Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 86

Chapter 86

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Gu Yang had already started to feel fortunate that he had also put on a long windbreaker similar in style to Fan Yuan’s. Although it was March and not very cold, there was a big hole poked in his underwear, so walking still felt quite chilly, unlike Fan Yuan who had a large tail behind him, blocking the cool breeze.

Both Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were not short in stature, and the windbreaker looked fine on them. The weather was suitable for wearing windbreakers, so their clothing didn’t attract much attention.

During morning self-study, Zhuo Wan walked to their table with her arms crossed, staring at the hat that Fan Yuan hadn’t taken off from his head.

In the past, Zhuo Wan was a good socialist youth and didn’t think much, so when Gu Yang wore a hat to class, he explained that his head was injured and couldn’t be exposed to the wind, and Zhuo Wan believed him.

But now, Zhuo Wan seemed to be thinking more.

The young fox version of Fan Yuan was much gentler than usual, although Gu Yang felt that the gentleness looked like it was accompanied by a knife.

But when Fan Yuan smiled, it was still intimidating. He smiled at Zhuo Wan and pointed to his head, saying, “Sorry, Teacher Zhuo, I injured my head.”

Zhuo Wan forced a smile and twitched the corner of her mouth, “Did you hit your head on a tree?”

Fan Yuan nodded without changing his expression, not bothering to come up with a better reason.

But it seemed that Zhuo Wan had no intention of making things difficult for them. She turned around, walking away in her high heels.

She vaguely knew that Fan Yuan and Gu Yang must have something different from ordinary people, and she couldn’t do much for these two children. She could only turn a blind eye.

Gu Yang breathed a sigh of relief when Zhuo Wan returned to the podium.

Before he could fully exhale, he felt something furry crawling slowly onto his leg and gently patting it.

Gu Yang didn’t look down but turned his head to look at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan was propping his chin and quietly watching him. Despite the calm self-study atmosphere, he hadn’t even opened his textbook. He just blatantly stared at Gu Yang.

Resting on Gu Yang’s leg was the fox tail that Fan Yuan extended from behind.

This fox tail was large and had thick fur. Its pointed tip lightly tapped Gu Yang’s leg without stopping.

Gu Yang met Fan Yuan’s gaze and immediately surrendered, lowering his head and looking at the big fox tail resting on his leg. Unable to resist, he reached out and touched it.

Who could resist touching such a furry thing?

Seemingly predicting that Gu Yang couldn’t resist, as his hand reached to touch it, the tail immediately wrapped around Gu Yang’s wrist. The pointed tip followed along the inner side of his wrist and slipped into his sleeve.

The fluffy touch traveled all the way up, causing a tingling sensation throughout Gu Yang’s body. He quickly pulled his hand back, but luckily, Fan Yuan didn’t tighten his grip. He obediently released the tail, which still lightly rested on Gu Yang’s leg, and the pointed tip gently patted Gu Yang’s knee.

“Let’s study.”

Fan Yuan sat up straight this time, took out the exercise book, and marked the key question types for Gu Yang. The two of them began their busy study session.

On the podium, Zhuo Wan snapped and broke another piece of chalk. There was already a small pile of chalk stubs next to her lesson plan. If Fan Yuan and Gu Yang continued to dawdle, she might start throwing those chalk stubs at them one by one.

Regardless, studying couldn’t be delayed.

During morning self-study, Gu Yang calmly worked on some exercises and finally understood why Fan Yuan had poked a hole in his underwear.

He even started to think that if it weren’t for the fact that Fan Yuan was afraid he wouldn’t be able to go out, Fan Yuan would definitely have poked a hole in his pants as well.

Gu Yang laid expressionless on the table, furrowing his brows tighter and tighter. Finally, he made a forceful stroke that went far beyond the paper.

He put down his pen and reached behind him. He solemnly pulled Fan Yuan’s large fox tail out of his pants, lifted his sagging pants slightly, and sat down again, pressing the big tail against the chair to prevent Fan Yuan’s tail from moving randomly.

While Gu Yang was doing this, Fan Yuan didn’t even look at him. His beautiful fingers held the pen and continued to solve problems. Fortunately, after Gu Yang used the fox tail as a cushion to sit on, Fan Yuan’s tail finally behaved and didn’t squeeze into strange places anymore.

Say what you will, but with this weather, having a natural, furry heating pad was especially comfortable.

Gu Yang adjusted his position, proudly picked up his pen, and started solving problems again. Just as he wrote a few strokes, Fan Yuan brought the timer booklet placed in front of them and flipped it open, writing down four Arabic numerals.

Gu Yang held Fan Yuan’s hand, puzzled, and asked, “Why? I didn’t make any mistakes?”

As soon as he finished speaking, he felt the natural fox tail beneath him move. The tail tip squeezed out between his legs and draped over his thigh.

Fan Yuan rearranged the timer booklet, looked at Gu Yang, and the smile on his lips grew wider. He leaned forward, his arm resting on the table, slightly arching his back, getting closer to Gu Yang, his eyes were filled with amusement.

“Gu Yang, why do you think sitting on my tail doesn’t require compensation?”

Gu Yang immediately tried to stand up, but Fan Yuan pressed down on his legs and kept him down.

“Gu Yang, you have to give me some benefits for me to willingly do anything for you.”

The final word from Fan Yuan’s sentence lingered on Gu Yang’s lips. Suddenly, the warning from the nine-tailed old fox Fan Yuan flashed in Gu Yang’s mind:

“Gu Yang, don’t let me smell someone else’s scent on you…”

“Don’t let me smell someone else’s scent on you…”


Gu Yang forcefully pushed Fan Yuan’s shoulder, pushing him away, and leaned back against the window. His movements were a bit intense, causing the chair legs beneath him to scrape against the floor, creating a harsh sound.

Many classmates looked over, and Fan Yuan slowly straightened his body, picked up his pen, and resumed solving problems as if nothing had happened.

Gu Yang faced the curious gazes of his classmates and the disdainful look from Zhuo Wan, hastily adjusted his chair, picked up his pen, and lowered his head to look at the exercise book. However, the questions seemed to float in front of his eyes, unable to penetrate his mind.

The classroom quieted down again. The large fox tail that Fan Yuan had withdrawn when Gu Yang moved backward discreetly made its way back, gently and silently draping over Gu Yang’s legs.

Gu Yang pursed his lips, deciding to have a serious talk with Fan Yuan this time. But as he turned his head, he saw Fan Yuan showing a very vulnerable expression, with soft features and a smile that was both tender and helpless.

“Let me stay for a while, okay? I can’t stand not touching you, even for a minute.”

Gu Yang: “…”

He had never seen Fan Yuan like this before, feeling that all the tenderness in his heart had been coaxed out by Fan Yuan’s demeanor.

Gu Yang reached out and gently pinched the tip of Fan Yuan’s large fox tail, running his hand through the fur, and finally let Fan Yuan be.

Gu Yang had never been able to refuse Fan Yuan’s requests, and now, facing Fan Yuan in this state, he couldn’t refuse even more.

Gu Yang’s indulgence led to Fan Yuan’s audacity.

Fan Yuan’s tail behaved for only a while before immediately sneaking back into Gu Yang’s pants.

Gu Yang couldn’t bear it anymore and glared angrily, but Fan Yuan immediately showed a gentle expression with a hint of vulnerability, which happened to be highly effective on Gu Yang.

The consequences of this effectiveness were that the elastic band of Gu Yang’s underwear lost its elasticity because it was stretched too wide. If it weren’t for his outer pants blocking it, it probably would have slipped down his legs long ago.

This situation continued until lunch break. As soon as lunch break arrived, Gu Yang stood up, and as he did, the big fox tail slid away from his waistband.

Ignoring the curious stares from others and the disapproving glances from Zhuo Wan, Gu Yang rushed forward and squeezed himself between Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan, wearing a big smile on his face.

“The weather is nice today. How about we go to the cafeteria together for lunch!”

Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan were among the few students in Class 1 who normally went to the cafeteria for lunch instead of staying in the classroom to study. Gu Yang didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

He had a hunch that if he didn’t follow Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan to the cafeteria, Fan Yuan most likely wouldn’t let him stay in the classroom either. Instead, he would take him to the sports storage room where no one else was present.

In the storage room, Gu Yang would probably be covered in the scent of the young fox version of Fan Yuan from head to toe. By the time he returned home in the evening, wouldn’t the old fox version of Fan Yuan kill him?

Fan Yuan didn’t stop Gu Yang. He walked alongside Gu Yang, beside Meng Zhan.

“I’ll go with you guys.”

The former Fan Yuan often had a smile on his face, but it was faint. Today’s Fan Yuan had a bigger smile on his face.

However, Li Ziyan, who always acted on his intuition, felt that today’s Fan Yuan seemed even scarier than before.

Because Li Ziyan had been secretly observing Fan Yuan, Fan Yuan slightly turned his head and glanced at Li Ziyan. His eyes narrowed slightly due to the smile, and his pupils seemed to distort a bit.

“Is there something you’ve been looking at me for?”

Li Ziyan was startled, rubbed his eyes, and looked at Fan Yuan again, but his pupils had returned to their normal human shape. It seemed like the distorted pupils were just his imagination.

At that moment, Gu Yang walked out from between Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan and returned to Fan Yuan’s side, keeping him separate from Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan.

“What are you doing? Let’s hurry up and go. If we’re late, the freshmen and sophomores will grab all the good food!”

As soon as Gu Yang stood next to Fan Yuan again, Fan Yuan immediately raised his arm and put it around Gu Yang’s shoulder, pulling him closer to his side, ignoring Li Ziyan. His eyes were fixed on Gu Yang.

“No more hiding?”

Gu Yang secretly glanced at Li Ziyan and Meng Zhan, who were walking on the other side of him. He saw Meng Zhan pulling Li Ziyan aside and saying something, so he stuffed one of his hands into the pocket of Fan Yuan’s windbreaker.

“When did I hide?”

Stuffing his hand into Fan Yuan’s pocket was a completely subconscious act. As soon as he did it, Gu Yang’s mind flashed back to the old fox version of Fan Yuan, so he quickly pulled his hand out.

For this month, he had to keep his distance from both the young fox version of Fan Yuan and the old fox version of Fan Yuan to ensure a peaceful existence.

Gu Yang was still somewhat worried. If he got too close to either of them, would it make Fan Yuan sad? Would it decrease Fan Yuan’s fondness for him?

Fan Yuan’s gaze slid flatly over Gu Yang’s hand as it left his pocket. The smile on the corners of his lips faded slightly, but he didn’t say anything.

The four of them had a rare lunch together at the cafeteria, sitting two by two at a table. Most of the students around them were freshmen and sophomores, and they were quite curious about Fan Yuan, the school’s heartthrob, often stealing glances at him.

However, Fan Yuan only had eyes for Gu Yang. He picked out all the meat from his own plate and put it into Gu Yang’s plate, while he put the vegetables that Gu Yang didn’t like back into his own plate.

At this point, the difference between the old fox version of Fan Yuan and the young fox version of Fan Yuan became apparent.

The old fox version of Fan Yuan and the normal Fan Yuan from before treated Gu Yang with restraint and discipline, not only doting on him but also managing his studies, forbidding him from being picky with food, and setting many rules for him.

But the young fox version of Fan Yuan spoiled Gu Yang completely.

Whatever Gu Yang liked to eat, Fan Yuan gave it all to him, and he didn’t force Gu Yang to eat what he didn’t like.

For Gu Yang, this kind of Fan Yuan felt very refreshing. Finally, he could eat meat freely without having to eat those d*mn vegetables. Gu Yang ate faster than usual.

Seeing Gu Yang with a smile and food around his mouth, Fan Yuan took out a tissue and wiped his mouth. Suddenly, he said, “Gu Yang, I’ve indulged you with meat. Shouldn’t you give me a kiss?”

“Ptuh—Cough, cough, cough—”

Meng Zhan, who was eating across from them, choked on a mouthful of rice, but Li Ziyan remained calm. Or rather, Li Ziyan had already gotten used to being frightened by Fan Yuan in previous incidents.

“Plop.” A piece of meat in Gu Yang’s mouth fell back into his plate.

Gu Yang hadn’t expected that Fan Yuan would say such words in front of others. He turned his head in disbelief to look at him.

Fan Yuan still had that gentle smile on his face, automatically filtering out Meng Zhan’s choking sound. He wiped the corner of Gu Yang’s mouth and held his hand, pulling him up.

“Meng Zhan, could you please help us clear the plates? We have something important to do now. Thank you.”

Meng Zhan’s cheeks turned red, and he nodded vigorously in response.

As Fan Yuan pulled Gu Yang along, Gu Yang looked back at the plates on the table, then at Fan Yuan, feeling a bit apprehensive as he asked, “What are we… going to do now?”

“We’ll find a place, and you’ll kiss me,” Fan Yuan said matter-of-factly.

Gu Yang nervously licked his lips, thinking that if he went through with it, he wouldn’t have a good time in the evening.

Taking advantage of the commotion caused by a group of freshmen rushing out, Gu Yang forcefully shook off Fan Yuan’s hand and turned around, running back towards the classroom.

The classroom was crowded, and Fan Yuan wouldn’t dare to kiss him in front of so many people.

However, Gu Yang forgot that when Fan Yuan was still a human, he had less physical stamina than Fan Yuan and couldn’t outrun him, especially now that Fan Yuan was a formidable fox.

He hadn’t run far when Fan Yuan caught him in the middle of the sports field, lifting Gu Yang up. Amidst the successive exclamations, Fan Yuan carried Gu Yang into the sports equipment storage room.

Once inside, Fan Yuan pressed Gu Yang against the wall.

His legs dangled in the air as he sat on Fan Yuan’s raised knee. Gu Yang closed his eyes, thinking that this time there was no escape from being kissed by Fan Yuan. But after waiting for a while, Fan Yuan still didn’t make a move.

Gu Yang couldn’t help but open his eyes and saw an expression of profound sadness in Fan Yuan’s pair of black eyes.

Fan Yuan just pressed Gu Yang against the wall, lowered his head to look at him, and when he saw Gu Yang open his eyes, a trace of helplessness curved his lips.

“Gu Yang, do you like that old fox so much? What’s better about him compared to me? I’m younger and better looking than him. Why can he touch you, but I can’t?”

Gu Yang’s mouth hung open in astonishment. He never expected Fan Yuan to say these things to him.

For Gu Yang, whether it was the old fox version of Fan Yuan with nine tails at night or the young fox version of Fan Yuan with only one tail during the day, it was the same person. From beginning to end, it was Fan Yuan.

But Fan Yuan with two personalities didn’t see it that way. They insisted on determining a hierarchy in Gu Yang’s eyes.

Looking at the slight sadness in the eyes of the young fox version of Fan Yuan, Gu Yang felt a pang in his chest.

In this world, the person who least wanted to hurt Fan Yuan and see him sad was Gu Yang.

Even though he knew that this situation had arisen because of the troublesome “The Marriage of Mrs. Fox” golden finger.

But… Gu Yang couldn’t ignore it.

He let out a soft sigh, took the initiative to embrace Fan Yuan’s neck, closed his eyes, and kissed him.

The corners of Fan Yuan’s lips curled larger and larger. After Gu Yang closed his eyes, the melancholy and sadness disappeared from his black eyes.

He was like a cunning hunter, pretending to be injured and hiding behind a trap, waiting for innocent prey to jump into his carefully laid trap and willingly worry for him.

Gu Yang had just resolved to keep his distance from Fan Yuan for a month, but he had broken that resolve in the afternoon.

He gently kissed the corner of Fan Yuan’s mouth. Fan Yuan seemed genuinely sad, and for a long time, he didn’t respond.

When Gu Yang tried to pull back slightly and open his eyes to take a look, Fan Yuan pressed him back against the wall and kissed him again, hard and forcefully.

Gu Yang’s mind was in chaos. He vaguely thought that even though the young fox version of Fan Yuan was so gentle, he could still be fierce when it came to kissing, just like the usual Fan Yuan.

But after the kiss, Fan Yuan gave Gu Yang a little sweetness.

Gu Yang noticed that the affection level Fan Yuan had for him in the palm-sized book in his left hand had increased by two points, now at 64 points.

Dealing with the young fox version of Fan Yuan didn’t seem so difficult after all. Gu Yang felt happy because of the two points that had increased.

During the afternoon classes, Fan Yuan and Gu Yang returned to the classroom as the bell rang.

The first class was Chinese, and Zhuo Wan didn’t even bother rolling her eyes. She waved her hand, signaling the two to quickly return to their seats. Then, with a casual glance, she noticed that Gu Yang’s mouth had turned red. She asked casually, “Gu Yang, what’s wrong with your mouth?”

Gu Yang suddenly covered his mouth and stood still.

Fan Yuan gently pushed Gu Yang, guiding him back into his seat, and calmly explained to Zhuo Wan, “Teacher Zhuo, Gu Yang overindulged at lunch and ate too much chili.”

Meng Zhan and Li Ziyan, who had lunch with Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, lowered their heads, pretending to be engrossed in their studies. Others might not know, but they were well aware that there wasn’t a single chili in the food Gu Yang had for lunch.

The closer they got to Gu Yang, the more they understood another side of Fan Yuan. Lying came so easily to Fan Yuan that it was a minor skill for him.

Fortunately, after kissing in the afternoon, Fan Yuan was much more well-behaved and didn’t bother Gu Yang. He didn’t want to disrupt Gu Yang’s studies either.

Of course, Fan Yuan’s big tail had to stay in Gu Yang’s pants. There was no negotiation about that.

The evening self-study for the senior students ended ten minutes later than for the junior and sophomore students. When the bell rang, Gu Yang looked at the dark sky outside the window and felt a bit nervous.

He didn’t know exactly when Fan Yuan would transform into an old fox. During this time, it felt like a reprieve before torture for Gu Yang.

It was tormenting and unbearable, and he had no solution.

On the way back, the partition in the car was raised early.

Fan Yuan wanted to kiss Gu Yang again, but Gu Yang covered his mouth and shrank to the other side of the back seat, clearly refusing.

Gu Yang wondered if the smells had already dissipated after so many hours since he kissed the young fox version of Fan Yuan at noon. He also didn’t know how the young fox version of Fan Yuan and the old fox version of Fan Yuan could distinguish each other’s scents. They were, after all, the same person.

If Gu Yang didn’t let him kiss, Fan Yuan would show a sad and melancholic expression. For Gu Yang, that expression was a direct hit.

Gu Yang let go of his hand covering his mouth, leaned forward, and laid on Fan Yuan’s body, burying his cheek on Fan Yuan’s leg. His voice sounded muffled, “Just kiss me already. You’re going to torment me sooner or later.”

Fan Yuan opened Gu Yang’s face and gently kissed him, soothing him near his ear. “How could I bear to torment you? I should cherish and play with you carefully for a lifetime.”

The car had excellent sound insulation. Once the partition was lowered, there was no need to worry about the driver hearing any noise.

So Fan Yuan became even more unbridled. He could hear all sorts of sounds Gu Yang made.

Fan Yuan carried Gu Yang into the house and placed him on the shoe rack. He helped Gu Yang change his shoes and take off his coat, then carried him to the sofa, looking extremely content.

“Do you want a late-night snack?” Fan Yuan asked.

Gu Yang nodded weakly and slumped on the sofa.

Fan Yuan pinched Gu Yang’s cheek again before heading to the kitchen.

He had been inside for half an hour without making any noise.

Gu Yang’s heart skipped a beat as he laid there. He stood up and cautiously called out, “Fan Yuan?”

The house was silent, as if there was no one else inside except for Gu Yang.

Gu Yang approached the kitchen slowly and called out again, “Fan Yuan?”


Suddenly, all the lights in the house went out, and Gu Yang was startled, frozen in place, not daring to move.

It was only when a pair of eyes emitting a faint light appeared from deep within the kitchen that Gu Yang breathed a slight sigh of relief.

He hurried over, reaching out and grabbing Fan Yuan’s hand, shaking it, accusing him, “Why were you silent all this time? The power suddenly went out, and you scared me.”

Fan Yuan turned his hand around, tightly gripping Gu Yang’s wrist, and lowered his head, leaning close to Gu Yang, his voice cold and filled with undisguised anger.

“Gu Yang, you still let him touch you.”

Gu Yang was momentarily stunned, but quickly realized that the person in front of him had switched to the old fox persona of Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan forcefully pulled Gu Yang closer, his nose brushing against Gu Yang’s cheek, stopping at the corner of his mouth. His voice was slow and filled with icy fragments.

“Are you not satisfied? Am I not enough for you? Why do you let him touch you?”

Gu Yang’s heart raced wildly. He forcefully shook off Fan Yuan’s hand, pushed him away, and turned around, groping in the dark as he rushed toward the stairs.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of fabric tearing from behind. Gu Yang didn’t have time to look back and was pinned to the ground by a heavy paw. He felt something fluffy supporting him from below, and it didn’t hurt.

When the lights were suddenly turned back on, Gu Yang turned his head with difficulty, only to see a gigantic white nine-tailed fox standing behind him. A large paw was pressing on his back, and the fox’s head was lowered, looking at him. Its mouth was slightly open, and the hot breath sprayed onto Gu Yang’s back.

Gu Yang’s brain was momentarily sluggish, but it soon started working again.

Looking at the swaying tails behind the large fox, he didn’t need to guess who this suddenly appearing fox was. Gu Yang couldn’t help but feel surprised. When he had long ears and a long tail, why didn’t he have the ability to transform into a living creature like this?

“Fan Yuan?” Gu Yang said.

The large fox’s fox eyes narrowed as it expressed its displeasure.

“Who else? If it’s not me, who else do you want?” The large fox’s voice was filled with dissatisfaction.

Gu Yang didn’t dare to speak. Anything he said would be wrong in front of the fox overwhelmed by jealousy.

Fan Yuan couldn’t stand Gu Yang avoiding eye contact with him. He lifted his paw high, and between the fur, a cold light flashed. With a swipe, Gu Yang’s clothes turned into tattered rags and fell to the ground.

Suddenly feeling the cold air, Gu Yang hunched down, instinctively holding the tip of Fan Yuan’s large tail that was beneath him tightly in his arms. 

This was entirely an unconscious action from Gu Yang. It seemed that in his subconscious, no matter how fierce and harsh Fan Yuan might appear or what he said, it wouldn’t cause him the slightest bit of substantial harm. 

With his tail unexpectedly grasped by Gu Yang, Fan Yuan, now in his large fox form, retracted his claws, lowered his fox head, and approached Gu Yang. 

His voice came out in a low whisper: “Do you know that your entire body is filled with the smell of that fox?” 

Gu Yang hid his face in the fur of Fan Yuan’s large fox tail and secretly made a grimace. 

Was Fan Yuan scolding himself for being smelly? 

Unable to stand Gu Yang not looking at him, Fan Yuan carefully retracted his sharp claws and pressed Gu Yang’s shoulders, pinning him under his paws, facing him. 

Gu Yang’s clothes had all turned into tatters, and this exposed posture didn’t suit him well. He immediately reached up and down, holding onto the large paws that were pressing against him, trying to block a little bit of pressure.

“I’ll eat you.” 

Fan Yuan’s large fox head extended towards Gu Yang’s face, and he exhaled hot breath. 

“I must punish you so that you’ll remember.” 

Gu Yang blinked innocently, thinking to himself that Fan Yuan could only threaten him like this. Could he really eat him? 

Later, Fan Yuan demonstrated to Gu Yang that he could. 

The villa’s lights went out again. 

Fan Yuan, the large fox, pinned Gu Yang to the ground and carefully washed him. 

With his large fox mouth. 

After the bath, Fan Yuan returned to his human form and carried Gu Yang to the bathroom. 

Gu Yang complained weakly, “Fan Yuan, you’re not human!” 

Fan Yuan didn’t say anything, he carried Gu Yang into the bathroom and turned on the hot water to take a bath together. 

Until Gu Yang was on the verge of falling asleep, Fan Yuan whispered firmly against his ear: “Not being human doesn’t mean I can’t kill you.” 

Gu Yang wanted to struggle, but he had no strength left. He fell asleep halfway through the bath and didn’t wake up even when Fan Yuan carried him back to bed, wrapped him in his nine tails. 

In the morning, the alarm kept ringing. 

Squinting, Gu Yang found his phone and turned off the alarm. Usually, Fan Yuan turned off the alarm, so why wasn’t he doing anything today? 

Rubbing his head, he sat up with the blanket messily wrapped around his waist. At first glance, he saw the young fox version of Fan Yuan already dressed and leaning against the wall. 【

Fan Yuan’s face showed an unmistakable sadness. His eyelashes drooped slightly, hiding the vulnerability in his dark eyes. He asked softly: “Gu Yang, how should I treat you so that you can stay away from that old fox?” 

Gu Yang felt his vision blur. He closed his eyes, fell back on the bed, and tightly covered his ears, pretending to be dead. 

But even with his eyes closed and his ears covered, his sense of touch was still there. 

A furry, large tail carefully wrapped around Gu Yang’s wrist. Unable to resist, Gu Yang opened his eyes and saw Fan Yuan crouched by the bed, his voice seemed to carry a plea: “Leave him, okay? Don’t be so cruel to me.” 

Gu Yang’s heart skipped a beat, unable to ignore the tender and cautious Fan Yuan in front of him, feeling sorry for him. It was as if he was being torn apart by the different personalities of Fan Yuan during the day and night. Yet, he knew that he loved both sides of Fan Yuan. 

Gu Yang turned his hand and held the tip of the wrapped tail, sighing helplessly, and began to apologize: “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again next time.” 

Gu Yang even had a feeling that he was a scumbag. 

How would he get through this month? 

Author’s note: 

Young fox version of Fan Yuan: Kiss me or make me sad, you choose. 

Old fox version of Fan Yuan: I’ll make sure you can’t think of anyone else. 

Gu Yang: What a mess.

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