Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 72

Chapter 72

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As the sky gradually brightened, Gu Yang slowly opened his eyes and saw Fan Yuan staring at him with a pair of black eyes. His eyes had returned to black from red, but Gu Yang didn’t know when that happened.

Seeing him wake up, Fan Yuan leaned over and asked, “Are you hungry?”

Gu Yang immediately became alert and stepped back while saying, “No, not at all!”

Last night, Gu Yang was fed by Fan Yuan until late in the night. If Gu Yang hadn’t kept begging, Fan Yuan probably wouldn’t have let him go.

Gu Yang regretted saying “feed me” yesterday. Fan Yuan not only fed him but also overfed him.

Looking at the hint of red light in Fan Yuan’s black eyes again, Gu Yang turned around and tried to get out of bed. However, Fan Yuan grabbed his wrist and pulled him back.

As Gu Yang laid back, his hair scattered backwards, and his slightly swollen lips and watery eyes were fully exposed.

Fan Yuan furrowed his eyebrows and lightly touched the corner of Gu Yang’s mouth. “It’s still swollen. You’re too fragile.”

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan, who was leaning over him, and began to move slightly to the side, trying to escape.

After last night’s battle, Gu Yang finally understood that he couldn’t mess around with Fan Yuan, who had the attributes of a great demon king. If he dared to provoke him, he would have to bear the consequences.

Fan Yuan noticed Gu Yang’s intentions and lifted him up to take him to the bathroom.

“You said you weren’t hungry, why are you in such a hurry to get up?” Fan Yuan said as he carried Gu Yang.

“Let me go. I’ll wash up by myself!” Gu Yang kicked his legs, trying to get down.

Fan Yuan didn’t respond and placed Gu Yang on the washstand before fetching a towel and some hot water.

Gu Yang watched as Fan Yuan grabbed the towel and reminded him, “You’ve got the wrong one. That one is your towel.”

Fan Yuan used the steaming towel to wipe Gu Yang’s face. “Can’t I use mine?”

Gu Yang nervously pursed his lips, too afraid to say no. He lifted his head and obediently allowed Fan Yuan to wipe his face for him.

As they locked eyes, Fan Yuan’s hand slowed down while wiping, and he gradually lowered his head. Just as Gu Yang was about to turn away, Fan Yuan grabbed his chin and kissed him.

The once steamy towel in Fan Yuan’s hand slowly turned icy as Gu Yang sat on the bathroom counter, enjoying a very rich and satisfying breakfast.

After just one breakfast, Gu Yang was stuffed. As soon as Fan Yuan released him, Gu Yang immediately snatched the towel from him and turned to get hot water to wash his face again. He was rough in his movements and even winced in pain when the water touched his lips.

Fan Yuan stood behind Gu Yang watching him and handed him the toothbrush with toothpaste after he finished washing his face.

Gu Yang took the toothbrush and jumped down from the counter, solemnly telling Fan Yuan, “Fan Yuan, I’m really full and can’t eat anymore.”

Fan Yuan rubbed Gu Yang’s hair and took the towel that Gu Yang had just hung back up, and began washing his own face.

Gu Yang watched Fan Yuan brush his teeth as he brushed his own, and then saw Fan Yuan take out a razor to shave. Gu Yang, who belonged to the group of people with sparse body hair, hardly ever had to shave. Seeing Fan Yuan shave his beard, Gu Yang couldn’t help but feel a bit envious as he rubbed his own chin.

Just as Gu Yang was about to leave, Fan Yuan suddenly grabbed his wrist, and Gu Yang’s heart skipped a beat as he felt the warmth from Fan Yuan’s hand.

Fan Yuan pulled Gu Yang close to him before letting go, and stared into Gu Yang’s eyes, saying seriously, “Gu Yang, stand here and wait for me. Don’t leave my sight.”

Gu Yang nodded unconsciously, and Fan Yuan was satisfied as he pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck and started brushing his teeth.

While brushing, Fan Yuan’s eyes were always on Gu Yang through the mirror. In the past, Gu Yang was always clinging to Fan Yuan, following him wherever he went, but now the tables had turned and it was Fan Yuan who was clinging to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang’s gaze fell on the towel that they had both used, which had been re-hung. The feeling was quite nice.

After finishing their morning routine, Fan Yuan took Gu Yang by the hand and led him to the kitchen. Gu Yang was full, but Fan Yuan had yet to eat.

In the past, Gu Yang always loved to cook with Fan Yuan. This time, he was pulled over by Fan Yuan, and Gu Yang was a little excited until Fan Yuan pressed him against the kitchen counter and kissed him until he was dizzy. After that, Gu Yang dared not be excited anymore.

Fan Yuan always wanted to kiss Gu Yang no matter what he did. He would kiss him before opening the bread packaging, putting the bread in the toaster, frying bacon, or even when frying eggs.

Gu Yang rubbed his round belly and slowly moved away from the kitchen while Fan Yuan was plating the food.

Fan Yuan seemed to have eyes in the back of his head and said when Gu Yang was about to step outside the kitchen, “Do you want to know what the consequences are for leaving my sight?”

Gu Yang quickly withdrew his foot and approached Fan Yuan, grabbing onto his clothes and shaking them in an attempt to please him. “Fan Yuan is the best!”

Fan Yuan flicked Gu Yang’s forehead with his hand before taking his hand and carrying the plate to the dining table.

Gu Yang planned to sit opposite Fan Yuan but was instead pulled onto Fan Yuan’s lap. Fan Yuan hugged Gu Yang’s waist and adjusted their position, resting his chin on Gu Yang’s forehead as they began to eat slowly.

Gu Yang blinked slowly, feeling like this day was too surreal. Fan Yuan’s possessiveness was on full display, surpassing all of Gu Yang’s imagination.

Fan Yuan cut a piece of bacon and offered it to Gu Yang, asking him to try it. Gu Yang obediently opened his mouth, but the taste was like chewing on tasteless paper.

When Fan Yuan saw Gu Yang’s expression, he asked, “Is it not good?”

Gu Yang shook his head. “It has no taste. I might not be able to eat regular food now.”

Fan Yuan seemed to be in a good mood after hearing this and put down his fork, lifting Gu Yang’s chin and kissing him again. Gu Yang’s mouth was filled with disgust, but Fan Yuan swallowed the bacon for him and wiped the corner of his mouth with his fingertips.

“You’re fine just the way you are,” Fan Yuan said.

Gu Yang lowered his head, his thin ears turning red.

He thought to himself that he must find a chance to light another match soon, and end this dream setting. He was almost unable to resist the setting of the great demon king, Fan Yuan, and wanted to move on to the next dream.

They had been eating breakfast for a long time. Fan Yuan kept feeding Gu Yang, whether it was a fried egg or a piece of bread, although Gu Yang knew that the food had no taste. Of course, in the end, Fan Yuan ate all the food.

Gu Yang rubbed his belly and complained, “Fan Yuan, I’m really full. If we keep going like this, I’ll have indigestion.”

“Really?” Fan Yuan reached out to help rub Gu Yang’s belly. He had only rubbed it twice when Gu Yang suddenly jumped out of Fan Yuan’s arms, picked up the empty plate on the table, and rushed into the kitchen. “I’ll wash the dishes for you!!!”

Fan Yuan watched as Gu Yang exaggeratedly washed the dishes in the kitchen. His mouth curled up, and the red in his black pupils slowly spread from the edge to the center.

Just as the red was about to cover his entire pupil, Fan Yuan closed his eyes. When he opened them again, the red in his pupils had completely disappeared.

Gu Yang deliberately delayed and took a long time to wash one plate. Suddenly, Fan Yuan hugged him from behind, turned off the faucet with a clatter, took the plate away, and held Gu Yang’s wet hands. Their hands tightly clasped together, and Fan Yuan’s fingertips slowly squeezed into Gu Yang’s fingers one by one. Finally, their fingers tightly interlocked.

“Gu Yang.”

Fan Yuan’s breath sprayed onto Gu Yang’s neck, making him shrug his shoulders. He felt Fan Yuan bite the necklace around his neck, pulling it and making it crooked.

“Did I ever tell you that you look great with that thing around your neck?”

Gu Yang’s back arched slightly, and he unconsciously wanted to dodge Fan Yuan’s breath.

This time, Fan Yuan didn’t do anything else. He quickly let go of Gu Yang’s hand and stepped back. Gu Yang immediately turned around, and the water on his hand was almost dried up by the heat of their hands. He quickly lifted his hand to straighten the crooked necklace on his neck. The small blue orchid pendant on the necklace swayed like Gu Yang’s current mood.

As soon as Fan Yuan stepped back, Gu Yang immediately left the kitchen and ran towards the outside. However, he remembered Fan Yuan’s warning not to leave his line of sight and stopped in his tracks…

“Fan Yuan, let’s go study! I really want to do a practice test now! Really! Especially want to!”

Fan Yuan saw through Gu Yang’s thoughts and didn’t expose him, following Gu Yang to the study.

Gu Yang had never wanted to study so much before. He flipped open a mock exam paper and started writing with his pen.

Indeed, he would rather do a dozen more exam papers than have to be fed by Fan Yuan again. He was really about to burst.

Fan Yuan lifted his hand and pressed Gu Yang’s right hand that held the pen, then picked another test paper and handed it to Gu Yang.

“Do this one, do it well, and I’ll grade it for you when you’re done.”

Fan Yuan picked the most classic type of test paper, and Gu Yang had no objections. He began writing as he forced himself to ignore Fan Yuan’s burning gaze next to him.

In the past, it was always Fan Yuan who would focus on doing the questions while Gu Yang would often be distracted. When doing the questions, he couldn’t help but stare at Fan Yuan. Now even this has been turned upside down.

Fan Yuan was being even more excessive. He wasn’t even doing the questions, just staring at Gu Yang the entire time. Gu Yang felt tingles all over his body and even the palms of his hand holding the pen were sweating.

He persisted under Fan Yuan’s gaze and continued doing question after question until Fan Yuan stood up to go to the bathroom.

Gu Yang instinctively stood up too, following closely behind Fan Yuan until he entered the bathroom. Gu Yang still wanted to follow but Fan Yuan put his finger to his forehead to stop him.

“Gu Yang, I’m going to the bathroom. Do you want to watch?”

Only then did Gu Yang come to his senses and immediately wanted to turn and leave, but Fan Yuan grabbed his wrist.

“Don’t go, stand at the door and wait for me.”

Saying that, Fan Yuan closed the bathroom door. Gu Yang stood at the door, touched his burning cheeks, and took out a matchbox from his pocket.

This opportunity was hard to come by, he couldn’t waste it. Gu Yang took out a matchstick from the matchbox, intending to light it.

The red head of the match rubbed against the edge of the matchbox, but no sparks appeared.

Frowning, Gu Yang tried again and again, but the matchstick wouldn’t light up at all.

He shook the matchbox in his hand and looked at the few scattered matchsticks inside, feeling confused.

Why won’t it light up?

Thinking that Fan Yuan would soon come out, Gu Yang could only put the matchbox back into his pocket.

Later, when he was doing the questions, he was a bit distracted, always thinking about the matches.

Suddenly, his pen paused, and Gu Yang realized that the duration of his “golden finger” was only 30 days.

This time, his “golden finger” for “The Little Match Girl” gave him six matches. Each match seemed to have a wonderful dream world, but the time in the dream world and the real world was not equal.

He and Fan Yuan had spent a long time in the dream world of the demon race, but when they woke up, it was only one night.

If the matches could be used continuously, then the effective time of this “golden finger” would only be six days.

But some of their unique attributes in the dream world were brought into the real world, so the interval between using the matches should be five days. Therefore, Fan Yuan’s attribute as a great demon king still had four or five days of duration left.

Thinking of Fan Yuan now, Gu Yang took a deep breath and subconsciously rubbed his round belly.

Seeing Gu Yang distracted, Fan Yuan reached out and hooked Gu Yang’s necklace, pulling him closer.

“Are you done writing?”

Gu Yang quickly shook his head, not daring to be distracted anymore, and continued to focus on doing the questions.

When he finished one paper, Fan Yuan immediately took it away and began to mark it for Gu Yang.

Seeing that Fan Yuan was seriously grading the test paper, Gu Yang breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that Fan Yuan finally stopped staring at him. Who knew that Fan Yuan would push his chair back a distance as if Gu Yang had gestured with his fingertips.

“Gu Yang, come here.”

Gu Yang was still sitting in his own chair, looking a bit confused at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan patted his own leg and gestured to Gu Yang with his fingertips again.

“Gu Yang, come here by yourself. Don’t make me come over and hug you.”

Gu Yang now fully understood Fan Yuan’s meaning, and slowly got up, taking one step at a time towards him.

Fan Yuan didn’t rush him, calmly sitting in his chair, waiting for Gu Yang to come over on his own. Gu Yang sat on his lap when he finally made it over.

As soon as Gu Yang sat down, Fan Yuan hugged his waist tightly, and with a strong push of his legs, brought the chair back to the desk, holding Gu Yang and grading the test papers.

Being corrected on your test paper face-to-face is something that no student would like.

Gu Yang nervously watched Fan Yuan grading the test papers with a red pen, feeling a little tense. He even forgot that he was held in Fan Yuan’s arms.

It wasn’t until his soft belly was pinched that Gu Yang suddenly grabbed onto his own clothes.

“Fan Fan Fan Fan Yuan! What are you doing?!”

Fan Yuan chuckled and although Gu Yang was holding onto his hand, he didn’t move it away.

Fan Yuan was grading the test paper very slowly, which was unusual for him. He did it on purpose, intending to pinch Gu Yang’s belly whenever he found him answering a question wrong.

When one test paper was finally graded, Fan Yuan withdrew his hand and gave Gu Yang his final score.

Gu Yang had progressed really fast, and his score in Integrated Sciences was already among the top, but it was not enough to keep up with Fan Yuan’s pace if he wanted to go to the same university as him.

Holding his own test paper, Gu Yang breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that this long torture was finally over. He was about to stand up and go back to his seat when he realized that he couldn’t stand up at all.

Fan Yuan held onto Gu Yang’s waist with one hand and unclasped the necklace around his neck with the other, throwing it on the desk.

“What’s the rush? The grading isn’t finished yet.”

Gu Yang unfolded his test paper and pointed to the score with some confusion.

“Isn’t it finished?”

Fan Yuan’s lips were tightly pressed against Gu Yang’s ear, and the vibration of his voice went all the way into his ear canal.

Gu Yang’s ear itched, and he shrugged his shoulder, rubbing his left ear.

“I’ve finished grading the surface score, but I haven’t given you the performance score yet.”

Gu Yang watched as Fan Yuan picked up another red marker, with a strong alcoholic smell emanating from his nose, and dabbed it on Gu Yang’s neck.

“Don’t worry, this one isn’t waterproof.”

The next moment, the pen tip pressed against his skin, and Fan Yuan slowly slid it along Gu Yang’s neck, leaving a bright red 100-point score.

Gu Yang tilted his head back and rested it on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, his breathing becoming irregular. His gaze was fixed on the ceiling, feeling a bit absent-minded.

After finishing writing, Fan Yuan threw the pen onto the table and traced the number 100 with his fingertips, seeming quite satisfied. 

“I gave you a performance score of 100 points. Do you like it?” he asked. 

Gu Yang didn’t dare say he didn’t like it. He was now completely exhausted, lying on Fan Yuan’s body, and slowly nodded his head. 

Fan Yuan bit Gu Yang’s thin earlobe and praised him, “This is your reward.” 

Then, Fan Yuan took out his phone, opened the front camera, raised the phone with one hand, and held Gu Yang’s head with the other hand. He covered Gu Yang’s eyes with his palm and took a photo. 

Gu Yang suddenly lost his vision and heard the sound of the camera. He realized that Fan Yuan had taken a selfie with him voluntarily. 

It used to be Gu Yang who always dragged Fan Yuan to take pictures with him. After taking a few more photos with his phone, Fan Yuan let go of Gu Yang’s eyes and put the necklace back on Gu Yang’s neck. 

The bright red 100 score was hidden behind the necklace, and Fan Yuan adjusted the little orchid pendant on the necklace, commanding him, “Don’t wash it off.” 

Gu Yang nodded hard, being extra obedient. 

Only then did Fan Yuan let go of Gu Yang and let him leave his embrace, sitting back on the other chair. Looking at the two chairs in the study, Fan Yuan suddenly felt like there were too many of them. One chair was enough for both of them. 

Gu Yang continued to correct the mistakes while Fan Yuan watched, and his entire body had been flushed red since earlier and hadn’t subsided yet.

Suddenly, the WeChat notification sound on Gu Yang’s phone started ringing non-stop. Fan Yuan took the phone directly from Gu Yang’s pocket, turned it off, and threw it on the table, not letting him look at his phone. 

Gu Yang looked at his phone, which had been turned off, and could only continue correcting the questions, so he didn’t know that his friends’ circle had almost exploded. 

It was blown up by Fan Yuan. 

Fan Yuan, who had never updated his friends’ circle for years, had just posted a picture with three words. 

In the photo, Fan Yuan’s dark pupils stared at the camera as if warning everyone not to covet his treasure. 

He held Gu Yang in his arms, with his eyes covered. Gu Yang’s mouth was slightly open, with a touch of inexplicable fragility. His neck tilted slightly towards Fan Yuan, and one shoulder was exposed, with the red numbers “100” written on it. 

The caption read: “Good boy.” 

Fan Yuan’s friends’ circle had exploded with a series of comments, either with question marks or exclamation marks.

Meng Zhan: ?????

Li Ziyan: !!!!!!

Pan Fei: !!!!! Oh my god!!

Chai Jingqiu: This is crazy!!!!

Apart from the classmates in their class, Fan Yuan had many WeChat friends, including many students from other classes. After all, Fan Yuan is known as the all-around male god of Shangshu High School, with a good personality and a lot of friends.

This sudden declaration of sovereignty on his WeChat Moments has exploded on all the students of Shangshu High School who are enjoying their winter vacation at home.

Gu Yang knew nothing about this and was seriously correcting his mistakes.

Until almost lunchtime, Gu Yang didn’t let out a sigh of relief, but instead got more nervous.

Fan Yuan put away the pen in Gu Yang’s hand and pulled him up.

“Don’t write anymore, come with me to cook. Are you hungry? Should I feed you first?”

Gu Yang followed Fan Yuan and immediately shook his head when he heard this.

“I’m not hungry! You go ahead and eat!”

Fan Yuan didn’t say anything, but just turned his head and looked deeply into Gu Yang’s eyes with his black eyes. This look made Gu Yang even more nervous, as if Fan Yuan could see into his heart through his eyes.

In the kitchen, Gu Yang stood at the door and asked for permission from Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan, I want to…go to the bathroom…”

Only then did Fan Yuan let go of Gu Yang’s hand, lowering his head to bite his lip.

With the Big Demon King setting, Fan Yuan liked biting more than kissing.

“Go ahead, but don’t keep me waiting too long.”

Gu Yang didn’t even have time to nod before he ran off.

He rushed all the way to the bathroom and locked the door. He breathed a sigh of relief, looking very much like a child who didn’t want to study and found an excuse to go to the bathroom.

It wasn’t until then that Gu Yang had a chance to turn on his phone, which had been turned off all along. As soon as he turned it on, the constant stream of notification sounds almost made his phone crash.

Gu Yang opened WeChat and scrolled up and down, finding that Pan Fei had sent him dozens of messages in a row. Not only Pan Fei, but also some familiar and unfamiliar people had sent him WeChat messages, all of which seemed to be question marks.

Among these people’s WeChat messages was someone Gu Yang had almost forgotten, Wang Hang.

Wang Hang was Gu Yang’s former good friend. The last time Gu Yang saw him was when he was fighting with someone. Since then, he and Wang Hang have never been in contact again. Gu Yang didn’t know why Wang Hang suddenly contacted him this time.

Gu Yang clicked on the WeChat message, and Wang Hang only sent him one sentence.

“Gu Yang, I have something to tell you. Can you come out for a bit?”

Gu Yang thought for a moment and replied:

“Okay, where should we meet? I’m free right now.”

As Gu Yang typed out the message, he felt a twinge of guilt. He wasn’t trying to avoid Fan Yuan for a little while, he actually had something important to do!

When he saw the address that Wang Hang had sent him, Gu Yang left the bathroom, quietly put on his jacket, and tiptoed to the door. He glanced back at Fan Yuan, who was cooking in the kitchen, then nervously twisted the doorknob and opened the door just a crack. He squeezed out through the narrow opening, then slowly closed the door behind him.

Outside, Gu Yang took a deep breath and deliberately tipped the taxi driver extra before hurrying off to the place Wang Hang had mentioned.

Fan Yuan had been counting the time Gu Yang had been in the bathroom, and it had already been over ten minutes. He turned off the stove and walked coldly to the first-floor bathroom.

But Gu Yang wasn’t in the first-floor bathroom. Redness slowly crept into Fan Yuan’s dark eyes as he walked slowly to the second floor.

Sure enough, Gu Yang wasn’t in the second-floor bathroom either. Looking at the empty bathroom, Fan Yuan’s dark pupils were completely taken over by the redness.

In “The Rabbit Bride,” Gu Yang’s red pupils were clear and pure, and they looked cute and innocent at first glance.

Fan Yuan’s red pupils were intense, like thick rolling blood, full of uncontrollable desires – possessiveness, destruction, obsession, madness.

He slowly closed his eyes, his pitch-black hair floating without wind. In the darkness, small red dots appeared all over his body, gathering and drifting towards a distant place. Eventually, the figure of Gu Yang appeared where the red dots converged.

Fan Yuan opened his eyes, a faint smile spreading across his lips.

“I got you, Gu Yang.”

Gu Yang had just arrived at the location that Wang Hang had told him about – a cafe that was said to be very popular lately, with unique coffee and desserts.

His phone suddenly rang in his pocket, startling him almost to the point of jumping. He cautiously took out his phone and saw that it was Fan Yuan calling. He gritted his teeth and hung up, then immediately turned off his phone. He took a deep breath, lifted his chin, and walked into the cafe.

Wang Hang was already there, and as soon as he saw Gu Yang, he stood up and waved.

Gu Yang walked over and ordered a cup of coffee casually. He couldn’t taste anything right now anyway, so it didn’t matter what he drank.

Thinking of food, Gu Yang couldn’t help but pinch his own stomach. He was still full, so he planned to linger outside for a while longer. Otherwise, he would be stuffed by Fan Yuan again when he went back.

As for how to explain the phone shutdown, Gu Yang shook his head and started to distract himself, trying to evade the issue.

In the corner of the cafe, Zhuo Wan applied delicate makeup, sipping a small sip of coffee as she watched Gu Yang and Wang Hang sitting in front of her.

It was the last few days of winter vacation, and Zhuo Wan was a busy senior high school teacher. However, even as a homeroom teacher, she couldn’t escape the fate of being forced to go on blind dates by her family.

The man sitting opposite her had a cynical expression and made a sarcastic remark about her job.

“I heard from the matchmaker that you’re a high school teacher? Doesn’t pay well, right? And you probably don’t get off work until nearly 10 pm every day, right?”

Zhuo Wan turned a deaf ear and kept looking ahead at Gu Yang and Wang Hang.

Gu Yang never thought that his homeroom teacher would be sitting at the far end of the coffee shop. He took a small sip of the coffee that had just arrived and put it back on the table, feeling disgusted and not planning to touch it again.

Wang Hang pushed the dessert towards Gu Yang and asked, “Don’t you like it?”

Gu Yang shook his head and changed the topic, “What do you want from me?”

Wang Hang smiled. It had been a long time since they last met, and Wang Hang had changed a lot. He had his hair shaved neatly and his face was no longer shaded with gloom like when he used to fight with others.

“I’m going abroad,” said Wang Hang.

Gu Yang was curious, “But there’s only one semester left before the college entrance exam. Why are you going abroad now?”

Wang Hang smiled innocently, just like the first time they met, “You know my grades. I won’t be able to get into a good university in China, so going abroad is a better option.”

Gu Yang nodded and said, “That’s good. Just behave yourself and don’t get into any fights.”

Wang Hang didn’t say anything and just smiled, “Gu Yang, you have changed a lot.”

Gu Yang felt a little embarrassed and forced a smile. He thought to himself, “Can I not change? It’s not like I’m alone.” Just as he was thinking this, Wang Hang’s expression suddenly became strange, and he looked behind Gu Yang.

Gu Yang was sitting with his back to the coffee shop’s door. Before he could turn around, someone sat next to him, and then someone hugged his shoulder from behind.

Feeling a familiar aura, Gu Yang’s body tensed up, and he stared wide-eyed as he turned his head to see Fan Yuan smiling at him.

“Fan, Fan Yuan…”

Fan Yuan didn’t say anything and just took a sip of the coffee in front of Gu Yang, feeling a bit disgusted.

“It’s too sweet. It’s the taste you like, but you can’t taste it, right?”

Gu Yang was so nervous that he was trembling, hugged by Fan Yuan like a frightened quail.

“How did you find me?”

Fan Yuan tightened his arm around Gu Yang’s shoulder, pressing him forward and lightly pinching Gu Yang’s earlobe with his fingertips.

“Gu Yang, you’re covered in my scent from head to toe. Isn’t it easy to find you?”

Wang Hang frowned and watched as Fan Yuan hugged Gu Yang, who looked unhappy. He wanted to speak up to stop him, but Fan Yuan’s next move immediately stunned Wang Hang into freezing in place.

Suddenly, Fan Yuan drank all the coffee in the small cup in one gulp, then turned and pinched Gu Yang’s chin to kiss him.

Warm coffee was poured from Fan Yuan’s mouth to Gu Yang’s mouth. Gu Yang couldn’t swallow it and the coffee slid down his chin, leaving a coffee-colored mark on his collar. 

Zhuo Wan, sitting in the corner of the coffee shop, sprayed her mouthful of coffee because of the sudden kiss between Fan Yuan and Gu Yang. The whole coffee shop became lively, and many young people began to cheer, applaud, whistle, and even take out their phones to take pictures and videos. 

The blind date opposite Zhuo Wan was sprayed all over his face with coffee. His face immediately twisted, and he stood up and was about to angrily scold Zhuo Wan. However, Zhuo Wan ignored him and took out a bright red banknote from her bag and slapped it on the table. 

“Stay put. I don’t have time for you now.” 

After speaking, Zhuo Wan stood up and walked towards several people who were about to take pictures and videos with their phones, blocking their sight. “Is it okay to just take pictures of others without permission?” 

Some of them immediately felt embarrassed and put away their phones, but there were also some who grumbled and were still planning to take pictures from a different angle. 

Zhuo Wan snatched the person’s phone, cleared the photos and videos, and then threw the phone back. Because Zhuo Wan’s momentum was too fierce, no one dared to provoke her for a while. 

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s chin and fed him a mouthful of coffee. Gu Yang struggled to swallow it, and Fan Yuan wiped the coffee off the corner of his mouth and pulled him up to leave.

“Let’s go home, I’ll deal with you later.” 

As they left the coffee shop, Gu Yao turned to look at Wang Hang, but before he could say anything, Fan Yuan had already dragged him out. 

The Fan family car was waiting outside the door, and Gu Yang was pushed into the back seat by Fan Yuan. He saw the driver, who he hadn’t seen in a long time, driving in front.

The driver nodded to Gu Yang as a greeting and then quickly lifted the partition separating the front and back seats.

Gu Yang huddled in the corner, watching Fan Yuan get into the car and impatiently unbuttoned his coat.

“Gu Yang, you’ve got some nerve to run away like that.”

Gu Yang wanted to make excuses, but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything as he stared at Fan Yuan’s deep red eyes.

Meanwhile, in the café, Zhuo Wan saw Fan Yuan pulling Gu Yang away and finally leave the café.

She stood at the door of the café and sighed, then took out her phone and blocked all the blind dates arranged by her family, as well as a few annoying relatives.

If even children nowadays can be so bold, she wants to live a little more freely, right?

Inside the Fan family car, Fan Yuan and Gu Yang sat on either side of the car in silence.

Gu Yang’s fingers nervously intertwined as he thought for a moment before speaking up:

“Fan Yuan, I…I really did have an urgent matter and had to come out. Wang Hang is leaving the country and wanted to meet me…”

Fan Yuan combed his black hair upwards with his five fingers, his whole body showing a low air pressure as if he was holding something back.

“Gu Yang, tell me the truth.”

Gu Yang immediately shut his mouth and leaned back.

But with such a small space in the car, where could he hide?

Stared at by Fan Yuan’s deep red eyes, Gu Yang sighed and said the truth:

“I’m just…too full…my stomach is so uncomfortable…”

Fan Yuan tapped his fingers twice on his leg, and as Gu Yang remained silent, the car fell into silence again.

Gu Yang couldn’t stand the silence and looked around before finally leaning into Fan Yuan’s arms.

Fan Yuan’s hands hung on either side of his body and did not embrace Gu Yang.

The more Gu Yang thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt. He used his own head to rub against Fan Yuan’s neck, complaining that once they started eating, they couldn’t stop:

“Fan Yuan, it’s clearly your fault! Why are you so fierce! Didn’t I say I’m really full? It’s all your fault for keeping feeding me, you’re almost killing me, and you’re still feeding me! Why are you blaming me? How can you blame me!”

As he spoke, Fan Yuan’s neck became wet. Gu Yang was nestled in Fan Yuan’s arms, crying.

Finally, Fan Yuan’s hand slowly hugged Gu Yang, and his voice was low and deep:


Gu Yang raised his head, his nose was red from crying, and he reached out to pinch Fan Yuan’s cheeks, squeezing them into a distorted shape.

Fan Yuan let Gu Yang pinch him, and slowly wiped away the tears on Gu Yang’s face with his hand.

Gu Yang stopped crying and nestled back in Fan Yuan’s arms, holding onto Fan Yuan’s neck with both hands, calming down his choked breath due to crying.

Fan Yuan gently stroked Gu Yang’s back and made a promise:

“In the future, as long as you say you’re full, I’ll stop.”

Gu Yang nodded and forgave Fan Yuan.

The car slowly drove towards Fan Yuan’s home. After all the fuss, it was already after two o’clock in the afternoon.

Fan Yuan lowered his head and touched Gu Yang’s forehead with his lips, asking him:

“Gu Yang, are you hungry now?”

Gu Yang pressed his slightly flat stomach and nodded slightly.

The next moment, he was pressed onto the back seat of the car.

The driver of Fan’s family was concentrating on driving when he suddenly heard some noise through the partition. His face turned red and he turned on the music in the car, choosing a more lively song. He thought to himself that he should apply to his boss to replace the car with better soundproofing.

Gu Yang’s lunch took a very long time to eat. He ate from the car to his house, from the living room to the bedroom. Until Gu Yang pushed Fan Yuan and said he was full, and Fan Yuan kept his word and immediately backed off. Not only did he back off with his mouth, but he even released Gu Yang and moved away from him.

Gu Yang blinked and sat up in bed, grabbing Fan Yuan’s clothes and not letting him go. “Fan Yuan, where are you going?”

Fan Yuan turned to look at him, and his red eyes still hadn’t returned to black. “You’re full,” Fan Yuan said.

Gu Yang nodded. “But why do you want to leave?”

Fan Yuan bent down and cupped Gu Yang’s face with his hands, looking into his eyes. “Gu Yang, you can’t have me stay by your side and not let me feed you. As long as I’m by your side, I’ll want to keep feeding you, no matter how much you beg for mercy.”

“Gu Yang, you can’t be too cruel to me. You have to make a choice.”

Gu Yang lowered his eyes and slowly let go of Fan Yuan’s clothes. Fan Yuan stood up and walked out of the bedroom. Gu Yang sat on the bed, his hands gripping the sheets tightly. He was indeed full and didn’t want to eat anymore, but he couldn’t bear the thought of being separated from Fan Yuan, without his embrace or companionship, even if it was just until the next meal. He couldn’t accept it.

Fan Yuan walked slowly down the hallway and had just reached the stairs when Gu Yang hugged him from behind. Gu Yang’s hands were tightly wrapped around Fan Yuan, and his voice was muffled as he spoke against Fan Yuan’s back. “Fan Yuan, you can’t leave.”

Fan Yuan lowered his head slightly, and a wicked smile appeared on his lips as his emotions boiled in his red eyes. “If I don’t leave, I’ll keep feeding you until you burst your stomach and can’t get out of bed. Are you sure about that?”

Gu Yang tightened his grip on Fan Yuan’s waist. “I’m sure.”

This struggle, led by Gu Yang and also ended by Gu Yang, did not change anything after all the trouble.

As the bedroom’s light gradually turned from darkness to dawn, Gu Yang looked at the morning light outside the window and his dull mind became clear for a moment.

Was he tricked by Fan Yuan?

The author has something to say:

Gu Yang: What went wrong?

Fan Yuan: :)

Your Father Fan will always be your Father Fan.

[I’m here, I’m here!! Still writing a long chapter! Cherish the current Fan Yuan! Once the demon king setting is over, he will be gone!]

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