Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 71

Chapter 71

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This was a very lingering kiss, extremely gentle and long-lasting.

Fan Yuan slowly backed away, looking at Gu Yang who still hadn’t recovered from the kiss, and asked him softly, “Are you full?”

Gu Yang instinctively patted his stomach, still looking empty, and let out a very timely groan.

Fan Yuan heard it and without waiting for Gu Yang to speak, he lowered his head and kissed him again.

This time, it was no longer the gentle rain from before. Gu Yang was completely controlled and gradually lost his ability to think.

It wasn’t until Gu Yang’s brain fainted due to lack of oxygen that Fan Yuan let him go and asked him, “Are you full this time?”

Gu Yang’s breathing was still uneven, and he held onto Fan Yuan’s arms with both hands and nodded.

Fan Yuan didn’t believe it and asked him again, “Really full? Tell the truth.”

Gu Yang turned his head to the side, his ear hidden under his hair, but the faint redness on his ear couldn’t be hidden.

“Se… seventy percent full.”

After hearing this, Fan Yuan was also a bit surprised. He propped his hands on the table behind Gu Yang, looked him up and down, and lowered his voice, “So greedy?”

Hearing this, Gu Yang felt embarrassed and pushed Fan Yuan’s chest with his hand, “I’m done! What kind of strange setting is this! Anyway, it’s just a dream. Being hungry doesn’t mean I’ll die!”

Saying this, Gu Yang was about to jump off the table, but was stopped by Fan Yuan and pressed back onto the table.

“How could I let you go hungry?”

Immediately, Fan Yuan properly fed Gu Yang once, and only let him go when Gu Yang gasped and said he was full.

After Fan Yuan stepped back, Gu Yang still slumped on the table, his mind in a mess. He even thought that the quality of the table was not bad, and the two of them lying on it wouldn’t cause any problems.

When Gu Yang’s breathing became steady again, Fan Yuan pulled him down and took Gu Yang’s hand. With just one step, they appeared by a huge natural hot spring.

He reached out and flicked the messy long hair of Gu Yang, pushing his back forward a bit.

“It’s dirty. Go down and wash up.”

Gu Yang felt a little embarrassed by his words. Seeing Fan Yuan turning around and facing away from him, he quickly took off his ragged prisoner’s clothes, which he also found extremely uncomfortable to wear, and got into the hot spring.

The temperature of the hot spring water was just right, completely relieving the fatigue of Gu Yang’s long journey. He slowly stretched his arms and lifted the water onto his body, comfortably lying on the edge of the hot spring.

Fan Yuan turned around and saw Gu Yang’s exposed back.

There was a huge nine-petaled lotus flower depicted on his back. As the demon king of this dream world, many things naturally appeared in Fan Yuan’s mind. Compared to the ignorant Gu Yang, Fan Yuan almost had complete knowledge of this dream world, including the origin of the huge nine-petaled lotus on Gu Yang’s back.

This nine-petaled lotus was the symbol of the Holy Church, which was an opposing church that swore to fight to the death with the demon clan. Gu Yang’s identity in this dream world was definitely not just that of a low-level demon.

But so what?

It was only a dream journey after all.

After soaking in the bath, Gu Yang turned around and saw Fan Yuan still standing with his back facing him, his back straight, and his black long robe unexpectedly fitting Fan Yuan well.

A brand new set of red robes was placed by the hot spring pool at some point. Gu Yang walked out of the water, and the water droplets on his body evaporated automatically.

Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan’s gesture just now and knew that it was Fan Yuan who evaporated the water droplets. He opened the long robe and put on the inner shirt, but he found it difficult to deal with the complicated outer robe.

Fan Yuan happened to turn around at this moment and helped Gu Yang put on the outer robe. He also placed his hand on Gu Yang’s long hair, which immediately dried it.

Gu Yang pulled on his long robe and felt a little uneasy. He then went to pull Fan Yuan’s sleeve.

“It seems like we’re ancient people now.”

Fan Yuan hooked his lips, “Ancient people aren’t as dumb as you. They know how to wear clothes.”

Saying this, Fan Yuan took Gu Yang’s hand and led him back to the previous bedroom.

Gu Yang found everything here to be very fresh. Wandering around, after only two rounds, Fan Yuan grabbed him and pressed him in front of a mirror.

Fan Yuan took a comb and tidied up Gu Yang’s hair a little bit, and finally tied it up high and put a beautiful jade crown on his head.

Gu Yang wasn’t interested in the jade crown on his head. He turned around and pounced on Fan Yuan, bumping into him and grabbing a strand of Fan Yuan’s hair and one of his own to tie them together.

“You see, this is what they call ‘jiefa’ in ancient times, right?”
*traditional practice of a man and woman tying their hair together as a symbol of marriage and lifelong commitment

Fan Yuan looked down at the hair tied together for a long time, a fleeting red light in his lowered eyes.

He suddenly asked Gu Yang, “Do you want to see the Demon Realm?”

Gu Yang vigorously nodded his head, “Of course! This is a place only found in novels! I never thought I would be able to see it with my own eyes one day!”

Fan Yuan didn’t undo the hair of the two of them tied together. Instead, he took Gu Yang’s hand and took a step forward.

With just one step, the space quickly changed, and Fan Yuan had already brought Gu Yang to the outside of the Demon Temple.

Gu Yang was amazed by Fan Yuan’s ability to shrink space. When he looked at Fan Yuan, his eyes were filled with admiration.

“Fan Yuan, you’re so amazing!”

Fan Yuan’s expression remained unchanged. He took another step with Gu Yang and arrived in the deserted depths of the Demon Realm.

“Everything I have here relies on you.”

Gu Yang was shocked by the sight of the Demon Realm’s depths, and he didn’t pay attention to what Fan Yuan said for a while. Fan Yuan didn’t mind.

The legendary Demon Realm didn’t have any luxurious scenery. Wherever they went, it was desolate, like a silent desert.

The land was charred black, with little vegetation. Occasionally, there were a few bare trees or rotting thorns.

The sky was always pitch black, with only a blood moon, no half star, never seeing the light of day.

“The Demon Realm is eternal night, with no daylight.”

Fan Yuan said to Gu Yang, looking at the blood moon in the night sky.

Gu Yang didn’t find this bleak and ugly, but rather, it had a sense of exotic beauty.

He pulled Fan Yuan to wander around the scorched earth covered in thorns, chatting meaninglessly.

“Eternal night is not bad either. You can sleep as long as you want, and never worry about the sun rising.”

They were walking in the depths of the demon world, with low-level demon creatures that were too afraid to approach them emitting greedy roars from three meters away. They were the lowest creatures in the demon world, without reason, only the instinct to devour. While they were afraid of Fan Yuan, they also coveted Gu Yang’s flesh and blood.

Pairs of blood-red eyes were shining like light bulbs all around, conspicuously so.

Unfortunately, Gu Yang paid no attention to these red light bulbs or the howling around him. He held Fan Yuan’s hand and ran around, without a hint of fear on his face.

Fan Yuan couldn’t help but stop. Gu Yang noticed that he couldn’t move Fan Yuan and looked at him in confusion.

“Why stop walking?” Gu Yang asked.

Fan Yuan gestured towards the increasing number of low-level demon creatures around them and asked, “Aren’t you scared?”

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan naturally and said, “As long as you’re here, there’s nothing to be afraid of. Besides…”

He stopped halfway through his sentence and suddenly lowered his head with some embarrassment, raising his fingertips and turning around. Several white lights appeared in the air, forming sharp arrow feathers that stabbed at the surroundings. For a while, there were continuous cries and screams.

It wasn’t until the screams completely stopped that Gu Yang let go of his hand and tugged on Fan Yuan’s hand again.

“I found that I could do something after I ate, and it’s all thanks to you.”

Fan Yuan looked deeply at Gu Yang before moving his feet and being dragged away by him again. They continued to wander in the depths of this barren demon world, but this time, Fan Yuan’s slightly hooked mouth didn’t retract.

Gu Yang walked without purpose, just pulling Fan Yuan around aimlessly. It seemed that as long as Fan Yuan was there, they could have fun even in this barren wasteland.

Until he saw a flower blooming in the scorched earth. It was a flower that resembled a rose but had a larger corolla than a rose and grew on the branches of thorns, blooming alone.

This bright red flower was particularly conspicuous in the barren demon world.

Gu Yang let go of Fan Yuan’s hand, ran over and carefully picked the flower on tiptoe.

Fan Yuan did not follow. He opened his hand that Gu Yang had let go of and looked at it. The warmth that belonged to Gu Yang was quickly dissipating. He didn’t like this feeling and had never liked it. But at this moment, this feeling of dislike seemed to be magnified.

Gu Yang held the large flower crown and walked back over, taking Fan Yuan’s hand again and opening his five fingers to place the flower in Fan Yuan’s palm.

But the bright and delicate flowers immediately withered and rotted into a pile of mud with a foul smell when they came into contact with Fan Yuan’s palm, losing their previous beauty and fragrance.

Fan Yuan looked down at the mud in his hand, his eyes cold.

Gu Yang never expected Fan Yuan to have such a dark attribute. He immediately slapped the mud off Fan Yuan’s hand and pulled up the corner of his own garment to help Fan Yuan wipe his hand clean, ignoring the noticeable dirt stains on his new clothes.

Then, Gu Yang put his chin in Fan Yuan’s palm.

He looked up at Fan Yuan and smiled obediently, “Don’t look at the flowers, look at me. I am prettier than the flowers, and I won’t go bad.”

Fan Yuan clenched his fist and pinched Gu Yang’s chin to make him look up. At the same time, he lowered his head and approached Gu Yang’s face, exploring it slowly with his black eyes, as if observing and scrutinizing.

Gu Yang obediently lifted his chin, his lips slightly parted, already used to Fan Yuan’s waiting posture.

Fan Yuan’s eyelids half-closed, covering the red light in his pupils as he looked at Gu Yang as if suddenly realizing something. “Gu Yang, you won’t go bad.”

The demon race has always lived according to their nature. The higher the rank of the demon, the higher their intelligence and the more human-like self-control they possess. But they are not humans after all.

For the demon race, the more they love something, the more they want to destroy it, the more they want to ruin it. This strong and terrifying possessiveness is even stronger in higher-ranked demons.

In this dream world, Fan Yuan bears the setting of a demon king. The stronger his power, the stronger his desire. How much he wants to destroy Gu Yang, only he knows.

As Fan Yuan’s words fell, he lowered his head slowly.

Gu Yang thought it would be a stormy and passionate kiss, and he had already prepared himself for his lips to be bitten and bleeding.

But Fan Yuan just lightly kissed the corner of his lips and whispered, “Gu Yang, do you know how much I want to ruin you? It’s not that you won’t go bad, it’s just that I can’t bear to.”

Gu Yang’s eyelashes trembled slightly, he looked up at Fan Yuan, his lips moved as if he had countless words to say, but in the end he fell silent.

Fan Yuan released Gu Yang’s chin, and as his hand fell, it brushed over Gu Yang’s robe, completely erasing the dirt that Gu Yang had left on it when he wiped Fan Yuan’s hands earlier, as if it had never existed.

“I can’t stand anyone hurting you, not even myself,” Fan Yuan said as he took a step back.

But Gu Yang didn’t give him a chance to retreat. He took a big step forward, jumped onto Fan Yuan, and wrapped his arms and legs around him. He rubbed his head against Fan Yuan’s chin, causing his crown to tilt and his hair to become messy.

“Fan Yuan, are you stupid? If you want to kiss me, just do it. Why say so much nonsense!” Gu Yang deliberately spoke with a rough voice, ruining the previously wonderful atmosphere between them.

He reached out to pull Fan Yuan’s long hair, and leaned in to kiss him.

“Don’t forget, I am alive because of you now.”

In the sky of eternal night, there was only a blood moon that looked like a hook. This demon world was desolate, with corpses and thorns covering every corner.

As the cool breeze blew by, Gu Yang’s loose hair brushed over his cheek. He became distracted as he looked at the blood moon above his head, confused about whether this was a magnificent dream created by a golden finger, or whether it was his and Fan Yuan’s past and present life.

If they really had such a past and present life, it wouldn’t be bad.

He and Fan Yuan should be entangled together year after year, life after life, for thousands of years, never to be separated.

The consequence of Gu Yang’s provocation was that he was kissed by Fan Yuan until he fainted. Fan Yuan held him in his arms and gently rubbed his forehead with his chin, walking a few steps back to their sleeping quarters.

As soon as they entered the room, Fan Yuan noticed someone waiting at the door, or rather, a high-level demon.

The hierarchy and positions were clearly defined in this demon palace, and the demon waiting at the door was a high-ranking one.

Seeing Fan Yuan carrying Gu Yang back, there was a trace of disapproval on his face, but he did not speak it out loud. He just knelt down and reported his purpose in a flat tone.

“Your Majesty, the Holy Sect has been active recently and is gathering people to declare that they will wipe out the demon race. After investigation, we found that there are undercover agents of the Holy Sect in the demon palace now.”

When this high-level demon spoke, he raised his head and glanced at Gu Yang, who was sleeping in Fan Yuan’s arms, indicating that Gu Yang was likely to be a spy from the Holy Church. Only Gu Yang had recently arrived at the Demon Temple and immediately caught the attention of the cold and indifferent Demon King.

Fan Yuan ignored the high-level demon and carefully put Gu Yang on the bed before lying down beside him.

After waiting for a long time without any instructions from Fan Yuan, the high-level demon had no choice but to leave in silence.

The typically cruel and ruthless Demon King had completely changed because of a low-level demon, making the Demon Temple warm as spring even during the cold winter. This news would make people laugh out loud if they knew.

However, in recent days, the demons in the Demon Temple knew that this was not a joke. Their Demon King was really playing tricks like not attending court sessions for a low-level demon.

Since Gu Yang arrived, Fan Yuan had taken him everywhere to wander around the Demon Realm. They had used this rare opportunity to explore the entire Demon Realm.

To say that they were traveling was not entirely accurate because the Demon Realm only had eternal night, blood moon, and scorched earth.

They often walked in deserted places, but their walks would sometimes turn into kisses in a corner.

Fan Yuan had kept his promise and never let Gu Yang go hungry. Gu Yang was never hungry, as Fan Yuan had always fed him well. Every time, Gu Yang would shout that he couldn’t eat anymore before Fan Yuan would let him go.

They were having so much fun in this dream world that they didn’t care about the outside world’s rumors until one day, the Demon King’s seal went missing, and the Demon Temple was thrown into chaos.

All high-level demons gathered in the Demon Temple to discuss the disappearance of the Demon King’s seal. Their suspicious glances all pointed towards Gu Yang, who was sitting next to Fan Yuan on the throne. Their eyes were full of malice.

Gu Yang yawned boredly as he was stared at by so many malicious eyes and leaned his head on Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

Fan Yuan was leaning on the armrest of the throne with one leg on the throne and the other on the ground. Gu Yang sat next to him, leaning against Fan Yuan’s bent leg with his head resting on Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

Neither of them had any interest in the Demon King’s seal, and they had no idea what it was. Meanwhile, the high-level demons below were arguing, as the seal was crucial for the entire Demon Temple and the demon race.

With the Demon King’s seal, one can safely pass through the bloody sea and deep abyss outside the Demon Realm and directly reach the inner part of the Demon Realm. If the Holy Church takes away the Demon King’s seal, they can launch a direct attack on the Demon Temple. 

Several high-ranking demons couldn’t wait any longer and stepped forward to accuse Gu Yang, claiming that he was a spy sent by the Holy Church. They demanded that the Demon King immediately arrest Gu Yang and subject him to severe torture and trial in the purgatory prison. 

Fan Yuan played with a strand of Gu Yang’s black hair with his fingertips, ignoring the chaotic accusations below. 

Gu Yang looked up at Fan Yuan and hooked his finger: “They want you to arrest me, don’t they?”

Fan Yuan gently pulled on Gu Yang’s hair, bringing him closer and using his hand to lightly pinch the back of Gu Yang’s neck, with a small smile on his lips. “Caught you.” 

Gu Yang was amused by Fan Yuan and grabbed a strand of his hair to tickle Fan Yuan’s neck. 

The two of them laughed and played on the high throne, infuriating the high-level demons below. 

The Demon King Fan Yuan was indifferent to the disappearance of the Demon King’s seal, while the high-level demons were anxious but lacked a leader, so the matter was delayed.

At night, Gu Yang was awakened by hunger in his sleep.

He had just been fed by Fan Yuan before going to sleep, but he was hungry again in the middle of the night.

In recent days, Gu Yang found that he could eat more and more, but he was embarrassed to say it because the food he was given was hard to swallow.

When Gu Yang woke up, he curled up, holding his stomach quietly enduring the hunger pains. Unexpectedly, Fan Yuan woke up.

Without opening his eyes, Fan Yuan reached out and pulled Gu Yang over.

The blanket covered the heads of the two people again. Since Gu Yang arrived, the demon temple had been warm like a spring day. The temperature gradually rose from the warmth of spring to the scorching heat of summer.

On the demon king’s huge bed, the thick silk quilt seemed to hide two restless rabbits. The eternal night of the demon world knew no dawn. The noise subsided after a while.

The blanket was pulled down again, revealing Gu Yang’s flushed face and sweat-covered forehead.

Fan Yuan reached out to help Gu Yang wipe away the sweat. Gu Yang’s eyes were tightly closed, apparently exhausted. When he felt the warmth of Fan Yuan’s fingertips, he shrank back and murmured:

“I won’t eat anymore, I’m so full, I really can’t eat anymore.”

As Gu Yang retreated, Fan Yuan leaned over and wiped the sweat off his forehead, whispering in his hungry ear:

“Just a deep kiss can make you so full?”

Gu Yang finally opened his eyes, the corners of his eyes were red with embarrassment and helplessness as he looked at Fan Yuan.

“That is just a simple…what, I almost suffocated!”

Fan Yuan embraced Gu Yang and patted his back lightly.

“It’s just that you’re too stupid. You still can’t learn to breathe after so long.”

Every time Gu Yang was full, he would push Fan Yuan away, but the next time he was hungry, he would take the initiative to lean against him.

Fan Yuan indulged Gu Yang’s coming and going, but he always had his eyes on him.

The two of them were like vacationers in this dream world until one day, the alarm bell rang in the demon temple.

The Holy Church appeared directly in the demon world with a large army and attacked the demon temple by surprise.

The demons were in chaos, and high-level demons led their troops to fight outside.

The entire demon temple was in a mess, but Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were still sitting on the throne chatting, unconcerned.

“Your dream world is quite complicated,” Fan Yuan gently ran his fingers through Gu Yang’s long hair, speaking casually. 

Gu Yang nestled in Fan Yuan’s arms and looked down at the chaotic army of demons below, feeling somewhat surprised. “Don’t you care about them? They are going out to fight against that so-called Holy Sect, whose people have white wings like angels.” 

Fan Yuan had an indifferent attitude. “It’s just an illusion, why bother wasting energy?” 

Gu Yang thought it made sense and snuggled up in Fan Yuan’s arms to watch the show together.

The demon race passing by, seeing their demon king still in such a state at this time, was thoroughly disappointed. The resentment in their eyes towards Gu Yang was also full.

The leaderless demon army was soon defeated by the followers of the Holy Church, retreating step by step, and finally forced into the center of the Demon Temple.

Under the throne was a fierce battle, with blood splattering everywhere. The two on the throne were affectionate, ignoring others.

Until a drop of blood from a member of the Holy Church splattered on the cheek of Gu Yang, and a fresh red drop of blood slowly slid down Gu Yang’s cheek, leaving a long trail of blood.

Fan Yuan’s black eyes narrowed slightly, and red light gradually appeared inside.

“Your face is dirty.”

Gu Yang didn’t care and raised his hand to wipe it off, but Fan Yuan grabbed his wrist.

Fan Yuan took out a handkerchief from his arms and wiped the blood off Gu Yang’s cheek bit by bit. The handkerchief then burned to ashes in Fan Yuan’s palm.

Gu Yang looked up at Fan Yuan as he wiped his cheek, curiously observing his eyes. At this moment, Fan Yuan’s eyes were slowly being immersed in a blood red color, with the black disappearing, leaving only the blood red. Deep within the blood red was cruelty and brutality that had escaped from the sea of blood.

But Gu Yang was not afraid at all. He pointed at the corner of Fan Yuan’s eye with his fingertip and sincerely praised him, “Fan Yuan, your eyes look so good even when they turn red.”

Hearing Gu Yang’s praise, Fan Yuan moved closer to him, making it easier for Gu Yang to observe his eyes up close.

“Really? Then take a good look.”

Gu Yang did indeed stare closely, and the two of them gazed at each other seriously, with only each other in their eyes.

The Holy Church follower who had just splattered blood on Gu Yang’s cheek had already turned into dust in the wind.

It wasn’t until a cold snort interrupted their eye contact that Gu Yang blinked in confusion and turned to look.

The war under the throne has ended, with the demon clan defeated and the Holy Church’s followers gathered under the throne with great momentum.

A high-level demon couldn’t believe the failure of this battle, and the more he felt this way, the deeper his hatred for Gu Yang became.

He ignored the group of Holy Church followers and flew straight towards the throne, intending to take Gu Yang’s life.

But before this demon could even get within a meter of the throne, he turned into a pile of ashes and fell to the ground during his charge.

The leader of the Holy Church looked up and laughed heartily at the sight.

“Oh, Demon King, have you really become so infatuated with this lowly spy?”

Gu Yang pointed at himself and asked hesitantly, “Are you talking about me, the spy?”

He felt completely puzzled. Wasn’t he just a low-ranking demon? How did he become a spy for the demon clan?

At this moment, a high-level demon walked out of the demon camp and slowly made his way towards the Holy Church’s camp.

As he walked, his appearance kept changing. He grew pure white wings behind him, took off his black demon cloak, and revealed the pure white Holy Church clothing underneath.

This demon was a high-ranking member of the demon temple, and it turned out that he was also a spy hidden by the Holy Church.

After walking into the Holy Church’s camp, he waved at Gu Yang. “Why don’t you come over here? I originally thought you wouldn’t be of any use, but it turns out you’re quite useful. If it weren’t for you holding back the Demon King, I might not have been able to steal this Demon King seal.”

After hearing the Holy Church follower’s words, Gu Yang leaned further back into Fan Yuan’s arms.

“Are you crazy? You tell me to go over there, and I have to go?”

Gu Yang was very brave with Fan Yuan behind him and wasn’t afraid of the Holy Church followers.

The Holy Church follower who was scolded as crazy twisted his face and waved his hand. A light shrouded Gu Yang, and Fan Yuan found that he couldn’t stop it and immediately went to check on Gu Yang in his arms.

“I think you’re addicted to pretending to be a demon!” The Holy Church follower angrily reprimanded Gu Yang.

Gu Yang’s body was covered in light, and he began to transform. His jet-black hair gradually turned snowy white, starting from the tips and spreading upwards until all his black hair had turned white. Even his eyelashes and irises had turned silver-white. Then, a pair of pure white wings unfolded behind him, and white feathers began to drift down around the two of them.

Gu Yang turned back in amazement to see his long-awaited wings, and he flapped them happily a few times.

“Fan Yuan, look! I have wings again, but this time they’re white!”

Fan Yuan reached out and stroked the feathers of Gu Yang’s wings, pressing gently along the edge of the wings until he reached the shoulder blades at the base of the wings.

“I see it,” he said.

As Fan Yuan lightly touched the base of the wings, a long-forgotten sensation caused Gu Yang to shiver all over.

It had been so long, but Fan Yuan’s habit of touching the roots of his wings hadn’t changed.

The Holy Church Follower looked at Gu Yang’s transformation with satisfaction and commanded him to come over.

“Why aren’t you coming over? Do you want to betray the Holy Church?”

Gu Yang sat in Fan Yuan’s arms, studying his wings carefully and plucking a softer feather from inside the wing. As soon as he pulled it out, he winced in pain.

“Ouch, that hurts.”

He immediately handed the feather to Fan Yuan.

“Here, now you have a black feather and a white one to keep.”

Fan Yuan pinched the end of the feather and used the soft part to tickle Gu Yang’s cheek.

“Are you stupid? You can’t take things from dreams with you.”

Gu Yang was momentarily stunned and slapped himself on the forehead.

“Oh, I forgot.”

The ignored holy church followers became furious, his face turning red as he shouted at Gu Yang.

“Are you deaf?”

Gu Yang finally realized and rubbed his ear before answering nonchalantly.

“Yeah, I betrayed you.”

Then, he hugged Fan Yuan’s waist and pressed his cheek against Fan Yuan’s chest.

“Can’t you tell? I was bewitched by the beauty of the Demon King and won’t return to your weird Holy Church anymore.”

As Gu Yang voluntarily threw himself into Fan Yuan’s arms, a little black appeared on the edge of his wings, mingling with the pure white feathers.

Fan Yuan stared at the black edge of Gu Yang’s wings, seeming to be mesmerized.

“Gu Yang.”

Upon hearing Fan Yuan calling him, Gu Yang lifted his head and was immediately deeply kissed by Fan Yuan.

In the chaotic and bloody demon temple, the two of them sat on the throne and kissed as if no one else was around.

As the kiss deepened, the black edges of Gu Yang’s pure white wings gradually moved towards the center. The black color seemed to be alive, gradually enveloping Gu Yang.

The holy white color was gradually tainted by black. The great demon king pulled their disciple Gu Yang completely into the demon clan, leading them to fall together in front of all the holy church followers.

When Gu Yang came to his senses and turned his head, Fan Yuan let go of him. When he opened his eyes again, they had already returned to their pitch-black color.

He slammed his head against Fan Yuan’s chest and complained:

“It’s over. I guess we really have become monsters that survive on love.”

Fan Yuan lightly brushed Gu Yang’s black wings and said:

“Is that so bad? I won’t let you go hungry.”

“Black suits you better than white.”

The holy church followers under the throne could not bear it any longer. They brandished their weapons and rushed forward. As soon as they entered a radius of one meter from the throne, they turned into ashes. Not even a shred of their clothes remained, disappearing into the air, becoming endless dust.

The entire demon temple suddenly became a silent play. Not only the holy church followers, but also the demon clan members, all dispersed like dust. Then the demon temple began to violently shake, with countless stones and rubble falling down.

Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were still leaning against the throne, with Gu Yang using his black wings to wrap around Fan Yuan, quietly snuggling in his arms as they watched the stones falling continuously. 

Gu Yang asked, “Is this dream about to end? Shouldn’t we leave from here?”

Fan Yuan lowered his head and gently kissed Gu Yang’s forehead, feeling a bit regretful as he replied, “It’s probably about to end. Anyway, it’s just a dream. Where can we run to?”

Gu Yang thought about it and agreed. He didn’t move from Fan Yuan’s arms, and even when the stones fell towards them and were about to land, they shattered into powder and left them unscathed.

He jokingly said, “Fan Yuan, if this isn’t a dream, we’ll die together with this collapsing demon palace. What should we do?”

Fan Yuan listened and looked at the top of the demon palace, which was almost half-collapsed. He softly asked Gu Yang, “Is it not okay to sleep here with me?”

Gu Yang propped himself up with his arms, leaned over Fan Yuan’s shoulder, and said with great seriousness, “I would love nothing more.”


The towering palace completely collapsed into ruins, and the demon palace that had spanned millions of years of time and space was burned to ashes.

Inside Fan Yuan’s small villa,

At the same moment, Gu Yang and Fan Yuan opened their eyes. The sky was already slightly bright, and the morning sun shone through the window curtains.

The two people on the big bed turned their heads and smiled at each other.

“Fan Yuan, you’re awake,” Gu Yang got up and crawled in front of Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang’s normal human appearance at this moment and thought about the long and real dream from last night, remaining silent for a while.

The strong possessiveness and destructive desire in the bloodline of those demon races seemed to still not have completely left Fan Yuan’s body.

Fan Yuan got up and directly pressed Gu Yang onto his back.

Gu Yang was still lying down, and suddenly he was pressed down by Fan Yuan on his back. He struggled a bit but found that he couldn’t resist.

“Fan Yuan, why are you pressing me?” Gu Yang asked.

Fan Yuan put his face on Gu Yang’s neck and lightly bit him.

“Don’t move, let me stay like this for a while,” Fan Yuan said.

Gu Yang obediently stopped moving. He laid on the bed and kept drawing circles on the blanket with his fingertips, saying, “Fan Yuan, I find that you also look very good with long hair, wearing ancient clothes, and red eyes.”

Starting from the edges, Fan Yuan’s black pupils gradually turned red. He didn’t say anything and just pressed his nose on Gu Yang’s carotid artery, sniffing lightly.

Gu Yang’s stomach growled at this moment and he exclaimed, “I’m so hungry.”

Fan Yuan finally got up from Gu Yang and pulled him up as he sat up. When Gu Yang turned his head, he saw Fan Yuan’s reddened eyes.

“Fan Yuan, your eyes…”

Fan Yuan raised his hand and touched the corner of his eye. Gu Yang took out his phone and handed it to Fan Yuan, who opened the front camera.

“Your eyes have turned red, just like in the dream. Could it be that some character settings from the dream have been brought into reality?”

Gu Yang speculated, feeling extremely shocked. As he got closer to Fan Yuan to examine his eyes, he felt even more hungry.

Gu Yang suddenly realized that it wasn’t just some character settings from Fan Yuan’s dream that had been brought into reality, even his own character setting that he was embarrassed to reveal had also been brought into reality.

The growling of his stomach was so loud that both of them could hear it. Fan Yuan threw away the phone and looked at Gu Yang with his red eyes.

“Are you hungry?”

Gu Yang nodded and grabbed Fan Yuan’s collar, whispering in his ear: “Fan Yuan, feed me…”

Fan Yuan lowered his head and the depths of his red eyes were filled with intense desire.

“As you wish.”

With the big demon king setting in Fan Yuan’s mind, his self-restraint was thrown into the corner, replaced by the madness, possessiveness, control, and destruction of the demon race. Everything that had been suppressed and restrained was now experiencing a tremendous backlash.

Gu Yang had no idea what kind of Fan Yuan he was about to face. He was just trying to fill his own stomach. Occasionally, his gaze drifted over to his left palm, where he had just seen his affection score increase. Before he could see clearly, Fan Yuan grasped his hands tightly together.

In a daze, Gu Yang wondered, what was his affection score?

48 points.

In a dream world, Fan Yuan’s affection score had increased by 3 points.

The blanket on the bed was kicked to the end by the two of them, and the matchbox next to the pillow fell to the ground. The box was slightly opened, revealing the remaining five matches, the red tops of which were slightly glowing.

In this wonderful fairy tale world, there was nothing that couldn’t be achieved if you just imagine it.

Author’s note: The big demon king Fan Yuan: Gu Yang, come here.

Gu Yang: burps I’m full, I’m really full, I won’t eat anymore. QwQ

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