Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 12

Chapter 12:  What happens to those who offend Xi Xiurong?

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Shi You’s lips were slightly hooked, but suddenly she found something wrong. What is Xi Xiurong’s Shi You? Turning around, she saw the strange smile on Xi Qingqing’s face. For some reason she felt a chill on her back.

“Why is my elder brother suddenly so interested in the entertainment industry?” Xi Xiukai said faintly as he took a sip of juice.

“What? Is there anyone in your crew that you don’t want me to see?” Shi You raised her eyebrows, but the scarred face became more livid, less chilly, and more of a touch of evil cunning.

Xi Xiukai spread his hand and sneered: “How can it be? Please help yourself.”

After breakfast, Xi Qingqing was ready to drag Shi You to the crew, regardless of whether the so-called uncle was coming.

“Elder brother, you can’t stand Xi Hua and Xi Ailin. Don’t tell me that you suddenly have a good heart and plan to interact with them. Uncle Xi Hua is fine, but his daughter Xi Ailin goes crazy every time she sees me. I don’t want to see her!”

As she said this, Xi Qingqing pursed her small mouth.

Shi You looked at the charming posture of the woman, and then remembered the evasive expression of people when they talked about Xi Qingqing in the past. It made them think that they had seen a ghost or something! Especially Wu Mianen. Whenever someone talked about Xi Qingqing, she turned blue as if she ate a fly.

Shi You patted Xi Qingqing on the head, smiled and said, “No one is more difficult to serve than you. Let’s go!”

As they were getting ready to get into the car, they saw a very distinguished looking man coming out from the car, who was dressed in a very compact suit and behaved properly. When the man saw them, he smiled and bowed his head with respect.

“President Xi, Miss Qingqing told me that you two are going to go to the production crew of “Lost Flower” today. I’ve sent someone from the company to deal with it. Now I’ll take you to the Yingshi city (real scene built for location shooting).”

Shi You didn’t recognize the man in front of her, but she felt that he was steady and smart, and looked at her as if he didn’t care about the scar on Xi Xiurong’s face.

“Qi Pei, please drag my brother into the car. He’s too heavy!” Xi Qingqing was also very casual to the driver. It seemed that this man named Qi Pei really had Xi Xiurong’s trust, but she didn’t know why she hadn’t seen him before when Shi You was disabled.

The three finally got into the car and before Shi You could sit still, Xi Qingqing asked in gossip: “Brother! Tell me why you are in such a hurry to find Shi You, did you harm the little girl? Ouch! “

Xi Qingqing, whose head was smashed, covered her forehead with her hands, and continued to suffer from pain!

Shi You ignored Xi Qingqing’s gossipy eyes, and only thought about one thing, seeing Xi Xiurong sooner!

She kept praying in her heart: “Buddha, God, God, Mamma Mia, you must let my charming body live well! Xi Xiurong, as long as you let my body live well, we can discuss anything! “


“Lost Flower” crew

“Where’s Shi You? Yesterday I asked Shi You to pick him up yesterday, but she didn’t even receive him. Now no one can find her. Xi Xiukai will arrive soon. If she doesn’t come and apologize to Xi Xiukai in person today, our whole drama team will be finished!”

The director kept cursing. If Wu Mianen didn’t have to use her as a stunt-double, he really didn’t want this god of plague.

In the lounge, Wu Mianen was putting on exquisite makeup when she saw her assistant Xin Rui running in a hurry and whispering to her own ears.

“Shi You is gone.”

Wu Mianen turned her cold eyes and smiled happily.

The assistant gave everyone a look and they all understood and retreated from the room. 

“It’s rare that Shi You knows what it means to retreat in the face of difficulties.” Wu Mianen proudly said as she  looked at her gorgeous little face in the mirror, and pulled at the hair in front of her forehead.

“I guess she was so frightened by what happened yesterday that she didn’t dare to come again today.” Xin Rui echoed Wu Mianen, with fear in her eyes as well as flattery.

“If you offend the Xi family, you should be afraid. Xi Xiurong, the scarred evil star, nobody dares to contact him, let alone make him angry. Shi You is now sticking to the evil star and also gave Xi family’s second child the cold shoulder. Ah! If the company doesn’t demand compensation from her, she will be lucky. Shi You, Shi You, in fact, you should thank me. If it wasn’t for me, you won’t even have the qualification to be my substitute today. How can I not make the best use of everything? “

Xin Rui smiled, but she was secretly afraid. Although she was Wu Mianen’s assistant, she could be bitten by this woman one day if she provoked her.

Alas, Shi You’s life was miserable. Xi Xiukai had rescheduled his flight back. The director had sent someone to inform Shi You, but Wu Mianen knew about it and ordered her to intercept the message and tell Shi You the rumored flight information of that Malignant demon Xi Xiurong.

“Wu Mianen, what shall we do next?”

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