go to your house to play, and along the way… see the fish you raise.”

Fan Yuan turned his head and glanced at Gu Yang, with a fleeting smile in his eyes.

“Okay, come if you want.”

Gu Yang nodded vigorously, feeling overwhelmed with excitement.

He wanted to see if Fan Yuan’s family really raised fish, or…


Gu Yang was looking forward to it for a whole day, but he didn’t listen to the class well, and was called up and criticized by the teacher several times because of his stupid smile for no reason.

After school, Gu Yang and Fan Yuan walked out of the school together.

At the school gate, Xu Tian saw Gu Yang getting into Fan Yuan’s car, gritted her teeth and stamped her feet.

Pan Fei passed by, tsked twice, with a very disdainful expression.

Some people just can’t figure it out.

Gu Yang sat in the back seat with Fan Yuan, and kept questioning Fan Yuan along the way.

“What kind of fish do you have?”

“Is the fish tank big?”

Until entering Fan Yuan’s house, Gu Yang found a big fish tank in Fan Yuan’s study.

The fish tank almost occupied one wall, it was more than enough to hold two Gu Yangs, but the inside was a bit empty, only water, no fish.

Satisfied, Gu Yang’s cheeks were a little red with excitement, and he turned to look at Fan Yuan: “Where’s the fish?”

With Fan Yuan’s fingertips, Gu Yang saw a palm-sized ornamental fish slowly swimming over from the corner of the fish tank, its posture showing how comfortable it was.

Gu Yang refused: “That’s it? So small? Don’t you want a big one?”

Fan Yuan watched the little fish swimming around twisting it’s butt, and asked, “Is the butt not big enough?”

Gu Yang stared at the little fish’s big butt, feeling jealous for a moment, then said viciously, “My butt is also big.”

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