Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 87

Chapter 87

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With a deep sense of guilt and self-reproach, Gu Yang was obediently kissed several times by the young fox version of Fan Yuan.

After the kisses, he was forcefully washed three times by the young fox version of Fan Yuan in the early morning, each time personally done by Fan Yuan himself, nearly rubbing Gu Yang’s skin raw.

Every time Gu Yang glared back in anger due to Fan Yuan’s excessive force, Fan Yuan would show a wounded expression. In the end, Gu Yang couldn’t bring himself to blame Fan Yuan and instead felt increasingly guilty.

After the three showers, they didn’t have time for breakfast. They had to rush to school in the car, luckily making it to the classroom just as the morning self-study bell rang, avoiding being late.

As soon as Gu Yang returned to his seat, Fan Yuan furrowed his brows and leaned over to retrieve a letter from Gu Yang’s desk.

The letter was inside a light blue envelope, and it seemed to contain only a thin sheet of paper.

Curious, Gu Yang leaned over to take a look, thinking that Fan Yuan would open it. However, to his surprise, Fan Yuan only glanced at it before handing the envelope to Gu Yang.

“It’s for you.”

Written on the light blue envelope were three beautiful characters: For Gu Yang.

“For me? What is it for?” Gu Yang didn’t think much and casually tore open the envelope, accidentally tearing the letter inside a little.

The thin sheet of paper was a love letter, clearly written by a male student. The signature seemed somewhat familiar, possibly someone from Class 2 or Class 3, someone who had played games with Gu Yang at the internet cafe before.

In the letter, the person explained that Gu Yang could write a reply and put it back in the envelope on the desk, and he would secretly come to collect it.

Gu Yang quickly read through the short love letter and felt somewhat uneasy afterward. Holding a pen, he leaned on the desk and began writing a response.

His reply was not long but made it clear that he was rejecting the person.

After finishing the reply, Gu Yang gently placed the unfolded letter on top of the exercises in front of Fan Yuan.

Finally, Fan Yuan’s hand stopped writing, and his gaze fell on the letter in front of him.

Gu Yang’s neat handwriting replied earnestly, “I’m sorry, but I already have someone to spend my life with. I wish you find your other half soon. Good luck with the college entrance examination.”

Fan Yuan’s gaze focused on the words “spend my life with,” seemingly dissatisfied. He pushed the letter back to Gu Yang.

“Just a lifetime?”

Gu Yang knew that Fan Yuan was letting him off the hook this time. He quickly folded the letter back, placed it in the envelope, and threw it into his desk. He didn’t forget to make a promise to Fan Yuan.

“How is it possible? A lifetime is not enough; it should be forever!”

Fan Yuan’s smile widened, and he reached up to playfully pinch Gu Yang’s earlobe.

But then, as if remembering something, Fan Yuan’s smile faded. His hand, which was pinching Gu Yang’s earlobe, slowly slid down to his nape, applying a somewhat suggestive pressure.

“Since you’re so obedient, tonight, don’t let that old fox touch you.”

Gu Yang didn’t expect Fan Yuan to bring up this matter suddenly, and for a moment, he stood frozen in place.

His mind raced, searching for a solution.

Gu Yang put his hands on the desk, and as he turned over his left hand, he saw Fan Yuan’s fondness level inside his left palm.

Just now, after replying to the love letter, Fan Yuan immediately gave him one point of fondness.

The young fox version of Fan Yuan appeared to be much gentler and easier to talk to than the old fox version.

Based on the situation of the past two days, both personalities were aware of each other’s existence and that they shared one body. This gave Gu Yang a bold and dangerous idea.

How about letting them accept each other and coexist peacefully?

Fan Yuan watched Gu Yang’s expression grow more determined, and he pulled Gu Yang closer by gripping his nape. Their noses lightly brushed against each other:

“Have you made up your mind?”

Gu Yang nodded, reaching out to release Fan Yuan’s wrists and sitting upright, assuming a posture of having a serious conversation.

“Fan Yuan, I can’t promise you that.”

The smile on Fan Yuan’s face suddenly disappeared, replaced by a slight curl of his lips. However, this smile didn’t convey happiness at all.

“Gu Yang, I want to treat you gently all the time. Don’t give me any other opportunities.”

Gu Yang became increasingly nervous, but the conversation had already begun, and he didn’t want to back down.

The month had just begun, and if he didn’t resolve this issue quickly, Gu Yang knew that the following month would be unbearable for both him and the warring personalities of Fan Yuan.

If he was unhappy, then the divided and conflicting Fan Yuan wouldn’t be happy either.

With these thoughts in mind, Gu Yang leaned closer to Fan Yuan, placing his hands over Fan Yuan’s, giving them a nervous shake as if unintentionally acting cute.

This small gesture made Fan Yuan immediately guess what Gu Yang was going to say next. It definitely wouldn’t be something pleasant to hear, at least not for the current version of Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang took a deep breath and continued:

“Fan Yuan, to me, whether it’s the daytime you or the nighttime you, whether it’s the version with one tail or the version with nine tails, it’s still you.”

“You are you. You’re just Fan Yuan, and you’ve split into two personalities for some special reason. But for me, the person by my side has never changed.”

Fan Yuan blinked his dark lashes and lowered his gaze, not meeting Gu Yang’s eyes, remaining silent for a long time.

Gu Yang anxiously waited for Fan Yuan’s response but was taken aback when he saw a tear slowly roll down Fan Yuan’s cheek.

At that moment, Gu Yang’s breath seemed to stop, and his heart ached as if struck heavily.

His words had hurt Fan Yuan. His words had made Fan Yuan shed tears in front of him.

This vulnerable and tearful side of Fan Yuan was something Gu Yang had never seen before.

All the prepared drafts in Gu Yang’s mind couldn’t be spoken now, and Fan Yuan only shed that single tear before lifting his gaze to look at Gu Yang again.

It was still those familiar black eyes, reflecting Gu Yang’s bewildered expression.

Gu Yang watched as Fan Yuan sat upright, dismissed his hand, and resumed working on his exercises without looking at him.

During the following two classes, Fan Yuan didn’t speak a word to Gu Yang unless other classmates approached him with questions. Fan Yuan would still smile and help them with their problems.

It had been a long time since Gu Yang had been ignored by Fan Yuan. He had grown accustomed to Fan Yuan constantly watching over him, always present and occasionally demanding affectionate gestures or kisses.

Being suddenly cold-shouldered by Fan Yuan, Gu Yang felt as if countless needles were growing inside him, causing a subtle and painful sensation. It combined with the pain of seeing Fan Yuan shed tears, made Gu Yang almost unable to breathe properly.

Finally, when the morning classes ended and the lunch break bell rang, Fan Yuan turned to look at Gu Yang.

“Gu Yang, you want me to accept the existence of that old fox and coexist peacefully with him. The sadness in my heart isn’t any less than what you’re feeling now. It’s even a hundred or a thousand times stronger. Are you willing to let me suffer?”

Gu Yang couldn’t find the words to respond. His eyes grew slightly red, clearly reaching his limit after being ignored by Fan Yuan the entire morning.

As Fan Yuan stood up from his seat, it seemed like he intended to leave alone.

“Gu Yang, are you willing to see me in pain?”

When Fan Yuan stood up, Gu Yang instinctively stood up as well, wanting to follow Fan Yuan. However, Fan Yuan turned around, blocking him, and asked the same question once again.

He lowered his head and finally answered Fan Yuan:

“I’m not willing.”

Only then did Fan Yuan hold Gu Yang’s hand again. Yet, after an entire morning without physical contact between the two, they both felt a strong pulse at that moment.

Gu Yang’s previous plan dissipated in an instant, turning his mind into a mess. Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s hand and led him outside. His smile grew wider, gradually returning to a calm state.

Fan Yuan didn’t take Gu Yang to the storage room this time, but Gu Yang felt guilty and took the initiative to suggest buying food together and eating in the sports equipment storage room.

“Do you know what it means to go to the sports equipment storage room with me?” Fan Yuan turned around and looked at Gu Yang, who was still keeping his head down.

Gu Yang’s dark brain shook up and down but remained silent.

Fan Yuan didn’t ask Gu Yang about his food preferences and independently chose their meals. He carried both lunch boxes and walked towards the sports equipment storage room.

During lunch break, most students hurried to get their meals, but Fan Yuan and Gu Yang walked against the crowd. In addition, the fact that they were holding hands caught the attention of many.

However, Gu Yang couldn’t care less at the moment. His mind was a mess, constantly trying to recall if he had done something terribly wrong to make Fan Yuan cry.

However, Fan Yuan didn’t mind and directly led Gu Yang into their secret base, just the two of them.

As they entered the storage room, Fan Yuan put the lunch boxes aside and pushed Gu Yang down to the ground, kissing him passionately.

Gu Yang’s eyes darted around, sometimes looking at Fan Yuan and sometimes at the shelves behind him.

In his mind, he kept seeing the warning from the nighttime version of Fan Yuan, and then the image of the young fox version of Fan Yuan shedding tears.

He strongly felt that with this “golden finger” situation, in the end, Fan Yuan hadn’t gone crazy, but he himself was going mad.

By the time they finally started eating, the food had turned cold. Gu Yang sat beside Fan Yuan, and Fan Yuan’s large fox tail wrapped around from behind, gently resting on Gu Yang’s leg and occasionally wagging, indicating that his mood had improved.

However, Gu Yang’s emotions were complicated. During the afternoon classes, he was in a daze the entire time.

Fan Yuan was the one who didn’t want to hinder Gu Yang’s studies. Seeing Gu Yang lost in thought, Fan Yuan didn’t bother him in the afternoon. He appeared even more considerate and gentle than the nighttime version of Fan Yuan.

After school, the two of them held hands and slowly left the campus.

Once they got in the car, Fan Yuan suddenly said, “I’ll take care of the nighttime version. You just focus on studying in the study room and go to bed on time. We’ll see each other tomorrow morning.”

Gu Yang didn’t understand the meaning behind Fan Yuan’s words until they arrived back at the villa. Fan Yuan pushed Gu Yang towards the study room and turned away, not allowing Gu Yang to follow.

Based on the time the nighttime version of Fan Yuan appeared yesterday, Gu Yang estimated that he would come looking for him soon. However, Gu Yang stayed in the study room until after 10 PM, and neither the nighttime version nor the young fox version of Fan Yuan showed up.

Where was Fan Yuan?

Gu Yang couldn’t wait any longer. He rushed out of the study room, running through the bedrooms, guest rooms, bathrooms, and downstairs, searching in the yard, but there was no sign of Fan Yuan.

Where could Fan Yuan have gone?

Suddenly, Gu Yang thought of the cage room at the end of the second floor, which they hadn’t visited for a while. He swiftly turned around and rushed back into the villa, making his way to the end of the second-floor corridor. Gasping for breath, he stood in front of the pitch-black, imposing iron door.

At this moment, Gu Yang noticed that the patterns on the large iron door seemed to have undergone some changes, becoming more intricate and eerie than before.

Gu Yang reached out and pounded on the iron door with all his might, the sound echoing through the second-floor corridor. He pounded while calling out Fan Yuan’s name, but there was no response.

Could it be that the soundproofing inside the cage room was so effective? Gu Yang knew it all too well. He grasped the doorknob and tried to turn it, but he couldn’t budge the solid iron door even the slightest bit.

Opening the door required Fan Yuan’s fingerprint, and without Fan Yuan coming out, Gu Yang couldn’t open it.

The young fox version of Fan Yuan must have done something to keep the nighttime version of Fan Yuan trapped behind this iron door.

Gu Yang’s wrist gradually weakened, and he let go of the doorknob, sliding down to sit against the large iron door.

Just then, a faint thumping sound came from behind the iron door.

Gu Yang immediately turned around, pressing his ear against the door. The thumping sound became clearer, with one thud after another, as if someone was continuously banging on something.

“Fan Yuan?”

Gu Yang shouted Fan Yuan’s name, getting up and pounding on the door again.

“Fan Yuan? Are you inside? Open the door and let me in!”


It seemed that Fan Yuan inside had heard Gu Yang’s voice. The banging sound grew louder and more frequent.

Although it should have been a simple matter to unlock the door with a fingerprint, Fan Yuan couldn’t come out, and he kept pounding on something inside.

Gu Yang grew more anxious the more he thought about it, and his mind was filled with jumbled thoughts, always worrying that something had happened to Fan Yuan.

He turned and rushed downstairs, going to the yard and returning with a shovel. He swung the shovel at the password lock on the iron door with all his might.

The iron door was too sturdy, and Gu Yang could only hope to damage the lock.

However, Gu Yang had underestimated the strength of the password lock that Fan Yuan personally bought. After a few strikes, not only was the lock undamaged, even the electronic screen on top of it remained unharmed. It was made of reinforced tempered glass.

As time passed, the thumping sound behind the large iron door grew louder, shaking the ground beneath Gu Yang’s feet.

He picked up the shovel again and forcefully struck the door.

Suddenly, there was a loud noise from inside, as if something had collapsed.

Following that, the massive iron door in front of Gu Yang slowly deformed and twisted, as if the solid iron had been torn like a piece of cloth.

A gigantic fox appeared before Gu Yang, but it seemed that the fox was injured, with blood on both sides of its mouth. Behind the large fox, the golden birdcage had been smashed, turning into a huge pile of scrap metal.

The impact sounds that were just heard must have been Fan Yuan continuously banging against the birdcage, even using his mouth to bite and gnaw at it. Fan Yuan’s oral cavity and gums were now covered in blood.

Gu Yang dropped the shovel he was holding and immediately rushed forward without hesitation.

He tightly embraced the large fox muzzle of Fan Yuan, feeling a wet and sticky sensation on his hand—blood.

“What happened exactly? Can’t you transform back into human form? Is that why you can’t open the password lock? But even so, you shouldn’t be forcefully banging on it!”

Gu Yang was both angry and heartbroken. He raised his hand intending to slap the large fox, but hesitated and gently caressed Fan Yuan’s head instead.

The large fox Fan Yuan used his nose to nudge Gu Yang, urging him to leave this place full of broken iron pieces and debris.

Gu Yang didn’t want Fan Yuan’s fox claws to step on the pile of scrap iron, so he immediately stepped back and took Fan Yuan to the spacious hall on the first floor.

Fan Yuan’s teeth and paws had different injuries, all caused by the banging and biting of the cage just now.

Gu Yang ran back and forth to get gauze and disinfectant, holding a bunch of things as he approached Fan Yuan. He sat on the floor, cradling Fan Yuan’s large paw on his lap, and started cleaning his wounds.

“Even if you can’t come out, you shouldn’t be banging on the cage! You should wait until you can transform back into human form. Why would you hurt yourself like this?”

The large fox Fan Yuan, who had been silent all along, finally spoke. He leaned closer to Gu Yang with his big fox muzzle, extending his long tongue to lick Gu Yang’s face and exhaling warm breath.

“He put a restriction on the cage. Taking advantage of the fact that I haven’t awakened, he lured me inside. If I want to return to human form, I can only wait until dawn when he appears again.”

“Gu Yang, I can’t go the whole night without seeing you or touching you.”

Gu Yang was truly infuriated this time. He suspected that the tears shed by the young fox version of Fan Yuan earlier were probably just an act to deceive him.

After finishing dressing Fan Yuan’s wounds, Gu Yang carefully wrapped the bandages around, sat up, and leaned forward to kiss the large fox gently. He made a promise:

“He really went too far this time. I won’t let him touch me tomorrow, and I won’t pay attention to him.”

The large fox Fan Yuan extended his paw, pulled Gu Yang closer, and rested his fox head against Gu Yang’s. His fox eyes locked onto Gu Yang’s as he said:

“What about me? Can I touch you?”

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan’s paw that still had bandages, feeling a surge of tenderness. He nodded slightly and closed his eyes, quietly lying on Fan Yuan’s fluffy large paw.

“Yes, you can.”

After receiving Gu Yang’s affirmative answer, Fan Yuan immediately swiped his paw, causing Gu Yang’s clothes to become tattered rags once again.

Then, the large fox Fan Yuan gave Gu Yang a bath. Gu Yang absentmindedly twisted his fingertips, secretly feeling lucky:

Fortunately, Fan Yuan couldn’t transform back into human form now, so he could only wash him with his big fox muzzle.

However, the next moment, Fan Yuan returned to human form. Behind him, his nine long and fluffy fox tails wrapped around, and he held Gu Yang’s face in his hands, pressing their foreheads together.

“I want to kiss you.”

Gu Yang placed his hand on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, feeling nervous as he stammered:

“Didn’t you say you could only transform back in the morning?”

Fan Yuan didn’t give Gu Yang a chance to continue questioning. He lowered his head and firmly sealed Gu Yang’s lips.

“Thanks for helping me bandage my wounds.”

Gu Yang quickly got lost in the intimate exchange. His head felt heavy as he wondered, what was the connection between healing his wounds and reverting to human form?

Wasn’t Fan Yuan injured from banging on the cage?

Did bandaging his wounds have anything to do with the restriction set by the young fox version of Fan Yuan?

But soon, Fan Yuan didn’t give Gu Yang a chance to think anymore.

On this night, Gu Yang couldn’t get up again.

He went from lying on the carpet in the hall to lying on the sofa, and then from the sofa to the bedroom. Along the way, he even made a detour to the bathroom before returning to the large bed in the bedroom.

It wasn’t until the faint light of dawn appeared that Fan Yuan deeply kissed Gu Yang one last time.

During this final entanglement, Gu Yang felt something being fed to him by Fan Yuan. Before he could spit it out, he swallowed it unintentionally.

He wanted to ask, but Fan Yuan quickly made him forget about it.

The old fox Fan Yuan kissed Gu Yang until he fainted again.

He held the naked Gu Yang in his arms, disdainfully kicking the blanket to the ground. His nine large and thick fox tails tightly wrapped around Gu Yang.

Fan Yuan embraced Gu Yang’s arm, the bandages that Gu Yang had put on long loosened and fell off, revealing the skin underneath.

The exposed skin was smooth and flawless, without a trace of wounds.

The young fox version of Fan Yuan had indeed wanted to play a trick on the old fox version of Fan Yuan. He voluntarily entered the iron cage, set a restriction, and reinforced the cage, hoping to temporarily prevent the old fox version of Fan Yuan from transforming back into human form.

But he was still too young and no match for the old fox version of Fan Yuan. His actions were only meant to disgust the old fox version of Fan Yuan. The old fox version of Fan Yuan could wait until the restriction was lifted and then open the password lock to get out.

However, he had made such a big commotion, causing obvious injuries to himself, just to make Gu Yang feel guilty, to make Gu Yang angry with the young fox version of Fan Yuan, and to make Gu Yang voluntarily distance himself from the young fox version of Fan Yuan the next day.

Both versions of Fan Yuan were not to be underestimated.

One of them could act pitiful, weak, and dote on Gu Yang, using tenderness as a weapon. The other, although domineering and assertive, was no less capable when it came to playing the victim.

Gu Yang was like a small boat drifting in the waves. A large wave would push him to the right, and another large wave would push him back to the left.

Both of Fan Yuan’s personalities believed themselves to be the ultimate winners. They were arrogant and self-confident, holding Gu Yang’s genuine feelings in the palm of their hands.

At this moment, Gu Yang was sleeping peacefully, lying quietly in Fan Yuan’s arms. His left hand rested on the bed, and the virtual little book on his palm flickered with a faint light.

When Gu Yang willingly threw himself at the large fox Fan Yuan and took care of his wounds without fear, the favorability displayed on Gu Yang’s left palm suddenly increased by 3 points.

At this moment, it showed:

Fan Yuan’s Favorability: 67 points.

In the end, who would be the winner in this story of “The Marriage of Mrs. Fox”?

They were merely holding each other’s genuine feelings in their hands.

Author’s Note: Young fox version of Fan Yuan: Shedding crocodile tears.

Gu Yang: Heartbroken.

Old fox version of Fan Yuan: Banging himself until blood is drawn.

Gu Yang: Heartbroken x2.

Gu Yang: I’m really suffering.

Here it is, here it is, here it is!!!! They’re all masters of acting!

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