Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 13

Chapter 13:  It’s not easy to meet!

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“We don’t need to do anything. The Xi family will take care of her. But I don’t understand. Xi Xiukai must have a cramped muscle to specifically ask the director to have Shi You pick him up from his plane. What? Did she see that there was no hope of landing Lu Size, so she hooked up with the Xi family so quickly and wanted to turn over a new leaf? It’s not so easy!”

“You can’t blame Shi You wanting to hook up with Xi Xiukai. Who in our group can match Xi Xiukai’s family background except Mianen’s Lu Size? Although he is an illegitimate son, he is from the Xi family in the end. Plus his eldest brother looks like a ghost, maybe one day the Xi family’s old man wouldn’t favor Xi Xiurong and will give Xi Xiukai the seat of the successor.”

“She must be dreaming!” With a slap, Wu Mianen slammed her mobile phone onto the dresser, gnashing her teeth as if she wanted to tear Shi You up.

Xin Rui was so frightened that she didn’t dare to go out, and stopped to the side with her breath held.

Suddenly, Wu Mianen seemed to be aware of her gaffe. She straightened her messy wavy curls, put away his sinister expression and put on a soft smile again.

This is the smile that she relied on when she defeated Shi You and won Lu Size. Shi You’s aloof temperament was no more lovable than her gentle and weak appearance.

“Let’s go and have a look later and see if Shi You has the courage to come today. If she really does come for Xi Xiukai and does not care about losing face, let’s talk to him about Shi You’s good deeds in the past!”

When Wu Mianen arrived at the gate of the Yingshi City, everyone was in place except Shi You. Today, even the chief producer, the leader of her management company and all the owners came. After looking around for a while, Wu Mianen saw that there was no shadow of Shi You and she slightly curled her lips and walked to Lu Size.

“Did you find Shi You?” The director was almost ready to spit fire, but the assistant could only shake his head in vain.

Just as the director was going to yell, he saw two black high-end business vehicles turn and stop in front of the crowd.

There were two cars coming, which was obviously not high-profile, but the specially made vehicle had hinted at the identity of the owner. After all, some things cannot be bought with money.

Everyone knew who it was and the producer quickly took the director to get closer, but the strange handsome driver who got out of the car seemed to stop them.


Who was he? Was it Xi Xiukai’s driver? But it didn’t look like the car Xi Xiukai’s agency prepared for him.

The driver ignored everyone’s questions and opened the door without looking at them.

However, after the people saw the true face of the characters in the car, the gasping sound at the scene was very clear, some people even hugged the arms of others or hid behind them.

The man in the car had a terrible scar on his right cheek. At the moment, he was looking at them with a smile, as if they were just playthings, which could be crushed with a gentle pinch.

“Brother, I don’t seem to see Shi You… Eh ~! This Wu Mianen is here!” The pretty woman beside the man showed a look of disgust when she saw Wu Mianen.

“Xi Xiurong and Xi Qingqing are here too!” The warble of the director’s voice exposed his panic.

It’s over. He was hurt by Shi You this time, don’t even think about mixing in the circle again.

The second door opened immediately and Xi Xiukai walked out from it. He looked at the crowd and didn’t speak.

Without saying a word, the chief producer rushed to the front of the car and said respectfully, “I didn’t expect that three members of the Xi family would arrive today. I think our show will be a hit. What do you think, Director, President Xi.”

The scarred man raised his eyebrows and looked at the director with a light smile. Even though Xi Qingqing had gotten out of the car, he still sat in the car.

The director rubbed his hands nervously, the people were more afraid of the Scar-faced man than Xi Xiukai.

Xi Qingqing looked around, frowned, turned back and said to the man in the car, “Brother, Shi You doesn’t seem to be here.”

The director wailed in his heart thousands of times. It seems that Xi Qingqing and Xi Xiurong came especially to cause trouble. But he had to grind his teeth and say, “I’m sorry, President Xi, I know Shi You offended you and Xi Xiukai yesterday. She… She might have known that she made a big mistake and didn’t come to the set today.”

When the man heard the speech, he raised his eyebrows in surprise. After tutting secretly, he stretched out his long legs and got out of the car. None of the people on the scene dared to move.

Sh*t, I was so excited all morning that it seemed that I came in vain. Shi You didn’t expect it to be that difficult to pass by Xi Xiurong again.

Or did he die with her body?

“There’s no need for Mr Xi to be angry with her. We’ll deal with it, won’t we, director?” Wu Mianen said cleverly.

She thought that it could dispel the anger of Xi Xiurong, but instead the man sneered contemptuously: “Who told you that Shi You annoyed someone? I can’t thank her enough. Also, it’s not an act of good manners to interrupt at will.”

The crowd was shocked that Xi Xiurong would speak for Shi You. Wu Mianen was choked speechless and looked helplessly at Lu Size beside her, with her eyes red.

Seeing this, Lu Size clenched Wu Mianen’s small hand as if to comfort her.

Shi You stared at the two people’s clenched hands and sighed at her past stupidity.

It was always like this. When she was with Lu Size, as long as Wu Mianen advised her from the middle, the dispute between her and Lu Size would become more intense.

However, she was once blind and thought that Wu Mianen did it for the good of both of them. As a result, she was fooled by the thief. Later, Wu Mianen said that she was carrying Lu Size’s child and she slapped her directly at the award ceremony.

She was also careful. After so many years, she slowly relaxed her guard a little for these two people. As a result, Wu Mianen capsized a big boat into the gutter. Wu mianen had been lurking around her since high school. How could she end the battle with a child? She would never stop until she completely broke Shi You. But she never understood how she provoked this evil star.

“Mr. Xi, if you are looking for Shi You, please don’t make it difficult for my fiancee.”

“It was your fiancee who embarrassed Shi You first. Before I said anything to the director, she was eager for everyone to deal with her.”

Everyone looked at each other. Unexpectedly, it seems Shi You has fixed Xi Xiurong in just one day. He not only didn’t hold her accountable but also seemed to protect her.

“Who wants to deal with Shi You?” Suddenly, a cold question sprang out of the back of the car.

The man turned his head slowly.

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