Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 91

Chapter 91

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Even though it was just a simple grip on his fingertips, Gu Yang suddenly felt a slight sense of danger at that moment.

Fan Yuan’s fox eyes appeared mysterious under the corridor lights. His fingertips were hot, and his slender fingers held Gu Yang’s hand, gently pulling it at a steady pace towards him.

Gu Yang struggled to break free from Fan Yuan’s embrace and instinctively took a step back. However, his fingertips were still held by Fan Yuan.

“…What kind of help?” Gu Yang asked.

Fan Yuan’s lips curled up, but before Gu Yang could see the full expression on his face, the lights went out.

Gu Yang thought it was because the motion-activated lights didn’t sense any movement, so he stomped his foot, but no matter how much noise he made, the lights didn’t come back on.

A furry fox tail wrapped around Gu Yang’s wrist as Fan Yuan exerted force, bringing Gu Yang back into his embrace.

“Let’s go back to the bedroom.”

Gu Yang had been slightly afraid, but upon hearing the words “go back to the bedroom,” he suddenly felt relieved.

After all, his intention was to not sleep in separate rooms with Fan Yuan.

Although Fan Yuan hadn’t told him why they had to sleep separately these past few days, at least this inexplicable act of sleeping separately was coming to an end, and Gu Yang was happy about that.

When they returned to the bedroom, Gu Yang realized that all the lights in the entire villa were out.

“A power outage?” he wondered.

Fan Yuan hugged Gu Yang from behind, placing his hand over Gu Yang’s mouth.

“Don’t worry about it.”

When there was no indoor lighting, the night outside the window seemed brighter.

Through the bedroom window, Gu Yang could see a crescent moon in the night sky, surrounded by a few twinkling stars.

The light from those stars flickered in Gu Yang’s eyes, gradually becoming blurred.

Suddenly, Fan Yuan pulled the curtains shut, plunging the room into complete darkness. The two of them leaned against the window, in the quiet and windless room, as the curtains swayed.

Gu Yang finally understood what kind of “help” Fan Yuan meant and why they had to sleep separately these past few days.

But it was too late for Gu Yang to realize it. He raised his hands, tightly grabbing onto the curtains, pressing his head against them.

The soft fabric offered no comfort, just like his unruly thoughts.

Gu Yang witnessed the gradual brightening of the dawn, as dim light slowly seeped through the curtains, illuminating everything in the room.

It wasn’t until morning arrived that Gu Yang finally had the opportunity to lie back down and rest.

The large bed, empty throughout the night, had cool sheets that brought a sense of relief to Gu Yang’s overheated skin. But soon enough, even those cool sheets were imbued with the same warmth.

With his left arm covering his eyes, Gu Yang finally couldn’t hold back his tears.

“Fan Yuan, you’re not human… You’re really not human…”

Gu Yang faintly heard Fan Yuan chuckle, followed by his response, “Are humans more formidable than me?”

Gu Yang swore that he would never “help” Fan Yuan again.

In the morning, Fan Yuan carried Gu Yang on his back to the classroom. As they got off the car and arrived at the school, Gu Yang nearly knelt to the ground, his legs trembling uncontrollably. He had no choice but to let Fan Yuan carry him inside.

Throughout the journey, Gu Yang kept his face buried in the nape of Fan Yuan’s neck, finally realizing the difference in their physical stamina.

Although Fan Yuan exerted more energy and should have been more exhausted, it was only Gu Yang whose legs were shaking.

Fan Yuan carried Gu Yang across the sports field and into the teaching building, eventually arriving at the entrance of their classroom.

Upon reaching the classroom door, Gu Yang resisted and patted Fan Yuan’s back, wanting to get off and walk by himself.

They arrived at the classroom not too early, and there were already many people inside, chatting and making a commotion. Many people noticed Fan Yuan and Gu Yang at the entrance.

With his little face tensed up, Gu Yang felt that his dignity as a man was being challenged. With a determined expression, he jumped off Fan Yuan’s back.

Fan Yuan allowed Gu Yang to jump off, but his hands were already open, ready to catch him. Sure enough, as soon as Gu Yang landed, his knees buckled, and Fan Yuan caught him.

Fan Yuan didn’t mock Gu Yang; instead, he held Gu Yang’s waist and helped him into the classroom.

There were so many people watching in the classroom, and Gu Yang felt that if he were assisted inside, his masculine pride would be utterly destroyed.

Gu Yang pushed away Fan Yuan’s hand, raised his head, and glared at him. Gu Yang had a sleepless night, with a hint of redness around his eyes. Despite his attempt at intimidation, there was no power behind his glare.

Unbeknownst to Gu Yang, he thought his glare was particularly imposing.

Seeing Gu Yang’s determination, Fan Yuan let him go.

Gu Yang stood firmly, straightened his back, and took a slow step forward.

With the first step came the second step. Although he walked slowly, he walked with style.

At that moment, Zuo Wan walked in with the sound of high heels clicking. With a frown, she urged Gu Yang, “Gu Yang, quickly go back to your seat. What are you doing walking around?”

Laughter erupted in the classroom. Gu Yang tightened his lips, planning to grit his teeth and walk faster. But before he could do so, Fan Yuan lifted him from behind, carrying him three steps and placing him back in his seat.

The clothes on Gu Yang’s body had ridden up a bit from being carried by Fan Yuan, and as he was placed back in his seat, he pulled his clothes down in annoyance.

“Mind your own business. I can walk by myself!”

Fan Yuan pointed ahead and said, “I don’t care, but you’re blocking the way.”

The students in the front rows had just sat down in their seats, clearly delayed by Gu Yang’s stroll.

Gu Yang felt a bit embarrassed and shrugged his shoulders slightly. But then he thought that it was because of Fan Yuan that he was behaving like this. He shouldn’t feel ashamed. His slightly bent back immediately straightened up.

However, he straightened up a bit too much, and his waist made a “crack” sound. Fan Yuan looked over and his gaze fell to Gu Yang’s waist.

“Gu Yang, your physical fitness is weak. Find some time to exercise with me.”

Gu Yang slammed the book he had just taken out onto the table, imagining that he was slapping Fan Yuan’s face.

But as he imagined it, the force behind his action involuntarily diminished.

Gu Yang stared at the book that he had gently placed on the table, becoming angrier the more he thought about it. He forcefully picked it up and slammed it back onto the table.

Throughout this whole act, he used his left hand.

Fan Yuan leaned closer to help Gu Yang open the book and then held Gu Yang’s hand against his own face, gently tapping it twice.

“Satisfied? How does your hand feel?”

As soon as the topic of his hand came up, Gu Yang’s emotions, which had slightly calmed down, flared up again.

He grabbed a pen with his right hand, but as soon as he applied pressure, he felt stiffness and soreness. The pen slipped from his fingertips and fell back onto the table.

Both of their gazes followed the rolling pen, which came to a stop when it collided with a pile of books.

Gu Yang didn’t feel like studying anymore and simply rested his head on the table, burying his face in his arms, intending to sleep.

At this stage of intense preparation, Fan Yuan wouldn’t allow Gu Yang to sleep during morning self-study. However, he had indeed gone too far last night, so he let Gu Yang doze off on the table during self-study.

Gu Yang drowsily thought to himself while resting his head on the table:

Why is it that we both had an active night, but only he feels tired, while Fan Yuan seems full of energy as if he took some sort of stimulant?

Could it be related to the positions they were in?

Suddenly, Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s right hand, which was resting on the side. Gu Yang instinctively tried to pull his hand back, but he felt Fan Yuan gently massaging his fingers with his slightly cool fingertips.

The massage was gentle, and the temperature was the one he was most familiar with. Gu Yang turned his face to the side, his tightly pursed lips slowly relaxing and forming a slight curve.

Although self-study was meant for catching up on sleep, Gu Yang still restrained himself. He knew that these last few months were not the time to relax. As soon as the bell for class rang, he sat up, moved his right hand, and, after being massaged by Fan Yuan the entire morning, it felt considerably more comfortable. However, there was still some stiffness when he moved his fingers.

Seeing that the second mock exam was approaching, Gu Yang didn’t dare to relax at all. He hadn’t caught up to Fan Yuan’s grades yet, so he needed to work even harder.

Fortunately, Fan Yuan had some sense. The phrase “help a little” only came up once, and in the following days, Fan Yuan never mentioned it again.

Gu Yang gradually forgot about that matter and devoted himself entirely to studying. When Zhuo Wan announced the date for the second mock exam, Gu Yang noticed that Fan Yuan’s complexion had darkened these past few days.

He seemed to be suppressing something, carrying a sense of anxiety that Gu Yang had never seen before.

Seeing that Gu Yang had been staring at him, Fan Yuan suddenly reached out, pinched Gu Yang’s chin, and turned his face away so that Gu Yang couldn’t look at him.

“Focus on your questions.”

In front of Gu Yang was a test paper that Fan Yuan had just given him. These were the types of questions that specifically targeted Gu Yang’s weaknesses, and he would solve a few of them every day.

Today was no exception. Gu Yang picked up his pen, but he soon realized that the questions seemed much more difficult than before.

Gu Yang initially thought it was a coincidence, so he solved a few more questions. Unable to resist, he flipped through his textbook and then turned to look at Fan Yuan.

“These questions…”

Fan Yuan’s dark gaze shifted back, indicating that if Gu Yang had something to say, he should say it.

Gu Yang pointed at the questions and wrote down a few formulas that were clearly beyond the scope of the regular college entrance examination. He pushed the test paper toward Fan Yuan.

“Look, these questions are obviously more difficult than the regular college entrance examination. They’re more like competition-style questions.”

Fan Yuan only glanced at the questions before shifting his gaze away, continuing to solve his own questions.

“Aren’t you trying to catch up to me? How can you catch up without tackling these questions?”

When Gu Yang mentioned catching up to Fan Yuan, he meant reaching the level of attending the same university as him, not reaching the insane heights that Fan Yuan had achieved.

But Gu Yang knew that Fan Yuan had been enduring a lot these days. The male fox was always in heat, which made Gu Yang subconsciously keep a little distance from Fan Yuan when sleeping. Even though he leaned against Fan Yuan, he would immediately be ensnared by his nine fox tails, which would slither into his clothes. Fortunately, Fan Yuan didn’t do anything more than that.

Gu Yang stared at Fan Yuan’s deep black eyes and didn’t dare to argue. He quietly took back the test paper and continued solving the questions.

He rarely encountered such difficult question types, so naturally, his accuracy rate was shockingly low.

Fan Yuan never criticized Gu Yang’s scores; instead, he patiently explained the questions after grading his papers.

Seeing Fan Yuan like this, Gu Yang gradually relaxed. He thought that it didn’t matter how challenging the questions were; as long as Fan Yuan was happy, it was fine.

Little did he know that after Fan Yuan finished explaining the questions, he took the timing notebook placed in the center of the table and opened a new page. With a marker, he wrote a new number: 1500.

Gu Yang’s eyes widened, and he quickly grabbed the notebook from Fan Yuan’s hand, pointing at the number 1500 as he questioned him, “Why did you suddenly add so much time? Even if I made all the mistakes, it shouldn’t have added up to this much!”

Fan Yuan reached out and pinched the back of Gu Yang’s neck, his fingertips lightly touching the inside of Gu Yang’s necklace, causing Gu Yang’s shoulders to involuntarily tremble.

“The difficulty of the question types increased, so naturally, the added time for mistakes also doubles.”

Doubles? By how much?

It didn’t look like it had only doubled!

Feeling the fingers on his neck, Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan’s increasingly deep black eyes but didn’t ask.

He felt that Fan Yuan was waiting for him to ask, and there must be something terrifying waiting for him. He couldn’t give in to Fan Yuan’s intentions.

Seeing that Gu Yang remained silent, Fan Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly, seeming somewhat regretful. But it didn’t matter; he had endured for so long, so what would a little more endurance do?

The more delicious something is, the more it should be savored until the end.

It should be enjoyed bit by bit, so that he could fully appreciate its taste.

The consequence of Gu Yang not asking was that the difficulty of the questions he had to solve every day became increasingly harder, and the numbers in the timing notebook became more and more terrifying. It was heading towards 3000, and Gu Yang had become somewhat numb.

However, there were also some changes during these days. Gu Yang noticed that Fan Yuan started going to the bathroom more frequently at night, and each time he returned, he would bring a coolness with him.

But Fan Yuan still remained the Fan Yuan who could make Gu Yang ache to his bones. Once his body returned to its normal temperature, he would embrace Gu Yang again.

Because of the frequent disturbances during the night, Fan Yuan’s mental state wasn’t as good, and he developed faint dark circles under his eyes.

Gu Yang couldn’t bear to see Fan Yuan like this. After completing another set of questions given by Fan Yuan, he reached out and tugged at Fan Yuan’s sleeve.

Due to the incident last time, Gu Yang had been intentionally avoiding excessive physical contact with Fan Yuan. So when Gu Yang actively grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve, the fox tail hidden behind Fan Yuan immediately emerged and tightly entwined around Gu Yang’s wrist.

Fan Yuan, with eyes as deep as a starless night, looked at Gu Yang, and the pen in his hand tightened its grip.

“Gu Yang, are you trying to seduce me? Do you know the consequences?”

Gu Yang took a deep breath but didn’t release his grip on Fan Yuan’s sleeve. Instead, he directly inserted his hand into Fan Yuan’s left hand.

Fan Yuan immediately grasped Gu Yang’s fingers, and his fingertips inexorably pressed into the gaps between Gu Yang’s fingers, firmly intertwining with Gu Yang’s ten fingers.

Gu Yang looked at the timing notebook with the increasingly terrifying numbers and raised his hand, placing the pitiful “Do not touch the timing notebook” card next to it, near the edge of the table.

“Fan Yuan, as long as you can make progress in this mock exam compared to the last one, I will agree to… “

Realizing what Gu Yang was about to say, Fan Yuan suddenly leaned closer, and their distance closed in an instant. Gu Yang’s heart pounded irregularly.

“Agree to what?”

Gu Yang tilted his head slightly, avoiding Fan Yuan’s gaze, but he didn’t shy away from his proximity.

“Agree to… help you a little more… after the results of the mock exam are announced.”

At the next moment, Fan Yuan unexpectedly reached out and clasped the back of Gu Yang’s neck, bringing their bodies closer together. They hid behind a pile of books and shared a brief kiss.

It was more accurate to say that Fan Yuan forcefully bit Gu Yang.

“Gu Yang, you have to… give me some sweetness first.”

Gu Yang remained silent, which was considered an agreement.

During lunch break, they were the first to leave and the last to return, still carrying bread in their hands.

Meng Zhan turned his head slyly and teased, “You two always leave early and come back late, and you haven’t even eaten enough?”

Gu Yang forced a smile, his expression stiff.

After class at noon, Fan Yuan took him to the sports equipment storage room. Once they entered, Fan Yuan’s mouth didn’t rest. They didn’t have time to eat; they were still hungry.

Normally, Fan Yuan would ignore such teasing, but today, he seemed to be in a good mood. He looked at Gu Yang, who had lowered his head, and reached out to ruffle his hair.

“En, Gu Yang is greedy.”

Gu Yang lowered his head even further, grinding his back teeth. Who was the greedy one here!

In fact, Gu Yang had his own little thoughts when he made this agreement with Fan Yuan.

After all, Fan Yuan’s grades were already top-notch, and even if he worked harder, it wouldn’t be easy for him to make further progress. So, the agreement made by Gu Yang… was simply to let Fan Yuan sleep peacefully at night.

In the nights leading up to the second mock exam, Fan Yuan seemed to have some expectations, and he didn’t frequent the bathroom as much.

Life quickly settled down, and Gu Yang immersed himself in studying. He became numb to the increasingly terrifying numbers in Fan Yuan’s timing notebook.

He thought that this time, the “Mrs. Fox’s Marriage” golden finger should end peacefully.

Although the beginning was chaotic, the ending was relatively calm. Everything continued smoothly until the second mock exam ended, and it was time to release the results.

In fact, the day before the results were released, the teachers who came to teach the senior class would occasionally look at Fan Yuan and Gu Yang strangely, shaking their heads or nodding as if they were looking at some rare creatures.

It wasn’t just the teachers; the other students in the senior grade also found it strange. It was incredibly strange.

It wasn’t until the next day, when the results were released, that they understood why the teachers had been acting so strangely.

Gu Yang’s scores jumped straight to third place in the grade. It should be noted that achieving further progress at a certain level was not an easy task.

However, within the short span of a month, from the first mock exam to the second mock exam, Gu Yang’s score had reached third place in the grade. Such progress was considered terrifying.

But what was even more terrifying was Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan remained the first in the grade, but it didn’t stop there.

His total score was only two points below a perfect score across all subjects, with those two points deducted from the Chinese essay.

It was heard that the teachers who were grading the papers wanted to give him a perfect score on his essay, but after discussing it, several teachers were concerned that if Fan Yuan received a perfect score, it would affect his future performance and potentially lead to complacency. So, they decided to deduct two points as a symbolic gesture.

When the grades were released, there was an uproar in Class 1 of the senior year. Their class leader, Fan Yuan, the all-around male god, solidified his position even further. It seemed that after Fan Yuan graduated, no one would be able to take his place as the all-around male god.

Gu Yang looked at the report card he received and was stunned. It wasn’t because of his own grades but because of Fan Yuan. He never expected that Fan Yuan could still improve.

Fan Yuan rested his chin on his hand, his dark eyes staring intently at Gu Yang. In those deep black eyes, it seemed like tumultuous waves were churning, waiting to engulf Gu Yang in the evening.

Gu Yang recalled his trembling legs and shaky hands after the last “helping hand” incident. His mind was in a mess, and in his panic, he did something bad.

He regretted it. After Fan Yuan carried him and hung him on his shoulder in the evening, tears streamed down Gu Yang’s face, dropping into the nape of Fan Yuan’s neck.

Fan Yuan’s steps became slower and slower, and eventually, he put Gu Yang back on the ground.

Gu Yang’s face was already tear-stained, his eyelashes wet with tears sticking together in small clumps, making him appear even more fragile.

Fan Yuan raised his hand, frustrated, and messed up his black hair. For the first time, the usually mature and steady Fan Yuan revealed such a volatile side.

“Gu Yang, why are you crying?”

Gu Yang wiped his tears with his hand, his eye corners red, and his nose red as well. His voice sounded soft and pitiful, every word laced with a pleading tone.

“I-I want to study… I haven’t finished the test paper…”

Fan Yuan was momentarily speechless. He never expected that one day, studying would become a barrier between them.

He knew that Gu Yang was pretending to cry, and he knew that Gu Yang wanted to play tricks, but when he looked at Gu Yang’s red-rimmed eyes and his restless toes curling on the carpet, Fan Yuan couldn’t help but soften.

He turned around, wiping Gu Yang’s shoulder, and left. The warmth emanating from him caused the breeze created by his movement to feel warm as well.

As the warm breeze brushed against Gu Yang’s skin, his shoulders couldn’t help but tremble, almost causing him to turn around and throw himself into Fan Yuan’s arms. Fortunately, he only turned around and held back.

Fan Yuan walked to the door of the study and turned to look at Gu Yang, shouting angrily:

“Aren’t you supposed to study? Come over.”

Gu Yang hiccuped softly, knowing he had won, and hurriedly walked over. Just as he reached the doorway, Fan Yuan pressed him against the wall.

Seeing Fan Yuan lower his head and get closer, Gu Yang widened his eyes, frightened and forgetting to continue pretending to cry.

“I thought you wanted to study?”

Fan Yuan clenched his fist with his right hand, pressing it against the wall above Gu Yang’s head. He leaned closer to Gu Yang, his nose almost touching Gu Yang’s nose. His dark eyes scrutinized Gu Yang from top to bottom.

“Gu Yang, this time, I’ll let it go.”

Fan Yuan continued to lower his head, his breath spraying on Gu Yang’s neck.

“But next time…”

His words trailed off as Fan Yuan suddenly bit down on Gu Yang’s shoulder, leaving behind a dark purple mark.

He didn’t say what would happen next time, but Gu Yang was already intimidated.

The promise of “helping a little” was once again thrown back at Gu Yang, and the days passed neither hurriedly nor slowly until the last two days before the end of “The Marriage of Mrs. Fox.”

It was Saturday, and there would be no evening self-study tomorrow. The classroom was filled with a relaxed atmosphere during evening self-study on this day.

Since that day, Fan Yuan never mentioned the “helping a little” matter again, and he no longer frequented the bathroom in the evening. Apart from the increasingly fierce gaze he directed at Gu Yang, it seemed like that ferocious bout of estrus had passed smoothly.

At first, Gu Yang was a little afraid of Fan Yuan’s terrifying gaze, but soon he got used to it and adapted quite well. Despite Fan Yuan glaring at him with such intensity, he still increased Gu Yang’s likability by 2 points.

With a likability score now reaching 75 points, Gu Yang felt more confident. He only wished for this “golden finger” to end so that Fan Yuan would no longer want his “help a little.”

Just when he was feeling proud, something unexpected happened.

During evening self-study, Gu Yang lifted his head in between solving problems to take a sip of water. He noticed that the water bottle on the table was shaking slightly, not just the water bottle, even the chair he was sitting on seemed to be trembling slightly.

The classmates in the classroom were all studying attentively, and no one noticed this situation.

Gu Yang remembered the slight tremors caused by Fan Yuan in the small villa and immediately looked at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan was reading with his head down, but he hadn’t turned a page for a long time.

Gu Yang reached out and placed his hand on Fan Yuan’s arm, feeling the heat radiating from his body.

“Fan Yuan? Did you do this?”

Fan Yuan slowly raised his head, his eyes already completely contracted into fox-like slits, staring at Gu Yang.

“What did I do?”

Gu Yang grew anxious and moved closer.

“The ground is shaking.”

Fan Yuan furrowed his brows slightly, as if he had just noticed it himself.

“I can’t control my power.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the entire Shangshu High School experienced a power outage.

The sudden power outage caused panic, but fortunately, nobody noticed the strange slight tremor.

Gu Yang anxiously leaned close to Fan Yuan’s ear and urged him.

“Fan Yuan, please control it quickly!”

Fan Yuan remained motionless, allowing Gu Yang to approach him. He tilted his head slightly, avoiding the heat exhaled by Gu Yang.

“I can’t do it.”

Gu Yang was taken aback.

“Why not?”

Fan Yuan tightly grasped Gu Yang’s hand, his palm scorching hot, almost burning Gu Yang.

“Gu Yang, you know why.”

Gu Yang suddenly calmed down. Yes, he knew why.

Fan Yuan’s estrus period was clearly different from the previous few times because of his identity as a nine-tailed fox. He possessed stronger power and a more deadly estrus period.

During these days, he had been restraining his estrus period while controlling the immense power within him.

There would always be moments when he couldn’t control it, like now.

Gu Yang sighed softly, then willingly nestled into Fan Yuan’s embrace in the chaotic darkness. He gently rubbed his forehead against Fan Yuan’s chin.

“Fan Yuan, just hold on a little longer, okay? Just a little longer.”


The rest of his words were whispered into Fan Yuan’s ear, with a barely audible voice.

The entire school had a power outage for only a few minutes. When the lights came back on, the slight tremor had long disappeared, unnoticed by anyone.

If someone were to look back, they would see their Class Monitor Fan, who had been sitting tensely for the past few days, suddenly relaxing. He looked like a large beast waiting for a sumptuous meal.

Beside him, Gu Yang’s posture suddenly became rigid.

In front of Gu Yang, a large sheet of white paper was placed on the table, with three bold words written on it, pushed over by Fan Yuan.

The three words stood out arrogantly on the white paper, impossible to ignore.

These three words were: “A little favor.”

The “little favor” that Gu Yang had finally managed to wriggle out of had returned to him, undergoing the ultimate evolution and becoming the “little favor’s” ultimate form.

He angrily grabbed the sheet of paper, crumpled it into a ball, and threw it into the trash can.

After crumbling the paper, Gu Yang felt somewhat relieved.

He lifted his head, only to see the timer notebook placed in the center of the table.

On it was written: 5000.

Gu Yang gasped for a moment, and he no longer cared about the evening’s “little favor.”

He desperately grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve and anxiously pleaded:

“Fan Yuan, can I apply for installment payments?”

Author’s note: Fan Yuan: Are you still playing tricks?

Gu Yang: N-No, I won’t!

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