Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 93

Chapter 93

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In the early part of the night, the bed was always cold. It wasn’t until the latter half of the night that it gradually warmed up. Gu Yang and Fan Yuan had their first intimate embrace, and Gu Yang slowly began to enjoy it.

As spring approached, the weather became warmer. At dawn, the yard of the small villa was filled with chirping sparrows, making a continuous noise.

This chirping had been a regular occurrence in the past few days, and Gu Yang had already gotten used to it. It didn’t affect his sleep at all, and Fan Yuan had also adapted well to it. But today was different.

Thin layers of frost began spreading from the center of the bedroom, gradually climbing up the walls. The frost grew thicker, and the entire bedroom turned into an ice-sealed room. The windows were also covered in thick frost, causing the chirping of the sparrows outside to diminish.

In his sleep, Gu Yang turned over, and his arm reached out from under the blanket and hung over the side of the bed. Immediately, a hand from behind held his arm and pulled it back under the covers. Then, Gu Yang’s entire body was flipped over like a big doll and embraced by Fan Yuan.

It was only when the alarm clock rang that Gu Yang reluctantly opened his eyes and sat up, rubbing his heavy head.

As he sat up, the blanket slid down, and the chilly air in the room clung to him. Gu Yang sneezed and quickly covered himself with the blanket again.

Fan Yuan had already gotten out of bed to put on his clothes. He stood with his back facing Gu Yang, showcasing his perfect back muscles.

Unable to resist, Gu Yang glanced twice, but his gaze then fell on the alarm clock on the bedside table, which had frozen into an iceball. He then noticed that the entire bedroom was frozen, which explained why he felt so cold.

After dressing, Fan Yuan came back and stood in front of Gu Yang, watching him struggle to get dressed under the covers.

Gu Yang’s nose had turned slightly red from the cold, but he kept shaking his head, saying, “I’m not cold, it looks good.”

Fan Yuan sat back down on the bed. As soon as he sat down, all the frost in the room immediately melted away. The melted water didn’t touch anything as it flowed through the gaps of the window and seeped into the ground.

Finally, the warm air from the air conditioner started blowing smoothly. Gu Yang shivered and then pulled the blanket open. He had already put on his upper clothes, but his legs were still bare.

Suddenly, Fan Yuan pinched Gu Yang’s waist, lifted him up, and placed him sideways into his arms. He took a pair of pants and tried to help Gu Yang put them on.

Gu Yang had long, white, and perfectly proportioned legs, not overly skinny but rather pleasantly plump. They contrasted significantly against Fan Yuan’s black pants when spread out, showcasing the difference.

Unconsciously, Gu Yang curled and stretched his toes repeatedly, obviously feeling nervous.

“I can do it myself…”

Ignoring him, Fan Yuan bent down to slip Gu Yang’s legs into the pants, and when he got to the knee, he pinched Gu Yang’s calf.

Although Fan Yuan’s fingers were cold, Gu Yang reacted as if he had been burned, immediately lifting both legs.

When he got to the end, without Fan Yuan saying anything, Gu Yang propped himself up slightly using Fan Yuan’s leg, allowing him to put on the pants.

As he buttoned up, Fan Yuan took the opportunity to pinch Gu Yang’s soft belly, which looked slightly chubby due to his sitting posture.

“Gu Yang, you seem to have gained weight.”

Gu Yang’s face became flushed from Fan Yuan helping him put on the pants. He felt a bit dizzy in the head, but now he was instantly alert. He pushed away from Fan Yuan and jumped off his lap.

Standing in front of Fan Yuan, Gu Yang lifted his shirt hem, revealing his slender waist.

“Take a good look! Where did I gain weight? Where is there any fat? Who wouldn’t have a bit of belly fat when sitting like this? You try pinching it, you can’t even pinch anything!”

In front of Fan Yuan, Gu Yang’s warm, delicate belly fat swayed. The buttons on his pants were still unfastened and loosely hanging over his curved hip bones, seemingly about to fall off at any moment.

Fan Yuan extended a hand to pinch Gu Yang’s waist, the curve there seemingly able to be grasped with just one hand.

He lowered his head and earnestly zipped up Gu Yang’s pants and fastened the button. Then, he pulled down the hem of the shirt that Gu Yang was holding and tidied it up before looking up at Gu Yang.

“I saw it; you’re not fat.”

Suddenly feeling uncomfortable, Gu Yang turned around and tried to run out without even putting on his shoes. However, Fan Yuan caught up with him halfway and carried him while slowly walking downstairs.

Once they reached the ground floor, Fan Yuan placed Gu Yang on the sofa and then went to the kitchen to make breakfast, but he took a long time to come back.

Gu Yang tiptoed and found a pair of slippers to wear to avoid getting scolded by Fan Yuan. He then entered the kitchen and saw Fan Yuan using long chopsticks specifically for hot pot ingredients. However, the ingredients he picked up froze immediately.

It seemed that Fan Yuan had been struggling for a while. Even with those long chopsticks, he couldn’t prevent the ingredients from freezing. He was now like a mobile freezer, freezing everything he touched, except for Gu Yang. It seemed he couldn’t perfectly control the power brought by this new ability.

Gu Yang chuckled quietly and then approached, snatching the chopsticks from Fan Yuan’s hand and placing them on the countertop. He then took Fan Yuan’s hand and pulled him outside.

“It’s too late; let’s buy something and eat it in the car.”

Fan Yuan didn’t object, his dark eyes lowered, watching Gu Yang holding his hand, and he slowly tightened his grip.

Feeling the strength in his hand, Gu Yang turned his head to look at Fan Yuan, and his lips curled up.

When they opened the door of the small villa, the noisy sparrows in the courtyard became even more lively.

Although Gu Yang couldn’t understand what they were saying, ever since the previous time he got the “rabbit bride” gold finger, he had grown even more fond of small animals.

Unaware of it, as soon as Fan Yuan opened the door, his dark eyes slightly narrowed, and his gaze fell on the sparrows. There was no emotional fluctuation in his eyes; it was like he was looking at inanimate objects.

In the next moment, cold ice emanated from the soles of Fan Yuan’s feet, rapidly freezing everything along the way, including the sparrows on the ground and in the trees. In an instant, the entire courtyard fell silent.

The ice only avoided Gu Yang, leaving a circle of unfrozen land around him.

Gu Yang was startled and turned back to hold Fan Yuan’s hand, shaking his head disapprovingly.

“Fan Yuan, you can’t do that.”

Fan Yuan’s gaze returned to Gu Yang, and there was a trace of warmth in his dark eyes.

Taking a step forward, Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan seriously and said again, “You can’t do that.”

Fan Yuan suddenly acted a bit childish, and the ice instantly melted away. The sparrows that had been frozen for a few seconds flew away in a panic, and the courtyard regained its tranquility.

Gu Yang didn’t scold Fan Yuan; instead, he lightly stroked the palm of his hand with his fingertips and continued to lead him outside.

The driver was already waiting outside the villa. When he saw the two coming out, he immediately got out of the car to greet them and opened the car door for them.

Gu Yang nodded to the driver, saying, “Thank you, uncle. We’ll trouble you today too.”

The driver shook his head, but he noticed that Fan Yuan, who usually had good manners, completely ignored him and directly sat in the car.

Gu Yang didn’t say anything, just smiled at the driver and then got into the car as well.

As soon as he got in, Fan Yuan lowered the partition, patted his leg, and said, “Gu Yang, I’m cold.”

Gu Yang didn’t say much, just crawled over and nestled into Fan Yuan’s arms.

Fan Yuan unbuttoned his coat and wrapped Gu Yang inside, slightly easing the coldness in his dark eyes.

Gu Yang pressed his ear against Fan Yuan’s chest, listening to the steady heartbeat, feeling the connection between their marks. He thought of the moment when Fan Yuan froze all the sparrows just now.

Because a malicious shard of the mirror pierced Fan Yuan’s heart, causing him to lose almost all of his emotions, the malevolence within him was triggered. For the following month, Gu Yang kept thinking that he must keep a close eye on Fan Yuan and prevent him from doing irreparable wrongs.

In the end, it all started because of him, Gu Yang.

The driver stopped the car at a breakfast shop. Gu Yang asked Fan Yuan to wait in the car while he went down to buy breakfast. Fan Yuan was reluctant, in the end, the two went hand in hand to buy breakfast.

Fan Yuan could now rapidly cool anything he touched, so Gu Yang was cautious about letting him touch the breakfast. Gu Yang personally unpacked the food, feeding the freshly made sandwich to Fan Yuan’s lips. Fan Yuan took a bite, and then Gu Yang took a bite, and they slowly ate all the way. Fortunately, they finished breakfast just in time before reaching the school.

Gu Yang finished the last sip of milk with a small belch, and there was a bit of white milk residue at the corner of his mouth.

Unaware, he got out of the car first. Fan Yuan followed behind him and pulled Gu Yang’s arm, bringing him back and directly kissing the corner of his mouth, eating away the milk residue.

Gu Yang swore he even heard a few gasps. He raised his hand to hold Fan Yuan’s shoulder, wanting to push him away, feeling the coldness under his palm. But he couldn’t bear to push him away and allowed Fan Yuan to kiss him several more times before retreating.

To the present Fan Yuan, Gu Yang was his only source of warmth, and Gu Yang couldn’t bring himself to push him away.

Since he couldn’t push him away, he decided to indulge him.

After kissing Gu Yang, Fan Yuan held his hand tightly, and his frozen face finally showed some relaxation.

His heart was frozen, but not his brain. He knew that Gu Yang had wanted to push him away just now but refrained from doing so. This made him happy, as if his frozen heart had a trace of warmth again.

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan’s frozen face, stood on his tiptoes, and vigorously rubbed Fan Yuan’s black hair. Then, he dragged Fan Yuan towards the school.

He appeared calm on the surface, but his ears turned red. He wasn’t quite used to this level of intimacy in public.

Walking on the campus, Gu Yang started to babble instructions to Fan Yuan.

“When you see Teacher Zhuo later, make sure to greet her, understand? Don’t feel troubled or think it’s meaningless. Just do it because of me, because I want you to greet her. Not just Teacher Zhuo, but also the head teacher and other teachers, you have to greet them as well, got it?”

These things were just basic etiquette for the once impeccably masked Fan Yuan.

But for the current Fan Yuan, it wasn’t. Gu Yang even had a hazy feeling that the Fan Yuan now, with his heart frozen by malice, was perhaps the original version of him before putting on the perfect mask.

The morning on the campus was undoubtedly bustling, with students and teachers rushing to attend classes, creating a chaotic scene.

Fan Yuan despised such commotion. Although he was holding Gu Yang’s other hand, he formed frost several times, only to melt it away when Gu Yang looked over.

Though it was noisy, Gu Yang’s chatter brought a sense of calmness to Fan Yuan.

Finally, they arrived at the entrance of their classroom. Gu Yang took a deep breath, holding Fan Yuan’s hand, and they walked in.

As they passed the podium, Gu Yang greeted first, “Good morning, Teacher Zhuo.”

Teacher Zhuo nodded and instinctively looked at Fan Yuan, waiting for his greeting.

Fan Yuan felt Gu Yang shake the hand he was holding, and although his face didn’t show the usual mask-like smile, he still nodded to Teacher Zhuo, saying, “Good morning, teacher.”

Teacher Zhuo was momentarily stunned by Fan Yuan’s gaze. She watched Gu Yang and Fan Yuan walk to their seats and frowned gradually.

She had a feeling that something was different about Fan Yuan today, but she couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it was. It was like he was a… stranger, someone she had never known.

Gu Yang led Fan Yuan back to their seats and sighed with relief.

The first day of “Snow Queen” finally started, and except for the incident in the morning when Fan Yuan nearly froze a group of sparrows, it went smoothly.

The first day of senior year had begun, but it was a bit special. Gu Yang stayed close to Fan Yuan throughout the morning, and Gu Yang’s left hand was hidden under the desk, reaching to the right, held by Fan Yuan’s left hand.

In the past, when Gu Yang was affected by the “golden finger,” he encountered various situations, and it was Fan Yuan who accommodated him. But now, the roles were reversed, and Gu Yang willingly indulged Fan Yuan.

It wasn’t really about accommodating; Gu Yang was willing to do so, delighting in the closeness they shared. Fan Yuan’s hand was icy, while Gu Yang’s hand was warm. As they held hands, they created a constant source of warmth.

However, when Gu Yang finished one question and looked up, he noticed a thin layer of frost on Fan Yuan’s eyelashes.

“Fan Yuan?” Gu Yang called out.

The pen in Fan Yuan’s hand became cold to the touch, and he turned to look quietly at Gu Yang.

Though they held hands tightly together, it wasn’t enough to warm up Fan Yuan entirely. But he feared that he might disturb Gu Yang’s studies, so he endured the discomfort in silence.

No malicious shard from a mirror could shake Fan Yuan’s love for Gu Yang. His affection wasn’t driven by a momentary impulse due to hormones; rather, it was the profound and enduring accumulation of time spent together.

Gu Yang put down his pen, released their held hands, and took out all the books from their desks, stacking them on an already high pile.

While Gu Yang did this, Fan Yuan just watched him with his inorganic black eyes that reflected nothing but Gu Yang.

Gu Yang moved closer to the window side, lowered his body, and leaned on the table. He motioned with his finger for Fan Yuan to come to him.

“Fan Yuan, come here.”

Fan Yuan slowly approached, and their chairs were brought together, leaving almost half of the other chair empty.

Gu Yang reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s collar, pulling him down, then kissed the corner of Fan Yuan’s mouth.

It was a brief touch, and Gu Yang pointed to his own lips, blinking at Fan Yuan.

“I can only give you this bit of warmth now. Let’s go to the equipment room during the break.”

Fan Yuan’s gaze fell on Gu Yang’s lips, where he found his favorite warmth.

He lowered his head and tried to absorb this hard-earned warmth.

In the blind spot of the surveillance cameras at the back of the classroom, piles of books were stacked on a desk, and the two hid behind the books, doing something nobody else knew.

In every corner of their youth, they left traces of warmth that belonged to each other.

When the break came, Gu Yang led Fan Yuan out.

Gu Yang was a bit of a contradiction—when he had the “golden finger,” he hesitated to use it for himself, but this time, he became the active one.

In the empty sports equipment storage room, Gu Yang nestled into Fan Yuan’s arms.

Holding a pair of chopsticks in his hand, Gu Yang picked out the dishes he liked and stuffed them into his mouth, then picked out the ones Fan Yuan liked the most and fed them to him.

Gu Yang’s actions were a bit childish because what he liked might not necessarily be what Fan Yuan liked.

But Fan Yuan loved Gu Yang’s behavior. Gu Yang always wanted to give him the best.

After finishing their meal, they decided to take a nap in the storage room.

Gu Yang glanced at the tightly drawn curtains on the windows, then at the locked door. He unbuttoned the first button of his coat as a signal.

Immediately, Fan Yuan understood Gu Yang’s intention.

He unbuttoned his coat and hugged Gu Yang, enclosing them both within his coat, keeping them warm.

Blushing, Gu Yang pressed his cheek against Fan Yuan’s chest, imitating something Fan Yuan had said to him many times in the past, but with a few degrees of difference in intensity:

“Th-this is an exception.”

Fan Yuan simply took off his coat and wrapped them both in it, freeing his hands to press gently against Gu Yang’s back.

Gu Yang’s neck was lifted by the ice, and his small orchid pendant swayed back and forth on his neck. The black necklace contrasted against his fair skin, making it look even more milky white.

“Gu Yang, you’re very warm.” Fan Yuan rested his forehead against the nape of Gu Yang’s neck.

Gu Yang shivered and squeezed himself tighter into Fan Yuan’s embrace. Although it was Fan Yuan who made him feel cold, he felt like he could absorb warmth from Fan Yuan and stuck to him as if he could draw warmth from him.

“Nonsense, of course, I’m warm,” Gu Yang replied.

Fan Yuan’s stray hair brushed against Gu Yang’s neck, causing a slight itch. Gu Yang raised his hand to push Fan Yuan’s head away forcefully, lifting the stray hair on Fan Yuan’s forehead and pressing it back against his own neck.

After doing all this, Gu Yang seemed to hear a soft laughter from Fan Yuan.

He felt surprised; even in his icy state, Fan Yuan could still laugh at him.

Thinking about it this way, Gu Yang casually extended his left hand and checked the good feeling level.

He just wanted to take a casual look, but he never expected Fan Yuan to give him an extra point.

But the fact was right in front of him—Fan Yuan’s good feeling level was 78, one point higher.

Even though Gu Yang didn’t do much, he just gave Fan Yuan a hug.

Gu Yang suddenly felt his eyes welling up with tears. He immediately buried his cheek into Fan Yuan’s chest, hugging him tighter and tighter, wrapping his legs around him as well.

If it weren’t for the hardships that Fan Yuan had endured in his childhood, if he hadn’t been abandoned by his family…

Would he have grown up to be a very warm and sunny person instead of someone wearing a perfect mask?

However, even for someone who constantly wore a mask like Fan Yuan, when they truly opened their heart, they would unconsciously reveal their warm and passionate heart.

And now, Fan Yuan had entrusted his heart to Gu Yang.

This heart was filled with frost and scars, yet it continued to beat.

It was Gu Yang who would decide whether to keep it warm and protected or return it to the abyss. The power to decide laid in Gu Yang’s hands.

Fan Yuan had given him this power willingly.

Gu Yang hugged Fan Yuan even tighter, as if he was hugging Fan Yuan’s heart.

“Fan Yuan?”

Fan Yuan was using his fingers to play with the small strands of black hair at the back of Gu Yang’s neck. The hair was soft, slightly long, and curled against Gu Yang’s fair skin.

“Mm,” Fan Yuan responded.

Gu Yang rubbed his cheek against the spot where Fan Yuan’s heart was, and asked earnestly, “Am I warm?”

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang tightly and lifted him slightly, readjusting the opening of his coat to better wrap them both.

“Warm,” Fan Yuan replied.

Gu Yang smiled, soft and reliant, as he nuzzled his warm mouth against Fan Yuan’s cold ear, speaking gently: “Then, I can be even warmer. I’m warm only for you.”

The same heart had actually been given to Fan Yuan by Gu Yang long before this.

When the break was almost over, Fan Yuan used his outer coat to cover Gu Yang and helped him put on his clothes.

Although Gu Yang felt a bit embarrassed, he didn’t stop him, obediently raising his hands and legs whenever Fan Yuan told him to.

He knew that Fan Yuan wanted to help him put on his clothes and see him like this, so he would show it to him.

On their way back to the classroom, Gu Yang picked a small wildflower and gave it to Fan Yuan.

However, when Fan Yuan took the flower, it froze into ice in his hand.

Looking at the frost-covered petals, Gu Yang couldn’t help but smile:

“It’s okay like this too. It will last longer. After school, let’s find a flower shop that’s still open and buy a bouquet of flowers. You can freeze the flowers and put them in our bedroom. They’ll look beautiful.”

Fan Yuan’s heart, originally disturbed by the frozen flower, calmed down again. He carefully placed the ice flower into his pocket and agreed to Gu Yang’s plan.

Holding Fan Yuan’s hand, Gu Yang playfully shook it a few times and suddenly turned to look at him, asking, “When I… sent you a wildflower for the first time, did you think I was silly?”

Fan Yuan didn’t lie and nodded in agreement.

Gu Yang wasn’t angry. Instead, he suddenly let go of Fan Yuan’s hand, ran behind him, and jumped onto his back.

Fan Yuan immediately caught Gu Yang’s legs and carried him on his back.

Gu Yang hugged Fan Yuan’s neck tightly, pressing his warm cheek against Fan Yuan’s cold ear to speak:

“That’s unavoidable. After all, I was chasing someone for the first time.”

The Gu Yang before he entered “Fan Yuan” was a completely dedicated student, even a bit of a bookworm type.

If he hadn’t been hospitalized with stomach cancer and had the chance to read “Fan Yuan,” he would never have encountered Fan Yuan in the first place.

Some things seemed destined.

It was destined that Gu Yang from that world and Fan Yuan from this world would meet each other in the best time of their lives.

As Gu Yang spoke, his voice suddenly lowered. He kissed Fan Yuan’s ear several times and said earnestly:

“Fan Yuan, to me, you are always the first.”

“In the world called Gu Yang, you will always be first and the only one.”

Gu Yang remained on Fan Yuan’s back, and he never got down again. Just a few days ago, he was reluctant to be carried on Fan Yuan’s back because of his face as a man.

Now, with the seed of malice planted in Fan Yuan’s heart, encased in ice, who else could dispel the cold but Gu Yang, who tightly embraced him and kept him warm?

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