Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 92

Chapter 92

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Upon hearing Gu Yang mention installment payments, Fan Yuan seemed a bit stunned.

He shifted his gaze to the number 5000 on the timer and asked Gu Yang, “Gu Yang, do you know how many hours are in 5000 minutes?”

Gu Yang immediately took out a pen and started calculating, then showed the result to Fan Yuan, saying, “It’s over 80 hours!”

Fan Yuan didn’t even look at the paper Gu Yang pushed toward him, his black eyes still fixed on Gu Yang.

“Did you always think that I actually intended to let you die in my bed?”

Gu Yang was momentarily at a loss for words, his mind a mess, and his ears turned red under Fan Yuan’s gaze.

Fan Yuan’s attention was immediately caught, and he reached out and pinched Gu Yang’s ear.

Looking at the red ear, still cool to the touch, Fan Yuan couldn’t resist pinching it a couple more times, then slid his fingertips down and played with the little cyan orchid pendant.

“If you want to… we can try…”

Gu Yang’s body leaned back, avoiding Fan Yuan’s fingertips, and his gaze drifted away as he vigorously shook his head.

“I don’t want to… I don’t want to talk about it! Let’s do the test! Focus on the test!”

Seeing Gu Yang nervously flipping through the test paper, Fan Yuan stopped teasing him. After all, tonight, he would get the “billion favors” he deserved. He wasn’t in a hurry for these remaining minutes before the end of the school day.

Gu Yang’s hand trembled as he wrote the answers. He was extremely nervous.

No matter how many times they had kissed or hugged, he could never remain calm when Fan Yuan touched him. He would never be able to do that.

As the bell rang, the classroom immediately became noisy. The tired students quickly packed their belongings, but they couldn’t relax even when they got home as there were more exercises waiting for them to complete.

Soon, there were only a few people left in the classroom. Gu Yang was still sitting in his place, looking at the exercises, but his pen didn’t move for a long time. His left hand nervously held a corner of the book page, and his back remained straight, indicating that he wasn’t focused on the questions.

Fan Yuan didn’t rush Gu Yang; he packed his things and leaned his arm on the back of Gu Yang’s chair. His arm naturally hung down, and his fingertips lightly poked Gu Yang’s waist indentation.

This poke had a significant effect. Gu Yang leaned back completely, looking at Fan Yuan with panic in his eyes.


Immediately, Gu Yang dropped the pen and covered his mouth. He looked around the classroom anxiously, hoping no one heard his exclamation.

“Everyone’s gone. What are you looking at?”

Fan Yuan took Gu Yang’s book and placed it in his backpack. His big fox tail, which had been hidden in his coat, now came out uninhibitedly, swaying and patting Gu Yang either on the back or the waist, always finding a place to pat.

Gu Yang resisted and resisted, but he couldn’t hold back. He finally reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s big fox tail, preventing it from patting him anymore.

“Fan Yuan, stop messing around… the classroom door is open.”

Gu Yang’s embarrassed and scared appearance was quite charming, and Fan Yuan looked at him with his black eyes, his pupils contracting into fox-like vertical slits in front of Gu Yang. Suddenly, eight fox tails popped out behind him, showing a completely different inner state from his calm facial expression.

Seeing eight lively fox tails reaching out towards him, Gu Yang let go of the tail he was holding. Remembering the sound of tearing fabric when the eight tails emerged, he couldn’t help but speak up, interrupting the increasingly intense atmosphere between them.

“Fan Yuan… did your pants tear at the back?”


The nine swaying fox tails drooped dispiritedly. Fan Yuan stood up, put on his backpack, and walked out.

Watching Fan Yuan’s puffy coat, inflated by the nine fox tails, gradually deflate, Gu Yang knew that Fan Yuan had retracted the other eight tails.

He found it a bit funny, seeing Fan Yuan’s embarrassed appearance for once. He immediately picked up his backpack and caught up with Fan Yuan, getting close to him and looking at Fan Yuan’s expressionless face, he mischievously asked:

“So, do you have a big hole in the back of your pants now? Can you feel the cold breeze when you walk?”

Gu Yang was teasing him, and he was used to Fan Yuan pinching his neck from time to time. He didn’t care. Right now, he was just proud of the answer he got from Fan Yuan, showing off his pleased expression without any disguise.

Fan Yuan pushed Gu Yang’s head closer, tilting his own head slightly and curling his lips with a wicked smirk.

“It’s fine if it’s cold now. It will warm up immediately when we get home.”

“On your body.”

Gu Yang’s body stiffened as Fan Yuan whispered the last few words in his ear. The warm breath penetrated deep into his ear, tickling him, and he instinctively recoiled.

Fan Yuan didn’t bother with him further and walked confidently outside. No matter how cocky Gu Yang was, he would still obediently listen to him when they got home.

On the way back home, Gu Yang dared not be cocky anymore. He kept a safe distance from Fan Yuan and acted like a meek quail, not daring to say anything.

He deeply regretted his previous provocations, but what was the use of regrets? He believed that if faced with the same situation again, he would still tease Fan Yuan.

Upon reaching home, Gu Yang hurried to the study with a clear purpose – to study! He was determined to focus on studying and nothing else.

Fan Yuan changed his slippers, then bent down to arrange Gu Yang’s discarded shoes neatly in the shoe cabinet before slowly going upstairs to the study.

In the past, there was only one chair in the study. Gu Yang used to study and do his assignments sitting on Fan Yuan’s lap, which was sweet and addicting. However, they found that it affected their studies, so they eventually stopped.

Gu Yang looked at the problems in front of him but was secretly observing Fan Yuan. Seeing that Fan Yuan didn’t mention anything about the “billion favors,” he felt hopeful that he could escape from it today. After all, the college entrance exam was approaching, and Fan Yuan was the last person who wanted to hinder Gu Yang’s studies.

Fan Yuan completed a page of questions and took out a stack of papers. Gu Yang glanced at them, recognizing that they were his recent big and small exam papers. Fan Yuan organized the papers and began to devise a new study plan based on Gu Yang’s performance.

It could be said that Fan Yuan played a significant role in Gu Yang’s improvement. Without Fan Yuan’s help, Gu Yang might have gone off track and failed to focus on the key points.

Time passed quickly, and the deadline for the “The Marriage of Mrs. Fox” golden finger was approaching, leaving only about 24 hours.

Gu Yang silently exhaled, knowing that as long as he could get through these 24 hours, when the fox features on Fan Yuan disappeared and the estrus period ended, the “billion favors” would be completely resolved!

Every time Gu Yang did this, he teased Fan Yuan recklessly. Afterwards, he wanted to run away afterward. Although he had never succeeded in escaping.

At midnight, the clock struck twelve, and Gu Yang stretched lazily. He planned to finish another page of questions and then go to bed. By now, he had completely forgotten about the “billion favors.” Throughout the entire evening, Fan Yuan never mentioned it.

Because the study room was meant for learning, the lighting was very bright. Gu Yang turned around on his chair and saw a huge shadow reflected on the curtain.

The shadow gradually dispersed and split into the shape of nine fox tails.

Gu Yang was taken aback and was about to turn around when “snap,” the study room’s light turned off. Then with a crisp sound, the door was closed and locked. The sound of the door locking reached Gu Yang’s ears, and he finally remembered the “billion favors” that he had forgotten. Gu Yang turned around and tried to run towards the door, but midway, he was entangled by the furry tails and thrown into Fan Yuan’s arms.

In the darkness, glimmers of silver light flashed, and Gu Yang thought his clothes would be torn to shreds, but it turned out that only the back of his pants was torn, and he felt a cool breeze there.


Fan Yuan’s arm embraced Gu Yang’s waist, while his other hand held Gu Yang’s chin to prevent him from moving. His lips gently touched Gu Yang’s ear as he asked softly.

Was it cool?

How could it not be?

There was no fabric left at the back of his pants!

Gu Yang chose to remain silent.

Fan Yuan hooked Gu Yang’s necklace and made him tilt his head, then lowered his head to bite Gu Yang’s well-defined collarbone.

“It won’t be cold for long.”

Indeed, it didn’t take long for Gu Yang to stop feeling cold. He retaliated by grabbing one of the furry fox tails and rubbing the fur on it chaotically. However, no matter how messy the fur on the tail became, it didn’t affect Fan Yuan’s determination to demand his “billion favors.”

Throughout the night, the window curtains were continuously active.

Gu Yang didn’t feel cold again. Not only that, but he felt like he was going to overheat.

Hearing Gu Yang repeatedly complaining about feeling hot, Fan Yuan unexpectedly wrapped him up with layers of tails and carried him downstairs. He went to the first floor refrigerator and took out a strawberry ice cream, then handed it to Gu Yang after unwrapping the packaging.

Fan Yuan put Gu Yang on the ground, with Fan Yuan’s fox tail serving as a cushion underneath. They both sat on the floor together. Gu Yang’s head was already as hot as a puddle of porridge, so he lowered his head and took a small bite of the strawberry ice cream that Fan Yuan was holding.

The pink ice cream immediately had a small chunk missing from it. The cool and sweet taste entered Gu Yang’s mouth and went all the way down into his stomach, seemingly dispelling some of the heat in his body.

Fan Yuan grabbed Gu Yang’s wrist and placed the ice cream in his hand, telling him to hold it himself.

“Eat it. If you eat more, you won’t feel hot.”

Gu Yang took another bite of the ice cream. With his mind fuzzy, he thought that the “billion favors” would finally be over today. However, Fan Yuan wrapped him up again with his tails and brought him back to the bedroom.

In the end, Gu Yang didn’t manage to escape from helping with the “billion favors.” However, he had negotiated a difficult condition with Fan Yuan. They agreed that they wouldn’t help with the “billion favors” anymore until after the college entrance exam because it would affect their studies.

For a long time afterward, Gu Yang didn’t want to eat strawberry-flavored ice cream anymore. Whenever he saw it, his cheeks would unconsciously flush pink, reminding him of some chaotic moments.

The last day of “The Marriage of Mrs. Fox” was peacefully spent. Though they didn’t talk about it, they quietly embraced each other during the night.

Gu Yang held several large fox tails in his arms, not willing to let them go as he rubbed them back and forth. Although there were times during the month when he was disgusted by these fox tails, now that they were about to disappear, he felt a bit reluctant.

Fan Yuan raised the pointed tip of his fox tail and scratched Gu Yang’s cheek, allowing Gu Yang to rub it vigorously.

As the countdown for the golden finger approached zero, Fan Yuan’s fox tails and fox ears disappeared, and his pupils returned to their normal human appearance. The irresistible itchiness that had been buried in his bones faded away. The golden finger ended, and so did the estrus period.

Fan Yuan hugged Gu Yang, pressed his forehead against Gu Yang’s neck, and rubbed it.

“I’m sorry.”

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, then turned around and snuggled into Fan Yuan’s arms. He didn’t say anything, just shook his head repeatedly.

He rested his head against Fan Yuan’s chest, listening to his heartbeat while keeping an eye on the virtual book in his left hand.

The familiar random box appeared again, with countless fairy tale story titles appearing and disappearing inside.

As Gu Yang waited, he felt nervous.

Suddenly, a cold wind blew into the room, becoming stronger and stronger, causing things in the bedroom to be blown around.

The random box in Gu Yang’s hand stopped spinning, but he didn’t have time to see the result. The strong wind knocked down the wardrobe, which was about to fall on the two of them.

Fan Yuan quickly flipped over, holding Gu Yang in his arms, and rolled to the other side of the bed, avoiding the falling wardrobe. The wind blew open the window behind them, and the curtains rustled in the wind.

Outside the window, it started snowing. Even though it was already spring, gentle snowflakes were falling gracefully.

The small snowflakes drifted inside through the wide-open window and gradually assembled in front of them, forming an exquisite mirror made of ice and snow. The mirror was pure white and shimmered with a cold light.

Gu Yang was about to sit up and take a closer look at the mirror when it suddenly shattered from the corner. Fragments fell all over the floor, and one piece seemed to have a will of its own as it rapidly flew toward Gu Yang.

In an instant, Fan Yuan pulled Gu Yang back and turned around to protect him, shielding his back from the flying fragments.

“Fan Yuan!!”

The mirror shard that was meant to pierce into Gu Yang’s body instead plunged into Fan Yuan’s back, sinking deep into his flesh without a single drop of blood flowing out.

Gu Yang’s heart almost stopped. He immediately reached out to touch Fan Yuan’s back and saw that the shards of the mirror quickly melted, disappearing into Fan Yuan’s back. Under the pierced clothes, his skin was smooth without any wounds.

At this moment, Fan Yuan looked up, and Gu Yang sat up. He held Fan Yuan’s arms with both hands, wanting to ask if he was okay. However, when he saw Fan Yuan’s expression, the words got stuck in his throat.

Although Fan Yuan was still the same person, his expression was completely different, as if all emotions had been drained from him, leaving only a cold and lifeless shell.

At the same time, Gu Yang felt Fan Yuan’s body temperature dropping rapidly, becoming as cold as ice.

Without thinking, Gu Yang immediately threw himself into Fan Yuan’s arms, hugging him tightly and sharing his body warmth.

“Are you cold? Are you hurt on your back?”

After being pierced by the ice and snow mirror’s fragments, Fan Yuan seemed a little dazed. It was only when Gu Yang called him that he snapped out of it. When his black eyes met Gu Yang’s gaze, a touch of tenderness and warmth seemed to emerge from his frozen eyes.

“I’m fine, no injuries.”

Gu Yang stared at Fan Yuan’s black eyes for a long time and finally breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the surprise in Fan Yuan’s raised eyebrows.

Moments ago, the Fan Yuan he saw seemed like an emotionless machine, as if all feelings had disappeared in an instant. That feeling was truly terrible.

The bedroom was in disarray, and Fan Yuan got up to close the window. The other shattered mirror fragments on the ground had already melted away. Gu Yang finally had time to check the virtual book on his left palm.

Such a sudden upheaval in the middle of the night was undoubtedly related to the random golden finger.

After closing the window and fixing the fallen wardrobe, Fan Yuan sat cross-legged in front of Gu Yang, calm and silent, as if even more silent than before.

Gu Yang stared at the virtual book on his left palm, his brow furrowing tighter and tighter.

He put his hand down and looked at Fan Yuan seriously, asking, “Do you feel anything special now?”

Fan Yuan shook his head. “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yang leaned forward, holding Fan Yuan’s icy hands, and said, “Try to feel carefully inside your body. Is there anything unusual?”

Fan Yuan looked down at Gu Yang holding his hands and suddenly said, “Gu Yang, I feel very cold, but you are warm…”

As Fan Yuan spoke, he raised his hand and pressed down on Gu Yang’s shoulder, pushing him down onto the bed. He didn’t do much, just pressed his entire body tightly against Gu Yang, absorbing his warmth.

Gu Yang gently patted Fan Yuan’s back with his hand and let out a sigh.

This time, the randomly generated fairytale scenario was titled “The Snow Queen,” which is a well-known tale. The most famous element in “The Snow Queen” was the malicious mirror.

If the mirror’s fragments entered a person’s heart, it would make them become cold and devoid of emotions.

The mirror fragment that was supposed to pierce Gu Yang’s heart was blocked by Fan Yuan and ended up piercing Fan Yuan’s heart instead.

Under the influence of the malicious mirror fragment, Fan Yuan, who should have been indifferent and heartless towards everything, still felt unchanged in his feelings for Gu Yang.

Gu Yang felt worried yet also warmed by this fact.

Fan Yuan’s affection level was unlike that of an ordinary person; it was rare and precious, one of a kind.

Gu Yang continued to gently pat Fan Yuan’s back. After their embrace, Fan Yuan’s icy demeanor had slightly softened, but it wasn’t enough.

Fan Yuan turned over while hugging Gu Yang, making Gu Yang lie on top of him. He pulled the blanket over both of them and said again, “Gu Yang, I’m very cold.”

Gu Yang used his hands and feet to wrap around Fan Yuan, rubbing his cheeks against Fan Yuan’s neck.

Fan Yuan’s icy palm was against Gu Yang’s back, causing Gu Yang to shiver involuntarily. Fan Yuan immediately removed his hand.

Gu Yang reached back and held Fan Yuan’s hand, placing it on his own back.

“It’s alright, Fan Yuan. I’m not afraid of the cold.”

Fan Yuan lowered his head and gently kissed Gu Yang’s forehead, his lips also cold.

Gu Yang couldn’t predict the extent of the impact caused by the malicious mirror fragment on Fan Yuan. All he could do now was provide his own body heat whenever Fan Yuan felt cold.

The warmth in the bed never seemed to increase. Gu Yang sighed and suddenly sat up, lifting the blanket.

The bedside lamp had been on the entire time, casting an orange-yellow light on Gu Yang, giving his skin a warm glow.

Gu Yang clenched the hem of his clothes and tugged them upwards before letting them fall back down. He leaned close to Fan Yuan and kissed his eyes one by one.

“Fan Yuan, close your eyes, don’t look at me.”

Fan Yuan’s calm black eyes blinked, obediently closing, but his hands slowly lifted and held Gu Yang’s waist.

Gu Yang quickly undressed and adjusted the air conditioner to a higher temperature before slipping back into Fan Yuan’s embrace, becoming a naked and oversized heating pad.

The blanket wrapped them again, but Gu Yang could still feel Fan Yuan’s palm against his body, still icy.

Gu Yang clung to Fan Yuan and thought for a moment. He extended his arm, intending to turn off the bedside lamp, but Fan Yuan held his arm.

Fan Yuan’s cold fingertips moved along the inside of his wrist, seemingly capable of freezing Gu Yang’s blood.

Fan Yuan’s black eyes were like lifeless glass beads, but they revealed a hint of warmth when he looked at Gu Yang.

Gu Yang’s arm was held in Fan Yuan’s hand, and he snuggled back into Fan Yuan’s arms, not caring about the bedside lamp anymore.

His messy hair was tousled even more, and Fan Yuan raised his other hand to gently tidy up the rebellious strands.

“Gu Yang…”

Fan Yuan’s lips were near Gu Yang’s temple, still cold.

“… why do I suddenly want to bully you?” Fan Yuan gently bit Gu Yang’s wrist, with just the right amount of strength before letting go.

Gu Yang’s heart skipped a beat, thinking that the malicious mirror fragment had indeed caused significant effects on Fan Yuan.

“I want to tease you hard and make you cry until you can’t stop.”

Although Fan Yuan was supposed to be cold and heartless toward everything due to the influence of the malicious mirror fragment, his feelings for Gu Yang remained unchanged.

Gu Yang felt a mixture of worry and warmth in his heart.

“I’m sorry… Fan Yuan… I’m sorry…”

“I’m a troublemaker… an oversized troublemaker… If it weren’t for me, your life wouldn’t be so chaotic…”

Fan Yuan didn’t say anything, but his fingertips gently wiped away Gu Yang’s tears, until Gu Yang started to hiccup softly from crying. Then, Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s waist and embraced him tightly.

In the darkness, Gu Yang couldn’t see Fan Yuan clearly. He pressed his hands against Fan Yuan’s chest, quietly shedding tears.

“Gu Yang.” Finally, Fan Yuan spoke, and his icy lips touched Gu Yang’s eyelids.

“Why are you crying?” Although his voice was cold, and his heart was frozen due to the malicious mirror fragment, Fan Yuan still kept his love and tenderness for Gu Yang.

As Fan Yuan asked, Gu Yang’s tears instantly welled up and flowed again.

“I promise you, I’ll only cry for you, only cry for you to see.”

“I’ll give you all my tears, as well as my love.”

Fan Yuan tightly embraced his oversized heating pad. Though his heart was icy, it wasn’t lonely.

Gu Yang’s crying gradually stopped, and his breathing steadied. They remained in each other’s arms in the dark.

Until suddenly, Fan Yuan put Gu Yang aside, and Gu Yang heard rustling sounds. Then, Fan Yuan embraced him again.

Gu Yang shifted his limbs slightly, and his cheeks instantly turned hot. Not just his cheeks, but his entire body became burning hot.

“Fan Yuan, what about your clothes?”

Although they were quite familiar with each other, they had never embraced each other so directly before.

Fan Yuan hugged Gu Yang even tighter, and his voice carried a hint of chill, “Gu Yang, I’m cold.”

Gu Yang immediately felt distressed and didn’t say anything more. He just hugged Fan Yuan tightly, providing him with his warmth.

No matter how malicious the influence might be, it couldn’t make Fan Yuan harm Gu Yang in the slightest.

Deep and profound love would ultimately conquer everything.

Author’s note: Fan Yuan: Gu Yang, I’m cold.

Gu Yang: Or2

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