Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 9

Chapter 9: There is also a Miss Xi

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The middle-aged nurse didn’t seem to understand what the person opposite was saying. Seeing him raise his hand to signal to push him out of the ward, she hurriedly came over.

“Yes…” As they left, the middle-aged nurse glared at the little nurse beside her.

They came to the hospital hall. There were many people in the hall. A huge electronic screen was embedded on the central wall to broadcast news.

“Xi Xiurong had a car accident three months ago. The police inferred that Shi You, a former famous film and television star in the same car, is the first suspect. Originally, the police found Shi You’s body at the scene of the car accident, but Shi You’s body disappeared at the police station the next day. Even though the police and the Xi family offered many rewards, the case has not made any progress since the car accident. While the original work of Shi You’s “Lost Flower” crew, after a three-month halt in filming, officially resumed today. On the same day, Lu Size, the only son of Lu media and Wu Mianen, the female lead of this work, announced the good news of their wedding……”

“Mr. Xi, why don’t we go somewhere else?”

“No, stay right here.”

Before the electronic screen, was the image of the scene of the car accident. It was suddenly converted to a pair of beautiful people, both the man and woman were very familiar.

“Miss Wu, two years ago, Shi You injured you and you were hospitalized. It is rumored that your child and Mr. Lu Size’s child was also aborted as a result. Now Shi You is being charged with deliberately hurting Xi Xiurong. What do you think of this?”

“Mr. Lu, I heard that before the beating incident, you were Shi You’s boyfriend and you approached Miss Shi You to take advantage of Shi You’s fame to give Miss Wu Mianen a chance to rise, didn’t you?”

Oh, Lu Size and Wu Mianen not only rubbed off her reputation at that time, but that beating incident was all a good show for Wu Mianen!

Shi You looked at the smile on the faces of both of them, with a sneer on the corners of her mouth.

“Ladies and gentlemen, Wu Mianen and I don’t want to involve anyone in the matter. For us now, we just want to get married as soon as possible.”

On TV, Lu Size brushed the palm of his hand on Wu Mianen’s abdomen and looked at the little woman beside him, who also bowed her head and smiled shyly.

Shi You was a little stunned and her smile became more gloomy in an instant, while Lu size’s face became more flat in Shi You’s eyes.

“I think the police will make a judgment on Shi You and the crew shouldn’t waste the efforts of the company and management because of her being a stunt-double. We will definitely have a perfect answer for everyone and the fans.”

Lu Size pushed away the crowd and got into the black nanny car with Wu Mianen in his arms. On the periphery of the reporter, there were two crazy fans.

“I just received the news, the famous fortune-teller Lucas announced that his grandmother and the most famous fortune-teller Ziluo died two months ago. Before that, he didn’t announce it because he didn’t want people to disturb the funeral. At the same time, Lucas announced his retirement…”

The news had begun to report other news, but the people in the hospital seem to be immersed in the news of Shi You just now.

“This Shiyou is really terrible. She slapped Wu Mianen in public at the award ceremony of the film festival. Later, Wu Mianen miscarried in the crew and was directly hospitalized for a month. Now she wants to kill the eldest young master of the Xi family. She is really crazy. Alas, the eldest young master is also pathetic, not only disfigured but even his legs are disabled.”

Shi You frowned. She knew she couldn’t clear anything up. What’s more, she didn’t know where Xi Xiurong’s soul was, or whether he fell down the stairs and died or she came through by herself, or she exchanged with Xi Xiurong’s soul.

“You can believe a woman who knows how to act?”

Suddenly, the two critical patients looked back and saw a tall woman standing behind them. The woman had big wavy curly hair, was wearing a white suit, and her slender and straight legs were made more slender against the slim jeans.

Shi You turned her head and looked at her. At the same time, the woman winked at her.

It’s rare that a woman was not afraid to see her.

“Miss Xi.”

The nurse behind Shi You nodded at the woman.

“All right, go back first.”

With that, the woman took the handle in the nurse’s hand and pushed Shi You away from there.

Shi You looked at the woman behind her. Just now the nurse called her “Miss Xi”. She looked familiar. Unfortunately, she couldn’t remember where they met.

The woman pushed him aimlessly. Then suddenly, a familiar figure appeared in front of him.

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