Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Disappearance of the old world

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“Yo, it’s rare for you to come to see big brother.”

The woman said contemptuously to Xi Xiukai who was standing opposite.

Xi Xiukai ignored her and his eyes fell on her.

“Xi Xiurong, tomorrow is the day you leave the hospital. Remember to come to the company and go through the handover procedures according to the regulations of the board of directors.”

“I know you had bad intentions. My eldest brother had just recovered. Are you eager for him to leave and to die? I don’t think Shi You caused the car accident that crippled my eldest brother’s legs. I’m afraid it was you, Xi Xiukai.”

Shi You remembered who she was. She was the eldest daughter of the Xi family, the world’s top model, Xi Qingqing, the younger sister of Xi Xiurong and Xi Xiukai.

The story of this woman was well-known in the entertainment and modeling circles. In the past, when Shi You was brilliant and glorious, she met her several times, but didn’t speak to her.

“I don’t have time to fight with you guys. Xi Xiurong, have a good rest tonight. Don’t lose face tomorrow like last time.”

With that, the man turned intending to leave.

“This kind of thing, you could have someone call or call someone to come over to let me know, why bother to come over personally? Why? Do you want to if I’m even more of a mess than last time? Unfortunately, I let you down.”

Shi You said frivolously and her scarred right eye was raised up slightly, showing even more arrogance.

Xi Xiukai turned sideways and snorted coldly, “What else can you and your sister do now except for being stubborn? Just one cripple and one evildoer.”

When Shi You turned her head, she saw that Xi Qingqing’s small hand was clenched tightly around the handle and was blue in color.

Shi You patted her on the back of her hand, continued to smile and said to Xi Xiukai, “Even if I’m a cripple, I’m still much more righteous than you. Besides, the identity of the person who hurt me is still unknown. Xi Qingqing, let’s go.”

Are you kidding? At the beginning, he ordered herself to pick him up alone. Shi You’s suspicion of Xi Xiukai was impossible to clean up.

The wheelchair was pushed further and further away. Shi You knew how penetrating the eyes of the man behind her were just now, but it didn’t matter. Anyway, she wasn’t really Xi Xiurong and the scores would not be settled by her at this time.

Xi Qingqing pushed her back to the ward. After putting her to bed, she looked at her with tears in her eyes.

“Older brother! Why didn’t you tell me when you fell? Fortunately, I called home the day before yesterday and the servant told me. Otherwise, what if you fell down dead! I can at least help you fight with Xi Xin and Xi Xiukai! Besides, in case you die, what if those people come and bully me!”

“Oh, so you’re not worried about me, but about being harmed in the future?”

Xi Qingqing stuck out her tongue, grabbed her big hand and started to act coquettish: “My brother is the best brother in the world. He would never want to see his sister suffer in the future, will he?”

“Aren’t you afraid of the scars on my face?”

Xi Qingqing seemed to hear some amazing secret and her face was unbelievable: “Please, your sister has seen the world, what’s the matter with scars on the face? I’ve even seen people with ulcers on the face!”

“That doesn’t sound good either.”

“Brother, don’t listen to the nonsense of those people. You are the most handsome guy in the world in Xi Qingqing’s eyes. Well, I will leave you to rest. I’ll go out first.”

After Xi Qingqing left, silence returned to the ward.

In the moonlight, the ring on the index finger of her right hand was shining like a diamond.

Shi You didn’t know how Xi Xiurong got her ring, but she knew how it came to her hand.

“Shi You, I found your ring!”

Lu Size, whose face was full of childishness and water droplets, climbed up wet from the swimming pool on a crisp autumn night and handed the ring to Shi You.

The same youthful self had her gaze hovering back and forth between Lu Size and the ring.

The boy seemed to blush a little, scratched his head and said with a smile, “Didn’t you say you’ve kept it close to your body since you were a child? Just now your ring accidentally fell into my swimming pool. Now I’ve picked it up for you.”

“Why do you have to work so desperately to find my ring? It’s not yours.” Shi You looked at him in a daze. She was too nervous, but she still asked.

Lu Size was stunned for a moment. Suddenly, in the silver night, he burst into the tenderest smile: “Because I like you. As long as it’s something you’re concerned about, I’m also concerned.”

The silver light on the ring seemed to be more and more dazzling. Shi You had to close her eyes. Soon, she actually fell asleep and her eyes went dark.

The light reflected from the ring became more and more bright, dyeing the whole ward white. Suddenly, the whole world seemed to disappear.

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