Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 99

Chapter 99

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After 90% affection, the time during which Fan Yuan’s kiss could keep Gu Yang awake gradually increased again, slowly returning to the point where a light kiss could keep Gu Yang awake for about a day.

After learning about this “h*ll mode” affection mechanism, Gu Yang couldn’t contain his feelings of love and fondness for Fan Yuan any longer.

Every time Fan Yuan kissed him awake, Gu Yang would express his love repeatedly, in a soft yet firm voice.

Fan Yuan always responded with a deep kiss or a long hug, his black eyes growing deeper and deeper, making it hard to decipher his thoughts.

After reaching 90% affection, until the end of May, when the high school seniors were about to leave the school, Fan Yuan’s affection for Gu Yang didn’t increase by a single point.

However, Gu Yang wasn’t worried at all. He knew Fan Yuan was cautious, and he understood Fan Yuan’s nature. He had already become the most important person in Fan Yuan’s life, so there was no need to rush things.

Fan Yuan’s guarded nature was deeply rooted, and this last bit of caution wasn’t something that could easily disappear.

Gu Yang and Fan Yuan still maintained their daily study routine. Every time Gu Yang unintentionally fell asleep, Fan Yuan would kiss him awake and Gu Yang would affectionately express his love to him, repeatedly and persistently.

Although Gu Yang could now stay awake for about a day, he still took Fan Yuan to the storage room during each lunch break, hiding behind the curtains and stealing kisses. He did this not for any particular reason but simply because he wanted to kiss Fan Yuan, to kiss him at every moment.

Finally, the last day of May arrived, and on this day, the school canceled their evening self-study session.

When the school bell rang, the sky outside the window was still blue, but the classroom remained still, with no one moving.

Whether it was Zhuo Wan or the other students sitting at their desks, everyone kept their heads down or occasionally glanced around, but no one spoke or stood up to leave.

The atmosphere grew heavier, and it was Zhuo Wan who broke the silence first.

“Let’s go, why are we just sitting here without packing up? Let’s go home.”

As Zhuo Wan spoke, the sound of rustling and packing could be heard in the classroom.

In the days leading up to this, they had gradually taken their personal belongings from the classroom to their homes. Now, with everything packed up, each student’s desk was clean, as if the three years they spent together had vanished in an instant.

After packing, the students still didn’t move. They sat in their seats, holding their backpacks, looking at each other with determination, hesitation, nervousness, and reluctance in their eyes.

Zhuo Wan stood up, walked to the classroom door, and opened it. She looked at the dozens of classmates she had been with day and night for the past three years, her eyes slightly red.

“Let’s go, everyone, just leave. I… I’ll see you off.”

The student closest to the door stood up first, head lowered, and walked to the door. Zhuo Wan gave him a hug.

“Cheer up, go home and get in the right state of mind. Good luck in the college entrance examination!”

Slowly, one by one, the students stood up and walked toward the door.

Zhuo Wan hugged each and every one of them, saying “Good luck in the college entrance examination” to each person.

Gu Yang walked up to Zhuo Wan and silently accepted her hug.

Zhuo Wan patted Gu Yang’s back.

“Cheer up and don’t misbehave. Good luck in the college entrance examination.”

Gu Yang smiled softly and said, “Thank you, Teacher Zhuo.”

Zhuo Wan was not one to handle such emotional situations well, so she immediately pushed Gu Yang’s back to get him out of the classroom. Then, she hugged Fan Yuan and patted his back, saying, “You’ve been the class monitor for three years, don’t embarrass me in the college entrance exam.”

Without giving Fan Yuan a chance to speak, Zhuo Wan also pushed him out of the classroom.

In the corridor, Gu Yang reached out to Fan Yuan, “Fan Yuan, let’s go home?”

Fan Yuan tightly held Gu Yang’s hand in his own, and the two of them walked hand in hand out of the building.

“Let’s go home.”

Finally, the time came for June 1st, and summer arrived.

The yard of the small villa was now completely green. Gu Yang placed a table under the tree and was flipping through his collection of wrong answers.

Fan Yuan sat opposite Gu Yang, studying quietly together. This was the last small break before the college entrance exam. Instead of continuing with high-intensity study, they decided to slow down and adjust their bodies and rest schedules.

Sunlight filtered through the dense tree canopy, leaving delicate shadows on their notebooks.

In one moment, Gu Yang was laughing and talking with Fan Yuan, and in the next moment, he was lying on the table, fast asleep.

Fan Yuan put down the book in his hand and looked at the sleeping Gu Yang beside him.

The time that Gu Yang could stay awake was gradually getting shorter after recovering to about a day.

The pattern of the lengthening and shortening of his wakefulness was still elusive. Gu Yang could only ensure that during the college entrance exam, he would be able to finish the paper without suddenly falling asleep. But as long as it didn’t affect the exam, it would be enough.

Fan Yuan gently ran his fingers along Gu Yang’s black hair, and the soft ends of his hair slipped through his fingertips, feeling cooler than the increasingly hot weather.

Gu Yang was completely unaware of his sleeping state, letting Fan Yuan play with his hair without waking up.

Hair, earlobes, neck…

Fan Yuan’s fingers traced every familiar spot on Gu Yang’s body. Finally, amid the rustling sound of the breeze passing through the green leaves, he leaned down and kissed Gu Yang’s lips.

Now, whenever their kiss began, it was not gentle.

Gu Yang’s closed eyelashes trembled slightly, and when he opened his eyes, he found Fan Yuan’s intense gaze fixed on him.

While Fan Yuan was kissing him, his gaze seemed complex and hard to decipher.

Gu Yang didn’t try to guess the meaning behind Fan Yuan’s gaze. After Fan Yuan pulled back, Gu Yang earnestly said, with lips still glistening with water, “Fan Yuan, I love you.”

As usual, Fan Yuan didn’t respond.

He only raised his hand to wipe the corner of Gu Yang’s mouth and coldly asked, “Fell asleep again?”

Gu Yang lazily propped up his chin, sat up, nodded, and then shook his head after some thought, “I didn’t fall asleep, I was just waiting for you to kiss me.”

Gu Yang leaned forward, resting his head on the table, getting closer to Fan Yuan. His eyes squinted with a smile, and the scattered sunlight reflected in his eyes made them look even purer and clearer.

“I’ve been waiting for you, you give me life.”

As if bewitched by those eyes, Fan Yuan lowered his head slowly, his black eyes still staring into Gu Yang’s soul.

Gu Yang blinked and pointed to his own eyes, asking Fan Yuan, “Do you find them beautiful?”

Under the sunlight, the color of Fan Yuan’s eyes grew lighter, and a layer of shimmering waves appeared in their depths, with only Fan Yuan’s figure in the ripples.

Fan Yuan gently brushed the corner of Gu Yang’s eye and honestly answered his question, “Very beautiful, more beautiful than anything else.”


Gu Yang sat up straight, raised his hand to embrace Fan Yuan’s neck, and turned into a sticky and affectionate little pastry once again.

“But you, in my eyes, are even more beautiful.”

Wildflowers in the yard of the small villa were blooming, but the first cicada call of June had not yet begun.

The short break before the college entrance exam quickly passed, and Fan Yuan and Gu Yang finally faced their exams.

In the morning, Gu Yang was awakened by Fan Yuan’s kiss. The kiss was passionate and prolonged, and Fan Yuan didn’t let go until Gu Yang opened his eyes.

Fan Yuan carried Gu Yang in his arms and walked towards the bathroom while kissing him.

Gu Yang knew that Fan Yuan was worried that he might have a problem during the exam, so he obediently raised his neck for the kiss, and the small blue orchid pendant on his neck swayed with the intensity of the kiss.

They kissed almost the entire morning, and after breakfast, they got into the car, and the partition was immediately raised.

Gu Yang laid on Fan Yuan’s lap, and his mouth was never idle.

They continued kissing until they arrived at the school that was turned into an exam center. Gu Yang then gently pushed Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

His black hair fell back, revealing a smooth forehead, and his appearance was obedient.

“Fan Yuan, we’ve arrived.”

With one hand stroking Gu Yang’s neck, feeling the pulse in his neck, Fan Yuan held him closer and said in a deep voice next to Gu Yang’s ear, “After the exam, I’ll come to pick you up.”

Gu Yang was taken aback for a moment, surprise flashing in his eyes as he looked at Fan Yuan’s dark and solemn gaze. Then he suddenly smiled.

“Alright, you come to pick me up.”

They walked into the school together, hand in hand, passing through the sports field and heading towards the classrooms.

When Gu Yang went to his exam room, he straightened his back, and the smile on his lips gradually disappeared, replaced by a determined look.

He thought he had concealed it well, but he didn’t expect that Fan Yuan had already noticed.

The “Sleeping Beauty” power in Gu Yang’s eyes was affecting him more and more, and now he couldn’t even stay awake for half a day.

He didn’t accept his fate; during the short break, he constantly tried to stay awake, although the effect was not very obvious, it was enough to resist for a while with his willpower.

Each exam lasted only a few hours, and he believed he could hold on.

Gu Yang clenched his teeth and walked into the exam room.

He could do it.

For Fan Yuan, and for himself.

In contrast to Gu Yang’s unwavering and non-retreating steps, Fan Yuan, as he walked towards his own exam room, kept looking back until he saw Gu Yang enter the exam room before he turned and went into his own exam room.

Fan Yuan’s concern for Gu Yang had never been expressed in words or shown openly.

On June 7th, the first exam of the college entrance exam finally began.

Gu Yang kept his back straight, his mind tense, and started to seriously answer the questions.

In the first half of the exam, his mind remained clear, but when half of the time had passed, an irresistible drowsiness immediately swept over him.

Gu Yang’s eyelashes trembled lightly, then he gritted his teeth, gripping the pen tightly until his fingertips turned white.

He couldn’t sleep; he had to finish every exam properly.

Because, Fan Yuan was waiting for him.

Throughout this year’s college entrance exam, the invigilating teachers in one exam room noticed a peculiar student.

As soon as each exam ended, he would immediately lie down on the table and fall asleep, completely unresponsive to any attempts to wake him up. That is until a tall boy walked over and carried the sleeping student away.

The tall boy explained, “He’s just too tired and fell asleep.”

The invigilating teachers found it a bit strange, so they paid special attention to it. In the subsequent exams, they heard from other invigilators that this student would fall asleep immediately on the desk at the end of each exam and be carried away by the same tall boy. With this information, they felt relieved.

Perhaps he was really nervous, and he didn’t relax during the high-intensity study sessions, which made him so tired. The invigilating teachers all speculated in unison.

The parents waiting outside the school also noticed Fan Yuan and Gu Yang. They always held hands and walked in before each exam, and after the exam, one would carry the other out.

Although Gu Yang fell asleep immediately after each exam, fortunately, he didn’t miss any of the exams. His willpower ultimately triumphed over the strong influence of “Sleeping Beauty,” even if it was only for a short while, he still emerged victorious.

Almost before each exam, Fan Yuan would give Gu Yang a fierce and intense kiss, but now it seemed that no amount of intensity could make a difference.

On the afternoon of June 8th, when the bell signaling the end of the last exam rang, Gu Yang’s head hit the desk, and his pen fell down. He continued to sleep deeply.

The students in the exam room were used to it by now. They were all brimming with joy and quickly left the exam room.

Until Fan Yuan appeared at the door and walked over to Gu Yang, bending down to gently kiss his forehead before carrying him up.

“Gu Yang, let’s go home.”

Gu Yang quietly nestled in Fan Yuan’s arms, showing no signs of waking up.

Fan Yuan took Gu Yang to the car, and as soon as they got in, he kissed Gu Yang with fierceness. The college entrance exam was finally over, and the huge burden in his heart was lifted. Fan Yuan suddenly looked forward to Gu Yang immediately opening his eyes and talking to him.

But this time, no matter how much Fan Yuan kissed Gu Yang, he didn’t wake up.

Even when Fan Yuan accidentally bit Gu Yang’s lip and tasted a faint hint of blood, Gu Yang remained asleep with his eyes closed.

Gu Yang’s breathing was normal, his cheeks slightly red, and his heartbeat steady, but he wouldn’t wake up.

Fan Yuan pressed his forehead against Gu Yang’s, holding him tightly in his arms.

“Gu Yang, wake up.”

Gu Yang didn’t respond and didn’t wake up.

Throughout the journey, Fan Yuan remained silent.

He carried Gu Yang out of the car, carried him into the house, and carried him upstairs until he gently laid him on the bed. Gu Yang was still in a deep sleep.

Fan Yuan gently stroked Gu Yang’s soft and tender cheek. His dark eyes seemed like a deep sea suddenly stirred, becoming more turbulent.

“Gu Yang, don’t sleep anymore.”

Fan Yuan kissed Gu Yang again, forcefully, fiercely, and angrily.

Gradually, his accumulating anger dissipated.

Gu Yang’s lips turned slightly red, and there was a small cut at the corner of his mouth. Normally, he would immediately pounce into Fan Yuan’s arms and act spoiled, but this time, Gu Yang remained lying on the bed with his eyes closed, showing no response.

Fan Yuan also climbed onto the bed, holding Gu Yang in his arms, lying quietly by his side.

The joy of finishing the college entrance exam had disappeared, or rather, without Gu Yang, the college entrance exam was just an exam that ended without any joy to speak of.

They quietly embraced each other on the bed, as if as long as Gu Yang didn’t wake up, Fan Yuan wouldn’t move.

Even though Gu Yang was deeply asleep, Fan Yuan occasionally spoke to him as if Gu Yang was still chatting with him.

“In a few days, we need to take graduation photos. Your hair needs a trim. When you wake up, I’ll take you to get a haircut.”

Gu Yang, lying in Fan Yuan’s embrace, breathed quietly without replying.

“If you don’t want to cut it, I’ll accompany you.”

Fan Yuan hooked a small strand of slightly long neck hair at the back of Gu Yang’s neck with his fingertip and suddenly pulled it down, unfastening Gu Yang’s necklace.

“If you don’t wake up, I won’t give this back to you.”

Taking the necklace from around Gu Yang’s neck, if it were any other time, Gu Yang would surely come up to snatch it back or tug at Fan Yuan’s sleeve and shed tears.

Fan Yuan stared at Gu Yang, who was still lying on the bed, calm and quiet, showing no signs of sadness or tears.

The temperature that belonged to Gu Yang slowly disappeared from the necklace in Fan Yuan’s hand. He tightened his grip and then slowly loosened it, carefully placing the necklace back around Gu Yang’s neck.

“I was just teasing you. Don’t be angry and pretend not to wake up.”

Gu Yang still didn’t respond.

They went from dusk to sunset, and Fan Yuan gave Gu Yang countless kisses and said countless words to him, but Gu Yang still remained motionless, sound asleep.

The room gradually became pitch black, and Fan Yuan fell silent. He buried his face in the crook of Gu Yang’s neck and gently breathed in his scent.

Fan Yuan’s heart was pounding, and with each beat, it seemed to sink into an icy abyss, making him feel cold no matter how tightly he held Gu Yang in his arms.

“Gu Yang, I’m cold.”

Gu Yang laid quietly in Fan Yuan’s embrace, and the virtual little book in his left palm was emitting a faint light, with the numbers on it constantly changing. However, Gu Yang, the only one who could see it, didn’t open his eyes.

Fan Yuan’s Affection Points: 93.

The night seemed unusually long. Fan Yuan’s stomach, which had been empty all this time, began to ache slightly, but he showed no response.

He just held Gu Yang, continuing to hold him.

When the first rays of dawn entered the room, Fan Yuan propped himself up on Gu Yang’s body and leaned down to kiss him again.

“Gu Yang, good morning.”

Gu Yang’s eyes remained tightly closed, and there was no reply of “good morning” to Fan Yuan.

“It’s getting bright.”

In the morning light, Fan Yuan held Gu Yang close, as if nothing else mattered to him at this moment, except for the still-unresponsive Gu Yang in his arms.

The faint light on the virtual little book in Gu Yang’s left palm never straightened, and Fan Yuan’s Affection Points kept changing.

In the morning light, Fan Yuan’s Affection Points for Gu Yang reached 95.

As the sun moved, the noonday sunlight made the central bed in the bedroom scorching hot and dazzling.

Fan Yuan pulled up the covers and hid with Gu Yang in the darkness.

“Gu Yang, I’ll make ribs for you. How about that?”

Gu Yang, who loved meat the most, still laid there without replying.

Fan Yuan didn’t ask again. He looked at Gu Yang with his black eyes, without blinking for a long time. There was no light, no shadow, and even no world inside them, only Gu Yang.

The scorching noon sunlight gradually became milder, and the first cicada call of summer rang outside the window.

The incessant chirping of the cicadas was annoying, so Fan Yuan covered Gu Yang’s ears with his hands.

“Is it too noisy?”

No one answered him.

Fan Yuan’s Affection Points: 98.

After the college entrance exams, Fan Yuan continued to hold the sleeping Gu Yang on the bed, not eating, not drinking, not moving, and not leaving.

From dusk to sunset, from night to dawn, until another dusk arrived, Gu Yang was still asleep.

Fan Yuan slowly got up. His black eyes were now calm, devoid of any ripples. They were a deep, terrifying darkness, like an abyss beyond an abyss.

He sat up, holding Gu Yang in his arms, his palm gently caressing Gu Yang’s back.

Gu Yang’s left hand hung at his side, but Fan Yuan held it tightly in his hand.

The Affection Points on it had reached an unbelievable score: 99 points.

“Gu Yang, you’ve been asleep for a long time.”

Fan Yuan lowered his head and lightly kissed Gu Yang’s lips, as if he was chatting with him.

“Is it comfortable sleeping?”

Of course, Gu Yang, who was in deep slumber, didn’t answer, but Fan Yuan didn’t mind.

He held Gu Yang tightly in his embrace, their chests pressed together, heartbeats synchronizing, one slow and steady, the other heavy.

“Gu Yang, can I sleep together with you?”

Fan Yuan pressed his chin on Gu Yang’s shoulder, his black eyes gazing down, as if looking at a void somewhere, or perhaps looking at nothing at all.

Gu Yang, who was quietly nestled in Fan Yuan’s arms, slightly trembled his eyelashes, but Fan Yuan didn’t notice.

He just held Gu Yang and spoke in the lightest tone, saying the heaviest words.

“Gu Yang, I love you, don’t leave me.”

Fan Yuan’s Affection Points reached 100.

“How could I bear to leave you?”

The sudden response widened Fan Yuan’s black eyes slightly, as if he couldn’t believe it. He didn’t even dare to look to see if Gu Yang in his arms was really awake.

Until a pair of hands hugged his back tightly, and familiar legs entwined with his.

Gu Yang gently kissed Fan Yuan’s throat and rubbed his chin against Fan Yuan’s jaw with force.

“Fan Yuan, I heard it.”

“You said you would take me to get a haircut and make ribs for me. I heard it all.”

Gu Yang gently pushed Fan Yuan’s shoulder to create some distance and then held Fan Yuan’s face in his hands, looking into his pitch-black eyes.

“Most importantly, I heard it. You said you love me.”

“Fan Yuan, you love me.”

“Your love is my life.”

Fan Yuan, who had been motionless, suddenly reached out and tightly grabbed Gu Yang’s waist. Gu Yang’s eyebrows slightly furrowed, feeling the pain, but he didn’t struggle and had a smile on his face.

“You love me.”

Gu Yang wasn’t wrong. The golden finger of “Sleeping Beauty” was the final test and also a springboard.

Even though he couldn’t wake up, he could hear everything Fan Yuan said, not with his ears, but with his heart.

Gu Yang lowered his head and gently kissed Fan Yuan’s slightly cool lips, seemingly a little out of control due to immense joy.

“You love me, you love me, I heard it.”

“You can’t… change your mind.”

Fan Yuan suddenly sat up and pressed Gu Yang down on the bed, looking down at him.

His black eyes showed an undisguised madness, as if the previous calmness was just an illusion.

Fan Yuan reached out and gently grasped Gu Yang’s neck, the tendons on the back of his hand faintly appearing, as if they were tense, and it seemed like he might exert force and strangle Gu Yang at any moment.

Gu Yang couldn’t help but open his mouth and laugh freely. He gently placed his hands on Fan Yuan’s wrists and said with great certainty, “Fan Yuan, you love me.”

Fan Yuan bent down slowly, almost face to face with Gu Yang, and the hand that was holding Gu Yang’s neck slowly loosened, placing it on Gu Yang’s heart.

The heartbeat beneath his palm was erratic, just as tumultuous and rapid as Fan Yuan’s own heartbeat.

“Gu Yang, you no longer have a chance to leave me.”

“No matter what happens in the future, don’t think about leaving me for even half a step, unless we… perish together.”

Gu Yang placed both hands on Fan Yuan’s back and gently patted it as if comforting a child.

“Fan Yuan, do you love me?”

Fan Yuan relaxed the arm supporting him and leaned over Gu Yang, his face nearly touching his. He closed his eyes, leaned close to Gu Yang’s ear, and slowly spoke the three burning words:

“I love you.”

Suddenly, Gu Yang’s left hand experienced a moment of intense pain. He raised his hand and saw the virtual book in his left palm ignite a small flame before turning to ashes and disappearing.

After the virtual book disappeared, a very simple selection box appeared in the palm of Gu Yang’s left hand, followed by a countdown.

From now on, Gu Yang would officially become a person in this world. He no longer needed to worry about life and death, nor about uncontrollable random golden fingers.

All the fairy tales he experienced would become his own golden fingers that he could use at random.

All of this was brought to him by Fan Yuan, with his love.

Gu Yang suddenly reached out and brushed away the stray hair falling over Fan Yuan’s forehead, looking at his eyebrows and eyes earnestly.

The madness in Fan Yuan’s black eyes had not completely dissipated, and he was staring intently at Gu Yang, like a hunter carefully guarding his prey.

“The college entrance examination is over,” Gu Yang said to Fan Yuan with a wild and exuberant smile. “Do you still remember your countdown book?”

Fan Yuan’s black eyes narrowed slightly, never expecting Gu Yang to bring up this matter on his own.

These past two days, Gu Yang had been in a deep slumber, and the fear that the long sleep brought to Fan Yuan almost made him forget everything.

Gu Yang used his other hand to undo the topmost button of his shirt and playfully tugged at the small round button.

“How about I round up the 7000 I gave you to make it a whole number? How about we go for… 10,000 minutes?”

Fan Yuan’s body sank slightly, pressing Gu Yang firmly underneath him, his mouth tightly pursed.

Gu Yang fastened the undone button again, then pushed Fan Yuan’s shoulder playfully.

“Go eat and rest first, or else if you collapse in the middle of it, what will I do?”

Just after Gu Yang’s words fell, a rumble came from Fan Yuan’s stomach.

Although Gu Yang had been asleep all this time and hadn’t eaten either, “Sleeping Beauty” was a golden finger meant to help him conquer, and it automatically maintained his body, preventing any mishaps. However, Fan Yuan was different.

Fan Yuan hadn’t eaten anything at all, steadfastly staying with Gu Yang until now.

After the sound from his stomach, Fan Yuan immediately got up and walked out with a cold face.

Gu Yang quickly propped himself up on the bed and said with an especially teasing tone, “Don’t forget the ribs you promised to make for me!”

Fan Yuan stood at the bedroom door, turned back, and gave Gu Yang a deep look before leaving.

Looking at Fan Yuan’s straight back, Gu Yang noticed that his back had gradually shed its youthful naivety and become broader.

Following his back, Gu Yang’s gaze lowered to Fan Yuan’s waist and fell into contemplation:

Just how strong was Fan Yuan’s waist? He knew better than anyone else.

He suddenly regretted adding those extra 3,000 minutes for Fan Yuan. What should he do now?

Gu Yang looked down at the soft bed beneath him, hesitated, and then pressed it with his hand, muttering to himself, “Is this bed soft enough? Will his waist… be okay?”

Author’s Note: Chapter 98, Gu Yang said “I love you.”

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