Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 90

Chapter 90

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When the bell rang, the excited students were still a bit reluctant. Gu Yang and Fan Yuan, who had just caused trouble, didn’t plan to be late again. They turned around, holding hands, and dashed towards the teaching building.

Seeing them running, the other onlookers also reacted and rushed towards the classrooms together.

For a moment, the scene became even more lively and spectacular.

Throughout the morning, no one knew how many students were criticized by teachers for being late or how many were punished with cleaning duty for throwing their test papers and textbooks around.

But one thing Gu Yang was clear about was that the feeling of goodwill in Fan Yuan’s left palm had increased to 73 points.

The consequence of their recklessness was that Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were each given the task of writing a three-thousand-word self-reflection. Zhuo Wan demanded that they submit it the next day and it had to be sincere, without any perfunctory content.

Gu Yang was still in the excitement after causing trouble and didn’t pay much attention to Zhuo Wan’s requirements.

Throughout the rest of the day’s classes, Gu Yang remained happy.

After school, Gu Yang first went to prepare a medicinal alcohol.

He wanted to massage Fan Yuan’s right wrist. Fan Yuan had forcefully thrown Jiang Yanzhe, who was much larger in size, from the window earlier, and Gu Yang could imagine how painful his own wrist would be. With the college entrance examination approaching, he absolutely couldn’t let anything happen to Fan Yuan’s hand at this critical time.

Fan Yuan sat on the sofa, watching Gu Yang busily preparing. Although his face showed no expression, a fox tail behind him kept swaying.

As it swayed, one fox tail became two, two became four, and finally, all nine fox tails emerged, swaying in unison behind Fan Yuan. From a distance, they looked like a large white fluffy flower.

When Gu Yang approached with the medicinal alcohol, he immediately thought of this metaphor. However, he didn’t dare mention it to Fan Yuan unless he wanted to experience an exciting fox-mouth bathing service tonight.

Putting that aside, Gu Yang still worried about the fused fox personalities of Fan Yuan. He was afraid that those two childish fox personalities would cause trouble and make things restless at any moment.

Fan Yuan noticed Gu Yang’s concern and extended one tail to pat the spot beside him, beckoning Gu Yang to come over.

Gu Yang sat down with the medicinal alcohol and spread a dry towel on his leg. He took Fan Yuan’s right wrist and placed it on his own leg, then unscrewed the lid of the medicinal alcohol.

As the lid was unscrewed, the strong, pungent smell of alcohol and Chinese medicine spread out.

Gu Yang wrinkled his nose and rubbed the medicinal alcohol in his palm to warm it up before starting to massage Fan Yuan’s wrist.

The tails behind Fan Yuan slowly spread out, reaching towards Gu Yang.

The nine fox tails each had their own position. Some rested on Gu Yang’s shoulder, some wrapped around his waist. Every tail was sticky and didn’t match Fan Yuan’s indifferent expression at all.

“Are you worried about those two fox personalities?” 

Gu Yang carefully pressed and massaged Fan Yuan’s wrist, his palms warming up as they were covered in medicinal alcohol, the temperature becoming increasingly hot.

“I’m worried, but I’m not afraid to face it.”

Fan Yuan seemed quite satisfied with this answer. Suddenly, he leaned his body and rested his head on Gu Yang’s shoulder.

He was taller than Gu Yang, so this posture wasn’t comfortable at all.

But when Fan Yuan leaned over, his stray hair brushed against Gu Yang’s neck, making his heart ache even more.

The two fell into silence again, their silence never made them feel awkward.

Gu Yang continued to massage Fan Yuan’s wrist while occasionally exchanging glances with him. Their fingertips would touch or intertwine for a moment, causing their hearts to beat faster.

Thanks to the imprint of their soul, they could feel each other’s quickening heartbeat.

Although Fan Yuan had absorbed the two fox personalities brought by the “golden finger,” the powerful fox constitution still remained.

Throwing Jiang Yanzhe from the window was nothing but a light injury to his wrist at that time, and it had already healed by the afternoon.

However, seeing Gu Yang’s worried and serious expression, Fan Yuan didn’t refuse Gu Yang’s offer to massage his wrist with the medicinal alcohol.

Their hands gradually touched each other, interweaving and separating, carrying the scorching heat of the alcohol, creating an even hotter temperature together. This warmth made a hint of warmth slowly emerge in the depths of Fan Yuan’s heart.

If it were Gu Yang, who had already experienced many similar “golden fingers,” he would be familiar with this warmth.

But Fan Yuan was influenced by this animal-type “golden finger” for the first time and felt particularly unfamiliar with this indistinct warmth surging from his heart.

This heat came fiercely, starting from the position of Fan Yuan’s heart and quickly spreading throughout his entire body. When it reached his waist, hands, feet, tail, and ears, it immediately turned into an indescribable numbness. Even the white fur on his nine thick fox tails behind him stood on end.

Gu Yang was oblivious to this. He was still earnestly massaging Fan Yuan’s wrist.

Until Fan Yuan suddenly withdrew his hand, the wrist covered in medicinal alcohol was left behind his back, not caring if it stained his clothes or carried the scent.

“It’s enough, don’t massage anymore. Go and do your homework, and write your self-reflection too.” Fan Yuan’s voice was lower than usual when he spoke up.

Gu Yang’s gaze followed Fan Yuan’s hand as it moved behind his back, and his attention remained on Fan Yuan’s wrist. He didn’t notice Fan Yuan’s unusual behavior.

“Does it hurt anymore?” Gu Yang asked, still focused on Fan Yuan’s wrist.

Fan Yuan shook his head and urged Gu Yang once again, “It’s fine, it doesn’t hurt. You should go to the study room first.”

Seeing Fan Yuan’s firm attitude, Gu Yang could only stand up, holding the nearly empty bottle of medicinal alcohol and the towel. As he stood up, he noticed that the nine fox tails behind Fan Yuan seemed a bit thicker.

“Fan Yuan, your tails… why do they seem to have gotten thicker?”

Fan Yuan’s tails stood on end due to the spreading numbness all over his body. When he saw Gu Yang notice his tails, he immediately retracted all nine tails, leaving only one hidden behind him.

“You’ve mistaken, go and do your homework,” Fan Yuan said, his voice low.

Gu Yang shrugged and went to wash his hands in the bathroom before heading to the study room.

He finished all the homework for the day in the study room, and only then did Fan Yuan come to join him. He still had one fox tail hanging behind him.

Gu Yang glanced at the lone fox tail behind Fan Yuan and felt a bit regretful. He turned around, took out a blank piece of paper, and started writing his self-reflection.

He believed that writing a self-reflection wasn’t particularly difficult. He could sense that the head teacher didn’t actually intend to punish them.

The self-reflection was merely a formality, and it was uncertain if anyone would even read it. So, writing three thousand words and padding the content was enough.

Gu Yang thought this way because he didn’t pay close attention to the requirement mentioned by Zhuo Wan at the end.

Fan Yuan had spent a lot of time by himself, and various images of Gu Yang always surfaced in his mind.

He had to exercise great self-control to calm his ruffled tails, and then he went upstairs to the study room.

He sat beside Gu Yang but didn’t immediately start studying. Instead, he quickly searched something on the internet, then put down his phone with a slightly narrowed gaze.

Based on Gu Yang’s past experiences with long ears and long tails, Fan Yuan could easily guess the reason behind the recent feelings.

The reason was simple, only three words: estrus period.

Fan Yuan quickly found the information online about the estrus period of foxes. The estrus period for female silver foxes occurred from February to March every year, but Fan Yuan was a male fox. The online information stated: Male foxes are always in estrus.

Fan Yuan squinted his dark eyes and stared at the back of Gu Yang’s neck for a while. Finally, he forcibly suppressed all kinds of crazy thoughts in his mind and averted his gaze. He moved closer to Gu Yang and picked up the self-criticism letter that Gu Yang had just written, glancing at it. 

Seeing Gu Yang repeating the same sentence throughout the letter, for some inexplicable reason, Fan Yuan also took out a blank paper and started messing around just like Gu Yang. 

With a fondness level of 73 for Gu Yang, Fan Yuan occasionally refrained from reprimanding him as he used to and joined in on the playful antics, resulting in two very unsatisfactory self-criticism letters written in a random and chaotic manner. 

Having finished today’s study tasks, Gu Yang finally had time to check the cage room at the end of the corridor. The once well-kept cage room was now in a complete mess due to the impact. Fan Yuan had hired people to come and repair it, and the construction team would arrive after school to fix it. As he looked at the large iron door torn to pieces and scattered on the ground, Gu Yang couldn’t help but feel a bit sentimental. 

Fan Yuan pulled Gu Yang’s hand, not allowing him to keep staring at the damaged cage room. He turned around and led Gu Yang back to the bedroom. 

When Gu Yang caught up with him and turned around, he saw that Fan Yuan’s nine fox tails had suddenly transformed back from one tail. Without Fan Yuan even saying anything, Gu Yang naturally pressed himself against him. 

However, Gu Yang noticed that when he pressed against Fan Yuan, his nine tails seemed to have become a little plumper. 

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s hand and returned to the bedroom. He pushed Gu Yang to take a bath while he himself turned to go to the guest room. 

“The college entrance exam is approaching, and in order to ensure a good rest, starting today, I’ll sleep in the guest room.” 

Gu Yang’s foot, which had just stepped into the bathroom, was pulled back. Ever since he arrived at “Fan Yuan,” he had been sleeping with Fan Yuan on the same bed. Even when not sharing the bed, they slept together on the large swing inside the cage room. When had their sleeping arrangement ever affected the quality of their rest? 

Gu Yang was very unwilling to accept Fan Yuan’s noble and formal reason for sleeping separately. He raised his foot to follow Fan Yuan to the guest room but was stopped by Fan Yuan, who placed a finger on his forehead.

“Listen to me,” he said.

With those words, Fan Yuan turned and walked away. Gu Yang stood in place with his head lowered, his toes twitching forward. In the end, he didn’t chase after Fan Yuan but turned around and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

From that day onward, Fan Yuan and Gu Yang slept in separate rooms. But apart from sleeping separately, Fan Yuan treated Gu Yang as he always had, and their intimate gestures even increased.

The next day, when Zhuo Wan came to the classroom, she noticed a small bag of medicine on the podium. She looked inside and found that they were medications for reducing facial swelling.

The incident from the day before was a well-kept secret among Zhuo Wan, the head teacher, Gu Yang, and Fan Yuan. Regarding the injury on Zhuo Wan’s face, the classmates only knew that someone had caused trouble, but the details remained unclear.

They were curious but couldn’t find any clues no matter how they inquired, so they had to give up in the end.

Zhuo Wan neatly arranged the small bag of medicine and put it aside. Then she clapped her hands on the podium and asked Fan Yuan and Gu Yang to submit their three-thousand-word self-reflections.

Regardless of the secrecy surrounding the incident, the reason why Fan Yuan and Gu Yang had to write the self-reflections was clear to the classmates. After all, they had caused a big commotion during the break, and now everyone at Shu High School knew about their complicated relationship!

Gu Yang handed his self-reflection to Fan Yuan, who took both of their self-reflections and walked towards the podium to hand them to Zhuo Wan.

At first glance, Zhuo Wan didn’t scrutinize them closely. When she saw the pages filled with writing, she felt quite satisfied, thinking that these two students had a good attitude towards admitting their mistakes.

However, when she lowered her head and read carefully, her face immediately turned black.

On the top was Fan Yuan’s self-reflection, filled with three thousand words, but the only sentence that repeated throughout was pure nonsense:

“Sorry, I’m too excellent.”

Zhuo Wan had a bad feeling. She immediately went to check Gu Yang’s self-criticism letter and found it was no different: 

“I’m sorry, I’m too handsome.” 

The warm-hearted teacher, Zhuo Wan, who was just comforted by a pocketful of candy, immediately became irritable. She slammed a few sheets of paper on the podium and pointed at Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, shouting loudly: “Fan Yuan, Gu Yang! Stand up!” 

Gu Yang quickly stood up, and Fan Yuan followed suit slowly. 

With a sinister grin, Zhuo Wan looked at both of them and said, “You guys are too outstanding, huh? Too handsome, right? Love to play around, huh? Each of you write these words a thousand times, and hand it to me before the end of school today! You’re only allowed to write after class, not at your seats. Stand at the back and write!” 

The two of them obediently stood and endured Zhuo Wan’s criticism for five or six minutes before sitting down again. 

Gu Yang glanced at Fan Yuan and felt a bit embarrassed. 

Originally, the self-criticism was only three thousand characters long for messing around together, but now they had to write several thousand more characters as punishment. 

Fan Yuan took out a brand new white notebook from his desk and handed it to Gu Yang without saying anything. 

“After class, let’s go to the back and write together.” 

Gu Yang quickly took the notebook, thinking that it was just a matter of tiring their hands, nothing too serious. 

As soon as class was over, the two of them grabbed their pens and notebooks and stood together at the back of the classroom. Fan Yuan placed the notebook against the wall and quickly started rewriting the sentence, “I’m sorry, I’m too outstanding.” 

The space between the two rows of desks at the back of the classroom wasn’t very large, but they managed to stand together without much trouble. However, if they wanted to write while leaning against the wall, it was a bit challenging.

During the ten-minute break, Gu Yang could have easily gone to the back of the other two rows of desks to write his self-criticism, but since last night, they hadn’t slept on the same bed. Starting from last night, they were forced to sleep in separate rooms, so Gu Yang cherished every minute and second he could spend with Fan Yuan. 

As Fan Yuan swiftly wrote two lines, he suddenly turned to look at Gu Yang and patted his own back with the hand holding the pen. 

Gu Yang blinked his eyes, and a glimmer of light gradually appeared in his eyes. 

He immediately pressed his notebook against Fan Yuan’s back and began writing his self-criticism while leaning on Fan Yuan’s back. 

The atmosphere in the classroom during the break became peculiar again. The usually composed Fan Yuan was being punished to write, and not only that, he was standing at the back of the classroom, leaning against the wall while writing. 

And why couldn’t Gu Yang go to the other side to write? Why did he have to take his notebook and lean against Fan Yuan’s back to write?

 It was just a self-criticism, after all! Why were they being fed dog food even in this situation! 

The image of the two of them huddled together at the back of the classroom was enough to ignite people’s imaginations! 

Pan Fei felt satisfied as she turned her head and made a note of this moment in her phone’s notes app. She couldn’t wait for the college entrance exams to end so she could write a thrilling story and draw a vivid illustration with all the countless wild ideas she had accumulated. 

They had fun during the entire day’s break time, and finally, when it was time to leave school, they handed their self-criticisms to Zhuo Wan.

Zhuo Wan took the thick notebooks, quickly flipped through them, and sneered, “You think you can finish writing a thousand times? You sneaked in some writing during class, didn’t you?” 

Gu Yang didn’t expect Zhuo Wan to figure that out. He remained silent. 

Zhuo Wan put the notebooks aside and suddenly looked at Fan Yuan and Gu Yang with a bit of seriousness. “You two…” 

Gu Yang felt a bit nervous, thinking that Zhuo Wan was going to scold them. 

But to his surprise, Zhuo Wan started but stopped herself and waved them away, “Forget it, forget it. You’re practically adults now, and you should know your limits. Just go, don’t bother me.” 

Gu Yang felt relieved but also grateful to Zhuo Wan. She was indeed a good teacher. Perhaps not perfect, and maybe she had some flaws, but in the hearts of countless students, her image was always filled with warmth. 

After leaving the office, Gu Yang and Fan Yuan went back to their classroom to gather their belongings before heading home. 

On the way back, Gu Yang couldn’t help asking Fan Yuan again, “Tonight… Are we still sleeping separately?”

Fan Yuan didn’t say anything, he just looked at Gu Yang calmly with his dark eyes.

Gu Yang lowered his head and didn’t ask again. 

Even though Fan Yuan was the one who suggested sleeping separately, it seemed that Fan Yuan hated the idea more than Gu Yang did. 

Gu Yang firmly believed that Fan Yuan must have some unexplainable reasons for doing this. It had to be related to his troublesome “golden finger,” as Gu Yang was an old hand at these things, and he was usually spot on with his guesses. 

In the evening, after finishing their homework and completing today’s study tasks, they said their farewells in the study room and went to their respective bedrooms. 

Without Fan Yuan watching, Gu Yang didn’t bother blow-drying his hair after showering and came out directly. Looking at the empty bed, he hesitated for a moment and then took his blanket to the door of the guest room. 

He didn’t knock on the door; instead, he simply wrapped himself in the blanket and leaned against the door, closing his eyes. 

By dawn, Gu Yang would leave quietly without causing any psychological pressure on Fan Yuan. 

But how could the capable Fan Yuan not know that Gu Yang would come every night, leaning against the door and sleeping, and then leave quietly during the day? 

The more Gu Yang did this, the harder it was for Fan Yuan to suppress the impulses brought on by his estrus period. He would always succumb to the temptation and make some affectionate gestures towards Gu Yang during the day.

But each intimate moment came at a great cost. Fan Yuan’s fox tail hidden under his coat was constantly bristling throughout the day.

The longing for reassurance grew stronger and stronger, and the burning heat that spread from the depths of Fan Yuan’s heart intensified, making it impossible to ignore.

After several days of sleeping in separate beds, an unexpected incident occurred.

On that day, Gu Yang quietly came to the guest bedroom as usual, sitting on the floor with a blanket.

Just as he closed his eyes for a moment, he felt the entire villa tremble.

Gu Yang stood up abruptly and pounded on the door of the guest bedroom, shouting, “Fan Yuan! Fan Yuan! It feels like an earthquake! Wake up! Come out quickly!”

No matter how hard Gu Yang pounded on the door, there was silence inside the guest bedroom, as if Fan Yuan wasn’t there at all.

Gu Yang became frantic and ran to the kitchen, grabbing two kitchen knives. He took turns hacking at the door lock with all his strength until the blade was curled up and the surrounding wood was damaged and broken.

He threw the kitchen knives aside and kicked the loosened door lock with all his might until the door to the guest bedroom finally gave way.

The guest bedroom was pitch-black, with only the corridor’s motion-activated lights casting a faint glow, allowing Gu Yang to see only the front half of the room.

The tremors continued, and the entire villa was shaking slightly.

Gu Yang fumbled for the light switch on the wall, and when he looked towards the bed, he was startled by the sight of a large fox curled up in a ball.

He hadn’t expected Fan Yuan to be in his fox form and, on top of that, with nine tails. He was much larger than usual, which made the sight a bit intimidating.

Suddenly, the slight tremors intensified.

The large fox moved slightly, opening one fox eye to look at Gu Yang before burying its head back in its thick tail.

A hoarse voice came from within, “It’s not an earthquake. There’s nothing wrong. Go back to your room.”

With the guest bedroom door already pried open, Gu Yang had discovered Fan Yuan’s current state. How could he be willing to leave now?

He slowly approached the large fox, placing his hand on Fan Yuan’s body.

The soft and delicate fur of the fox felt smooth and supple in his hands, and Gu Yang couldn’t help but stroke it a few times.

But even with just a gentle touch, it seemed to stimulate Fan Yuan greatly. He turned his head and bared his sharp fox teeth at Gu Yang, warning him, “Leave here quickly!”

Hot breath from the fox’s mouth washed over Gu Yang’s cheek as he looked at the sharp teeth in front of him. Gu Yang blinked slowly and daringly reached out to touch the two large sharp teeth of Fan Yuan.

The teeth were hard and sharp at the tip, and it was evident how much damage they could cause.

After Gu Yang touched them, even though Fan Yuan’s fox face still carried a fierce expression, he instinctively opened his fox mouth a little wider, fearing that his sharp teeth might harm Gu Yang.

He extended a paw with retracted claws towards Gu Yang and pushed him away forcefully.

“Gu Yang, leave this place.”

With those words, the large fox Fan Yuan turned around and curled up into a huge ball once again.

Gu Yang furrowed his brows tightly. He not only refused to leave but pounced on Fan Yuan right away.

He climbed onto Fan Yuan’s back, using it as support, and embraced his neck.

Leaning close to Fan Yuan’s fox ears, Gu Yang whispered softly, “Fan Yuan, what’s really going on with you? Don’t hide it from me. Tell me, okay? I have a bit more experience than you in these matters.”

When Gu Yang mentioned experience, he was referring to his experience with developing animal ears and tails. But Fan Yuan misunderstood.

The large fox’s head moved slightly, and its fox ears, tilted forward, standing up a bit. The slits of its fox eyes opened.

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang, and his sharp fox pupils gradually contracted. “Experience?”

Gu Yang nodded vigorously. “You know, I… I’ve grown wolf ears and rabbit ears before. If there’s something bothering you, just let me know. Two heads are better than one, and we can figure out a solution together. Besides… I really don’t want to sleep in separate rooms with you anymore.”

Fan Yuan thought that Gu Yang was referring to experience in dealing with the estrus period.

Gu Yang was inviting him, wanting to help him through this troublesome period.

Clearly, Fan Yuan was struggling to restrain himself and not cause any harm to Gu Yang before the college entrance examination. Every day, he had to exert tremendous effort to control his impulses. 

In fact, he was even causing an imbalance of power within himself due to the excessive restraint, resulting in the violent shaking of the villa. At this critical and dangerous moment, Gu Yang took the initiative and ran over, extending an invitation to Fan Yuan. 

Although they couldn’t do anything substantial, maybe… they could go a bit further?

Fan Yuan squatted down, and his nine tails, bristling, swayed gently behind him. His fox ears stood upright.

Gu Yang climbed down from Fan Yuan’s back and stood in front of him, reaching out to touch Fan Yuan’s fox chin.

“Have you made up your mind? Can you tell me now what’s really going on with you? Why do we have to sleep separately? Is it because you can’t transform into a human at night?”

Gu Yang was guessing, and as soon as he finished speaking, Fan Yuan immediately transformed back into his human form right in front of him, completely naked.

In the next moment, Gu Yang was pulled into Fan Yuan’s embrace.

Fan Yuan, with fox-like pupils fixed on Gu Yang, hooked his finger under Gu Yang’s, gently pulling.

“Gu Yang, help me a little, just a little.”

Author’s note: Gu Yang: Stop talking. I regret asking.

Fan Yuan: Just help me a bit more?

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