Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 78

Chapter 78

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Gu Yang felt quite sad in his heart, but he still had to go to school.

While having breakfast, Gu Yang kept observing Fan Yuan, but he found nothing different about him.

Fan Yuan directly stuffed a piece of bread that he had bitten into Gu Yang’s mouth, saying, “Don’t bother looking, I didn’t bring any special attributes this time.”

As Fan Yuan’s favorability towards Gu Yang increased, he became more and more natural in doing some intimate actions towards him. Sometimes he would even be unexpectedly domineering.

For example, he would put the food he had bitten in half into Gu Yang’s mouth, not allowing him to refuse. Of course, Gu Yang had no problems adapting to these intimate interactions, and he liked them very much.

That day, the two of them set off very early, and there were almost no traces of snow on the road outside. The road was clean, and the withered grass in the greenery on both sides had all sprouted.

Gu Yang looked at the greenery on both sides of the road, casually looked back and saw a dog chasing madly behind the car. He was stunned and quickly had the car pulled over to the side of the road where the car could park.

Fan Yuan and Gu Yang got out of the car together, and the dog that had been chasing the car also stopped, panting, squatting in front of Gu Yang.

This was obviously a stray dog, dirty all over, but with a gentle look in its eyes. It obediently squatted in front of Gu Yang, unclear what it wanted to do.

Gu Yang took out a bag of bread from his backpack, opened the packaging, and placed it carefully on the ground.

The dog sniffed it and ate it without hesitation.

Gu Yang guessed that the dog might be starving and had no choice but to seek help from humans, so it chased after their car. This was a villa area, and there were not many vehicles passing by.

Thinking about it, Gu Yang opened a pack of ham sausage and placed it on the ground before returning to the car with Fan Yuan.

The car restarted, and Gu Yang turned his head to look at the stray dog, only to see it lying on the ground with its four limbs prostrate and its head low, making a posture that looked like it was kneeling. He was stunned.

He pulled Fan Yuan and pointed to the stray dog, which was getting farther and farther away, and asked, “What is this dog doing?”

Fan Yuan turned his head and took a glance, seeming uninterested. “Maybe it’s thanking you.”

Gu Yang felt that the dog was very spiritual. He thought that if he could still encounter it after school, he would see if he could make a nest for it.

Fan Yuan saw that Gu Yang was still looking back until the car was far away, he couldn’t help but reach out and pull Gu Yang’s neck to bring him closer.

“Still looking?”

Gu Yang blinked innocently at Fan Yuan and immediately tried to please him by rubbing his head against Fan Yuan’s chest, causing his messy hair to stand up with static electricity. Only then did Fan Yuan gently push him away.

Fan Yuan helped straighten Gu Yang’s hair and pinched his ear before letting go, seeming satisfied.

But Gu Yang didn’t move away, instead he leaned on Fan Yuan’s leg and yawned.

They woke up early in the morning, so now Gu Yang was a bit sleepy.

There was still a distance to the school, and Fan Yuan patted Gu Yang’s back, took off his coat and covered Gu Yang with it.

“Sleep for a while, I’ll wake you up when we get there.”

Gu Yang closed his eyes and nodded, burying his cheek into Fan Yuan’s abdomen, his warm breath spraying there.

Fan Yuan straightened his back a little, and his fingertips gently rubbed Gu Yang’s soft cheek. The corners of his mouth lifted and never fell again.

The radio in the car was on low, broadcasting the latest social news:

“Recently, a gang of illegal groups has captured a large number of wild animals for sale. The police have traced their whereabouts and they have appeared near our city…”

Fan Yuan made a gesture and the driver immediately turned off the radio.

With Fan Yuan’s comfort, Gu Yang fell asleep quickly even in the car.

So he didn’t know that on a stretch of road later, there were always stray animals chasing their car. Fan Yuan saw them through the rearview mirror, but he didn’t wake Gu Yang up, lightly stroking his back.

This time in the dream world, Fan Yuan seemed to not bring out any special settings from the dream world, but Gu Yang should have brought out something.

Perhaps it was related to these stray animals that always chased their car. The car slowly drove into a busy area, and the clever stray animals ran into a small path and disappeared.

Upon arriving at the school gate and finding it still very early, Fan Yuan looked down at Gu Yang’s sleeping face and decided not to wake him up.

He supported Gu Yang’s head and got off the car first, then carefully carried Gu Yang out, holding him in the way one would hold a child. With one hand holding Gu Yang and the other tucking in the coat covering him, Fan Yuan, wearing his school uniform, walked towards the campus.

Although it was still early, it didn’t mean that there was no one in the school. Some students who were used to arriving early immediately noticed Fan Yuan and the person he was carrying in his arms.

Gu Yang’s cheek was buried in Fan Yuan’s shoulder, and his head was covered by the hood of his coat, making it difficult to tell who Fan Yuan was holding.

But judging by Fan Yuan’s relationship with Gu Yang, he wouldn’t be carrying anyone else. So it was almost certain that the person in his arms was Gu Yang.

It was rare to see the school’s male god publicly carrying his friend towards the teaching building, and many students couldn’t help but slow down their pace and follow behind Fan Yuan, whispering to each other or making eye contact.

Later, those who secretly followed behind Fan Yuan found that several small wild cats appeared behind him. The cats followed him all the way to the entrance of the teaching building before stopping. They nodded at Fan Yuan’s back and then turned around to stare arrogantly at the students following them before disappearing into the greenery.

The students who followed them curiously were amazed, “Does our school have so many small wild cats?”

“Yeah, I’ve seen a few before, didn’t you know?”

“How could I know? But why do these little cats like Fan Yuan so much? It’s so amazing!”

The classroom of Senior Class 1 was empty, and no one was there. Fan Yuan gently pushed open the door with Gu Yang in his arms and walked towards the back left corner of the classroom.

This was the only dead corner of the classroom without surveillance cameras because every time they changed seats, Gu Yang would always kindly ask the student sitting here to switch with him. Over time, this place became Fan Yuan and Gu Yang’s exclusive seat.

Fan Yuan carefully placed Gu Yang in the seat, and Gu Yang woke up, rubbing his eyes and lifting his head. The hood of his coat fell back, and he instinctively stretched out his hands towards Fan Yuan.

Due to the fact that Fan Yuan had wrapped the coat around Gu Yang and he had only been wearing his school uniform, he was very cold.

Gu Yang held onto Fan Yuan, shivering slightly from the cold, “You’re so cold.”

Gu Yang muttered, but didn’t let go of Fan Yuan. Instead, he straightened his back, pressed even tighter against Fan Yuan, and warmed his cold skin by slipping his warm hands into Fan Yuan’s collar.

Fan Yuan didn’t sit down but went to pull Gu Yang’s hands.

“Gu Yang, we’re in the classroom now, let go.”

Gu Yang was still hanging on Fan Yuan, squinting and looking around, then used his own ear to rub against Fan Yuan’s cold ear.

“No one’s here yet, we’re in a blind spot, what’s the harm?”

When Gu Yang was clingy, he was really clingy. He hung on Fan Yuan and rubbed against him, his crimson lips also leaned over, wanting to kiss Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan’s eyebrows slightly furrowed. He looked cold, but he didn’t reject Gu Yang.

He supported himself on the edge of the table with one hand and leaned over Gu Yang’s chair with the other, kneeling on one knee by Gu Yang’s side, and bent down to get closer to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang obediently lifted his head, pouting his lips honestly, his cheeks blushing and his eyes still a bit dazed, indicating that he had not fully woken up.

Fan Yuan lightly kissed Gu Yang’s lips twice, then bit him a bit harder.

“Open your mouth.”

Gu Yang pursed his lips, his mouth corner bitten by Fan Yuan, and obediently opened his mouth, waiting for Fan Yuan to kiss him properly.

This kiss made Gu Yang’s already fuzzy brain even fuzzier, until the footsteps in the corridor became more and more chaotic, and it was already the normal time for students to come to school. Gu Yang was scared and fully awake.

After being fully awake, he no longer wanted Fan Yuan’s kiss and immediately pushed Fan Yuan away, saying unclearly, “No…we can’t kiss anymore…someone’s coming…Fan Yuan…”

It was supposed to be Gu Yang who wanted to kiss, but it was Fan Yuan who couldn’t stop.

Fan Yuan simply held Gu Yang’s hand that was pushing him away, making him unable to move, and preventing him from saying a word.

It wasn’t until the classroom door was pushed open with a bang and several boys walked in together that Fan Yuan slowly lifted his head.

Fan Yuan blocked Gu Yang with his back to the classroom door, and no one knew what Fan Yuan had just done. They only thought that Fan Yuan and Gu Yang’s movements were a bit intimate.

But ever since Fan Yuan’s WeChat Moments posted that photo, the students in Class 3 had more or less guessed something. Seeing them intimate together now, they didn’t think too much.

No one would know that they had just finished a small lip war under everyone’s noses.

Fan Yuan still looked calm, and no one could tell the fierceness in him when he kissed Gu Yang just now.

He sat back in his seat, and even took the time to wipe the water stains from Gu Yang’s mouth corner.

Gu Yang was frightened just now. When Fan Yuan reached out to wipe his mouth, he forcefully bit Fan Yuan’s hukou.

Fan Yuan had long been accustomed to Gu Yang leaving small teeth marks on his body. He had no reaction when he saw the shallow circle of marks on his hukou, and just took out the test questions he had to do for morning self-study and put them in front of Gu Yang.

“Okay, hurry up and do the questions.”

Gu Yang propped up his chin with one hand, held a pen in the other, and looked at the exercises in front of him. His fingertips unconsciously twirled the pen, forming several flowers.

How could there be someone like Fan Yuan? Just a moment ago, they were intimately entwined with each other’s lips, but the next moment, he could coldly ask him to do questions.

The weather was getting warmer and a few sparrows had landed on the windowsill outside, chirping nonstop.

Gu Yang’s gaze unconsciously fell on the outside of the window, looking at those sparrows.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Gu Yang looked over, the sparrows all lifted their little wings and buried their small heads.

“Hey, his Majesty is looking at me.”

“I’m feeling shy!”

“Who said his Majesty was looking at you? Ugly thing, his Majesty was clearly looking at me!”

“Who are you calling ugly thing!”

Immediately, two sparrows fought in front of Gu Yang, causing their gray feathers to fall all over the windowsill.


The pen in Gu Yang’s hand fell on the table. He slightly opened his mouth, turned around, and grabbed Fan Yuan’s arm.

Fan Yuan helplessly put down his pen and looked at Gu Yang’s silly appearance. He raised Gu Yang’s chin with his hand and helped him close his mouth.

“What’s wrong? Do you still want to kiss?”

Gu Yang vigorously shook his head and pointed to the sparrows outside the window, his voice uncertain:

“I seem to… I seem to understand what they’re saying!”

Fan Yuan’s gaze immediately fell on the sparrows outside the window. The two sparrows fighting stopped in their tracks when they were seen by Fan Yuan, and their small black bird eyes stared back at Fan Yuan. They even puffed up their small, furry chests, as if they were demonstrating.

“Hey! His Majesty’s pet concubine is looking at us!”

“We can’t lose! We can’t lose!”

“Let’s show off our momentum!”

“We must beat His Majesty’s pet concubine. Clearly, we’re so beautiful!”

Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s wrist with both hands and said very confidently:

“I really understood it, they are trying to compete with you!”

Fan Yuan looked at a row of small sparrows no bigger than his fist outside the window. Under his gaze, the sparrows all stuck their small heads to the glass, with black bean eyes staring at Fan Yuan as if trying to scare him.

Gu Yang was amazed by this scene. He quietly opened the window a crack, and the cold wind with a chill blew in, lifting the stray hairs on Gu Yang’s forehead.

He waved at the row of sparrows and whispered, “Come in?”

The sparrows completely ignored Fan Yuan and lined up, one after another, hopping in from outside the window.

Gu Yang didn’t forget to remind them, “Shh, be quiet, don’t make noise!”

The sparrows were well-behaved, and after they came in, they stood neatly on Gu Yang’s desk, forming two rows, shrinking their thin legs and sitting down, becoming round and plump little chirping lumps.

After sitting down, they all lowered their small heads and made a very soft chirping sound to greet Gu Yang.

To Fan Yuan’s ears, this sound was nothing more than ordinary bird chirping, but to Gu Yang’s ears, it was clear language.

They were saying, “Greetings, Your Majesty!”

Gu Yang was surprised and reached out to touch the head of one of the sparrows. The sparrow was delighted and immediately went to rub its head against Gu Yang’s fingertips. It was so adorable.

However, Fan Yuan reached out and held Gu Yang’s hand that was touching the sparrow’s head in his palm.

“Don’t touch it. Wild birds are not clean.”

The sparrow became angry and opened its beak at Fan Yuan, wanting to scream. But then it remembered Gu Yang’s reminder and just rolled its eyes at Fan Yuan, doing so in a very human-like way.

“You are the one who is not clean!”

Gu Yang was amused and secretly looked at Zhuo Wan, who was bowing her head to prepare her lesson plan on the podium. He then piled up a few more books on his desk and lowered his body to talk to the sparrows.

“Why do you call me Your Majesty?”

The sparrow tilted its small head, not quite understanding Gu Yang’s question.

“Because you are our king.”

Although Gu Yang was talking to the little sparrows, he really didn’t touch them.

He placed his hands under the table and played with Fan Yuan’s left hand, either hooking his slender fingers or intertwining them with Fan Yuan’s.

Fan Yuan seemed to be able to quickly accept anything new. After confirming that Gu Yang could really understand the birds’ speech, he patted the test paper in front of Gu Yang to remind him to do the questions.

Gu Yang instructed the little sparrows to stay quiet and then put his right hand back on the table, picked up his pen, and started to do the questions, while his left hand was still holding Fan Yuan’s left hand under the table.

Fan Yuan, who reminded Gu Yang to do the questions seriously, had no objection to the two of them holding hands together, even though it was not very convenient to move. He did not let go of Gu Yang’s hand.

The little sparrows were also very obedient, sitting in front of Gu Yang’s test paper one by one. When Gu Yang wanted to turn the page, they would actively use their beaks to hold the corner of the test paper and help him turn it over.

After helping Gu Yang turn the test paper, the little sparrows even gave Fan Yuan a proud stare.

Fan Yuan was about to turn the page, but happened to see the little sparrows’ stare, he simply let go of the hand holding the test paper and called out to Gu Yang:

“Gu Yang, help me turn the page.”

Gu Yang immediately put down his pen and helped Fan Yuan turn the page. After finishing, he even raised the corners of his mouth towards Fan Yuan, looking like he was expecting praise.

Fan Yuan looked around and then lowered his head. In front of the two rows of little sparrows, he lightly kissed Gu Yang’s corner of the mouth.

“This is your reward.”

Gu Yang’s heart beat rapidly. Fan Yuan actually kissed him during class!

Although no one noticed them in this corner, Gu Yang was still very nervous and excited.

The little sparrows were almost driven mad by Fan Yuan’s behavior. They scolded him loudly:

“You shameless beauty! Shameless!”

Fan Yuan’s behavior was a little too much for them.

The little sparrows’ voices became a little too loud, and Zhuo Wan frowned and looked up. She couldn’t see what was behind Gu Yang’s raised book, and she thought Gu Yang was playing with his phone, making noise. She accurately threw a piece of chalk at Gu Yang’s forehead.

The chalk was about to hit Gu Yang’s forehead when Fan Yuan blocked it with the back of his hand.

Gu Yang was startled, and he looked up at the platform. He saw Zhuo Wan staring at them with her eyes wide open. She made a gesture with two fingers pointing at her eyes and then pointed at Gu Yang.

Zhuo Wan’s meaning was clear: I’m watching you, so be careful.

Gu Yang nodded apologetically, quietly opened the window, and let the sparrows fly out one by one through the gap in the window.

The sparrows were all downcast, thinking that they had been defeated by Fan Yuan, the demon queen, and stood on the window sill in a daze, facing Gu Yang with their tails, looking up at the sky, appearing very melancholic.

Gu Yang was no longer distracted by the sparrows outside the window. He was holding Fan Yuan’s left hand, which had just helped him block the chalk dust. He pulled out a wet wipe to clean the chalk marks off the back of Fan Yuan’s hand. Finally, he gently blew on it and asked in a soft voice:

“Does it hurt?”

Zhuo Wan was obviously an experienced class teacher who threw the chalk with accuracy and strength. Although it did not cause any harm, it still hurt a little.

For Fan Yuan, the pain was just a slight itch.

But Fan Yuan put down the pen in his hand and propped up his chin, looking at Gu Yang seriously, and told him:

“It hurts.”

Gu Yang felt heartbroken. He lowered his head and repeatedly kissed Fan Yuan’s hand, then pressed his warm cheek against it and gently rubbed it.

“When we go back tonight, I’ll boil you an egg, okay? It will make the pain go away.”

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang’s serious expression, pulled back his hand, and pinched Gu Yang’s chin, shaking it slightly. His expression relaxed a bit: “Gu Yang, do you believe everything I say?”

Gu Yang held Fan Yuan’s wrist loosely with both hands, allowing Fan Yuan to shake his chin as he pleased, and answered with certainty:


Fan Yuan leaned in close to Gu Yang:

“What if I lied to you, would you still believe me?”

Gu Yang nodded seriously and gave the exact same answer:


The sparrows outside the window were so angry that they began to jump out of the window one by one, performing a desperate window-jumping show, jumping down and making a freefall landing before flapping their wings and flying away.

They were going to be driven crazy by their king, who had been so obsessed with a human.

Fan Yuan seemed very satisfied with Gu Yang’s answer. He leaned down slowly, and his lips were about to touch Gu Yang’s when a chalk hit him accurately on the forehead.

Gu Yang immediately pushed Fan Yuan away, and saw Zhuo Wan standing with her hands on her hips on the podium, holding several chalks in her hand, warning them by tossing them back and forth.

As long as they dare to kiss in class, Zhuo Wan will definitely smash their heads with chalk.

Gu Yang’s cheeks immediately turned red. He lowered his head and hid behind a stack of tall books to avoid Zhuo Wan’s gaze.

Fan Yuan, on the other hand, remained calm and nodded to Zhuo Wan before straightening his back and moving away from Gu Yang.

Gu Yang, lying on the desk, looked at Fan Yuan nervously and asked, “Fan Yuan, what should we do? It seems like Teacher Zhuo knows!”

Fan Yuan picked up his pen and began redoing the problem, squeezing the back of Gu Yang’s neck with his left hand to force him to sit up straight.

“Are you scared?”

Gu Yang sat up straight, nervously looking towards the podium, and saw that Zhuo Wan had already sat back down and continued to write her lesson plan, without looking at them again.

He looked back at Fan Yuan and shook his head, “I’m not afraid, I’m not scared.”

Fan Yuan relaxed his grip on the back of Gu Yang’s neck and stretched out his slender fingertips, rubbing his skin along the back of his neck.

“Let’s do the problems.”

After saying that, Fan Yuan retracted his hand. Gu Yang secretly touched his own neck and whispered to Fan Yuan, “Fan Yuan, is your forehead hurting?”

This time, Fan Yuan didn’t tease Gu Yang again. He wiped the chalk dust off his forehead with his hand and said, “It’s not hurting.”

Gu Yang breathed a sigh of relief and picked up his pen again, ready to focus on his studies. After all, the last semester before the college entrance exam was not the time to slack off.

After all, his goal was the protagonist of “Fan Yuan” – Fan Yuan himself.

At lunchtime, many students didn’t go to the cafeteria and instead stayed in the classroom, eating casually and continuing to do problems.

When Fan Yuan and Gu Yang came back from lunch, they overheard their classmates discussing the recent social news.

“I heard that there were more than thirty people in that gang who illegally hunted wild animals from all over the country and sold them.”

“That’s too despicable. They must be crazy about getting rich.”

“Yeah, it seems like they’re hiding in our city now.”

“That’s scary, isn’t it? I heard there might even be wild Northeast tigers in there!”

At noon, Gu Yang felt a bit drowsy and leaned on Fan Yuan’s shoulder while listening to the idle chatter of other classmates. He turned his head and saw that Fan Yuan’s eyes were also a bit bloodshot, obviously having slept poorly.

Gu Yang’s heart trembled and he immediately sat up straight, pulling on the corner of Fan Yuan’s clothes and patting his own leg.

When Fan Yuan looked over, Gu Yang grabbed his collar and pulled him closer.

“Sleep on my lap for a while? I’ll wake you up when it’s time for class.”

Fan Yuan didn’t resist and laid down on Gu Yang’s lap, holding his waist with one hand and closing his eyes.

Gu Yang leaned back on the chair and relaxed his body, gently stroking Fan Yuan’s short hair by his ear, feeling a strange sense of calm.

As he watched Fan Yuan sleep, he suddenly felt a sense of familiarity as if they had known each other for a long, long time.

Fan Yuan felt Gu Yang’s gaze on him and his lips curled up slightly, not very noticeable.

Look at me, Gu Yang.

You can only look at me.

Author’s Note:

Sparrow #1: That demon concubine, he’s so scary-looking!

Sparrow #2: Our boss has been bewitched by him!

Sparrow #3: Waaaah, I’m obviously prettier than the demon concubine!

Demon Concubine Fan Yuan: Come here and kiss me, Gu Yang.

Gu Yang: =3=

Quick, look! The sparrows are collectively jumping off the building!

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