Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 79

Chapter 79

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The classroom during lunch break wasn’t particularly quiet, but after Fan Yuan laid on Gu Yang’s lap, all the noise and commotion disappeared from Gu Yang’s ears.

He covered Fan Yuan’s ears with his hands and simply watched Fan Yuan sleep, feeling calm and peaceful in his heart.

It was as if he could watch Fan Yuan sleep for a long time just like this.

Fan Yuan was wearing his school uniform and lying on Gu Yang’s lap. The line from his shoulders to his spine had gradually become broad like that of an adult. Gu Yang suddenly felt grateful for the mysterious little book that had appeared in his left palm, the strange golden finger, the original Gu Yang, and even the author of “Fan Yuan”.

Thanks for everything, for giving him a chance to live again, and for the magical little book that led him to meet Fan Yuan and grow together with him in a new youth.

The little sparrows outside the window, who had collectively jumped and flown away, had returned. One by one, they stood on the windowsill, unwilling, with their little heads pressed tightly against the glass, their black bean eyes full of resentment as they looked at Gu Yang inside.

Gu Yang’s entire attention was on Fan Yuan at the moment. Even if the little sparrows were cute and full of resentment, they couldn’t get his attention.

Fan Yuan gently moved the hand around Gu Yang’s waist, raising it slightly behind Gu Yang’s back where he couldn’t see, and raised a middle finger towards the outside window.

The row of little sparrows all looked at Fan Yuan’s raised middle finger and whispered to each other:

“What does this gesture mean?”

“I know the answer! It seems that humans make this gesture when they are…”

“Swearing at someone!”

“He’s swearing at us!”

“Ah! He’s actually swearing at us!”

The little sparrows were stimulated and started to peck at the window with their sharp beaks one after another, making a commotion. Even other students’ attention was drawn to the scene outside the window, surprised to find a row of little sparrows standing there.

Gu Yang listened to the gradually increasing noise outside the window and frowned, feeling a bit oppressed.

The little sparrows were intimidated by Gu Yang’s gaze and their little heads shrank one after another, squatting down into plump little balls, motionless. They continued to look at Fan Yuan, who was lying on Gu Yang’s legs, with their little black bean eyes full of resentment.

One of the little sparrows couldn’t help but complain in a small voice: “How can the king value this demon queen so much?”

Before it could finish its sentence, another little sparrow pecked it on the head: “Shame on you! What demon queen? We don’t recognize him as the queen! He’s just a demon consort!”

Fan Yuan, who was lying on Gu Yang’s legs, seemed to be annoyed by the little sparrows’ noise. He moved slightly, and Gu Yang immediately glared outside the window and waved his hand, clearly indicating that he wanted the little sparrows to go away.

The little sparrows were heartbroken and flew away one by one, flapping their wings.

Only then did Fan Yuan settle down again. He tightly embraced Gu Yang’s waist with one hand and held Gu Yang’s other hand with the other, continuing to nap.

It wasn’t until the end of the nap time, when students were returning from lunch, that Gu Yang gently pinched Fan Yuan’s ear and whispered to him:

“Fan Yuan, it’s time for class.”

Fan Yuan slowly opened his eyes. When he looked at Gu Yang, his eyes had regained their clarity. But instead of getting up from Gu Yang’s legs right away, he turned over and laid on his back, grabbing Gu Yang’s collar and pulling him down while keeping him blocked by the pile of books so that others couldn’t see them.

Suddenly, Fan Yuan pulled Gu Yang closer. Gu Yang thought that Fan Yuan was going to kiss him, so he instinctively closed his eyes. However, Fan Yuan only blew on his eyes and then sat back up to reopen the workbook they needed for the afternoon.

When Gu Yang opened his eyes, he saw Fan Yuan looking at him with his chin in his hand, the pen in his hand spinning faster than Gu Yang had ever seen before.

“Gu Yang, you were studying well this morning. Keep it up in the afternoon.”

Watching Fan Yuan’s fingertip spinning the pen, Gu Yang felt that the pen was like his heart, controlled by Fan Yuan’s hand and beating rapidly with every small movement Fan Yuan made.

When Fan Yuan noticed that Gu Yang was distracted, he reached out and pulled Gu Yang’s cheek.

“Back to reality.”

The bell for class also rang at this time. Gu Yang snapped back to attention, brushed away Fan Yuan’s hand, and turned around to open the workbook, burying his head in it. Even his ears were dyed red, so red that it was hard not to notice.

Today was Sunday, and there was no self-study session in the evening, but the afternoon’s classes were still very intensive.

Shangshu High School was a private high school that always emphasized the all-round development of students, and was more lenient than other high schools. However, in the last semester of high school, every class was like a battlefield. Every teacher wanted to make the most of every minute. Even the short ten-minute breaks were often occupied for half the time.

The little sparrows who had been hurt by Gu Yang at noon did not return in the afternoon, but Gu Yang did not pay much attention to it. He focused all his attention on studying. Occasionally, when he was tired of doing problems, he would lift his head and happen to meet Fan Yuan’s gaze. They would secretly move closer and briefly touch each other’s lips behind a pile of books.

Gu Yang even felt that this brief intimacy was more heartwarming than their usual prolonged closeness.

It was like a precious candy that you worked hard for; you had to cherish and taste it to truly appreciate its value.

Soon it was the last class, which was also Zhuo Wan’s Chinese class.

Because she was also their homeroom teacher, Zhuo Wan was even busier than other teachers. She walked briskly, talking non-stop from the beginning to the end of class.

Until the bell for dismissal rang, Zhuo Wan threw down her book and waved her hand, clearly indicating: Get out of here, it’s time to go home.

This semester’s Sundays had no more holidays. Sunday, the day without self-study, was the last chance for the third-year students to party.

As soon as Zhuo Wan’s hand fell, several male classmates ran out quickly, wanting to take this opportunity to get together and play some ball.

Fan Yuan was very good at playing ball, but most of the time he doesn’t participate much. Only when the male classmates in the class are defeated by other classes, they will call him over to help. Gu Yang is simpler. Wherever Fan Yuan goes, he goes.

Both of them were slowly packing their backpacks, and the classmates in the class scattered quickly. Soon, there were only the two of them left in the class.

As winter gradually left, the nights grew longer, and the sky outside was still somewhat bright at this time.

Gu Yang pulled on the sleeve of Fan Yuan’s shirt and followed him slowly towards the door.

When they reached the door, Fan Yuan raised his hand to turn off the lights, but instead of going out, he turned around and pressed Gu Yang against the wall.

The classroom door was not closed, and there were still people in the corridor. The two of them leaned against the wall by the door, and anyone who passed by and took a look could see them.

Gu Yang was a little nervous and looked back at the red light of the monitor still on at the back of the classroom.

“Fan Yuan, there’s a monitor…”

Fan Yuan reached out and put the big coat and hat behind Gu Yang on him, and finally pulled up the wide collar of the coat to cover up half of Gu Yang’s face.

“No one will watch the monitor after school.”

Although Fan Yuan said so, Gu Yang was still nervous. He couldn’t help but clench Fan Yuan’s coat corner with both hands. The lively corridor was in his ears, and the cool breeze from the open classroom door blew in, making Gu Yang’s calves cold.

Although his calves were so cold, his heart was warm.

“Are you afraid?”

Fan Yuan slowly lowered his head and bit Gu Yang’s nose.

Gu Yang instinctively twitched his nose and honestly answered, “Yes.”

Fan Yuan slightly backed away and stared at Gu Yang’s eyes with his black pupils, continuing to ask him, “Do you still want to kiss?”

Although Gu Yang was afraid of being discovered, he still nodded hard, “Yes.”

Fan Yuan let go, and the two backpacks in his hands fell to the ground and hit their feet.

He pulled down the zipper of his coat, dragged Gu Yang inside, and then lowered his head to kiss him fiercely.

The noise outside the hallway gradually quieted down, and the students in this building of the third years of high school had already left. Across the street, the lights were still on in the other teaching building, and the first and second-year students were still studying hard.

The first and second-year students would never have thought that in the third-year teaching building across from them, their school’s male god was pressing another boy against the wall, kissing him frantically.

The temperature inside Fan Yuan’s coat became hotter and hotter, gradually becoming humid. Gu Yang’s forehead was also covered with a thin layer of sweat, making his hair damp.

Finally, when Fan Yuan retreated a little, Gu Yang immediately turned his head and breathed heavily.

No matter how many times he did this, Gu Yang always seemed like a clumsy student, never able to smoothly transition his breathing.

In contrast, Fan Yuan’s high intelligence seemed to manifest in every aspect, including situations like this.

Just as Fan Yuan was about to lower his head again, a “meow” interrupted their intimacy.

A chubby orange cat head popped out of the classroom door, and the clever little cat looked around before looking up at Gu Yang’s face and calling out, “King!”

Following behind the fat orange cat were three black and yellow kittens, who imitated their mother and nodded at Gu Yang, meowing with a milky voice and shouting in unison, “King! King! King!”

With an audience suddenly appearing, Gu Yang refused to let Fan Yuan kiss him again. He pushed Fan Yuan’s shoulder, let the standing collar down to breathe, and turned to squat in front of the four cats, talking to them.

“What do you want from me?”

When the mother cat raised her paw and wiped her eyes in a very human-like way, she meowed cutely and incessantly, “King! Please save Big Yellow!”

The three kittens also imitated their mother and meowed repeatedly, begging Gu Yang.

Unable to resist, Gu Yang reached out and touched each cat’s head and asked, “Who is Big Yellow? Another cat?”

The fat orange cat nodded its head, even though its body was particularly chubby and robust, its squatting posture had a certain indescribable elegance.

“Yes, King. Big Yellow is a very big cat. It was kidnapped by bad people! We heard the bad people want to kill it!”

Gu Yang thought that the bad guy who used to abuse small animals like before had captured and abused the cat named “Big Yellow”. He squatted on the ground, reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s pants leg, looking up at Fan Yuan imploringly.

Fan Yuan looked down at Gu Yang from a high position, and the four cats also looked up at Fan Yuan with not so friendly eyes, full of contempt when looking at Fan Yuan. They probably regarded Fan Yuan as a wicked queen who brought disaster to the country and the people, just like the group of little sparrows.

“Wanna go?” Fan Yuan reached out and touched Gu Yang’s hair, his fingertips penetrating the strands and slowly touching Gu Yang’s forehead. The warmth from the kiss earlier had already cooled down.

Gu Yang nodded and raised his neck obediently, kissing Fan Yuan’s fingertips.

“Shall we go save Big Yellow?”

Fan Yuan withdrew his finger that Gu Yang had just kissed and put it in his pocket, picked up the backpacks of the two on the ground, and walked out of the classroom ahead.

“Let’s go.”

Gu Yang bent down and picked up three kitten into his arms, with the chubby orange cat leading the way. It was a Sunday without evening self-study, which only happened once a week in third year. They were about to use it to carry out a “Big Yellow Rescue Operation.”

The chubby orange cat walked faster and faster, but it was too fat and had to stop and catch its breath after walking for a while. The group walked for more than half an hour, and it seemed that the destination was still far away.

Fan Yuan simply called his own car and took Gu Yang and the four cats in the car together.

Fat orange cat directed Gu Yang in the direction, and Gu Yang repeated it to the driver where to go.

The driver looked at Gu Yang and the constantly meowing fat orange cat talking through the rearview mirror several times with a strange look. When he looked over again, he met the dark black eyes of Fan Yuan, and he shuddered all over. He dared not look back again and could only drive honestly.

Gu Yang thought that since the fat orange cat could find him, the place where Big Yellow was taken away was not far away. However, he did not expect the car to keep driving out of the city and towards increasingly remote areas.

“Are you sure it’s here?”

Looking at the increasingly desolate scenery outside the car window, Gu Yang asked the fat orange cat.

As it got darker and darker, the fat orange cat stood on Gu Yang’s leg, clung to the car window and looked outside, meowing very confidently.

“Old White told me that it’s this place.”

“Old White? Who is Old White?” Gu Yang was a little confused. This fat orange cat seemed to have complicated relationships with other cats.

The fat orange cat sat upright and licked its paws and washed its face very shyly.

“Old White is my other half, the father of our children.”

Gu Yang’s gaze hesitated and fell on the three little cats sleeping in the corner of the car seat. He looked at their black and yellow mixed fur and fell into contemplation.

This Old White should be a black cat, right?

Otherwise, its hat would be too green.

Gu Yang asked the fat orange cat again, “Then, who is Big Yellow…”

The fat orange cat’s chubby face was a little shy and melancholy. It raised its cat face, looked at the scenery outside the window that kept receding, and sighed.

“Ah, Big Yellow and I… it’s just fate without destiny.”

Gu Yang would never underestimate this big fat orange cat again. He turned his head to Fan Yuan, who was looking out the car window. Fan Yuan seemed to feel Gu Yang’s gaze and immediately turned to look at him.

Lately, something strange has been happening between the two of them. Whenever they looked at each other, they could silently stare at each other for a long time.

It was so long that they forgot about time and space, and their worlds only had each other.

It wasn’t until Fan Yuan reached out and lightly flicked Gu Yang’s eyelashes that he spoke up, “When we get back tonight… you have to do all the homework problems.”

Gu Yang raised the corner of his mouth and grabbed Fan Yuan’s fingertips, gently biting them and grinding his teeth.

“We’re here!”

The fat orange cat suddenly meowed, and Gu Yang quickly told the driver to stop the car.

The fat orange cat sat up straight, staring intently ahead, and still remembered to seriously warn Gu Yang and Fan Yuan, “We’ll sneak up from here. There are a lot of people, we can’t be discovered.”

Gu Yang was a bit curious but it was just someone who was torturing cats, why be so cautious?

“A lot of people? How many? Is it a cat abuse gang?”

The fat orange cat shook his head, “I’m not sure about the specifics, but Old White told me there are many, many of them.”

Fan Yuan instructed the driver to wait in place, and the two of them, along with the cat, got out of the car. For safety reasons, they left the three kittens in the car.

As soon as they got out of the car, the fat orange cat rushed towards the strange meows coming from the corner. Before long, a big white cat with a graceful figure and a snow-white coat emerged from the bushes.

“Old White!”

Gu Yang heard the fat orange cat shout “Old White” and rushed over. He looked up and down at the snow-white cat, and his eyes slowly became a bit strange.

Does “Old White” have a nickname, “Green Hat”?

The big white cat respectfully nodded towards Gu Yang and let out a slightly deep meow, “Your Majesty, Big Yellow is locked up in the front few cars. The bad guys who are guarding Big Yellow are drinking and playing cards in that small, rundown house at the front. It’s not just Big Yellow, there are some other partners in the cars too.”

Other partners?

Gu Yang and Fan Yuan hid around the corner, looking at the several large trucks covered with thick black cloth. How many stray cats did they have to catch to need a few trucks this big?

Is this really just a simple cat abuse gang?

Fan Yuan’s thoughts were much more complicated than Gu Yang’s. He vaguely guessed something from the local news he had been hearing all day.

“Gu Yang, Big Yellow is probably not just a cat. This should be a gang that smuggles wild animals in our city. Let’s not act recklessly and call the police first.”

When Gu Yang heard Fan Yuan say this, he felt more and more suspicious of those several large trucks. He immediately followed Fan Yuan’s advice and called the police.

This is the outskirts of the city, and it will take some time for the police to arrive. They hid at the corner and didn’t move.

Old White and Fat Orange were both very obedient. Seeing that their leader seemed to have other plans, they also quietly crouched beside him.

It wasn’t until a few drunken men stumbled out of the small dilapidated house, holding tranquilizer guns in their hands and talking as they walked.

“Boss, the road is blocked, we can’t get out now, how are we going to transport these two big guys?”

“No matter what, we can’t let these two big guys fall into our hands. We spent so much money on them all the way here. If all else fails, let’s take care of them now, skin them, and take them away.”

As they spoke, the two men uncovered the black cloth covering the cargo. As the black cloth was lifted, Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s wrist in surprise.

Two huge iron cages were loaded on the truck, and inside each cage was a large Northeast tiger.

These two tigers seemed to have been tortured all the way here, and their spirits were not very good. After the black cloth was lifted, they just laid there weakly.

One of the men holding a tranquilizer gun aimed at one of the tigers and was about to pull the trigger.

“Don’t dawdle, let’s quickly take care of these two big guys. Later, we’ll skin the black bear too.”

The previously quiet Fat Orange suddenly saw the man holding the tranquilizer gun and let out a mournful meow, then pounced on him.

“Big Yellow!”

The man holding the tranquilizer gun was completely unaware of Fat Orange’s sudden appearance and was scratched on his hand by Fat Orange’s claws.

The man wasn’t completely drunk and was now fully sober. He swung the butt of the gun and sent Fat Orange flying.

When Old White saw Fat Orange being knocked away, he couldn’t wait any longer and immediately followed, rushing forward to scratch the man’s face.

Another person immediately picked up a shovel and was about to smash the head of the white cat.

Gu Yang and Fan Yuan couldn’t hide anymore, so they hurried over.

Fan Yuan directly grabbed the wrist of the person holding the tranquilizer gun and twisted it hard. With a crisp sound, the person’s wrist was dislocated.

Gu Yang kicked away the shovel in the other person’s hand, kicking it far away.

The tranquilizer gun fell from the person’s hand and onto the ground. Gu Yang was about to pick it up when he caught sight of another man holding a tranquilizer gun, quietly standing next to the front of a big truck, aiming it at Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang didn’t even have time to shout Fan Yuan’s name before he pounced over.

At that moment, the tranquilizer dart was fired and aimed at Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang threw himself in front of Fan Yuan, but Fan Yuan reacted very quickly and blocked Gu Yang’s back with his hand.

The dart pierced into Fan Yuan’s arm. This tranquilizer dart was used to tranquilize the Northeast Tiger, and the dose was not small. Fan Yuan squinted his black eyes, forced himself to stay alert, but still stumbled a few steps and fell into Gu Yang’s arms.

The two people who had been held back by Fan Yuan and Gu Yang also came to their senses and approached them.

“Who are you guys?”

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan, who was unconscious in his arms, his eyebrows furrowed and his eyes becoming increasingly fierce.

The fat orange cat and the white cat had already run back to his side, meowing incessantly.

Gu Yang carefully put Fan Yuan on the ground, patted the two cats on their heads, and said, “Watch over him for me.”

By now, the sky had completely darkened, and the deserted suburb was unusually quiet.

Someone in the gang opened the bright lights of a big truck, and the light instantly illuminated the surroundings. Gu Yang raised his hand to shield his eyes from the dazzling light, and slowly stood up.

Then he ran towards several big trucks regardless of the man holding the tranquilizer gun who loaded another dart and aimed it at him.

“Don’t move! Stop! Don’t come any closer!” the man yelled.

Gu Yang ignored him, and his once gentle eyes seemed to ignite a raging flame. The flames crackled and roared inside, full of suppressed anger.

He rushed to the iron cage that was holding the Northeast Tiger, quickly opened the lock on the cage door, and pulled the cage open with force.

The Northeast Tiger opened its eyes when it heard the noise, and as soon as the iron door was opened, it pounced out.

Several gang members panicked and shouted:

“You’re crazy! You’re suicidal! If you release the tigers, we won’t survive!”

With a determined look in his eyes, Gu Yang took a punch from the man behind him and opened another iron cage.

Two Northeast tigers let out deafening roars and jumped out, standing in front of Gu Yang.

Despite the torture, hunger, and exhaustion they had endured on the way, they were still fierce tigers, the kings of the forest.

Gu Yang didn’t stop at just opening the cages holding the Northeast tigers. While the poachers were running scared from the tigers, he also opened the cages on several other trucks holding wild animals.

For a moment, the suburban area turned into a wildlife paradise.

The two fierce Northeast tigers chased after the poachers like they were toys, while a huge black bear stood behind Gu Yang, constantly roaring at the thieves.

Not just the black bear, but also wolves, foxes, and deer all ran out of the open cages and gathered around Gu Yang.

The two Northeast tigers obeyed Gu Yang’s command and wouldn’t actually harm anyone, but they still frightened the poachers.

Suddenly, one of the poachers pulled out a hunting rifle from under the truck and aimed it at one of the Northeast tigers.

Gu Yang never expected them to have a hunting rifle and immediately shouted:

“Get out of the way! Run! Run fast!”

The targeted tiger agilely dodged and ran towards Gu Yang.

Gu Yang picked up Fan Yuan and sat on the back of the Northeast tiger. The army of animals, with its diverse species, roared and ran wildly towards the distance, kicking up clouds of dust along the way.

Several gunshots followed them, but they didn’t hit any animals or people. Luckily, the poachers only had an old hunting rifle.

The mighty animal army, led by two Northeast tigers, even had two young humans sitting on one of their backs. Guided by Gu Yang, they ran back and forth on the road.

When they passed by the car belonging to the Fan family, Gu Yang hesitated but didn’t stop.

Many of the animals were big and wild, and he had to control them and bring them to a safe place to prevent them from harming people.

The driver from the Fan family had long been frightened, hiding in the car and not daring to come out. He watched as the chaos of wild animals ran past his car and disappeared into the distance.

Gu Yang sat on the bumpy back of the tiger, tightly securing Fan Yuan’s hands around his waist, the anger still burning in his eyes.

“Fan Yuan, wait for me, I’ll take you to the hospital right away.”

The grand animal army rushed out of the remote suburbs and onto the main road, causing countless people to take notice and panic.

“Ah ah ah! It’s a tiger!!”

“Bear! It’s a big black bear!”

“Mom, look at that group of Huskies!”

“Where did those Huskies come from?! They’re wolves! They’re wolves! Run!”

Gu Yang heard the sound of police sirens in the distance, but didn’t stop. If these wild animals stopped on the main road, it would only cause greater panic.

He shouted at the approaching police cars:

“Take me to the nearest police station!”

The police also knew how destructive these unrestrained wild animals could be. Seeing that Gu Yang could ride a tiger safely, they didn’t have time to think much and split into several cars, escorting this animal army.

Gu Yang commanded the animals to follow the lead police car and rushed into the nearest police station yard before stopping.

The police in the yard all pulled out their guns and aimed at the wild animals. Gu Yang didn’t even have time to explain anything, he just patted the heads of the two tigers and carried Fan Yuan on his back. He grabbed a police officer’s arm and spoke urgently:

“Please! Take us to the nearest hospital! These animals won’t hurt anyone for the time being!”

Sure enough, these wild animals seemed to be full of intelligence at this moment. They all sat obediently in rows in the police station yard, even lined up neatly.

Without time to be shocked by this scene in front of him, the police officer whose wrist was grabbed by Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan unconscious on Gu Yang’s back and immediately drove them to the hospital in a police car.

After that, everything was left to the omnipotent police uncles. Gu Yang just held Fan Yuan tightly, his heart beating like a drum.

This time, his heart was not nervous or shy, but panicked, afraid, and filled with immense fear.

Even though he knew Fan Yuan was only injected with a sedative, Gu Yang couldn’t bear to see him like this.

The place on his chest where their Dao Companion Mark was imprinted became increasingly hot, but he couldn’t care less. As soon as they arrived at the hospital, medical staff who had been notified in advance came out carrying a stretcher and took Fan Yuan away.

Gu Yang followed closely behind until he was blocked outside the emergency room.

He squatted at the door of the emergency room, covering his increasingly hot chest and forcing himself to calm down.

Gu Yang closed his eyes and focused his consciousness on the imprint of his companion on his chest, carefully sensing it.

Gradually, he heard Fan Yuan’s heartbeat.

Dong dong-

Dong dong-

One after another, steady and powerful.

Gu Yang unbuttoned his shirt and looked at his chest. What was once just a broken ink mark was now growing and spreading like a living thing, wrapping around his neck and shoulders, forming a complex and eerie black flower.

The black flower branches twisted and turned, forming two characters exactly:

Fan Yuan.

The lights in the emergency room went out, and the door was opened, pushing Fan Yuan out.

The doctor came out from behind, took off his mask, and smiled at Gu Yang:

“It’s okay, just a little anesthesia. It seems that the anesthesia needle was not installed properly, and only a little anesthesia was injected into the body. He’ll wake up after sleeping for a while.”

Gu Yang breathed a long sigh of relief, thanked the doctor, and quickly followed the hospital bed pushing Fan Yuan.

Until everything was settled, Gu Yang sat by the bed, holding Fan Yuan’s hand, staring at him without blinking.

The darkness gradually dissipated, and dawn broke.

Fan Yuan’s dark eyelashes trembled slightly, and he opened his eyes.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw Gu Yang sitting by the bed.

Gu Yang sat still, his hands still tightly holding Fan Yuan’s hand. He subconsciously raised his mouth at Fan Yuan:

“Fan Yuan, you’re awake.”

Fan Yuan withdrew his hand from Gu Yang’s palm, raised his hand to touch Gu Yang’s dark eyes, and his voice was a bit hoarse:

“You haven’t slept all night?”

Gu Yang leaned forward and got close to Fan Yuan, allowing Fan Yuan to lightly touch his eyes. He reached out and unzipped his jacket, one button at a time, in front of Fan Yuan. The shirt slipped off Gu Yang’s thin shoulders, revealing a smooth and white chest.

A black flower was blooming on his chest, and the vines and petals of the flower formed two Chinese characters – Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s hand and pressed it against his heart. “Fan Yuan, this is what a Dao companion mark should look like,” he said, lightly pressing Fan Yuan’s heart with his hand. “If I’m not mistaken, my name is on your heart too.”

Fan Yuan unbuttoned his shirt and opened it, revealing his strong chest. There was also a black flower blooming there, with Gu Yang’s name formed by its vines and petals.

Fan Yuan curled up his lips and pulled Gu Yang closer, grabbing the back of his neck and looking into his eyes from a very close distance. “Did you cry last night?” he asked.

There were dark circles under Gu Yang’s eyes, and the corners of his eyes were red from holding back tears. He shook his head and moved closer to Fan Yuan until their noses touched, then their lips pressed together. “If you don’t look at me, crying is meaningless,” he said, tears streaming down his face and hitting Fan Yuan’s chest. “I need to cry in front of you so that you’ll love me more.”

Fan Yuan tasted Gu Yang’s tears and said, “Cry for me, Gu Yang.”

The next morning, when the nurse came to check on Fan Yuan’s ward, she found the door locked. She used the spare key to open the door and found that the bed was empty and the sheets were on the floor.

“Strange, where is the person?” she muttered and left.

In the toilet of the single room, Fan Yuan leaned against the door and asked Gu Yang softly, “Do you still want to kiss me?” Gu Yang’s eyes were moist and his face was streaked with tears. He pouted and said, “Yes, I haven’t cried enough yet.”

Fan Yuan accepted his kiss and criticized him at the same time, “You’re so delicate.”

Gu Yang’s delicate side was only for Fan Yuan to see.

Author’s note: 

Fat Orange Cat: I’m not ordinary.

Big White Cat: Don’t ask, forgive, love, and can’t leave.

Gu Yang is not weak at all, he’s just delicate for Fan Yuan only! =0=

[Highlight! Strongly oppose any act of stealing wild animals! Strongly oppose!]

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