Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 100

Chapter 100

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Gu Yang carefully inspected the master bedroom’s large bed. This bed had been around for a long time, probably even when Fan Yuan was a child, but it seemed to be made of good material and had been silent during their sleep.

He patted the bed a couple of times and then decided to get another blanket to layer underneath the bedsheet. After doing so, the already soft bed became even more comfortable. Satisfied, Gu Yang stood up, ready to go downstairs and find Fan Yuan.

However, as he reached the doorway, he hesitated and looked back at the well-made bed. His ears slowly turned red.

Why did he have a look on his face as if he were eagerly anticipating something to happen on the bed with Fan Yuan…?

Gu Yang forcefully patted his own wildly beating heart, turned around, and quickly went downstairs, feeling as if the bed behind him had grown a mouth and would pounce on him.

Fan Yuan was in the kitchen preparing dinner. His complexion had worsened due to not eating or drinking along with Gu Yang’s prolonged slumber.

Gu Yang tiptoed to the kitchen entrance, and Fan Yuan heard the movement. He turned his head to look at Gu Yang, his eyes still dark and deep, and that single glance made Gu Yang’s legs feel weak.

Gu Yang approached Fan Yuan from behind and gently wrapped his arms around Fan Yuan’s waist, watching him cutting vegetables.

On the cutting board were various vegetables, but Gu Yang didn’t see any ribs. He felt a little disappointed but was more concerned about Fan Yuan.

Is Fan Yuan still angry? Angry about Gu Yang’s inexplicable and long slumber?

Thinking this, Gu Yang buried his cheek against Fan Yuan’s back and rubbed against him, letting the tousled hair on his forehead continue to sway without stopping until Fan Yuan moved slightly. Only then did Gu Yang stop and pout, leaning in to give Fan Yuan’s back a peck.

Fan Yuan’s cutting motion paused for a moment but quickly resumed.

Gu Yang’s cheek was still buried against Fan Yuan’s back, and he muffled his voice, saying, “I’m sorry… for worrying you.”

Fan Yuan pinched a small piece of ginger with his fingertips, then turned around and brought it to Gu Yang’s lips. “Eat this.”

Gu Yang subconsciously licked his own lips. Although he despised ginger, he slowly opened his mouth, as if he really wanted to bite into the piece of ginger.

However, just as Gu Yang was about to bite into the ginger, Fan Yuan quickly retrieved it and placed it back on the cutting board. Then, he lowered his head and gently bit Gu Yang’s bottom lip.

“Be patient and wait for me to finish cooking.”

Gu Yang unconsciously licked his lips where Fan Yuan had bitten. He obediently nodded.

Just then, the doorbell rang. It was getting dark outside, and Gu Yang wondered who would come at this time.

He looked at Fan Yuan curiously, and Fan Yuan suddenly reached out and patted Gu Yang’s buttocks.

“Go and answer the door.”

Fan Yuan rarely made such a slightly frivolous move towards Gu Yang, and his ears had turned slightly red. After that pat, Gu Yang’s cheeks flushed even more, looking quite intense.

It seemed like a signal, indicating that Fan Yuan would now treat Gu Yang in an even more intimate manner than before.

With a blush on his face, Gu Yang ran out to see a delivery guy standing outside the gate with a bag in his hands.

The delivery guy handed the bag to Gu Yang, which was filled with ribs and various kinds of meat.

Seeing the contents of the bag, Gu Yang’s already flushed cheeks turned into a deep shade of rose.

The delivery guy found it strange and kindly asked, “Are you running a fever? Do you need to go to the hospital?”

Gu Yang was taken aback for a moment, then shook his head vigorously. “No… no… Haha… Thank you.”

As the words fell, Gu Yang quickly turned and ran back, one slipper falling off, but he didn’t even bother to look back.

Gu Yang rushed into the house, holding a large bag of meat, and flung off the last remaining outdoor slipper. He dashed into the kitchen barefoot.

“Fan Yuan, you bought so many ribs!”

Fan Yuan took the bag, took out the ribs, and washed them. He glanced down at Gu Yang’s bare feet and said, “Put your shoes on. Don’t leave the bed without wearing them.”

Unconsciously, Gu Yang curled his toes. Although the floor was cold beneath his feet, he felt warmth in his heart.

He didn’t need Fan Yuan’s urging, and with a pat-pat-pat, he ran back to the doorway. Without looking, he randomly grabbed a pair of slippers and returned to the kitchen, only to realize that he had put on Fan Yuan’s spare slippers.

Fan Yuan noticed it and gazed at Gu Yang’s feet for a few seconds before calmly looking away.

Gu Yang was much shorter than Fan Yuan, and his feet were smaller, even slenderer than an ordinary man’s feet, fair and neat, with toes tinged pink.

With the oversized slippers, Gu Yang’s toes curled nervously.

He felt that something between him and Fan Yuan had changed, but he couldn’t quite put his finger on it.

He had experienced this feeling during the time they dealt with “The Little Match Girl.” Fan Yuan brought the attributes of the Demon King into reality and ordered Gu Yang to only wear his clothes.

Although Fan Yuan didn’t mention it after the influence of the Demon King ended, and Gu Yang didn’t really only wear Fan Yuan’s shirts, the memory of this incident lingered in Gu Yang’s mind as an important moment.

Fan Yuan was meticulously washing the ribs, using those slender fingers that didn’t seem like they belonged to someone who cooked. Yet at this moment, they were carefully washing the ribs under the flowing water.

Gu Yang leaned against Fan Yuan again, burying his cheek into Fan Yuan’s back, taking deep breaths and inhaling Fan Yuan’s scent.

Fan Yuan didn’t bother with him and focused on cooking.

Gu Yang stayed quietly in his embrace for a while before suddenly thinking of something. He turned around and found a bag of strawberry candied-hawthorns from the refrigerator.

These candies were made by Fan Yuan during the time of “The Snow Queen.” After the influence of that particular golden finger ended, the remaining candies were put in the fridge.

Gu Yang wanted to give Fan Yuan something sweet to eat, to fill his stomach and replenish his sugar levels since Fan Yuan hadn’t eaten for a long time.

He brought the strawberry candied-hawthorns to Fan Yuan’s lips, but Fan Yuan tilted his head, making it clear that he didn’t want to eat them.

Gu Yang looked at the ribs that had just been placed in the pot to cook, and without further ado, he leaned in and took a bite of the largest strawberry on top.

The large strawberry was coated with icy sugar syrup and spread a sweet taste in his mouth.

After taking a bite, Gu Yang looked at the back of Fan Yuan’s head and suddenly felt a bit nervous.

Originally, he wanted to feed Fan Yuan, but now he hesitated.

Although their relationship had been fully established, and he should freely express his affection, he was becoming even more nervous.

The ribs on the stove started to simmer, and the aroma filled the kitchen.

Fan Yuan wiped his hands with a tissue, balled up the tissue precisely, and threw it into the trash can.

He suddenly turned around and used his five fingers to hold the back of Gu Yang’s head, lowering his head to kiss him.

The strawberry, which had already melted and warmed in Gu Yang’s mouth, was snatched away by Fan Yuan and swallowed.

Fan Yuan only kissed Gu Yang once before pulling back and leaning against the kitchen counter, supporting himself with both hands behind him. He looked at Gu Yang and said, “Weren’t you going to feed me? Keep going.”

Gu Yang blinked slowly, feeling the warmth in his mouth increase.

Under Fan Yuan’s gaze, he opened his mouth, and his pearly teeth bit into the strawberry coated with sugar syrup. The strawberry pieces were left in his mouth, and Gu Yang’s free hand nervously pressed against Fan Yuan’s chest as he leaned in.

As he got closer, Fan Yuan’s black eyes kept staring at Gu Yang without blinking. He watched as Gu Yang approached bit by bit, watched as Gu Yang slightly opened his mouth and pushed the red strawberry toward him, feeding him.

The taste of the strawberry was almost overlooked in Fan Yuan’s mouth; sweeter than the strawberry was Gu Yang.

Before dinner, Gu Yang fed Fan Yuan an entire large strawberry candied-hawthorns. Despite being iced strawberry candied-hawthorns, each time it was fed into Fan Yuan’s mouth, it was warm.

The bare wooden sticks were thrown into the trash can, stained with a little red from the strawberries.

The ribs on the stove were already tender, and the bones fell off with a slight pinch. Gu Yang picked the bones while piling the meat into Fan Yuan’s bowl. Even though it was his favorite ribs, Gu Yang didn’t eat much himself, too busy feeding Fan Yuan.

At first, Fan Yuan ate his first bowl of rice a bit quickly, but once his stomach felt better, he put down his chopsticks, moved the chair back slightly, and patted his thigh.

“Gu Yang, come here.”

Gu Yang, with his hands covered in greasy residue from picking bones, looked at Fan Yuan in bewilderment. His cheeks flushed, he stood up slowly and walked over, being pulled by Fan Yuan to sit on his lap.

Fan Yuan put down his chopsticks and never picked them up again; all the remaining food was fed to him by Gu Yang.

Gu Yang had been too busy feeding Fan Yuan and hadn’t had much to eat. He was mindlessly feeding Fan Yuan the ribs, and then Fan Yuan would feed them back to him.

The delicious and fragrant ribs were all eaten up, not a single one left, all going into the two of them.

After finishing his meal, Gu Yang’s mind felt a bit empty. He stared blankly as Fan Yuan used a wet wipe to clean his hands.

“Fan Yuan, let’s go mountain climbing.”

Gu Yang suddenly suggested, still remembering the idea of mountain climbing they had discussed before.

Fan Yuan picked Gu Yang up and stood up, placing him back on the ground, and then picked up the empty plates on the table and headed for the kitchen.

“Not this month.”

Gu Yang held the remaining plates and followed Fan Yuan into the kitchen. “Why not this month?”

Fan Yuan put down the plates, turned around, and looked at Gu Yang with his deep black eyes. “I don’t have time this month.”

Gu Yang wanted to ask why he didn’t have time this month, but before the words could come out, Fan Yuan carried him in his arms.

Fan Yuan took Gu Yang to the bathroom and carefully washed him from head to toe, inside and out, leaving him smelling fragrant and feeling warm.

After the bath, Fan Yuan didn’t let Gu Yang put on clothes, and he carried him out wrapped in a towel.

He placed Gu Yang on the bed, and his hair was still wet, with water droplets clinging to his eyelashes, almost dripping into his eyes.

Fan Yuan used his fingertips to gently flick Gu Yang’s eyelashes, wiping away the water droplets. His fingers then slid into Gu Yang’s damp hair.

“This month, you can only spend it in bed.”

Gu Yang nervously swallowed a mouthful of saliva, wanting to say something to ease the tension in his heart, but the next moment, Fan Yuan kissed him again.

The bedroom was illuminated by the brightest ceiling light, and Gu Yang felt his eyes dazzled, so he closed them.

The kiss started and couldn’t stop.

Fan Yuan’s restraint, caution, and hesitation were all thrown away completely.

Gu Yang felt a little scared, afraid that it had just begun, and he was already being immersed in it by Fan Yuan’s lead. But the fear was like a spark, quickly extinguished.

Because it was Fan Yuan, Fan Yuan could eliminate all of Gu Yang’s fears.

The long kiss finally ended, and Fan Yuan looked down at Gu Yang, his fingertips resting on Gu Yang’s neck, feeling slightly hot.

It was about to begin.

This thought crossed Gu Yang’s mind.

Fan Yuan lowered his head again, pressed against Gu Yang’s delicate earlobe, and whispered softly, “10,000 minutes.”

Gu Yang’s heart skipped a beat, and then it began to pound heavily.

He nervously raised his slightly trembling hand and placed it on Fan Yuan’s back, agreeing, “Mmm.”

After agreeing, Gu Yang immediately added in a shaky voice, “Fan Yuan! Can… can you turn off the lights?”

The bedroom light was too bright, and Gu Yang felt exposed.

Fan Yuan didn’t move, only using his deep, drowning black eyes to look at Gu Yang. “I want to look at you, see every expression and every movement of yours clearly.”

“Gu Yang, let me look at you.”

Gu Yang bit his lip, Fan Yuan’s tone was low and deep, and it stirred his heart so much that it felt like it might stop beating due to the rapid thumping. He couldn’t bring himself to refuse.

The consequence was that the light stayed on throughout the entire night.

It was a hot June night, and the indoor temperature rose and wouldn’t come down.

Both of them were sweating, and Gu Yang softly pleaded with Fan Yuan to open the window, but Fan Yuan wouldn’t allow it.

“Endure it a bit, it’s easy to catch a cold.”

Gu Yang’s mind felt heavy and sluggish, and he didn’t care about catching a cold anymore. His breathing was burning, and all he wanted now was to cool down.

“Fan Yuan, open the window… Can you open the window, please? You’re too hot…”

Gu Yang kept begging repeatedly, and finally, Fan Yuan paused and carried him to the bedroom.

Warm water poured down, although not cool enough, it still washed away the sticky sweat.

Gu Yang finally felt a bit better, he leaned on Fan Yuan like a soft and inelastic little dumpling, completely exposed.

“You should exercise more.”

Fan Yuan even criticized Gu Yang’s physical fitness, seeming dissatisfied with Gu Yang’s stamina being gone after just two hours.

Gu Yang’s eyes were red, being showered with warm water, and it seemed like his pupils were moist.

He looked at Fan Yuan with complaints, finally finding a normal tone and immediately retorted with a grievance, “Aren’t I exercising now?”

Fan Yuan chuckled lightly and even nodded, “You’re right. This kind of exercise is good too.”

Gu Yang immediately shut his mouth. If he had the strength, he might have wanted to give himself a slap. But not only did he lack strength, but his tightly closed mouth also quickly opened again.

Gu Yang didn’t expect that this would start with not just two or three hours, not even a dozen hours, but a full twenty-four hours.

Fortunately, Fan Yuan still had some humanity left, feeding Gu Yang some food in between and even letting him get some rest.

In reality, it wasn’t really sleep for Gu Yang; it was more like passing out.

The first twenty-four hours ended, and Gu Yang noticed that the once sturdy bed had started creaking under the weight.

Gu Yang wondered if the bed was about to break. Just as he was about to reach out and touch the bed frame, Fan Yuan dragged him over, intending to start the second twenty-four hours.

Time seemed to lose its meaning for Fan Yuan, and the only thing he wanted was Gu Yang.

Gu Yang finally cried, crying and begging Fan Yuan for mercy for a long time, but Fan Yuan never agreed even once. He was determined to make Gu Yang remember how their relationship began.

The second twenty-four hours passed, and Fan Yuan prepared some food for Gu Yang. Gu Yang’s eyes stared blankly as he laid motionless on the bed for a long time.

When he finally came to his senses a bit, he immediately reached out his sore arm to find his phone.

He opened the calculator on the phone and calculated how many hours were in 10,000 minutes and how many hours they had left.

When he found that they still had nearly 120 hours left, Gu Yang’s fingers trembled, and he sent out a post on his social media.

“Help! I’m going to die!”

Just as he posted the update, Fan Yuan walked in with food, and Gu Yang’s phone dropped to the floor.

Fan Yuan placed the food on the bedside table, skillfully set up a small table in front of Gu Yang, and arranged the food before handing him a spoon.

Gu Yang took the spoon dejectedly, and his hand shook along with the spoon.

Fan Yuan picked up Gu Yang’s phone from the floor, smiled, turned off the screen, and placed it on the bedside table.

Gu Yang felt a bit nervous, scooped up some porridge with the spoon, but before he could feed it to himself, the spoon fell from his hand.

Fan Yuan picked up the fallen spoon from the bowl and began to feed Gu Yang.

Gu Yang carefully tucked himself under the blanket, leaving only his head exposed to eat.

Looking at the light meal on the table, Gu Yang began to think that the huge pot of ribs from before was a conspiracy.

It was like a sweet treat before a storm, just to ease Gu Yang into it.

Not long after they finished eating, the third twenty-four hours began.

The “creak” of the bed grew louder and louder, and Gu Yang was a little nervous at first, fearing that the bed would collapse.

But soon, he had no time to worry about it anymore.

At another daybreak, the bed that had been in the villa for many years – the main bedroom’s large bed – let out its final cry, and the middle part of the bed finally broke, collapsing.

Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were still on the bed when it collapsed. Fortunately, the thick mattress and blanket on the bed provided enough protection, and they were both safe.

However, Gu Yang wailed like the bed, experiencing firsthand what it meant to have “one step to the stomach.”

Although the process was painful, the ending was beautiful.

The bed had collapsed, and Gu Yang was particularly happy. He thought that everything could finally end.

Fan Yuan squinted his eyes and lifted Gu Yang, carrying him away from the broken bed. He walked out of the bedroom without looking back.

Gu Yang placed his fingertips on Fan Yuan’s arm and happily tapped it twice.

Actually, he really wanted to kick his legs happily, but he simply didn’t have the strength. Then, Gu Yang watched as Fan Yuan carried him towards the large iron door at the end of the corridor. Gu Yang was well aware of what laid behind that door.

The main bed in the villa’s master bedroom had retired, and the swing in the cage house had officially taken over.

In “Mrs. Fox’s Wedding,” the swing in the cage house had been destroyed once, so when it was renovated, it was made exceptionally sturdy.

Although the young swing employee couldn’t help but complain after officially starting work, just like the retired main bed employee, it continuously lamented. Nevertheless, it was a young employee with a very strong physique, so despite the frequent complaints, it didn’t affect its work.

As the owner of the villa, Fan Yuan was very satisfied with this young swing employee and even planned to give it a raise.

As the other owner of the villa, Gu Yang didn’t think the same way. He had already started considering how to quietly dismiss this young swing employee and let it experience the dangers of the world.

However, Gu Yang’s plan never had a chance to start because Fan Yuan showed him what the real dangers of the world were.

Gu Yang cried again, truly showing all his tears to Fan Yuan.

While crying, Gu Yang had the leisure to think that Fan Yuan had misspoken when he said that Gu Yang would stay in bed for a month. Because after the young swing employee started work, the middle-aged sofa employee also started work.

Not only the middle-aged sofa employee but also the swimming pool employee, the big tree employee, the balcony employee, the small garden employee…

Almost all the villa’s employees who were about to retire were back on the job, starting their busy daily routines.

The employees expressed that although their lady boss was always dissatisfied with their work and always found faults from various angles, their boss was very satisfied with their work attitude.

After posting that post on his social media, Gu Yang thought at least someone would ask him what happened, so he could find a reason to go out with someone.

But the post went unanswered, and no one contacted Gu Yang.

Gu Yang began to doubt life until he took the opportunity when Fan Yuan went to cook and dug out his already-dead phone, charged it, turned it on, and opened the social media app.

Under his post, the first reply was from Fan Yuan.

“Died on my bed.”

Beneath Fan Yuan’s reply, there was a string of question marks. Gu Yang couldn’t bear to look at it any longer, so he threw his phone aside and resigned himself to lying on the swing employee.

The once peaceful villa suddenly had a few visitors, a few installation workers.

They carried the newly purchased large bed into the bedroom, rolled up their sleeves, and started working.

While working, they couldn’t help but chat.

“Can’t believe this bed was sold.”

“Yeah, it’s because it’s too big and heavy, not very good-looking, and expensive. No one has bought it all this time.”

“Then, you mean this bed doesn’t have any advantages, so why is it so expensive?”

“Who said it doesn’t have any advantages? Its advantage is that it’s sturdy. Because it’s too sturdy, the manufacturer that produced it went bankrupt. We have only this one left in our store, and it hasn’t been sold for a long time.”

“I saw a young guy just now. What is he doing buying such a large and sturdy bed alone? It seems like it won’t need to be replaced for many years.”

“Who knows? Anyway, let’s stop talking and get to work.”

That night, Gu Yang had a heartfelt conversation with the newly arrived main bed employee in the villa.

He asked the main bed employee when it planned to retire, but the main bed employee, with a determined attitude, remained silent while working and indicated that it probably wouldn’t retire for several decades.

Gu Yang cried again, his voice hoarse and struggling for breath.

The main bed employee was quite puzzled. It worked diligently without a word, yet its lady boss was still dissatisfied, kicking and hitting it, and now crying incessantly until Gu Yang even fainted from crying.

However, none of this mattered anymore because its boss, while holding Gu Yang who had fainted, patted the head of the main bed employee and smiled.

“Not bad.”

The lady boss’s tears didn’t matter; when the boss said it was good, it meant it was truly good.

After the college entrance exam, Gu Yang stayed in the villa without leaving until it was time to return to school and fill out college applications.

Because the employees at home were just too diligent, willing to do any work assigned to them without complaints.

Gu Yang was especially happy, and his happiness made him cry again.

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